IntelNews.org (est. 1988) offers daily commentary on intelligence and espionage developments from around the world. It is edited by intelligence experts Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis and Ian Allen. The administration of United States President Donald Trump is considering the possibility of expelling from the country dozens of Chinese diplomats, journalists, and…

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Trump administration considering mass expulsions of alleged Chinese spies

Pentagon leaders see COVID-19 crisis lasting months, destabilizing regions

Spain ‘shifts to a war economy’ and calls on NATO for help with COVID-19

Analysis: No, the coronavirus was not bioengineered. The rumors are false

American white supremacists wanted to weaponize COVID-19 in early February

US intelligence warned White House about COVID-19 threat in January: report

COVID-19 poses unprecedented operational challenges for America’s spy agencies

US military given ‘continuity of government’ standby orders for COVID-19 pandemic

US Department of Health servers targeted by hackers amidst COVID-19 crisis

New York governor asks Trump to mobilize army to prevent COVID-19 meltdown

Secret Agencies’ Activities Continue against Pakistan

Has Failing Grayling Got Dirt On Boris

Bahrain accuses Iran of ‘biological aggression’ as COVID-19 stirs Gulf tensions

US agencies in turf battle over classification level of COVID-19 meetings

Militaries around the world scramble to contain impact of COVID-19

Google removes Iranian government’s COVID-19 app amidst claims of espionage

Coronavirus: America’s bungling fiasco versus Taiwan’s stunning success

US Pentagon insists it can continue to function despite COVID-19 outbreak

Chinese cybersecurity firm accuses CIA of 11-year cyberespionage campaign

Swiss government files criminal complaint over Crypto AG scandal involving CIA

DR Congo military intelligence chief found dead hours before court appearance

US intelligence agencies using ‘wide range’ of spy tools to monitor coronavirus

US-Taliban peace deal will empower ISIS in Afghanistan, say insiders

Russian spy who tried to kill Bulgarian arms dealer is now a diplomat, report claims

More spies today in Australia than at the height of the Cold War, says intel chief

US unable to trace $716 million worth of weapons given to Syrian rebels

US arrests Mexican man for spying for Russia in mystery case involving informant

Russia sent spies to Ireland to check undersea fiber-optic cables: report

Swiss neutrality ‘shattered’ as leading cryptologic firm revealed to be CIA front

NYC Taxpayers Spending Millions on Cyber Center with Controversial Ties to Israeli Intelligence

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