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What Really Happened to Flight MA 370?

Saturday, March 29, 2014 6:42
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According to one report,  the owners of a valuable patent
were aboard MA 370. If they died, the patent would belong to
the company, Freescale Semiconductor, which is owned by Jacob Rothschild.

by Alan Cundy

What happened to flight MA370, why and who could be involved?   Let’s look at some of the possibilities:

The plane either:

(A) Was a genuine accident caused by equipment or pilot error.

(B) The plane was taken down deliberately.

(C) The plane was hijacked/stolen and has landed.

Let’s look at the possible motives.  Malaysian Airlines was on its way to China and its transponder did not respond. Many passenger cell phones were called and GPS information exists somewhere.  The flight had an all-Malaysian crew of 12 and a total of 239 passengers of which the majorities were Chinese and Malaysian.  One group of passengers included 12 Malaysians and eight Chinese all from the same company, Freescale Semiconductor.

In my experience, this defies all company policies. You don’t “put all your eggs in basket.” Generally travel groups are split up to reduce business risk.  This company is called Freescale Semiconductor and is based out of Austin TX with manufacturing and design facilities in the Far East.  Their products and services are across the board of applications from automotive, medical, military etc.

 freescale-kinetis-kl03.jpgTheir “gem” is the latest in Ultra Small Micro controllers. They now produce the world’s smallest micro controller at a size of 4 square millimeters using integrated circuitry which includes Radon Access Memory (RAM), Read Only Memory (ROM) and a High Frequency Counter/Clock.  This product known as Kinesis KL02 uses adaptive (learning and correcting) and is useful for Drones that are smaller than a fly, Micro Submarines and Micro Satellites.  The technology is duel use so it can have the best of both markets; high volume low cost and high tech low volume giving it commercial access to automotive, medical, robotic  etc., as well as high tech military applications.

Military benefits of this technology include, but not limited to:

(1) Radar Jamming  (2)Target Modification (3)RF Power (4)Missile Guidance (5) Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) (6) Electronic Counter Measure
(7) Cloaking for Radar & Visual Disappearance

In 2007 the Syrian Military experienced the use of this technology. Israeli planes were spotted on the countries air defense radar. At first, it appeared that no jets were in the sky. Then in an instant, it made the radar believe there were hundreds of planes. 

The flight path of MH370 was headed NNW to China over Vietnam, but the plane “vanished” when the transponder was turned off . The Malaysian military reported the plane was directed west across the Malacca Strait.  Is it possible that it was taken down or hijacked?  Some people in the Maldives reported hearing a low flying jet making a noise like a loud fan.  Also, the Malaysian Prime Minister has been quoted saying there was no mechanical error and their focus is now on the passengers and crew.

This technology could have been used on this very plane. Looking at this situation, we have Western Military technology being designed in a Muslim country with ties to China and Russia, who are often at odds with US foreign policy.  Apparently, there is a sister plane made by Boeing on the tarmac in Tel Aviv. The theory is that the Israelis would claim the Iranians hijacked it, loaded it with explosives and used it for a false flag attack on the US.

Apparently Jacob Rothschild is the owner of Freescale Semiconductors. The ownership of the patent would be solely owned by Rothschild if four other owners who were on the plane are deceased. 

“If the patent holder dies, the other owners share equally in dividends from the deceased.  If four of the five patentees die, then the patentee left alive gets 100% of the patent. That remaining patent holder is the company Freescale Semiconductor. Who owns Freescale Semiconductor? The answer is: Jacob Rothschild. British billionaire owns the company Blackstone, which in turn owns the company Freescale Semiconductors. Several speculations on the Internet now pay attention to this circumstance.”

This seems the most plausible explanation for the disappearance of MA-370. The world’s militaries and interlligence agencies  are chore boys for the Rothschilds. The plane was probably flown to Diego Garcia where the passengers were liquidated.

 Alan Cundy worked as an Project Manager for a consulting company in electronics. Currently, he’s self employed in construction and a semi retired stay-at-home dad with a wife and 5 kids (12 to 29.)


List of  Passengers:

20 High Tech passengers


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  • CaptainAmerica

    Dear Mr Makow,

    On March 11th I sent the following explanation to several news outlets:

