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Superstorm SOS: Why Hurricane Matthew Was Geoengineered and Aimed at Florida

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 18:44
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Satellite image shows Hurricane Matthew resembling a human skull.

Satellite image shows Hurricane Matthew resembling a human skull.



Is Hurricane Matthew another geoengineered storm targeting Florida’s Republican Government?


Republican Governor and Legislature
Control the Pivotal Swing State

The FL Department of State controls the election apparatus
and post electoral process


Only 2 hurricanes in the past 10 years have hit
stateside and both have been aimed at Florida

State of the Nation

How is it that the first two hurricanes (Hermine and Matthew) to strike the U.S. mainland have both been aimed Florida (Matthew hasn’t hit just yet)?  Granted, Hurricane Matthew has yet to make landfall, but every model has it seriously sideswiping the state in any case.

Is Hurricane Matthew Destined to Become an October Surprise? Or Has Halloween Come Early?

If you’re trying to throw a wrench into the Florida State Government, there’s no more effective way than to geoengineer a hurricane and send it northward into the sun-drenched peninsula.  Many chemtrail watchers in the state have already noticed a dramatic uptick in the chemical geoengineering operations statewide.  Such a development never bodes well for the region’s highly unpredictable weather.

Hurricane Hermine: Geoengineered Storm Targets the Capital of a Crucial Red Swing State

Whoever is steering Matthew appears to have quite a deliberate purpose in mind, and it is not just Florida that is in the crosshairs.  Superstorms of this magnitude always have multiple objectives, just as Superstorm Sandy did in late October of 2012.  That superstorm inflicted as much damage as any ever has especially throughout the Northeast.

