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Girl Forced To Have ‘Mark Of The Beast?’

Monday, December 17, 2012 23:46
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‘Exactly what it talks about in the Book of Revelation’


A ruling is expected in days from a federal court in the case of a student in Texas facing possible expulsion over her decision to contest a mandatory “spychip” implemented by her school district, a system she and her family call “the mark of the Beast” spoken of in the Bible.

The Rutherford Institute today requested an injunction before U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia in San Antonio to prevent the disciplinary action planned by the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio.

The district’s program, called the “Student Locator Project,” is to boost public funding for the district by increasing student attendance rates.

The plan has some 4,200 students at John Jay High School and Jones Middle School wearing mandatory “SmartID” card badges embedded with an RFID tracking chip which allow school officials to track students at all times on .

Rutherford today said the request for a preliminary injunction was taken under advisement, and a ruling is expected within days.

A lower court’s temporary restraining order has been maintained against the district, and officials say it remains in effect until the judge issues his decision.

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  • Anonymous

    This is not the Mark of the Beast. You are just another idiot trying to impress people with your biblical terms when you have no idea what you are talking about. You will know when you are offered the mark. It will be the number 666 just like the Bible says. It can’t be sneaked into your body. In the case of someone in a coma or someone mentally itt only God knows what will happen to them. You will either agree to get it or be tortured and/or beheaded.

    • Smith

      You missed the entire point of the article. Girl was forced to have a chip implanted. Biblical or not warning bells should be going off.

      • King of Shambhala

        666 is Obama the Antichrist’s money.

        The Illinois lottery drew 666 the day after Obama’s election.

        Bells should go off everywhere at this news.

    • Equalizer

      A company I used to work for singulates chips that go into pharmaceutical meds and activate using your stomach acids like a conventional battery and can then broadcast information via smart phone to your Dr. or whomever

  • Anonymous

    Look you stupid sheeple! You are “goyim” which in morlock language mean cattle!
    Cattle are micro chipped now. So…………………….What’s the beef?

    • Tedjusant

      May the Lord forgive you for not having the knowledge to SEE or SEEK the Truth, :!:


    microwave it

    • whitebear

      microwave it? Let us know how that turns out.

      2 words – x-acto knife

  • Anonymous

    How exactly is is legal for a school to require a chip on its students?

    • whitebear

      it is not

  • lez sez

    the world will be chipped, thats what austerity is all about

  • Tentoo2

    I can see some of the good points but feel that this should be for choice. Sad thing is, of course it will be forced on all citizens. Downside is, child pedophiles will find a way to aid in locating victims same as any criminal . Just what a single female needs out hiking, walking late at night etc etc. There will be the chip tracker, up for sale somewhere and can be abused in many ways. Like everything , there are ways to use this in so many bad ways.

    • Mayhem

      This could not be made up.

      Have a look at Lez Sez’s Avatar. Now look at the post below it by Tentoo2…….”good points” :lol:

  • Anonymous

    Imagine a chipless RFID tattoo that can be placed “on” your skin that will act as a direct neural interface to anthropomorphic artificial intelligence. Imagine that without this “mark”, which is what a tattoo is called in ancient terminology, one could not be “authorized” to “buy or sell” in the electronic MARKetplace. Prison system already requires inmates and staff to be monitored and tracked using RFID technology. When you go to any of the major amusement parks they issue RFID bracelets to monitor and track patrons and staff. The system of the beast is being developed and tested right in front of your faces!

  • Anonymous

    Something interesting that I just noticed on one of the business news channels. They showed the trading floor of the NYC and there are very few HUMANS on the floor! The entire economic system is being automated! No need for humans!

  • Wretched Infidel

    Well, this is a mark, and it is for complete authoritarian control, or tyranny. This is not good.
    We should not agree to its implementation. The only people who we should agree we need to control are those who harm others viciously and those are people who rape and deliberately hurt children, innocents, and try to destroy their trust, health, free will to do harmless things that they please, etc. etc. Child rapists and rapists for instance, should be carrying this so that we can know where they are at all times, in order to prevent them from raping and hurting/murdering innocent children and adults. That is if they are let live in the first place, which I do not agree with but everyone else seems to want to allow them.

