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Jack: “I Can’t Go on Any More” (Video) Jack Van Impe

Saturday, October 1, 2016 13:32
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Jack explains his despair after falling very ill plus what is coming in the next few weeks




The Bible tells us that every human has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God which is  is a heart-penetrating truth. He has provided a way to cleanse us of our sins since we can never be “good enough” to cleanse ourselves. That avenue to God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness (the cleansing of our sins) is through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who is equally God.


Not one of us are guaranteed a “tomorrow”. Has your time run out? Will you continue to ignore the promptings of God the Holy Spirit or have you awakened to the essential need for God, risking eternal damnation?


God the Holy Father, God the Holy Son and God the Holy Spirit are One God, the true, living, uncreated God Who is ever-present, all knowing, all powerful and all loving. He desires that every single person be forgiven, saved and to live eternally with Him. He is our only real protection and His love for you is unchanging. Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, the true Messiah, today.


You can’t take your salvation for a test drive. You’re all-in or not.


Admit to Him that you are a sinner in need of forgiveness, that you are truly sorry for your sins.  Acknowledge that He died for your sins, rose from the dead and lives forevermore. Invite Him into your life and to help you to turn from sin. Rejoice! You just became a Christian! Now trust in Him and get to know Him through the Bible which tells us everything we need to know and through prayer/talking to Him. He eagerly desires relationship with you.

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  • CTrent33


    • Mayhem

      Pity Ill-Papa doesn’t go the same route, huh?

      • maxwell

        …Reality rears its ugly head, and claims another deluded soul. There is still time for repentance.

        • FAT AXL!!!

          Right on.

          If we’re checking out of this world in despair, we’re doing something terribly wrong.

          Any of the apostles put off the body in despair, Jack?

          Agonizing pain, maybe. But not despair.


    • King of Shambhala

      Van Impe said Obama’s the Antichrist.
      So Van Impe will be saved.
      You’ll all burn eternally for supporting the Devil.

      • TRUTHY1

        Yes You will ! Van Impe is a False prophet, like you,and he is a minion of the Devil,like you !
        Prophetically, part of the end time scenario just before Christ’s return includes the increase of both false Christs & false prophets.

        Of the last generation Jesus Himself foretold: “For false Christs & false prophets will arise & will show great signs & wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect. Behold, I have told you in advance.” (Math.24: 24, 25).
        Right now this scenario exists all around us, even within the body of Christ. These 2 pro- files are similar. They both are “leader” types & both are “false”. They also both “mislead” people away from God & the Lord Jesus Christ.

        False Christs….

        The word “Christ” means “anointed one” in Greek. False Christs may or may not be known for their “religion”. That can be very much secondary. Most notably, a false Christ will profess some special revelation or message (religious or not) that directs people away from the Lord Jesus Christ as their prime focus.

        Many of today’s secular & new age speak- ers fit into this profile. Their message is that the the ultimate controller & ultimate being that we should answer to is ourself. And that every person’s ultimate dependency should rest upon himself. Of course, this kind of misleading philosophy exlcudes the need for the cross & the Savior, Christ Jesus.

        False Prophets…

        False prophets are more recognized for their “religious” image & platform than a false Christ. A prophet is a true man of God. But a “false” prophet is a “false” man of God. He is a religious impostor who wears the dis- guise of being a “man of God”.

        But, both he & his message oppose the Word of God (the Bible) & the Lord Jesus Christ. This makes him “false”, from God’s perspective. However, many false prophets speak favorably of Christ. So, from the belie- ver’s view, this can require close examination & sharp discernment to spot the deception.
        Today, we see various false prophets who represent various religions who are mislead- ing thousands, even millions worldwide. The Dali Lama, Osama Bin Laden, Joseph Smith (Mormonism), David Koresh, Jim Jones, Rev. Moon & Sheik Nasrallah, to name a few.

        False prophets in the body of Christ

        To Christians, the most alarming part of the Lord’s prophecy is that potentially “even the elect” (God’s own people) could also be “misled”. Today, false prophets within the body of Christ are masterful & sophisticated in their Christian appearance and mimickry.

