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The Shortcomings of Three Successful US Presidents Before Trump & How They Failed to Stop North Korea. Will Trump Succeed? (Video)

Saturday, August 12, 2017 10:30
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U.S. intelligence officials have concluded that North Korea has successfully produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside its missiles, crossing a key threshold on the path to becoming a full-fledged nuclear power.

In a separate assessment, the United States calculated last month that up to 60 nuclear weapons are now controlled by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Some independent experts think the number is much smaller.
In the missile department, it is agreed by most experts that the recently tested HWASONG-14 could reach many US cities.

So, in the current scenario, it can be safely assumed that North Korea has now acquired the technological capability to target the US mainland with nuclear tipped missile. This situation hasn’t gotten to this point suddenly, but was about 2 decades in the making.


Three American presidents before President Trump oversaw the impending crisis with North Korea. In this video, Defense Updates look at HOW 3 SUCCESSIVE US PRESIDENT FAILED TO STOP THE NORTH KOREAN MISSILE & NUKE PROGRAM

Source Defense Updates


North Korea policy under Obama was irresponsible: Rep. DeSantis

Source Fox Business

Clinton successfully negotiated the Agreed Framework of 1994, which resulted in the closure of North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear power plant in exchange for oil deliveries, a phasing-out of economic sanctions, and help with the construction of a light water reactor for energy production. Both parties complied with their treaty obligations until 1996.

This course of events suggests two fundamental shortcomings of Clinton’s dovish approach toward North Korea: 

1. Lack of follow-through
2. Yongbyon was initially only closed but not dismantled, thus allowed North Korea to restart its nuclear program at relatively little cost.

Overall, North Korea benefited from its nuclear provocation and through the Agreed Framework, it received economic aid, temporarily improved diplomatic relations with the United States, but pulled out of the agreement in time to maintain its nuclear program.

The takeaway from these events was that North Korea could not be trusted.


The Bush administration took an entirely different approach to “the North Korea problem.” Rather than seeking an agreement with the hermit country, the Bush administration sought regime change – deemed necessary because of North Korea’s membership in the “Axis of Evil“ as a country producing weapons of mass destruction.

In 2003, North Korea finally withdrew from the NPT and, in April, admitted for the first time to the possession of nuclear weapons. These events prompted the Six-Party Talks between the United States, South and North Korea, China, Russia, and Japan in August of that year.

However, having learned the lesson of the Clinton era, the Bush administration adhered to its “dismantle first, talk later” policy. The Six-Party Talks stretched on for years, punctuated by nuclear and missile tests in 2006, until North Korea finally withdrew from the Talks in 2009.

The net result of Bush’s hawkish policies was little better, if not worse, than those of the Clinton administration. The Bush administration failed to achieve an agreement on denuclearization. On the contrary, the North Korean nuclear program progressed to the point of a successful nuclear test in 2006 and another one only a month after its withdrawal from the Six-Party Talks in 2009.


Obama offered negotiations in his inaugural speech, but North Korea responded with missile and nuclear tests. The administration quickly changed to a policy of strategic patience, essentially a commitment to denuclearization as a precondition for talks, conducted in close alliance with Seoul and the other members of the Six-Party Talks.

Washington did engage in bilateral negotiations with Pyongyang, producing the Leap Day Agreement – which fell apart only three weeks after it was announced because of a failed satellite launch by Pyongyang.

Ultimately, the nuclear test and rocket launch this year prove that the Obama administration was no more successful than its predecessors in stopping the progress of North Korea’s weapons development. 


None of the 3 Presidents were able to stop North Korean nuke and missile programs. As time went by, the technological competency of North Korea improved and ultimately resulted in them being able to successfully test nukes as well as long-range missile.

The important aspect is that none of the American presidents used the military option and the intelligence agencies advising the presidents could not correctly evaluate the pace and maturity of the North Korean weapons programs.

President Trump has come to office at a time when the situation has escalated too far, almost to the brink of war. It remains to be seen, if he can do what the previous 3 presidents could not.

#northkorea #war #nuclear

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  • plsnogod

    ‘due diligence’(lol)

    you are spouting forth incontinently at the moment. Nothing wrong with that.

    however i’m sure i’m not the only one to object to your sick and depraved religious spam every time.

    You say i was born in sin, you sick ah.
    so you are saying that i popped out of my mother as a sinner and in order to be cured of this,your mythical man/god had to be tortured and crucified to make me well.


    You need to be confined somewhere.

    Not only that, you threaten me with an eternity in the fires of hell if i don’t accept your deity. Very moral due diligence.
    Thankyou for your guidance.

    I truly hope you have no children. What sort of life are they going to have with you as a guide…

    • Mayhem

      Any thoughts on the subject matter, Andy, or are you just having a little rant?