Maybe Superstorm Sandy really was an
~~~~~~~~~~ OMEN? ~~~~~~~~~~

No predictions here, just watchfulness

At this point anything can happen.  Many of the storms that barrel up the Eastern Seaboard seem to have a mind of their own and often surprise with a punch as they head north to highly populated metro areas of the NE.  Given the unparalleled significance of the 2016 election cycle, the politicos at the federal level would love to sow seeds of chaos anyway they can in order to create cover for an election theft.  For many reasons the Obama Administration really needs a Clinton victory in order to preserve their legacy of utter destruction.  Obama, himself, requires such a Democratic win to simply stay out of prison.

The critical point here is that many a superstorm has been geoengineered over the past couple of decades.  Those that produced a massive amount of damage are good examples of disaster capitalism at its worst (Remember Katrina in NOLA).  This is exactly what the weather controllers do from time to time in order to accomplish several goals simultaneously.


Of all the key 2016 swing states, Florida has the most electoral votes to deliver.

Florida: A Crucial Swing State

There is no question that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton can win the 2016 election without winning the 29 electoral vote of Florida.  It is truly that big of a state where it concerns the outcome of presidential elections.  North Carolina and Virginia are also critical states which are potentially in the superstorm’s path.

Whereas the Trumpsters are content to let the chips fall where they fall, the Clintonistas are not so amenable to letting nature takes its course.  The Democrats are often dead set on controlling nature itself, particularly when the outcome is so highly consequential. After all, the most famous chant at the Trump campaigns has been: “LOCK HER UP!”


When such a fierce and unprecedented movement has formed to lock up the former Secretary of State, it ought to be clear that there are other Democrats who are likewise facing existential threats.  However, Hillary Clinton’s crimes have risen to the level of high treason, crimes against humanity, genocide, state-sponsored terrorism, gun-running to terrorist organizations among many of the other serious felonies.  Hence, the desperation to use any and all means at the DNC’s disposal to steal the election has become quite obvious.

Toward that end, Florida has become ground zero in this nuclear political war.  The DEMs cannot lose Florida, for if they do their NWO plans will be thwarted by a Trump presidency.  And many of Hillary’s co-conspirators will likely go to prison for a long time.


How is this projected path for for the geoengineered CAT 4 hurricane?!


The NWO cabal that controls Planet Earth frequently utilizes various forms of weather warfare to accomplish its goals.  As a matter of fact, the ruling elites control a global network of space-based technologies very similar to HAARP which can be used for weather modification as well as climate engineering.  The whole world has experienced profound alterations in the atmospheric conditions as a result of their multi-decade meteorology experiments.

In the aggregate these manufactured radical changes have created a phenomenon known as Global Climate Change.  In fact the geoengineers working for the globalists have so transformed Earth’s weather that they were able to substantially contribute what was already a natural but small global warming trend.  In other words the warming experienced by every continent over the past few decades was primarily a geoengineered phenomenon, not the result of manmade CO2 production.

Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2

This ongoing plot by the cabal is designed to foist a One World Government on the world community of nations using “Environmental Armageddon” as the justification for such emergency measures.  A One World Government is the ultimate goal of the ruling elites whereby they ultimately control every natural resource on the planet.  They likewise seek to control the world’s weather patterns through worldwide chemical geoengineering programs and highly advanced HAARP technologies.

NWO Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over The Earth’s Weather And Natural Resources

State of the Nation
October 5, 2016

Editor’s Note

SOTN staff living in Florida have seen a considerable increase in the spraying of chemtrail aerosols during October.  This month has historically been one of Florida’s sunniest and driest. With the relentless chemical geoengineering throughout 2016, chemclouds have been spreading out to form chemcloud cover bringing massive amounts of moisture over the entire Peninsula. The following graphic illustrates this atmospheric dynamic as it unfolded this past April.



Weather Warfare: Tropical Storm Hermine Targets Florida As A Geoengineered Hurricane

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Is Hurricane Matthew another geoengineered storm targeting the Florida’s Republican Government? | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

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  • Everette

    There are 3 swing states in the south that democrats are worried about . I heard this on the news . When this thing started towards Florida and predictions were its coming up through the states from Florida to Virginia , I knew if GOD did not step in the 3 swing states are toast for Trump . They would be to busy trying to clean up and restore damages . The election would be the last thing on their minds . GOD is great ! Those that know HIM need to be in pray warrior mind sets from this moment forwards . Bringing down the strong holds ! Get a chance read Psalms 91 . It’s powerful !

  • David Gordon

    Waxing a bit Amerocentric are we while said hurricane re-devastates Haiti to hide the evidence that the Clinton Initiative charitable theft left untold numbers of people ruined or dead. This is depoplulation of prime resort and resource lands. Look at the cell coming in from the upper right to join-in and create a super-cyclone and create the same conditions in the Gulf and/or up the East coast as Haiti now enjoys.

  • Josie

    How low can they go, using a geoengineered hurricane to try and disrupt the elections and cover some of Clinton’s corrruptness. They, hoping to destroy three swing states, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. Hope the people find our who caused this hurricane and it backfires so more democrats will vote for Trump.

  • Man

    America + any kind of weather pattern = geoengineering

    Rest of the world + any kind of weather pattern = nature

    • my2pesos

      Thee War ~ Weather
      Weather ~ The Wear
      Weather ~ Wet Hear
      Weather ~ WE ‘ate’ HR
      Weather ~ We Earth

  • Central Scrutinizer

    All of this nonsense from someone who obviously has never been in a hurricane…… Trust me, it ain’t something that is fun, nor is it something that “they’ can steer, manipulate, or control.

    NEWSFLASH – It’s Hurricane Season, Maroon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    • Morgana Le Fay

      I don’t know how long you’ve been frequenting this site, but according to a sizable portion of the commentators on here no events ever take place that could EVER possibly be the result of natural phenomenon or coincidence. You’ll get used to it after awhile.

      • Anonymous

        In that case why are you here? Are you a zio-trick or what? TBBP. DGIT.

    • wiseoldlady

      MAROON IS A COLOR….a burgundy red color.

      DID YOU MEAN “MORON” as in nitwit????

      • Mayhem

        Lighten up.

        It’s a play on words.

        Bugs Bunny for POTUS!

  • my2pesos

    Tracking Matthew……Thirty-Three days to Election……
    Matthew ~ Math Wet
    Countdown ~ Elect Lion

  • Josie

    When is enough, enough and something is done to stop these criminal???

  • TrutherbyBirth

    The clouds are totally Obama’s fault.

  • my2pesos

    A Peninsula ~ Alien ‘Up’ NSA
    Peninsula ~ Plan I ‘EU’ NSA
