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Remember the SHILLS

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This is an update to the Philip Wood report.

Remember the shills


If you ever get hijacked, kidnapped, or become the victim in a war or terror attack, REMEMBER THE SHILLS. Remember them if you ever manage to get a message out to the world about where you are, because they will promptly jump on it to shut you up.

No matter what the story, no matter what the circumstance, if anyone tries to get your message to the public despite the shills, those trying to help you will become the object of ridicule and the target of thousands of paid shills, who will lie, hack and cheat their way into burying the fact that you are alive, and that you managed to speak.

Such has been the case with Philip wood. And I would like to point out why.

Philip claimed to get a message out with an iphone after being separated from the rest of the people and put in a prison cell alone. And every part of what he said was shilled practically into oblivion.

The first thing the shills said was Phillip wood did not exist, but THAT was a lie.

They then said that an Iphone could never be hidden from a search, but THAT was a lie. and I promise you, no one hides a knife up their @.

They then tried to make people believe that there is no civilian cell service on Diego Garcia that Philip could have connected with, because “it’s a military base, there are no civilians there” but then Lt. Col Caggns at DOD media relations in Arlington confirmed cell service in fact IS available on Diego Garcia (go figure) because Diego Garcia has a large civilian population for such a small island, 1,600 civilians working high paying jobs. And they can’t call home. YEP. Because according to the SHILLS there can’t be a satellite linked cell tower.

They then insisted that in his @ meant up his rectum, and not just in the cheeks, where the TSA fails 70 percent of the time. And even if it was his rectum, they lied when they said it would not fit, even though Philip had five hours to think of a way to get it in there before the plane landed.

Then, after all of that was answered clearly, they then went on to say that it could never have happened because (lie) “an Iphone cannot be turned off” when it absolutely can be turned off, and that an Iphone will only last a day when turned on, when in reality if there is nothing wrong with the iphone, it can be turned on for over a week in standby easily.

You see, shills think you are stupid, SO STUPID you will believe that a high end gadget in 2014 always kills the battery in a few hours no matter what. Welcome 1970′s carbon battery.

And they could not have the real picture out there in circulation, NO. So they hacked their way into the major web site that posted it, and destroyed the exif so it had no real forensic value within a few hours, and in stupidity made it obvious by putting up a picture of a bloody body on that same web site. Let me ask, was that a threat?

People were not stupid enough to buy all the shillage, so the shills then hatched the only lie left – that the story was too perfect to be true. But how else could it be? Consider the message:

“I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.”

Let’s dissect that. “I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded).” If this was a hoax given what was known by all the zit picking kids out there, the message would have instead said “I have been held hostage by American forces after my plane was hijacked. I am in Diego Garcia. But he does not know who his captors are, and that is a total green light for the story being true, because they sure as heck would never tell him. And he obviously did not know where he was.

The kicker? He was blindfolded. The Army will blindfold people with a locked bag over the head that the people they put it on can’t get off, to leave their hands free when they have been judged to not be a threat. Once in the cell, they took the handcuffs off because he was not a threat, he was the victim and they left the bag to avoid being identified. Philip, who may have been beta testing the latest IBM voice recognition software or using the voice recognition abilities of the Iphone, swiped the screen correctly to turn it on and then talked to it to get it logged in somewhere to get his message out because he could not see the screen. THE KICKER IS THAT IT IS OBVIOUSLY A VOICE RECOGNITION MESSAGE. IT’S CHOPPY AND THE WORD PERSONNEL WAS INTERPRETED AS THE WORD PERSONAL. THE TWO ARE TOO DIFFERENT FOR THAT TO BE A TYPO, VOICE ASSISTED SOFTWARE OBVIOUSLY DID THAT ERROR.

So, the first line of what he said FITS PERFECT.

“I work for IBM and managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack”. Shills ripped this, saying he would not have bothered with where he worked. That is a load of BUNK. If he was flying to Bejing, he was most likely on a business flight for work, and wanted to make clear who he was so there would be no mistake. And where else would he put the cell phone other than his ass? in his ear? his pee hole? Come on now, that shillage was thin.

So the second line could not have been any different in a real scenario

“I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and am in a cell” The fact that he waited to be separated from the rest of the passengers to get the message out is absolutely the way it would have been, before separation they would have been closely watching all the passengers and he did not risk losing his phone while under close scrutiny. Once in the cell, the cell prevents escape and would not have immediate supervision. THAT would be the time to dial out.

So the third line is exactly the way it would be, because Phil is a smart guy, he works for IBM in database security and knew when to try to reach the outside world.

“My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly” That supports the story extremely well, American forces unilaterally drug all prisoners.

BOTTOM LINE? THE STORY WASHES. And NEVER FORGET what the shills did to this if you ever end up in trouble, if you ever try to call out you had better hope no one in a high position of power in America or Israel can benifit from shutting you up, because they will if they can.

Philip was probably just an average guy. He probably believes CNN and that arabs did 911. He probably thinks America is a beacon of freedom and truth, and really believed that if his message hit a blog somewhere it would go viral. He snapped a picture and sent it, knowing his Iphone would send his location. But that did not work, because everything he believed about American freedom, evil arabs, and everything else CNN pushes was a lie.

There will be no rescue for Philip wood, because the liars, hackers, shills and war department media made good and sure that will never happen despite the fact that he did get a message out. Phil will have his mind destroyed so he will never be able to speak up again, and be used to push a mop for the rest of his life if he is lucky.

And if phil managed to get a message out to anyone in his family, they would have been detained or killed instantly and kept silent, but that probably did not happen because all calls would have been censored. All log ins to any accounts he had blocked. The only hope for phil was an anonymous blog that did not require log in.


So if you ever find yourself in Phil’s position, REMEMBER THE SHILLS, THE HACKERS, THE LIARS AND CHEATS, they will number in the thousands and will hatch any lie possible to screw public opinion against you no matter what message you get out, REMEMBER THEM, THEY WORK FOR A PAYCHECK AND THEY WILL NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU.





Shills are now using the approach “the message is too perfect” because they can’t answer to what is here. But the message is exactly what I would expect from an intelligent person who has been captured, FAKE would be: My plane was hijacked by American and British military people. I am on Diego Garcia. I have been tortured. Please help. In Philips message, he does not know where he is or who is holding him. Anyone faking the message would certainly say Diego Garcia and American/British forces. The fact that Philip does not know anything about his captors FITS TOTALLY with the message being authentic.


The picture now referenced has been hacked, with the Exif modified.  They basically destroyed the photo to discredit this.  The original photo was 4k larger and had the Exif in a completely different format.  I am working on resolving this.  I guess I should have expected this and watched for it.


Right now the American intelligence front is frantic on the blogs, attempting to find any way to slam this. They are testing any possible way to convince people this is not true, and will run with whatever works. Don’t let that fool you, use your brain with what is here and think for yourself.


The blindfold:

The man claimed to be blindfolded when he sent the message. When the American military blindfolds someone, it is accomplished by putting a bag over the head that is locked so you can’t get it off. This left the engineers hands free. This would have made it possible for him to pull his Iphone 5 (a fact confirmed by the Exif data) out of his butt as stated, and use the voice command ability of the Iphone to just talk to it to log in and post the message. This explains why he sent a black photo, he could not see what he was sending, he just knew he snapped a photo and sent whatever got taken.

The coordinates:When the coordinates are added to the fact that the photo’s exif data does not match the Google coordinates or any other coordinates for Diego Garcia that are posted online, but is still within the boundaries of Diego Garcia, it proves that no one just pulled those coordinates off the web. It helps confirm that this was not just a hoax because the coordinates are exact to wherever on Diego Garcia the Iphone was when it took the photo.




UPDATE:  Jpeg now provided because the Linkdin account is now censored by region and does not work in all areas


This image, which appears black was posted as taken in a dark cell by an IBM engineer. The picture is black because the cell was too dark, but a critical piece of information was embedded in the Exif data, the coordinates to Diego Garcia, where the picture was taken. And it’s real, this is NOT a hoax. The coordinates in the picture indicate that the photo was taken within 3 miles of what Google officially gives for Diego Garcia. It is NOT EXACTLY what comes up on Google. It is off a couple miles, so NO ONE GOOGLED THIS, thus helping to confirm it’s authenticity.  Diego Garcia is big enough to have a runway be hard to see in full frame pictures of the island, so a 3 mile radius fits.


The picture posted with the following text: “I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.”

MY COMMENT: The Exif is intact. Exif data gets embedded in every image by every camera and includes the circumstances under which the photo was taken. It can be viewed by saving the image to your desktop, and then right clicking it and selecting image properties. Hit the details tab. You can see that the image was taken on March 18 with an Iphone 5, with the ISO at 3200 and a shutter of 1/15. The coordinates are included in the exif data because the Iphone knows where it is, and the coordinates are for Diego Garcia.

Obviously I cannot confirm this 100 percent as real,  but I do know that Exif can’t be rewritten with common software without a trace, ALL software leaves a note in the application tag that says the picture was modified by an  application.  Exif  can be erased as well but NOT CHANGED WITHOUT A TRACE.  Photos with the exif from the original imaging device intact AND UNCHANGED will hold up in court. If the Exif is hacked and this is not real, the CIA or a really good hacker did this, which I doubt, I’d say it’s probably real.  The image exif clearly shows that the Iphone camera itself was the last thing that did anything with the image.  An external app never touched it.

Surrounding this story is the fact that the man who managed to get this information to Farganne was harassed and received many threatening voice mails over it, that is another piece of evidence pointing to this as being real.  I cannot stress how important it is that the GPS coordinates in the photo do not perfectly match what Google or anything else on the web says, because it proves that the source of those coordinates did not come from google or another web site, they really did come from the imaging device and prove that it was in fact taking the photo in Diego Garcia.


DEBUNK ATTEMPTS AND UPDATES I did not want to post, but now have to because of the way certain people took this. Iphone won’t fit? That is SILLY. From an E.R. doctor who pulled a 12 inch long 8 inch wide salami out of an idiot´s butt

OTHER DEBUNK ATTEMPTS: If anything was used to re-tag this image, it would say so in the software tag of the image. Any time software modifies any aspect of the image, the last thing to touch the image gets put in the software tag. The Iphone’s standard software is in the image tag and nothing else. That means this image has NOT been re-tagged and that is the FIRST THING I checked before posting this story. And NO, YOU CANNOT MODIFY IT WITH A PROGRAMMING EDITOR UNLESS YOU ARE A MACHINE LANGUAGE GENIUS. Open notepad (which is a basic programming editor). Drag the photo into notepad. it will open as code. The Exif is all machine code. This is the NSA type hack I talked about, unless the NSA or a serious hacker wanted to do this, the photo is legit. And the surrounding circumstances also show this story to be legit.

A non shill question: Diego Garcia is a military installation. Are there civilians on the island? ANSWER: YES, 1,600 of them. And they have cell phones no doubt. Civilian cell service would be there. And what about all the military spouses? They would be there too, and NOT in the military but (possibly) listed as military. They have phones as well, Diego Garcia would not be a black hole.

Non shill comment: Geosetter can modify exif. I did it, I changed the location in the picture. My comment: Did Geosetter erase the Iphone O.S. version? It should have, and that would prove the photo fake. Above, all that data is perfectly intact. All software I have seen will say it modified a photo. Since Geosetter is public domain it should say it had the image and produced it with the Iphone O.S. data either added to or removed entirely. Absent this, Geosetter would be a hacker app.

BLOCKBUSTER UPDATE AGAIN: This got posted to 4chan and was pulled immediately, but 4plebs, an independently run backup of 4chan which is NOT controlled has the original on archive, and the date of posting matches the photo. BINGO! read it HERE. This answers the question why the photo only surfaced recently. Someone surfing archives found it. 4chan would be absolutely a PRIME choice for someone in trouble.


More Debunks answered

There was no Philip wood working for IBM – this one was really poor. This was the very first debunk posted anywhere, and it’s so thin and transparent well, if you get fooled by that one let’s just say I am not going to help you by linking out AGAIN. Re read the article please

The exif data was hacked -

That would debunk the whole story, but it is not the case. Actually untraceably changing exif is not that easy. ALL LEGITIMATE SOFTWARE, EVERY LAST BIT OF IT OUT THERE, WILL SAY IT HAD THE PICTURE AND PRODUCED IT IF IT IS SAVED WITH THAT SOFTWARE. THERE ARE NO SUCH FINGERPRINTS ON PHILIP’S IMAGE. Most people do not even know what exif data is. From my experience I would say that fewer 9 out of 10 people have heard of it. Of the fewer than 10 percent who have, most will be photographers.

I have been doing photography and known about exif since the beginning of digital photography. And there have been times, for the sake of sending messages secretly embedded in Jpegs or claiming ownership of images, I have wanted to hack exif at least enough to pull entire Jpegs into programming editors to see if there was anything I could tweak. Except for a few notes in the Jpeg, the exif is machine language. That’s pretty tough to work with and even most who work as professional programmers can’t do it which makes that scenario highly implausible. And software like photoshop ALWAYS changes the software tag and claims full ownership of the image. So even though there are applications that can edit exif, they always leave a trace in the software tag. The photo posted by Philip had no such changes to the software tag.

If the image posted by Philip is NOT legit, it would have taken someone with an ability to write machine language to modify it without a trace, or a hacker with an obscure app to do it, and I call bunk on that because those types of people are small in number and have better things to do than hatch b.s. on the web. This was NOT done by a teenager for a week end prank. It would be a very small number of people that actually managed to do it, as I said all along – CIA/NSA types or really good hackers. And I seriously doubt that prospect.

The only thing I have a question for with regard to how this got posted to begin with is WHY 10 days? This posted on the 18th, and that’s quite a while after the event. There is no doubt the Iphone was NOT up philip’s butt the entire time. So now we get into guessing games about why it took 10 days. My guess? Somehow for a period of time Philip was tied up under close supervision but not closely supervised at the toilet. After the initial search he put the phone in a more comfortable position in his pants but did not call. And it took 10 days for him to finally get separated from the other people as stated in the message and have enough privacy to send a message out.

Why post to 4chan rather than call home? That’s pretty easy to explain. The NSA would have blocked Philips number from reaching anyone of importance in his life. They do it to my phones all the time, to such an extent I gave up on cell phones, they are useless for me. And even Claudia’s phones have been cut off from receiving calls from family members, the NSA does that just to isolate people who are dissenters. Flight 370 would have been handled. E-mails? Ditto. Facebook and others that require log in? DITTO. That left only totally public blogs that did not require log in to get a message out, and 4chan is one of those.

Those are the TWO legitimate questions I can think of that people could actually ask about how and why, the rest – such as you could never get a phone up your ass when you are a really smart guy who would have noticed the plane turned around and the pilot on the intercom saying the plane has been hijacked and now you have FIVE FULL HOURS TO THINK OF SOMETHING BEFORE THE PLANE LANDS, come on now, ONE guy out of 230 figured something out. The whole argument about how the phone made it is in my opinion silly.

The bottom line is that the arguments against the story are a whole lot weaker than the arguments supporting it, and when you add to that the fact that my web site got hacked repeatedly and someone even managed to get a back ground image of a bloody body strewn all the way through it for a few hours Saturday night, well, hackers don’t have my log ins, only the NSA or other high level gov types would because I am too good with passwords (they are typically un hackable ones like N532r689$^// and with hackers they won’t fix it right when they think I am going to log on, they will leave it up. It got fixed without me doing anything, I never knew about it until someone told me. That would be a back stab by an intelligence agency, WHY WOULD THIS STORY BE THAT IMPORTANT IF IT WAS B.S.? They don’t just pull that type of stunt out of the blue.

And the shillage was MASSIVE on this one, with outright lies that were very weak early on, evolving into other lies that were harder to dismiss, and now they are focusing on the exif and whether or not it can be changed without a trace. Well, my answer is above and was always in the original post, and it is the RIGHT ANSWER, YES, BY HACKERS AND INTELLIGENCE AGENCY TYPES, BUT NOT BY WEEKEND JOE AND THAT MAKES THAT ARGUMENT WEAK. Ultimately I guess anyone who worked in the right places could do anything, including walking up to you cloaked by the latest technology and hitting you in the head with a bean bag. But the preponderance of evidence weighs heavily in favor of this all being legit, and that is what I am sticking with.


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    • eatmorevegetables

      if you go to, there is a link at the bottom for the employee directory… I searched for “Philip wood” and it returned no results – just sharing this info


        The plot thickens.

        • ghost

          i made a point about scrutinising the passenger list! for black ops or military personell boarding as passengers! it was not listed?

        • Busta Myth

          It could be a photo of inside his Butt ?