    B777 Pilots Thoughts on MH370 DisappearanceI have some food for thought you may want to consider. I combined mybackground in Law Enforcement and Aviation and came up with,I believe, aplausible scenario. You remember my original scenario on the Captain hijacking the aircraft? This is an update on those thoughts.Flt 370′s Captain Shah had reasons to commit suicide. His estranged wife and children had left him the day before the flight. This is an extreme embarrassment in his culture. That same day, he sat in court and watched his hero, a political Muslim activist sentenced to several years in jail for homosexuality..Distraught, Captain Shah planned to end his life on his flight the next day.Little known to the public, in the cockpit next to the captain’s seat is a very sharp fire ax.once safely in cruise, Captain Shah,programmed the turn into the flight computer. After the copilot’s hand-off with ATC he turned off the transponder and attacked the copilot with the fire ax. Though mortally wounded the younger copilot fought valiantly and wrestled the weapon away from captain. Captain Shah was severely wounded as well. It is well know in LEO circles that attacks with sharp weapons often injure the attacker as well as the victim if a strong defense is initiated.During this life and death struggle the autopilot was knocked off precipitating the erratic climb to 45000 feet that caused the plane to stall and then plummet until it was recovered by the captain at 25000 feet.Just so you know, the auto pilot can be knocked off in the B777 if enough force is used against the control yoke. It is designed for the pilot to take control if the autopilot becomes erratic or makes a improper control inputs. A violent struggle in the cockpit could definitely input extreme forces on the control yoke.Captain Shah was now exhausted from the struggle,wounded,and was losing blood rapidly from his wounds. He probably lost consciousness within minutes and passed away sitting in his seat from a total blood loss.The Captain had reengaged the autopilot manually immediately after the attack and before he passed out.. After he died of his blood loss the autopilot would continue to fly on the last heading it was engaged on until the fuel ran out and the engines quit. The autopilot would continue to try to maintain altitude and rapidly put the B777 into a deep stall that would lead to a death spiral down into the ocean. This descent would take several minutes but would end in a catastrophic crash, disintegrating the B777.If you can call it good news, this crash would possibly leave some largerdebris than a controlled high speed dive I posited earlier. However since there was zero fuel left on board Flight 370 there would be no large oil slick.As you can see my scenario is completely congruent with all the known flightpath data we possess at this time


    Capt Luke

    • DK

      You are of course suggesting that because a man has just become divorced and his political party of choice has dropped out of the running he would abandon all his principles as a human being, attack his collegue whom he has worked with for years just for the opportunity to murder his passengers and crew. A lot of Americans love sport with teams they often dedicate their lives too, most of them never get to the finals and a lot of these supporters get divorced, by your reasoning America should be a bloodbath every time something goes wrong, I am just wondering where this personality profile comes from because it is as common as hens teeth.

    • LifeIs

      CaptainAmerica Luke (1) The flight path data we have at this time was manufactured 17 days after the plane disappeared and is not credible for that reason.

      (2) There is a contradiction in the “pings” to the Inmarsat communication satellite, the ones that were manufactured so recently.

      The problem is, that satellite relays cell phone and internet from the plane to the world. If the plane was in communication, why didn’t passengers make calls during all this violent maneuvering.

      (3) There are two transponders to be turned off, not one.

      (4) There is the matter of loading a new course into the Flight Management System.

      (5) Suicide is a sin in the Muslim religion, as it is in the Jewish and Christian religions.

      (6) Suicide does not explain mass murder.

      (7) Suicide does not require the plane to fly for thousands of miles. Swissair 111
      shattered into a couple of million pieces right off the coast of Nova Scotia, in 1998.

      And that case shows how difficult it is to investigate a crash at sea. There’s NO reason to program a course to the southern part of the Indian Ocean.

      (8) The HUGE problem with your theory is, Boeing jets since 1983 have been equipped with automatic landing systems, and since the mid-1990s, with a DATA LINK to the GROUND for the FLIGHT MANAGEMENT COMPUTER.

      If the plane is hijacked, or if the pilots are disabled, the plane can be controlled from the ground. The plane’s course can be altered through the FMS. The plane can be landed without the pilots.

      Other than that, you’ve given us a good example of colorful fiction based on nothing.

      (9) We still have to account for the Niagara Falls of disinformation about this plane,
      and the evidence reported, and then changed, and the manufactured evidence.

      • CaptainAmerica

        Respectfully, I speak fro experience here I flew the B777 internationally for 4 years. Since 1968 I have flown all the Boeing models made since 1958 except the 747 and the 787.

        Agreed, there are two transponders . Only one is used in flight. The other is turned to standby and must be turned on manually if the primary transponder fails.

        The autopilot can be turned on manual guidance. You can set heading an altitude hold manually without reprogramming the the Flight Management Computer.

        The pings were handshake/interrogations from the Rolls Royce Engine maintenance reporting system, not part of a Satcom/wireless system for passengers.

        If you have died as a result of rapid blood loss, then the plane will maintain last manual heading and altitude input until someone re-engages the Navigation computer into Nav mode to follow the programmed route. Both pilots were dead so that didn’t happen.

        An no, there is no program or interface for a ground based control of the FMS. The route can be downloaded from dispatch before departure, but engaging the route and setting up the approach and landing require manual pilot inputs.

