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Increasingly, Men See Women as “The Enemy”

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 10:04
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25175-Stop-Youre-A-Whore.jpgMy physical desires command me to mate with women,
yet the women in this environment are clearly toxic (feminism, media, etc.)

Illuminati Feminism is having its desired effect:
Dividing the sexes by destroying the marriage ethos in women and provoking a backlash from men. Women are not the enemy.

Illuminati Jews & Freemasons have subverted Western society.

Makow comment
- I am a defender of heterosexual marriage and family. But men have been brainwashed to think women are far more beneficial than they actually are. At one time, they were a blessing. But due to the influence of feminism, they seek power instead of love. They have mutated. They are missing their natural destiny (as wives and mothers) and becoming biologically redundant.

from June 8, 2014

Mike’s Complaint, Women Want Kids Not Husbands, received a robust response from men:

Bill says, “Women are More trouble than they’re Worth”

I agree with Mike in the UK. Porn does for me what real women never have. I was married to a hot Filipina for 11 years too; so I know what a good sex life is like. And I was a born-again Christian for 22 years too; so I know where all the anti-porn folks are coming from. In fact, the only reason I sought out a wife was in obedience to 1 Corinthians 7:9 “But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion.” That was the worst decision of my life! The best decisions of my life were 1) getting a vasectomy and 2) divorcing my stress/drama/debt-generator wife. As good as the sex was, it was not worth the price I paid.

men-going-their-own-way-meme2.jpgI have discovered that MGTOW (men going their own way) is the path to peace and happiness. I live in Florida in a nice aircon condo. I take a 30-45 minute walk every day in the natural beauty that is my neighborhood. I read alot of articles online each day and interact with Facebook friends. I run my online machinery business. I take 1 or 2 vacations to Thailand or the Philippines each year. That is the only time I have sex. But it’s all good. Because porn is always there for me when I get horny. It never says NO. It never shames me. It never threatens me. It demands nothing in return. It’s free! It offers a different experience each and every time – at MY convenience. When I am done, it is done. I am in total control. What is not to like?

The detractors will say, “it’s like looking at a magazine ad vs. eating a real steak.” Not so! Having real sex with real women can be great, but is often boring. The effort men put into obtaining that sex is often ridiculously high. They also put themselves at risk. There are many “honey traps” out there. Men using Craigs list or dating sites are often robbed or even murdered. There are also life threatening STDs to avoid. The detractors will say, “you are looking for women in all the wrong places” OR “you just can’t find quality women.” Exactly – I can’t. So I have the wisdom to admit it and enjoy a spot of porn on occasional. Same way I enjoy a spot of whiskey on occasion. It’s not an addiction. It’s a gift from God and meets my need. I partake with a grateful spirit.

The detractors point out that porn is produced and promoted by the Illuminati to further their Satanic agenda of depopulation, to spiritually weaken its consumers and for the money. Agreed. However, I’ll bet these same people who are pursuing holiness are attending churches who have been infiltrated by feminism, political correctness and Zionism. I feel closer to God now than I did when I was attending church regularly, tithing, serving, witnessing, praying and reading my Bible every day. I no longer do any of those things. With the way men are targeted and abused in divorce court these days, I would revise 1 Corinthians 7:9 to read “But if they cannot control themselves, they should watch porn and masturbate, for it is better to jack off than to burn with passion.”

On the subject of women wanting kids, not husbands, I agree. The New Unmarried Moms, and The Tipping Point When Marriage and Children Is No Longer a Package Deal

However, this article is more to the point of our discussion. Woman’s Marriage/Man’s Marriage: Two Different Worlds: “Women go into marriage for the marriage. Men go into marriage for the woman. For the woman, it’s a combo, a package deal. You get the house, the stuff, the kids and the guy. I can’t tell you how many men in my office complain that they feel they are last on the list, after the kids, her job, her mother, her sister, her friends and Zumba. She can get her needs met in a variety of ways and can have close, intimate relationships with any one of those people on that list, not only with him.”

For most men, marriage is a bad deal. Better to buy a dog. The dog doesn’t mind at all when you look at porn!

Mark says “learn Game.”:

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again: Men nowadays need Game, which is in the words of blogger Rollo Tomassi: “A set of behavioral modifications to life skills based on psychological & sociological principles to facilitate intersexual relations. “

Mike – from what you told, your problems might be: 1. You are targeting the wrong kind of women and are unable to recognize their given psychology correctly. Some are lost causes, but there are still enough girls out there who will gladly submit and be in a relationship with a masculine man. A man can learn to unravel the “feminine mystique” via knowledge of Game. 2. It is likely that you are attractive or good-looking, also have sexual prowess, but women don’t feel a strong bond with you – all men with excellent Game have met plenty of women, who would love to be wifed up by them (so called Deep-Conversion Game).

In the old times it was enough to be a good provider to get a woman. Nowadays it takes that, plus being Game-aware and having manifested more Alpha characteristics.

