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Montana Appeals Yout Climate Lawsuit

Gaetz Files Motion To Boot McCarthy From Speakership

Some GOOD hate speech

October 3, 1951: "The Giants win the pennant" beating the Dodgers!

News and Weather Briefing for Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Happy # 82 Chubby Checker

FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Oct. 4, Sending Messages to all TVs, Radios and Cell Phones

The Chickens Are Roosting

It's the goofy left, stupid

SGT Report: Must Hear: Demolishing The W.H.O. & Global Inc. - James Roguski - Must Video

Situation Update: Red Alert! Russia's Nuclear Drill Comes One Day Before Suspicious FEMA EBS! McCarthy's Secret Ukraine Funding Deal! US Debt Calculator Anomalies! Dangerous Migrant Gangs Robbing Homes!

Tucker Carlson – Episode 27

Monday's podcast: New York vs Trump, New Senator in California, Governor of NY on immigration......

45-Day Continuing Resolution Sets Stage For Year-End Omnibus Fight—AGAIN!

Patriot Underground: Live With Dr. Scott Young! The Storm Is Coming!

This Is Coming

October 2, 1978: NY beat Boston to win the AL East title

X22 Report Live: Deep State Just Made An Interesting Move! The Great Silent Majority Is Rising Like Never Before! - Must Video

Future Shock Is Here Now

And Remember, Love Is Love


On The Fringe: The Heat Is On Both Sides Right Now! The Trump Stare 'Heard Round The World'! - Must Video

Monday's video: New York vs Trump, New Senator in California, Governor of NY on immigration....

Governor Newsom Names Feinstein Replacement: Hitler Reacts

President Trump: 80% of Letitia James’ Case Against Him Have Been DISMISSED By Judge Due to Statute of Limitations.

Jan 6 Federal Prosecutor Arrested for Stabbing Driver on Florida Highway

Tucker Carlson Watch This Quickly! We Don't Have Much Time! - A Must Video

Italy: Homeless Woman Raped on Street in Bologna by Asylum-Seeker

Trump & Lawyers Speak Out At New York Fraud Case… Taking Defiant Stand (VIDEO)

Horror Footage: Exclusive Footage Of Federal Contractors Delivering Children Across The United States