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Recommended: The Soon-Coming Global Reset

Here is some good information, to help you know what to expect when the the switch is made to our new banking and governmental systems. -LW

Sep 24, 2014

I have written for many years that the “kings of the east” in Revelation 16:12 prophesy of China and Russia overthrowing Mystery Babylon today. John says it would take “seven bowls” of judgment-wine poured out over Babylon to complete the city’s overthrow. Revelation 16:12 describes the sixth bowl of wine directed at Babylon, and John’s description shows us that these “kings” are comparable to the Medes and Persians, who overthrew Babylon in 537 B.C.

The Medes and Persians dried up the Euphrates River in order to walk into Babylon on dry (shallow) ground. This was prophesied in Isaiah 44:27. King Belshazzar of Babylon was killed, Darius the Mede established himself as the new king. Shortly afterward, when Cyrus the Persian came to town, he issued a directive that allowed the people of Judah to return to their old land.

In other words, the coming of the “kings of the east” is not a bad thing, but is the way in which God is setting His people free. Unfortunately, most modern eschatological teaching sees these “kings” as enemies of God. They speak of a 200-million man army coming from China to invade the land of Israel, instead of seeing it as an army that overthrows Babylon and sets the people free.

I’m not a military man, but even I can see that if such an army began marching west from China heading toward Israel, it would take only one or two nukes to destroy them all. The advent of the nuclear age after World War II made large-scale invasions nearly impossible, because concentrated armies or fleets are so vulnerable today.

A simple look at history and the prophecies of Isaiah 44, 45 show the fallacy of the belief that the kings of the east are the bad guys. King Cyrus of Persia is called a “messiah” in Isaiah 45:1, the one that God anointed to overthrow Babylon. King Darius, his chief ally from Medea, was not mentioned directly by Isaiah, but he organized the new kingdom into 120 provinces and installed Daniel as the chief of three governors. This was a type of the Kingdom of God being organized, having an outpouring of the Spirit (120) and being ruled by the saints of the Most High (Daniel 7:22).

So Revelation 16:12 speaks of the seventh bowl of divine judgment being poured out upon Babylon, and “the kings of the east” are said to do this. It is a latter-day prophecy taken directly from the original pattern of Cyrus and Darius, who overthrew Babylon. The modern nations fulfilling these roles are China and Russia. These are the nations that God has anointed to bring down Mystery Babylon in our time.

They are not the bad guys. The bad guys are the ones who control the Western media, attempting to demonize Russia and China. It is a propaganda war to gain the support of as many people as possible and to justify their plans to destroy much of the world. The ten principles on the Georgia Guide Stones sets forth their agenda. The first principle is:

Maintain Humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

They conveniently neglect telling us how this will be accomplished. It is clear from their actions and statements that they plan to kill about 7 billion people in the name of saving the environment. They are already doing this by creating conflict and war, aborting the unborn children, and creating ill health by disease, toxic substances, and unhealthy food.

This is the Babylonian agenda. Since China has the most to lose insofar as population is concerned, they are not going along with this plan of destruction. And Russia has sided with them, as have all the BRICS nations. This rising coalition is the natural enemy of Mystery Babylon.

The Glaziev Directive

Sergei Glaziev (or Glazyev) is one of Russian President Putin’s advisors. On June 10, 2014 he issued a statement that was of historic importance. This was reported later in an article entitled The Lost Interview, by Jeff Yastine, who is the head of the Financial Intelligence Report. (I used to watch Jeff on Nightly Business Report.) The Lost Interview is where Jeff Yastine interviewed Jim Rickards, a former CIA analyst who wrote a book entitled The Death of Money. The full interview can be read here:

In this long interview, Jim Rickards tells us that after the Twin Towers demolition, the CIA noticed that the unnamed “terrorist” had placed bets that the airline stock prices would go down. Whoever did this made a lot of money when it happened. In other words, someone with a lot of money knew about the Twin Towers disaster before it happened, and they positioned themselves to make money on it.

Rickards does not even give a hint to tell us who had done this, although it seems to me that all such financial transactions are recorded somewhere, and the CIA should have no problem finding out who did this. If the Twin Towers had been destroyed by the media’s scapegoats, no doubt he would have told us, for he would have no reason to hide it. Keeping it a secret, however, reveals the truth with the sounds of silence.

