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IntelNews.org (est. 1988) offers daily commentary on intelligence and espionage developments from around the world. It is edited by intelligence experts Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis and Ian Allen. Russia “paved the way” for last November’s seizure of Ukrainian Navy ships by launching a major cyber attack and disinformation campaign aimed at…

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Analysis: Strasbourg attack raises serious counterterrorism concerns

Russian spies ‘launched major cyber attack on Ukraine’ prior to naval incident

CIA names first woman to lead Directorate of Operations

Jailed Russian who spied for CIA writes letter to Trump, asking to be freed

ISIS evolving into ‘effective clandestine organization’ US Pentagon warns

Canada arrests daughter of Chinese telecom giant’s founder at US request

Czechs accuse Moscow of ‘most serious wave of cyberespionage’ in years

FAA's "Integration Pilot UAS Program" is really a national police surveillance drone program

MI6 spy chief outlines ‘fourth generation espionage’ in rare public speech

Indo-Afghan Nexus against Pakistan

CIA report says Saudi crown prince sent text messages to Khashoggi killer

US government plans background checks on Chinese students over espionage fears

New law to give Australian operations officers more rights to use firearms

Head of CIA’s Korean mission center to resign, say sources

French senior civil servant arrested on suspicion of spying for North Korea

Four times more Sunni Islamist militants today than on 9/11, study finds

U.S. Silently Passes And Signs Bill To Create New Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Nerve agent used in Skripal attack ‘could have killed thousands’ say experts

Norwegian spy service seeks right to break law during espionage operations

European Union agrees to establish joint intelligence training school

Israeli team spotted in Gaza was installing advanced surveillance system, says Hamas

Australian police offer reward for information about murder of ex-KGB colonel

ISIS fighters might declare new caliphate in Philippines, experts warn

Austria arrests second spy for Russia in a week: media reports

Austria summons Russian ambassador over arrest of alleged army spy

Moscow names intersection after Kim Philby, British spy for the USSR

ISIS using Turkey as strategic base to reorganize, Dutch intelligence report says

France arrests six far-right militants who plotted to kill President Macron

New book names ex-KGB defector who outed FBI agent Robert Hanssen as Russian spy

Asia Bibi Blasphemy Case: Dragging Army into Politics, Anti-Pakistan Zionist Agenda

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