Mark Taylor | The Trump Prophecies: The Astonishing True Story of the Man Who Saw Tomorrow… and What He Says Is Coming Next S y n o p s i s In November of 2016, the world witnessed the impossible. Nearly every household in America was tuned in to the

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Why is the Great Tribulation coming? What is the reason God is allowing this time of horror?

Satan's Wicked Hearted Unrepentant Heathen Children Tried Desperately To Hide The Written WORD Of The MOST HIGH POWER Of Israel From Us But To Their Own Demise Because The Spiritual Eternal Spoken WORD Of LIFE Is The DNA Within Us, All Of The Spiritual DNA WORD Bearing Books Are Written Within Us Natural Seed Indigenous 12 Tribes Of Israel! Wake Up Hebrews-Negroes, LOVE Each Other Caring For One Anothers' Soul And Body Well Being. Time Is Definitely Growing Short Please Let's All REPENT, HOSEA 2:16. SELAH

Christian Guilt & ‘End Time Prophecy’ Porn

Q Anon: Look Who's Talking Now! When Do Birds Sing? Moon Landings (Video)

Mark Taylor: The Trump Prophecies: What He Says Is Coming Next (Video)

BeWAR3, The Sinister Obama Crime Syndicate Plus UN Because Bill Cosby's False Flag Suicide/Demonic Illuminati Blood Sacrifice Will Be Followed By Many Critical Widespread Mega-Catastrophic Troubles Plus False Flag Mega Terrorist Attacks Beginning Within The USA/Mystery Babylon The Great. SELAH

BeWAR3, The Hawaiian Volcanoes Are Going To Blow In Ultra-Catastrophic Ways And A Fast Moving Massive Tsunami Will Come Racing Towards The Southern West Coast Region As The Very Fragile Land Mass Also Experiences Widespread Extraordinary Breakages Of The Earth Strata Layers As Pre-Positioned Nuclear Bombs Are Strategically Detonated Within Ancient Gigantic Caves/Caverns That Are Spread Throughout The Fragile Cracker Like Rock-Earth Layers. This Will Lead To Widespread Ultra-Catastrophic Hellish Methane Gas Explosions Coupled With Incredibly Intense Burning Tar-Pitch-Sulphur, Major Liquifaction Of Land, Many Major Earthquakes, Giant Sink Holes, Suffocating Poisonous Gases, And The Coastal Landmass Eventually Breaking Off And Sliding Down Into The Pacific Ocean. SELAH

“Potter Calls Kettle Black”

The Next Big Geomagnetic Storm Poses An Astronomical Risk To Modern Man

America's Top Psychic: "The War Has Started" & China Prepping to Dominate the World via Sarah Westall (Video)



Q Anon: Mother Of All Bombs Coming - Puppets - Carpet Bombs (Video)

The Second Coming of Christ - The Fig Tree & The Mountain

Elite’s Best Kept Secret – the FBCAN, SERCO, SES & Root Keys - Wagering on Tragedies (Video)

Q Anon: Unsolved Murder Case in Washington DC - Q Predictions (Video)

The Dynamic Living Earth Cell Has A Widespread Parasitic Infestation That Needs Extra-Solar Spiritual UV Energy Radiation Extermination In Order To Help Heal The Sickened Living Earth Cell And It's Indigenous Inhabitants: RH- Negative Blood Type Satanic-Fallen Angel Tares, Hybrids, And Unnatural Mixed DNA-Genetic Highly Corrupt Evil Seeds A.K.A. Man-Kind Outnumber The Natural Seed Indigenous Spiritual DNA WORD Bearing Righteous People 7 To 1. SELAH

Active Shooter Reported in Middleton, WI - Live Coverage!

FATIMA EPIDEMICS WATCH: Bill Gates reveals greatest fear of coming “Disease X”

Q Anon: Sarah Westall Q A Force for Good Discussion - New Interview (Video)

Wake-Up-My-People-Spirit-Rain: 144,000 Extraordinary Supernatural People Living On Earth Among Us Literally Can Not Die, No Matter What Happens To Them. They Only Become A Fullness Of Who They Really Are At The Spiritual 12 Strand ROOT DNA WORD Bearing Level, Thus Ascending To Full Power As Holy Protectors-Celestial Warriors-Saviors During The 6th Seal Major Cosmic Disturbances And Time Of Jacob's/Hebrew-Negro Israel's Trouble Concerning Daniel 12th Ch. And Psalms 83rd Ch. Major Persecutions By The Sinister Obama Crime Syndicate Assisted By The UN. SELAH

Where Are We in the Timeline of Bible Prophecy?

Final Vic­to­ry for Texas in Vot­er ID Case (Video)

FEMA Pouring In - Roads Closed, Cities Isolated - What Is Going on From Hurricane Florence? (Video)

There Is Nothing New Under The Sun, What Has Been In The Past Will Be In The Future And What Will Be In The Future Has Already Been In The Past Because The Earth And It's Inhabitants Have Experienced Many Major Wordwide Cataclysms That Have Destroyed Past Civilizations And The High Technologies Of Those Inhabitants During The Age Of Their Existence. These Many Major Cataclysms Left Few Remaining Survivors To Start Over Again Leading Up To The Pinnacle Of Their Era And Then Major Cataclysms Occurred Again Because Of Their Many Unrepentant Sins And Abominations Against The MOST HIGH POWER Of Israel. However, Just Like Righteous Noah And His Family Who Made It Safely Within The Supernatural Ark Through The Great Worldwide Flood Catastrophe, Those Who Are Righteous Will Endure Through The Near Future Worldwide Supernatural Fiery Hellish Catastrophes/Wrath That Will Permanently Exterminate The Wicked Unrepentant Heathens, Their Evil Unnatural Civilizations, And Fallen Angel Inspired Highly Advanced Technologies, In Order To Manifest True Peace On Earth As Ultra Bright Heaven On Earth Under ISHI Empowered Through The MOST HIGH's HOLY SPIRIT. SELAH

Project Veritas: Deep State Unmasked - State Dept on Hidden Cam "Resist Everything" "I Have Nothing to Lose"

Pope Pius X Prophecy on the soon “fleeing Pontiff”

Q Anon: YourVoice™ Steel Truth "Intelligence Community Roundup!" Ann Vandersteel (Video)

Q Anon Expert: YourVoice™ America Exclusive Interview With Praying Medic Sept. 2018 (Video)

Trump Orders Feds to Declassify Key FISA Socuments, Text Messages in FBI Russia Probe