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By John Rolls (Reporter)
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Gov't Shuts Down LDS Canneries & Demands List of Patrons

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This is our new government agenda at work. The LDS church runs farms and
canneries manned by thousands of volunteers to provide food and groceries
for the needy, unemployed, those who have survived disasters, or famines in
other parts of the world. These canneries have been in ever increasing
demand to supply food for those who need it. The LDS Church welfare
program produces canned fruits, vegetables, pastas, dairy products, breads,
flours, and grains. They even produce soaps, shampoos, and other health
aids. The LDS church welfare program has employment services and programs
to retrain people to get them back on their feet. It is all about self
sufficiency. Well the government lately has not taken lightly to a private
entity competing with them to provide for the needy and has been hitting
these private canneries and food stores with un needed regulations and
bureaucracy.The canneries always surpassed the health inspections, so
the feds had to hit them with new and expanding regulations .Finally the
church has had to give in to the government pressure and shut down
facilities all across the east coast putting many needy people in jeopardy,
hurting those who cant feed their families, and hindering in the world wide
famine relief efforts.That is the Change our new government wants,
they want people to be dependent on their welfare program, not a private
programs that actually works.
Please pass this on, the main news media will probably not cover this
story. Here are two links, please read them.

The government even raided several canneries looking for lists of the


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    • Thane36425

      It’s not just the LDS. Regulations have been skyrocketing for the last 10 years or so for all private businesses. Some are useful, most are not. In fact, in many cases the regulations are contradictory. By that I mean health regulations from one agency say a certain place must be mopped hourly while safety regulations from another agency say the same area must remain dry at all times. Depending on which inspector shows up, you could get hammered either way. The regulations take up a sizeable shelf of large books. Many small businesses are being shut down or simply close because they can’t afford to keep up. Larger ones hire compliance officers to sort it all out, an unnecessary and expensive job.

    • LedaOhio9

      Next thing you know.. They will close down and make it illegal to let your kids open up Lemonade stands!

      Wait.. They did that too…



    • Momuv7

      It is not just the canneries. There have been regulations made that affect the BYU’s too. They are no longer allowed to hire students to work jobs that other students get class credit for and don’t get paid. Such as, my daughter is an animal science major, during class they monitor feed and care for livestock, since someone is hired to do the feeding and manage the livestock on a full time basis, the students can no longer do it for class. This is across the entire campus. Think of how this impacts the greenhouses, food services, landscaping, and the list goes on.

      The government keeps regulating and suppressing to the point that we are expected to swim with hands and feet tied.

    • davosurf

      Hey Steve Quayle, how come nearly every if not all the pictures of you that one can find online & such, show you have “reptilian” eyes? Forget the whole “reptilian” thing and what that is… You cannot deny what can be clearly seen in pictures of your face and eyes… You have slit pupils, or pictures of you show that your eyes are NOT HUMAN. Are you part of the agenda? Control of the “truth” perhaps… By your messages of deception, sold as “truth” and hidden behind the Christian faith?.. Seriously, inquiring minds want to know… What’s up w/ the snake eyes bro? You words say peace & love for your fellow man, but your eyes scream evil & deception. And just because you say a thousand words per minute every time you open your mouth, does not somehow out weight the fact that your pupils resemble Rosemary’s baby.

    • Bluefighter

      The real reason for this regulation is to put everyone on food stamp programs which going to cost taxpayers more money. LDS Church condones this type of welfare and freeloaders do not apply unless they can work their way out of poverty.

      • delta

        The LDS church is against government welfare not for it.

    • little me

      I’d like to see this info verified. I’ve heard lately of church canneries being shut down, but haven’t seen anything about it on the Also, the ‘canneries’ usually referred to are dry-pack canneries, where people can their own dry goods for storage, not the traditional canneries that produce goods for church welfare. Also, these days, much of what is available at the Bishops’ Storehouse is name-brand stuff, not produced by church canneries. The cannery in Portland OR, where we used to can green beans and strawberry jam for the Bishops’ Storehouse, closed down years ago, as did the dairy farm we operated here, and a potato farm in Eugene. It became more cost-effective to buy the foods from commercial sources. I’d sure like to see an official statement from the church on this subject.

    • ProgressiveSFMormon


      Details here :arrow:

      • Not Naive!

        abc4 says it’s false, so it’s false? I don’t see the reporter talking to anyone but himself. I also looked up the information, and there is many things written by people who work at the places…saying “the Government has put in place more rules to make it to expensive, and threat of closing down the orchards if a rule is accidentally broken.” The Government is Obama and are we surprised he targeted the Tea-party with the IRS, Mormons with the 10% on their taxes, and now this. Went on the church web and they did not denounce the claim, and with it being in the news if there was no truth in it they would of denounced it on the church web sight!!! That tells me it’s true until I see it come out of their mouth not a 10 year old abc reporter!