More on this by more traditional marriage encouraging manosphere sites – all written by happily married guys who learnt Game:

I wish you would give Game more credit. Game is not evil. Pumping and dumping may be not so beneficial, but knowledge itself of female inborn psychology is not bad. I have now met plenty of women, who actually recognized their own destructive motivations when I pointed them out. Some even accepted them and are trying to readjust their lives. We men are actually simpler, more straightforward creatures, but women behave according to a different set of rules. The worst is that women are barely aware of it – and so are most men.

But I think that the Illuminati high-level psychologists likely knew that a long time ago and knew what would happen when women would be given those “freedoms” and be “empowered”.

Will is on the verge of giving up:

It really seems that as a man living in western culture, like Mike I cannot help but feel like I am being backed into a corner. My physical desires command me to mate with women, yet the women in this environment are clearly toxic (feminism, media, etc.) Porn use has clearly been shown to cause neurological problems (reversible through quitting and physical exercise), and everywhere women dress in an extremely sexually provocative way constantly teasing you with their sexuality.

Unlike Mike, I have not had any women want me as a DNA provider, but I know that as soon as I finish my education (PhD in Neuroscience) and hit a stride in my career, women will just see me as a stable walking and talking ATM, whom they will gladly divorce and take resources from.

Importing women from more stable environments (i.e. overseas or religious women) into this one is an option, but women often are poisoned with feminism on entry and the same problem of them leaving and stripping you of resources occurs.

Not to mention that this toxic feminist virus is spreading around the world at a rapid rate. However, there is slim albeit risky chance for Mike to get the life he desires. Having been selected as a DNA provider in his 20′s (I am assuming) it is clear that women are attracted to him on a more primal/basic level.

He could theoretically quit porn, channel his sexual energy into his career and gain social status. This way women should more easily flock to him and he can more easily have his pick. If he carefully is able to select a young woman from a stable family/religious background, his primal attractiveness combined with his newly increased social status hopefully should be enough to convince the woman to marry him and not to stray from the marriage.

As for myself, my 20′s are almost over (turn 27 this month). I have been on many first dates (no sex) and not had a single second date. I am extremely physically fit (train at the gym 4 days a week). I have no problem talking to women or making them laugh but it is clear that I get put in the friend-zone and am not DNA provider material.

Taking into account my experiences with these women and the experiences of other provider type men/friends who are now going through painful and humiliating divorces/child support battles, it has become crystal clear to me that women on a primal/physical level are not attracted to me and only see me as a potential provider that they can easily discard once resources are attained thanks to no-fault divorce.

Personally, I have too much dignity to let that happen and I pray to God that He will help control my sexual desires so I can maintain what dignity I have left.

Art says, C’mon Men, have Some Fun:

So he’s bored with women, okay, but here’s a story from a man who’s never bored with them. I’m entertained by them, although more than 13 years happily celibate. Without the pressure to fondle and penetrate body parts a whole new world opens to you. The fondling can happen later when you finally locate one worth the effort.

As a relatively new resident in a new city, and an avid ice skater, I come in contact with a plethora of very attractive women. I know so many now I struggle to remember all their names.

I have developed what I am calling a “feminist” test. It takes a bit of practice to employ properly because one must believably take on the role, jokingly, of a sexist, if only for a few moments. Timing is crucial of course. At some point in the conversation, work in something like this. “I think you’d look great behind an ironing board, or pushing a broom or mop”. It’s so over the top in modern society it’s hard to keep a straight face. You WILL turn heads of women around you so be prepared.

One of two things will happen, the target woman will explode in visible anger and be beside herself (feminist), or she will have a suspicious look followed by a smiling relief knowing you can’t possibly feel that way (real woman who may share some feminist ideals but isn’t sure why). So much fun I tell you. Now who’s in the driver seat?

Remaining friendly but never give any hint that this is all happening in order to score. She will be left wondering what is wrong with you. A man that “isn’t trying to get in her pants”? Perplexing. Astounding. Attractive! Yes, you are now a one in a million, and I assure you they’ll be back for more,

I’m holding out for just one woman that I can’t remain celibate around. So far she hasn’t appeared before my eyes. When she does though, I will be sure to return here and report.

C’mon men, turn this game around. BE the dominant force you were designed to be. No one has ever died from a lack of sex. Man up gentlemen, get out there and have some fun again.

NOTE:  If anyone is interested in temporarily swearing off sexual activity, the way a sweat lodge cleanses the mind and body, one thing must be done to be successful. Stop consuming pornography. It’s a terrible addiction. It desensitizes men to female bodies to a point where a physical response to the very sight of one no longer cause erectile results.

Just as an alcoholic can swill a dozen beers without much of an affect, so goes porn addiction. If you were an alcoholic, would renting a room in a liquor store be a good idea? Just stop it, and stop it now. Intense demand drives the overwhelming supply, you have the ability to stop it cold. It’s part of being a man, a free man.