No matter. The point is that the CIA and Pentagon began tracking financial anomalies as indicators of soon-coming “terrorist” events. Rickards said,

“The agency believed that terrorists were trading in airline stocks before the run up to the terrorist attack…

“We found clear evidence that someone knew the attacks were about to happen. Without getting too technical, the terrorists were using the options markets to make big bets that airline stocks would tank.”

The main purpose of the attack on 911, he says, was to kill people, but the more damaging effect was to collapse the economy. Are we to believe, then, that al-Quaeda terrorists not only planned the attacks but also bought millions of dollars worth of options on the stock market in order to profit from the collapse of airline stocks??

Collapsing America

By discovering the large purchase of options against the airline stocks, He says that the CIA came to understand the absolute vulnerability of Europe and America. They had

“irrefutable evidence that that shows this collapse is imminent and could happen at any time.”

“In fact, when the Pentagon got wind of the shocking discoveries he made while working on a top-secret project for the CIA, they quickly militarized his findings in preparation for the financial chaos to come.”

He explains how America has seen three economic collapses in the past century: 1914, 1939, and 1971. Those crises came before the banks and economies of the world were tied together. He uses the metaphor of ships at sea. If one goes down in a storm, the others may survive. But if they are all tied together, and one goes down, they all go down. In other words, the next great financial crisis in any sizable nation will take down the rest of the world with it.

The BRICS Alliance

Turning to a more recent group of nations that is taking steps to bring down the Western banking system, He shows how the BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) is positioning itself outside of the Western system and is setting up its own counterpart to the IMF in order to survive the coming collapse in finances and in trade. Rickards describes the plan as coming in TWO STEPS.

“Their first step was outlined on June 10, under the Glaziev Directive. A directive that spells out the first punch that will knock the U.S. economy to the mat. And while this first hit will shake the foundation of our financial system to the core, it’s the second punch that will deal a deathblow to American wealth and everything you hold dear.”

He continues later, saying,

“Pen was finally put to paper on June 10, when Vladimir Putin’s economic advisor, Sergey Glaziev, published a bold directive where he outlined the rationale behind an international alliance of countries [the BRICS] that were ready to get rid of the dollar for international trade and also to stop using it as their reserve currency.

“And taking it one step further, Elvira Nabiullina, the governor of the Russian central bank, recently stated that Russia is in discussions with China and their BRICS partners regarding the establishment of a new system for multilateral trade.

“It will allow the transfer of resources from one country to another, as needed, so each member can start directing their currency reserves away from the dollar and to the new system.”

In other words, the BRICS nations will trade among themselves using their own currencies, instead of using the US dollar to pay each other when goods are traded. This shift began after 911 and is a direct consequence of 911. He forgets to mention that the BRICS nations have every right to set up their own system, especially since the past system put an economic strangle hold on everyone else while refusing to exercise proper fiscal responsibility. In other words, the old system was broken and needed replacement.

The Consequences of 911

In the 1920’s and 1930’s they (and many nations) sent gold to the Federal Reserve Bank for safe-keeping, knowing that there was soon coming a war with Japan. These gold shipments were not gifts, but loans, and so they received interest-bearing receipts for them. These bonds for the gold-loans came due at various times, but perhaps the most important were the 60-year loans in 1938 that came due in 1998.

When the Fed bankers balked at paying back the loans, the Dragon families sued them in the World Court, winning their case. The Federal Reserve Bank was given a deadline to pay their debt by September 12, 2001. The day before the debt was to be paid, all the records were lost in the Twin Towers demolition. The records were held in the offices of the Cantor Fitzgerald law firm, which one of the planes hit directly, killing their entire staff and destroying all their records. The gold under the Tower was secretly stolen and shipped away to a more secure, secret location, probably in Paraguay.

There is little doubt that the same people who had purchased the “put options” against the airline stocks were the same ones who had refused to pay their debts to the Dragon family. The Dragon family then experienced a “reality check,” seeing clearly that these bankers had no respect for the law. They were ruthless and were willing to kill thousands of their own people (Americans) and even to start a world war rather than pay their debt or give up power.

A new approach was needed, one that was slower.

The BRICS Alliance

The foreign ministers began meeting in 2006, and a full-scale diplomatic meeting was held in Russia in 2008. It started out with just four nations (BRIC), but when South Africa joined them in 2010, it became the BRICS alliance. On July 15, 2014 they set up the BRICS Development Bank as an alternative to the IMF.

