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By Mort Amsel (Reporter)
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The Coming Civil War: 6 Generals On Our Side (Video)

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When and if the powder keg goes here in the states and the disconnect between the government and the citizens of this nation becomes so great that conflict arises, it’s good to know that there are some experienced men out there to lead our citizens armies.  Of course these would not be the only ones but these are the guys out there right now already fighting for us: 

Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III
 He was the commanding general of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command from 1981 to 1984, when he retired from the Army. He was also known for his interest in psychic warfare and his hope to develop an army of soldiers with powers such as the ability to walk through walls. He is a 9/11 truther. Source
Lieutenant General Tomas McInerney
 He is a command pilot with more than 4,100 flying hours, including 407 combat missions (243 in O-1s as a forward air controller and 164 in F-4C’s, D’s and E’s) during the Vietnam War. He commanded the 11th Air Force out of Alaska, 3rd Air Force out of England and an Air Division out of Japan. Source
Major General Patrick Henry Brady
During his two tours in Vietnam Brady flew over 2,000 combat missions and evacuated more than 5000 wounded. After Vietnam Brady continued serving in the US Army, retiring as a Major General in 1993 after 34 years of service. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for galliant actions in Vietnam. Source
Lieutenant General William G. Boykin
During his 36 year career in the military he spent 13 years in the Delta Force, including two years as its commander, and was involved in numerous high-profile missions, including the 1980 Iran hostage rescue attempt, the 1992 hunt for Pablo Escobar in Colombia, and the Black Hawk Down incident in Mogadishu, Somalia. Source
Major General Paul E. Vallely
He served in the Vietnam War and retired in 1993 as Deputy Commanding General, Pacific Command. Source
Lieutenant General Russel L. Honoré
served as the 33rd commanding general of the U.S. First Army at Fort Gillem, Georgia. He is best known for serving as commander of Joint Task Force Katrina responsible for coordinating military relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina-affected areas across the Gulf Coast and as the 2nd Infantry Division Commander while stationed in Korea. Source
If I were the guy in charge of such a rebellion I would put Stubblebine as my intelligence guy, McInerney would head any rebellious Air Force units.  Brady would be Surgeon General because of his medical expertise.  Boykin would command the army overall while Honore and Valley would be just under him commanding armies of their own.  Thats how I would do it anyways. Currently there are dozens and dozens of militias across the United States composing several thousand militiamen and woman.   Thoughts? -Mort

(Note:These generals have not stated they would lead the armies of citizen militias against regime forces in the event of a second civil war. They are listed here beause they have shown a consistant interest in the constitution, the will of the people and thier criticisms of the current and/or former governments of the US.)

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    • KnowMoreThanYou

      With all the evidence against Obama and all the illegal things he has done and Nobody seems to blink an eye or even care? How do you think 6 former generals are going to be able to help? :idea: And how do you think the American people are going to believe them? Another wishful thinking post I imagine. :cry:

      • fuzzy696

        I agree this thing is about to burst……what will the real military do and who,s side will they defend…….any intelligent soldier will obey his oath and turn thier rifles on the white house for treasonous acts and breaking thier oaths to the constitution.

        • Neanderthal

          have no fear! The military will back the constitution and us patriots. The libtards can move to someplace else they are comfortable with.

        • BenCats1

          It’s gonna happen!

      • taptap

        let me inform you that just because drudge, fox news, rush limaugh or congressman issa has told you something doesn’t make it a fact. each of these mentioned outlets of information use each other as”sources” they create a story without any evidence, throw questionable inuendo into the mix and call it news .not one thing, not a one, that you ‘confederate patriots’ try and claim Obama has done, has yet to happen. hes been there 5 years and still the constitution remains, intact and enforce. quit being scared of a black man, you little crybabbies

        • CrowPie

          I agree. Why not be about the work of rebuilding our great nation from the already war ravaged condition that it is in? Bring our boys home for good. Bring our jobs BACK home…for good.

          Rebuild…not finish off.

        • morris adams

          at first, i thought your name was double tap, which is cool, but it’s not. clearly, you are a dancer, quantified by the agreement to your comment from crowpie. regardless of what the right-side national news people say, if you think the constitution is intact, you’re delusional!! but hey, thanks for letting us cry-babies know whose side you’re on.

