Why was 11 11 so important as a marker? The unsealing of indictments has begun. And the Dems know they can’t escape declas. The timeline. The Rothschild’s Cheer: Never miss an opportunity to make millions off the death, misery, and suffering of the multitudes. The Astor’s and the Guggenheim s

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BeWAR3, The US EAGLE Homefront Is In Grave Danger As Covert Internal Destruction Is Being Planned By The Sinister Obama Crime Syndicate Plus The Wicked UN And Their Evil Alphabet Agency Cronies-FBI-CIA-ISIS! WARNING, Terrorist Network Chatter Is High And The US Homefront Is Under Imminent Attack Scheduled For The Winter Season By The Sinister Powers That Be Who Are Hell Bent On The Establishment Of A Temporal Sinister Satanic NWO Kingdom By 2020 *VISION*, BeWAR3 And PREPARE NOW, REPENT, HOSEA 2:16. SELAH

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BeWAR3 A Horrific 2019, As Foretold In The Book Of James 5th Ch., The NY World Stock Exchange Market Is Already Doomed Leading To Supernatural Fiery Hellish Unrecoverable Total Economic Collapse By Late November Around Thanksgiving And Even An Alexander Hamilton/A Cunning Move To Switch From The Trading/Buying/Selling Of Hebrew-Negro Slave Gold Bonds*Bondservants In Favor Of Physical Gold Assets Will Not Save The Wicked Rich Men From This Supernatural Fiery Hellish Total Economic Collapse As The US EAGLE Government Falls Into The Abyss Of Hell Never To Rise! Please Let's All REPENT, HOSEA 2:16. SELAH

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BeWAR3, In The Year 2019 The USA/Mystery Babylon The Great/The Titanic Worldwide Slave Trade Corporation, Foretold In The Book Of James 5th Ch. Primarily Concerning The Covert Trading/Selling/Buying Of Indigenous Spirutually Melanated Hebrew-Negro Slaves As Gold Stock BONDs*Bondservants On The NY Stock Exchange Market, Will Witness It's Final Days Leading To The Year 2020 As This Titanic Slave Trade Corporation Experiences Sudden Supernatural Fiery Hellish Engine Failure, Thus Causing Unrecoverable Total Economic Collapse As We Righteous Hebrews-Negroes Spirutually Prepare For An Extraordinary Supernatural 2nd Greater Exodus While We Spirutually Awaken At The 12 Strand Spiritual ROOT DNA WORD Bearing Level In Order For Us To Spirutually Ascend, Thus Gradually Manifesting Our Indestructible Glorified Celestial Light-SPIRIT-Body Forms By The End Of The Horrific Great Tribulation, But Keep In Mind That The 144,000 Will Be Brought Online First As They Rise During The 6th Seal Cosmic Disturbances Endtime Prophetic Time Period In Order To Assist Archangel Michael-ISHI's Spiritual War Form To Protect Our Other Righteous Indigenous Hebrew-Negro Brothers And Sisters From Extreme Persecution By The Sinister Obama Crime Syndicate Plus The UN And Their Alphabet Agency Cronies-FBI-CIA-ISIS, While The MOST HIGH POWER Of ISRAEL Supernaturally Preserves Our Other Hebrew-Negro Brothers And Sisters As They Undergo A Slightly Slower Extraordinary Spiritual DNA Transformation/Metamorphosis Of Their Flesh Temples-Vessels-Bodies Into Their Indestructible Glorified Celestial Light-SPIRIT-Body Forms In Order For Them To Come Down From The Garden Of Righteousness/The Wilderness/The Upper Paradise As A Glorious Bride Adorened With Spiritual LIGHT For The Groom/ISHI When He Returns Back Down To The Earth With And Innumerable Host Of HIS Glorified Saints In Order To Finish The Battle Of Armageddon In Favor Of The Righteous At The End Of The Horrific Great Tribulation. Satan, Fallen Angels, Demons, Evil Entities, And Their Wicked Hearted Unrepentant Heathen Cronies Are All Losers Because GOOD*LOVE Always Overcomes Evil, LOL!!! SELAH

Q Anon: Unsealing & Declas Begin, Dems Prepare Subpoenas, Timeline (Video)

A Three Stage Attack Now Initiated Globally—If You Oppose, You’re in Grave Danger...

The MOST HIGH POWER Of Spirutually Melanated Hebrew-Negro Israel Is Your Quiet Place As The Horrors Of The Great Tribulation Manifest In 2020 *VISION*. SELAH