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FDR Was a Communist Agent

Sunday, March 30, 2014 5:33
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“Democracy” is a a charade designed to pacify

the sheeple.  Government is run by the Illuminati

Jewish banking cartel.

FDR claimed he was not a Communist

but, as Dave Martin shows, his actions belied his words.

by Dave Martin

Was Franklin Roosevelt a Communist?

(Excerpt and edited by

FDR must have been a Communist. Consider what FDR told Rep. Martin Dies in 1940:

I do not regard the Communists as any present or future threat to our country, in fact I look upon Russia as our strongest ally in the years to come. As I told you when you began your investigation, you should confine yourself to Nazis and Fascists. While I do not believe in Communism, Russia is far better off and the world is safer with Russia under Communism than under the Czars. Stalin is a great leader, and although I deplore some of his methods, it is the only way he can safeguard his government.

His protestation of a lack of belief in Communism is completely belied by his words here and in many, many ways by his actions. Dies notes that those pro-Soviet, pro-Stalin views match what he told Cardinal Spellman in 1943:

His aide memoire is completely in accord with the opinions Roosevelt expressed to me over the years. Specifically, the President had said that Russia was our natural ally; that the Russian people were much better off than they had been under the czars; and that he thought that the Russians would get about forty percent of the world, and the capitalist regimes would retain sixty percent.

warleaders.jpg(Allied leaders were all Illuminati Jews. So was Hitler.)

Unfortunately, Roosevelt’s policies seemed to have been designed to make sure that this prediction would come true. The Yalta Conference near the end of the war was just the capper on a global war strategy that from beginning to end could hardly have been better crafted to further the interests of Joseph Stalin and world Communism. Having been attacked by the Japanese, the American public along with many of the country’s military leaders wanted a greater emphasis upon the Pacific theater and defeat of the Japanese and less upon the war with the Germans, but Stalin wanted it otherwise and that’s what he got from Roosevelt.

In the battle against the Germans, our British allies favored an attack in the Eastern Mediterranean and up through the Balkans, but, again, Stalin wanted a different strategy from us. He feared that we would occupy Eastern Europe and dictate the peace in that area before his troops could arrive.

Stalin, therefore, pushed for us to attack across the English Channel at the earliest possible date to take German pressure off the Soviet Union while keeping non-Communist allied forces as far away from his sphere of interest as possible. Only fierce British resistance probably prevented the allies from making a premature attack across the channel, but we finally did carry out Stalin’s wishes.

From the beginning we lavished supplies and equipment upon the Soviet Union far beyond the requirements of military necessity. Worst of all was Roosevelt’s unilateral declaration at the Casablanca Conference early in 1943 that we would only accept unconditional surrender to conclude the war.

Huey_8.jpg( A slice of FDR’s Cabalist Jewish Administration)

Our rigid adherence to that policy virtually to the very end* undercut the strong anti-Nazi elements within Germany, assuring that there would not be a separate peace between the non-Communist adversaries that would in some degree deprive the Soviet Union of the spoils of victory, and that the Japanese would continue to fight until the Soviet Union could enter the Pacific war and promote Communism in the East. This unconditional surrender policy resulted in the Roosevelt administration spurning a number of serious peace overtures from the anti-Nazi, anti-Communist military leadership of Germany in 1943. Later, we were to do the same thing with respect to the Japanese emperor.

Defenders of Roosevelt’s complete capitulation to Stalin at Yalta argue that we were simply accepting facts on the ground achieved through Soviet military success, and there is some truth to it, but only because of previous concessions to Stalin at Tehran and through our overall pro-Soviet military strategy.

The absolute worst things Roosevelt did at Yalta were to agree to the return of refugees from Russia to their Soviet oppressors known as Operation Keelhaul and the offering of inducements to Stalin to enter the war against the Japanese. George N. Crocker in Roosevelt’s Road to Russia best captures the folly of that last position:

[In Honolulu] on July 27 and 28, 1944, [FDR] had discussed the war in the Pacific for many hours with General Douglas MacArthur, who had flown up from Australia, and Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, commander of the naval forces in the Pacific. MacArthur and Nimitz, in the presence of Admiral William D. Leahy, had told him that “Japan could be forced to accept our terms of surrender by the use of sea and air power without an invasion of the Japanese homeland.”

Since then, what was left of the Japanese fleet had been crushed in the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October, the Philippines had been retaken, B-29′s were bombing Japan from Guam, Tinian, and Saipan, and Japanese peace feelers had been put out.

When Roosevelt went to Yalta, he kept MacArthur and Nimitz far away. He asked them nothing, told them nothing. In view of what he did at Yalta, this would seem an incomprehensible neglect on his part to avail himself of the counsel of the two men most qualified to give it. The only explanation that makes any sense is that he already knew what their advice would be, that it was not compatible with his plans, and that he did not welcome having their opinions–overwhelmingly authoritative as they would be–presented.

At this stage, elementary statesmanship, for the security of American interests in the Far East, required that the Soviet Union be, at almost any cost, dissuaded, discouraged, and forestalled from entering the war with Japan. Roosevelt went to Yalta and secretly did just the opposite. (pp. 242-243).


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  • Anonymous

    The way o’bama is so bad and a muslim and Putin is so opposite with being a good Christian, I have to wonder if this is the Plot for the USA to become commie (or just fascist) backhandedly

  • Mirabolin

    All societies based on economics degenerate into the anti-racist communism imposed by a money grubbing elite. THIS Capitalism was always Karl Marx’s end goal too.

  • freedomringsforall

    We must show the commie/socialist/progressive/Nazi/fascist/dictatorial scum the door.

    We must welcome a rebirth of the constitutional Republic that our founders passed down to us.

    We as a people that have inherited in the greatest Republic ever known to man need to focus.

    Our country and this world are spinning into insanity on purpose.

    The Internationalist have their plan, the Islamists have their plan, and the commie/socialists have their plan.

    For the moment they all align with intent so they are all using each other to create absolute worldwide chaos and each leader propped up by these groups is out for what they want and obama is good at that game.

    The purpose for chaos and death is to justify clamp down, arms confiscation, and in general steps toward dictatorial powers for these groups.

    These groups just like the axis powers in World War 2 will work together on a worldwide basis to make these realities come to fruition.

    Just as the axis powers in world war two believed that they could rule the world in sync after dominating it they each all also secretly believed that they could overcome the other in the end and become the one true leader of the entire world, so do these new axis powers believe the same.

    I believe the internationalists believe as Hitler did that with an overwhelming political power, economic power, and military power of a united Europe and the Americas in their pocket and with deep inroads (politically and economically) into the African continent and the mid asia, and asia proper continents that they will eventually come out on top as the unified world leaders and thus enforce the one world governance that they have been developing onto the world.

    We are one step away from a total worldwide dictatorship.

    The neutering of the 2nd amendment of the Constitution of The United States of America.

    If we do not ensure that our 2nd amendment rights and freedoms are rock solid then no rights will be and if we lose the U.S. we lose the world.

    And that my friends is what all of them are counting on.

    Praise God and pass the ammunition!

    Long live this Republic!

    We must force the narrative:

    1.) Declare your support for The Constitution of these United States of America against all foreign or domestic opposition

    2.) Declare your opposition to The Constitution of these United States of America

    Either you stand for the constitution or you do not and we must force those who do not to publicly admit it.

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