    The thing that we are overlooking about the mark of the beast is that a Church (the Mother of all churches) speaks of the cross as a mark, and on one website (Catholic Church) said ‘put the crucifix or cross on your front doors and back…’ ‘this will protect you…’ and then, the ominious words: ‘This will Mark you as a child of Mary and of God/child of God and of Mary”. I remember that but can not find it … but that is what they said about the cross.

    The cross is as Alexander Hislop and many other historians thru the ages have known: The indisputable sign of Tammuz, Baal, Teitan, (Satan), of the Canaanites and the Egyptians had their form of it, the Ankh, which was and is the stylised cross, which is called the tree of life, which is totally antithetical to the Ones who created us, if you read the scriptures, you already know without a shadow of a doubt that they are to be worshipped and not the Solar Deity and his baby, the Solar Christ, (Tammuz, Horus, Her, Baal, Christ Jesus who is always born at the Winter Solstice – or soon thereafter, connected to that event, the Solstice), and this cross being taught as the symbol of ‘eternal life’, the ‘tree of life’, is diametricallyl opposed to the Creator/s revealed to us thru the Bible (Yahueh (IAUE, Yahweh…), and His messiah, called ‘the Word’ Yahushua, Yah’s son) various spellings, same sound however the spelling) who said his Father, Yah, (Yahu, Yahueh, IAUE) is to be worshipped in spirit and in truth, witout symbols, without images, graven, grown, carried, or worn.

    The Cross of Christianity is the Cross of Canaan, which is FORBIDDEN and is anathema to all true believers of Yah and to those who follow and love Yahushua, the real messiah of the Bible.

    Please, come out of this apostacy if you say you believe the Bible, just read it for yourselves, without church men who lie to you, or who are so blinded by the beautiful lie that they are leading their flocks to the pit with them. No, it will not be your fault, in the end, Yah will require your blood at their hands for they are the ones in the position of teaching ‘truth’ and gave you lies; but that will not help you in the day that you are led into the abyss with them, will it?

    There are worse things than physical death, you all know that. Preachers and priests who know the facts are those who will not be given resurrection with the just (the first res). You who were faithful to what they taught (lies) will probably be given another chance, if you had no abillity or inkiling that you believed and followed a lie, or many lies; Yah is all-knowing and always seeking our benefit, and this is what He warned about, repeatedly. He does not want people to die, for a lie. Many will die for the truth, but many also die because of the lies. Isn’t it much better, unfathomably better, to die for a truth and a justice, rather than forfeit that honour for a lie?

    The cross has been the sign, mark and symbol of the Solar Deity for since the apostacy began, way back in babylon and Sumer, in Nimrod’s days of ruling men, and that triune Godhead of the Universal Babylonish Church uses the symbol of the cross as perhaps the most recognisable one, along with the sun symbol, (monstrance – flaming sun symbol and circle and dot), and lunar crescent and star. There are others, like the obelisk, spiral, lightning bolt, triangle, trefoil, heart, flaming heart, and they all symbolise the same god and trinity/godhead of the Universal Religion, however – THE CROSS summarizes them all in that it appropriates the rightful title of the ‘Tree of Life’ (which is Yahushua, not Satan in the Garden of Eden),for the worship of the masses of the Deity Teitan, Hailail, Heileil, Satan, Set, Theo, Deo, Deus, Zeus, Dio, Esus, who is the spirit of death who comes as an angel of light. The hugest light orb in our galaxy is the sun, the largest star that we know, so that is the reason he is known as Sol, the Sun God, or the ‘light’. Beware of the lie that all light or ‘the white light’ etc. is good, or from a good source. Beware of the lie that the spirit behind the cross and that whole system of solar deity worship (it is the same religion as the worship of the Goddess and the baby saviour she bears for mankind’s sins and enlightenment) is a good one, because that is the clincher which has fooled countless billions ALREADY and you are not coming out of the cycle of deception, theft, forfeiting the truth for the lies is the norm, not the exception. Satan is the stealthy enemy of beauty, remember, he shews himself as your SAVIOUR AND YOUR GOD, YOUR MOTHER AND YOUR LOVER, YOUR FATHER AND YOUR ANGEL OF LIGHT (Lucifer, Horus). We have been warned, please refresh your minds and open up the bible and this is all there, continually. Why have we been looking away when we read the words of warning and lament? Our Creators are angry at the lies, sad at our destruction, at the stealing of the truth by our genius enemy/ies. We have to up our game and get with Yah’s plan, or we are all doomed. Too many already have been doomed for the beautiful light-sounding lies of death. Come Out of Her, My People, saith Yahueh of hosts;

    ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’.

    ‘Call unto me, (Me, Yahueh) in the day of trouble and I will answer thee, and shew thee many things which thou knowest not!” Jeremiah 33:3.

    this is a day of trouble, isn’t it? Well, lots of days of trouble, which were foretold, and it is only the 20th. Tomorrow the 21st will begin a new time of trouble such as we have never seen, which we are expected to trust in Yah during, and the tragic thing is, the priests have led us all so astray that we don’t even know Who Yah IS.

    THEY don’t want us to know Who HE IS, they do not want us to know even His Name, and they do not want us to know Who His Messiah/Word/Son is, or use or know his name, which is His Father’s Name!

    Christ will appear, has deceived and will ramp up his deception; accepting and giving over your spirit to this entity will be fatal, according to your bibles. Do you believe it or not? It is a beautiful emotion-filled exploitative LIE which you will enjoy accepting but will suffer for having done, at one point or another, and the initiation of about 26,000 years is coming. Tomorrow.

    Please do not accept the weakening of the spirit, please do not enter into the mass initiation of the Winter Solstice, please do not agree to that destructive deceptive spirit. Hold your own, gird yourselves with the truth, the life and to stay strong in the midst of the confusion around us, and believe Yah’s words, not the enemy’s lies.

    Christianity is – as taught – (not talking about the religion put forth in the bible, here) the ancient solar worship of the triune god, the trinity, (Father, Mother, Solar Deity baby son) which you have been told is the religion of the Bible, but you have been had, and now is your time to see this and prove it all to yourselves while there is yet a little time.

    Please read, pray to Yah, your Creator Father, and ask everything – if you believe in the message of the Bible you hold to as your authority, which truths all history corroborates, – (there are mistakes but these can be weeded out, identified and we can know the original truth, it is out there, just read and prove all things, read bible and history, which is discouraged by the priests who lay in wait in sheep’s clothing and intimidate you into accepting blindly whatever they say, this is evil and you should already know that much) ask everything you pray to Yah the Father (Yahueh, IaHuah, IaHueh, Yahweh, Yahu-eh, Yahu-ah) in His Messiah’s/Son’s name, which is his Father’s: in Yahushua’s name, we ask as the bible and Messiah taught the people and the disciples to use. Yes, they were killed for it. Yes, we have an organised enemy. But the fact is the Bible did give us examples and words to live by, and they are straight in telling us that if we do not accept and love the truth which the church does not like, and we accept the Solar Deity and the demonic religion which is feted and celebrated right now in a huge way, we will lose our lives not only physically, but eternally. Take off your crosses, the symbols you have been deceitfully brainwashed (coercively, and deviously, very masterfully, too) to wear and to take; this is your chance still, and Yahueh still holds out His Hand, but this holdout and mercy in letting time still run on is for our benefit, for the last person who WILL be accepting and open to the truth of the Creators, Yahu and Yahushua, (co-creators, the Father, and the Word, Yahushua) to accept it.