        • America the Battlefield

          The Constitution remains intact and enforced? What fairy tale are you living in, tapdancer? The Constitution declares that the only legal and lawful money is to be gold and silver, and that only Congress can hold the power to coin it. Whereas the Federal Reserve, a foreign-controlled private corporation and its shareholders who never been audited, has held the reigns of our debt-based currency for the last 100 years.

          The Constitution guarantees that a graduated income tax will never be imposed upon the people. Remember that on April 15th.

          The Constitution assures that Congress shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. If you think the First Amendment is still intact and enforced for all, please educate the rest of us regarding how the last 100 years of usurpation has not taken place.

          The Constitution affirms that a well regulated Militia, being NECESSARY to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Please tell the rest of us living in the real world how the power of the pen and the power of the sword are not being abridged and infringed for all Americans?

          Those are but a few examples of the many infringements this fraudulent corporate government residing in the District of Criminals has imposed. And no, it’s not a race issue, you moron. I see you have swallowed the fomented racial and social division “divide-and-conquer” philosophy that is essential for all tyrants. Barack Obama is merely the new black face of tyranny, which has beset our people through every presidency since Abraham Lincoln.

          Just so you know, “National Security” denotes protection of the State from the People behind an iron curtain of secrecy, while they erect the machinations of slavery for the rest of us. You can thank President Harry Truman (a white man) for instituting the National Security Act.

          It’s time to wake up, turn the TV off and get with the program, because as Thomas Jefferson rightly foretold, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

        • Neanderthal

          let me cry to you my baby.
          Friday the day after thanksgiving 2 cops showed up at my door with no search warrant.
          Someone trespassed on my property while I was leaving my home and I turned around in my car drove in my drive way and confronted them.
          The cops that came to my door threatened me and told me he could arrest me as a terrorist because I threatened the trespasser with bodily harm if he did not get the fk off my property, my home, the cop asked me to step outside I said no, then he asked me to come inside and I said no.
          Then he asked me to get my drivers license and present it for proper identification. I went and got it along with my Ruger and presented my license to him. my Ruger was behind the wallin my left hand., my license i handed to him in my right hand.
          Do not come to my castle and threaten me with terrorism since I have lived her for 30 years.
          OH and the cop at the door was a black man. Not that it made any difference to me but since you mentioned the black thing I thought you ought to know

          Now if my brother would have been home he would have answered the door with Tactical ae223.
          just saying. A MAN CASTLE IS HIS CASTLE. and if he is a law abiding citizen whos constitutional rights have been violated the GAME ON.

        • pioneer woman

          Will anyone ever understand that it’s NOT obamas SKIN color that is the problem? Americans have a problem with the pres because he is a liar.

      • Anonymous

        These traitors are NOT on our side. They are on ISRAEL’s side. Here is what one of the WORST, dual national treasoner Vallely is up to. He hates Obama due to POTUS’s disobedience of the zionists and Obama’s refusal to further bankrupt America for a foreign nation, killing US troops in the process. War on Iran is what is really at stake here- not freedom. How many yrs were these liars collecting salary & medals and wreaking horrendous damage to us and the world. NOW they ‘get religion’??? Dont think so. Dont be manipulated into a coup detat for the Zio-Filth. they have done enough dmagae already.

        • Blessed

          To those who think these generals are good guys, you should google MKULTRA. It is a monster mind control project of the CIA. Paul Vallely was heavily involved in the mind control research efforts. He is in the process of helping to organize a patriot movement to demonstrate at the White House. He, and Col Riley, admitted NSA agent, will be leading unsuspecting patriots into a carefully laid trap. Not to mention, they should have removed Obama from office while they were still “active,” as the constitution provides! Do I have proof? Yes, I do. You can find it yourself with a few googles. Don’t expect everyone to research for you. Oh, and Vallely is mentioned in the MKULTRA document. So, I would not trust him nor any that associate with him.

      • Anonymous

        If these generals were such patriots? we wouldnt be in this spot to start with. HOW do you think we got here- while these guys were on active duty, enabling it to occur? Building their pensions and rank as yes men. Its a day late and a dollar short. Turning to the perps who aided and abetted America’s descent into tyranny to now save us from it? LOLOLOl grow up sheeple

      • Bronson

        Your right, although things are worse than we know. Look at Congress/Senate. The recent congressional hearings is a fine example, they are equal to some comedy show.
        Makes one wonder who is actually in charge, or what group is in charge. Nothing seems right.
        It is like a virus trickling down, now even into law enforcement, especially fast in certain states.