This came 70 years after the US Dollar had been crowned king at the Bretton Woods Convention in July 1944. The Glaziev Directive on June 10 stated the official policy for the BRICS nations. Rickards says this Directive reveals a two-step policy to success in establishing the alternate economic system. Its success, of course, will have a side effect of destroying the old system. Rickards of this,

“This is step one in a coordinated effort to unseat the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. But what’s even worse is step two. Through my market intelligence sources, we now see that the major governments, including the United States, the Eurozone, and China are allowing a covert redistribution of gold so the entire system can be reset—a preplanned, global reset of the value of money

“It’s conspiratorial in that the governments involved don’t want others to know what they’re doing. In truth, it’s just a pragmatic way to stabilize the monetary system globally, and prepare the major parties for a global reset of the value of money. A reset that will save the system, but unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, millions of people are going to have everything they own virtually wiped out overnight.”

Rickards seems to admit here that this new BRICS plan is designed to “save the system,” not that it will save the old Bretton Woods plan, but that it will set forth a new plan that will save the world from the collapse of fiat currencies and world trade in general.

We see, then, that the second step will be the actual Global Currency Reset, which I have written about for some years now. China’s accumulation of gold has been a very poorly kept secret. I am not sure why Rickards thinks it is a secret. His point is that those who are holding paper currency and paper contracts when this Reset hits are going to find that their money has lost most of its value. Only those who are holding tangible assets (such as gold or silver) will benefit by this Reset.

Those who have the most to lose are those with retirement funds or money in the bank or currency under the mattress. Such currency used to be “as good as gold,” until 1971 when President Nixon made it “as good as the faith and credit of the United States.” However, since that time, with the astronomical amounts of new money being created out of nothing, that “faith and credit” has been severely eroded, and many nations are now very nervous about holding US dollars.

All it will take is for one nation to scream “Fire!” for the whole world to start bolting toward the door to get out of US dollars. That will be the end of Babylonian world history. The power of Babylon is bound up in the value and quantity of its money.

Rickards’ Perspective

In reading this interview, it is clear that Jim Rickards is coming from the perspective that US hegemony (dominance) in the world is the preferred world order. In his view, what the BRICS alliance is doing is “bad.” He has been working against the BRICS alliance in the CIA, hoping to slow down the demise of the US dollar.

But in a broader view, every country ought to be as “sovereign” as they claim to be in public. Nations should not be forced (or bribed) into any policy that is detrimental to its own well-being. However, we have to live in “the real world,” where national sovereignty is a myth for most nations. Hegemony is the reality. Wars are really just turf wars fought by gangs of nations seeking more power and dominance. The people (and individual soldiers) are the greatest victims.

After World War II, much of the world lay devastated, while the US came out relatively unscathed. That is why the US dollar was crowned king in 1944. That is how US hegemony became entrenched. But the world has now rebuilt itself, and new nations are emerging with strong economies and militaries. US hegemony is being challenged. The BRICS alliance has banded together to challenge that hegemony and to form a new economic alliance without being tethered to its former master—the US dollar.

Those nations have every right to buy as much gold as they wish. And here is where it appears as if the US and China have a common goal. In order for the US to maintain the value of its dollar, it must manipulate the value of gold lower and lower, because all value is relative. A low gold price means a high value for the dollar.

At the same time, China is buying gold at those low, low bargain prices, because the new system that is coming will see money that is backed by real assets such as gold. In other words, the manipulation going on in the West by the price-fixing banks is playing into the hands of the BRICS nations, especially to China and India. The longer this goes on, the more gold they will accumulate, and the better off they will be when the Reset occurs.

Conversely, the US will be caught without any gold at all. Few people in the know believe that the US government really holds 8,000 tons of gold, as it claims to have. It cannot even find enough gold in its coffers to give back what they have been storing for Germany when that nation recently demanded its 300 tons of gold.

Again, in the 1990’s when China bought gold from the West, it discovered that the gold was really just gold-plated tungsten. They traced it to Fort Knox, where the gold was counterfeited. The story hit the internet news in 2009.

Jim Rickards does not speak from a biblical perspective. He is trying to save the old way of life in America for as long as possible. I can appreciate that, of course, but to me it is more important to find out what God is doing in the History of the Kingdom. Just because we have a high standard of living in our Babylonian captivity does not mean that it will last forever. At some point Babylon’s foundations will erode and collapse.

The Judahites in Babylon did not want to leave either. After 70 years, most of them were well entrenched in Babylonian life and business, and did not want to endure the trials of recolonizing their old land. That is why so few returned with Zerubbabel.

