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Fukushima Hoax or Possible Mass Extinction Event?

Monday, October 22, 2012 14:53
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Be sure to tune-in LIVE  to The Pete Santilli Show every day @6pm PST / 9pm EST In this episode, you’ll hear Pete give the full breakdown of the story, and how the alternative news media has handled coverage. Pete talks to his listeners about how the “True Media” teaches people how to verify & research all mainstream and alternative media news for themselves.

Today, reports were circulating in the blogosphere, as well as major Alternative Media Outlets regarding a Fukushima event that has very serious implication, if true.

Reports initially began circulating by a blogger named “Jeffery Goober Wefferson”, and also reported by reporter John Rolls



What is interesting, is that a major Alternative News Media outlet is quickly reporting the incident a “Hoax”; citing the blogger’s article (Jeffery Wefferson).  For clarification, Pete describes an article that was found pertaining to Fukushima which sited “Japan (Reuters) ” as a source. In tonight’s episode, he explains that such an article should have the original source links.  Pete encourages readers to never trust anything that they have not researched themselves, especially because of the extreme amount of propaganda that exists on the internet.

Japan confirms explosion, leakage at nuke plant

FUKUSHIMA, Japan (Reuters)

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano confirmed on Saturday there has been an explosion and radiation leakage at Tokyo Electric Power Co’s (TEPCO) (9501.T) Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.


“We are looking into the cause and the situation and we’ll make that public when we have further information,” Edano said.

“At present, we think 10 km evacuation is appropriate.”

Japan earlier in the day warned of a meltdown at a reactor at the plant, damaged when a massive earthquake and tsunami struck the northeast coast, but said the risk of radiation contamination was small.

Edano also said that Japan has expanded the evacuation area around the Fukushima Daini nuclear plant. (Reporting by Kiyoshi Takenaka; Editing by Joseph Radford)




What does the public make of this news?  Rumors are abound, and even trusted Alternative Media news organizations are publishing partial, unverified or inaccurate information. 

Is the truth being quashed to minimize panic?  The fact is that if reactor 4 fuel rods are exposed, this would generate a “mass extinction event’, possibly resulting in the evacuation of North America, and the possible deaths of 2+ billion people.

What’s interesting is that a Deccan Herald Fukushima article sites “Reuters Japan” as their source, but does not provide a link to the source article.

Are major Alternative Media websites involved in quashing or sensationalizing this type of news, or are they rushing to press with partially verified information?

In tonight’s episode, Pete emphasizes the importance of weighing the facts, researching the news, checking source links and he certainly does a great job sharing the importance of having a “free-mind” when it comes to absorbing news from any source.

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  • Nunyabiz

    Let’s all pray it is a hoax!

  • Louis

    Fukushima is a horror show right out of hell. How exactly do the environmentalist fanatics at the UN intend to filter out all the Fukushima radiation presently poisoning the Pacific Ocean? The answer is they can’t.

    Only an act of God can restore the Earth back to pristine Eden-like conditions, and that’s what the Bible says is going to happen.

    The power of lightning is not only capable of detoxifying nuclear contamination, but it is also able to bind hydrogen and oxygen atoms creating oceans of crystal-clean water, like the kind described in Biblical and Marian prophecy.

  • TeeLee

    The report from the Deccan Herald was from last year. The only reason it shows today’s date – is because it’s today’s issue showing an archive. Look it up. It headlines as a Reuter’s article.

  • PointBreak

    Oh thank God! I was worried until I saw Pete Santilli was reporting it. Coast is clear everybody! It’s a hoax. Whew!

    • Maverick

      Just look at the live cam. :wink:

      Its clearly a hoax.

      You know the world is in trouble when people seriously believe ONE GUY contacted A RANDOM BLOG with potential explosive info (pardon the pun) like this, and no-one else in Japan has said anything… :idea:

  • PointBreak

    Correction; ‘If this turns out to be ANOTHER false alarm.’

  • Maverick


    If you ever want to be taken seriously and earn credibility… CHECK YOUR SOURCES before spouting off about blatant dis-info.

    And you wonder why everyone leaves you negative comments on this website.

  • Anonymous

    Whether this is a hoax or not, there is an urgent need for better backup power arrangements for reactors being shut down in an emergency, than just the grid and diesel generators. Every nuclear plant needs to have a dependable source of off-grid power capable of supplying the full needs of the plant until full cold shutdown has been achieved for every reactor, even if it means leaving one running. Does every plant have sufficient fuel on hand to do this? Are the backup generators located where they won’t be wiped out by the quake or aftereffects such as happened at Fukushima? If not, we’re all :roll: in big, big trouble.

