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Unthinkably Rare Climate Events are the New Normal Globally (918)

‘Don’t be surprised:’ National Weather Service in Miami warns of falling iguanas due to cold

Climate Change Will Lead To A Super Volcano Will Erupt Very Soon

Small Towns During the Grand Solar Minimum (Alfa Vedic 4/4)

Highest CO2 Concentrations on Record and Coldest In Europe in Decades (917)

Bomb Cyclone Slams US with Tropical Snow & Sudden Stratospheric Event Begins (916)

Growing with Larger Patterns of Nature in the Grand Solar Minimum (Alfa Vedic 3/4)

Extinction Rebellion Ejected From Glastonbury Town Hall (915)

What Can You Do To Empower Yourself During the Grand Solar Minimum? (Alfa Vedic 1/4)

Sudden Stratospheric Event to Freeze N Hemisphere with Ozone Hole (914)

This Grand Solar Minimum is Driving Everything in Politics (Bob Kudla 3/3)

The Last Day It Was A Ritual In Sydney Weather Warfare Live!! - Great Video!

(MIAC #248) Will JIT Deliveries Bottleneck at the Dawn of the GSM?

Unsettling 150 Year Cold in the Warmest Year Ever (912)

This Cycle its Going To Be Different (911)

Antarctic Sea Ice Gain Causing Global Cooling (908)

Seed Banks & Global Climate Related Damage (906)

(MIAC #241) Affecting Outcomes in the Grand Solar Minimum?

(MIAC #240) Finding Climate Truth in Today's Insane World

(MIAC #239) Getting Us to Prepare for the Opposite of What We Are Really Facing

(MIAC #238) EMF Land: 5G Everything Communicating with Everything Else by 2023

Unprecedented Dual Thanksgiving 'SuperStorms' - Massive Power Outages Already Underway!

Atmospheric Shift: Rare Early Snow & Cold in the N. Hemisphere (898)

Opposite of What Climate Experts Told Us: Global Snow (897)

Plasma Glyphs Chile, 400 Year Heat Netherlands & Early Winter Safety (896)

(MIAC #235) Threshold Events That Are Manifesting (w/Sacha Stone 1/2)

Historic September Snowfalls N. Hemisphere as Earth's Magnetosphere Shifts (895)

Magma Rain Cataclysm Beginning: Pink, Yellow & Orange Clouds - Great Video

Some Things May Break in the Grand Solar Minimum w/ Kate Hart

Must Not be That Much of a Climate Emergency (893)

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