        • hoby


          Phillip Wood is on the official passenger list:

          Inang, below, posted a link to an L.A. Times article about the loved ones of the passengers on MH370 that specifically mentions him as a “”50-year-old IBM executive”

        • Ted

          How do you get a smart phone into – and then retrieve it from your ass? How the hell do you maintain a charge? I’m certain that plane is on the ground somewhere, but this doesn’t sound plausible, it’s been weeks. My phone won’t keep a charge all day in “weak” cell coverage.

        • DK

          @Ted – amazing how long your phone will keep a charge in standby on AIRPLANE mode, it is at the end of the charge life at 225 – 250 hours, the battery will have to be new but that is 9 – 11 days !

        • Earl Scheib

          The only way someone could get a Iphone in their anal cavity is they have been gaped by way of fisting and/or oversized sex toys.

          This whole thread is a sick joke.

        • Borobudur

          How did he retrieve the phone back out? If it’s gone deeper inside, he most likely won’t be able to retrieve it back out without some help. Seriously.


        • Satoshi Nakamoto

          I agree given the number of shills trying to demonize this message it must be true, one recurring argument is you can get an a little iPHone up your ass, that reminds of one the internet was first public there was a site called, and they had a photo of a guy that got a FIRE-HYDRANT stuck up his ass, now think about that, this kind has a fire hydrant stuck up his and the morons here are questioning somebody getting a tiny little iPhone in his glory hole.

          My first thought was that Philip Wood was CIA contractor for IBM, but given the mystery and he was the only american male ( 3 usa I think? ) me thinks he gained confidence, and then waited until he knew he was alone, and then sent his message, of course nobody can help him, cuz only the Russians or CHINESE could invade DG, and that would be an act of war, but at least he got his message out, and this will be remembered forever.

      • anonymous

        While you are busy with the false flag, obama is
        plotting wwiii. Lame os

      • Earl Scheib

        Phil Wood made bicycle hubs…

      • AgainstEVILZionist-MASTERMIND-of-IlluminatiNWO

        Oh yeah? Read this – Philip Wood is an IBM employer alright see,0,4194274.story#axzz2xUPkQPSS:

        Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Hijacking theory gives relatives hope

        By Barbara Demick

        March 16, 2014

        The possibility that Malaysia Air Flight 370 was hijacked has heartened the relatives of passengers who are holding out hope that the missing plane landed in some remote location, perhaps a tropical island.

        “My gut feeling is that it landed. I still feel his spirit. I don’t feel he is dead,” said Sarah Bajc, a 48-year-old American teacher living in Beijing whose partner, Philip Wood, a 50-year-old IBM executive, was a passenger on the flight…..

        It is indeed not a coincidence, that those top Chinese MILITARY Scientists from Freescale and other companies , and this lone IBM Enginner, Wood here, on MH370, are link to that most powerful Zionist who founded nuclear-armed Israel, Rothschild , through the two major defence contrators, IBM and Freescale! See – , How The Rothschild Dynasty Operates; and at , The Federal Reserve Cartel: Freemasons and The House of Rothschild, By Dean Henderson, Global Research, June 08, 2011 !

      • The Liberator

        He could of turned off the cell phone before sticking it up his ass. And if you want to know what people have been sticking up their pooper, check this crazy stuff out . X-ray images:

        • Anonymous

          I am of the opinion that nothing gets lodged up a person’s arse without their direct and knowing complicity

      • onlysixshooter

        He has a Linkedin page too even dates back a few years

      • Sunshine

        Well, aren’t you smart….?… That’s only what the article stated. Duh ! Do you think IBM would never lie. ?….????

    • Jimstonefreelance

      That’s a lie. Folks, go there and do it. All it is is a search for topics on IBM, not people.


      • eatmorevegetables

        at the bottom you idiot, employee directory… and I searched for people that I KNOW work for IBM, they came up fine, here is the link:

        now what is interesting is that I had somebody do a search on the internal email directory, and it did in fact return a person by this name in the US… the person is not comfortable providing any more detail, just confirming that a person by that name is in the system

        • ElOregonian

          Can this photo be run through a light-spectrum program to enhance the photo to reveal any defining features? I am unfamiliar if that kind of program would be beneficial in any way.

        • hoby


          The article at LATimes that “Inang” linked to above confirms Phil Wood is a “50-year-old IBM executive” AND was a passenger on MH370.

          He is also listed on the passenger list at:

        • anonymoustache

          “eat more vegetables at the bottom”…
          That’s how your material reads,taken from the top-
          That would make you a proponent of bottom feeding,right?

          GET A GRIP-
          you try to act all covert and mysterious
          and say that you had someone do a search for Philip Wood
          and they found only ONE?
          There are MANY Philip Wood’s in the U.S.!

          One is

          He’s an artsy person in NYC….

        • Personaltrain

          @ELOREGONIAN – Thats ironic you mentioned that! I did exactly that, I increased the saturation and played with a few other dials, and I got what appears to be the upper torso sitting down leaning forward. I don’t know if its just matrixing or not, but it immediately stood out to me.

          I can see what looks like upper shoulders and head, with arms coming forward, almost as if they were sitting with their elbows on their knees. I will try to upload the image, or someone else can do the exact same thing.

          I increased the saturation 100%, increased the contrast and tint. Things start to be defined within the picture.

        • Satoshi Nakamoto

          You can open the file with Microsoft photo manager that comes with office,and do an auto-color correction and you will get an image, after that you can diddle with the image and re-colorize with the options.

          If the guy was in a blacked out room, the photo isn’t black, but image looks like Hillary Clinton IMHO and that’s not a good thing.

      • The Real Deal


        Hey man, good work getting this out there. Your site being hacked like that proves that you must be on to something. If the NSA is doing the hacking, that means they must have been contacted by the shadow U.S. gov’t, and given orders to hack your site so this message has a harder time getting out. But the cat is out of the bag now. I do not believe that 777 just disappeared or crashed. It is telling that Israel has an exact replica of that plane in a hangar in Tel Aviv. Not sure why Israel would need a Malaysian 777. Seems to me if Israel had just purchased the plane, they would have quickly painted their own airlines logo on there and sent it back up to make them some money. 777′s can carry quite a large number of passengers. Something is not right, and if this is a hoax, well…it’s quite an elaborate one. Keep up the good work.

    • ghost

      if indeed there is any truth in this! and the plane was taken over by military personell! then of course they would have needed to board as passengers! therefore a thorough look into every passengers affiliations and backgrounds should yeild some clues!

    • Andrew Bourdain

      How do you shove an iPhone up your backside whilst wearing jeans and military hijackers are watching every move? These will not just be militia they will be highly trained black ops if this is the case. How do you type perfectly on an iPhone blindfolded? Close your eyes and try it…

      • Before It Was All Pop Ups

        Read the article as many times as it takes for you to understand how that is explained, more than once, in the article.

      • THOTH

        I’m not sure how you shove an iPhone up your ass?? Weirder things have happened though. I’m sure there are instructions on how this is done somewhere on the net. Has anybody tried googling how to do this?? All joking aside, the article says it was an IPhone 5 so maybe he used Siri? I hardly ever type my texts anymore..

        • The Real Deal

          Maybe he just kept it sideways, between his cheeks. It’s funny to think about, but plausible.

        • artl

          OK so, just to validate this. Can you get reasonably drunk – to emulate the drugs he thinks he has been given, then stick a black out sack over your head. then power up your phone, take a picture and submit it to a site.

      • AgainstEVILZionist-MASTERMIND-of-IlluminatiNWO

        How the heck do you know he was wearing JEANS?! Were you there?!

    • Hamilton

      Phillip Wood, an IBM employee from Texas, was one of three Americans aboard the plane. His distraught kin established the Facebook page Finding Philip Wood, which posts frequent updates and has been flooded with an outpouring of support.

      Below is a news article stating Wood is an IBM employee…

    • Jimstonefreelance




      • WeBeDoomed


        • ghost

          no use commenting! unless your a bully boy gv agent!

      • Apollo is the A/C

        Jim, We out number the soulless Trolls. Keep plugging away. May God protect all those on board that Airliner!!!! All I can say to the Military is REMEMBER THE NUREMBERG TRIALS. “I WAS JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS gets you a cell 6 ft below ground!!!

      • SDCAUSA

        Nothing about this has been proven at all and you are flat out irresponsible in thinking that EXIF data cannot be edited except by some CIA super hacker. EXIF data is easily edited by free tools that can be found easily on the web. Download something like EXIF Pilot and give it a try yourself. Continuing to perpetuate this hoax or as you say “I AM GOING TO SCREW THIS HOME LIKE A SPERM WHALE.” is very irresponsible. Do some due diligence and take a deep breath. I know you are excited thinking that you have a major4 scoop but this isn’t major because it’s a fraud and you’ve been taken in by it. I think it’s great that you are doing some investigative journalism but apparently you didn’t investigate this very much before you starting humping like a whale on it. Do the research and then you can retract this while you may still have some credibility left to pursue other leads.

        • Anonymous

          Keep drinking your FLUORIDATE WATER, seated in front of your TV watching the State controlled propaganda. Sadly, the snooze button has been hit seemingly permanently for some. Nothing rattles them anymore – until the food runs out.

        • Sercodidit

          Three words: Serco did it! :lol:


        I’M WITH YOU, ON THIS ONE…but, what the heck does ‘I am going to screw this home like a sperm whale’ exactly mean?…I live in canada, and I know americans have some unusual phrases…
        That’s like the one I heard the other day, something about ‘screwing a pooch’?…rather base and disgusting, frankly…but, then, I am a good girl.

        l. :grin:

        • voiceofreason

          Screwing the pooch or ***king the dog means you are goofing off or not doing something right.

      • SDCAUSA

        Looks like the only thing that’s been screwed like a sperm whale is Jim. Before It’s News even has a new article called “Jim Stone Freelancer – EXPOSED!”


    • Theodorizer

      There are so many weird and credible leads in this mystery, that it is beginning to look like some kind of supernatural theater, and in a remarkably strange way so. It keeps having strong evidence and bearing hallmarks for each of either natural air disaster, intelligence plot or false flag preparation, corporate crime, pilot suicide, terrorist attack or preparation of it, intelligence manipulated terrorist attack etc.

      On the part of its timeline, it is odd that it occurred overlapping the Ukraine crisis, stealing half of the attention of the world media from it, that it would have else received. If this was an act of God, I believe that its purpose was to allow Russia to seize Crimea peacefully, because on the other case, a world war could have erupted spontaneously. I guess the world war is anyway near at the door, but for some reason it was just not yet the time.

      Or, is it possible that this delayment and loss in media coverage will create even more tensions between the super powers so that the crisis will turn out to be impossible to solve, if one wants to believe in the power of the media in easing the tensions via public dialogue, even if it wouldn’t achieve well in objectivity and being neutral. In that case, the flight mystery serves to speed up the end of the suffering for the world, which is dangerously prone to collapse politically and socially in a massive way – anyway.

      I believe the mystery is a divine intervention, because when they happen, they have the most meaning when the world’s existence is at stake, or when the world is too evil and corrupted to maintain itself in a sane way, if one wants to seek sanity from the history, or the present time, of the world.

      • HereAmI

        Hmmm, a deep thinker, eh?
        People like you are dangerous, and best eliminated…

        • friends2you

          Interesting comment you made. It reminds me of when China started all those labor camps and rounded up all the teachers, doctors, anyone who was a thinker and eliminated them. Nah, its best to rid the world of the Elite and its trolls.

    • KnowMoreThanYou

      Looks like the picture was taking while up his rump. :idea:

    • ghost

      if your brazen enough to front this story! At least add all comments!

    • Hegelian

      Everybody knows that the plane went to Diego Garcia. Your a fool if you believe anything else. Its that 2 mm computer with RAM,ROM and clock that they are after. 3 of the patent holders were on that plane, the other is the Texas Corporation. The patent is applied for not passed. That Nano computer is the key. The two Iranians got a good deal for their tickets if they were even on the plane. There are some sick puppies out in the real world. Their Elite Deviant Behavior is palatable

      • SDCAUSA

        What is the patent number of the patent you are talking about? So far I’ve seen stories with two different patents that have nothing to do with any kind of chip and on both of those the listed inventors were definitely not on the plane. Do you have a link to the patent application or a credible source with more information about that angle?

        Another thing to consider, when you work for a company, even though you are listed as an inventor that doesn’t mean that you are equally entitled to all revenue from that patent. Most tech companies have contracts that spell out in detail what kind of compensation you will receive for being an inventor and in every case I’ve been involved in the inventors received compensation that was nowhere near an equal share of the revenue from the patent. They may get raises or bonuses but it’s not like any company is going to give the 3 guys on the patent each 25% of the revenue and while the company gets the remaining 25%, that’s simply not the way it works.

        The plane may indeed have gone to Diego Garcia but nothing in this article proves that in any way and would not stand up to even the simplest legal standard for “100% Proof” as the author states. This blog posting and the attached image are fake and do not prove the plane is or ever was on Diego Garcia.

        • DK


          1, The patent is listed on this site however the patent holders were not listed as passengers under their own names.

          2, Depends on your contract, if you are working for your own independent lab under contract etc. More senior PHD levels have the right to publicity, public acclaim and rights.

          3, By your own standards niether the blog posting or the attached image are fake, they are mearly not proven in the same way a claim of 100% Proof is not Proof. Supporting evidence is required.

        • SDCAUSA


          The link to the story you included has a link to the patent which goes to a page that is 404, not found. But it does list the patent number which is easy to search in the Google patent archive. Here’s a direct link to that patent:

          It has nothing at all to do with a 2mm microprocessor. It is a patent for improving a manufacturing process to increase die yields. And, the inventors listed on this patent were not on the plane. This is one of the 2 patents I mentioned I had already looked into related to this story.

          The patent was granted Mar 11, 2014.

          Furthermore, Freescale and Blackrock are both publicly traded companies so the theory that since these inventors, if they were on the plane, were killed in the process so then Freescale could steal their patent rights so that Jacob Rothschild now owns the patent is about the thinnest connection one could make. Yes, Rothschild is on the advisory board of Blackrock but he is not a majority shareholder of Blackrock and definitely not a majority shareholder of Freescale so the benefit to him is minimal.

          As you note there are some situations where the inventors will share more of the revenue related to a patent bu7t that is en extremely rare situation and in those cases the right of survivorship is part of the deal. So, upon the inventor’s death, the asset is still owned by that person’s estate so in that case their death is not an event that transfers full ownership back to the sole remaining shareholder. The patent you have listed here is not the type of groundbreaking patent you’d normally see that kind of deal done on.

          So about the best we can say is: The patent has nothing to do with some new amazing processor, it’s for a rather pedestrian process improvement. It’s inventors weren’t on the plane. So, Freescale won’t be the sole shareholder because the inventors listed on this patent are still alive somewhere because they weren’t on the plane. Even if Freescale did somehow become the sole shareholder, that doesn’t mean that Jacob Rothschild is the major benefactor.

          I’d love to see a conspiracy theory involved in this case. However this is another on of those elements which has been splashed around enough, trying to make it sound more and more important at every turn and yet every time I do the easy to do due diligence on the story, it comes up false. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and in this instance, there is no proof at all, it’s just another set of very easy to refute claims.

        • eagererin

          I read the patent was for electronic weaponry, a airplane cloaking device, that new owner Jacob Rothschild suddenly just registered. That’s obviously damning, if true. Why do the richest people on the planet need the money, if this was the sole reason for the hijack? I know they’re evil, but to take so many innocent lives? And to involve the paid US military in their wicked scheme? The text seems feasible to me. Otherwise, the shills wouldn’t be trying to discredit it so vehemently.

        • DK


          Please show where i stated that rules of Inheritance of the deceased estate do not apply to patents, copyrighted works etc. The Patent was submitted in the US so those laws will apply which are nominal for the US State in which the applicant applied for the protection, and which Federal statutes apply. Do not read more into what is said, I have gone throgh this process and the applicants have probably done as I have, used the Patent application as publicity for their work – if the devices were defense related they would never come to light.

          We also do not know for sure if these people were on the plane as I CLEARLY stated, if they boarded it was under Pseudonyms, they are not on the passenger list so this is an inference by Jimstonefreelance is without the proper supporting evidence, i.e. the whereabouts of the actual Inventors, if they are at home and reading this – please write in to BIN to prove you are alive and well.

          I am not really interested in what the patent was, just the passengers wellbeing.

          P.S. I am in the UK and the page is not blocked, try TOR and if you get through ask why it is being blocked in the US.