        It will take sharp discernment in these Last Days for believers to decipher the true man of God from the false one within the church.

        Scriptures show that these false ministers within the body of Christ “Are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ, & no wonder, for even satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore, it is not surprising if his (satan”s) servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness…”. (2 Cor.11:13-15).

        The Final End Time False Prophet :

        The epitome of the evil deception that is shap- ing up right now in this generation can be recognized in the Bible’s profiling of the False Prophet of the End Times. (Rev.13:11; Rev.16:13; Rev. 20:10).

        He will be the ultimate religious deception in all of world history. His influence & impact will be worldwide in scope under his relig- ious facade. Scriptures are clear that His End Time presence in the world’s scenery will be, initially, welcomed and friendly in appearance to an unsuspecting world who reverences him. (Rev. 6: 1, 2). The End Time False Prophet “will look like a lamb, but he speaks as a dragon.” [Rev.13:11]
        POPE FRANCIS on his throne / April 2013
        Benedict XVI
        What did ALL of these powerhouse men of God believe about the Papacy of Rome? John Wesley, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Finney, Charles Spurgeon, John Knox, Rev. Roger Williams, Moody, Fox , William Tyndale, John Wycliffe, King James ….
        view >>>>
        Discerning true vs. false ministers
        America’s false prophets
        Deceitful spirits today within the body of Christ
        Believer vs. true Disciple?
        [ famous people & their Christianity ]
        ‘The anger of the Lord will not turn back, Until He has performed and carried out the purposes of His heart; In the last days you will clearly understand it. I did not send these prophets, But they ran. I did not speak to them, But they prophesied. But if they had stood in My council, Then they would have announced My words to My people, And would have turned them back from their evil way, And from the evil of their deeds.’ [ foretold by Jeremiah the prophet / Jer. 23:20-22 ]

        • King of Shambhala

          TRUTHY is a false christ claiming to speak in Jesus’ name.
          Don’t listen to him and turn your back on those who are such as him said Jesus.
          Van Impe said Obama’s the Antichrist.
          So Van Impe will be saved.
          You’ll all burn eternally for supporting the Devil.

          • King of Shambhala

            Van Impe said Obama’s the Antichrist.
            So Van Impe will be saved.
            You’ll all burn eternally for supporting the Devil.

          • TRUTHY1

            The Wrath of the messiah will be on your head. You are a False prophet and minion of the Devil. The delusions you spread will come back to you.-

          • maxwell

            …KOS…even if OBAMA is the anti christ…(which is not proven…by him or anyone else)…you are NOT the messiah…
            … i think you’re a lost soul fruitcake, nut case…living in his own little …nutcake…fruitcase, world.
            …I’m very glad that you’ve committed yourself, so completely, to this insanity…Maybe the Lord can give you the benefit of the doubt, as to your competency.
            …(You do realize, that, NOBODY…takes you seriously, don’t you?

          • King of Shambhala

            TRUTHY1 is a Satanical demonic demon because he claims to speak in Jesus’ name.
            Jesus said cearly in the Bible that all those who came saying they speak in his name in the end times would not be him and would be false christs.
            TRUTHY1 is a false christ and demonic who follows the Antichrist Obama and opposes me the Messiah who reveal that Obama’s mark of 666 is his money.
            Only I can grant heaven to anyone.
            Jesus said he’d not return as a Christian.
            I’m Buddhist and Tibetan Tantric Buddhism is the highest form of culture in the world.
            Jesus said all those who didn’t follow him in the end days would be doomed in hell-fire. Jesus said it: not me.
            Threats of death ate forbidden by TOS and I’m getting TRUTHY1 banned for making death threats.

