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Some Of My Best Friends Were Architects

Weapons of Mass Deception Vaccinations & what they are doing to our young Part 2

UNPRECEDENTED coordinated campaign by FIVE titles to put immigration back at top of agenda

How The Cure For Cancer Was Killed in Europe! GcMAF Nagalase

Extraterrestrial contacts: the Roswell foil, UFO,s and how they alter our world

US Lawsuit Targets Monsanto over ‘False’ Enzyme Claims

Who is to blame? Where does the power lie?

Labour Party tower block 'murderers' condemned


Terrorism in Europe overview from Ole Dammegard

WASPI ALERT: as long as ethical knuckle-draggers with birdbrain logic can tweet rubbish about the SPA scandal, retired British women will suffer injustice.

Two socialisms, two capitalisms

Glastonbury grotesquerie

Heading home

How useless can our MPs be?

Interview with Father Daniel in Syria: “There Never Was a Popular Uprising in Syria”

An American’s view of Corbyn winning an election in Britain

House of Saudi Cards. “The CIA is very displeased with the firing of [former Crown Prince] Mohammad bin Nayef”.

The American neo-conservatives predicted the 21st century would be a «New American Century». Instead, it is becoming a «New Chinese Century»

Retiring MEP and eurosceptic hero sees the rough side of EU

The Glastonbury Collectivist Love-In? Assassinate Trump!

ISIS enables US to hold position in the Philippines

Health risk from wireless? The debate is over.

We have a ruthless, sophisticated and cunning system that thrives on conflicts and wars which, in turn, depend on a gullible population that simply consumes news and opinions fed by mass media and the politicians.

The US Gov’t Killed More Civilians This Month Than All Terrorist Attacks in Europe Over the Last 12 Years

Cannabis Oil cures 3-year-old boy of cancer after doctors gave him 48 hours to live

Trump’s Clueless Tweeting As the World is About to Burn

Constituency email service

SUNDAY JAZZ: The Final Gig, by Wiggia

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