US Marshalls Arresting Pedophiles, Russia Declares War With NATO, Escalation To Scare Event? Banks Closing Could Lead to Bank Runs Soon, Biden Secret Docs Reveal Ukraine Corruption, GCR Update, CIA Mk Ultra and Media/Gov Connection, Satanic Generational Families, Russian Mod, Scott Ritter on War Escalation, Abduction Testimony and More!

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For Conservatives Who Feel They Do Not Have a Voice

Trump update 1/27/2023..FoxFakeNews is not with me, and I’m not with them!“TRUTH”

'Whiteness' Expert Helps Caucasians Cancel Their 'Inner Becky' and Shoulder Blame for Each Other

Plot Twist! FBI Agent Investigating Trump? Russia Collusion, Colluded With Russia (Video)

Dem Lawmaker Unwittingly Makes Case for 2A With Bill Requiring Armed Guards at Chicago Banks, Retail Stores

Schiff Declares for Senate, Immediately Gets Hit With Ethics Complaint

Palestinian/Israeli update 1/27/2023..Is Israel heading towards another Intifada?

Sorry Brooke Jenkins, Thanks to All the Secrecy, the Release of the Footage of Paul Pelosi's Attack Will Continue to Fuel Conspiracy Theories

The Republican Party Hates You

Capitol Police Surveillance Video Shows How DePape Got Into the Pelosi Home

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