        • SDCAUSA


          You can read the patent here:

          It covers a way to increase yields of dies in a semiconductor production operation. I know that many people have tried to make that patent out to be something really whiz bang but whenever they do and then they post this patent number I just have to chuckle. That patent really isn’t anything earth shattering and certainly not worth killing 239 innocent passengers over.

          Furthermore, even if the 4 passengers were on the plane, which they were not, the sole surviving shareholder would be Freescale Corporation. Freescale is a publicly traded company so it is owned by it’s shareholders. Jacob Rothschild may be one of those shareholders but he certainly DOES NOT OWN FREESCALE, nor does he own Blackrock, which is another one of the many shareholders of Freescale.

          So, what you’ve read about this patent being some amazing piece of military technology is not true. The part about Jacob Rothschild isn’t true. The part about the 4 inventors being on the airplane isn’t true.

          As far as the rest of this post goes, the guy who’s telling you that it is 100 PERCENT PROVEN TRUE. He also tells you that it’s impossible to edit EXIF data on an image without being some uber hacking computer expert when it’s very easy to download a free tool from the internet and edit the GPS location coordinates of any image you’d like to in 1 minute.

          So, maybe the important thing to consider is whether you should believe what you have read prior to now about the patent, Rothschild and the Phillip Wood story or maybe you should take a few minutes to do some of your own due diligence and try to sort out the facts for yourself. These are two huge pieces that are thrown around with some authority and certainly amazing frequency by folks who believe that a conspiracy was perpetrated here. However, these two pieces of the “story” are incredibly easy to debunk.

          I’d love to see a good conspiracy theory surrounding this. I haven’t yet and these two parts of the story are so easy to show as false. I’ll keep looking for something that makes sense, but these pieces do not.

    • 14west1

      The picture contains coordinates in EXIF:
      North or South Latit|S
      Latitude | 7, 18, 58.308907
      East or West Longitu|E
      Longitude |72, 25, 35.5591

      This is 72deg 25min 35.5 seconds. Or 25.59265 minutes.
      I calculate the location as this (type into google maps and see where it lands):
      72 25.59265E, 7 18.9713S

      It is in a building on Diego Garcia. I don’t know why the author is saying that the coordinates are not accurate.

      • BrianNYR

        indeed they were accurate, good simple check :razz:

      • The Real Deal

        I too checked the coordinates with Google Earth.

        Damn, that building is LITERALLY just off the runway at Diego Garcia. That’s a big building. Could easily hold those passengers. Pretty much confirms what a lot of us had suspected all along, that they landed that plane at Diego Garcia. This is getting crazy.

        • SDCAUSA

          Whikle those coordinates may correspond with a building on Diego Garcia, it’s criminally simple to edit any image’s EXIF data to reflect any GPS coordinates you want with free tools that are available on the web. So, those coordinates being in this image proves absolutely nothing. The author went far out on a limb when he claims

          “Obviously I cannot confirm this 100 percent as real, but I do know that exif can’t be rewritten with common software, it can only be either completely removed or added to on some of the lines, such as image credits, with some applications and that photos with the exif intact will hold up in court because the other data fields cannot be edited, they can only be erased.. If the Exif is hacked and this is not real, the CIA or a really good hacker did this, which I doubt, I’d say it’s probably real.”

          He later adds: “That means this image has NOT been re-tagged and that is the FIRST THING I checked before posting this story. And NO, YOU CANNOT MODIFY IT WITH A PROGRAMMING EDITOR UNLESS YOU ARE A MACHINE LANGUAGE GENIUS. Open notepad (which is a basic programming editor). Drag the photo into notepad. it will open as code. The Exif is all machine code. This is the NSA type hack I talked about, unless the NSA or a serious hacker wanted to do this, the photo is legit.”

          I don’t know anyone in the know that would open an image in Notepad, since it is a TEXT EDITOR, it opens everything as text, which is what the underlying file format of an image is. However, if you use an EXIF Editor, the image is opened showing a preview of the image along with all of the associated EXIF tags in an easy to edit format. There is no stamp of any kind added to the image that shows that you have made an edit. You simply click on the tag, change it to what you want and then save it and the change is made. I could take any image anyone wants to post here and do the edits in 1 minute.

          This does nto require NSA or CIA level hacking skills and anyone that claims it does has lost major credibility right off the bat. After making that completely uninformed statement, anything that person says I’d have to take with a serious grain of salt.

          I’d love to know that these folks were safe and alive being held hostage somewhere. BUT there is absolutely nothing in the original image, the plebs forum post or this article that makes any kind of credible case that this is a fact. In fact, given all the loose ends, it’s easy for me to conclude that this is a hoax and people shouldn’t waste any further energy on this and begin trying to find real leads that can be followed to prove the the theory.

      • truthzilla

        Epic math dude! You’re one of the reasons I love the internet so much. :grin:

      • Mellissa

        They are correct, it just doesn’t look like it is centered on the island if you Google earth its cords.
        But that is where Google itself lists it as the location much prior to all of this. I got the black pic before and after its manipulation. One has clearly all the proper info expected and the other has a nice little Photoshop tag.

        Since they are trying to cover all this up , changing the info that makes the pic is a good start. They are trying to erase all mentions of him on the net, yet they can never get it all. Looking on other countries webs may turn up missing things as well.

    • radiogeneris

      Google picassa allows editing of GPS location.

      Google search will reveal more

      • DK

        Yes but as you will discover using it adds tags, it has been mentioned by other posters on this page.

    • ghost

      this site seems biased and compromised! i have left several upon joining! censcorship on a free truth site ajoke! jim stone the best guy! courageous truthfull as ever! this site to positive respondants! cowers and panders! and therefore will forever be controlled! which discounts any liberal free speech! i notice troll dis info is always posted! if you hit the biggest story let people comment! or dont go there easy!

    • Laser Guided Loogie

      Don’t be too quick to dismiss something like this.

      If they were hijacked by the government, it’s entirely plausible that someone on board managed to thwart them, at least temporarily.

      After all, many of these people are VERY smart. They are engineers and professionals from top notch international firms.

      If prisoners can figure out how to outsmart police and guards, it’s plausible that these people could do it as well.

      Also, we make the mistake sometimes of making our enemies out to be supermen. In reality, they are just and fallible as the rest of us, and prone to mistakes.

      I would be very keen to examine any evidence showing these people were able to get some information out.


      • artl

        The guy was smart enough to out smart his captors. He is smart enough to get his phone out and use voice commands to take a picture, connect to the internet. He doesnt chose the easiest option of sending and email to friends/family/employers/customers , he takes a picture of nothing. He does not chose to send this to anything reliable – facebook,, linkedn company intranet. No he chooses to send it to a website renowned for being as flakey as hell.
        The people who [alledgely] perpetrated this, have the ability to get a plan to DG – but are not capable of doing a proper search of their captives ?
        Yes immediately ignore this

        • SDCAUSA

          FINALLY! A voice of reason, someone who actually thinks through the scenario and the “facts” instead of just jumping in and getting excited because something seems to validate their theory that the plane must be on Diego Garcia.

          There is nothing about this scenario, the image, the post on plebs or this article that pass the least amount of scrutiny. This whole thing is totally false. I wish some people would start thinking for themselves instead of being sheeple and accepting this at face value before doing even the most minimal amount of due diligence.

          I’d love to see some sort of conspiracy theory but this is at best a poorly executed fraud and at worst a prime example of disinformation put out to give conspiracy theorists an easy way to discredit themselves by re-posting something so easy to refute.

      • Nationcrying

        The problem is, if our government is “in” on this, which it seems they are, who are to save these men. There is no one… sad. They are definately being drugged if they are still alive. That is the CIA way.

    • pigsdofly

      Gee, this was reported on a twitter feed too. Yeah no I really hate all the lies. I don’t believe anything any MORE.

    • Anonymous

      – GAME THEORY says if the plane is not at the bottom of the sea, the passengers were all killed immediately just because no one can be left alive to talk, period.
      —- So “People” magazine is LYING????,,20796532,00.html
      obviously eatmorevegetables should EAT ALL OF US.

      • DK

        I am shocked you actually considered there would be some readers on BIN who would believe ‘Mainstream Media’. :shock:

    • sumkunt

      someone could have just edited the exif data for the photo?
      But the fact that all flights were delayed at diego garcia for three days during that time seems fishy, seems like a second 911 type event.

    • Anonymous

      How do I attach a JPEG photo to a comment? I did some manipulating of the black photo above and was able to come up with something besides just black. It doesn’t look like anything recognizable but maybe some of you photo sleuths can make something of it. Or is there an address I can email it to?

      • Болеслава

        “photobucket” – you can upload it there and provide a link.

      • AgainstEVILZionist-MASTERMIND-of-IlluminatiNWO

        Why do have put your spin 3X in Jim Stone article here and even to the brilliant Veterans Today Gordon Duff (who dare to challenge the big Illuminati powers controlling the White House)?! You’re so ABUSIVE to everyone who’re trying to spread alternative news about the NASTY Diego GarCIA, and the possible true story about Philip Wood still being alive! Who are you really – what is your motive really?

      • nox


        so how much are your Jew-Zionist handlers paying you again?

        CIA = Criminals Infiltrating America.

        • bandidomustang

          Great article, Jim.

          And many of these responses to your critical thought process would give ‘Das Kommunistische Manifest’ authors Marx and Engels pause for thought. Both expressed some concern over mass graves for their very ‘useful Idiots.’ Today of course with Common Core, lowered SAT and GRE standards, and with elimination of the Bell curve, we can all stand as equals in the coming bread lines.

          I’ve spent some time in Diego Garcia over the years, mostly drinking warm beer, tanning or watching those huge land crabs in the shrub line separating civilization from the tiny beach and surrounding ocean. During Vietnam (both Tet offensives) I would fly Air America (CIA) to R&R. Great bunch! (So I thought.)

          This is the wrong forum for spilling ‘the WHOLE truth’ (as it were), but I will say our small group of Unix, BSD and LINUX console virtuosos spent about 7 hours yesterday hacking through some amazing BS to arrive at pretty much the same conclusions as did you, I won’t bore you with the details except to say we were all pissed when we discovered your (Earlier) post.

          We require four separate confirmations to build a fact. I have a very poor ‘phone-side manner,’ but we have a young lady with the sweetest voice and toughest questions who almost got hired by Rolls Royce while tracing engine information frequencies and data paths. We have ONE confirmed report about body-bags and a small steel hull vessel used to carry away and deep-six the evidence from Diego Garcia. Not enough confirmation to call this one.

          Take care, be safe, use the latest version of Tor Live CD for security.

          Bandido Mustang 1%ER

          Getting old is NOT for sissies

          When the horse manure hits the fan, Stock up on food, water, Vodka, guns and ammo. Have a plan ready and practice, Put a tampan in the exit wound of a bullet hole. Remove the tube and pour vodka on the cotton. Unless you married a Doctor you won’t find one available.

    • AgainstEVILZionist-MASTERMIND-of-IlluminatiNWO

      This DISTRESS by Philip Woods message sounds more and more be possible – how can the world check Diego GarCIA?! We got to SAVEhim and others – look at how afraid these monsters, suspectedly ZIONIST/Mossad-led Satanic Illuminati Cabal’s collaborators from CIA-MI6-NATO are – by trying to tarnish/silence Wood and now, Jim Stone so nastily (through CIA Disinformation project)! And I suspect those top Chinese Scientists from Freescale and this lone IBM Scientist, Wood here, on MH370, are still held as captives in Diego Garcia, to develop some kind of super technology for future nuclear warfare with Russia and China, and then possibly will be eliminated!

      For goodness sake, it is simply ILLOGICAL that the the CIA-Australian jointly operated super-secret Satellite base at Pine Gap and Jindalee, supposedy did NOT detect MH370 flying over the Indian Ocean right from the beginning, despite that the Pentagon was confident enough to claim that the plane has crashed into the Indian Ocean within the first week after Diego GarCIA was exposed by alternative medias.

      Read this informative news about that secret Satellite base in Australia at, Could vital info be Down Under?, By HARIS HUSSAIN AND FARRAH NAZ KARIM, 19 March 2014.

      Thus, the Australian victims’ families should demand answer from their Australian Govt. since as we know, the most VILE CIA is untouchable, by the American people, the UN or the already Satanic-Illuminati-enslaved world on the whole!

      And true indeed, what happen to the presumably super-technology Satellite system at Diego Garcia itself?! See

      British Indian Ocean Territory

      Due to its geographic location in proximity to the equator with unobstructed views to the horizon, Diego Garcia has access to a relatively large number of geosynchronous satellites over the Indian and eastern Atlantic Oceans, and the island is home to Diego Garcia Station (DGS), a remote tracking station making up part of the Air Force Satellite Control Network….. (Read further).

      See how the joint US-British-Israel Diego GarCIA (also with massive underground bukers with possible nuclear weaponsd, as brilliantly exposed by Shimatsu at /war-and-conflict/2014/03/tel-aviv-airport-malaysian-airliners-and-a-new-world-order-2451422.html , Tel Aviv airport, Malaysian Airliners and a New World Order, By MH370 TRUTH, March 28, 2014) only airport has CANCELLED all flights for 3 days from the time MH370 was missing (now although there’re also around 2,000 contract civilian workers there, their background and movement are strictly checked and restricted, including no individual ownership of motored vehicles – at,P4_INST_TYPE:930%2CINSTALLATION)!

      See /global-unrest/2014/03/flight-mh370-mystery-diego-garcia-suspended-all-flights-on-march-8th-for-72-hrs-2458394.html:

      Flight MH370 Mystery. Diego Garcia Suspended All Flights On March 8th for 72 hrs.

      March 19, 2014

      (Before It’s News)

      By now, it should be obvious to people they are hiding something in Diego Garcia. The latest info just piles on top of a mountain of evidence that flight 370 is in a hangar in Diego Garcia.
      ….Notice they have completely erased all posts between March 6th, and March 9th. There is some very weird stuff going on down in creepy Diego Garcia, a place where the US operates completely independant of the constitution…… The fact that no flight were scheduled for 3 days during the time MH370 went missing, all maintenance crew most likely were off on leave. Great time to sneak in an aircraft. (Read further…..) :!: :!:

    • Warren

      Holy smokes. I downloaded the picture, extracted the exif information with exiftool, and plugged the coordinates (-7°18’58.31″, 72°25′ 35.56″) into Google Earth. Yup, it’s a building just off the southeast end of the runway on Diego Garcia.

      The image creation date and time are 2014:03:18 20:49:41. There’s no indication what time zone that refers to. If the phone was set to automatically update time and date to the local network, then presumably that’s Diego Garcia time.

      The exposure data indicates that the picture was taken in the dark. Of course, if one had a black hood over his head one would not know if he was in the dark or not.

      I really hope this is not a hoax and there’s some chance those folks are still alive.

      • Warren

        Here is the exif data as extracted by exiftool (linux). (The file modification date is the date I downloaded the file.)

        ./exiftool 1395192158752.jpg
        ExifTool Version Number : 8.77
        File Name : 1395192158752.jpg
        Directory : .
        File Size : 13 kB
        File Modification Date/Time : 2014:03:30 13:57:39-07:00
        File Permissions : rw-rw-r–
        File Type : JPEG
        MIME Type : image/jpeg
        Exif Byte Order : Big-endian (Motorola, MM)
        Make : Apple
        Camera Model Name : iPhone 5
        X Resolution : 72
        Y Resolution : 72
        Resolution Unit : inches
        Software : 7.0.6
        Modify Date : 2014:03:18 21:08:34
        Y Cb Cr Positioning : Centered
        Exposure Time : 1/15
        F Number : 2.4
        Exposure Program : Program AE
        ISO : 3200
        Exif Version : 0221
        Date/Time Original : 2014:03:18 20:49:41
        Create Date : 2014:03:18 20:49:41
        Components Configuration : Y, Cb, Cr, -
        Shutter Speed Value : 1/15
        Aperture Value : 2.4
        Brightness Value : -8.467253177
        Metering Mode : Multi-segment
        Flash : Off, Did not fire
        Focal Length : 4.1 mm
        Subject Area : 1631 1223 1795 1077
        Sub Sec Time Original : 921
        Sub Sec Time Digitized : 921
        Flashpix Version : 0100
        Color Space : sRGB
        Exif Image Width : 240
        Exif Image Height : 320
        Interoperability Version : 0100
        Related Image Width : 320
        Related Image Height : 240
        Sensing Method : One-chip color area
        Scene Type : Directly photographed
        Exposure Mode : Auto
        White Balance : Auto
        Focal Length In 35mm Format : 66 mm
        Scene Capture Type : Standard
        Image Unique ID : 412f1198c985b43b2eced4067e9360d0
        Lens Info : 4.12mm f/2.4
        Lens Make : Apple
        Lens Model : iPhone 5 back camera 4.12mm f/2.4
        GPS Version ID :
        GPS Latitude Ref : South
        GPS Longitude Ref : East
        GPS Altitude Ref : Above Sea Level
        XMP Toolkit : XMP Core 5.1.2
        Current IPTC Digest : b443520a10119da99c2550175e6d0efb
        Envelope Record Version : 4
        Coded Character Set : UTF8
        Application Record Version : 4
        IPTC Digest : b443520a10119da99c2550175e6d0efb
        Image Width : 240
        Image Height : 320
        Encoding Process : Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
        Bits Per Sample : 8
        Color Components : 3
        Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling : YCbCr4:2:0 (2 2)
        Aperture : 2.4
        GPS Latitude : 7 deg 18′ 58.31″ S
        GPS Longitude : 72 deg 25′ 35.56″ E
        GPS Position : 7 deg 18′ 58.31″ S, 72 deg 25′ 35.56″ E
        Image Size : 240×320
        Scale Factor To 35 mm Equivalent: 16.0
        Shutter Speed : 1/15
        Create Date : 2014:03:18 20:49:41.921
        Date/Time Original : 2014:03:18 20:49:41.921
        Circle Of Confusion : 0.002 mm
        Field Of View : 30.5 deg
        Focal Length : 4.1 mm (35 mm equivalent: 66.0 mm)
        Hyperfocal Distance : 3.77 m
        Light Value : 1.4


      This post is absolutely fake!