        All the deception, secrets, and untruths are running wild. The politicians act as though they are scared, very scared…….nothing is right. Are they so scared they cannot even mention what is going on? They have made it so clear, and obvious that they cannot do anything.
        Who knows what is really going on? A clear sound picture with some facts?

        • Anonymous

          Syria: US General Paul Vallely present with anti-al Qaeda groups on day of alleged chemical weapons attack.
          [WND] President Obama is unlikely to take any military action against Syria that will actually make a difference, but his administration is actively backing the radical Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida elements of the rebellion while leaving the Free Syrian Army high and dry, warns retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely.

          Vallely consults with military leaders of the Free Syrian Army and recently returned from a trip to Turkey that also included a heavily guarded trip to the rebel stronghold of Aleppo. He was in the region when the apparent chemical weapons attack took place.

          get real. these generals trained, armed and transported Al Qaeda going back to Afghanistan in the 1970-80s and thru the 90s. Not just in Sudan but in Yugoslavia too. They and their policy landed us here to begin with. They are the NWO’s military wing. Full stop.

        • Freeamerican

          They are not ‘scared’. They voted to kill Americans by the ndaa, they dump chemtrails on you and smile in your face. They are putting drones over Americans now, including reapers. Acting like these scum are ‘scared’ is the same psy ops as pretending they’re all blackmailed. Right, so blackmailed they keep going back in more fake elections. Don’t act like you haven’t read my posts, it’s very ‘clear’, the jew tribe has controlled America for over a hundred years, russia and china have been in the jwo pack for many decades, and the government scums work for them, not Americans.

      • BenCats1

        The Generals aren’t creating the revolt, they are only leading it! And FYI, if that happens I predict that 60-70% of the military will support the citizens! :twisted:

    • ichabodcrane

      I don’t trust anyone in the US military these are the same men who condone, allow, and reward rape they are the true enemy!
      This is the new marine how do u trust them?

      • America the Battlefield

        I am a former Marine, and I agree with you 100%. Our enemies will not come from distant lands. They are here now and are within.

        • TRL STEWART


        • Freeamerican

          You may be a former marine, but you are currently a psy ops troll. The enemy is here, it’s you, and the jew tribe and government scums. First you try to build cred with the patriot stuff, then you do the ‘secret societies’ crap to distract from the jew, then you send people all over to psy ops sites to also distract from the jew. Then you do the libertarian ‘restore the constitution’ act, after you admit it’s not in effect. that’s because it was designed to fail by the JEW judeo masonic founders. Never seen your comments before, now you’re the ‘commander’. If you’re not a troll then get educated on the jew tribe that runs all your ‘secret societies’, America and the world, and quit doing the jew libertarian act trying to keep sheople following your fake jew groups and fake constitution. No more leaders.

      • winedude

        Other countries, along with all American’s should think twice before trusting a U.S. Marine. They are nothing more than mentally unstable criminals that protect one another and don’t care what they do to the rest of society.

        • POC2014

          Please don’t stereotype me with other unfaithful US Marines that disgrace our rank.

          I will remain under Oath and not comply to any tyrannical command to threaten, harm or kill any US Citizen. We will do the most to protect the American people!

          We’ve been watching Obama very carefully and his day is coming strategically he will be removed either with force or by vote.

          Semper Fi

        • Freeamerican

          you and fake ‘morris adams’ are israeli trolls, you pretend to be American with your fake ‘founding fathers’ picture meme to bait people into your psy ops junk. You’ve been ‘watching obama’, what, dance around with your jew tribe doing what they tell hime to do. Trolls fakes, that we pay for with the propaganda scheme and giving holohoax israel billions a year. that’s what Americans get for ignorance.

        • Freeamerican

          POC is also doing the ‘vote’ psy ops, to keep stupid Americans ‘voting’. Obvious psy ops.

    • America the Battlefield

      I don’t know how many times I have to get this across to people. These men are all members of secret societies, Generals McInerney and Boykin (the Butcher of Waco) are both members of the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta, which is the military arm of the Vatican Jesuit state. Paul Vallely is a Freemason, and so on. Also, if they were genuine patriots and not controlled opposition, they would never get the airtime they are receiving. World Net Daily has been giving them the loudest voice, promoting the forthcoming revolution with these men leading the rest of us into an American Spring. Remember that Joseph Farah, editor-in-chief of WND, is a member of the secretive Counsel for National Policy, which is an even more elite round table group than the Council on Foreign Relations. We are being hoodwinked, ladies and gentlemen. The only way the New World Order can fully come to fruition is to end American sovereignty by leading us into a bloody revolutionary conflict. Order out of chaos. Take heed, lest any man deceive you.