          • King of Shambhala

            Homo maxwell is a homo.
            Watch out because Jesus said to beware of Sodom, of sodomites and homos which turn people into ‘pillars of salt’ said Jesus.
            That’s totally correct as homos die 28 to 35 yeears earlier than straights from multiple infections (which fits with the idea of ‘pillars of salt’.)
            Yes, Obama’s the Antichrist, that’s proven by the heavenly miracle of 666 showing up in his homestate’s lottery the day after his election.
            That miracle coundn’t have happened by pure chance.
            Statistically it’s too far away.
            666 only hsows up 3 times a year in Chicago’s lottery.
            It’s got be a heaven-sent miracle.
            There’s no rational explanation for such an event to happen at that palce at that time.
            It’s obviously a heavenly miracle.
            The reason I’m the Messiah beyond any possible doubt is the following. I’m the only one in the world who’s furthering this idea that Obama’s the Antichrist based upon that miraculous lottery draw of 666 in Chicago’s lottery the day after Obama’s election.
            It proves that everybody else in the world are ugly cowards and stupid because they’re not smart enough to piece one and one together and see the miracle sent by heaven.

          • King of Shambhala

            Even if Jack Van Impe didn’t piece together the miracle of the lottery’s draw of 666 – which realizes the Bible prophecy of 666 being the Number of the Antichrist – well at least he revealed Obama’s the Antichrist.
            At least he was smart enough to say that so he’ll be saved I suppose.
            Those who deny Obama’s the Antichrist will burn eternally in hell for ever said the Bible.
            To be certainly saved you must reveal the miracle of 666 to the whole world so everybody knows about it fast now.

          • King of Shambhala

            Apocalypse Came Now! Hungary Referendum Pushed Back Devil Of Islam (Video) Delivers Antichrist Obama Final Defeat

          • King of Shambhala

            The false christs trolling the comments here don’t seem to grasp reality.
            Being many doesn’t mean trolls are right.
            Wikipedia said trolls are mentally crazy.
            Sheep are also many in herds but they follow Hitler, Stalin and Joe McCarthy’s witchhunts.
            What counts is to think for oneself and never take what one thinks from someone else.
            Jesus said so himself when he said: “Many will be called but few will be chosen” which means those who follow like others will be many and they’ll be lost while those few chosen, will only be those fortunate enough to havea brain in their heads.
            The sheep will all be lost in the end times because they have no brain in their head and they can only bleat (“BAAAH”) because they can’t understand ideas unfortunately for them.

  • Pink Slime

    Whooops! Donation time!!! :twisted:

  • HAPPY chem TRAILS 2 you

    Jack is confused, I don’t know if he’s a Je$uit agent like Hal Lindsey or not, but he like all the other TV prophecy preachers are the blind leading the blind. Jack used to work for apostate Billy Graham several years ago till he went out on his own, back then he used to preach that the p0pe was antichrist, and he was right back then. So what happened to Jack, well some possibilities are; that he was approached and threatened by Rome to stop preaching that p0pe is antichrist, or he got greedy caved in to the pitfalls of money. Anyhow now he sort of sticks with the Je$uit created version of prophecy which is Of Course “secret rapture 7 year trib. and future antichrist boogie man, but he also references the p0pe and talks about je$uits a little bit from time to time so as to cover all bases without really fingering the */atican as the seat of antichrist. Well it doesn’t work that way Jack. Also Jack is disobedient, he isn’t a Sabbath keeper therefore he cannot discern prophecy correctly, add to that the fact that he is an Image 0f the Bea$t compliant 501c3 ministry and there you have confused and in total apostasy. :cry:

    • deano

      People are finally hearin ya Happy! 4 ‘likes” ….Well Done…..thats a Gold Medal on BIN :smile:

      Impe? Sounds like the IMP from Game of Thrones …….a throne in Latin = cathedra….

      Dont worry God BOtherers, Lyn LIARZ DOLLARZ , will fill his vacant spot on Prime Time TV :lol: :lol:

      • HAPPY chem TRAILS 2 you

        Thanks Deano!! :grin:

    • deano

      It was one of these that confirmed the Jesuit Link!

      Margaret Court ~ Australian Tennis Champion raised a Catholic. Marries into West Aussie politics.
      Went to America for “Pastor Certificate” (RHEMA ?) , now runs the PENTECOSTAL Victory-Life Church, singing songs to Jesus. Now entering her own TV shows……..