A similar situation exists today. Babylon has made America wealthy, largely due to the world trade tax that is imposed upon every nation that does international trade. Because the US dollar is used for making payments in world trade, the wire transfers have to be made in US dollars through the SWIFT system of money transfers. All such payments go through the Federal Reserve Bank, which takes a percentage of the transaction as a fee. This is, in effect, a tax on all world trade.

The BRICS nations are setting up a new system of payments through their own bank which bypasses the SWIFT system and the Federal Reserve. Payments are being done in each country’s own currency for the present, but soon will create its own world reserve currency made up of a basket of currencies. In other words, world trade going through the BRICS bank will be settled in about four specific currencies, rather than the single US dollar. Jim Rickards concedes that because of this the US dollar is doomed.

Jeff: And when you think about it, it’s almost as if there’s no way out of this….

Jim: You’re right. And it is just more fuel for the fire as global players look to distance themselves from using the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. And while America is loath to lose its position as the world’s reserve currency, our astronomical money printing to cover our debt makes it impossible to sustain. Basically, we’ve overstepped our monetary bounds for good, and there is no turning back…

I’ve had private conversations with former Federal Reserve board members, and other central bankers around the globe, on what’s going on behind the scenes—what’s not getting reported in the mainstream media—and frankly, everything I’m hearing is thatthis global reset is about to hit. In fact, we already know what it looks like, and when you can expect it to happen.

So when can we expect this global reset to happen? Rickards does not give a date, but he says essentially that it will happen when China feels it has accumulated enough gold to secure its yuan (currency) as part of the “basket of currencies” that will replace the US dollar. He says,

“And while countries publicly claim that they no longer tie their currency to the value of gold, what they are doing privately is a different story. And China is the biggest actor in covert gold acquisition…. And since it knows the ‘dollar’ system is coming to an end,it has to increase its gold holdings before it can trigger a global reset of the world’s [new] reserve currency.”

But since China’s official figures do not match their actual holdings, we are on our own in figuring out how much they really have, and how much they need to have before the reset. Jim says,

Jim: China’s last official announcement was over five years ago on April 25, 2009. At that time, it claimed to have 1,054 tonnes. That’s a 76% increase from the 600 tonnes it had in 2003. Right now, Shanghai Daily has reported that China has quietly amassed about 2,710 tonnes of gold.

Jeff: That’s an unofficial number.

Jim: Yes, that’s an unofficial number. But you and I both know that China controls its media. So it is letting it be known that it is accumulating more gold, but it is not letting the public know exactly how much. But from what I have gathered from trusted sources, the Chinese actually have amassed around 4,000 to 4,500 tonnes of gold already.

Jeff: Wow, that’s a massive difference.

Jim: It is. And when Chinese gold hits around $5,000 an ounce, all bets are off. It will be the second punch that will deal a deathblow to the dollar. And set off the wholesale destruction of American wealth.

The bottom line is that China is being allowed to acquire gold without spooking the markets and driving up the price. This way, it will be “on the train” when it leaves the station. The only problem is that when the train leaves the station and the global reset triggers a new reserve currency, nearly all American wealth will be wiped out, except for those who have prepared themselves in advance…

One last thing, Jeff. Our viewers should know that China could announce its holdings at any time. So they shouldn’t wait to get their financial house in order. The time to act is now. Before it’s too late….

Jeff: From what you’ve seen today, we are beyond the point of no return, as China prepares to announce its official gold holdings at any timeAnd when it does, there will be no time left to prepare yourself for the devastation ahead.

And to think our government is helping China do it. By suppressing the price of gold, under the guise of weakening its function as a reserve currency, China is able to covertly acquire as much gold as it will need to trigger the death of money as you know it.

So the bottom line here—as they see it—is that China is holding about 4,500 tons (tonnes) of gold right now. They suggest that their goal is to accumulate about 5,000 tons before announcing the global currency reset. When they make this announcement, investors will realize that the current price is totally unrealistic in view of all the secret purchases going on in the past few years.

This will make it impossible to rig the price of gold any longer, and it will shoot up almost immediately to at least $5,000 per ounce. At that price, it will be able to back the new basket of currencies that the BRICS nations are putting together to replace the US dollar as the world currency for the next century or longer.

