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9/11 Airplane Affidavit By John Lear, Son Of Learjet Inventor

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DR. MORGAN REYNOLDS, on behalf of :

The United States of America :


Plaintiff, : ECF CASE

vs. :

: 07 CIV 4612 (GBD)




January 28, 2008

Defendants. :




JOHN LEAR, of full age, being duly sworn, deposes and says:


1. I am 65 years of age, a retired airline captain and former CIA pilot with over 19,000 hours of flight time, over 11,000 of which are in command of 3 or 4 engine jet transports, have flown over 100 different types

of aircraft in 60 different countries around the world. I retired in 2001 after 40 years of flying.

2. I am the son of Learjet inventor, Bill Lear, and hold more FAA airman certificates than any other FAA certificated airman. These include the Airline Transport Pilot certificate with 23 type ratings, Flight Instructor, Flight Engineer, Flight Navigator, Ground Instructor, Aircraft Dispatcher, Control Tower Operator and Parachute Rigger.

3. I flew secret missions for the CIA in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa between 1967 and 1983.

4. During the last 17 years of my career I worked for several passenger and cargo airlines as Captain, Check Airman and Instructor. I was certificated by the FAA as a North Atlantic (MNPS) Check Airman. I have extensive experience as command pilot and instructor in the Boeing 707, Douglas DC-8 and Lockheed L-1011.

5. I checked out as Captain on a Boeing 707 in 1973 and Captain on the Lockheed L-1011 in 1985.

6. I hold 17 world records including Speed Around the World in a Lear Jet Model 24 set in 1966 and was presented the PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controller’s Association) award for Outstanding Airmanship in 1968. I am a Senior Vice-Commander of the China Post 1, the American


Legions Post for “Soldiers of Fortune”, a 24 year member of the Special Operations Association and member of

7. I have 4 daughters, 3 grandchildren and live with my wife of 37 years, Las Vegas business woman Marilee Lear in Las Vegas, Nevada.


8. No Boeing 767 airliners hit the Twin Towers as fraudulently alleged by the government, media, NIST and its contractors. Such crashes did not occur because they are physically impossible as depicted for the following reasons:

A. In the case of UAL 175 going into the south tower, a real Boeing 767 would have begun ‘telescoping’ when the nose hit the 14 inch steel columns which are 39 inches on center. The vertical and horizontal tail would have instantaneously separated from the aircraft, hit the steel box columns and fallen to the ground.

B. The engines when impacting the steel columns would have maintained their general shape and either fallen to the ground or been recovered in the debris of the collapsed building. One alleged engine part was found on Murray Street but there should be three other engine cores weighing over 9000 pounds each. Normal operating temperatures for these engines are 650°C so they could not possibly have burned up. This is a photo of a similar sized engine from a McDonnell-Douglas MD-11 which impacted the ocean at a high rate of speed. You can see that the engine remains generally intact.(photo, shtml)


C. When and if the nose of an airplane came in contact with the buildings 14 inch by 14 inch steel box columns and then, 37 feet beyond, the steel box columns of the building core the momentum of the wings would have slowed drastically depriving them of the energy to penetrate the exterior steel box columns. The spars of the wing, which extend outward, could not possibly have penetrated the 14 inch by 14 inch steel box columns placed 39 inches on center and would have crashed to the ground.

D. The argument that the energy of the mass of the Boeing 767 at a speed of 540 mph fails because:

a. No Boeing 767 could attain that speed at 1000 feet

above sea level because of parasite drag which doubles with velocity and parasite power which cubes with velocity.

b. The fan portion of the engine is not designed to accept

the volume of dense air at that altitude and speed.

E. The piece of alleged external fuselage containing 3 or 4 window cutouts is inconsistent with an airplane that hit 14 inch steel box columns, placed 39 inches in center, at over 500 mph. This


fuselage section would be telescopically crumpled had it actually penetrated the building as depicted in the CNN video. It is impossible for it to have then re-emerged from the building and then fallen intact and unburned as depicted.

F. The Purdue video fails because no significant part of the Boeing 767 or engine thereon could have penetrated the 14 inch steel columns and 37 feet beyond the massive core of the tower without part of it falling to the ground. The Purdue video misrepresents the construction of the core of the building and depicts unidentified parts of the airplane snapping the core columns which were 12″x36″. The Purdue video also misrepresents what would happen to the tail when the alleged fuselage contacted the core. The tail would instantaneously separate from the empennage (aft fuselage). Further, the Purdue video misrepresents, indeed it fails to show, the wing box or center section of the wing in the collision with the core. The wing box is a very strong unit designed to hold the wings together and is an integral portion of the fuselage. The wing box is designed to help distribute the loads of the wings up-and-down flexing in flight.


G. My analysis of the alleged cutout made by the Boeing 767 shows that many of the 14-inch exterior steel box columns which are shown as severed horizontally, do not match up with the position of the wings. Further, several of the columns through which the horizontal tail allegedly disappeared are not severed or broken. In addition, the wing tips of the Boeing 767 being of less robust construction than the inner portions of the wings could not possibly have made the cookie-cutter pattern as shown in the aftermath photos. The wing tips would have been stopped by the 14 inch steel box columns and fallen to the ground.

