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WSJ “politics of vaccination” by doctors Ladapo and Risch, “risks of a Covid-19 vaccine may outweigh the benefits for certain low-risk populations”, “deeply entangled pandemic politics is in science”

Who’s calling the shots? CBS “we are using the power of our brands to encourage viewers to get the vaccine”, Big pharma making billions, Follow the money

WHO “Children should not be vaccinated for the moment”, Latest World Health Organization guidance, “not yet enough evidence on the use of vaccines against COVID-19 in children”

Warning! do not take vaccine if you have had Covid-19, Advice to contrary is not based on proven science, Cleveland Clinic study and experts note natural immunity

End the Teaching of Racism in Our Schools

MMR Vaccine autism link in African American boys Part 2, Dr. Frank DeStefano CDC head of immunization safety called out as liar, FOIA email revelation

Vaccine autism link in African American boys trashed by CDC scientists, Whistleblower senior scientist Dr. William Thompson, 2004 Journal of Pediatrics article lies

5993 post Covid vaccination deaths reported by VAERS, Why is CDC reporting 5343?, 3516 Bell’s Palsy, 6352 blood clotting disorders, 332 Guillain Barre Syndrome, Stop testing children!

Father’s Day Weekend 2021

Best Covid vaccine article from physician immunologist, Read before vaccination!, “unethical and potentially dangerous to be imposing a vaccine….on Americans who are already naturally immune”

Lansing rally for fair and transparent elections and forensic audit June 17, 2021, Bill Bailey (of Antrim County lawsuit) video, Subpoena demands

600k Covid-19 deaths misleading big lie, Covid only deaths are approx 30k according to CDC, “on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death”

Take Back the Schools Guilford County NC Schools rally 3 reports, 1. News Record 2. Gateway pundit 3. Eyewitness Participant, Reopen School Board meetings, Critical Race Theory concerns

Pfizer # 2 contributor to NC Gov Roy Cooper, Who’s calling the shots?, Cooper now offering $ 1 million prize to vaccinated and scholarships for 12 to 17 year olds

The Smoking Bat

US campaign to vaccinate children with experimental Covid vaccine worse than Nazi Dr. Mengele, Where is the outrage?,Robbing them of best natural immunity and exposing to unnecessary risks

Cleveland Clinic study finds natural Covid immunity better than fully vaccinated, No reason to vaccinate previously infected, Fully vaccinated still getting Covid and adverse reactions

Expose Canada And The World – Barack Obama His Real Father and Real Place Of Birth + ABC News – Terrifying Video Plane Crash Inside Cabin + Butterdezillion – What Do You See (1) + (2)

Pfizer emergency authorization from FDA for use by children fraudulently obtained, “Serious violations and manipulations of trial protocol”, 3 children in test had psy diagnosis

VAERS website unavailable due to “routine maintenance” for days, CDC adverse events report (deaths) not updated, RFK Defender site reports 5165 deaths, Spike protein researcher Dr. Bridle MIRC page scrubbed

Dishonest CDC director Walensky continues to misrepresent Covid impact on adolescents in June 4, 2021 media release, Why doesn’t she urge obese youth to lose weight and exercise?

5165 deaths reported after Covid vaccinations 23359 serious injuries from VAERS reports, 628 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis, Latest research: spike protein travels in blood from injection site

Remembering D-Day 2021

NC House members request inspection of voting machines, Sidney Powell NC native stated voter fraud, AG Josh Stein Won by 13k + votes and fought Texas election lawsuit

COVID Vaccine Spike Protein Can Cause Organ Damage: “We Made a Big Mistake”, Scientific Research Proves Pathogenic Protein Gets into Blood - “Almost Entirely Responsible for Damage to the Cardiovascular System”

Latest Covid vaccine lie from Fake News Media: misquote of EEOC employer guidance, Greensboro News Record et al state EEOC said “no federal laws that prevent an employer”, Lie!

Tony Shaffer interview: “Bill Barr called me and said you need to give the investigation up”, “there was mass ballot fraud”, Shaffer investigated the 2020 election

Memorial Day Weekend 2021

18 CT teens hospitalized for heart inflammation after Covid vaccinations, Gregory Hatton diagnosed with pericarditis inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart, Myocarditis

Moderna press release straight out of “1984”, “TeenCOVE Study of its COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents Meets Primary Endpoint”, Kids need protection from big Pharma not Covid-19