First Comment from Christopher:

I wasn’t planning on commenting on anything, but after reading yesterday’s article and some comments from the past two days I just can’t keep it to myself anymore.  These guys talking about they watch porn and jack off rather than deal with a woman?   They are mad.  Mike saying he can’t find a woman who doesn’t put out fast?  Either slow down or stop complaining.  Will and other guys scared that the ladies just want their money?  Grow some fucking balls!
The main problem with most of these stories is that these “men” are not in control.  Not in control of themselves, not in control of their women, and not in control of their dicks.  No wonder these evil feminist bitches want to rape, rob, and beat them.  They are sitting ducks, and this so-called “female empowerment” is turning women into predators.  It is not news to me that some girls just want men for there money.  There are girls who, when looking for a relationship, don’t look for a man that they actually want to be with, but for a fool who they can use.  Easy solution: don’t get involved with them and if you do, don’t give them anything!  Yes, when you first meet a girl, it can be nice to buy her flowers or take her out to an expensive restaurant, but when they ask you to pay to get their hair done or buy them $400 shoes there should be no room for negotiation.  If you give in, things will only get worse.
We have all heard a million stories of men whose wives leave them and take everything, and I sympathize with them.  In this system it could happen to almost anybody.  The only solution is to find a wife who is actually a decent person, which is rare these days.  But no matter what you do, porn is no substitute for a woman.  Picking up sluts or  prostitutes, while not a great idea, makes more sense as you will at least get what you want.  If you are single and struggling to find a decent girl, you would be better off not watching porn at all as it will only frustrate you more and fill your mind with perverted images.  Or for you people that like to quote the bible, didn’t Jesus say if your arm causes you to sin it is better to chop it off that have your whole body thrown into hell?
I can’t lie, I like beautiful naked women.  But I have no interest in watching people have sex.  I am 30 years old and in my short time on earth I have (fortunately) never seen an erect penis.  At least not in real life, but yes I have seen it in porn.  Henry, you’re right when you say porn is gay.


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    You’re kidding me right???!! You divorced your wife because you could stand to be married anymore; things didn’t go your way after a few years of marriage so you just threw in the towel??? AND you use porn and trips to Thailand to have anonymous sex.. Did I get that right???? and here’s the KICKER.. you CLAIM to be a Christian??? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL…ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    NEWSFLASH, You AREN’T a Christian!!! Everything you listed above is exactly what the bible (remember that little book.. ummm the Word of God.. which we as Christians base our lives on??) preaches AGAINST, sir! When you take a wife you agree to Love her through sickness and health.. You promise to have and to hold from this day foreward.. NOT until she stops having sex with you or maxes out your credit cards???? DON’T CALL YOU SELF A CHRISTIAN UNTIL YOU ACT LIKE ONE…

    PORN is the biggest enemy of the modern marriage!! The New World Order and Elite Jerks have really succeeded in tearing the very fabric of marriage and of the family when they introduced the world to PORN.. God help us.

    I suggest that you re-evaluate your life; stop calling yourself a Christian unless you start living like one; talk to God; rededicate yourself to Christ; apologize to your ex-wife, yes apologize because the ONLY reason you get to leave your wife in is if she has been unfaithful….

    Seriously bro, Trust in Christ to forgive you of your sin, turn back to him, repent of your sins, re-dedicate your life…. THE LORD IS RETURNING SOON.. Do you want him to find you in Thailand with some prostitute or searching for porn???

  • ned

    swore off women 17 years ago and have no issues with it. Happy, stress free and can live on very little cash. my brother did the same… we have lady friends that are pleasant to be around, but zippers up!


  • truthlovingsoul

    feminism was started by the zionists for many reasons….break up of traditional families, expanding their tax bracket with female workers, pitting men and women against each other, ramping up divorce rates and more, but the fact remains that it is right that a woman make the same pay for the same work. it is right that women not be marginalized and treated as a minority when we make up over half the world’s population. it is right that women have the choice of whether or not to become mothers.
    as usual, a worthy movement was taken over by criminals with nefarious goals, but it is still a worthwhile cause.
    i dare to say if mr. makow of the above writer were born women, they would agree that equality is a pretty good idea.
    not all women who are seeking equality are hard-line, greedy, needy bitches. we don’t have to be one or the other and the days of putting us in a box/category are over.
    only insecure men want subservient women. partnerships, that’s what it’s about. none ahead, none behind. it can be done.

  • Big dog.../small fish...

    Get over your effing divorce man!

  • Geeper

    “I take 1 or 2 vacations to Thailand or the Philippines each year. That is the only time I have sex.”


  • youpeopleareinsane

    Your mistake marrying an American woman. :shock: :shock: :cry: :cry:

    Neediest greediest least grateful on earth. :twisted: :twisted:

    Look East young man, there shall you find what you seek. :wink: :wink:

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