IntelNews.org (est. 1988) offers daily commentary on intelligence and espionage developments from around the world. It is edited by intelligence experts Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis and Ian Allen. A COURT IN ALBANIA has ordered the release from prison of two Russians and one Ukrainian national, who were arrested nearly last August…

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Albanian court releases Russian and Ukrainian bloggers suspected of espionage

It Began At Benghazi: Durham Report Reveals Spy State Takeover of US Government! - Alex Jones Show

Turkey claims it uncovered Israeli spy cell that targeted Iran

U.S. charges Greek businessman with smuggling military and dual-use goods to Russia

U.S., Russian spy agencies publish rival ads encouraging would-be informants

China sentences US citizen to life for espionage following closed-door trial

Senior members of South Korea’s largest trade union charged with espionage

US-led ‘Five Eyes’ alliance dismantled Russia’s ‘premier espionage cyber-tool’

The Patriotic Baloch Are Misguided People

Russian pro-Kremlin influencer survives IED attack that killed fellow passenger

In rare public comments, Taiwan spy chief points to 2027 as key in China’s plans

Analysis: Did Ukraine try to assassinate Vladimir Putin?

Russia calls for UN Security Council meeting in response to Polish espionage claims

Australian court releases judge’s remarks in unprecedented ‘secret prisoner’ trial

US arrests two over alleged clandestine Chinese police station in New York City

Scott Ritter: Age Of New PsyOps! Who Is Behind The US intelligence Leaks? Guest Larry Johnson, Former CIA Analyst! - Must Video

China-based Australian businessman charged with espionage


New report assesses record of Russian unconventional operations in Ukraine war

Bomb hidden inside decorative figurine kills pro-Kremlin military blogger in Russia

Soldier found dead in Pentagon parking lot was intel specialist for Joint Staff. Remember the China balloon story?

United States charges Russian spy who lived in Maryland using forged identity

Greek authorities uncover identity of Russian spy who posed as Greek citizen

Alleged Russian spy and sabotage cell busted in Poland

Canada investigating claims of secret Chinese police stations in Montreal

Social unrest threatens Israel’s intelligence relationship with West, officials warn

WHO calls on US and China to release intelligence about origins of COVID-19

Canadian parliament pressures government to investigate Chinese election meddling

The Cosmopolitan

Australia to deport Kazakh-born Irish woman for allegedly spying for Russia

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