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Government Agents are now in many American Churches!

Friday, February 9, 2018 19:08
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The truth about 501 (c) 3 Government approved Churches

If you are a 501 (c) 3 Government approved (by the IRS) Tax Exempt non-profit Church or organization, then the agent representing this entity is in fact a Government agent, and you are in fact a Government Church. You are required to be subject to all the requirements that the government may or may not direct you to do.

Biblically speaking, Churches should NEVER be formed as an approved Government 501 (C) 3 “Corporate” Church. Most Churches are formed this way simply because they think there is a tax benefit for doing so, or some may have been formed this way to hide themselves under a “State Approved” corporate banner to reduce their liability. The sad thing is, that most of the people that formed these churches are just plain ignorant of their First Amendment Constitutional rights. Churches are already “Tax exempt” if they are formed under the “First Amendment” of the US Constitution. First Amendment Churches DO NOT require government approval to exist or to form, or to be Tax exempt. The First Amendment of the US Constitution provides an automatic “exempt status” for all religious organizations such as Churches. This exemption is fully recognized by the IRS, See IRS Publication 557 (3/2005), Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization. (Provided that such Churches meet the requirements of a “Church or a Church organization” and performs as such).

Not only are Churches that are formed under the First Amendment of the Constitution already tax exempt, they are also immune from any laws infringing on their right to assemble as a religious organization, or from teaching any of their religious doctrinal fundamentals; to marry only Biblically qualifying couples, even without first obtaining a “government license.” By following these principles, Churches can eliminate any government interference. Constitutional Churches can reject any individual for membership or attendance for any reason the collective body may determine, and reject members that do not qualify or submit to their religious or doctrinal standards. However, by accepting such responsibilities the leaders and individuals of “First Amendment Constitutional Churches” are also liable for any criminal acts perpetrated by them or their leaders (as it should be). A leader of a Constitutional Church, i.e. a Pastor, Minister, Bishop, or elder, or anyone in an officially appointed position cannot hide under a corporate State banner. “You cannot have your cake and eat it too……!” If you are a Government Approved 501 (c) 3 Corporation, you must also obey Corporate laws on gays and their “new” marriage rights, and any other new laws that may in the future affect your Church’s moral views, standards, and doctrines; it also prevents you from speaking out publically on any political issue or from actively supporting certain morally acceptable candidates for office.

If your current Church organization is formed as a 501 (c) 3 Government approved Corporate Church it cannot just change its government stripes over night since the government does not like to lose control of its 501 Churches. Extreme care and proper documentation must be made in order for a 501 Church to move out from under the control of the IRS and government. Basically, the 501 entity must legally cease to exist, all assets liquidated and a completely new unrelated Church structure or Religious assembly must be established and properly recorded (but NOT under any approvals requested from Government). Once a 501 Church always a 501 church, you cannot just replace the same organization with a Constitutional First Amendment Church, unless the old entity ceases to lawfully exist. Entities can still be formed to limit liability of structures and facilities, but leaders must assume liability of their actions when they manage a Constitutional Church.

Corporations of any type require government approval, this provides the cover for individual liability as a benefit, but it is at the heavy cost of government control and regulations. A government approved 501 Corporation has Government as its “head” not the Almighty Sovereign Creator G-d over all. If you are now a 501 Government Church, it is unlikely that your current accountant or consulting attorney is capable of correcting your current status or will be of much help to you since he or she has not provided you with the information of how to be or become a “First Amendment” Constitutional Church in the first place. Accountants and Attorneys are Government regulated and are also approved by government so don’t even think about asking them for help.


To Pastors and Churches who are NOT “First Amendment” Constitutional Churches:

I am sure you would agree that the moral standards in America have been declining from the values they were when America was founded. You may be aware that in some States, Churches have become targeted by government officials or individuals of a liberal persuasion and threatened because of their positions on homosexuality, gay marriage rights, abortion, or other religious beliefs that may now have become contrary to modern acceptable Political Correctness. In some cases Pastors have been asked to submit sermons for approval by government agencies before they can be used. Should you or your Church be concerned? YES, but you only need to be concerned if your Church is organized as a government approved 501 (c) 3 Tax Exempt Corporation. If you are one of these “government approved” religious corporations, then you will indeed also be subject to any existing or new government regulations; all public non-discrimination laws, and you must conform to the reporting requirements of the IRS. When you asked your government to approve your Church as a Corporation you became obligated and regulated by your government. Why is this? It is because government has the right to regulate all their “501 (c) 3” Corporations including the incorporated Churches. This results from failing to understand Biblical Principles and the Constitution for the United States.