        • Doc

          No-name blogger says it’s true, so it must be true, right? Lol

          It amazes me how many folks in the LDS Church are so full of venom toward the government. News Flash: the church would still be down-sizing it’s canneries just the same if Mitt Romney was in office. The federal government as nothing to do with it.

          Any dirt on Obama is good, right?… irrespective of whether it’s actually true or not.

          The LDS Church has already responded to this story and verified it’s false. If that’s not good enough for you then have fun living a life full of vinegar over bogus stories.

    • Boxed in Freight

      God Bless Edward Snowden. The Hero of America.

    • Doc

      I’m LDS. I’ve seen several postings about this from many of my LDS peers, so I’m finally interjecting a comment because this allegation is bogus. This claim is misrepresented and false. Do the research and learn the situation. These canneries were not closed because of the government forcing them to shut down.

      I understand some folks don’t like the government and they think Obama is a misguided leader. That’s fine. The same could be said about every other president. But at least learn true facts before publicizing rants intended to incite people into getting stirred up.

      President Monson and the other LDS general authorities don’t slander Obama, and certainly not over nonsense like this. We still believe the 12th Article of Faith people.

      • delta

        Agree 100% about having your facts straight or at least saying that the story hasn’t been verified. But most members think the 12th article of faith means blindly following the Law of the land. Why did Daniel get thrown in the lions den? Because he broke the law that said you couldn’t pray. If the law goes against constitutional rights or live, liberty and the pursuit of happiness then no the 12th article of faith doesn’t apply

        • Doc

          When Obama dictates we will be thrown into a lion’s den for praying, then come bring me that argument.

          In the mean time this blog is crap. Please find something else worthwhile to revolt about.

    • LooziAnna

      No, it’s true, sort of…
      I live in one of those places “East of the Mississippi.” Our canneries are not being shut down, but will no longer do any dry pack canning. (I guess the word “cannery” is a misnomer from now on). They will supply some dry pre-canned products (wheat, beans, etc…) shipped from facilities in Utah, and, as I understood the cannery worker, some bulk products that you can take home and can yourself. Overwhelming government intervention is a major impetus for this change, but most cannery workers will also tell you that the canneries are under-utilized. There have been more non-LDS “preppers” using the cannery here than members!

    • NoMore

      This is false information. If it were true, you’d be reading it at

    • jlhcc1

      I don’t understand how this helps all people in need you have to be a member of the LDS church before they will even help… Then they take all your hard earned money saying that the Lord will will pay your bills… HA tell the whole story I am not surprised it only benefits the mormons and no one else… :mad:

      • hwc

        jlhcc1, you need to get your fact straight before you say something. Bishop’s storehouses are open to people of all religions or of none. The church contributes to local food banks and sends humanitarian help to those in need regardless of who they are.

        • shirckh1

          twc – the stuff they give to the food banks is past the expiration date which is why I stopped going to the food banks and now when I need to I go to the bishop’s storehouse. I was once given cottage cheese that was 2 months past the expiration date. Some things you can let slide but when it comes to dairy I throw it out.

      • Lindsay

        The Bishop’s storehouse is stocked by the funds given by members as tithing. These are sacred funds that are not used lightly. ANY community member can speak to the bishop of their residence and can receive help. However, that help is NOT free. In our church we do not believe in a free handout. We believe that you only appreciate that which you work for. The bishop may request that you provide help in return for help with food. You may be asked to help give rides to people without cars, clean the meetinghouse, or provide other services that you feel capable of doing. I had a neighbor and his wife who received help from the bishop for years. Bro Jenkins was very old, feeble and losing his eyesight. When the Bishop suggested he just receive help, he said there was no way he could take something for nothing. He hooked rag rugs and gave them to the Bishop to give to ward members. He couldn’t see the colors, so his wife would sort and hand him the rags and he would hook them. I am intimately involved in working in the Bishop’s Storehouse and working with my bishop in providing services for ALL people who come to him. It is sometimes difficult to be responsible for this money and to make sure that it is used to help lift others when they need it, not just because it is demanded. We should not rely on others when we can help ourselves. It is vitally important for our personal well-being that we own our future. Things handed out for free are never really free, as we have learned with our current government subsidy program. At least when I give my funds to my church, I know the money stays in my community and used with much thought, prayer and treated as precious and finite unlike some of our government programs.

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