Interview with Charlie Wards son Glenn was the second oldest brother of 3 siblings from Charlies first marriage and he used to work with his father Glenn has recently seen some of the stuff his father Charlie is claiming, how many are being sucked in and has decided to speak…

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REMEMBER Hosea 6th Ch., Ahman: We Have Sinfully Fallen And Are Currently Broken Down But Our HEAVENLY FATHER Will Supernaturally Revive Us And Raise Us Up As We Righteously Pray, REPENT, Focus To Obey HIM, And Show LOVE: It's All In The Spiritual WORD Bearing DNA/HOLY SEED Within Us Called - Chosen - Elect Children Of The MOST HIGH POWER Of YISRAEL. Indigenous Spiritually Melanated Hebrews-Negroes-Priests-Kings-Israelites Are Actually Metaphysical gods With Supernaturally Inherited Powers From Our HEAVENLY FATHER - The MOST HIGH POWER Of YISRAEL - Our MAIN POWER SOURCE, Remember Psalms 82:6. SELAH

“Magicians” Prove a Spiritual World Exists - Demonic Activity Caught on Video Doing Magic Tricks. Excellent Educational And Entertaining Videos!

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I Have Strong Pulses Of Energy In My Brain And Forehead, My Ears Have A High Pitched Constant Tone That Won't Go Away, And All Sorts Of Elemental Matter Is Popping Very Loudly Up To 30 Feet Away From Me. Spiritual DNA-WORD Bearing Supernatural Metaphysical Activation Of Our Currently Feeble Degraded Deactivate Low Powered Temporarily Fallen Flesh Cellular DNA Bearing Genes Of Our Flesh Temples-Vessels-Bodies Is Imminen. Remember The Cryptic Song By The Illuminati Singing Group Imagine Dragons Called "RADIOACTIVE", Listen To It Carefully And Keep In Mind Malachi 3rd/4th Chs. + Hosea 6th Ch. + 2nd Peter 1:19-21 + Isaiah 30:26 + The Book Of Revelation Concerning Our Necessary Multistage Deep Spiritual Awakening-Rebirth-Healing-Repairing-Purging-Refining-Transformation-Metamorphosis-Resurrection-Glorification-Ascension Process That Will Be Supernaturally Jumpstarted-Triggered-Induced-Facilitated By The Unstoppable Incoming Steadily Increasing Flow-Influx Of Extra-Solar Heavenly Cosmic Spiritual DNA-WORD Bearing Energy With Gradually Increased UV Light Energy Radiation Via The Gradually Amplifying SUN Of Righteousness That Will Gloriously Rise With Supernatural Healing In Its Wings-Deep Penetrating Solar Light Rays, First Amplifying To Generate An Ultra-Powerful Extremely Inductive X-RAY Radiation Energy Outburst SHOCKWAVE And Subsequently Weeks Later An Extraordinarily Powerful Ultra-Inductive GAMMA-RAY Radiation Energy Outburst SHOCKWAVE Which Will Greatly Affect All Things At The DNA/Genetic Levels While Activating All Forms-Types-Kinds Of DNA/Genes Including Non-Mutative And Mutative Dominant, Dormant, ROOT, Recessive, So-Called Junk DNA Strands-Packets-Segments With Few Righteous Indigenous People Supernaturally Revealed As The HOLY SEED/Spiritual DNA-WORD Bearing Indigenous Children Of The MOST HIGH POWER Of YISRAEL And Many Other Non-Indigenous ManKind Genetic Hybrids Supernaturally Exposed As The Evil Seed/Highly Corrupted DNA Bearing Children Of Satan And The Other Sinister Fallen Angels (REMEMBER The 1st Resurrection/Non-Mutative Metaphysical Rebuilding Of The Flesh Temple-Vessel-Body Concerning The Righteous Indigenous WHEAT And The 2nd Resurrection/Mutative Rebuilding Of The Flesh Temple-Vessel-Body Concerning The Non-Indigenous ManKind Genetic Hybrids Known As TARES * Satanic-Fallen Angelic-Demonic Fleshly Imposters * Evil Abominations Against Nature). SELAH