Meanwhile, the US has no defense against what is coming, unless it is able to start World War III and destroy the BRICS nations (beginning with Russia). The price-riggers have no choice but to keep the price of gold and silver low, because that is the only way the dollar can retain its value. But rigging the market to keep the price of gold low allows China and India to buy gold cheaply with all the dollars they hold in their reserves.

When things change, those nations holding gold and silver will emerge as the strongest in the world. The others will suffer loss.

For us, it is important to see that China is playing the role of modern Cyrus, while Russia is playing the “front man” role of Darius. Hence, Russia taking all the heat, while China remains quiet while backing Russia to the hilt from behind the scenes.

As believers who understand Bible prophecy, we have no reason to fear either Russia or China. God has raised them up to overthrow Babylon and to set us free. Jim Rikards is sounding the alarm in order to sell more books, of course, but we can look at the facts without fear.

The fact is, the Dragon families of China are emerging as the real power brokers in China and the BRICS alliance. They were overthrown in 1910 when the last dynasty was overthrown and the Republic of China was established, and have been in hiding since 1949, when the Communists took power.

These Dragon families have made it known that they intend to minimize the chaos as much as possible on account of the global reset. The destruction and chaos could be greatly minimized if the Babylonian oligarchs of the West would simply capitulate and give up power. For example, if the US congress would agree to ratify the new IMF reforms—as the rest of the world has already done—this transfer of power could be more amicable.

But the Western oligarchs have chosen to foment war and to sponsor terrorism in order to cause chaos in hopes of extending their dominance for a little while longer. This is the primary reason the transition will cause pain to so many people. We can hardly expect anything else from these people, and for this reason we should prepare ourselves to the best of our ability.

As for the Dragon families, they intend to use their enormous wealth for the benefit of mankind to rebuild the world under Divine Order—as they understand it.

In my view, I suspect that they will need further divine counsel through a study of God’s law in order to perfect what they are setting up. Their main concern now is in the economic and financial realm. Once this is established, they will see the need to change the judicial systems of the world. They will need instructors to teach the laws set forth by Moses, the applications of law by the prophets, and Jesus’ New Covenant understanding of the law seen in the gospels.


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    • truthlovingsoul

      there is no financial rest coming…….they have said it will be coming any day now for over 25 years, people……keeps me hanging on…………good song, that

      • Syrin

        I hope you are living your life like nothing is coming. Truly. The fewer of you we have to deal with in the after math, the better off we’ll all be.

    • Bonzo

      Please learn a lesson from Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream:

      The mark of the beast enters right after WW3 ?

    • Syrin

      IS this guy F’ING INSANE ?!?!?! Just agree to the IMF ?!?!?!? The IMF is one of the MAIN agents of the NWO, one of our global overlords. The IMF is responsible for the looting and raiding of the Ukraine. ALL of the gold in the Ukraine was taken by force and given to the Nazi f’ers in the IMF, and this d’bag author says we must do the same. He can g F himself and his entire family for generations to come if that’s what his solution is.

    • ACIM

      Good article, however, what this country needs as a final blow to collapse the dollar system is a run on the bank and all too often I see reports to do just that. People are instructed to pull their money out but they fail to make the point that American monies held in currency, IRAs, stocks, 401Ks and retirement funds are simply 1s & 0s as part of the very system described to fail.

      911 apparently solved a lot of problems…the ENRON case was lost in building 7, all the gold was taken to maintain the petro dollar (apparently), military control was established over America with the NSA, TSA etc. and the list goes on…pick your news.

      If America confiscated all the gold, where is China and the rest of the world buying gold from? If China was sold fake gold and Germany wasn’t given theirs as a result of America hiding it in South America, then one must assume, America has all the gold and isn’t selling it off at a low price knowing full well it would crash America into the third world.

      Mining processes creates new gold and surprisingly enough, Canada controls a substantial amount of the American and South American mining operations. One Canadian copper mining operation in Nevada produces, as a byproduct, 10,000 troy ounces of gold a month, not to mention silver and molybdenum prior to sending the copper to China. Canada also owns and controls the best Potash supply on the globe and is selling most of the fertilizer base to China for food production. China mines the southern mountains of Mongolia and produces the majority of the planets precious metals however, Russia has build a railroad around China to transport the northern mining supplies to the Americas. You can’t have an iPhone without precious metals.