      First off, EXIF data does not need to be hacked by some CIA level uber hacker. You can find free EXIF editing tools easily by doing a Google search. Then you can take any image you want and change the GPS coordinates, and various dates to be anything you want them to be.

      Prove it to yourself, download EXIF Pilot and click on the image, it’ll bring up all the fields you want to look at and/or edit. You can make the GPS coordinates whatever you want them to be. Any good hoaxer would know to alter the GPS coordinates slightly so that it didn’t use the coordinates shown on the Diego Garcia Wiki page.

      However where this hoaxer went awry was that when he edited the dates, he change two of them to be the same but another of them to be off by 19 minutes. Using EXIF pilot, check it out, DateTimeOriginal and DateTimeDigitized are the same but DateTime is another 19 minutes later. In every one of hundreds of iPhone 5 pictures I checked these entries were always the same, there is no explicable reason they’d be different unless they were messed with. Also the PixelXDimension is 240 and the PixelYDimension is 320. They should be 3264 and 2448 respectively.

      Now think through the scenario again, somehow you’ve shoved your iPhone up your butt, somehow retrieved it when you’re blindfolded and handcuffed and gotten away with taking this picture. What do you do next? Do you TEXT YOUR GIRLFRIEND DIRECTLY or do you login to an obscure message board (plebs) and make a post and hope that someone sees it and is able to track down your girlfriend and the authorities to save you. Or, since you are supposedly using voice, maybe have SIRI CALL YOUR GIRLFRIEND. If this post is to be believed, he did not dial out, he somehow got a web connection but if he could post to plebs forum, texting the girlfriend would have been even easier, much more direct and guaranteed to bring the cavalry a whole hell of a lot faster.

      As much as I’d love to see a conspiracy theory out of this story at this point, posts like this are simple hoaxes at best and could be flat out disinformation posted by nefarious actors who want the conspiracy folks to get all wound up and post stuff that is so easy for them to discredit. REPEAT: EXIF DATA IS EASY TO EDIT. You do not need to be a serious hacker to edit it, IT EASY TO DO WITH FREE TOOLS.

      • AgainstEVILZionist-MASTERMIND-of-IlluminatiNWO

        Excuse me, maybe by texting online, more people will see it! Besides, he’s probbaly afraid they will do something to his GIRLFRIEND too – since he knows the SYSTEM is involved!

        • SDCAUSA

          The EXIF data still does not add up, it HAS BEEN EDITED.

          I also do not believe anyone would use plebs forum to randomly post a request for help. Why not Twitter or Facebook? But, in a situation where you really are being held hostage and you’re hiding your iPhone in your butt, you’re going to contact your girlfriend, family or someone else in your message book, NOT go through the time and effort to post to a web forum, which would take much longer and exponentially increase the chance that you’d get caught in the process.

        • AgainstEVILZionist-MASTERMIND-of-IlluminatiNWO

          You’re bringing up ridicilous petty stuff whilst ignoring, too conveniently, the data info from this article!

      • Warren

        Of course exif data can be hacked. Darned near everything can be hacked. That doesn’t mean it WAS hacked.

        The picture resolution issue is easy to explain. Many multimedia message servers (MMS) won’t and don’t send full resolution images. They limit file sizes. For example, AT&T won’t send a file bigger than 600kb through the MMS. So, phones have to rescale images to something less than that to send them through the MMS servers.

        The time difference between when the picture was taken (2014:03:18 20:49:41) and the time it was modified (2014:03:18 21:08:34) might be explained as the time between he took the full-resolution image, and some time later when he felt it was safe to speak to sari and have the picture and message sent – at which time the picture was rescaled and the modification time updated.

        • SDCAUSA

          First off the article says this:

          “Obviously I cannot confirm this 100 percent as real, but I do know that exif can’t be rewritten with common software, it can only be either completely removed or added to on some of the lines, such as image credits, with some applications and that photos with the exif intact will hold up in court because the other data fields cannot be edited, they can only be erased.. If the Exif is hacked and this is not real, the CIA or a really good hacker did this, which I doubt, I’d say it’s probably real.”

          That is completely inaccurate, the EXIF data can indeed be edited line by line.

          As to your point about the MMS send, I tried that too, sending the image I edited the EXIF data on as a Small image, which chopped it down as much as AT&T and my iPhone wanted it to. It sent but did not change the original EXIF resolution data in the image that was sent. The DateTime EXIF data was also unchanged. I spent a few hours and tried many different ways to get the resolution data and the DateTime fields to change to reflect an anomaly like that shown in this image and never did I see anything like it.

          The final kicker for me in the above article is: “THE ABOVE IS NOW CONFIRMED 100 PERCENT TRUE.” Nothing in this article confirms anything as true.

          If you’d like to believe something that is so obviously fake and a scenario that in and of itself is quite implausible, all reported to you by someone who thinks “THE ABOVE IS NOW CONFIRMED 100 PERCENT TRUE.” then so be it. But, I’d prefer to focus on things that are no so easy to dispute. This post and the whole scenario around it are simply false.

        • artl

          you dont even need to hack it – just down load a very easy to use tool from the 8 or so I found on google front page. a person with almost zero technical knowledge can manipulate exif meta data

        • pitdroidtech

          That doesn’t explain why the image, when loaded into a hex editor, shows a Picasa tag. It also shows licensing information for XMP (Adobe). iPhone pictures don’t included XMP data. And they certainly don’t show a Picasa tag. So the image was edited in Picasa before being uploaded to 4p. Just sayin’. Here are the first few lines of the file (Hexidecimal converted to ASCII)

          ÿØÿá.ÒExif..MM.*……………..’………..˜………..¡………..©.(………..1………±.2………·…………‡i………Òˆ%………”………..”….Apple.iPhone 5….H…….H…. 21:08:34.Picasa.. ‚š………X‚……….`ˆ”……

      • The Real Deal

        You make a very good argument. Now I’m at a loss. I really would like to think that those passengers are still alive, so I’m trying to justify this article to myself thinking the author is giving us good information by saying nearly 100 accurate or whatever. But like i said, you make a good argument. Seems to me this article could probably be debunked. Would be nice to have something tangible, i don’t see this as it after reading your reply.

        • SDCAUSA

          Did you download the tool and check the EXIF data for yourself? Did you compare it to hundreds of iPhone photos to see how often those anomalies naturally appear in a iPhone photgraph. I did. The answer is NEVER without having been sloppily edited.

          I can create any image I want right now and change the GPS coordinates to show that I took it on Diego Garcia. I even know that I have to edit 3 dates, rather than just 2. I also know that I cannot show an iPhone photo as having a 320X240 resolution, especially since it was taken surreptitiously and he wouldn’t have time to anything manual to downsample it with, especially since he was supposedly doing it with voice commands. I also tested various different methods of sending and resaving the image to see if these changes were automatically made by the carrier or by the phone, after extensive efforts, I was unable to replicate the anomalies I’ve described here and above without manually editing them with an editor.

          As far as the author’s claim that this is “100 proven”, how can he have any credibility when he believes that it would take a serious CIA level uber hacker to edit EXIF data when really all it takes is a few minutes of your time and a free EXIF data editor. It’s easy to get GPS coordinates and simply plug them in and voila, you can claim anything you want to claim about where the picture was taken. There is no court in the world that would accept his argument that EXIF data is not editable because that makes it stand up as verified proof in the court of law. 1 minute of cross examination and the judge would laugh him out of the court.

          I used to develop metatag management software to work with the Adobe Creative Suite, there is nothing magical, the data is extremely easy to edit.

          I also take issue with the fact that this image was supposedly taken 10 days after the plane went missing. I don;t know about you, but I’ve never seen an iPhone that could hold a charge for 10 days, even if it was hidden up someone’s butt all that time. Unless his butt had a USB charging connection, that phone wasn’t alive after more than a few days. Furthermore, if he had a web connection, don’t you think the text messages that his girlfriend surely sent him while she was frantically waiting for him at the airport in the first few hours would all come through to him? If his phone was on the network and still had battery, why would he not reply immediately to her

          Another point is this: If your house were burning down, what are you going to do? Are you going to post to an obscure web message board and hope someone sees it soon enough and contacts the fire dept. for you? Or are you going to call 911 and summon them yourself. If your life is in serious jeopardy, you are going to do the most direct thing possible to get yourself out of trouble.

          The final thing that leads me to believe this is a hoax is that a person I follow on Twitter reached out to the girlfriend and sent her all the information. Her reply was that she did not believe it to be credible, the language used in the post was not characteristic of how he would express himself and that she was not going to pursue this in any way.

          This hoax is not only misleading a lot of people for no good reason since it’s easy to see that this is a fraud. People are reposting it like wildfire and not doing any kind of due diligence on their own. Play with the EXIF data editor yourself and l’d be surprised if you really believe the image was not edited after you compare it to some reference photos of your own. It’s very easy to do, this image proves nothing, this is not any kind of 100 proven evidence that he is alive and waiting on Diego Garcia to be rescued.

          I’d love for them to be found alive and I always love a great conspiracy theory, BUT, this one is about the weakest attempt I’ve seen in a long time and I assure you that IF the CIA and/or NSA are watching this, they are laughing their asses off because so many people are going out of their way to believe something that is so easy to discredit. The disinformation people don;t even have to get involved here, everyone is doing a great job of discrediting themselves for them.

        • The Real Deal

          Sorry if i confused you. I was agreeing with you. I did not download the tool however, i did check numerous photos today and the date/time stamp original and date/time stamp digital are all the same. In the original from the sender, you’re right, it’s off by 19 minutes.

          As i said, i did not download the tool, however here is a link to that software. There is a freeware version and a pay version if anyone else cares to look into it further. I choose to take your word on the subject as their product description shows that it can edit date/time stamps.

      • DK

        Incorrect, the key difference is that there is a 19 minute gap between when the photograph was taken and when it was edited on the phone.

        Time taken Date/Time Original : 2014:03:18 20:49:41
        Modify Date 2014:03:18 21:08:34

        The phone modifys the picture – Question, was it changed by Siri from PNG to Jpeg to send as attachment ?. 19 minutes from the original to a modifed version, good grief.

        The real clinker is the receiving web site time:
        Anonymous Wed Mar 19 2014 01:22:38 No.27834494 (

        The server is hosted in Bellveue Washinton State (

        At this point it is all about time zones and what time zone Pauls phone was set in which should be at New South Wales time Australia for the IBM office he belonged to and how long it takes for a message to be posted.

        We go to a time zones converter(
        Seattle (U.S.A. – Washington) Wednesday, 19 March 2014, 01:25:00 PDT UTC-7 hours
        Port Louis (Mauritius) Wednesday, 19 March 2014, 12:25:00 MUT UTC+4 hours
        London (United Kingdom – England) Wednesday, 19 March 2014, 08:25:00 GMT UTC
        Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Wednesday, 19 March 2014, 16:25:00 MYT UTC+8 hours
        Male (Maldives) Wednesday, 19 March 2014, 13:25:00 MVT UTC+5 hours
        Sydney (Australia – New South Wales) Wednesday, 19 March 2014, 19:25:00 AEDT UTC+11 hours

        Sydney is they key one unless network and time stamps are being spoofed (or the Phones set itself to local time) to spoil this exact situation on Diego Garcia or the web server has had a date problem by collecting its time from a corporate firewall which has been reset – not unknown. If the phone is on Sydney time Paul has waited 22hrs 35 minutes before sending. His phone should only have 250 hrs of life on standby, therefore should have run out of power around the 18th at the time of send.

        • SDCAUSA

          So, your theory is that after pulling the phone out of his butt he actually was able to edit the iPhone picture by voice command 19 minutes later and then do all these gymnastics by voice command that would be necessary to find that server, login, create this post and send it. That’s an awful lof of time to burn and voice to make to create that post, especially since his battery would long since be dead. Also, if he had a web connection he surely would have received frantic text messages and/or calls from his girlfriend and friends while they were waiting to find out why his plane was late and in the ensuing days. That phone would have been constantly vibrating using up battery power like crazy. Why did he fail to respond to any of those messages that surely his tech savvy friends and family would have been sending to him?

          There’s no way that scenario is plausible. Even if he somehow jumped through the hoops above we would have directly texted his wife to let her know. Risking his life and survival to an obscure web board and the hope that someone there would get help to him is not something an 50 year old IBM employee would do, he’d take direct action and reach out to her, there’s no way he’d leave her hanging and himself in the process, it just doesn’t add up

        • DK

          @SDCAUSA What theory, I am looking at the time stamps and trying to make sense of the delays. :roll:

          As to the rest, he states he has been drugged, at which point we are looking at some serious time loss.

          Next he is not one of the guys they are looking for, hence the lack of interrogation and solitary confinement.

          The phone would only have ‘buzzed’ if it could recieve anything, the phone, like any taken aboard an aircraft by a responsible owner is off or in AIRPLANE mode.

          If he is inprisoned at Diego Garcia It is entirely possible SMS messaging and ALL phone traffic had been disabled by jamming because they had already made the mistake of allowing those who did not turn off their phones responsibly to ring through on March 8th. They are now relying on the phone company duping the records. 4G however is 2.6 Gh and a military radar frequency still in use by the USN.

          The key thing for me is the delays and the reason for them, which is not explained. Humans are very good at fiction, not maths.

        • bozoned

          DK, I am interested in the time differences as well, and have some prior experience in legal email forensics. this is the info I got off the image : I noticed in another case I had, the times that were recorded was the time zone of the ‘host’, separate from the receiver. I would like to study this more.









          iPhone 5


        • bozoned

          In my program it says this rdf:Description rdf:about=”


          I thought maybe the time was Texas time, where he is from – 5:00 .
          Makes sense to me, he may have had his phone still on that time? An IBM executive from Texas, he had been living in Beijing. The divorced father of two boys had just returned home to visit his family before he was set to relocate to the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. The flight was supposed to mark his last trip to China.

        • DK

          To append the Server origninal server not 4plebs) is listed in Bern Swizerland(

          Time modify Date 2014:03:18 21:08:34 Exif.

          @ Sydney (Australia – New South Wales) Tuesday, 18 March 2014, 20:50:00 AEDT UTC+11 hours
          Bern (Switzerland – Bern) Tuesday, 18 March 2014, 10:50:00 CET UTC+1 hour
          Posing Time Date Anonymous Wed Mar 19 2014 01:22:38 No.27834494 :oops:

        • DK

          @Bozoned Cracking work! :grin:

      • DK

        Again the only problem here is the time it has taken for the posts to be known, which if you were trying to discredit inquiry would have been broadcast by mainstream media on March 19th even if the post was faked just to move the public eye away from Diego Garcia, with ‘Experts’ outing the fakery. We are 11 days after the post, if it was a fake there would have been multiple ones, the odds are posting to an obscure BBS it would remain obscure, or come to light late as this had, but be uncensored.

    • MerryLynne

      How interesting. This rings of the truth. Black ops deal for sure, and I felt that from the beginning of this event. Now… the questions remain, will this plane be used for a terrorist/false-flag attack? If that were true, then why would they bother to keep passengers alive? I suspect something even more outrageous. Given enough time, drugs, and MKUltra-style programming, these passengers may be convinced they’ve been kidnapped by aliens, and then walla, courtesy of project Bluebeam, President Obama will negotiate with “aliens” for their release. Pope (or oops, false prophet) Francis will put his stamp of approval on the charade and Obama will then have “galactic” authority. However, if this is the scenario, I don’t think it will happen until things play out with Putin. Who knows what is up some very powerful sleeves these days. The only sure thing is that something evil this way comes.