What Kind Of Primary DNA Do You Have Flowing Within You? Ours Is An ETERNAL Spiritual DNA-WORD Bearing GIFT From The MOST HIGH POWER Of YISRAEL - Our HEAVENLY FATHER - Our Creator. We Were Sent From The Upper Heaven Down To The Earth On A Faithful Mission Of LOVE By Our HEAVENLY FATHER: I Knew Something Was Different About Me From A Very Young Age Because I Never Really Fitted Into This Satanic Fallen World Lifestyle Of Distractions And Like Most Ultra-Heroes I Stayed To Myself And Enjoyed Helping People. REMEMBER Psalms 82:6 Concerning Indigenous Hebrews-Negroes-Priests-Kings-Israelites Called gods Meaning Powers Of The MOST HIGH POWER Of YISRAEL/The HOLY SOURCE Of Our SPIRITUAL POWER. Dr. Manhattan Of The Watchmen Made A Quote Fit For gods "Why Should I Care About A World I No Longer Have A Stake In?", Not Referring To The Indigenous Earth That Was Originally Created For Us HOLY SEED Bearing Indigenous People By Our HEAVENLY FATHER Which Will Be Supernaturally Renewed And Last For Eternity, But Rather I'm Referring To This Satanic Fallen Veiled Dimensional World Matrix Of Mass Deceptions-llusions-Delusions Which Will Be Supernaturally Destroyed Via Fiery Hellish Wrathful Judgements, Thus Buying It Away In Order To Gloriously Reveal Extraordinarily Bright Eternally Peaceful Heaven On Earth, Remember 2nd Peter 3rd Ch. + Isaiah 60th Ch. + The Book Of Revelation, Ahman. At First Glance I Was Shocked, I Looked Like Dr. Manhattan On The Watchmen But My Flesh Temple-Vessel-Body Was More Energetic. I Had A Very Vivid Dream In Which I Woke Up Out Of My Bed And Walked Down The Hall Way Into The Bathroom And Just Before Turning On The Light I Saw A Stange Electrified Glowing Turquoise Colored Muscular Man In The Mirror With The Same Colored Hair Waving Back And Forth Upon His Head Like Smokeless Plasma Fire With Shining Bright White Eyes. I Took A Closer Look At This Ultra-Hero Looking Man And Said In Astonishment "Is That Me?!?", Then I Replied "That's Cool!" After Coming To The Realisation That It Was Definitely Me But In A Higher Celestial Light-SPIRIT-Body Form, Then The Vivid Dream Ended And I Woke Up Thinking About What I Had Seen, And Gave Thanks To The MOST HIGH POWER Of YISRAEL For This Awesome Download Of Endtime Prophetic Information About Myself And Crew Of Fearless Capricorn Soldiers. I Am One Of The 144,000 Elite Ranking Class AB+ Blood Type Celestial GOATS-Warriors-Protectors-Saviors Of The Head Tribe Of Yudah And That Means That I Will Not Die But Instead Supernaturally Transform Like Enoch Alive During The Sixth Seal Opening Heavenly Cosmic Disturbances Ultra-Cataclysmic Worldwide Extreme Climate Change Events Right Before The Time Of Jacob's Trouble So That We Can Stand Up With Archangel Michael And Supernaturally Protect Our Lower Ranking Class Righteous Indigenous Brothers And Sisters-Hebrews-Negroes-Priests-Kings-Israelites From Heavy Persecutions Of The Sinister Satanic-Fallen Angelic-Demonic NWO Powers That Be, As Foretold In Psalms 83rd Ch. And Daniel 12th Ch., But Remember Psalms 91st Ch., Ahman. SELAH

New Freedom Force Battalion: White Hats! Who Is in Control? 100 CEOs, Hackers, CCP? Saving Israel for Last 5-16-21

Aplanetruth Discussing Depopulation Agenda Being Enacted With Celeste Solum! Must See Interview!

Spiritual Warfare As Our Warfare Today Is Not Just Against Flesh And Blood But Rather Powers And Demons! Must See Videos!