      Point being, before we all run to the bank in fear to pull out our dollars, perhaps a brief research of global mining operations and an understanding of production would fill in some blanks and provide a global picture of value transfer when it comes to “money” and metals. Take a look at various mining companies…like Rio Tinto who has an annual income bigger that some small nations, nearing 1 Trillion dollars. Consider where the tons and tons of gold China is amassing came from in the first place, who’s producing more now and why did America go off the gold standard in the first place if gold was and is going to be the planets value base.

      Throughout history, money was metal. Coins where, in and of themselves, a measure of metal value, gold and silver. Then paper became the value of trade as a representative of that measure of metal. For sometime now, metal is traded separately yet we always hear it is somehow still connected. So which is it? If we are off the gold standard, why does gold still affect the value of the dollar?

      Warning, you might not like what you find…but, better to consider the facts instead of obeying what you’re told.

      One last thought, have you seen all the ads and stores, We Buy Gold? They’re kind of a new thing and are collecting quite a bit of publicly held gold. Please tell me you’re not taking your Grandmothers jewelry down in trade for a new TV.


      The article’s author is a freaking idiot. First off, when God’s revenge on the world for killing his people begins, every mountain and every island is moved out of its place, being among the catastrophes that initially take place (Rev. 6:9-17). There will be NOTHING left of mankind’s petroleum industry, electrical grids of the world, transportation systems, etc. When God begins his revenge on the world that ends with the return of Christ to rule on earth, he then sends two Jewish prophets who warn the world of what’s to come, and then comes the Beast on earth in physical form (Rev. Ch. 11). The Beast is not of mankind, nor the False Prophet and both are cast alive into the lake of fire (Rev. 19:19-20). The Beast has been on earth in spiritual form, he carries mystery Babylon, which are the Pharisee-instituted church altars, the Roman Catholic church altars, the non-Catholic Christian church altars are the offspring of the Roman church, all church altars being founded solely on the gospel of anti-Christ Paul (Rev. 17:7, 17:5, 1 John 2:18).

      The world is in the time of Daniel 11:14, the robbers of God’s people (Christendom) have a vision and it is to establish another Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. Numerous papal crusades to take Jerusalem for the Roman Catholic church empire have failed, and the goal of the Roman Catholic Synod Pharisees is to regain their seat of Moses (Matthew 23:2). But they appear to be closing in on success; the Freemason Christianity versus Islam/Islam versus Christianity is to enable destruction of the Dome of the Rock so that another Temple can be built. Christ says there will be another Temple, it will be the Lord’s Temple (Matthew 24:15, Daniel 11:31) and the Jewish worshipers of the Lord shall worship in the coming Jerusalem Temple (Rev. 11:1). But the men of Satan Pharisees want a Temple too, which is why the empire of the Beast, which is also the empire of his men, the Pharisees (the Roman Catholic church empire) always sought to take Jerusalem for itself; and the reason they want another Temple is, they once sat in the highest position in the Temple (what is called the Seat of Moses), they consider themselves to to be of God by mere fact that they are the descendants of Abraham, through Issac and Jacob. But Christ said they are of Satan.

      Daniel Ch. 11 describes the events that take place at the time 1) the Jerusalem Temple is rebuilt in troubled times; 2) after a few years the Temple exists, the king of fierce countenance trashes the Temple, kills many of God’s Jewish people. And during that time, kings are lying to each other, gold and silver are taken as conquests of war and then shortly right after the death of the king of fierce countenace, then begins what is described in Daniel 12:1, and continuing in the 12th chapter of Daniel, the COMMENCMENT OF GOD’S REVENGE UNTO VICTORY (Matthew 12:20 – smoking flax [evil people] he shall not quench and a bruised reed [evil people] he shall not crush until he sends forth judgment unto victory

      Daniel 12:10 … the wicked shall do wickedly and none of them shall understand [among those who do not understand that are wicked are the believers on Paul's gospel]

      Revelation 22:11 Let him that is filthy be filthy still and let him that is unjust be unjust still ….

      Matthew 13:30 Let both grow until harvest [both meaning evil and good people]

      THE FINISHING OF ALL THINGS OF MANKIND, THE END OF THE REIGN OF EVIL MEN ON EARTH (Daniel 12:7) and it takes place when the king of fierce countenance has accomplished the desolation of God’s Temple and the killing of God’s Jewish people (Daniel 12:7). Once God begins his revenge unto victory, it is only 42 months that the Beast gets to reign on earth. God puts it in the hearts of the kings to give their power to the Beast. The Beast is the counterfeit to the Son of God, the anti-Christ spirit is the counterfeit to the Holy Spirit (1 John 4:2) and Satan is the countefeit to the Father. As the Father shall give the earth and all therein to his Son to reign over, Satan gives his Beast all power and authority on earth.