        Perhaps rather than suicide, the captain had planned on remote landing the aircraft and negotiating his Hero’s release. The plan went bad with his wounds and loss of consciousness. Who truly knows. This is just a plausible scenario.

        Lastly, even Shah’s friend said he was in no mental state to fly. You must understand that the minds of a different culture respond differently than a person with a western cultural view. Divorce is devastating . Imprisonment of the hero you counted on to fight for your strong political views is another grave disappointment.

        History shows that many Muslim men will honor kill their wives before allowing a western style divorce. In fact, today here in the US, a trial for a Muslim “Honor killing” is underway as we type. Like I said, western minds find it hard to fathom such evil intent.

      • LifeIs

        Captain America nope. (1) Look it up. Not the on again- off again engine pings. The satellite I mentioned. The Inmarsat communications satellite was the “pinging” supposedly used to track the plane to the Indian Ocean.

        (2) There certainly IS a data link to “update” the FMS from the ground. Odd that you didn’t know about it. Look it up.

        There are much more modern anti-hijacking systems also, including ones patented by Boeing in the 21st century.

        (3) We do have “honor killings” in the US, we just don’t call them that. Well I remember a case from when I was a teenager. It was featured in Life magazine. The father didn’t like his teenager anymore…long hair and all that…so he shot him dead. And got away with it.

        We have murders in the military, murders of recruits, i only remember one that stands out. The kid was my age, a USMC recruit shot in the groin and chest. Timothy Scudder, I believe his name was.

        An unsolved mystery like thousands since.

        And the murders in Iraq — and Afghanistan — Tilman was one outstanding one, and the group of kids kidnapped on base, taken off base, found to have been tortured before death — the military and the media suggested the Iranians did it…In Iraq…on a US base..driving an American car and looking like Americans…

        …. and the Green Zone snipers that never, ever got caught, and the showers that electrocuted people… and so on…

        As for husbands and wives good GOD spouses kill each other a LOT. More female victims than male.

  • YouGuysAreIdiots

    This is asinine. The patent already belongs to the company, not the workers. Do you not know how these things work? I am sorry that “one report” has duped your gullible brain. And you disagree with other loons who say it landed at “Diego Garcia? Which dumb crap posted here should I believe? I wish you nits would get together first and decide on one stupid scenario and go with it. smh

    • DK

      Patent rights belong to the patent holder, if there is a trust holding those rights or some sort of legal agreement under which a company is bound to share fees and rights income with the inventors, in this case PHD and Masters level researchers then the scenario where a group of researchers can derive an income from their research is true.

      Not all labs have an academic contract where Researchers work automaticaly belongs to the University or Company, the lab they worked for may have been independent or they themselves have been such valued and senior researchers that their individual contracts state they can derive public acknowledgement, acclaim and profit from their research even though they are employees. However if so, if they die the rights go to their legal estates and if the mode of their death is contestable especially because it is suspicious, the Rothschilds would not automatically get their hands on the intellectual property, China would claim it first.

      And there are no loons claiming a 777 in Malaysian Livery flew South over the Maldive Atols on March 8th at 6.15 am local time below 5000 feet simply because for the Islanders seeing an aircraft is an event not any everyday happening, would you like to explain its origin ?.

  • Equinox

    Henry, In a nutshell very good synopsis – ‘Coles Notes Version’. I am looking at doing the same type of “MH370 Need To Know” as well. Since this plane went missing I have had time to add it all up and much like 9/11 this story has way too many twists and turns to be considered a conspiracy. The buck now stops at George – use to be – Schwartz – now – Soros’ desk. He is the visionary and architect of the demise of Malaysia, their missing plane, all the lost lives and the next ‘false flag’ on the USA (as previously seen in New York, New York on September 11/01) Clearly one plus one does equal two. Two twin planes – one missing and one about to comeback as a weapon or maybe not – we may have flagged this ‘false flag’, but the planning out has taken way too long for ‘them’ to scrap it like they were suppose to ‘scrap’ that plane.

    Watch these
    and read these

    The Puppeteer Behind Obama: George Soros

  • Mike Rotchurts

    Quote “size of 4 square millimeters using integrated circuitry which includes Radon Access Memory (RAM), “Unquote

    Firstly its millimetres not millimeters lol

    Secondly RAM is not radon access memory its random access memory…RANDOM….

    Quote “The technology is duel use so it can have the best of both markets” Unquote

    Thirdly when you describe 2 things or purposes its spelt dual not duel…a duel is a pre-arranged contest between 2 parties with the use of or none use of weapons

    do you get paid for this?…do you not have a proof reader?

  • LifeIs

    “The daughter of MH370′s pilot has accused a British tabloid of “making up” an article in which the paper quoted her saying her father was unstable before the flight, a report said today.
    The Daily Mail”

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