H. The debris of the Boeing 767, as found after the

collapse, was not consistent with actual debris had there really been a

crash. Massive forgings, spars from both the wing and horizontal and vertical stabilizers, landing gear retract cylinders, landing gear struts, hydraulic reservoirs and bogeys oxygen bottles, a massive keel beam, bulkheads and the wing box itself cold not possibly have ‘evaporated’ even in a high intensity fire. The debris of the collapse should have contained massive sections of the Boeing 767, including 3 engine cores weighing approximately 9000 pounds apiece which could not have been hidden. Yet there is no evidence of any of these massive structural components from either 767 at the WTC. Such complete disappearance of 767s is impossible.


9. My opinion, based on extensive flight experience both as captain and instructor in large 3 and 4 engine aircraft is that it would have been impossible for an alleged hijacker with little or no time in the Boeing 767 to have taken over, then flown a Boeing 767 at high speed, descending to below 1000 feet above mean sea level and flown a course to impact the twin towers at high speed for these reasons:


A. As soon as the alleged hijackers sat in the pilots seat of the Boeing 767 they would be looking at an EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrumentation System) display panel comprised of six large multi-mode LCDs interspersed with clusters of ‘hard’ instruments. These displays process the raw aircraft system and flight data into an integrated picture of the aircraft situation, position and progress, not only in the horizontal and vertical dimensions, but also with regard to time and speed as well.

Had they murdered the pilot with a box knife as alleged there would be blood all over the seat, the controls, the center pedestal, the instrument panel and floor of the cockpit. The hijacker would have had to remove the dead pilot from his seat which means he would have had electrically or manually place the seat in its rearmost position and then lifted the murdered pilot from his seat, further distributing blood, making the controls including the throttles wet, sticky and difficult to hold onto.

Even on a clear day a novice pilot would be wholly incapable of taking control and turning a Boeing 767 towards New York because of his total lack of experience and situational awareness under these conditions. The alleged hijackers were not ‘instrument rated’ and controlled high altitude flight requires experience in constantly referring to and cross-checking attitude, altitude and speed instruments. Using the distant horizon to fly ‘visually’ under controlled conditions is virtually impossible particularly at the cruising speed of the Boeing 767 of .80 Mach.

The alleged ‘controlled’ descent into New York on a relatively straight course by a novice pilot in unlikely in the extreme because of the difficulty of controlling heading, descent rate and descent speed within the parameters of ‘controlled’ flight.

Its takes a highly skilled pilot to interpret the “EFIS” (Electronic Flight Instrument Display) display, with which none of the hijacker pilots would have been familiar or received training on, and use his controls, including the ailerons, rudder, elevators, spoilers and throttles to effect, control and maintain a descent. The Boeing 767 does not fly itself nor does it automatically correct any misuse of the controls.


B. As soon as the speed of the aircraft went above 360 knots (=414 mph) indicated airspeed a “clacker” would have sounded in the cockpit. The ‘clacker’ is a loud clacking sound, designed to be irritating, to instantly get the attention of the pilot that he is exceeding the FAA-authorized speed of the aircraft. The clacker had no circuit breaker on September 11, 2001 although it does now simply because one or more accidents were caused, in part, by the inability to silence the clacker which made decision, tempered with reasoning, impossible because of the noise and distraction.

C. Assuming, however, that the alleged hijacker was able to navigate into a position to approach the WTC tower at a speed of approximately 790 feet per second the alleged hijacker would have about 67 seconds to navigate the last 10 miles. During that 67 seconds the pilot would have to line up perfectly with a 208 ft. wide target (the tower) and stay lined up with the clacker clacking plus the tremendous air noise against the windshield and the bucking bronco-like airplane, exceeding the Boeing 767 maximum stability limits and encountering early morning turbulence caused by rising irregular currents of air.

He would also have to control his altitude with a high degree of

precision and at the alleged speeds would be extremely difficult.

In addition to this the control, although hydraulically boosted, would be very stiff. Just the slightest control movements would have sent the airplane up or down at thousands of feet a minute. To propose that an alleged hijacker with limited experience could get a Boeing 767 lined up with a 208 foot wide target and keep it lined up and hold his altitude at exactly 800 feet while being aurally bombarded with the clacker is beyond the realm of possibility. [NIST claims a descent from horizontal angle of 10.6 degrees for AA11 at impact and 6 degrees for UA175; see page 276 of 462 in NCSTAR 1-2].

That an alleged hijacker could overcome all of these difficulties and hit a 208 foot wide building dead center at the north tower and 23 feet east of dead center at the south tower is simply not possible. At the peak of my proficiency as a pilot I know that I could not have done it on the first pass. And for two alleged hijackers, with limited


experience to have hit the twin towers dead center on September 11, 2001 is total fiction. It could not happen.


10. No Boeing 767 airliner(s) exceeded 500 mph in level flight at approximately 1000 feet on 9/11 as fraudulently alleged by the government, media, NIST and its contractors because they are incapable of such speeds at low altitude.

11. One of the critical issues of the ‘impossible’ speeds of the aircraft hitting the World Trade Center Towers alleged by NIST as 443 mph (385 kts. M.6, American Airlines Flight 11) and 542 mph (470 kts. M.75, United Airlines 175) is that the VD or dive velocity of the Boeing 767 as certificated by the Federal Aviation under 14 CFR Part 25 Airworthiness Standards; Transport Category Transports of 420 kts CAS (Calibrated Air Speed) makes these speeds achievable. This is unlikely.

12. The ‘Dive Velocity’ VD is 420 knots CAS (calibrated airspeed)(483 mph). Some allege that this speed, 420 knots (483 mph) is near enough to the NIST alleged speeds that the NIST speeds 443 (385 kts.) mph and 542 mph (471 kts.), could have been flown by the alleged hijackers and are probably correct.