      • The Clucker

        He’s just having a little rant.

  • plsnogod


    All you do is threaten and berate and bully.

    Religious fanatics have been doing this for millenia.

    You are no different to the people who would slit the throats of human beings if they didn’t sign up for their particular deity at that particular time.

    You should hang your head in shame.

    But you will not will you!?

    You will blindly carry on threatening the meek,the mild,and the dumb, with zero thought nor regrets nor thought.

    YOU are the problem in this world, and you always have been.

    People like you have been responsible for the painfull and excruciating deaths of so many of our fellow human beings.

    How you can live with this,and keep propogating this is beyond my comprehension.

    • Mayhem

      During the Bolshevik revolution da joo’s exterminated 50-80 million christians and i bet you got nothing on the christians that even comes close as an atrocity.

  • plsnogod

    I find it strange ”due diligence” that you seem never to have the courage to reply to any comments. Are you yellow?

    I’ve given you some real ammo here to respond to. Where are you????

    Or is it that you are only capable of pushing out the same old @@@@? Coward.

    • Mayhem

      The 1st amendment only guarantees you a voice not a response, precious.

      No one “has” to respond just because you think you’re owed something.

      • plsnogod

        i”m not asking pathetic excuse for a human being. Go pray,or sing to your god, or whatever you people do.

        • plsnogod

          I am talking to due diligence. so butt out.

          • plsnogod

            18th ammendment,.Mind your own business.

          • Mayhem

            What’s the matter, Andy, having trouble isolating those you perceive as weaker targets?

            Oh and nice how only one of us supports free speech.

            Nice and very telling!

          • Mayhem

            18th Amendment = prohibition.


            Go read a book, idiot!

          • plsnogod

            I am not andy.

            you think due diligence thinks he is a weak target?

            okaydokay, i’m sure he will be delighted with your assessment.

            I ahve had enough of you. Your arguments are juvenile and crass.

            Go back to mum and dad’s basement.

          • Mayhem

            You have nothing to say on the subject, of this article, and merely attempt to strawman the author yet i’m the juvenile?

            Yeah, um, sure thing, plsnogod, whatever you say.

          • BEEF SUPREME

            He’s got plenty of time to harass women, though.

            Pusillanimous, pinball. Very pusillanimous.

          • plsnogod

            so beef supreme, you think i harrass women do you?


          • BEEF SUPREME

            Boo and Due Diligence are women, Pusillanimous Pinball.

            As any FOOL may see for himself, were he to actually take the time to open his eyes.

            So, yes, godless one. You are a harasser of women.

            And if you can’t stand up to my words, what would meeting me face to face avail you?

          • plsnogod

            Do not think that the internet is a hedge to hide behind. There are ways and means.
            To accuse a man of what you have just accused me of will not go unanswered.

          • BEEF SUPREME


            Write me, coward.

            I’ll tell you exactly how to find me.

          • plsnogod

            I have already set things in motion.

          • Mayhem

            In light of these comments, plsnogod,..


            “Do not think that the internet is a hedge to hide behind. There are ways and means.”

            … it’s very interesting that you presume to hold the moral high ground.


          • BEEF SUPREME

            As I suspected.

            Gutless as the day is long.

            As with ALL who target women.

            The offer stands. Write me and I’ll save you the time of looking for me…

            (as if that would ever happen)

          • plsnogod

            Do not doubt me on this beef supreme. I have taken much of your crap on the chin, and doled it out too.

            But when someone accuses me of harassing women. That is a serious step too far.
            I hate any man who would do that.

            It happens I am rich.

            Unfortunately for you.

          • plsnogod

            Goodbye ‘beef supreme’.

          • BEEF SUPREME

            What was that, you gutless piece of shit?

            Was that a DEATH THREAT?

            I dare you to answer me.

          • plsnogod

            Oh sorry, i didn’t mean to scare you.

          • plsnogod

            You seem to be a very christian guy.

          • plsnogod

            Whatever happened to ‘turn the other cheek’? or is that optional, depending upon how you’re feeling at the time?

          • BEEF SUPREME

            About as useless as anything else you ever wrote.

            Nice back-pedal, though.

            Got the better of your temper in the nick of time, I see.

          • BEEF SUPREME

            And gutless?

            Strike me and I’ll turn the other cheek.

            Threaten my life and I will ventilate you.

          • plsnogod

            beefy, you must calm down.

            I know you religious people will kill for your beliefs,but try to restrain the anger.

            Do you know how many human beings have been killed in the name of your pathetic deities?

            Try to get a grip child. gods are man made inventions.

            I know you want to kill me right now. This is quite normal. You are religious.
            Anybody who questions your god shoulld be eliminated. Quite understandable.