Vernon Coleman: The Slaughter of the Gullible & the Innocent

I Have Nothing Left That I Desire In This Satanic Fallen World But The ETERNAL HOLY LIVING WORD Including The Holy Salvation Of Our Indigenous People, Therefore I Spiritually Will Fight Against Evil For The MOST HIGH POWER Of YISRAEL Working Faithfully Through HIS First Begotten SON CHRIST The ANOINTED ONE ISHI-ISHIAH Empowered Through The HOLY SPIRIT Of LOVE-TRUTH, Ahman - SELAH! : Please Be Aware That The Evil White Jew-ish Imposters Of The FAKE Nation Of Israel Will Be Forcefully Uprooted From Our Land Including All Other Cursed Races Of Snow White Leprous Cursed Wicked Hearted Unrepentant Parasitic Heathens (All TARES - Even The Evil Ones Who Look Like Us Indigenous People But Are Imposters - Wicked White Men Dipped In Our Indigenous Women's Chocolate So To Speak), Remember Ezekiel 38th Ch. And The Endtime Prophecies Prophecies Of Jeremiah, Ahman. We Indigenous Spiritually Melanated Hebrews-Negroes-Priests-Kings-Israelites Of The AB+ Blood Type Original 12 Tribes Of YISRAEL Are The Real Jews Spoken Of In The Bible And The HOLY LIVING WORD Of TRUTH - Our History Book. The Evil White Jew-ish Imposters Of The FAKE Nation Of Israel Known As The Synagogue Of Satan Are All About Deception, Wars, Murder, Killing, And Death Cunningly Perpetrated To Vainly Try To Maintain Their Sinister Position In The Earth As FALSE First With Us Indigenous People Currently But Temporarily Being Ranked As Last While They Trample Us Under Their Evil Feet, But Not For Long Because Our HEAVENLY FATHER Will Reverse Our Ranking Status, Thus Making HIS Righteous HOLY SEED Bearing Indigenous Hebrews-Negroes-Priests-Kings-Israelites First Again. Please Be Aware That The So-Called Jew-ish Holocaust Was Deceptively Used By The Sinister Satanic-Fallen Angelic-Demonic NWO Powers That Be To Cause Futher Denial Of Us Real Indigenous Spiritually Melanated Hebrews-Negroes-Priests-Kings-Israelites. These Sinister Snow White Leprous Cursed Jew-ish Imposters Of The FAKE Nation Of Israel Are Of Their Spiritual Father Satan (The Master Deceiver) Who Cunningly Portray Themselves To The Mostly Ignorant Inhabitants Of The World As So-Called Holy Ones Being Persecuted By Their Unholy Enemies (Cunningly Instigating Some Attacks Against Themselve) In Order To Make It Seem Like They Are The Righteous Children Of God Under Attack, But I Assure You That These Evil Bastards Are Satan's Children As Foretold In The Book Of Revelation Because They Call Themselves Jews But Are Not - THEY Are The Synagogue Of Satan. Please Read Deuteronomy 28th Ch. Concerning What Happened To Us Indigenous Spiritually Melanated Hebrews-Negroes-Priests-Kings-Israelites Of The AB+ Original 12 Tribes Of YISRAEL That Unwisely Sinned Against Our HEAVENLY FATHER Who Originally Chose Us To Be The Highest Ranking Spiritually Blessed People On Earth Who Supernaturally Bear HIS HOLY SEED/Spiritual WORD Bearing DNA Within Us, As The ETERNAL HOLY LIVING WORD Made Flesh Just Like HIS First Begotten SON CHRIST The ANOINTED ONE ISHI-ISHIAH (Who Is Now Glorified) Empowered Through The HOLY SPIRIT Of LOVE-TRUTH, Remember Saint Luke 17th Ch., Ahman. SELAH

Interviewing a Cyber Warfare Expert on QAnon, Fake News, and Infiltration of the Truth Movement

Max Lucado Urgent Message Update: The Problem We Face

Dr. Lorraine Day Shares How To Prevent The Coronavirus Covid-19! The Distracted And Delusional Christians Who Have Been Brainwashed By Their Sold Out Communist Pastors! The Ten Commandments And The Coming Noahide Laws! Must See Videos!

Gulf Of Mexico Go BOOM! SELAH

Charlie Ward's Son Exposes His Own Father As A Fraud? An Exclusive Interview

Transpocalypse Now! Elite Gender Inversion - The Documentary! Joe And The Dragsters! Must See Videos!!

The Real Star Wars Is Far More Astounding Than Any Science-Fiction Fantasy And It Is Absolute Reality! Must See Videos To Understand What Is Going On Today!

New Juan O' Savin Exclusive Interview with Nicholas Veniamin

Sarah Westall: Kim Clement "There is a Man by the Name of Mr. Clark..." - Trump Prophecies

New RichiefromBoston on the Gasoline Shortage

Warning of Apocalypse in 2023--10 Biblical Reasons & 2 Confirmatory Signs

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN Full Documentary By A C Hitchcock. 300 Truckloads Of Bullion Were Simply Driven Away From Fort Knox! Americans Are Being Plundered From Within! Must See Video!