    May Yahueh and Yahushua’s spirit of truth and life help you now, and may you all be led by the eye of Yah as He said He would do, if you listen to His spirit and let that be your guide. Get knowledge, fast, right now, and pray as you have never before prayed because the time is upon us that is not going to be easy.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t wear any crosses, nor do I worship and serve any “images”, but at the same time I don’t worship your “god”. I have a Holy ,. Its the RSV, 1952, and no where in it does it call my GOD “Yahweh”. The book of Revelation, toward the end of Chapter 13 proclaims that ALL will receive the “mark”, and those who don’t will be killed by those who do! Are you telling me that rapists and child rapists will be the ones doing the killing? Not hardly! RFID technology is leading to the implementation of a way to electroncally “mark” individuals to facilitate electronic commerce, or e-commerce. Clearly, those who support the use of RFID, for ANY reason, are those who will be involved in killing those who WILL NOT accept the coming “mark”.

      • Wretched Infidel

        Dear Anon, above who writes : “I don’t wear any crosses, nor do I worship and serve any “images”, but at the same time I don’t worship your “god”. I have a Holy ,. Its the RSV, 1952, and no where in it does it call my GOD “Yahweh”. The book of Revelation, toward the end of Chapter 13 proclaims that ALL will receive the “mark”, and those who don’t will be killed by those who do! Are you telling me that rapists and child rapists will be the ones doing the killing? Not hardly!…”

        I am very sorry that tonite there is no time for me to answer you fully, since the Solstice Initiation is tomorrow at 4:11 Eastern pm time and I have to be in another state and its raining and I am exhausted already, ahhhh (if I do not laugh I would cry or die…) but there are a couple of crucial (no kidding) points that I must try to draw your attention to, which are:

        1) The Bible does not use the Name of Yahueh because it was deliberately removed

        2) there are many mistakes in translations of any bibles faults of men, who are fallible, however this does not make the entire bible erroneous, its just that we have the duty it is commanded to search the scriptures and see if those things that we are taught are actually true, according to the scriptures and also according to history which we must use to prove things right or wrong. This means to research, and thankfully men like Alexander Hislop and Layard and C. J. Koster and Lew White and R. Clover and Sir James Frazer and many others who dedicated their ENTIRE lives to the finding out of facts and weeding out the fables about the things we have been taught so that we – people like you and me, and all the others on here and out there, in the dark until we read and study and prove their writings and studies are true – and there are more people learning because it is the last days, and this was prophesied in your bible. Things that are VITAL to us according to Yahueh (do you anonymous worship the Creator that David the King worshipped? then you should use His Name, which is according to David and all the rest of the prophets in your 1952 bible Yah, (short poetic form was not removed from all the Psalms) which is shortened from IAUE, (pronounced Yahu-eh, Yahuwah, Yahueh, or usually written Yahweh like you are used to seeing). The God of the world is the Solar Deity, and you will learn that this is Satan, Sol Invictus, the Catholic Church will tell you that Sol Invictus is their name for the Spirit of the Triune Godhead who is the Father, the Mother, and the Solar Son who comes reborn at the Solstice in December, and this is – which you will know after proving all these things without a doubt, The Adversary, the enemy of humanity, who hates us and Yah hates that we are all fooled into not knowing Him, fooled into only ‘knowing’ and worshipping, and actually falling in love with the supposed character of the Solar Deity trinity. Yah hates that because Yah is the Father Creator who conceived the idea of making us, loved the idea and loved us, and The Word, King Yahushua, who would become the Son, and sent Messiah of Yah (not the Solar Deity’s counterfeit saviour figure, Christ, Horus, Jesus as taught as all Solar saviour figures have always been) spoke the every conception or idea into being. The Word, Yahushua, was a separate spirit, not the same as Yah, but with Yah in spirit and in total agreement with Yah, and they were together from the beginning, and they created everything together, in the spirit of life and love and truth.
        Yes, Yah and His Word, His Strong Arm, Yahushua, the Messiah of your bibles, are very angry and very very sad, becuase we do not know them, realy, not even their name, or ways, or take their plans seriously. Blood will be flowing and yet no one really takes this seriously, that Christians (and others) will die (this is in your bible, lots of times prophesied) due to their acceptance of the Adversary as their Creator. This is the tragedy, and you must find this out before there is no more chance to.