    • Grover

      “I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack.” I believe this.

    • The Blizzard

      How does an iPhone user shove the phone up their ass when their head is already in the way?

    • CovertKilljoy

      Okay firstly, a mobile phone would be extremely difficult to shove up ones ass, unless one was used to having objects of that size (and shape) up there already. Secondly, when did this passenger get the opportunity to do this without being seen?
      I believe this to be a hoax.

      • Someonewhocares

        The image was originally posts on march 18

        and the exif data

        So who knows what happened to him, it’s been 12 days since he posted it. :sad:

      • W. Willow

        Indeedy. This “mystery” has been covered by many plausible angles — if we even have a real mystery. It appears to me that someone is getting their jollies creating all these angles with such amazing and tantalizing bait as hiding a phone up the arse.

        • rankingdread

          whats your contribution to what happened to flight mh370? care to share??

      • CovertKilljoy

        Oh, and he was able to post that message without a single typo or autocorrect gone awry – blind folded? He was still supposably blind folded (and possibly drugged) when he wrote this message…correct?
        That – takes skill.

        Definitely bulls**t.

        • DK

          @CovertKilljoy Siri the Apple help agent, it was mentioned in the article if you cared to read it. :lol:

        • truthzilla

          I am 54 and I can put an I Pad in my butt cheeks as well as a desktop with Qwerty ergonomic keyboard…You 30 somethings are losers!

      • DK

        @CovertKilljoy When you too reach 51 you will find your buttock cleavage slightly larger than when you last looked at it when 21. Theres a lot of room for a smartphone !

        • CovertKilljoy

          Well I’m 34, and I still can’t fit a smart phone up my anus. And it has nothing to do with buttock cleavage and everything to do with the natural width and shape of the sphincter. It was naturally designed to accommodate for the passing of faeces, not smart phones (albeit the male phallus is a similar shape to a turd). God, I can’t believe I am even discussing this. ROFL!

    • MickeyBlue

      Utterly Moronic.

      Spewing this garbage is downright disgusting. You and those of you stupid enough to fall for it, deserve locking in a cell yourselves. Absolute fools with nothing but fantasy and emotional emptiness in your lives. How proud your parents must be, having a child as tuned out of reality. Get out the house more.

      The world is filled with lies and cover ups, there’s no disputing it. Even the case of MH370 is surrounded by mystery. This version of the story (since there have been several) shows nothing more than yet another fruitcake with an exceedingly poor ability to distinguish facts and REAL proof, to the voices in their own head.

      Even if the intention is to knowingly create some “cool” story out of this, big fail. Bad taste, very bad taste. Idiot.

      • CovertKilljoy

        I agree. Whilst I believe something very fishy took place with regard to this flight and I do believe there was a mass-cover up, I am not buying this story. It is down right ridiculous and offensive and I believe it started off as a bad joke.

    • GBCIR

      How much MURDER has been delivered from this airport that we have been FORCED to pay for?

      Government (external rule) and money (FREE Energy resistance.

      Had enough yet?

      Or shall we go deeper…

    • StavoV

      Yup…..mmmmmhhhhh, why sure…you bet’cha.

    • David Ochiaperti

      I took the black photo and adjusted all of the lighting/contrast parameters and could not get any discernible shapes, just a darker, heavier mass in the center of the photo and lighter shade surrounding it.

      • Warren

        Yeah, I did too. It’s possible (if this is not a hoax) that he took the picture not for sake of taking a picture, but to capture and send the gps location information that he knew would be sent along with it.

    • crankyoldone

      Ok ….. on another site I found this ; I guess you CAN edit exif info ?

    • Warren

      The trolls are giving this article a harder full-court press than on any other article I’ve seen in a long time. Kinda makes one wonder…

      • GBCIR

        Yes – they expose themselves and reveal the truth (or near enough)

        I’d say idiots and f’tards and wilfully ignorant solipsists and, and,… – but they ARE helping us.

        I guess the dumb-us and kill-us fluoride, vaccine, radiation, and TOXIC EVERYTHING plan has FAILED.

        Too many are wide awake now. It is time to simply take our hands off the machine and look after those around us.

        It will collapse quickly and painlessly if we help each other.

        And I’m not even after revenge for all the EVIL these parasites have caused.

        BUT, know you are right to use (DEADLY) DEFENSIVE FORCE if you are attacked.

        99.9 percent of us just want to get on with rebuilding Paradise. The 0.1 percent will just have to LIVE with it.

        I hope all the people on Flight 370 are ok…

        • nox

          More than that, it’s a high time to run out all of the wretched, Satanic families that run the world. Rot’s childs, Warburgs, Aldobrandini, Orsini and all the rest. Satanic monsters one and all.

    • tahanlaoboy


    • Cleareyes

      The motive is a real motive though by all accounts, and investigation worthy!!

    • vic_ious

      Sounds like Phil Wood has had lots of wood.

    • MH370 TRUTH

      This facebook page is under massive censorship. Try to search for the group first on FB then Google. Do you see the Tel Aviv/Soros posts from the last few days?

      Anyway guys if that plane is used in a false flag i for one am running to the hills with my bug out bag.

      A New world order will rise from the chaos with a new currency,new religion, one central bank and no more countries. 300 corporations will own every last asset on earth.

      Depopulation makes a lot of sense, a new world order makes sense…its how it is all governed is the worry.

    • Mark

      I agree with you, I checked the photo origin data and the GPS location is there in the Island Diego Garcia (7 18 58.31S, 72 25 35.56E). Verifying the data EXIF of that photo have not any clue about a force brute software to cause alteration of the GPS data. We have two choices, one is a person from Diego Garcia base doing a morbid joke (or a desinfo agent) and the other is that the passengers are really there as CIA prisoners by some unknown reason. Very weird… but the photo is really authentic.

      • Warren

        Mark, I’ve been taking the position in several comments above that there is nothing in the exif data to prove that the photo is fake. However, that is not to say that anything in it proves it is genuine. Unfortunately, the gps exif data (and any or all data) in a jpeg image can be altered or completely faked.

        I continue to hope that the image and its included meta data are genuine. There is nothing to prove that they are not. As much as I wish that, there are also a few holes in this story that nobody has yet brought up. (1) Why ten days between the hijacking and the message? Why wait ten days of hiding a phone in your crotch? (2) If the building is as indicated on Google Earth, it appears to have a metal roof and probably metal walls. OK, could be fiberglass, but that’s not as likely. So then how did he get a GPS signal through the metal roof? Or manage to send a MMS message through a metal building?

        Like I said, I hope this is genuine. But there are some outstanding questions.

        • Wizz24

          Hi, try this: drag and drop the original dowloaded photo in the notepad. You will be able to read 2 words that should absolutely not appear there if genuine iphone photo: Picasa (that allows you to change GPS coordinates) and Photoshop 3.0 (which I guess was used to make the image)…that is complete crap and I am not even talking about the unusual image résolution (240×320) :lol:

        • DK


          Check your other post :oops:

        • pitdroidtech

          1395192158752s is just a thumbnail. It contains NO EXIF information at all.

        • pitdroidtech

          1395192158752s.jpg also doesn’t contain any GPS data.

      • onlysixshooter

        Or three: plot twist, someone altered the geolocation on that phone which is easily doable. I do hope this story has a lot of truth, I hope they are saved soon. Pretty unfair whats going on, everyone just needs to pray even if you aren’t religious, what harm could it do right?

    • Beforeitscrap

      How do you get an IPhone 5 in your butt with no lube? Unless this man has at some point shoved something up there prior to this, I don’t see him randomly cramming a phone up his butt, the damage alone would have side effects which anyone would be able to see or find, at least in the factor of bleeding from the anal. Retrieving the object later on would only result in more damage and bleeding, not even to say that the phone still works because IPhone’s are notorious for not working with even a remote amount of water (or anal juice in this case) damage. Mine stopped working from being over exposed to ‘water moister’ from being in my pocket to long while at work one day. I spent days arguing with AT&T about it and ended up switching providers because they don’t cover water damage to their phones. Just sying

    • ftwfollowthemoney

      If this were true, it puts the phone 1000 miles north of diego garcia, in the ocean off the west coast of southern most india, the time stamped as 20:49. so from plane last contact a 01:19, at best it had to fly direct to diego garcia, 2300 milesat average boeing speed of 557mph= 4hr8mins. 4hr8mins+01.19= 05:27 landing diego garcia. Call at 20:49-05:27=15hrs 16mins then if they were transfered to smaller planes it could be done. If it was a cargo ship average speed 16-22knots to travel 875Nmiles(1000miles) it can’t be done. So if the smaller planes would have to fly a range of 1000 miles plus, so they are planes we should look for travellling the indian ocean on march 8th.

    • John Little

      Oh dear. I had a good laugh over this one. JimStoneFreelance, I think that this should put all of your other posts in a new light.

    • Wizz24

      Hi, try this: drag and drop the original dowloaded photo in the notepad. You will be able to read 2 words that should absolutely not appear there if genuine iphone photo: Picasa (that allows you to change GPS coordinates) and Photoshop 3.0 (which I guess was used to make the image)…that is a complete hoax and I am not even talking about the unusual image résolution (240×320) :!:

      • DK

        No you did not download the original which is on (,

        The original saved name is 1395192158752s.jpg where all other versions which have been edited have 1395192158752.jpg as their saved name – all of which do have the extra data.

        TXT contents in notepad: Øÿà JFIF    ÿÛ C


        «Ä*} @ @@ Uï¨
        € ¨¢‚(€ ¢€€€ -¢Š€  ˆ €€
        “¨ ( €

        (*/ADTTQP    P@ h EA QA@  A QT QlP@E@TTP A AQz 
        ˆ * *
        ¢ (   ¨¼      N
        +   ( (  À2 €€ €
        € ©

        ((( (
        ±°+!AC @
        @ Pp <@ XºXÿÙ

        • pitdroidtech

          Open it in a hex editor. The words Picasa, photoshop and adobe are ALL interspersed throughout the file. This is NOT an unedited picture.

        • DK

          Used Frhed 1.7.1 Still no Sign of Picassa and Photoshop, but the image has no sign of the Iphone data either.

        • pitdroidtech

          The ‘s’ version is just a thumbnail. It has no exif information whatsoever. So in other words this is just some kind of not so elaborate hoax.

        • DK

          @Pitdroidtech: Or TPTB have inserted a clean picture into the thread, the entire site is about to shut down with immediate effect, did you red the message at the top of the page ?.

          The only problem with working in the digital world is everything can be faked. However since a crime has been comitted regardless law enforcement should inspect the facility at Diego Garcia if they are there or not just to police the system and let them know who they are working for.

          As for the site someone – jimstonefreelance because its his article needs to contact the site IT manager and get the proper date post off the original photograph, the IP address of the phone which was saved on file because the poster was anonymous and drop the original Jpeg into the public domain because the one he posted has been edited also showing the file date it was saved on the server, the one on the site is clean of the data he claims and the name is different, and not take for granted everything he sees. His article is good, but not good enough.

        • pitdroidtech

          No, because this is really no lead at all DK. If there was an image without any sign of tampering it might be one thing (though still not proof), but this is just such a non-story. It’s a hoax, joke, prank.

          Jim Stone is so terribly uninformed about technology that his whole article is absurd. His research abilities are a joke. Or he didn’t do any research and just splurted a whole bunch of uninformed rubbish after seeing the post at 4p.

        • DK

          @Pitdroidtech That may or may not be the case, but someone in 4Chan has kept the post on the Archive when it should have been deleted. Most people do not know that Twitter, Facebook and all modern BBS including the mail servers of your employer keep a backup of their messages for several months for puproses of law enforcement. They are on what is usually called a Forensic server(an Archive Database). Gmail has one which is kept for a minimum of 6 months, with any luck Twitters is on tape which is not editable.

          This would give the original post, with a timestamped jpeg with the original exif proving without a shadow of a doubt that the jpeg had been edited or not after posting, and that the site webpage was hacked post post which is now being claimed.

          Because the post was anonymous the IP address of the phone would have been saved , which is a critical identifier, with a fixed IBM leased IP this would identify the phone, with a leased one from a carrier we would be able to identify the carrier in use and it would be an anonymous job to hack the carrier to get which cellphone tower provided the connection.

          Data billing, again carrier database would have to be hacked but this would timestamp and prove Phillips phone was in use, if it was his private phone his home should be recieving a high roaming data charge. This should worry you a little ( which says the entire service is now blocked because O2 still says you can at £6 per hour (

        • pitdroidtech

          It’s simpler than that. All authorities have to do is subpoena Wood’s phone records. They may already have done this. Possibly for all passengers.

          Of course if it is a hijack and it’s organised by the evil authorities, then we will never know. Hackers won’t get access to google’s cache (or who ever his email address was with).

          But the bottom line is that this has all the hallmarks of a badly done prank. Stone’s apoplectic claims about being hacked and having the image “on a card” and not wanting to plug it into his online computers is absurd to the point of ridiculousness. I’m in IT, believe me he doesn’t have a clue about security. It is clear as day to anyone with actual IT experience. All he has to do is buy an el cheapo memory card, put the “original” image on it, and go visit an internet cafe and upload that f#&ker to every image site and social media site he can find. Mirror it everywhere.

          The fact that he doesn’t means one thing and one thing only. He doesn’t have the original image. He wasn’t hacked. And he has been caught out spreading a prank claiming it was “confirmed” and “verified” because of his misunderstanding about how EXIF data works (he viewed it in an exif view not in a hex editor, so failed to spot the “picasa” and XML tags), he has been called on it and now resorts to this absurd tale about being hacked.

    • onlysixshooter

      You can add geolocations to photos manually so that photo could be an elaborate fraud.

      • DK

        An eleborate fraud posted on an obscure Twitter BBS with an Anonymous logon (a good fraudster would have logged on as WoodsP or derivative), there would have been a good photo of a bag over the head or hands tied behind the back with cuffs, or a photo of his body lying in a pool of blood with a small story on how he was being tortured by Mossad. You can pick them up from those who have been prisoners in Iraq, Syria, UAE etc. and do a quick re-edit. Plenty of material.

        In fact, I am suprised this one is so dull whch is probably why it is more credible. What is worrying is that the world took 12 days to find out about a post on twitter, when the other readers worked out who the person was. And some of the other posts belonged to people who deserved to be locked up in a cell in Diego Garcia.

        Now if I wanted to create a good fraud, I would have created the Phillip Woods Facebook page, included his life history, address, school, education and employment history then posted the Diego Garcia story using a Gmail account logon created for that purpose, which is exactly what many school pupils do to their teachers. Linkedin has all the details you need, along with the news articles.

    • Chris Dickinson

      I ran this ‘black’ image through image editing software and came up with these results (not much to say the least) but wondered if anybody knows what we’re looking at? Looks like two cubic shapes on the right with something standing to it’s left?

      See link for image:

    • liberty

      I have a question.
      I just saw another Thread on BIN which posted a News Clip from BBC on March 28 , WITH Phillip Woods girlfriend…….so….
      How is it that his own GIRLFRIEND wouldnt know about this Text -but millions of others DO know about this ( because she appears not to in the Interview- or perhaps maybe DOES , is scared to talk about it openly so is using the Media to “hint’ that she knows they are alive , have been kidnapped & arent at the bottom of the Ocean.) ?

      If he really did send out a Text then……..WHOM would he have sent it TO ?
      Dont you have to have a “recipient ” for the Text itself ?

      Wouldnt SHE have been the one he would send it to ?
      How exactly does a text just “appear” for the whole world to see and ….
      what is it SHE might possibly do, if in fact she DOES know ???

      Next question , if in fact it was …not so much a “hoax”… as more DISINFO (given the sophistication required to hack the details etc ) exactly what Purpose does that serve?

      Whom does it serve if in fact it was a Military hack job..or DARPA ?
      Its only Alt Media talking about this and …why would it make any kind of difference to get the “small fry” sniffing ?

      Do you see what I mean? Why go to all that trouble , using all that sophisticated Software etc when most of the world wouldnt even know about it ??

      So can someone “fill in some blanks here”???

      • artl

        He didnt send a txt – that would be too easy. He controlled Siri talking through a thick canvas head cover. He took a picture of nothing without a flash, because he was to stupid to take a slefie with a flash. He then decided to post it to the most notorious of piss poor websites. He did not deem it feasble to send and email – to friends, family work or clients. Sending to a duffer site was much better.
        Even 4chan decide this is too piss poor a thing to post, and pull it from their site.
        Bloke above SDUAS ? shows all that any dick can edit Exif data. Everybody says ‘kin amazing that location is smack bang at the end of the run way.