    A Peninsula ~ Ala! Penis UN
    A Peninsula ~ Pains ‘Le’ AU
    A Peninsula ~ Pain ‘Le’ USA
    The Gold Coast ~ Chattle Goods
    The Gold Coast ~ That’s ‘Ego’ Cold
    Gold Coast ~ Goats Cold

  • Anonymous

    if you think that this storm was created just to mess the people of the south of united states of america then you are all STUPID as FU…..k and that you all should go back to the stupid land of i,m a real loserrrr FOOLS

  • Sensor

    Disgusting crime of criminal neocon clan struggle.
    People at all during their losing.
    The culprits must be destroyed, they are only meant to force. :mad:

  • Debbie

    Weather as a weapon…..Americans are the most abused people on the planet….predatory government working for the haters of humanity….
    Our water is drugged with fluoride – a neurotoxin and carcinogen that causes brain damage
    The Pharmaceuticals companies are killing 250,000 + Americans each year
    Our food is absolute GMO poison to destroy us and make more customers for the Medical Industrial Complex
    Our government is predatory ….so why not kill us weather as a weapon…then frame it as global warming and demand a carbon tax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just like they commit false flags and then demand gun control!!!

  • Anonymous

    So why does this not surprise me? Hilliary will do ANYTHING to win…..she is a cheat…..and then some. Andrew was one of the first man made hurricaines to do destruction to the US. Then Katrina did not do a good enough job so they had to blow up the levees and flood out New Orleans.

    Up here in Ohio the month of Sept and October was mostly chemtrail free….now I see where they were spraying….Florida!!!!

  • unidentified

    no good for anyone stuck in a beachside highrise condo

  • RainyDay

    This is stupid. Do you know how many hurricanes we’ve been through? It’s over and done. The worst is only about 8 days without electricity. They do sometimes happen naturally you know – not that i’m denying any funny business. It’s just not a big deal!

  • Rockledge

    What is truly absurd about the notion that the hurricane was created to derail the election is that there is no possible way of predicting which voters will be inconvenienced to the point of being silenced.
    Even if it is possible to manipulate the weather and exploit the results, please explain to me how that hurricane can tell the difference between a Republican house and a Democrat house and selectively demolish them according to party affiliation.
    It would seem to me that benefactors of the government and those riding on the backs of others to survive would be the most vulnerable during a disaster , particularly given the catastrophic one in New Orleans.
    Which means that if the hurricane would work in anyones favor, on the surface it would seem it would be of help to the Trump campaign far more than the welfare campaign.

  • Neo

    Why does everyone seem to think that a Russian first strike has to be nuclear?
    Food for thought…

  • Alan Schuetz

    Hurricanes are natural. If weather events were man-made and controllable, then forecasts would be PERFECT, wouldn’t they? BTW, “Monster Storm Matthew” is pretty much a non-event — other than causing the cancellation of high school and collegiate football games. Just more overblown MSM BS…

    • Rockledge

      Much as I think the notion that this hurricane was created by men is bullshit, I think you are forgetting that our media is a very complex and intricate form of social engineering, and that the corporate/government that can invent am talk radio and make it so convincing to manipulate the herd would also know that perfect weather prediction would be a dead giveaway.
      Make no bones about it, those who are exploiting the herd are very well educated and clever.
      If this were not so, they wouldn’t be getting away with any of what they do.
      Social engineering isn’t being done by illiterate idiots, it is being done by extremely intelligent and knowledgeable evil beings.

  • Alan Schuetz

    And, anybody that knows anything about hurricanes knows that the most destructive part of the storm is northeast of the eye, and that’s well out in the Atlantic. That’s why the Bahamas were spared — as will the U.S. east coast — but Haiti was battered. The death toll was so high because it is a third world country due to dictatorships, and the people live in shanties.

  • awake1

    If you cannot research what the facts are on this are you here? Weather being used as a weapon is fairly old science.Its not impossible to exite a water molecule you do it every time you use your microwave. Check the white papers released through freedom of information act and be prepared to use scientific terms,Making things clear is not in their agenda.

  • jtricer1973

    If they do not have weather weapons, then tell me why all those nations signed a treaty to not use weather weapons!!! You don’t sign a treaty to not use something you do not have!!!!

    • Mayhem

      You’ve either not thought this through or you’re hoping no one will fact check you, jtricer1973, because the Weather Weapon Moratorium was first put to paper in 1977…

      … whereas HAARP didn’t come about until 1993…

      … and prior to that cloud seeding was attempted in Vietnam (1967-1968) with dubious results and the intention was to slow down the infiltration by making mud…

      … Mud? Hardly a weapon but because it had military implications i guess it’s okay to call it that.

      HAARP failed and cloud seeding isn’t quantified so perhaps the treaty is more preemptive than anything else.

      • jtricer1973

        Fact check? WTF are you even talking about? I sated absolutely NOTHING that isn’t true. I mentioned how they’ve all signed a treaty not to use weather weapons which is absolutely true so what is there to “fact check?”

        • Mayhem

          Yes but the treaty was signed before weather modification was even a thing but you present it like it was after the fact. Or is your math so poor you can’t tell that 1977 comes before 1993?

      • awake1

        You could start with the Smithsonian in 1950 at that time they were worried about russia already having this tech I don’t think it would be a stretch to say they might have improved on this in the last 76 years but just maybe they did idk

        • Mayhem

          Might have had?

          Sounds like they made that up to me. Got any evidence that Russia did have this tech?

          How about evidence that cloud seeding or HAARP is significantly effective?

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

      Nice try to fluff your story.

      That Chrome feature relies on user feedback.

      IE, is susceptible to misuse.

      No, it hasnt popped up for me once all day.

      • Mayhem

        I fell for it and have been maniacally dishing up the clicks all afternoon yet still haven’t seen what he’s banging on about.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    It’s already been downgraded to a category 2, so hurry, keep pumping out that fear porn before everyone realizes.



    The US Weather Bureau has upgraded the hurricane to a CATEGORY 929.5. EXPERTS say this hurricane is 89.5 quadrillion times stronger than any previous hurricanes in the history of planet Earth. Shepard Smith with FOX news reports that there is no place safe. Smith reports that every one on Earth will die. Even those on the International Space Station will not be spared. NASA is currently having the astronauts move to the center of the station and curl up into fetal positions where it will be much easier for them to kiss their asses good bye.
    Oh what a bunch of pansies we have become.

  • rhuephus

    Who comes up with some of these “stories” ??? What hard scientific facts can you provide ?? How many names of real “geo engineer” sceintists can you actually provide ??

    Are you sure you didn’t want to put this “story” in the Onion or the Daily Currant ??

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