David Wilcock is a professional intuitive consultant who, since reading Richard C. Hoagland’s “The Monuments of Mars” in 1993, has intensively researched ufology, ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. He is the author of a critically acclaimed trilogy of scientific research works, known as the…

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The *DROPS* Are Coming And There's Nothing Anyone Can Do About It Because It Will Be Supernaturally Controlled By Our HEAVENLY FATHER As Wrathful Judgements Executed Against The Wicked Hearted Unrepentant Parasitic Heathens Who Hate Us And HIM: REMEMBER That The Supernaturally Controlled Unavoidable *Death Of The First Born* Plague Is Imminent, But Please Be Aware That The Satanic-Fallen Angelic-Demonic NWO Cronies Will Deceptively Execute Massive Widespread False Flag ISIS Related Mega-Terrorist Attacks To Cunningly Parallel This Unstoppable Horrific Nightmarish *Death Of The First Born* Event Which Will Be Supernaturally Executed By The MOST HIGH POWER Of YISRAEL Just Like HE Did During The First Exodus Events, REMEMBER Jeremiah 14th Ch., Ahman. SELAH

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Instigation Of Full Scale Nuclear WW3 Is In The Works: Sneaky Joe Biden (Barack HUSSEIN Obama's NWO Sock Puppet Dummy) Is Making War Declarations Against Putin And He Ain't Going. Please Be Aware That Initially Much False Blame Will Be Deceptively Made Against The Assyrian Dragon Allied Nations By The Sinister NWO Democrats, Set Up To Cunningly Cause The Wicked World Bully US EAGLE Government To Wrongfully Execute Severe Retaliatory Strikes Against Its Enemies, As Sinister Satanic-Fallen Angelic-Demonic NWO Cronies Sit Back And Watch The Show, While Causing Instigated Blame Game Wars In The Highly Deceptive Process With The Horrific Nightmarish Loss Of Many Lives. But After Getting Tired Of Being Falsely Blamed Repeatedly For Massive Widespread Terrorist Attacks-Hacking-Cyber Attacks-Ect., Ultimately Russia-China And Its Strong Allies Are Going To *SIRIUSLY* Attack And Horrifically Destroy The Godforsaken USA/Mystery Babylon The Great During Instigated Full Scale Nuclear WW3, As Foretold In Jeremiah 50th/51st Chs., The Book Of Obadiah, And Apocrypha 2nd Esdras 15th/16th Chs. Including Apocrypha 2nd Esdras 10:59 Through 12:38, Ahman. SELAH

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The Miami SOUND MACHINE: The FIRST Horrific Nightmarish WAVE Of Covertly Activated Highly Mutative Retroviral MRNA Vaccinations-Inoculations-DNA Infusions Involving Sinister NWO Controlled Plandemics Suddenly Flaring Up In Pre-Planned FEMA Sectors Of The Godforsaken USA Cunningly Set Up And Quickly Leading To The Fast Tracked-Pushed-Implemented-Administered Highly Deceptive *FAKE* So-Called Miracle Cure-All For All That Ails You Which Is Actually An Extremely Clever Disguise For Satan's Sinister UN Regulated Non-Peacekeeping Militarized ENFORCED MANDATORY Vaccinations-Inoculations-DNA Infusions Of The Satanic Irreversible LUCIFERASE Glowing Mark Of The Beast-Chimera-Vampire 666 Total DNA Corruption *Genetic + Mental* Reprogramming Highly Mutative Retroviral Cellular Immunotherapy Protocols Of Extreme Transhumanism ALIEN-HYBRIDIZATION Nanotechnologies. (Remember BIRD BOX And WORLD WAR Z/WWZ), Please Be Aware Of The Extremely Powerful Microwave Energy Radiation Signal Activation Of The Sinister Government Formulated Genetically Engineered Demonic Zombie Rage Apocalypse Weaponized Flu-Rabies-Ebola Retrovirus Plandemic That Will Be Cunningly Utilized To Cause Massive Widespread Extreme Fear And Panic Among The Spiritually Unwise Gullible Ignorant Feeble Minded People-Sheeple-Civilians-Remaining Desperate Survivors Under Extreme Duress Who Will Erroneously But Willing Accept Or Take Satan's Highly Deceptive CURSED *Genetic + Mental* Reprogramming MARK Which Is Not Really A Cure-All, REMEMBER Revelation 13th Ch., Ahman. SELAH

The SOLAR WINDS Banking Crisis Is Imminent But Russia Will Be Their Blame Game Smokescreen Diversion Tactic: You Will Lose Your Money In The Federal Government Regulated Fraudulent Banks Due To So-Called Hacking, Cyber Attacks, And Computer System Failures Which Will Be Cunningly Deceptively Blamed On RUSSIA And China While Modern Day Robinhood/Barack HUSSEIN Obama/The Sinisterly GAY Muslim Rider-Conqueror Of Nations Mounted Upon The White Horse Gives Covert Commands To His Sinister Worldwide Crime Syndicate Of The NWO To Rob You Blind By Secretly Transferring Banking + Stock Assets/Funds Over To The Satanic Mark Of The Beast-Chimera-Vampire 666 Emergency Economic Recovery System Account. Please REMEMBER Revelation 13th Ch. And Daniel 11th Ch. (Barack HUSSEIN Obama Will Deceptively Spread The Riches Among The People By Cunningly Giving Them NWO Spending Accounts After They Unwisely Wilfully Take Or Accept Satan's CURSED *Genetic + Mental* Reprogramming MARK Of Extreme Transhumanism ALIEN-CHIMERAN-HYBRIDIZATION Nanotechnologies, BeWAR3 $ WAR-ning. This BIG Economic SWITCH Will Occur After The US EAGLE Government's Fraudulent Archaic Petro-Dollar Standard Is Destroyed, Followed Shortly By The Fiery Hellish Wrathful Failure Of The NESARA GESARA Economic Recovery System Gold Standard After NY City-The Whore Of Babylon Suddenly Gets Destroyed By Unstoppable Unavoidable Supernatural Downpours Of Pure Fire Ultra-Powerful Plasma Arc Lighting Bolts Coupled With Pure Sulphur Brimstone, Thus Ultra-Cataclysmically Destroying The NY World Stock Market Exchange Mercantile System, As Foretold In Revelation 18th Ch. Involving The 4 Horses Judgements. But Please Keep In Mind That The Beginning Of Supernatural Economic Chaos Involving Massive Widespread Communications Satellites-Networks-Systems Failures Will Actually Be Caused By Extraordinarily Energetic Sequencial Supernovas As The Windows-Wormholes Of Heaven Are Opened Up Coupled With Amplification Phases Of The SUN As The Supernaturally Controlled Unstoppable Incoming Steadily Increasing Flow-Influx Of Extra-Solar Heavenly Cosmic Spiritual DNA-WORD Bearing Energy With Gradually Increased UV Light Energy Radiation Vigorouslyb Emitted From The Gradually Amplifying SUN Of Righteousness, REMEMBER Luke 21st Ch., Malachi 3rd/4th Chs., Isaiah 30:26, And The Book Of Revelation Concerning The Extraordinarily Energetic Ultra-Cataclysmic Opening Of The Seven Seals/7 Chakrahs/Earth's Seven Main Energy Vortexes With Amplification Of The Heavenly Bodies Above Causing Ultra-Inductive Ultra-Catastrophic Overloading Effects On Vulnerable Communications-GPS-Electronics-Electrical-Transportation-Technological Infrastructures Above And Below, THE ULTRA-TROUBLESOME GAME CHANGER - Remember The Flintstones! SELAH

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