    • The Pete Santilli Show

      I agree, and as I said during tonight’s show, it’s almost impossible to believe anything in the news about Fukushima. The NRC will do everything to quash any negative news about nuclear emergencies. Tonight I received a call from a resident in Japan, and we learned from someone who is in Nagano (SW of Fukushima) that there is no “out of the ordinary” radiation readings on his Geiger counter. Hopefully Fukushima remains stable, but I’m afraid that even it isn’t, we’ll never hear the truth about the severity of any leaks.

  • PointBreak

    If this turns out to be ANOTHER false alarm, anyone perpetrating it on BIN should receive a lifetime ban. We keep crying wolf at the slightest rumor. It’s effecting lives, sleep, stress levels, blood sugars, relationships, people’s savings when they start buying crap they don’t need – but mostly it’s lining the pockets of anyone selling ads on their doom-porn sites. This crap isn’t funny, interesting or tolerable anymore. It’s gotta stop.

    Until it’s absolutely real, stfu.

  • The Pete Santilli Show

    Hey folks! Thanks to all those who listened to the show & understand what I meant when I said “check you your links and verify all news reports yourself!” Also, thanks to all of you who contribute helpful & valuable information to readers on BIN

  • The Pete Santilli Show

    As Pete states daily:
    Trust nobody. Read and listen to everyone. Only believe what you have researched & verified yourself.

    • True News

      Absolutely. One thing is certain, no one except high government officials (in Japan) are getting “the straight dope” on Fukushima. Don’t be sure they are telling U.S. high government officials, because it might be considered “losing face” if they admit something even more terrible has occurred.

  • Anonymous

    Nonetheless, Japan, the whole main island, will fall into the Pacific killing everything in 2/3rds of its water. Thus says Yahweh/the Bible and even Edgar Cayce.
    Still, this is not the end.
    Even when the first Thermo Nuclear Weapon exchange takes place it is not yet the end.
    Nor the first truly global pandemic or M13 quake.
    There is much yet to come.
    However, Rev. 8:7 is underway and should be obvious to anyone who can read. No one should expect more than 22 months to prepare their heart and mind.

  • PointBreak

    Oh look – it WAS anther false alarm. Fortunately it happened just inside the window of Pete Santilli’s show this week. Hopefully he had somewhere to put ads for 2 hours while the fear-porn lovers listened with baited breath and called all their loved ones telling them to stock up on water, toilet paper and iodide pills.

    This oughtta just be about the end of you Santilli, no? This is like your 5th nonsense, made up, doom-smut traffic driver in a week. We’re on to you.

  • Savage

    It seems that “Point Break” should read the entire post rather than just the leader before he makes his asinine posts. He come off sounding like the moron he is trying to portray others as.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know if this is a hoax, but I do know that the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce about 75 years ago said one day Japan will sink into the sea along with part of California, and the U.S. will be flooded on both coasts.
    Might not be the end of the world, but oh my, ain’t gonna be pretty!


    In the OIL SPILL MEXICO GULF ‘forum’ of the hidden texts of Nostradamus – on page two of the pdf – 2 69 1 says that “the oil spill will have consequences equal to an asteroid hit”
    Then in the NUCLEAR ACCIDENT JAPAN ‘forum’ –

    SUMMARY: Nostradamus said in the OIL SPILL forum that this spill would have consequences equal to a meteor hit. At the time I was working on the line I could not see how. Apparently the ocean currents are carrying the now radioactive oil spill around the world, as the oil had been hidden out of sight by means of causing it to sink to the bottom of the ocean floor. So, not only was the oil made toxic by the chemicals which made it sink, but now it will be radioactive as well.

  • BeastLee

    currently i believe nothing on this website anymore… give me a break… theres more truth on CNN AND FOX!! than this website…. gawd…. what a joke website this is really becoming…

    • The Pete Santilli Show

      Well, as for me, I ask my listeners to never believe anything they haven’t researched themselves. The motto I preach every day is: Trust nobody. Read & listen to EVERYTHING. Never believe anything you have not researched yourself. Fukushima news is not for everyone; I guess, but try not to get too caught up with stuff you don’t like or can’t agree with here on I have many categories I like to follow, and what I love about them is that other like minded people find interesting articles and they share them — It’s “people driven”. If you don’t like the articles or topics, juts don’t read them. In fact, you can actually contribute articles that you find to be more interesting and credible. I believe will soon become one of the top websites — of ALL websites — on the internet. They are already ranked among the highest; only a few hundred away from the top Alternative News websites. For anyone to say that this website is a joke is to laugh at a very very large number of people/readers/contributors who are driving it. Personally, I subscribe to & live by the following philosophy; “….You are the change you desire in the world…”….don;t expect so much from others who are serving up information to you…..if you think you can provide more value here, you can start posting articles & info to share! :lol:

      • BeastLee

        well ya i got my ufo crayon drawing that im going to post “ZOMG totally real not fake UFO BACKYARD!! PREP NOW!!! NIBIRU OMG!!!”

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