IntelNews.org (est. 1988) offers daily commentary on intelligence and espionage developments from around the world. It is edited by intelligence experts Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis and Ian Allen. AUTHORITIES IN TAIWAN HAVE filed money-laundering charges against a Chinese couple, who were identified as spies by a man who defected to Australia…

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Taiwan files charges against couple identified by Chinese defector as alleged spies

Vienna’s wartime Gestapo chief worked for West German intelligence, records show

Cambridge spy ring member gave USSR British royals’ pro-Nazi letters

Jordanian news agency claims Mossad involvement in helping alleged coup plotter

Wife of Italian spy for Russia says he was desperate for money due to COVID-19

Brazil ‘spiraling out of control’ as commanders of all three military branches resign

In historic first, alleged North Korean spy to face trial in the United States

Chinese hackers used Facebook to target Uighur activists with malware

Bulgaria expels Russian diplomats over spy claims, Moscow threatens retaliation

American spy for Israel Jonathan Pollard gives rare interview to Israeli newspaper

Bulgaria confirms arrest of six-member spy-ring working for Russia

Finnish intelligence identifies Chinese state-linked group behind cyber-attack

Domestic extremism quickly ‘metastasizing’, US intelligence report warns

Nashville Christmas Day bombing was not terrorism, FBI concludes

US designates two African armed groups as foreign terrorist organizations

Israel behind mysterious attacks on Iranian oil tankers, report claims

CIA base in northern Niger expands, as Islamism spreads in the Sahel

Real Spoilers of Afghan Peace Process Detected

German court blocks intelligence agency’s plan to spy on far-right party

Informant helped FBI infiltrate US militia accused of plotting to kidnap politician

Venezuelan intelligence spied on Citgo executives on US soil, spy alleges

Turkey and United States co-examine Russian missile system captured in Libya

Analysis: Without fanfare, FBI places Putin’s right-hand man on most wanted list

British SIGINT agency vows to integrate artificial intelligence into its operations

Sweden charges man with spying for Russia, expels Russian diplomat

Top Syrian chemical weapons scientist spied for CIA for 14 years, new book claims

Iran spies on dissidents via web server based in Holland, registered in Cyprus

Citing security concerns, Lithuania bans Chinese airport baggage scanners

Ion Pacepa, Cold War’s highest-ranking Soviet Bloc defector, dies of COVID-19

Another Indian Conspiracy against Pakistan Exposed

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