        • DK

          Read the rules

          4Chan is uncensored but breaking the rules will result in deletion, or banning and by default you are anonymous unless you fill in the field, it was never ‘pulled’ hence the reason why I could link it in this article so many times.

          The 4Chan site supervisors have the IP address of the IPhone device which is taken by the site at the time of posting because the post was Anonymous, which should also give a location or if a leased IBM fixed IP Identify the device to Phillip Wood (Finally remembered his full name :mrgreen: ).

    • realist

      Um, spoiler:
      The poster posted in the ‘Politically incorrect’ section of 4chan. …the 4plebs archive even shows this.

      It’s a hoax.

      • DK

        Therefore uncensored and also allows pictures to be uploaded without editing, there my be a story to tell about that when he comes home.(

        • realist

          ?? 4Plebs might be a legitimate archive of the original 4Chan post but you actually didn’t once link to the original and in fact how could you – no one can – because 4chan removed it – ie they pulled it from their site KNOWING it was an insensitive hoax.

          Anyway, the point is… This is an obvious prankster scenario where some idiot probably thought it would be interesting experiment to post a doctored pic and see how much coverage it could get.

          If you were Philip Wood AS IF you’d make the post which could save your life in the politically incorrect section? Seriously?? It’s the one section no one would take seriously?

          I want to believe thes people are alive as much as anyone, and you know what? Maybe the plane and people are at Diego Garcia – but this post is clearly fake.

        • DK

          @Realist – The original is Archived – no mystery
          I have pulled the relevent explation from 4Chan FAQ for your viewing pleasure
          “My post disappeared! Where’d it go?

          Threads expire and are pruned by 4chan’s software at a relatively high rate. Since most boards are limited to eleven or sixteen pages, content is usually available for only a few hours or days before it is removed. Most times, the post was probably flagged as old and marked for deletion automatically, however in some cases it may have been removed by a moderator or janitor. We ask that users refrain from reposting material that they believe to have been deleted by the staff.

          This post is special in that they archived it rather than deleted and it is still on 4Chans servers.

          “Can I retrieve an old post/image?

          No. Content that expires is removed from our system, and archives are not available. Please do not e-mail us requesting content that has been pruned, for it is impossible for us to assist you. Instead, try placing a request on the /r/ board.

        • bozoned

          DK, I think his phone was on Texas time – 5:00 CST

          right now we are -6:00 for daylight savings, he would not have set
          his phone prior to it changing.
          My Iphone stays in the time zone it is programmed in unless I change it.

        • realist

          That’s incorrect, the post is not archived by 4chan but by 4plebs – they are completely unrelated organisations.
          Therefore it is NOT still available on 4chan’s servers! If it is, post the link!

          Also, you still need to address the main question of ‘why would Philip Wood post in the ‘Politically Incorrect’ section of 4chan?’ WHY?

        • DK

          I have answered your question with Pitdroidtech.

    • hrobert

      Just for all the nay sayers out there. I downloaded the original photo and opened it on my iPad in the free app called EXIF Viewer. Now having been in I/T for 20+ years what is being said in the article about EXIF data is accurate..any alterations would be immediately recognized.

      That said you open the pic in EXIF VIEWER (FREE) and all the EXIF data is there and you can poor through it all. You can also map the GPS coordinates right in the App and it land you right at Diego Garcia.

      • truthseeker4809

        The other night at the Coast to Coast, George Knapp didn’t even bring this Diego Garcia relation info into the discussion.

        So much for conspiracy talk show radio channel.. I’m suspicious that Coast to Coast is infiltrated by NWO and paid for their mouth shut..

        • nox

          Absolutely. I also suspect that George Knapp is likely a Mason himself. At the very least he is one of the “controlled opposition”. If he were sincere he would speak more about this.

      • skwirl78

        instead of a viewer, try an editor, i think you might get different results

    • sayomitora

      Thanks for that info! You know something is up when the 4th Branch of Government (Media) doesn’t even talk about Diego Garcia as a serious option, but when they do it’s added to the “conspiracy theory” pile of information. This site has some extra information on MH370 –

    • Arte Vespule

      So this guy hid an Iphone in his arse? No wonder he can’t think clearly. This is a nice try but I don’t buy it. You would need a howitzer to shoot an Iphone into your behind. And I think you would need a surgeon to get it out again….

      • Earl Scheib

        If this guy had experience with fisting getting an Iphone into his anal cavity may not have taken much effort.

      • AgainstEVILZionist-MASTERMIND-of-IlluminatiNWO

        NASTY…is that all from that brain of yours?!

    • truthseeker4809

      So the story that just started circulating “Pakistan landing” is a hoax? Area 51 retired pilot says the plane landed in Pakistan.. This is getting interesting. My gut feeling is that the plane landed in Diego Garcia and the Iphone picture coordinate proves it including the psychic impression as well. So what do we do now? The passengers are all alive. We should do something to prevent them being killed…

    • truthseeker4809

      This looks like an Achilles Heel of the MH370 hijackers. This is the “building 7 of 911″ for MH370 hijacking. Is there a way those passengers can be freed?

    • Manichee

      jimstonefreelance look at the links u idiot :twisted:

    • shanchen

      Don’t know if it’s good news or bad news! There must be a lot of secrets, Malaysia did not say out!

    • duffer

      what would be more confirming is if someone could launch a suit to his cell phone carrier to release info as to whether his IMEI (unique to his phone) attached to the cell phone towers on Diego Garcia.

      That would be the proof needed.

    • duffer

      what would be more confirming is if someone could launch a suit to his cell phone carrier to release info as to whether his IMEI (unique to his phone) attached to the cell phone towers on Diego Garcia.

      That would be the proof needed. where is anonymous when you need them….:)

    • Filipa

      Sorry for the question, but in with site have the IBM engineer upload that photo?

    • Unicorn

      What is even stranger is why no ships have reported picking up any debris that supposedly has been spotted over and over. Until someone can prove it went down in the ocean, it remains a mystery and for who’s purpose does it serve?

    • AgainstEVILZionist-MASTERMIND-of-IlluminatiNWO

      THANKS Beforeitsnews and Jim Stone here! We got to SAVE Philip Wood and the others from the suspected, not just US, but Mossad-NATO-MI6-controlled Diego GarCIA – althpugh by now, the tragic victims have probably been smuggled through the suspected Nuclear-armed Submarine to RothschildZionist-controlled IsraHELL!

      With this evidence, I think Philip Wood’s family should charge the US Govt for this most evil plot, and demanded he and the others be released! And the Indigenous Chagos Islanders should demand that the UN help them take back their paradise island from these murderous Satanic Illuminati monsters!

      • Arte Vespule

        And demand that that I phone be pulled out of his arse…

        • AgainstEVILZionist-MASTERMIND-of-IlluminatiNWO

          You’re one sh***hole!

    • Lone Ranger

      It’s a shame that most alternative news sources are now no more than “mainstream” alternative news.
      It’s sites like this that will be the future of finding truth… although hidden among a liberal mix of misinformation and pure BS as well.
      However those that have a clue can and do easily sort through all the BS to connect the dots.
      Unfortunately, it seems the big ones like drudge AJ and breitbart are slowly falling off the map. They are becoming soft and in the process just above mainstream media ratings for truth.
      They ignore what may be extremely important news, perhaps trying to avoid being seen as the Conspiracy nut jobs they were called not so long ago.
      Did they forget that revealing the truth was a risk and came at a cost.
      They either forgot that that is what got them the following they enjoy today… or they are infiltrated and owned now themselves.
      Either way the people need to find new ways to the “whole” truth. Sources that are more concerned with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
      Not one of the big guys will pay any attention to the wrathchilds connection.
      Even if it is what some say a “false flag” it must be revealed as in 9-11… what lengths the elites will go, to fulfill their agenda.
      Exposing the false flag would throw light on and expose the shadow government elites for who and what they are..
      The fact is… most of the other alternative news makes not even a mention of the developing news of this missing flight but they are wrapped up in mostly petty issues just a few degrees off the perspective you will get from CNN or the other corporate news sources they condemn.

      • truthseeker4809

        Exposing lies and telling the truth is the only way to the peace and prosperity on Earth.
        MH 370 landed in Diego Garcia.

        Philip Wood and other people’s lives are in danger at this very moment.

        Tell the story and Do something about it Main Stream Media…

    • wapside4786

      Open the file in a hex editor and the word photoshop also appears elsewhere in the file.

    • Before It Was All Pop Ups

      You’re welcome for the LinkedIn element OP. I was surprised it wasn’t the first angle people vetted on the story.

    • Болеслава

      That bloke looks like someone who has the audacity to hide a phone up his arse. Gives credence to the story

    • lmbell0a

      i also believe plane was hijacked to much miss information from multi agency going on.
      so i don’t doubt there is some cover up going on.

      • Болеслава

        Given the context and his unescessary rant daboo 7 just showed who the real fake is. there was no need to attack stone like that even if the story is not true. stone didn’t invent the story he got it from somewhere else and admitted early on it could be fake and with a name like daboo 7(is that short for yabba dabba doo) …hmmm :neutral:

    • Landinfloridaforsale

      Wait, let me get this straight:

      This guy allegedly has the wherewithal to realize his flight is being hijacked, so he concludes he needs to put his phone either “off” or in “sleep” mode, discretely uses the toilet (or does he do the deed right there in his seat?) and sticks his cell phone up his ass.

      Then, 3 weeks later, after being searched and bound (at least with a cloth over his head), he poops out his phone and takes a pic, and sends a distress message.

      Are his hands tied, or are they free? If free, he could presumably take the bag off of his head…

      If tied, how the heck does he remove his pants (assuming he has pants on), crap out his phone, and manipulate the phone so as to take a picture and send that message?

      LMAO what a crock. A non-photo, a black square, with DG coordinates HAHAHAHA. People will believe anything.

      I want to see a youtube video of someone re-enacting the scenario. Including the 3-week wait time with an iPhone in their rectum. I bet 99.9% of the people couldn’t do it with their hands free and no bag over their head.

      Who knew this cat was so… skilled?

      • caturday

        The bag over his head is locked. That’s why he can’t remove it.

        • Landinfloridaforsale

          No one, especially not trained American Military Police, would EVER leave a prisoner’s hands free. Binding the hands of a prisoner (bagged head or not) is a fundamental rule. Hands are weapons, thus they must be secured.

        • caturday


          Maybe. But they know this guy’s an IBM executive in his 50′s. Not likely that they would treat him like, say, one of the prisoners at Gitmo. They likely researched everyone’s background, so I’m guessing they knew exactly who he was. If so, they knew he wouldn’t be violent.

          Therefore, no hand restraints.

    • Elmy@Cheaperseeker

      Surrounding this story is the fact that the man who managed to get this information to Farganne was harassed and received many threatening voice mails over it, that is another piece of evidence pointing to this as being real.

    • endtimeinmytime

      Well…were it valid, and I am not saying that it is, then he is certainly dead, now, or at the very least without a phone and a serious case of “just had the hell beaten out of him.” However, my gut tells me that this is all a ruse, to garner a rise out of us. IMO

    • Personaltrain

      plane 2.png

    • Болеслава

      It would be pointless faking that stuff. It isn’t going to send the cavalry to save the passengers.

      Its even more pointless pointing out it may be fake. they are still on diego garcia or some other place by now and at least the ‘phone call’ keeps that important story alive, so why don’t all you nay sayers just shut up/? :!: :mrgreen: Most of you couldn’t care less about anything except yourselves.

    • tahanlaoboy

      They might put something on hit mouth or the bag so he can not talk

    • Borobudur

      Wait, I’m really confused. Did you guys write this article for a lark or is this meant to be taken seriously? Not a sarcasm, this is an honest question. I mean, who on earth doesn’t know EXIF data can be edited hence faked, easily? I do it all the time. Doesn’t take an expert to do it at all.

      Just a simple google of the keywords “exif data editor” will give you the rough idea of how EASY it is to manipulate exif data, it’s not a rocket science really. That’s why I said I’m confused here, since the article/post above only uses the photo and the photo’s exif data as the ONLY evidence to convince everyone of the “story”. Enlighten me please.

    • Sunshine

      Sign – this isn’t verified news.

      1) Who, what, how have you verified that this person exists and was on the flight. Show us the name of the airline employee who verified this, and copy of the manifest.

      2) Or verified that the text was sent under distress as described … and not by someone who randomly choose to make a hoax by going to the city and shooting this picture? Anyone smell the phone?

      3) Why one photo? If you were captive and sending photos, wouldn’t you take a BUNCH!

      4) So when your reporter went to the GPS location, what did he see? Exif being unchangable means nothing. All he’d have to do is go to the location and take the pictures.

      5) Quote: “There was no Philip wood working for IBM – this one was really poor. This was the very first debunk posted anywhere, and it’s so thin and transparent well,”
      HUH? So what’s YOUR point? You never explain this. His not working there is odd. IBM’s employee data base is complete & easy to search. You’re declaring that IBM was in on this plane’s disappearance?
      It’s all irrelevant though, since more important is searching planes to see if he was supposed to be on this one!

    • Sunshine

      Sign – this isn’t verified news.

      1) Who, what, how have you verified that this person exists and was on the flight. Show us the name of the airline employee who verified this, and copy of the manifest.

      2) Or verified that the text was sent under distress as described … and not by someone who randomly choose to make a hoax by going to the city and shooting this picture? Anyone smell the phone?

      3) Why one photo? If you were captive and sending photos, wouldn’t you take a BUNCH!

      4) So when your reporter went to the GPS location, what did he see? Exif being unchangable means nothing. All he’d have to do is go to the location and take the pictures.

      5) Quote: “There was no Philip wood working for IBM – this one was really poor. This was the very first debunk posted anywhere, and it’s so thin and transparent well,”
      HUH? So what’s YOUR point? You never explain this. His not working there is odd. IBM’s employee data base is complete & easy to search. You’re declaring that IBM was in on this plane’s disappearance?
      It’s all irrelevant though, since more important is searching planes to see if he was supposed to be on this one!


      Has Mr. Wood himself come forward to talk? No sadly of course not. Anyone verify it was HIS phone? And not gotten where it is by some other means?

    • abcd

      It’s a good story, but I can assure you that you can spoof the EXIF withouth any “traces”. Every pentester should know that. If you don’t belive me, take a look at some “hacking” conferences ,(for example search “blackhat 2013 foca” or “blackhat 2009 evil foca”. (2 funny spanish guys having a 45min presentation on Blackhat conference. They presented it on Defcon also (Defcon 19 if I remember correctly.

      • abcd

        It’s a good story, but I can assure you that you can spoof the EXIF withouth any “traces”. Every pentester should know that. If you don’t belive me, take a look at some “hacking” conferences ,(for example search “blackhat 2013 foca” or “blackhat 2009 evil foca”. (2 funny spanish guys having a 45min presentation on Blackhat conference. They presented it on Defcon also (Defcon 19 if I remember correctly.

        Ant to go further, you even don’t have to spoof the exif. You can easily spoof the GPS coordinates withouth any knowedge (free point and click style apps in the wild) and take a photo, which will have the spoofed GPS numbers in EXIF…

        I would like to believe that they were hijacked and are maybe still alive and that some miracle will show us the truth, but if your story relies only on EXIF , than it’s nothing more than theory.

        • truthseeker4809

          Unless you are a shill determined to discredit the report, I wouldn’t doubt the validity of this explosive information. Some people are risking their lives to put out this info while some are juggling around it with technicalities. I had no idea even there was such thing as EXIF data in a cell phone picture. How many percentage of you had such a knowledge? On top of that, how about the people who reported their psychic impression of the tropical island that the plane has landed? Crimes are frequently solved by psychic detectives. These two unrelated reports make it even more plausible. How about letting an independent organization to search the island? If they (US military) have nothing to hide, they should allow that to happen.