          • plsnogod

            btw you are clearly sexist,like most religious people are.
            IF, and i mean if, due diligence is actually a female. What makes you think she can’t stand up for herself?

            Why would she need you??

          • BEEF SUPREME

            I’m glad you see things more clearly now.

            Remember this record (permanently saved by me) next time you think twice about threatening anyone else online. Find out just how your money will fail you. YOU live a country where it is VERY illegal to do what you just did. I live in Texas.

            Now then…

            Will there be anything else, or is your schedule all full up harassing women?

          • Mayhem

            @plsnogod, who asked…

            “Do you know how many human beings have been killed in the name of your pathetic deities?”

            … clearly needs to read many many books.

            Top ten Despots of the last 1,000 years…

            Ivan the Terrible
            Joseph Stalin
            Adolph Hitler
            Mao Zedong
            Francois Duvalier
            Nicolae Ceausescu
            Idi Amin
            Pol Pot

            … good christians to a man :mrgreen:

          • plsnogod

            beef supreme, Save whatever you want. I have a full record of your various aliases.
            Why you do not have the courage to be yourself all the time is a matter for your inner self.

            If someone comes on a public forum and puts out an opinion,then they are liable for comments. How the @@@@ does anyone know if they are male or female. Do you think a woman can say anything without comment,but men should be able to say anything?

            Well, this has been a blast.One of our best.

            Ciao for now.

          • BEEF SUPREME

            “Why you do not have the courage to be yourself all the time…”

            It’s because I’m afraid of you, godless one. I’m afraid you’ll come and get me.


            Very well. From now on, I will not. Since you receive this fair observation of your character so poorly and perceive it to be an intolerable insult, I will pester you with it no further. But not because you demand as much of me – but because I actually have no interest in vexing you so severely.

            “How the @@@@ does anyone know if they are male or female.”

            And yet how many of us there are who have no trouble at all discerning these things.

            “Do you think a woman can say anything without comment, but men should be able to say anything?”

            I have already explained my reason for indicting you as I have done, accordingly, and see no need to go on repeating myself.

            “Well, this has been a blast. One of our best.”

            Yes. It has been most entertaining. I look forward to any future encounters we might enjoy.

          • plsnogod

            You know what peeps,this has been a good one :razz:

            Just cool it on the harassing women thing please.

          • Mayhem

            That you ask questions and then ignore any response does give rise to the idea you’re actually here to harass those you perceive as weaker targets.

            Thanks for making my point, plsnogod, i could not have done any better.

          • plsnogod

            Okay, well I was going to bed, but you guys have prompted me to ask the question.

            Why do you people get so enraged when the existence of your deity is questioned?

            Why not just leave it?

          • Mayhem

            Please point out my rage.

            I’ll wait.

          • BEEF SUPREME

            Stay up for a minute while I compose my reply…

          • BEEF SUPREME

            You’re not being honest, fella.

            You and a few other commenters around here suffer an inability to pass by any comments or conversations that show Christianity or the Bible in a positive light. You can’t stand it when you see positive discourse like that, so you insult, you mock, you harass and you provoke.

            There’s a pathology at work there. You’re the one who can’t tolerate. Not we. You’re the one who attacks. We are only responding.

            Now, I insinuate myself into tangles you’re having or attempting to instigate with other Bible believers, because I know many of them are non-confrontational and I believe you take advantage of that fact. I believe you can’t withstand a stout dialogue about the things you hate, because you really, in the final equation, don’t have any argument. Your hatred for Christianity is misplaced. Your denial of the Deity falls flat the moment you begin to, or are compelled to, take a closer look at the underpinnings of your motives.

            “Why do you people get so enraged when the existence of your deity is questioned?”

            Again, with Mayhem, I will ask you to show rage in any of our past discourse. Today you threatened me and I reacted badly to it. I used language I shouldn’t have and I responded in kind when I shouldn’t have because you angered me. I own that failure. But that’s the only time I’ve ever addressed you in anger and I have never once risen in heat while addressing theological topics with you.

            You can question the existence of God all you like. And so you do, but you are then put off when folks ask you to defend the reasons for your denial. That’s the problem here. You want to be afforded the freedom to say what you like and you want to refuse that same freedom to others. And that is because your beliefs cannot withstand comparison with the beliefs of a person who is well-versed in the Word of God. Therefore, you seek after those who might be less well-versed in the Word and you seek to make an open mockery of them. Therefore, I interject my participation when I find you behaving in such ways because I find that behavior to be most execrable and wanting of any valid excuse.

          • plsnogod

            A very erudite composition beef. actually,relatively sane.

            I do not hate christianity,nor do I hate Islam nor any other religion.

            What I do hate is what people do in the name of their religion.

            However you spin it, it doesn’t matter how many people of faith do good, there are others who do bad.