13. In fact VD of 420 knots (483 mph) is a speed that is a maximum for certification under 14 CFR Part 25.253 High Speed Characteristics and has not only not necessarily been achieved but is far above VFC (390 kts. 450 mph) which is the maximum speed at which stability characteristics must be demonstrated.(14 CFR 25.253 (b).

14. What this means is not only was VD not necessarily achieved but even if it was, it was achieved in a DIVE demonstrating controllability considerably above VFC which is the maximum speed under which stability characteristics must be demonstrated. Further, that as the alleged speed is considerably above VFC for which stability characteristics must be met, a hijacker who is not an experienced test pilot would have considerable difficulty in controlling the airplane, similar to flying a bucking bronco, much less hitting a 208 foot target dead center, at 800 feet altitude (above mean sea level) at the alleged speed.

15. Now to determine whether or not a Boeing 757 or Boeing 767 could even attain 540 miles per hour at 800 feet we have to first consider what the drag versus the power ratio is.

Drag is the effect of the air pushing against the frontal areas of the fuselage and wing and horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Drag also includes the friction that is a result of the air flowing over these surfaces. If there was no drag you could go very fast. But we do have drag and there are 2 types: induced and parasite. Assume we are going


really fast as NIST and the defendants claim, then we don’t have to consider induced drag because induced drag is caused by lift and varies inversely as the square of the airspeed. What this means is the faster you go the lower the induced drag.

What we do have to consider is parasite drag. Parasite drag is any drag produced that is not induced drag. Parasite drag is technically called ‘form and friction’ drag. It includes the air pushing against the entire airplane including the engines, as the engines try to push the entire airplane through the air.

16. We have two other things to consider: induced power and

parasite power.

Induced power varies inversely with velocity so we don’t have to consider that because we are already going fast by assumption and it varies inversely.

Parasite power however varies as the cube of the velocity which

means to double the speed you have to cube or have three times the power.

17. So taking these four factors into consideration we are only concerned with two: parasite power and parasite drag, and if all other factors are constant, and you are level at 800 feet and making no turns, the parasite drag varies with the square of the velocity but parasite power varies as the cube of the velocity.

What this means is at double the speed, drag doubles and the power required to maintain such speed, triples.

The airspeed limitation for the Boeing 767 below approximately 23,000 feet is 360 kts [414 mph] or what they call VMO (velocity maximum operating).


That means that the maximum permissible speed of the Boeing 767 below 23,000 feet is 360 knots and it is safe to operate the airplane at that speed but not faster.

18. While the Boeing 767 can fly faster and has been flown faster during flight test it is only done so within carefully planned flight test programs. We can safely infer that most commercial 767 pilots have never exceeded 360 knots indicated air speed below 23,000 feet.

19. The alleged NIST speed of 443 mph (385 kts,) for American Airlines Flight 11 would be technically achievable. However the NIST speed of 542 mph (470 kts) for United Airlines Flight 175 which is 50 kts. above VD is not commensurate with and/or possible considering:

(1) the power available,* **

(2) parasite drag (NAVAIR 00-80T-80 Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators

(3) parasite power (NAVAIR 00-80T-80 Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators

(4) the controllability by a pilot with limited experience. 14 CFR Part 25.253 (a)(b)



20. Therefore the speed of the aircraft, that hit the World Trade Center, as represented by NIST, particularly that of United Airlines Flight 175 is fraudulent and could not have occurred.


21. One more consideration is the impossibility of the PW4062 turbofan engines to operate in dense air at sea level altitude at high speed.

The Boeing 767 was designed to fly at high altitudes at a maximum Mach of .86 or 86/100ths the speed of sound. This maximum speed is called MMO, (Maximum Mach Operating). Its normal cruise speed, however, is Mach .80 (about 530 mph) or less, for better fuel economy. (The speed of sound at 35,000 feet is 663 mph so 530 mph is Mach .7998 see

The fan tip diameter of the PW4062 which powered UAL 175 was 94 inches, over 7 feet in diameter making it, essentially a huge propeller.

This huge fan compresses enormous amount of air during takeoff to produce the thrust necessary to get the airplane off of the ground and into the air.

At high altitudes, in cruise, where the air is much thinner and where the engines are designed to fly at most of the time, the fan and turbine sections are designed to efficiently accept enormous amounts of this thin air and produce an enormous amount of thrust.

But at low altitudes, in much denser air, such as one thousand feet, where the air is over 3x as dense as at 35,000 feet, going much faster than Vmo or 360 knots, the air is going to start jamming up in the engine simply because a turbofan engine is not designed to take the enormous quantities of dense air at high speed, low altitude flight. Because of the much denser air the fan blades will be jammed with so much air they will start cavitating or choking causing the engines to start spitting air back out the front. The turbofan tip diameter is over 7 feet; it simply cannot accept that much dense air, at that rate, because they aren’t designed to.

So achieving an airspeed much over its Vmo which is 360 knots isn’t going to be possible coupled with the fact that because the parasite drag increases as the square of the speed and the power


required increases as the cube of the speed you are not going to be able to get the speed with the thrust (power) available.

It can be argued that modern aerodynamic principles hold that if an aircraft can fly at 35,000 ft altitude at 540 mph (~Mach 0.8), and for a given speed, both engine thrust and airframe drag vary approximately in proportion to air density (altitude), that the engine can produce enough thrust to fly 540 mph at 800 ft. altitude.