      • Anonymous

        I’d never heard of Boykin’s involvement in Waco…terrible thing to learn. As far as Vallely, he is the author (with the help of Michael Aquino) of “From PSYOP to Mindwar,” and therefore is very suspect. Him being a mason, isn’t surprising at all. He was one of the figureheads behind a march on DC on Veteran’s Day in 2011 that I was excited about until I looked into his background a little. This turned out to be a non-event obviously but who knows what the real goal of it was with him being behind it.

        I agree, no one in a position of power at present can be trusted.

        • Freeamerican

          Neither can you trust ‘america battlefeld’. He’s did a post further up to gin up credibility, now it’s ‘secret societies’. All the ‘societies’ you name are JEW operations, started by jews run by jews. Trolls like this pretend to be truther heroes ‘saving’ people from this ‘general’s’ psy ops that’s obvious anyway, but that’s so he does one himself to cover up for the JEW with his ‘societies’ crap. He writes with fake authority ‘I don’t know how many times I have to tell people’, at the same time he does the ‘societies” crap and jew cover. Fake. People, know a troll when you see one. The pys ops are getting sleazier. HOLOHOAX. jew world order JWO.

      • capoprimo

        It’s a flat out mis-statement to say that General Boykin was involved at Waco. Waco was strictly an ATF and FBI mess; the Texas Natl. Guard was there only in a supportive role. If you have any different information, please cite your source so that we can all be better informed.

        • America the Battlefield

          ‘God’s Warrior’ Jerry Boykin to Join Family Research Council
          By KELLEY VLAHOS
          July 18, 2012

          Excerpted from above: “It’s important to mention that in the late 90s Boykin’s name was linked to Delta Force plans in regards to Waco. Boykin was intimately involved in planning–World Net Daily posted a 1999 FIOA document that proves it; frontpagemag wrote a 2003 story
          that goes further and confirms Boykin was on the ground during the assault … (also detailed in Waco: A New Revelation) and suggests it was his idea to use CS gas on kids.”

          New memo shows armor experts flown to Waco in civilian clothes
          Published: 08/31/1999

          The Tragedy of Waco
          February 28, 1993 to April 19, 1993
          “And what was the role of the Delta Force, and National Guard? … Major General Schoomaker, Delta Force Colonel William “Jerry” Boykin and Webster Hubbell … After the massacre of 76 Branch Davidians, the denials began.”

          Cheney’s `Spoon-Benders’ Pushing Nuclear Armageddon
          August 26, 2005
          by Jeffrey Steinberg
          Executive Intelligence Review

          Ghosts of Waco: Boykin and the Family Research Council

          Waco Update: The Delta Force Was There
          by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair
          CounterPunch Magazine
          June 1, 1999

          HRT: Rescue Team or Death Squad?

          Military Unit Responsible at Waco

          Government Informant: Delta Force Involved In Waco Shoot-Out (1999)

          A secret military organization took part in the raid at Waco

          William G. Boykin and the Calvary Chapel connection

          This is just the tip of the iceberg.

        • America the Battlefield

          Cheney’s `Spoon-Benders’ Pushing Nuclear Armageddon
          August 26, 2005
          by Jeffrey Steinberg
          Executive Intelligence Review

        • Freeamerican

          americabattfeld, Sending people all over to psy ops sites chasing your ‘secret society’ is crap to waste people’s time and distract from the jew tribe that controls America and the world and has for a hundred years. Federal reserve,central banks, jews, The jesuits are jew, secret societies jew. JWO.

          The influence of the Jews may be traced in the last outbreak of the destructive principle in Europe. An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property. Destruction of the Semitic principle, extirpation of the Jewish religion, whether in the Mosaic or the Christian form, the natural equality of man and the abrogation of property, are proclaimed by secret societies who form provisionaly governments, and men of Jewish race are found at the head of every one of them….” Benjamin Disraeli, Lord George Bentininck, A Political Biography

          “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end. ” – Rabbi Isaac Wis

      • upchuck

        Chose and chose wisely, you won’t get a second chance: :cool:

    • watchman48

      This so called, “The Coming Civil War,” is at the very least 6 years late and it should have began the next day after the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe vs. Wade….. BUT, we have traveled down the road of our destruction for to long now and it is to late to save America.

