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Obama Attacks Trump

Barack Obama and The Evil Plan to Destroy President Trump

Obama Zombie Followers

Obama vs. The Nation

Video Captures a Perverted Barack Obama Showing Off His Erection to Giggling Reporters and Aides

Obama Condemns Trump, "Nazi Sympathizers" in Fiery Speech Warning of "Dangerous Times" +Video

President Obama Funneled Taxpayer Money to Radical Islamist ‘Charity’

Barack Hussein Obama: Con Man and Criminal Admits He Is Foreign-Born +Videos

Obamagate - Dan Bongino - Part I-2 Video

Obama's Identity Completely Exposed! You Won't Believe This Video - Part 1

Obama Smells Blood in Trump Reversal on Immigration

Obama Can't Be Tried in a Federal Court, Only by Military Tribunal

Obama's Treason Even Worse Than We Thought

Corsi: The Plan to Try Obama for Treason - Video

FBI Agents Point at Obama as Chief Deep State Conspirator Against Trump +Videos

Treason: All Roads Lead Back to Obama Committing a Long List of Crimes Against America +Video

Emails Reveal BO Plotted Exploiting Sandy Hook Tragedy for Gun Control Push Just 48 Hours Later: Uncovered Coordination

Obama the Manchurian

The Black Panther Obama Link: The Antichrist Returns (Video)

Solid Evidence Found Obama Secretly Stealing the Whole Time He Was in Office - Video

So Where was the Outcry When Obama Mined Facebook?

The Unknown: Obama’s Iranian Mullah Odyssey +Videos

Why Won't Barack Obama Go Away?

Obama Pressures Facebook to Censor News; Zuckerberg Complies and Crushes Trump on Facebook

'Bigger Than Watergate', Trump Slams Obama Admin's "Unprecedented" Actions

Who Is Obama?

Obama's Genie

On Her Last Day in Office, Obama National Security Advisor Rice Sent Suspicious Letter About Obama, Comey, Trump-Russia Collusion Meeting

Obama’s Abuse of FISA Law Blasted by Former FBI Counter Terrorism Agent

Obama: Leader of the Deep State Coup

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