That argument fails because although the engine might be theoretically capable of producing that amount of thrust, the real question is can that amount of thrust be extracted from it at 540 mph at 800 ft.

22, To propose that a Boeing 767 airliner exceeded its designed limit speed of 360 knots by 127 mph to fly through the air at 540 mph is simply not possible. It is not possible because of the thrust required and it’s not possible because of the engine fan design which precludes accepting the amount of dense air being forced into it.

23. I am informed that the lawsuit for which this affidavit is intended is in its preliminary, pre-discovery phase. I am further informed that actual eyewitness statements cast considerable doubt on the jetliner crash claims, irrespective of the media-driven impression that there were lots of witnesses. In fact, the witnesses tend, on balance, to confirm there were no jetliner crashes. I am also informed that information that will enable further refinement of the issues addressed in this affidavit will be forthcoming in discovery including, without limitation, the opportunity to


take depositions and to request relevant documentation (additional information). When that additional information is obtained, I will then be in a position to offer such other and further opinions as, upon analysis, that additional information will mandate.

24. At this stage, it cannot properly be assumed, much less asserted

as factual, that wide-body jetliners crashed into the then Twin Towers of the WTC. Any declaration that such events occurred must be deemed false and fraudulently asserted, video images notwithstanding.


1. On any chart plotting velocity versus either drag or thrust required or power required the parasite value rises sharply after 300 kts,

2. On any chart plotting velocity versus thrust or power required the curves rises sharply after 250 kts.

3. On any chart plotting velocity versus thrust required at sea level, the curve rises dramatically above 200 kts as does the curve for power required.

I swear the above statements to be true to the best of my knowledge.

_/s/ John Olsen Lear___________

John Olsen Lear

1414 N. Hollywood Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89110-2006

Subscribed and Sworn to before

me this 24 day of January 2008.

/s/ Connie Jones______________

Notary Public/Appt Exp. 11/22/09

Certificate #94-2650-1


This is the page for the Boeing 767-200 Type Data Certificate information from which was used in this affidavit:

<$FILE/A1NM.pdf >.

This is the page that shows how dive tests are conducted:

This is the page for the type data certificate for the engines used on UAL175

This is the page that shows the type of engine used on the MD-11 that crashed into the ocean. (photo attached)






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    • HfjNUlYZ


    • WTFU

      Not to mention a few of the terrowists showing up after the fact.

    • Talltatguy

      Ok, now what?

    • greene2120

      Bumblebees aren’t supposed to fly…. but they do.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Hey gree, who said?


      well… how am i lookin’ now? hehe. ;p
      sorry, just referencing a few past “discussions”. anyway, i would hope all people are questioning the entire “official” narrative. compelling.

    • Liberty Forge

      MAN says bumblebees aren’t supposed to fly.
      Man also said 3 total and complete collapses of award winning, highly resistant, architectural wonders of engineering on the same day from fires is normal, even though it never happened before nor again.
      Face it, they pulled off one helluva great trick, convincing almost everyone right off the bat that this day’s events were accomplished by a bunch of cave-dwellers and that the most well-funded and highly advanced military complex on the planet wasn’t good enough to stop them.
      AND…that anyone doubting that is simply crazy, regardless of what questions their mind might mistakenly want answered.

    • 911 truthout blogspot com

      Top 9/11 September 11 Conspiracy Cold Case Solved: Flight 175 was faked

    • Anonymous

      Over fifty thousand people worked in the WTC. The four airplanes killed almost three thousand people. What happened to the other forty seven thousand people who would have been arriving at work or in the building already? I know some people were warned to get out, but all forty seven thousand? I don’t want to believe that our government was involved in this awful tragedy, but when oil, mineral rights, money and god-like power are involved, it makes me wonder about the truth of the matter.

    • Tone

      I don’t know about this. Compelling evidence that 767 couldn’t do the things the official story says they did. But no planes at all? There is evidence that all the planes the officials say were involved were not scheduled to fly that day. This leaves the case open for modified aircraft. That there were no traceable plane debris at any site (no identified aircraft parts were ever declared at any site. The FBI said they didn’t need to verify the identity of the planes as ‘it was obvious they were the hijacked ones’) makes me believe this was true – they were not the 767′s from the official story. My instant thought on 9/11 was why would terrorist ignore easier sites such as nearer cities, nuclear plants, army bases etc or even crash on Wall Street if they wanted to send a message to the world? Why try and hit something 208 feet wide? What if they missed? And why try the trick twice? It staggers me to think that anyone would try this. It staggers me to think people would accept it. It staggers me that the guys who planned this would try such an audacious con trick and think they could get away with it. No. The staggered attack on the twin towers was, I think, a way to get everyone looking and remember the image – which we all do. This is what sold the war on terror

      • steve0210

        The truth is simple. Below about 25000 ft a plane goes off FAA radar and become practically untrackable. The planes sqawking flight numbers went off radar, then went SOMEWHERE.

        It’s idiot speculation to say the plane crashed into the WTC when it could have landed anywhere or ditched in the ocean.

