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How do We Know for Sure Capitalism will Be Finished?

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 1:06
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Capitalism had its palmy days, but has now outlived its usefulness. When society is evolving, capitalism no more fulfils the needs and aspirations of humanity. Few lines from economic news describe its dilemma; The moral bankruptcy of our financial and political Self-Serving Parasitic elites. “Investors/savers are now scrapping. This cannot end well” Bill Gross Warns. Economy is imploding. The entire financial sector is sick. Not Just Deutsche Bank. Russian General; dollar will collapse on 27th October.

            The Social cycle

Indian scientist P. R Sarkar explained the process of social movement in human history and named it The Social Cycle, wherein the shudra (‘laborer’) age changes into ksatriya (‘warrior’), ksatriya into vipra (‘intellectual’) age and vipra into the vaeshya (‘trader, acquisitor’) age in cyclic evolutionary order. Then the cycle starts again from the beginning although in different age. The earliest shudra laborers lived in nature engaged in collecting food, hunting and fishing, but then the physically stronger ksattriya warriors started controlling others.

Mainly in the middle age the vipra intellectuals realized that they were able to win over the physical force of warriors, and conquered the society by religious and political means. Finally the vaeshya traders have discovered that the power of money is still mightier than rule by intellect. Each era ends when the dominating class starts to exploit ruthlessly, and another class takes over the society. Occasionally the cycle have turned for a while backwards in different countries or regions.

It is not difficult to figure out where we are heading at this moment. During the present vaeshyan, trader’s age, the society is controlled and exploited by money minded, materialistic and capitalistic people in most of the countries of the world. The cap between rich and poor has spread unmeasurable. The value of human life has degraded into materially-oriented enjoyment – leading to crime, violence and mental disease.

The traders, in order to dominate the rest of the people, create artificial needs and desires. The intellectuals and warriors are forced to become servants for the traders. Eventually those intellectual and warrior laborers (activists) will not tolerate the exploitation, and when it reaches its peak they are going to fight and help the new era of laborers to start.

For the last 5000 years of human history; human beings have not been able to form an exploitation free human society, due to domination of minority either intellectuals, warriors or traders – over the majority – laborers.

The Social Cycle will keep on rotating also in the future, but spiritually awakened society will eventually uplift amongst themselves service minded, righteous people to lead the society. These so called Sadvipras will speed up the movement of the social cycle from one era to another, which will prevent any kind of exploitation phase between each class.

Sadvipras, will be respected due to their benevolence and wisdom. They will be morally courageous spiritual soldiers who want to see progressive change: evolutionary elevation from materialism to spirituality. They are also strong mentally and physically, thus imbibing qualities of all the classes. What will come after Capitalism? How the new laborer era is going to look like? With collective efforts, bartering and sharing, and sadvipras overseeing that nobody is going to waste, exploit, wage wars or pollute.

The Social Cycle: A New Interpretation of History


The Role of Sentiments

When you feel much joy you burst into tears, when much sorrow you burst into tears. These are sentiments. Human beings are guided more by sentiment than by logic.

By arousing narrow sentiments, the adherents of dogma hope to fulfil their selfish aspirations. Isms are nothing but a collection of dogma. Modern, educated people must be liberated from all sources of dogma and petty isms. The young generation today is not willing to accept outdated, dogmatic theories and isms. If the young minds are introduced to knowledge of spirituality, then dogma will be torn asunder in an instant.

Negative sentiments are narrow in scope and divide society. Negative sentiments include communism, patriotism, nationalism, provincialism and racism. Communism propagates sentiments like workers of the world unite. Initially, people were attracted to such sentiments, but after some time they discovered that they were hollow. Then capitalistic sentiments came up in different parts of the world – stronger than communist sentiments.

Negative sentiments should never be used to divide people into castes and communities. Hitler used racism in an effort to unite the German people, his approach resulted in a world war and the near destruction of Germany.

Spiritual, positive sentiments unite and elevate human society, enhance collective interests, and encourage progressive development. Some important positive sentiments include anti-exploitation sentiment, revolutionary sentiment, moral sentiment, cultural sentiment, universal sentiment and spiritual sentiment. Positive sentiments are the real weapons to build society although temporary. Cosmic sentiments are permanent.

In order to solve today’s pressing socio-economic problems, popular movements based on universal sentiments should be launched throughout the world. Wherever there is a common point among people it should be encouraged, while the points of difference have to be discouraged and eliminated. Only ism acceptable should be universalism.

Rationality vs. Sentiment

Human existence is more psychic than physical. When, in discriminating between proper and improper, human beings select the proper path – called “rationality”. Another way of psychic movement is sentimental – one merely has a liking for something and allows the mind to run after it. In this process individual may act undesirably, which may lead towards utter destruction. Those caught in the current of sentiment, drift the society also in that current. Rationality is a treasure of humanity that no animal possesses. Those who follow the path of rational judgement, at least they do no harm to society.

Geo-sentiment is limited to a particular country or a particular region. Conflicts arise between contradictory sentiments, leading to war and bloodshed. People have forgotten the fundamental spirit of humanism. In practical life, fascism is born from Geo-Economic Sentiment as also imperialism, oligarchy and bureaucracy.

Religious sentiments are no better. The followers of religions play on human sentiments. They pronounce that those who refuse to follow this divine decree will be doomed to burn in the scorching heat of God’s wrath, or dammed to suffer eternal hell-fire. They declare that such-and-such scriptures are infallible and so nobody has the right to question their veracity.

Narrow sentiments are gradually fading away and a universal outlook is arising in the minds of human beings. Humanity is advancing towards an age of rationality and common interest.

Source, discourses by P. R. Sarkar (1921 – 1990).

Interesting Stefan Verstappen about Sarka’s cycle, (but not doomed, spiral forward, DA),

Didi Annapurna, if you post my article, put my name on it and link it here, thanks!

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