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Julian Assange's Life is in Imminent Danger - Calling On The World to Unite and Save Him - #AssangeAthon OPERATION SPOTLIGHT

Who’s going to tell those who still believe the msm?

A Message to the NWO in the USA.

The New World.

#FreeAssange: Wikileaks team wins appeal at RCJ to go to UK Supreme Court 24/01/22 VIDEO + JulianAssange “In His Own Words” 2021

#FreeAssange: The UK High Court will deliver its decision on Monday morning about whether to permit Julian Assange to appeal the US extradition decision to UK Supreme Court 22 Jan. 2022

When's this #Assange farce gonna end? #FreeAssange PETITION UPDATE #JulianAssange has asked the High Court to certify three points of law of general public importance WRITE!

Chris Hedges: The Execution of Julian Assange VIDEO – 14 Dec. 2021 – Consortium News

OUTRAGE: Assange Loses, High Court Allows US Appeal; Quashes Assange’s Discharge - VIDEO Consortium News, BBC, 10 Dec. 2021

OUTRAGE!: Julian Assange can be extradited to the US, court rules VIDEO - BBC, 10 Dec. 2021

#FreeAssange: Conference: 'Stop the Torture: Free Assange' - London, Consortium News 26 Oct. 2021

All Secret Society Members are WANTED for GENOCIDE.

Absolute Proof - Covid is a Secret Society Scam

#FreeAssange: JOHN PILGER: A Day in the Death of British Justice – 13 Aug. 2021

#FreeAssange: Icelandic DOJ / FBI snitch and pedophile Sigurdur Ingi Thordarso rips off Wikileaks and admits telling lies to US authorities to indict Assange

OUTRAGE: 8 MONTHS?: VIDEO: Julian Assange’s partner Stela Morris visits him in prison for the first time in 8 months


FAITH - If You Don't Believe In God You Will


#FreeAssange Seems extradition has been denied for the US!!!!!!! #FreeAssange Live outside the #OldBailey court in #London 04 Jan. 2021

#FreeAssange: The Guardian’s Silence Let UK Trample on Assange’s Rights + Protest “The Guardian’s Role” + “The War Logs” 10th Anniversary 21 Oct. 2020

BOMBSHELL: Whistleblower Drops HARD Evidence, Biden, Obama, Hillary EXECUTED Seal Team 6,Audio Proof

Must See: #FreeAssange: Consortium News presentation with John Pilger, Dan Ellsberg + Alex Mercouris – live VIDEO – 19 September 2020

The Death of Journalism

Watch: "The War on Journalism: The Case of Julian Assange" - a film by Joe Pessarelli - Stop the War Coalition

Did Hollywood Steal The Matrix Movie Script & Murder The Writer's Children?  - The Dan Bidondi Show

#FreeAssange London - March against the extradition of Julian Assange to the US #Ruptly VIDEO 22 Feb. 2020

Brutish Britain in International Law Courts

Media’s Deafening Silence on Latest WikiLeaks Drops Is its Own Scandal

Follow the Bloodlines - SGT Report

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