I See Lots And Lots Of Water Coming In The Near Future. The Sinister Illuminati Media Agents Who Deceptively Made The Creepy All-State Commercial With The Weird Female Singing Hood Ornament Are Secretly In League With Murderous NWO Black-Ops Terrorists Who Will Covertly Utilize Various Sinister Fallen Angel Inspired Highly Advanced Technologies To Cause-Facilitate Generate 4 Out Of The 5 Mega-Tsunamis Due To Strike The Godforsaken USA/Mystery Babylon The Great In Rapid Succession: REMEMBER The 5th Wave Predictive Programming Cryptic Illuminati Movie - Five Fast Moving Mega-Tsunamis Are Going To Inundate The Coastal Regions Of The Godforsaken USA With The Ocean/Sea Waters Traveling Many Miles Inland Causing Millions Of Deaths And Ultra-Cataclysmic Damages To Properties And Critical Infrastructures Coupled With Many Other False Flag Events And Supernatural Ultra-Catastrophic Events That Will Cause An Extremely Severe Economic Crash. REMEMBER That The Sinister Satanic-Fallen Angelic-Demonic NWO Powers That Be Have Covert Plans To Destroy The Godfather USA/Mystery Babylon The Great Including The Entire Wicked World Bully US EAGLE Government Of Esau-The Evil Male Bloodlines Of Edom-The Edomites-The Idumeans-The Wicked Ones Upon Mount Seir-The New Age Roman Empire-The Brutish British Kingdom-The Current Dominant Fallen World Governmental Power Plus Its Fragile Economy Because THEY (NWO Cronies) Are Going To Make Way For The Establishment Of A Satanic Dystopian NWO Small Kingdom Full Of Uproar Populated By Snow White Leprous Cursed Beastly Vampiric Chimeras (Horrifically Mutate-Evolved Spiritually Unwise Ignorant Gullible Feeble Minded People-Sheeple-Civilians-Remaining Desperate Survivors) Embedded With Extreme Transhumanism ALIEN Nanotechnologies, As Foretold In Revelation 13th Ch., YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! However, Satan's Temporal Dystopian NWO Government Under His Highly Deceptive Emergency Economic Recovery System Protocols Involving The Satanic Irreversible LUCIFERASE Glowing Mark Of The Beast-Chimera-Vampire 666 Total DNA Corruption *Genetic + Mental* Reprogramming Embedded Nanotechnologies Primarily Consisting Of CRISPR Gene Splicing Manipulation + VMAT2 Gene Brain Altering + *Black Goo 666 Carbonic Liquid Crystal Synthetic Melanin Graphene Nanoparticles Infusions Of Programmable Matter Nanites - UV Light Energy Radiation Protection Sunscreen With Limited Repair Of The Flesh* Cleverly Disguised As Highly Mutative Retroviral MNRA Vaccinations-Inoculations-DNA Infusions Of Extreme Transhumanism ALIEN Nanotechnologies Which Will Cause Millions Of Remaining Desperate Survivors Under Extreme Duress To Permanently Lose All Of Their Humanity-Love (Primarily Targeting The Indigenous People Located Throughout The Earth Via Satan's Ultimate Eugenics Program), Thus Causing Whoever Willingly Falls For Satan's CURSED *Genetic + Mental* MARK To Become Totally Cursed Like The Sinister Fallen Angels, Demons, And Their Fleshly Wicked Hearted Unrepentant Parasitic Non-Indigenous Heathens (TARES - Highly Genetically Corrupted Hybridized Abominations Against Nature) Who Will Also Meet Their Supernaturally Controlled Unstoppable Ultra-Cataclysmic Fiery Hellish Wrathful Demises, As Foretold In Malachi 4th Ch., Zechariah 14th Ch., The Book Of Enoch, And The Book Of Revelation, When CHRIST The ANOINTED ONE ISHI-ISHIAH Gloriously Triumphantly Returns With HIS Innumerable Host Of Glorified Indestructible Celestial Saints And Supernaturally Destroys The Wicked Ones With The Extraordinary Brightness Of HIS Coming And The ETERNAL HOLY LIVING WORD Of HIS MOUTH, Ahman. SELAH

It Is Time To Hear From The Jews Themselves! Jews Admit They Are NOT The Israelites Of The Bible! Must See Videos For The Truth!

New McAllistertv: Clones! MILABs, MK Ultra, Soul Scalping! They Have No Souls!