        • abcd

          Truthseeker , I don’t want to discredit the report. Infact, I don’t believe any of official stories, which are an obvious lie. I’m just saying that EXIF data is easily spoofed, taking an image with spoofed GPS data is even easier.
          I’m checking some of the best theories about this flight, and this one that the plane landed on Diego Garcia is one of the best theories, one of most logic.
          But declare the fate of the plane solitary on EXIF data is wrong becouse as I mentioned before, spoofing GPS and EXIF data is relatively easy. Spoofing GPS is easy even for a man withouth knowedge, you just install one of the dozens of GPS spoofers , the same way you install a game or other software.
          If I had the time, I would certanly look after those questions : are there any GSM/G3,etc. signals on the island? If yes, which company? If yes, is the GSM network accessibile for all roaming phones or is it specialy meant for military personell? For a big secret base, wouldn’t the military make their own GSM infrastructure which allows to connect only their mobiles? As I understood from this article, he had a quadband 900/1800/1900/850 Mhz phone.
          I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I find it strange that in such secret base they would allow commercial GSM infrastructure. And as I understand from article, the man didn’t have a sattelite phone.
          I belive that there is a big possibility that the plane landed in Garcia but the technical side of story of sending ANYTHING from that phone doesn’t fit. It doesn’t mean that the plane didn’t land there, but it means that it’s a much bigger chance that someone made a prank.
          I hope we will know the truth one day.

    • Xi Akaname

      What I’M confused about is how the latitude and longitude I got is a little ways off the cost of India….

      • caturday

        You’re doing it wrong.

    • Martin

      So i modified the GPS coordinates written in the EXIF. Just tell me what’s wrong with this and make me belive :)


    • Paul M

      This is where this whole batch of idiocy began.

    • Jensan1332

      I would liked to know what kind of battery he has on his phone to keep a charge that long. I swear people will believe anything these days. :roll:

    • pitdroidtech


      The image at the 4P board, along with containing the GEO Location Data for Diego Garcia, also contains tags for photoshop, picasa and adobe. The tags include XMP data, which is not included in a standard iPhone photo jpeg. All those elements prove without any doubt whatsoever, that the image was handled AT SOME POINT before it reached the web server and after the photo was taken. So if there was an original untouched image taken by a faeces covered iPhone in a dark room, this is not it, and no one has shared it. If you open the image in a hex editor and search for photoshop, picasa, and adobe, you will quickly see that the image has been edited by third party software. Here is a screen capture of the image loaded in HxD hex editor. Feel free to try yourself.

      So in other words we have NO ORIGINAL UNTOUCHED FILE, and therefore NO SMOKING GUN. The claim is wrong on atleast one count ie: the image DOES HAVE FINGERPRINTS of editing software.

      Secondly, exif data and geolocation data can EASILY be inserted into images leaving no easily detectable trace. Here is a photo where the exif data shows it be taken with an iPhone 4 in Diego Garcia back in 2004 before the iphone 4 was even invented. The person in the image is me. I have never been to Diego Garcia. Open it in a hexeditor and you will find no trace of any third party software having edited the image. I used a combination of hex editor and geosetter to edit the exif data and remove the evidence of third party software.

      Forensic analysis of my photo would reveal some evidence of interference, but that is because I quite frankly could not be bothered going to the extra effort to hide all the possible traces, but it can be done if one really wanted to hide the evidence.

      So the claim is wrong on the second count also. It IS possible to edited images without leaving a trace of the software that performed the editing.

      Lastly, the article claims that EXIF is machine language. This is not correct. EXIF is plain text, CONVERTED into machine language. So a simple converter is all that is needed to decipher it. That is why, in a text editor that includes a converter for converting the hexadecimal machine code into ASCII text, you can read off AND edit the exif information.

    • TruckerDave

      I’m not sure i believe anything written on this website. :cool:

    • HIM

      OKDK folks,

      if US / UK military base has no control of what goes out and in via radio waves, we r in deep s*** !

      besides, if all energy spent on writing this article was spent on something really useful we all would be better off.

      • abcd

        I’m pretty sure too that USA military has control over radio frequencies around the base. And even worse, the article claims that the message was sent through regular GSM (quadband) phone… I highly doubt that even if they have a GSM infrastructure for the personell, that it is some comercial infrastructure which let regular civilian users to roam through their GSM network… He didn’t have a satellite phone eather. Thus the only remaining possible choice for the man who allegedly sent a message would be to use some SDR , connected to his iphone… (HackRf etc.) with good antennas… And even in this casse (stick HackRf or even USPR2 in his ass + antennas) , I’m convienced that the military monitors a big chunk of radio spectrum, even jam it, if not else to prevent any spies to send out messages…
        And yes, EXIF can be spoofed easily, also GPS coordinates can be spoofed even more easily with free point and tap software…

        Articles like this where the OP’s claims are based on EXIF data as an “undeniable evidence”, make a bad shade on theory that plane landed on Garcia… I BELIVE THAT IT IS A BIG CHANCE THAT THE 777 WAS HIJACKED AND LANDED TO BASE , but articles like this are a total fail. One would think that they write is to make a landing on Garcia look stupid.

        On the other way, I’m convinced that it is very possible that the plane indeed landed there. And maybe some of passengers are still alive (those who are needed by USA intelligence).
        So please stop spreading this iPhone prank news because the people will automaticly start to belive that if the phone photo is prank (which IS) , that than the landing on Garcia is automaticly prank, which is NOT the case !

        But anybody who is ignorant or simply doesn’t understand the basics of radio signals (from GSM/CDM cellular signals to all other signals) and the basics of Exif and Gps, instead of claiming such technicaly incorrect “facts”, please make somthing constructive :
        - try find out if Garciaa even has a GSM/CDM infrastructure (+ which one, if GSM than 2G or 3G or LTE)
        - if yes, which company runs it (or it is runned directly by military)
        - is it possible that he used a “homemade” DIY reflector or improvised antenna for 900/1800Mhz to connect to closest commercial cellular network (how far is the closest commercial GSM transmitter? How far can you reach with some kind of “cantenna” for 900 or 1800Mhz?
        - are there some gadgets avaible to simple way upgrade your iPhone to satellite phone?
        - what are the military rules about radio frequencies around military bases?
        - what are the military rules about GSM/CDM communications?
        - is there another way a victim could attach some SDR gadget on iPhone to send out non GSM signal (you can use RTLSDR dongle for recieving on android phones, don’t know for iPhone, but for transmitting i don’t know if there is anything smaller than a new HackRf (from 100khz to 6Ghz) – is it possible to connect to an amateur satellite or spoof your data to some internet data downlink satellite (bytheway those operate on higher frequencies – 10Ghz and more)… ?
        See? If you find any of those answers, you can continue to claim that this picture is REAL…

        I’m convinced that this iPhone photo is a prank. A shame for all us who belive that the airplane could landed in Garcia for some sinister plans…
        Im also convinced that if it landed there, all passengers except those who were needed were executed immidietly. Those left to live were/are under total control 24/7 as any mistake from the USA military or intelligence would cause a worldwide scandal never seen before…
        Everything is possible, but on the iPhone photo , I call : patethic PRANK…

        • abcd

          And to those who after all I wrote still instist that a message is real, I have another challenge. Get the original photo (with original EXIF) , EXIF shows a lot more than GPS , camera type, photo quality, etc. Infact, with Evil Foca (for Windows) you can get a lot of secret Exif data, for example IP of connection and MAC of network adapter, in phone cases the IMSI and IMEI of phone. Check the EXIF with Evil Foca software, it’s a big chance you will find the IMSI and IMEI of phone…That would give the final answer : IMSE – subscriber number – from SIM card + IMEI ( serial number of phone)… This way you can easily see if the photo was taken and sent from his phone. And also locate from a GSM infrastructure archive that to WHICH transmitter was that IMSI connected at that time…. The question would be answered.
          I don’t have a time and a will to play with Foca because believe that this phone message is a prank. But if any of you are convinced that this is true and have 30min to extract secret data from EXIF with Foce , let us now…

        • pitdroidtech

          Evil Foca is a network tool, it will tell you nothing about exif data. Also information like IMSI, IMEI and ip address are not written into the image. You would not be able to retrieve that data from the image because it isn’t there.

          However the one important factor that proves this image has been edited before being uploaded, and therefore doesn’t fit the story at all, is the presence of picasa and XMP tags in the image file. This proves the image has been edited in picasa (or faked out to look like it was edited in picasa). Either way it was edited by something.

          This image is far from the smoking gun the article claims.

        • abcd

          The spianish guys who made the Evil FOca, made more of these software. In windows I have 2 variants – Evil foca and Foca 3 freee. One of their software is the exif stuff puller, dont remember anymore which one. I think it was the first one, presented on Blackhat 2009(?). Will try to find time today to switch to windows, find which one deals with exif and report back here.

        • DK

          @ABCD The commercial infrastructure is exactly that, installed by a contractor, you can buy sims that work there including 4g capable data plans from O2 the UK carrier. The US navy does as you say control the entire spectrum, but possibly left the 4g 2.6 GHz open, it is a Naval Radar frequency. This site says you can

          IPhone 5 is 4g and frequency hops, it just wont work as 4g in Europe.

    • xiaoyangbendan

      A college student can learn in half an hour how to change the exif code without leaving a trace if he wants to. This requires only very basic programming skills. Please check the facts before boasting around pure nonsense IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

    • zeus

      I feel the passengers were taken off plane at diego Garcia the scientists left on board and then plane flown to a secret base on border of india-pakistan for further modification then Israeli-now use on iran nuke sites. a second plane is in a hanger in tel-aviv to be used elsewhere..possibly in Europe somewhere at same time. india and Pakistan regions are near china and Russia and have no adequate usa -eu or british satellite to get into this region now…so the planes can take of undetected and air traffic control or satelites will not be able to tell what the destination is or what the planes actually carry

    • KevinARagan

      Interesting comment you made. It reminds me of when China started all those labor camps and rounded up all the teachers, doctors, anyone who was a thinker and eliminated them. Nah, its best to rid the world of the Elite and its trolls.

    • Brew

      I don’t think an Iphone would fit up an ass to easily. It would be hard to get it in there while being hijacked as you couldn’t just go off to the toilet to get the job done, plus you would need a bucket full of KY.
      You would also be walking with a strange gait which would bring you to the attention of these military experts who supposedly hijacked the plane.
      I do believe that something is very weird with this plane going missing but not as strange as this story.

    • Landinfloridaforsale

      From the article above:

      “When the American military blindfolds someone, it is accomplished by putting a bag over the head that is locked so you can’t get it off. This left the engineers hands free.”

      Baloney. No one, especially not trained American Military Police, would EVER leave a prisoner’s hands free. Binding the hands of a prisoner (bagged head or not) is a fundamental rule. Hands are weapons, thus they must be secured.

    • Davnesh

      Philip Wood is an employee of IBM. Just read this article from ABC News

      Hope this puts this argument to rest for good.

    • CuriousCoincidence

      I’m not sure anyone has considered this, but now that Philips name is out on the internet for the world to see, what do you think is going to happen to him? I have no doubt that his captors are carefully following the latest information being revealed. Once they get wind of this, I fear for his health and safety. Should this have been handled with more foresight? What do you think?

      • DK

        I think his life or death situation was decided long before the Aircraft took off. :sad:

    • science first, last always

      Easy to prove: roaming charges on the cellular account will verify origin of this call IF it came from source actually named in this article. Stop the speculating, get the facts.

    • God\\\'s Rose

      Do not know if you have seen this yet.

    • Anonymous

      There is absolutely no credible evidence that a crime was committed in the vanishing of flight 360. And there is absolutely no credible evidence that a crime was not committed in the vanishing of flight 360. These are just the facts as they stand right now. This just the way it is. I’m going to roll a joint and see if I can come up with a plausible theory.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, I meant flight 370. I’m still smoking, won’t be too much longer.

    • Болеслава

      It could be fake so it is fake. That argument is fake.

    • nywatch

      Uh…In the same place that tells you the long/lat of the photo, under ‘Origin’, the Date the photo was taken was ’3/18/2014′…It’d be awefully hard to keep a cell phone alive for 10 days..

      • bozoned

        Like he would have had it turned on during that overnight flight? of course not. Probably had it in his pocket. tucked it down his pants when he realized they were hijacked. a typical pat search, as done by most law enforcement, would not have detected it…etc

    • Anonymous

      You can’t fit any generation iphone up your ass, or maybe he meant up his butt crack and not in his ass. even turned off, can an iphone battery last that long? any one know? anyone try it? I don’t think so without a charger and outlet.

    • John

      doesn’t the phone have an automatic flash built in? I know my iPhone does…so why is it black?

      • pitdroidtech

        I guess along with performing a bunch of unnecessary actions such resizing the photo, editing it in Picasa Online, uploading it to 4chan rather than emailing it to family, all while using his hands that weren’t tied up because the hood had a lock on it (the only reason you would tie someone up is so they don’t remove their hood), having Siri turn the automatic flash to OFF just seemed to make sense at the time.

        It in no way makes the story seem incoherent. In no way at all.

    • daffieD

      is it just me or has anyone heard anything about the missing plane today????? :idea: could it be
      that this could in deed be true???

    • photo-pro99vr

      Actually it is quite simple to alter Exif data for GPS coordinates. Numerous programs can easily do that. One is a free Exif data editor called Exif Pilot. If you don’t believe me I can upload that same image showing it is now sitting on the beach in Malibu, California right in front of some very luxurious beach homes. There is nothing to indicate the data was altered either except the file date will change but that is also easy to alter or set back to the original date and time. No hacking skills needed….

    • Free Germany

      Filename – 1395192158752.jpg
      Make – Apple
      Model – iPhone 5
      XResolution – 72
      YResolution – 72
      ResolutionUnit – Inch
      Software – 7.0.6
      DateTime – 2014:03:18 21:08:34
      YCbCrPositioning – Centered
      ExifOffset – 210
      ExposureTime – 1/15 seconds
      FNumber – 2.40
      ExposureProgram – Normal program
      ISOSpeedRatings – 3200
      ExifVersion – 0221
      DateTimeOriginal – 2014:03:18 20:49:41
      DateTimeDigitized – 2014:03:18 20:49:41
      ComponentsConfiguration – YCbCr
      ShutterSpeedValue – 1/15 seconds
      ApertureValue – F 2.40
      BrightnessValue – -8.47
      MeteringMode – Multi-segment
      Flash – Flash not fired, compulsory flash mode
      FocalLength – 4.12 mm
      SubsecTimeOriginal – 921
      SubsecTimeDigitized – 921
      FlashPixVersion – 0100
      ColorSpace – sRGB
      ExifImageWidth – 240
      ExifImageHeight – 320
      InteroperabilityOffset – 928
      SensingMethod – One-chip color area sensor
      SceneType – Other
      ExposureMode – Auto
      White Balance – Auto
      FocalLengthIn35mmFilm – 66 mm
      SceneCaptureType – Standard

      GPS information: –
      GPSVersionID –
      GPSLatitudeRef – S
      GPSLatitude – 7 18 58.31 (7.316197)
      GPSLongitudeRef – E
      GPSLongitude – 72 25 35.56 (72.426544)
      GPSAltitudeRef – Sea level

    • The Liberator

      I just found this on Cynthia McKinney’s FB page:”TWO U.S. military exercises going on in the region of the Malaysia 370 flight path?? Cobra Gold and Cope Tiger?? Cope Tiger included U.S., Thailand, and Singapore only. Cobra Gold included Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, and Malaysia, plus Cope Tiger participants. Here is my exclusive chat with the top aide to former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir who drops the “two military exercise” bomb shell that you haven’t heard in the U.S. press”

    • Anonymous

      Thank you very much for the info….just happy the truth is coming out SOMEWHERE.

    • Lewisiom

      I’ve got only one question: To whom or to where this picture was posted to..? Anyone..?

    • BeforeItsFake

      No one here has an iPhone? No one here uses the speech-to-text function? I do all the time.

      This story is fake.

      Why? Because the T2S function DOES NOT insert punctuation or parentheses. There is no way a blindfolded guy could put together a speech-to-text paragraph with parens and punctuation.

      • DK

        Siri Punctuation Tips for E-Mail, Text Messages and Notes

        Don’t forget to verbal give punctuation commands when dictating to Siri. Here’s a thorough list of what you can say. They’re great time savers when you’re on the go!
        Siri Text Punctuation Commands When You Say This Siri Adds This
        “period” or “dot” .
        “ellipsis” or “dot dot dot” …
        “dash” or “hyphen” –
        “em dash” – (double-length dash)
        “comma” ,
        “underscore” _
        “forward slash” /
        “back slash”
        “vertical bar” |
        “quote” or “quotation mark” “ (until you say “quote” or “quotation mark” again)
        “exclamation point” !
        “question mark” ?
        “ampersand” &
        “asterisk” *
        “at sign” @
        “copyright sign” ©
        “registered sign” ®
        “degree sign” °
        “caret” ^
        “open parenthesis” or “close parenthesis” ( or )
        “open bracket” or “close bracket” [ or ]
        “open brace” or “close brace” { or }
        Siri Math and Finance Commands When You Say This Siri Adds This
        “plus sign” +
        “minus sign” -
        “equals sign” =
        “percent sign” %
        “dollar sign” $
        “cent sign” ¢
        “pound sterling” sign £
        “pound sign” #
        “euro sign” €
        “yen sign” ¥
        “degree sign” °
        “caret” ^
        “greater-than sign” >
        “less-than sign” <
        Siri Text Formatting Commands When You Say This Siri Does This
        "new line" Moves down to the next line (as though you’ve pressed Return or Enter on a computer keyboard)
        "new paragraph" Starts a new paragraph
        "caps on" Capitalizes all following words
        "caps off" Turns off capitalization :cool:

    • Green Mountain Boy

      None believes media after 9/11. The tide of truth has turned into a tsunami of people across Canada and US who see thru the b.s. We are lied to on a daily basis by people who have no value for human life. The only reason people come on this site is for two reasons Those that believe we are being lied to and those that are paid by the people lying to us to discredit the truth.