      • gruntjust4u

        Speak for yourself. It is NEVER too late to save America, you evidently did not receive the appropriate training to be a warrior. 1st you need WTL……..(Will To Live). 2nd (See First and repeat) 3rd (Follow items one and two) when you have completed this exercise pull your pants up and stand up for your right to be free and happy. “I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees” Look that up too. There is always hope, it is within each of us and you need to fire up that drive to say NO MORE! Put a boot in their ass and move on. :evil:

    • Ideas Time

      Pretty much everyone who is paying attention knows the govs are criminal organizations and all need to be reported to an honest judge if any exist so they can convene a grand jury to look into the crimes we all know they are committing on a daily basis including and the assault on the constitution.

      Did it not use to be a crime to support and fund know criminals??? If that is true then we are all guilty because we all know they are committing every crime on the books and we keep sending them money so they can continue in there crime spree against us all.

    • Ghost Prime

      Great to have those leaders on our team. Just one comment about the video which is this; according to the Constitution there is no “national” militia. The Militias are strictly an entity of the State. Aside from that, Hoo-ah!

    • Fisherman

      Those Generals are NOT on your side Anerica. Don’t fool yourself.
      Obama will swat them like flies and chuck them into FEMA camps for ever!
      America, don’t fight it. Just roll over and give your backside to the NWO.

      • upchuck

        Looks like you need the freedom speech from William Wallace:

        • John

          did him no good either lol he was hung drawn and quartered with each piece being put at the 4 corners of Britain as a deterent

    • Whiskey Zero

      911 is the litmus test. If they want to get to the bottom of the 911 treason, then you know they’re legit.

      • America the Battlefield

        Exactly. You will know them by their fruit.

      • Jabberwocky1111

        Good point

    • Anonymous

      Anyone who has worked for the government is suspect. All of these guys were probably released as CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. They would have to really have to go a LONG way to earn trust and to prove themselves.

    • upchuck

      Second time today a convoy of military helicopters flying over skies of NV. First convoy was a group of 4, the second convoy was a group of 8. Flying real low, never scene something like that before. Kind of interesting..

      • America the Battlefield

        Anything under the 200 ft. ceiling is unlawful and suspect. I get a lot of unmarked black Little Birds, surveillance cessnas and Coast Guard HC-130J Long Range Surveillance Aircraft flying over my house on a regular basis.

    • Souldiernour

      It is soon that The United States will either return to their roots or be uprooted altogether. Only The people (YOU) can decide which it will be, and now more than ever the facts before us demonstrate that we MUST stand united, Lest our foundation of Freedom and Liberty be torn asunder by those that are wolves in sheeps clothing.
      To place any dependence upon militia is assuredly resting on a broken staff- George Washington

    • Болеслава

      The head of this here “BIN” itself boasts he “used” to work for Rothschilds.
      They can’t help themselves. They have to brag. thats why nothing changes. Everything is controlled. otherwise there would be “a revolution in the streets before morning”…as Bush (jerk) Sr. once said, “and they would string us up from the nearest lightpost.” meaning – instant and sudden revenge.

    • Anonymous

      GENERAL CEMENTS PLAN TO END OBAMA’S REIGN: ‘Working in Washington now to implement radical solution’!
      “Food For Thought”
      God Bless General Vallely-God Bless America.
      Semper Fi

    • POC2014

      I will lace up my boots, get my equipment ready and take up my AR-15 A2. It will be an honor serving in NAM count me in as well in the coming Second Revolution.

      - Semper Fi

      • TombRaider

        I’m on your right again….

    • MSG Chicken

      The sodomite negro is not even legal to be in office. You don’t have to show up with an army to remove the worthless negro.

      Just some papers to serve him and the sodomite will step down. HIS wife is another story. You may need to call in animal control.

      Then you have to go after nearly the ENTIRE congress and remove them and serve them papers also for violating the Constitution and treason.

      It would be great to get rid of these PESTS. No more illegal property taxes, ABC fake agencies, and unions will be GONE. No more tax money to live off of.

    • Fisherman

      It’s in the best interest of the country of Obama orders the assasination of these 6 generals. Or chuck them in the FEMA camps with their families. Nobody should stand in the wY of the NWO?

