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Running out of Time

F16s cannot shoot down Gaza’s flaming kites

Trade wars and the car industry

Start the Week Open Thread 25 June 2018

Friends, Countrymen, whatever…

Every Time You See the Word Occult, Substitute the Word Intelligence

Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 079/084

Movie review: Black Panther

The (moral) case for funding public services out of taxes on land values.

SUNDAY ESSAY: The unacceptable face of the human race.

Laying It On Thick

Pushing “separation of families” off on Trump was an act of desperation

"You wanted it...", by Wiggia

The Bank of England wants to slow the UK economy some more

5 million biometric IDs by the back door – HMRC’s voice IDs, your rights and the law

Unscrupulous UK politicians and greedy EU financed bankers are exploiting our children.

A big fat frappé

Loose Fitting

Car hits house

Ekaterina Yakovleva embarks on a journey to investigate the human health effects of GMOs and pesticides after learning they may be the cause of her son’s food allergies

UKC: Postcards From Gulag UK

2010-17 Huge increase in tax revenue, increase in public spending, deficit well down

Globalist granny-grabber mouths off

Fracking beneath mines. What could possibly go wrong?

The law of unforeseen consequences part deux

Weekend Open Thread 23 June 2018

Novel way of building a new roof

What is a post-truth world?

Curious New Kind of Towers Being Spotted Near City Centers (Videos)

Mr Redwood’s contribution to the debate on Confidence in the Secretary of State for Transport, 19 June 2018