    • Tone

      The timing bothered me as well. The 9/11 operation was obviously well planned and thought out. If the official story is true why would the mad terrorists who wanted maximum carnage hijack planes and crash them so early in the morning when people are still arrivng to work at the twin towers. They wouldn’t. But maybe the real mad people behined 9/11 didn’t want huge numbers of deaths. A few hundred would do, cleaners, guards, cooks etc. A lot of the deaths were caused by confusion by people going back into the towers. Many were emergency responders. Maybe the real conspirators had a little compassion (don’t laugh) and wanted the dead to be at a minimum. Just a thought


      9:8 3 Escrit trouve’, soubson, on donra remort
      9 8 3 Inscription found, suspicion will bring remorse
      1.The planes were remotely controlled
      2.Distance was not a consideration for the remote armorer

      2:33 1 Par le torrent qui descent de Veronne
      Flight UA 93 Sept 11?
      or; it was not just the planes?

      9:9 2 Sera trouve’ au temple des Vestales

      VESSELED – air planes
      VEST the details of the planes will disclose the truth

      And from Allan UUebber (
      6 26 3 Ravenne et Pise, Veronne soustiendront

      1 46 2 Grand feu du ciel en trois nuicts tumbera
      Submarine electronic INSTRUCTIONS include its nuclei fuel danger

      1 46 3 Cause adviendra bien stupende et mirande

      10 87 1 Grand roi viendra prendre port pres de Nisse

      10 87 2 Thus the death of the great empire will be completed
      10 87 4 The plunder by sea all will vanish

      2 86 1 Naufrage a classe pres d’onde Hadriatique

      2 86 2 La terre tremble esmea?e sus l’air en terre mis
      Miserable elements truer use – Islam emblems re-enter Israel

      2 86 3 Egypte tremble augment Mahometique
      Egypt quiet argument – Mahommetan true emblem –

      2 86 4 L’Herault soy rendre a crier est commis

      6 23 2 Et seront peuples esmeuz contre leur roi

      6 23 3 Paix faict nouveau, sainctes loix empirees
      Persia fanatics-cause exploits fixation on USA –
      New Mexico experiments

      6 23 4 Rapis onc fut en si tres dur arroi

    • greene2120

      No way possible this was an inside job. The clowns up top can’t even keep the smallest of secrets, much less the HUNDREDS maybe THOUSANDS it would have took to pull this off…. and remain quiet.

      • steve0210

        Physics don’t lie. But your argument isn’t based on the laws physics.


      @ greene2120.. does that go for the “official” story as well?

    • HfjNUlYZ

      I might like to point out a mathematical error Mr. Lear has made.

      “17. So taking these four factors into consideration we are only concerned with two: parasite power and parasite drag, and if all other factors are constant, and you are level at 800 feet and making no turns, the parasite drag varies with the square of the velocity but parasite power varies as the cube of the velocity.

      What this means is at double the speed, drag doubles and the power required to maintain such speed, triples.”

      If parasite power varies with the cube of the velocity, doubling the velocity would mean octupling the parasite power. Correcting this error would seem to strengthen his argument, but finding it uncorrected undermines his credibility.

    • Holy Ghost in the Machine

      Tone. I don’t think the timing was done out of compassion. I think it occured during this time because the families of first responders, cleaning people and cooks would not have the influence to prompt a real investigation.


      parasite power varies as the cube of the velocity. not with.

    • greene2120

      Don’t care about any other story.

    • Archie1954

      Darn that pesky physics again. Can’t people stop telling us about the physical impossibilities of the government’s authorized story. It’s starting to make us think and in today’s America that is a dangerous thing to do.

    • Tone

      Could be right Holy Ghost. To think that a strike when the towers were full could kill 50,000 should have been on a terrorist mind, right?. So why the early attack? They must have been confident the military would not take them down otherwise why take the leisurely flightpath that they allegedly did avoiding several easier targets to hit something 208ft wide. Its a joke and it’s on us

      I love it when someone says it can’t be an inside job as nobody can keep a secret. True they can’t and they don’t. Lots of people have come foward. Lots of people have said what happened. Fact is the media wont report it. Report it and you are labeled a idiot or could loose your job. Speak about it and you are vilified and could loose your job. Nobody was fired or lost their jobs over 9/11 except the people who told the truth. You can’t tell the truth if your job depends on you not telling it. It’s all here but lots of you can’t handle the truth

    • Anonymous

      I had the morning off and was watching TV in Sarasota when George was reading the happy goat or whatever.I knew it was a false flag attack because he was in the ghetto school reading to little children,something he has not done before,and as far as I know,has not done since.I continued watching,and it occurred to me that the third building fell down without any plane hitting it,at a different time.All the buildings looked like the videos of the preplanned demolitions of old buildings.This is my take,on that day,before I ever got any more info.I already figured out most of the scam as I watched the first day.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      I totally agree but I think your beating a dead horse unless you can get this on cnn or something and we both know that aint gonna happen.

    • L C Vincent

      Mr. Lear has unrivaled flight experience and presents most of his case for the lack of 767′s flying into the World Trade Centers based on mathematics. However, for the layman, the most convincing aspect of his argument is that the 9000 pound engine cores simply, somehow, vanished! Moreover, the extremely dense metal from those cores, as well as the landing gear was nowhere to be found in the wreckage. So what are we to think?

