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Monday, June 17, 2013 22:01
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Isaiah 14:12

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

 The word Lucifer is taken from the Latin Vulgate,[2] which translates הֵילֵל as lucifer,[3][4] meaning “the morning star, the planet Venus” 

The Latin language did not originate until around 100 bc, the book of Isiah was written 700 years earlier, so, how could the word LUCIFER come from the BOOK of ISIAH in the BIBLE? 

The name Latin derives from the Italic tribal group named Latini that settled at some time in Latium, and the dialect spoken by these people.  The Italic languages form a centum subfamily of the Indo-European language family. Vulgar Latin (in Latin, sermo vulgaris) is a blanket term covering vernacular dialects of the Latin language spoken from earliest times in Italy until the latest dialects of the western empire, diverging still further, evolved into the early Romance languages – whose writings began to appear about the 9th century.

Lucifer (/ˈluːsɪfər/ or /ˈljuːsɪfər/) is the King James Version rendering of the Hebrew word הֵילֵל in Isaiah 14:12. This word, transliterated hêlēl or heylel, occurs only once in the Hebrew Bible and according to the KJV-influenced Strong’s Concordance means “shining one, morning star, Lucifer”.[1] The word Lucifer is taken from the Latin Vulgate,[2] which translates הֵילֵל as lucifer,[3][4] meaning “the morning star, the planet Venus” (or, as an adjective, “light-bringing”).[5] The Septuagintrenders הֵילֵל in Greek as ἑωσφόρος[6][7][8][9][10] (heōsphoros),[11][12][13] a name, literally “bringer of dawn”, for the morning star.[14] (In spite of the unanimous testimony of published texts of the Septuagint, Kaufmann Kohler says that the Greek Septuagint translation is “Phosphoros“.)[2]

Isaiah (/aɪˈzeɪ.ə/ or UK /aɪˈzaɪ.ə/;[2] HebrewיְשַׁעְיָהוּModern Yeshayahu Tiberian Yəšạʻyā́hû ; GreekἨσαΐαςĒsaïās ; Arabic: إشعيا Ishiya;[1] ”Yahu is salvation”[3]) was a prophet who lived in the 8th-century BC Kingdom of Judah.[4][5] Jews and Christians consider the Book of Isaiah a part of their Biblical canon; he is the first listed (although not the earliest) of the neviim akharonim, the latter prophets.[6]

Gregory of Nyssa (c. 335–395), believed that the Prophet Esaias (Isaiah) “knew more perfectly than all others the mystery of the religion of the Gospel”. Jerome (c. 342–420) also lauds the Prophet Esias, saying, “He was more of an Evangelist than a Prophet, because he described all of the Mysteries of the Church of Christ


Luciferianism is a belief system that venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed to Lucifer. The tradition, influenced by Gnosticism, usually reveres Lucifer not as the Devil, but as a liberator or guiding spirit[63] or even the true god as opposed to Jehovah.[64]

In Anton LaVey‘s The Satanic Bible, Lucifer is acknowledged as one of the Four Crown Princes of Hell, particularly that of the East. Lord of the Air, Lucifer has been named “Bringer of Light, the Morning Star, Intellectualism, Enlightenment.”[65]

In the modern occultism of Madeline Montalban,[66] Lucifer’s identification as the Morning Star (Venus) equates him with Lumiel, whom she regarded as the Archangel of Light, and among Satanists he is seen as the “Torch of Baphomet” and Azazel.[citation needed] However, in lesser-known Kabbalah lore, Lumiel was also described as an angel of the earth, though usually Sandalphon and Uriel are the only Archangels associated with the element of earth.[citation needed] In any case, Lumiel’s precise identity has always been controversial and many people, who tried to discover his true nature, eventually came to refer Lumiel as a “dark angel”.[citation needed]

Author Michael W. Ford has written on Lucifer as a “mask” of the Adversary, a motivator and illuminating force of the mind and subconscious.[6

 Freemasonry is associated with worshipping Lucifer.  Freemason Albert Pike had addressed "The 23 Supreme Confederated Councils of the world" (an invention of Taxil), instructing them that Lucifer was God, and was in opposition to the evil god Adonai. Supporters of Freemasonry contend that, when Albert Pike and other Masonic scholars spoke about the "Luciferian path," or the "energies of Lucifer," they were referring to the Morning Star, the light bearer,[68] the search for light; the very antithesis of dark, satanic evil. 

. In A.D. 382 Pope Damascus commissioned the scholar Jerome to make an official revision of the Latin versions of the Bible that were floating around in the Catholic Church. Jerome went off to a cave in Bethlehem where he proceeded to make his translation, supposedly based on the Hebrew text, but in practice based very largely on the Septuagint version (i.e. “LXX”) that Origen had produced about 140 years earlier while in Caesarea. (The truth about the LXX is another subject that I have discussed in a separate paper.)

Anyway, by A.D. 405 Jerome had completed his work, which we today know as “The Latin Vulgate” Bible. It is far from an infallibly accurate translation of the original texts. Rather, it is an interpretation of thought put into idiomatic, graceful Latin!

For a thousand years this Translation was without a rival–and herein lies the problem!

4. Jerome had understood that Isaiah 14:12 is talking about Satan. There the Hebrew word “heylel” is used and Jerome translated this into Latin as “lucifer”!

This is a mistranslation!!!

5. The word “Lucifer” comes from 2 Latin words:

Lux (=light) + ferous (=to bear or carry). Thus the name “Lucifer” means:Light-bearer or Light-bringer.

   A rose by any other name would smell as sweet; so would Lucifer by any other name bear the same light? 

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  • Anonymous

    The bringer of light.

  • [DDT]

    Roman-catholic crap, yes.

    And to answer your question short and sweet:
    A loser.

  • Authentica

    Lucifer was an Archangel of Humanity that became ‘infected’ with some of the darkness of the people he was watching over. He began to think they would be lost without him, & that self-important arrogance led to his ‘fall’ from the Creator’s grace. He ended up thinking he is more knowing & wise than the First Prime Creator itself. This led to him joining with the dark & controlling forces of Orion, thus beginning the Lucifer Rebellion. It all started with feelings of superiority, condescension, ego & separation. This battle is still going on today between the self-serving ones full of self-importance trying to surpass or replace God – & those who simply want to live joyous, free, expanded lives of love & mutual accepting appreciation.

    I just read this excellent article explaining how the Lucifer Rebellion seeped into our current reality paradigm, when those meant to be guiding Humanity decided people did not know what was best for themselves, & that allowed the excuse to become social engineers & manipulation for personal gain:

  • Saraswatichandra

    Hebrew word הֵילֵל in Isaiah 14:12. This word, transliterated hêlēl or heylel means crescent not “shining one, morning star.
    how would one feel safe when language is rigged

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