      Our lady of Victory, our lady of Life, our lady of the sacred heart, our Virgin Mary :mad:

      then , they also have ZIONist meetings…….FOIWA Friends of Israel WA… :mad: + S.o.D. flag on display

      …and like Happy states here Binners, the JESUIT infiltration of all other CHURCHES!!!!! :cry: :cry:

      example JWs …..whose first mag, was called ZIONs WATCH TOWER. A Crusader Castle, A Knights Armour & Swords, and the JESUIT sun symbol…….like on Washington/s Chair.

  • Canderson

    You can not implement the writings of the Bible on today timeline.

  • Canderson

    032 Ralph Ellis & Michael Tsarion Part 1 – ModernKnowledge @ CapricornRadioTV

    033 Ralph Ellis & Michael Tsarion Part 2 – ModernKnowledge @ CapricornRadioTV

  • A_Smith

    Sadly, all these comments prove is that people don’t read and/or watch past the headline.

    • FAT AXL!!!


      Because Jack has recovered and was only telling stories about his past?

      Get over it, Agent Smith.

      We’re here for the comments, not the ‘articles.’

    • wiseoldlady

      Not true we discern the articles and have done enough research to know BS when we see it.

      • maxwell

        …Wiseoldlady…I really like the way your concise observations always have that flavor of knowledgeable sarcasm…Takes a real lady to get that, cut to the bone, nasty, in such a pleasant manner. I’m just flirting…

      • King of Shambhala

        All the shills in the comments will burn in eternal fire because Obama’s the Antichrist.
        Jack Van Impe said Obama’s the Antichrist.
        He’s RIGHT!!!! Obama IS THE ANTICHRIST.

  • SIF

    Its up to the individual to decide what’s fact, truth or fiction (made up). Not up to others to judge someone else’s experiences. I.e. they weren’t there… Some of us have actually seen things happen, miraculous, evil or totally out of place. Who is anyone to judge? No one here on this humble postulation/theory site has all of the facts. :sad:

  • zero

    Or in other words, “I’m fired up to go until God calls me home.”

    • King of Shambhala

      This is important.
      All the shills in the comments will burn in eternal fire because Obama’s the Antichrist and they support him.
      Bad karma there.
      Jack Van Impe said Obama’s the Antichrist.
      He’s RIGHT!!!! Obama IS THE ANTICHRIST.

  • truck driver

    Try medix4life . It’s like a engine overhaul for your body organs.. I have had good results . What it does is activates your stem cells to force your body to heal itself. You ever notice elderly people not healing from an injury and children healing quickly from an injury. That’s because the elderly need their stem cells reactivated. I love your Bible I bought from you and im no longer at that first apostolic Church and first united Pentecostal church. I believe in the Trinity, so I got rebaptized. Calvary Baptist. Church agenda says one thing when the Bible says the other thing. So I go by the Bible now

  • truck driver

    Try stem cell activators , I used medix4life and took it on an empty stomach and waited a hour before eating and had good results. It’s like you will heal like a little boy where old people don’t heal quickly. Sgn80 is where I bought my Endo bottle

  • stompk

    Jacks been making money off of dire predictions for years. This man is just another saleman, using God to collect money…

  • Givys


  • 10000rpm

    this guy was a prophet for profit! I would fact check his rambling verses and had nothing to do with what he was talking about. Big deal he is giving up I am sure there is the next prophet for profit waiting in line to take over.

  • King of Shambhala

    Those who say O bama’s the Antichrist and spread the message will be saved; Everybody else on earth will be doomed.
    They’ll burn in the lake of fire and sulfur for ever says the Bible.

  • King of Shambhala

    I’m certain to go to heaven.
    I’m revealing the Antichrist.
    I’m calling out the false christs who heckle my articles and warn against them.
    I combat evil.
    I’m good versus them: the evil ones.
    Homos have been heckling and trolling for years on my articles. I got them banned for death threats.
    Wikipedia says to not respond to them and deny them recognition.
    Wiki says they’re mentally deranged and that’s an understatement.

    Obama’s the Antichrist: period.

    • i am David
      • King of Shambhala

        It’s suspicious that trolls be heckling me for years and years.
        Why would they do that unless they wanted to stop me from spreading the message?
        Don’t listen to them.