      Consider… on YouTube, several years ago, you could still see (and may still be able to locate) a video shot inside a helicopter above the Hudson River by a family of four who were on a sight-seeing tour of New York City. The passenger holding the video camera records what is clearly a missile, not an airliner, flying into the Word Trade Center. Furthermore, also available on YouTube several years ago, was a revelatory video which proved that there was a 17 second delay in the video broadcast to the world, at large, from NYC that day from all the supposed “live news feeds. When the second “jet” flew into the WTC, you could see during the “live” television coverage that the nose of the fuselage entered the building and then exited — INTACT — out the other side! Of course, this is physically IMPOSSIBLE — the only way this could happen is that the video of the airplane crashing into the WTC (including the film done by a foreign news crew on the ground which supposedly captured the first plane striking the WTC) were both computer forgeries. Indeed, when that second plane supposedly struck the WTC and the nose of the plane clearly and cleanly exited out the other side, a “crawl” (the kind you normally find at the bottom of the screen with identity information) is hastily hoisted TO THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN to camouflage the impossible exit of the jet’s “nose” from the other side of the building…. but not before you can see the nose of the jet re-appear completely intact on the other side of the building when the video is run in slow motion!

      What does this all mean? It means that, more than likely, both “planes” striking the WTC were missiles, not aircraft, and were guided there by homing devices planted in both buildings. This would certainly explain the uncanny precision with which these planes were supposedly navigated by novice pilots who could not possibly have navigated these planes on their own, as they had no avionic navigational knowledge! So those striking “visuals” of a plane plowing into the World Trade Center with a clean outline of its wingspan slicing thru solid steel beams is nothing more than yet another lie and fabrication by The Powers That Be.

      This also accounts for the fact that 8 of the supposed 19 A-rab HiJackers embarrassingly showed up alive in different parts of the world with the following week. Ooops!

      Just a reminder to the curious… two unexpected, unannounced, unauthorized flights landed in a remote area of Cleveland International that day, and their occupants were hustled off the planes by security at a remote site at the airport.

      Add to this scenario is the bogus attack on The Pentagon. The fact is that it is physically impossible for a 767 jet aircraft to fly perfectly parallel to the ground at over 400 mph and strike The Pentagon as that “jet” supposedly did, because the ground effects layer between the ground and the wing would have made the plane rise. Ask any jet airliner pilot and they will confirm this… it simply cannot be done.

      And consider too… if you’re a novice hijacker, and you simply want to strike The Pentagon, why would you even bother to try to fly parallel to the ground for 1/2 a mile, and hope you could do this without crashing this huge jet into the earth, when if your only “goal” is to hit The Pentagon, you simply dive the plane ANYWHERE into the building, instead of “coincidentally” hitting the one area of the Pentagon where a group of dedicated officers was busy investigating the disappearance of 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS that had somehow evaporated under the watchful eye of Rabbi Dov Zakheim, dual U.S./Israeli citizen. Just a “co-incidence”, right? Like Dick Cheney stating that a missile hit The Pentagon and correcting himself. Nor were there any 9000 lb engine cores visible at The Pentagon either. And the nose cone of that plane somehow passed thru 3 sixteen foot thick rings of concrete, granite and steel re-bar without any deformation, because the diameter of the hole is exactly the same on Ring One as it is on Ring Three. Nothing like defying the laws of physics.

      Then there is the “jet” that supposedly crashed at Shanksville, the one where passengers called the ground on their cell phones and had extended conversations when they were miles above cell phone range. Curiously, the “jet” that crashed at Shanksville left no visible debris either… no engines, no bodies, no luggage, just a black hole in the ground…. although there was a debris trail eight miles long before it crashed, suggesting it had somehow been destroyed in mid air….

      And then there is that priceless photo of George Bush II reading “My Pet Goat” upside down…. so tell me now, Bunko…. do ya get the picture????


    • TimOsman

      nobody in FBI could do the Oswald bolt action shoot accuratley,

      Has any pilot crashed into WTC in a virtual flight sim ?

      I know of many jet pilots that could not hit the target.

      • steve0210

        It’s possible, but it would require several pass to line up the buildings.

      • HfjNUlYZ

        Yes. I have been using Microsoft Flight Simulator since the early 1980′s. I have several times managed to hit the WTC dead center at the fastest speed possible. I have even turned off damage and dove from a high altitude north of NYC in order to achieve speeds in excess of those claimed here, and have still easily hit the WTC. Of course, I believe in a real aircraft, the wings likely would have sheared off. Another thing to note is that just because these alleged hijackers had no official training, they very well could have used Microsoft Flight Sim to learn all they needed to know about the EFIS, navigation and even how to fly to NYC using visual reference alone. They could have practiced this mission a thousand times. I have also managed to hit the pentagon with ease on flight sim. But yes, where is all the debris? Lear is right about the engine cores.

    • Gojiroiscoming

      Greene, its not the “clowns up top” that would order this. It’s the clowns “deep inside” that dont technically exist, that dont technically get budget dollars, that frankly if you knew they did exist the mere mention of that fact would be a death sentence under the ground of treason.

      Yes, these are the men Eisenhower warned us about.

    • Authentica

      Also LC Vincent, was the priceless gaffe by Larry Silverstein saying they decided to ‘pull it’ refering to WTC building 7, which he could never explain away. & the news channel announcing WTCB 7′s collapse half an hour before it actually happened! Then you have the Mossad agents caught but released in NYC cheering in the streets, that later on Israeli TV stated they were there to ‘document the event’! There are just SO MANY smoking guns here, not to mention missing video footage at the airport, a change of security & ownership of the towers right before 9/11, etc etc. I find it hard to have any respect for the brain-power of anyone who blindly believes the official FAIRY TALE when there are just so many obvious holes & cover-ups. Many witnesses have met untimely deaths especially those intent to speak out about what they saw that day that challenges the official version & there has never been any evidence presented in a trial despite the wishes of many victim families fighting for over a decade to get one. Even the official investigators basically said government officials were blatantly lying to them.