      • DK

        Agreed but here you can face them off with Allies in the search for truth which is something you will not get on Yahoo Disquss etc, because that is where the paid shrills who are just there to insult you lurk with the Marxist dotrine of insulting and demeaning the person untill they go away and ignoring the just questioning of the arguement. Here I have seen the politest and most concerned people on all the boards I have ever visited. :grin:

    • Who dat

      Why didn’t he just call someone, or text them, don’t make any sense to me,,,, red herring.

    • Confessions of a Closet Republican

      For fecks sake. Why would anyone (other than maybe terrorists) hijack the plane. You people are sick.

      • LifeIs

        Remember the fake search for the Scorpion?

        Confessions, we don’t know the motive. Non-governmental terrorists CANNOT hijack the plane, as the planes are tracked by military radar, and subject to being controlled from the ground in case of hijacking.

        That’s right. Anti-hijack remote control. Look it up. When you find out that the Flight Management System computer has had a ground link capable of “updating” it, since the mid-1990s, that’s what they’re talking about. And the “automatic landing system” is part of it.

        We are looking at weeks and months of a fake search. Just like the fake search for the US Navy submarine Scorpion in 1968. We found out several decades later, the US government knew exactly where the submarine was, all that time. (From the sounds of its sinking, if not by communication from the Russians.)

        Yes, in 1968, the US could record the sound of a submarine sinking and pinpoint the location. And for diplomatic reasons could lie to the families and the public and send search planes and ships on a fools’ errand.

        The sounds of an airplane hitting the water would be noticed. And there has been NO explanation as to how the plane is supposed to have evaded Australian military radar, or anyone else’s.

    • Warren

      I was wrong. Earlier I stated “there is nothing in the exif data to prove that the photo is fake”. Unfortunately, there *is* evidence that the photo is fake.

      Among the metadata is an “IPTC” binary block and a “XMP” block. Digital cameras never insert IPTC blocks. And, using exiftool to extract the XMP block, one gets (pasted):

      The XMP block was clearly inserted by an Adobe product, most likely Photoshop. Furthermore, look at the embedded modification date. It includes the time and time zone. The time zone is “-4″, or Eastern Daylight time. In other words, the file was passed through an Adobe product on the east coast of the U.S.

      Very sadly and reluctantly I must now conclude that the photo is a hoax.

      • Warren

        Sorry – this website erased the xml format data that I pasted in. Here is another try with angle brackets replaced by curly brackets:

        {?xpacket begin=”” id=”W5M0MpCehiHzreSzNTczkc9d”?}
        {x:xmpmeta xmlns:x=”adobe:ns:meta/” x:xmptk=”XMP Core 5.1.2″}
        {rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=””}
        {rdf:Description rdf:about=”" xmlns:xmp=”” xmlns:dc=”” xmp:ModifyDate=”2014-03-18T21:08:34-04:00″}
        {?xpacket end=’w'?}

        • DK

          Yes but is it a deliberate one or one posted from ignorance – would you deliberately make yourself look a fool ?. We need the original posted on 4Chan not the copy of the copy which has been messed with by someone who thinks he knows what he is doing.

        • Warren

          The image originally posted at 4chan was archived at Here’s a direct link.

          The MD5 hash of that image matches exactly the MD5 hash of the image we’ve been looking at. Same image.

        • DK

          @Warren, The 4plebs Archive may not be the real page, this is the internet which in the US is run by the NSA, all those routers that form the infrastructure backbone the list are military or corporations under some form US government contract, the sole country ‘not’ looking for flight MH 370 in the Indian Ocean. :wink:

          4Chan is based in Europe Switzerland therefore nominally should be out of US influence.

          As stated by me in this thead, the original post and image is required with evidence of timestamp on the server shown by the IT department of 4Chan to prove it is firstly the genuine image posted at the time, and then we can examine it with a hex editor. The copy has 2 versions 1395192158752.jpg and 1395192158752s.jpg which is on the page, this should not be possible, only 1 could have been posted, the server should not have renamed the thumbnail the picture 1395192158752s.jpg(Clean of data) is the only one on the page yet you here are somehow linking to another version which is not on the page 1395192158752.jpg which has the edited data and that area is protected from external users looking at the directory.

          2 of the posts also mention the anonmoly
          Anonymous Mon Mar 31 2014 23:37:47 No.28319637 ViewReport

          Looks like a 4chan filename

          Anonymous Mon Mar 31 2014 22:19:42 No.28317132 ViewReport
          > Strangely the blank black image labeled “1395192158752.jpg” contains the following metadata:
          > 1395192158752.jpg

          My sides.

          and these posts are not on the page shown the tread has either been reduced in size therefore the page was edited, or I am not seeing the real page and no search picks up 1395192158752.jpg or 1395192158752s.jpg image.

          So how did you link to a ‘genuine’ copy when it is not there, there is no way to get to it normally !

          Second searching shows the boards on 4plebs have already gone through all this and are complaining of massive deletes of the articles mentioning this wherever they are posted, which is anything but normal including the fact that the 1395192158752.jpg you linked to is not the genuine article. It is not the one on the page, and the one on the page has no data at all.

    • Richiev5

      He went to the Richard Greer school of “Hamster Hiding 101!” That is how he found out how to hide his IPHONE!

    • jb123


    • skepticalskeptic

      The one question that comes to mind while going through some of these comments and noticing no one has stated it this:

      If Philip Wood posted this to 4chan’s /pol/ (4chan on the whole is known for trolls trolling trolls) he would not have been able to complete the post if he was blindfolded… 4chans posting system requires each submission to pass a Captcha recognition. This means he would have had to type in a randomized sequence of letters or letters/numbers and both as displayed on the screen before he could post. This is impossible to do blindfolded and/or handcuffed. If you can explain this simple aspect to the story then perhaps I would give it more credence.

      • Jabberwocky1111

        Don’t a lot of those have the option to listen to it?

        • DK

          Yes you are absolutely right and under W3C guidelines all captchas have to have audio for the visually disabled under WCAG 2.0

          ” CAPTCHA: If the purpose of non-text content is to confirm that content is being accessed by a person rather than a computer, then text alternatives that identify and describe the purpose of the non-text content are provided, and alternative forms of CAPTCHA using output modes for different types of sensory perception are provided to accommodate different disabilities.”

    • Stroppy

      There is a need for rational thinking here. imo everyone is being side-tracked by silly things like how did the battery last 10 days (he turned if off, or was Airplane mode), how did he get up his ass (maybe he had a history of shoving things up there or simply put it between his bum cheeks) – who cares!

      Answer the following:

      What proof is there that the photo was taken by Philip Wood? Or was it simply taken by a nonce working on Diego Garcia for a laugh?

      Yes, we should take it seriously until it can be proven not to be the case. But who is going to investigate a US base? So we are most likely never to know one way or the other.

      How was the photo uploaded to 4chan by voice command? Don’t just assume this is possible, try it yourself!

      Was the message simply sent to a trusted colleague, who tried to view it on Photoshop, before posting it to 4chan? If so, why hasn’t that person identified themselves? (Possibly because ‘they’ already know who he/she is and…..)

      Did Philip have an existing pass that would enable 4chan’s Verification process to be by-passed? Also, bear in mind that 4chan has a history of pulling pranks and is quite proud of that record – do some research if you want.

      I won’t go on ’cause no one reads these comments anyway – just wants their views on record…

    • KissMyWookiee

      “… but I do know that Exif can’t be rewritten with common software without a trace, ALL software leaves a note in the application tag that says the picture was modified by an application. Exif can be erased as well but NOT CHANGED WITHOUT A TRACE.”

      What a load of bull!

      I’ve edited EXIF data before using just a common hex editor… I’d taken a bunch of photos in a different country without changing the time on my camera, so had to edit each one by hand to reflect the actual time taken. It was easy, but a chore. No trace of editing at all.

      I could easily lookup how an EXIF header is constructed and manually create one using just a hex editor. No one would ever know. I could write a header that says the photo was taken using a camera model that doesn’t even exist – it’s just data.

      When a story makes such a completely unfounded assumption and claims it to be fact, then I have to dismiss the entire thing – particularly when it originates from websites like this. :mrgreen:

    • Elmy@Cheaperseeker

      When will the Malaysia goverment declare the result of MH370?We are so anxious.

    • mfritz0

      If this endeavor to obfuscate this evidence continues, one might think there is a valid point to this message’s authenticity, add this to the further information that is being collected and make some logical conclusions. It starts to paint a picture. Just what this picture is depends on what information some intelligence agency does or does not have that is not available to the rest of the World. Step wisely, look before you leap.

    • Aelin


      As a programmer, let me say that you are completely incorrect. It’s a simple binary header in which you must know the order of the bytes in the file to understand the data. This bit of info pretty much convinced me that you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

    • larry4765

      You are a shill yourself – you are because you always blame the Jews and Israel for everything that happens in the world. Genesis 12:3, “And I will bless those who bless you ( Israel ) and the one who curses you I will curse.” Every time I click on an article from BIN and I see it is you jimstone freelance I know you will be cursing the Jews.

    • srsly1

      When you’re held hostage, and you’re sending a message out for help, why the hell would you waste time and the possibility of being detected by saying, “I had my cellphone in my ass.”

      here’s the kicker…you wouldn’t!

      But apparently I’m just a shill. Honestly, I’d like the author of this story to try this….
      1) turn on your cell phone
      2) shove it up your ass
      3) wait a couple days
      4) try to send a message out by voice only
      5) pull phone out of ass and see if it’s still working

      please post your results

    • seriously

      So… Let’s imagine that he managed to hide an iPhone in his buttcheeks, hold it there without anyone searching him… Not lose it while drugged and transported out of the plane.

      How would you think he would manage to extract it, initiate Siri and through a bag over his head manage to get Siri to compose a pretty clear message when at any other time with no barrier between your mouth and the microphone this doesn’t happen?

      Really? A stressed, drugged man with a bag over his head sent a voice message that was clear and coherent and he even took the time to add punctuation as well as brackets?

      Yes, that’s more likely than the bloody plane crashing.

    • kiitah

      If speech recognition was used to write the text, there would be no parenthesis around the word blindfolded. Just saying.

      • DK

        Siri Punctuation Tips for E-Mail, Text Messages and Notes

        Don’t forget to verbal give punctuation commands when dictating to Siri. Here’s a thorough list of what you can say. They’re great time savers when you’re on the go!
        Siri Text Punctuation Commands When You Say This Siri Adds This
        “period” or “dot” .
        “ellipsis” or “dot dot dot” …
        “dash” or “hyphen” –
        “em dash” – (double-length dash)
        “comma” ,
        “underscore” _
        “forward slash” /
        “back slash”
        “vertical bar” |
        “quote” or “quotation mark” “ (until you say “quote” or “quotation mark” again)
        “exclamation point” !
        “question mark” ?
        “ampersand” &
        “asterisk” *
        “at sign” @
        “copyright sign” ©
        “registered sign” ®
        “degree sign” °
        “caret” ^
        “open parenthesis” or “close parenthesis” ( or )
        “open bracket” or “close bracket” [ or ]
        “open brace” or “close brace” { or }
        Siri Math and Finance Commands When You Say This Siri Adds This
        “plus sign” +
        “minus sign” -
        “equals sign” =
        “percent sign” %
        “dollar sign” $
        “cent sign” ¢
        “pound sterling” sign £
        “pound sign” #
        “euro sign” €
        “yen sign” ¥
        “degree sign” °
        “caret” ^
        “greater-than sign” >
        “less-than sign” <
        Siri Text Formatting Commands When You Say This Siri Does This
        "new line" Moves down to the next line (as though you’ve pressed Return or Enter on a computer keyboard)
        "new paragraph" Starts a new paragraph
        "caps on" Capitalizes all following words
        "caps off" Turns off capitalization :cool:

        • skwirl78

          but would he go thru all the trouble of using the punctuation tricks if he is just trying to get a distress signal out…seems like an awful lot of work..not to mention my earlier post about captcha issue

        • DK

          It all depends upon the nature of the man, that he was using Siri at all meant he was used to it for the express purpose of mailing, creating texts – treating it exactly like a secretary and his state of mind was not what you would call normal to his own admission. :neutral: However to be an IT expert of such value thet IBM kept him on during its $1 billion restructuring, had him fly around the world for meetings in China and Australia should tell you something about him – he was valued, he would be a perfectionist in his field. People like that don’t forget caps and full stops.

    • skwirl78

      i have 1 question, in order to post on that site you have to enter a captcha to post it..i know they have a button you can click to do audio, but if your blindfolded your not going to find it on the page…so how was that possible?

      • DK

        Answered with skepticalskeptic above

    • CT

      Yes we remember the shills in nearly every mayor controversial story. Make a list of all of them and keep on circulating it around. There are plenty of them and they deserve no mercy for what they engage in.


      I’m in tears 😂😂😂😂

      This update has turned this into one of the most funniest posts I’ve read in a long long time!!!!

      Thanks 4 making my day man Looool….

    • Болеслава

      the latest twist on this is that his wife has appeared on cnn or something and they have both been recognized as crisis actors used in the boston non-bombing – comment?


      Another question to ask yourself is this: The story is that the CIA or some other nefarious wing of the US government managed to hijack this plane and fly it to Diego Garcia and offload the passengers into a black site prison that has been used to house terrorist prisoners in the past and when they brought the passengers off the plane they did not strip search and cavity search every single one of them like they would do at any prison in the world? Seriously, they missed a phone “hidden” in his butt cheeks or even shoved up his ass? No prison in the US would let someone inside without a cavity search. Theer are so many other things about this story that are easy to use to prove it’s false but the fact that he would never even have gotten into the prison without being cavity searched is a huge one for believes of this story to overlook.

    • Who dat

      You can turn an iPhone off, getting up your rse if you need to would be possible, he’s on the flight list, you can’t poo poo the story on any of that evidence. The. Fact the NSA have made information classified is enough to tell you something is a miss with it all. I think it’s parked up somewhere to be used in the future, you can be assured the yanks know all about it, you can’t hide a person on this planet from them, let alone a passinger plane.

    • Alan

      This is the new shill line tactic> “ha, this guy thinks he knows what hes talking about”

      seen that recently, more than enough to know its a tactic, passed around… to defunct the commenter.

      Smart trick… :neutral:

    • DK

      Its nice to see this page has not been deleted.

      To recap:

      4Chan has cloud hosted its servers, the last location of which at the time of posting was one near Bern Switzerland meaning the posts are covered by the swiss codes of obligations meaning retention of over 10 years is required, also the DPA. These are in line with European data retention directives. This is to monitor illegal hate crime, photos of child pornography and any evidence of crime on the chat server if 4Chan liked it or not, Uncensored maybe, unmonitored not.

      After being informed of its responsibilites 4Chan moved its cloud host to Southern Mexico. The original page and its threads are strill recoverable if 4Chans cloud host can be contacted. The only way to delete the thread from an incremental backup is to delete all incremental backups.

      The original post is therefore fully recoverable.

      The 4plebs ‘Archive’ contains just 2 hours of what would be several days of thread conversation. There are not IT technicians available to delete or close threads out of hours and since it is UNCENSORED chat there are no moderators either.

      We therefore have a cut and paste page which looks as though it is an archive because it is on 4plebs – however searches on 4Chan and on 4Plebs gave accounts of massive deletes of any mention of the 1395192158752.jpg, this can be searched for. You will also find comments if searched on 4plebs which belong to the thread but are not visible on the page you see, especially if you chase up the ids given.

      We cannot trust the Archive page because it itself is not genuine.

      Jim Stone got his article from 4Plebs not 4Chan.

      And to those who do not know picassa is a gallery tool download on iphone5 and not an unusual thing to see altering photographs exifs.

      Original exif can be got from here.
      Where the arguement for editing via picassa is correctly debunked.

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