      • RestoreRepublic2013

        Shut Up Stupid!

      • upchuck

        You see this type of aggression from these sissy, socialist, marxist bastards all the time. They are so predictable its almost to funny. They well threaten to murder and have you killed, but then run and hide like a whimpering dog. The NWO is a JOKE! :cool:

      • StraightDopes

        you’re a pretty good troll, AHF, but this wasn’t your best work. if you persist in being so lazy, you just may unmask yourself, and it would be a whole lot less fun having you around.


    • WCS

      I love the way they drive us to this point and when they learn that we are not playing around, see the resolve in our eyes and know that where preparing, they try to talk us down. Time for talk has passed and they did not want to talk until they see that we have been pushed to far. Now they want to talk. There is no need for talk, put this country back together and there will be no issues but talk, na, its way to late for talk. Only actions can fix this. No one wants this but just what did you liberals think we would do? just role over and take it? Really? Is that what you thought? Or did you know this is what we would do and this is what you wanted it to come to? I cant help but think this is what they want. Why else would they have pushed us so far. They had to know and if not then this is going to be quit the lesson. And yes I do think this is coming as I do not thing government will take any actions to fix there criminal ways and right there wrongs. they just keep digging in with no remorse for what they have done and are doing.

    • FightforFreedom

      A Revolution, To Bring In A Dictator? I Hope Not!! Maybe That’s What The Game Players Want, A Revolution That Fits Their NWO Agenda. Let’s Not Fall For A Trap Here Fellas!!!
      Think This One Out Very,Very,Very Carefully!!! :idea:

      • America the Battlefield

        Exactly. General Tommy Franks is quoted as saying that “if martial law is ever declared in the United States, the Constitution is likely to be discarded in favor of a military form of government.” You know, like North Korea? That was a tell. It’s what they want. We don’t need a revolution. We need RESTORATION. And the law is on the side of We the People to restore our legal and lawful Constitutional government. An armed revolution would play into the hands of the social engineers. Read Albert Pike’s prophetic 1871 letter to Giusseppe Mazzini, telling him exactly how the agenda of fomenting three world wars would be accomplished. A second American civil war is essential to bring that plan to fruition.

        • Freeamerican

          No, ‘we’ don’t ‘restore’ your fake jew/judeo mason ‘constitution’ either. The constitution was a scheme. Obvious with the ‘promote the general welfare’ crap. It limited our rights. No more jew libertarian schemes or any schemes. You are a psy ops troll.

          People, we do it by not buying stuff, by protesting immigration in the streets so immigrants see we don’t want them here taking over our country. We quit voting. Get straight who is the enemy, the jew tribe that runs the banks, media, schools, government agencies, churches. We quit voting because every scum in government works for them. We throw out the illegals and all welfare leeches and communists. No more leaders. Quit voting.

    • Neanderthal

      When and if the powder keg goes here in the states and the disconnect between the government and the citizens of this nation becomes so great that conflict arises, it’s good to know that there are some experienced men out there to lead our citizens armies.

      Got news for you ” there are a hell of a lot more civilians out there then UssA figured to be lock load and ready to go.

    • Neanderthal

      Your article is good but in your picture selection is missing 2 pictures.
      The patriotic civilian man and woman the average AMERIKANER. WHO represent ” WE THE PEOPLE”.

    • Neanderthal

      let me give you an example.
      Analyze the photos.
      Your interpretation while I wait.
      Did you notice the Generation that is presented to you.
      Do you think the elected in DC would care to fk with that generation.
      If they do I feel sorry for them. The mistake they made was not to allow us to die off so they could have their way with the de-educated society that they have produced.

    • Stēkō

      I’d pick all of their brains, but Boykin is the only one who has the command skill set necessary to fight a war of counter-insurgency, precisely the need America has at present.
      The entire group, and all command level officers still active and recient reserve classified are circumspect at best, likely liabilities at worst. The reasoning behind this is simple enough, they are a known commodity in the military community, their tendencies, weakness’s and strengths are already common knowledge and thusly they are not ideal to lead anything along the lines of what you suggest.
      Frankly, you need an unknown, so done whom is self taught in both strategy and logistics, someone whom is both a veteran of foreign wars and yet was NOT an officer. An NCO, of any particular rank at discharge for many brilliant men have been thrown out unceremoniously and have suffered loss of rank in the process.
      The man to lead, will be a non conformist, uncompromising to authority, a hard headed, bold and decisive decision maker whom has very likely never been a high achiever in civilian life because of these traits. Whomever that man is, he leads from the front and doesn’t bother to look back to see who’s behind him; he assumes that others will follow and acts accordingly. He will know intuitively how to wage an asymmetric war, he will not be educated in warfare in a traditional manner but will have extensively been a student of war throughout his entire life.