        • King of Shambhala

          I won’t name any names but there are BeforeItsNews reporters who post articles.
          Then they use anonymous handles to come back and troll people they disagree with like me with out using their name.
          They act like anonymous cowards typical of Leftists and cowards.
          Are they actual Obama followers imbedded here?
          It seems we’re suffering from that plague.

          • Chet

            quote: “I won’t name any names but there are BeforeItsNews reporters who post articles”

            Are you saying “i am David” is actually Montaigne in disguise working behind the scenes to foil his fellow reporters?

            Unbelievable…. yet somehow compelling.

            I heard Montaigne is trying to move the Anti-Christ spotlight from Obama to “headwound hillary”

            You are right to call him out King of Shambhala.

          • King of Shambhala

            There are shills working for Obama 24 7, actively distracting because they don’t want anyone saying Obama’s the Antichrist.
            They’re busy acitvely hiding the inconvenient truth that Obama’s the actual Biblical Antichrist!

          • Chet

            You are right. He used you to further his own hillary agenda after pretending to be on the obama train.

            I would be mad too.

          • King of Shambhala

            Ignore the false christs trolling my comments and articles on BeforeItsNews.
            Obama’s the Antichrist and van Impe said so.
            Van Impe is RIGHT! and said Obama’s the Antichrist.
            Be saved if you spread this news too, but spread it everywhere in the world to everyone on earth from East to West.
            Obama is the Antichrist

          • King of Shambhala

            The Antichrist shills are desperate to save their god and “Lord” the Antichrist-Obama.
            They’re panicking so ignore them.
            I’m the way and I’m the Truth: the Messiah and I reveal Obama’s the Antichrist to the world and by revealing that alone, you’ll be saved now.

          • Chet

            Hesnot untouchable. you should confront him about this.

          • The Clucker

            So Montaigne is an instrument of Satan? I’ve heard this before somewhere…

            Hilary for Anti-christ 2016!

          • King of Shambhala

            David Montaigne, Jack Van Impe, I, and Linda Nykirk’s husband Mark Brander all say Obama’s the Antichrist. We’re the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.
            If you read this it’s already too late for you, you’re doomed and lost.

          • King of Shambhala

            The shills in this thread defend Obama for what?
            He’s got no birth certificate and will be prosecuted in the greatest trial of History for High Treason and the greatest crime in the history of Humanity.
            Why did they support Obama: for being just black or being an old black homo?
            The DNC is Mafia-based and they wanted an easy guy to mainpulate for the White House.
            So Obama was perfect to blackmail and then they also wanted to shame the blacks for good by putting in a perfect fraud.
            Theyw anted blacks out of the White House for hundreds of years so they put in a criminal with a shady, non-existent past like Obama’s past.
            Obama was the perfect fall guy but like everything the Mafia does it’ll simply land them in jail.
            The Antichrist is the corrupt extension of a rotten system that’s backing him up.

          • King of Shambhala

            Trump Wikileaks the alternative press and the Russians are going to clobber Obama in the next few hours.
            They will not let this one go.
            The rot in the White House must stop and the Bible’s Apocalypse must go full term.

          • King of Shambhala

            Obama’s not untouchable.
            The Antichrist melts down all by himself says the Bible’s Apocalypse chapter.
            He’s such a dork he self-destructs all by himself.

          • FAT AXL!!!

            Mark Brander is Linda Newkirk’s husband?

            That would explain a lot.

            And KING…

            …seven years, almost eight, and you have STILL to sit your ass down and actually read a Bible?


          • King of Shambhala

            Obama says people say he’s the Antichrist.
            Whines about that!

            Barack Obama On Five Days Shaped His Presidency: People Say I’m Antichrist-Will Have Nothing To Do With Him (Video)

            Obama: GOP Voters Think I’m ‘The Antichrist’. Shattering News Rips Veil Around Obama. Reveals Hideous Beast (Video)

          • King of Shambhala

            Obama’s bringing this on. Saying people say he’s the Antichrist.