        The mark which all take will be a religious one, because it is an alignment with the Adversary, The Devil, Satan, and his religion. Yes, it will have economic repercussions, we know that, because coercion and hardship, fear and panic is always the surefire way to get people to do what they shouldn’t and the agents of the enemy are well versed in our human weaknesses and exploit them to the maximum, and with subtle and powerful means.

        I am afraid that tomorrow is going to be the beginning of the onslaught becuase it is the alignment of almost 26,000 years that people have warned us about, prophesied about, who worship this spirit: and the birthday of the Solar God’s baby saviour son, the False Messiah and this is the incarnation of the Father Sol Invictus, not your biblical Father, and not your biblical saviour, who comes in his Father’s Name, Yah, (Yahushua is the son’s name, our real Messiah and Lord’s name). It is actually another initiation, on the Adversary of Yah’s spiritual calendar, but not just another common initiation because of the time in history now, and the specific symology of the planets and sun. The dark rift of the center of the galaxy in the Milky Way will be where the sun will be and that is symolised by the Oroborous, or snake/serpent eating its tail, and the Mayans knew this would be a time of trauma and destruction. Many men they believe will die by the Destructive God, by water, and you know all the other ways that are used. I really believe that this Initiation is going to be powerful, so if you take anything your bible says in the spirit of your real Creators, please pray (to the Father, Yahueh, in Yahushua’s name, as your bible teaches us) replacing correctly their Name(s) in your searching for their guidance and in honour of your Creators, who love you.

        Tomorrow is going to be a Solar Deity Initiation, and then, the following 3 days, leading up to Mother Night, Christmas Eve Dec. 24. They will also be very very bad, and people have no idea that they need to be asking for protection spiritually due to the rituals and the energy being built up which is not NOT FOR US, BUT AGAINST US. To be used against us, is what the energy being transferred is going to be for. You and all people who do not desire their spirits and bodies to be harmed by this (perhaps eternally lost, in many sad cases, Yah and Yahushua have WARNED about this religion, the cult of the Sun God, his Goddess and their Son counterfeit saviour) need to really quickly learn the difference between ‘God’ Sol and ‘Saviour’ Horus, Tammuz, Dumuzi (all solar, therefore antithetical to the truth of the scriptures which we have in our homes, but ignore, for the most part) and the REAL FATHER, and REAL SON. They are separate spirits, different entities, but united in purpose, like you and your wife, or your husband are supposed to become ‘one’ but you are really two separate beings, two entities, two spirits, but should be ‘as one’ in unity, spirit, purpose and love of the truth.

        The trinity is Satanic to the core; all solar religion(s) have the father and the mother and the baby trinity. You will come to learn hopefully soon, (quick, too hopefully) that the ‘Holy Ghost’ or ‘Holy spirit’ is a misnomer and that is actually historically always FEMININE. Even the word Holy is Holi, a goddess which is forbidden to worship. Women are wonderful but we are not intended to worship them, or any one woman (goddess). The Creators loved and love women and men, and children, but the truth of your bibles is clear: worship only Yahueh, and Yahushua said this. He said everything you ask the Father, ask in His – Yahushua’s – Name. He taught and used the name of Yah his Father, our Father Creator. Their name is their identity, and this is ESSENTIAL in the spirit world where who you call upon is who you get, most of the time, and there are many destroying and destructive spirits who are listening carefully all the time to what we invoke in prayers. Please read up on this, please, please please and if you have any other questions when I get first chance next week, if the grid is still up and running, (hopefully it will be but who knows) I will return and answer with pleasure. Please pray for me and my children and our allies and friends out there in the world all over the globe who do not know or even have any idea about their Creators, Yah and Yahushua. (or Yahueh and Yahushua or Yahshua).

        Thank you for your prayers to Him, in the real son’s name, and May Yah of the Universe help you know what you need to, what He (they) both want you to learn.

        Goodnight, all people of good spirits, Yah help us all

  • stormtrooper1973

    lol we are already chipped, there called cell phones

    • jaked

      ohh, if they offer a phone on the chip wait and see how many people will line up for one of them, futurama eyephone anyone??

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