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  • The Troubles

    :idea: :arrow: There are these Goons, they allegedly work inside the United States Goobermint, have Subverted the United States Constitution, by weaponizing various Alphabet Soup Agencies, turning the good and decent on its rear end, What is wrong is made right, what was once bad is now good, etc etc. :cry:

    There is without a doubt, 1/3 of the humans whom currently walk upright on Planet Earth, they hate everything and anything that is righteous and good. Void of truth and love, they are Corrupted and Morally Bankrupt. Filled with hatred and envy, they have become a scourge towards humanity. One third, evil as the day as long. :evil:

    They hate you, me, our families and Jesus Christ, a proven fact of the matters at hand. :eek:

    ..These are Reprobates. Godless, moral ingrates, degenerates and soulless. They simply have no MORAL Compass. Here is the KICKER. These Evil pricks, actually believe they are on the winning side of History. So now, all things that are good, are now bad and upside down. If you are not Mad as hell by now, something is seriously amiss with your thought process and mental stability. :mad: Keep reading below……..

    :arrow: Push back people. Get in their faces, promise them swift and immediate Action. Bind these Evil Pricks in the name of Jesus Christ and cast them out. Do it to their face and watch the reaction. It will blow your mind. Say the Words “Jesus Christ” to them and see what happens to their eyebrows, lips and forehead. Give yourself at least 4 to 6 feet of distance. They sometimes lash out with vile hatred and anger. Have no Fear, Father has your back, :grin: and we all now how the story ends.

    FTNWO- Idiots run amuck – :mrgreen:

    • plsnogod

      There is no evidence your deity exists,nor any other.

      Your anger is lamentable,but normal amongst those who sing to invisible men in the sky. That is why you have been slaughtering each other for millenia.

      Try just being a good human. Sounds crackers I know. Treat your fellow human in the same way as you would wish to be treated,and what a wonderful world it would be.

      Once you start inventing gods,then chaos,death and disaster ensues.

      • Truthseeker


        Who established the Laws, who put them into place?

        You can not say they exist simply because they exist —that they are just there! A person would have to have an IQ of 50 to believe that.

        Some very brilliant mind, some entity with endless unimaginably power had to put them into place with every law complementing the next.

        One Law is kind only produces kind. A chicken can not produce a turkey or an eagle and a pig can not produce a cow — by the normal reproductive process I must add. And who thought up reproduction?

        It is by the uses of known physical law that a bridge can be built.

        Have you ever studied the human body — it is a marvelous work of biological, chemical and electrical engineering, so complex and yet so durable and adaptable.

        On and on.

        God is the Law giver, and without God giving you your next breath of air — you, old buddy, are dead.

        • plsnogod

          I am sad that your mindset will not allow you to question and search for answers.

          It is not good enough to simply say that ‘god did it’, end of story,no more science required,because ‘i know’.

          When you kneel down and talk to an invisible man in the sky,then stand up and sing to ‘him’, that is the time to consider your own IQ.

    • liber8

      the church is a fake! for use by the cia to control the week minded! there gods can not even stop a camel! they have to bomb in his name because he is not there! Christians blame the followers when he always fails! no one should fear that made up wimp!

      • Psp

        You are going to look that “made up wimp” in the face one day and you want have an attitude then. You will beg and plead for Him to forgive your ignorant foolish ways but at this point it is going to be too late for that. Man what a very powerful sense of regret thats going to come over you! Think im wrong about that if you want but itll happen genius.

        • plsnogod

          What on earth makes you believe that? What information have you got,that is denied to me?

          I suspect it is all in your mind.

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