            Hair-Raising Apocalypse! Obama Says People Say He’s Antichrist (Video) Fess Up? Obama = Satan-In-Person / Antichrist

          • King of Shambhala

            I don’t read the Bible because my faith Tibetan Tantric Buddhism is highest form of culture in the world.
            Christians won’t be saved in the end times while Buddhists or anyone else but who follows me will be saved.
            Jesus himself said no Christians would be saved in the end times.
            He said if anyone came in his name (tha tmeans being Christians) in the end times “Don’t follow them. they’re false christs. They work for the Antichrist.”
            I’m Jesus and I’m the Messiah because I’m not Chrisitan and Jesus himself said to not follow Christians in the end times it’s written in the Bible itself, you can read it there.

  • Yochannan

    Most typical “Christian” Web Sites and mega TV preachers have adopted many of their root doctrines from “Constantine Romanism” also now called “Pauline Christianity” since Pau/Saul is the author of most of the NT Greek Bible, which is an amalgamated belief system invented by the Pharisee Saul renamed Paul, much of it comes from the Talmud and the mystic Kabala. His ideas began about 20 years after the death of the prophet Yahshua (Jesus). Paul’s version of Christianity was later adopted by the Emperor Constantine of Rome (about 325 CE). Constantine then added his own pagon ideology into “Paul’s Christianity” and forced the new religion on the entire Roman Empire that included most of the then Western European World. Modern Christianity originates from Constantine’s-Roman-Catholic-Pauline Christianity, and is identified by many of the following false doctrines of belief. All these following beliefs are contrary to what is taught in the original Hebrew Bible. they are all false. BTW, Jesus never had use of the NT Greek “Christian” Bible. I guess Jesus could not have been a “Christian.” He was in fact a “Yah-wist” a believer in Hebrew faith called Yahwism.

    You must have “Faith” in “Jesus” only to have eternal life
    Jesus was “God” in the Flesh, i.e. god having a flesh and blood body
    Jesus died on the cross, as a human sacrifice for your sins
    Eternal Hell is a physical place unbelievers go for eternity
    Chrisianity is the only true religion, all others are called cults
    The Greek “New” Testament replaces the Hebrew “Old” Testament
    Paul/Saul’s opinions are inspired and the foundation of their Doctrines
    Paul/Saul’s doctrines superceed what Jesus taught from the Hebrew Bible
    Jesus is coming again “soon” to reign physically on earth
    God is a Trinity (Three in one) Father God, son God, and Holy Spirit God
    Most will ignore the Scriptures that clearly proves their doctrines false
    Most will label groups that disagree with them as a “cult”
    Most will worship on a “Sun-day” and refuse to honor the Biblical Sabbath
    Most use “God” to substitute for the Almighty’s true name YHWH (Yahweh)
    Most use “Jesus” to replace the Hebrew name for the prophet “Yahshua”
    Most try to sell books on the “end” times, the 2nd coming, or new stuff
    Most require donations for your blessing and to support their fabulous Ministry

    for more information visit:

    • FAT AXL!!!

      “Most will ignore the Scriptures that clearly proves their doctrines false…”

      That would include you.

      “Most will worship on a “Sun-day” and refuse to honor the Biblical Sabbath…”

      You don’t know how to find the Biblical Sabbath.

      “Most use “God” to substitute for the Almighty’s true name YHWH (Yahweh)…”

      Because we speak English in this part of the world.

      “Most use “Jesus” to replace the Hebrew name for the prophet “Yahshua”…”

      Because we speak English in this part of the world. Moreover, even the Tanakh makes it perfectly clear that Yehoshua is much more than a mere prophet. But it’s obvious you only believe certain portions of the Tanakh, which makes your doctrine appear plausible in your eyes.

      If you care to stick around and discuss a few of these issues, just let me know.

      Or you can email me if you like at:

      Your ideas about the Hebrew Bible (to say nothing of the Greek New Testament) are entirely indefensible.

  • presidentofme

    Never heard of the guy, my guess would be he whored around, ripped off funds, knocked up some young thing, or something along that line…of reasoning, not sure why I am even typing this since I could care less

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