    • Anonymous

      Guess he’s suffering dementia…sad. When these so-called experts, including this one, can explain to the thousands of eye witnesses they did not see two jets and the friends and families on those two non-existant jets suddenly reappear after 11 years of missing, then they will have some credibility.

    • DeDukshen


      We just want to know where the planes went. There should be a simple scientific explanation that indicates where these engines and plane parts went. Where is the plane in the more newly released helicopter video that shows a hole in the first building but absolutely no sign of a plane or parts anywhere? (search it). If there was a simple reasonable explanation for these missing planes and/or parts we’d love to hear it. So far no one can deliver on something that should be so simple. What does that mean? I also want to know how tonnes of concrete and steel get vaporized in mid air while the building is crumbling — this can be seen on MANY videos and is not deniable. The reason there is no answers is because the real answers will imply the truth, and the truth is being kept. Its basic really, I mean grade 8 basic. The destruction of the American education system in the last 50 years has paid off for the self proclaimed elite. At yours and everyone else’s expense. Basic. I bet you’ve never seen a magician use illusions before? Would you argue that David Copperfield really DID make the space shuttle disappear? Even if it is true that he really did make it vanish and it was NOT an illusion – if one man can do this, you think your government and the super-elite with trillions of dollars worth of advanced black op tech and the greatest minds in the world can’t? Really think about why your mind cannot grasp the obvious – this is really the most amazing thing about 9/11 – it shows the power of mass media combined with emotional response as a brainwashing tool — it is this that we need to wake up to, the event of 9/11 is nothing compared to this implication and its denial by the masses. Truly sad.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      What happened to the actual planes will only be discovered when a true legal investigation has taken place and debated in a court of law. This has never happened yet. We are just making guesses her. There is enough evidence to say the official story is false but some of the finer details will only be uncovered during that investigation.

      The FBI has released no real identification evidence of any of the planes. That they say all 4 planes virtually vaporised making identification difficult is as ridiculous as the fact the twin towers vaporised due to the ‘lighter’ floors crushing those below. The facts lead us to think the planes were ringers. If the official story is true release the identification evidence.

      There is evidence the alleged flights were not scheduled that day. If they were not scheduled how could anyone book a flight on them? The flight manifests offered to the public all look suspicious due to anomalies and changes (and where were the Muslim names if the hijackers used their own identities). There has been no video released showing anyone boarding the flights. Recordings from the flights have been treated with suspicion. Calls made from the flights have been proven not to have happened (that cocks up the dreadful Flight 93 movie – ‘Let’s Roll’ never even happened). All the nonsense about turning off transponders as though this would make the planes ‘invisible’.

      However, there are huge difficulties about the actual passengers said to be on the planes themselves. What happened to them? Some reports I have read say the passenger compliment for all 4 planes was unusually low for that time of year. I don’t know any more about that. Some reports point to the highly suspicious employment records of the alleged passengers (many having occupations involving mostly secret government operations) but some passengers were just ‘normal’. We only have the passenger records released by the flight companies to show us who was allegedly on the flights and these have been treated with suspicion as well.

      This is the hardest part of the story and I believe a lot more work needs to be undertaken in this area before we get a clearer picture

    • HfjNUlYZ

      @ Anonymous who said “Guess he’s suffering dementia…sad. When these so-called experts, including this one, can explain to the thousands of eye witnesses they did not see two jets and the friends and families on those two non-existant jets suddenly reappear after 11 years of missing, then they will have some credibility.”

      Actually, there have been reported sightings of the aircraft that supposedly crashed that day. There were men trying to get near the plane to confirm the serial number of the aircraft but were not able to. You might want to check ( When the professional pilots start to question the government’s story and are demanding a new investigation, and also can’t duplicate what novice pilots pulled off without a hitch for all three buildings, it makes me question the “official” story too.

    • 911 truthout blogspot com

      Top 9/11 September 11 Conspiracy Cold Case Solved: Flight 175 A was faked 2012 (case closed) switched replaced by Flight 175 B drone

      The hard proof is the FOIA plane photos were all removed i.e Carmen Taylor: Missing FLIGHT 175 FOIA and Jaron Rubenstein: Missing FLIGHT 175 FOIA Files and the one file of Flight 175 remained looks like a drone. has deleted Flight 175 Drone Photos for years. i.e and shut everything down. They are front for the CIA, FBI or maybe Israel.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      I think by your post, you have just confirmed that pilots for 911 truth isn’t a front for any of the agencies you mentioned.
      The Mods were trying to get him to explain what he wanted them to understand, the OP was the one who attacked the Mods. Everything I have learned about P4T is that they are all independent and of like mind. The person who deleted the “drone” photos was the OP, not P4T. Almost every picture from P4T is still on the web, however, most of the OP’s photos are not there. Also, I believe that if they did work for one of the said agencies, they would have deleted the post rather than leave it up on the P4T website. IMHO

    • 911 truthout blogspot com

      @Anonymous I was the “OP” and I know how much they deleted and they look pre processed video frames and turn that into “see the photo is fake” and deleted my posts and changed things around. I did not delete any drone photos, they did. P4T said Jennings died at Stony Brook, however I have family and friends who work there and No Barry Jennings. Why are they “trying” to understand anything? Look at videos I made, make comments or do whatever. The “confused” issue was false flag to make me react so they can start deleting. is a group of monsters.