            The great argument is that atheists do bad too. Yes they do. However, I’ve never heard of a warrior going into battle shouting ‘come on men,lets do this for atheism”.

            Yet religious people do horrible things for their god. As stephen gould said, ‘good people do good things and evil people do bad things,but for a good person to do an evil thing takes religion’

            Female and male genital mutilation spring to mind.

            ok look sorry, i’m out of puff and off to bed.can we continue this tomorrow.g’night beef.

          • BEEF SUPREME

            “What I do hate is what people do in the name of their religion.”

            But that’s a specious argument as applied to Christianity. No Christians, anywhere, are perpetrating violence in the name of their religious beliefs, contrary to your continuous assertions. To argue otherwise is a fallacy and it exposes a disingenuous motive. The crusades and the inquisition are laid at the feet of illegitimate doctrines espoused by an illegitimate institution and one undeserving of the name Christian. Behavior of the kind you are inappropriately objecting to, is at once disqualifying of true believers in what Christ came to teach. Stated bluntly: anyone deserving of the charge you are bringing, is not a Christian. Moreover, you willingly and intentionally conflate Muslims with Christians when there is no justifiable reason for doing so. Christians and Muslims are nothing of a kind.

            “However you spin it, it doesn’t matter how many people of faith do good, there are others who do bad.”

            There are no Christians doing the things you insinuate, and no Christian is responsible for the behavior of even a single Muslim. Your argument is with Islam – it is not with Christianity.

            “The great argument is that atheists do bad too.”

            Notice that is not my argument. Please at least do me the courtesy of allowing me to make my own argument in response to your charges.

            “Female and male genital mutilation spring to mind.”

            Case-in-point. Your conflating Islam with Christianity is spurious and does nothing to further your argument against the Bible or against the sovereignty (or the existence) of the Creator of the worlds. Certainly, arguing inconsistently as you habitually do can do nothing to impugn Christianity because your charges do not apply to Christianity to even the least degree.

          • Mayhem

            Freud said there are no mistakes, plsnogod, so what are we to make of your use of the word “lady”?

            lady1. a woman who is refined, polite, and well-spoken: 2. a woman of high social position or economic class.

            Everyone else said “woman”.

            woman1. the female human being, as distinguished from a girl or a man. 2. an adult female person.

            Because given the definition of sexism

            1. attitudes or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of gender roles.

            … and your choice of noun that makes you the sexist :shock:

            Your theology is weak, so too your philosophy and i delight in revealing such ineptness though, perhaps, i shouldn’t.

          • The Clucker

            plsnogod said: “If someone comes on a public forum and puts out an opinion,then they are liable for comments.”

            That’s an interesting point to bring up after you just made a very serious threat to someone. I swear you must have a peanut for a brain. Some people take threats online very seriously. You should gain control of your little temper before it gets you into serious trouble with your local authorities.

  • plsnogod

    Still waiting due diligence. Have you got anything to say????

    Come on, as one of ‘god’s christian soldiers’ you surely can’t duck out of a chat???

    • Mayhem

      Perhaps if you addressed the article instead of going off on a tangent?

      … and who’s Shirley?

      • plsnogod

        You just can’t help yourself can you.

        You have to insert yourself, responding to someone who is not even talking to you.

        Do you think ‘due diligence’ wants you to talk on his behalf?

        If that is what due diligence needs, then i pity the poor sod.

        Why not let due diligence speak on his or her behalf?

        You are not needed on this occasion.Thanks anyway for the contribution. Most welcome,and enlightening. Ta. Pleese cumm agen.

        • Mayhem

          I don’t care what Due Diligence wants only that you strawman folk and then clamour about being ignored as if they are afraid of the big bad wolf.

          You’ve got nothing, plsnogod, as has been proven time and again…

          … and i’m not the only person who sees right through you.

          Oh and you’re welcome!

          • plsnogod

            Yes I’ve got nothing. I truly admit it. No answers whatsoever.

            BUT NEITHER DO YOU.

            At least I admit it.

            Bertrand Russell said ‘The trouble with the world is the stupid are cocksure,and the intelligent are full of doubt’.

          • Mayhem

            Then don’t throw stones, plsnogod, given you’re living in a glass house.

            Answers: I don’t have any either but i do know a good book that does and it is way less make believe than any alternative.

            The dunning effect is strong in this one :lol:

          • The Clucker

            plsnogod, keep your hatred of your Creator to yourself. You must feel like he really f*cked you somehow, but it certainly isn’t a good reason for you to go on like you do trying to make others hate God. It God isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to move along to an atheist forum or somewhere with agnostics for you to sway, if that’s your intention. If you haven’t noticed, most of the minds on this particular site are already made up on the subject, so you might as well be yelling at the barn swallows.

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