      That being said, I wish you good luck, and to him, whomever he is; for you shall not be victorious nevertheless.
      Because God is not with ANYONE trying to overthrow America as she is today. Two thousand years ago John, on Patmos wrote of her, and today, this very time is living testimony to the truth of Gods word, for indeed we had two lamb like horns, but now we speak as the dragon ( Satan ). All that is missing before the Sunday laws go into effect world wide ( The Mark of the beast…Americas mark of spiritual authority, an image of the first beasts mark of Puritan authority ) is for America to proclaim a nation religion ” typology “, such as ” Christian “, or ” Islamic “. By doing this it can be said that they have not issued a ” solitary , singular ” national religion, as both religions are made up of many denominations or sects, of the two, the Christianity of Sunday worship most closely mimics the first beast, though Islam is a construct of the first beast.
      So revolt, riot, or stomp about angrily all you want to, but I’m with God on this and am betting .000¢ on your success.

      God bless
      Stēkō Parrēsia Iesōus

      • StraightDopes


        the one you’d go with is BOYKIN??

        please see my comment below, Steko – otherwise, i think we’re on the same page.

        but boykin is an utter tool for the warmongering establishment. WOOoooOOoo wwOOOOooOOOO SCARY BROWN PEOPLE!!!!!!!

        lol :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • lisalake

      If the military cared about the constitution and WeThePeople, they would be speaking/acting out NOW. They have abandoned us.

    • thilliker2


    • StraightDopes

      i’m sorry but i have to comment on this.

      this is about the most SUSPICIOUS list i can imagine. :sad:

      you have boykin, whose intentionally inflammatory rhetoric against muslims and brown people is WELL-KNOWN, and fits the Establishment’s agenda PERFECTLY. you have general Stubblebine, who seems to have deliberately chosen the most CONTROVERSIAL aspect of 9-11 truth (the plane at the pentagon), which many 9-11 truthers feel is a honeypot (i actually don’t count myself among them and i feel there’s ample evidence to disbelieve the assertion that a plane crashed there, but many sincere truthers feel otherwise), never mind the guy’s provenance in intelligence and psychic warfare. you have Vallely, who CO-WROTE a paper on “mind war” with famed SATANIST michael aquino, and is a regular fox news contributor. you have Honore – who CONFISCATED GUNS after katrina. McIenerney is a regulat contributor at communist news network (CNN)…

      need i go on?

      this seems like a ROGUE’S GALLERY.

      now maybe falling down the rabbit hole has made my suspicious of everyone and everything, but c’mon – THIS is NOT a list of people i’d trust.

    • Sid

      I don’t think generals will be needed. There is a large segment of the population that hates Obama and what the federal government has done to destroy freedom and the economy, instead creating a system of aristocracy, privilege, wealth for the few, and poverty for the way too many of us. When conditions become bad enough and violence erupts, no government thug will be safe from random, unorganized violence. If it doesn’t happen during Obama’s reign, it will then likely happen during his successor’s reign.

      The people who are in the armed forces come from the general population. Some are loyal to our rulers, but many are not and you can bet the desertion rate will skyrocket. Look at how quickly the thugs that ruled Egypt fell, and then how quickly the thugs that replaced them fell.

      Civil War this time won’t be large armies meeting in the field of battle. It will be assassinations, bombings, sabotage, and neighbor killing neighbor. There will be little safety, particularly in population centers. Thankfully many of us are armed and have stores of ammunition, and have a solid belief in the value of freedom. You can bet there are many people who are just marking time until the time is ripe.

    • Freeamerican

      There’s a garbage can full of fakes on this page, at least seven psy ops trolls. This militia stuff is a trap same as that fake stewart rhodes who’s a jew same as the bankers, media, obama. Get the connection. jew world order. This is a trap for what’s left of the white men who have a backbone. They want to kill the best first. We can do it other ways, quit buying stuff, protest immigration, quit voting.



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