    • 911 truthout blogspot com

      The only way a plane can go through steel is it needs to be harden by DU and the walls needs to be removed inside the building. Depleted uranium and Depleted Uranium Shells are “steel-penetrating arrows” were developed as a weapon that could punch a hole through tanks, burn and destroy them from inside.

    • HfjNUlYZ


      I know the only way a plane can go thrugh steel like that is being hardened with DU. Or, something like this.


      There was another video at one time that came from the Navy and Air Force but it has since been removed. I have always this was the object that was used on the pentag@n. I honest think they all were the AGM-158 JASSM Cruise Missiles, if you watch the video, it just may change your mind as well. If you recall, they did pull a small engine core out of the Pentag@n that was disputed as being too small for a 757, and the equally small engine core found on Murray St. in NYC.

      Tell me what you think.

    • HfjNUlYZ


      Here is another one of the AGM-158 JASSM in action. One thing about the government, they are always proud of their new toys.

    • 911 truthout blogspot com

      Susan McElwain Flight 93 eye witness Shanksville versers the History Channel’s edits

      Susan McElwain would have picked out a AGM-158 JASSM in a line up.

      Give her a call.

    • tham

      I first thought Lear’s affidavit had to do with the Pentagon “crash”, but he’s disputing the story on the WTC impacts. Can someone explain to me what did impact the 2 towers? Sure look like jumbo jets to me. Please do bother me with theories of holograms. Multiple video sources clearly show planes. Despite Lear’s technical analysis, sometimes the impossible does happen. I still have to believe my eyes and am more likely to believe these planes were remotely controlled and are what they appear to be.

    • 911 truthout blogspot com

      @Anonymous Well the photographic evidence should match the video evidence and whenever the views of plane should be inside photographs of all the people on the tour boats or other photographs inside the FOIA releases large gaps sequential numbering system appear. So something was removed. My last video shows 1. Drone photo by the NYPD, a video still image, and another still video image of of impact #2. The only thing that binds the three object is the dark tail and wings and the light color on the body.

      NYPD photo drone with impact #2 and witnesses

      The impacts look fake. Zero photos exist of the impacts. All have been removed from all FOIA releases and the public, debunkers or the Truth movement somehow can’t make this a smoking gun or offer a public bounty for this information.

      The drone photos have been black listed by the “Truth community” and talking about what has been black listed by 9/11 Truth has also been black listed. 9/11 Truth has a double black list on some topics. Other double black listed topics are the Earthquake data and details. Judy Woods goes on to deny they exist at all and Jim Fetzer somehow does not know what part are missing. The missing photos 1. impacts 2. missing photo are also double black listed.

    • Archie1954

      I remember that Tuesday morning well. When the cameraman for the TV series Doc starring Billy Ray Cyrus turned his camera up and filmed the first plane hitting the tower, I immediately thought 737 not a jumbo jet. Later I looked at the pictures of a jet engine lying on the New York pavement below the building and thought a 737 engine, the older model which was smaller, longer and narrower.

    • 911 truthout blogspot com

      @Archie1954 Are you saying Billy Ray Cyrus filmed the first plane? Can you ask for the edited clips? Thanks for sharing.

    • Archie1954

      Yes, they were filming Doc on one of the streets below and a little distaance from the first tower. I remember that when the plane was filmed it was from a position looking up at it as it crashed into the tower. I’m sorry but it has been 11 years and I can no longe remember what channel I was watching to catch that clip.

    • B2DF

      Please. Will someone now address the OTHER side of the coin : if NO planes hit the WTC buildings, THEN WHERE DID THE PLANES, PILOTS , CREW AND PASSENGERS GO NO TO MENTION THE HIJACKERS????

      • steve0210


        The alleged passengers never got on the alleged planes. All the phone calls came from the GROUND, not the AIR. Cell phones don’t work on planes. Some passengers were real, some fake, and many were government insiders who could taken money and disappeared.

    • B2DF

      Will someone pLEASE tell what happened to the planes that NEVER hit the towers????

      • steve0210


    • Anonymous

      Lear also said what people reported they saw, photographed and recorded on video was likely holographic projections and the ‘road runner cutouts’ resembling the penetration impact of planes was manufactured to appear the planes had caused the penetration.

      I don’t want the drugs John Lear must be taking and I’m ‘Leary’ of who put him up to making such a windy psy-ops diatribe to attempt to steer us off course.

      With a black budget of over $2.3 trillion, it is entirely feasible that planes resembling Boeing 767′s fitted with System Planning Corporation’s remote flight control systems (making them drones) and built with leading edges made of hardened materials for penetrating the Twin towers at the speed observed … that such special planes were part of the master plan. Lear enters on stage right to divide the activists and put us off the trail.

      Ask Lear about special planes. Ask him how holographic projections of planes can appear during daylight in relatively clear skies. He’s not looney. He’s a disinfo agent with deep state connections.

      Be leary of Lear.

    • captric

      The case was thrown out because LEAR is a fraud and a fake. In addition he was completely wrong on EVERY point he tries to make. The facts are that both towers WERE struck by 767′s belonging to United and American airlines. Do you actually believe that they do not know that their aircraft are missing or are they part of this impossible conspiracy also? The airplane parts – body pets of the passengers and crew – and some of their personal belongings were spread all over lower Manhattan to include an engine from a 767 – a landing gear form a 767 DNA identified body parts from the victims – airplane life jackets etc.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, how many times are you gonna pull this outta the recycling bin?

      Been five years now.. are you going for a record?

      • Anonymous

        This is the only credible comment in this entire thread. We will NEVER know the truth as to what happened.

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