      All these things shall be finished upon the completion of what the king of fierce countenance is foretold to do. Daniel Ch. 9, God permits the Gentiles to make their final transgression, and with that final transgression (king of fierce countenance carries out the final transgression), God makes an end of sin:

      Daniel 9:24 … to finish the transgression and to make an end of sins … and to bring in everlasting righteousness

      The final transgression, committed through leadership of the king of fierce countenace. An end of sins:

      Matthew 13:41 Christ shall send forth his angels who shall remove all evil people and all offensive things from the earth

      THE MAKING OF AN END OF SIN, through removal of all evil people on earth. Only the good people remain: Matthew 5:5 The meek shall inherit the earth

      That means anti-Christ Paul IS A LIAR and 1 & 2 Peter are NOT PETER but are Pharisee forgeries telling the lie that the good people meet the Lord in the air and then earth and everything in it are burned up. THAT IS A LIE. There are 21 lying writings of Pharisees in the NT section of all four bibles (Catholic bible, Orthodox bible, Ethiopian bible and Protestant bible), and 6 writings of Jews of the Lord in the NT section (Matthew and John). Too bad the evil Christians balk at giving up 21 writings for the sake of having the Lord Christ, they prefer to cling to the anti-Christ instead. They are lost if to be relegated to only Matthew & John. So too the angels who sided with Satan are lost without him, and Satan is united in his kingdom (but those of mankind who end up in the lake of fire are obviously not all united, as the Paul believers call others evil, but they too end up in the lake of fire: BUt Lord LOrd we did so many wonderful works in your name – I NEVER KNEW YOU. DEPART FROM ME … Matthew 7:22-23).

    • teezoe77

      The REAL terrorist are located in the Whitehouse, and in the American Government. They are the ones poisoning us, taking our freedoms away, and they openly admit to wanting to kill 90% of us. ISIS was created by the Zionist same with AL CIA DA. :idea:


      Anti-Christ and many anti-Christs, when have Christians said those terms together? They all say ‘anti-Christ’ alone. They are evil converts to Paul’s gospel who do not hear John because they are not of God. 1 John 2:18 You have heard that the anti-Christ shall come AND NOW THERE ARE MANY ANTI-CHRISTS. The false christ followers who truly believe they are of Christ but it is Paul they believe in, not Christ. If they believed in Christ, they would loathe Paul’s doctrine because Paul denies Christ’s words; and do deny the Word is to deny the Light:

      CHRIST – Salvation is of the Jews (John 4:22) … ANTI-CHRIST PAUL – Jews are the enemy of salvation (Romans 11:28); CHRIST – I am in the midst of two or more who are gathered in my name (Matthew 18:20) … ANTI-CHRIST PAUL – Christ is not with you while you are in the body (instead the anti-Christ Pharisee Paul has men as church rulers who shall guide you, just make sure you have money to pay them, Romans 15:27 – I taught the Gentiles it is their duty to give us money, Acts Ch. 4 – the false apostles didn’t want the tangible assets (land houses) from their converted Gentile prey, they wanted and got the cash. You go sell everything you own and bring us the sales proceeds and lay that money at our feet, said the false apostle Pharisees, and they fraudulently place Peter there with them. Yeah the evil Christians actually believe Peter was a cash king telling the new believers to sell everything and give Peter and his fellows the sales proceeds. Yeah the evil Christians believe that is Peter casually seeing a man die for the sake of supposedly lying about how much money he got from selling his propety. And the evil Christians believe that is Peter lying in wait for the wife to show up to see if he can trip her up too, and when she does trip up, Peter coldly says to her that the men who carried out her husband are waiting outside to carry out her. And then she drops dead. Yeah bury those Gentile dogs. Evil evil evil Christians believing that God would put to death people for lying to him and secondly, evil for believing that is Peter.

      The true apostles of Christ were busy carrying out their Lord’s command to take his gospel TO JEW AND GENTILE (Matthew 28:19, 10:18, Rev. 14:6-7). The FALSE APOSTLES, including anti-Christ Pharisee Paul, were busy stealing the wealth of their converts, demanding they sell everything and lay the sales proceeds at their feet: Acts 4:37 having land, sold it and bought the money and LAID IT AT THE APOSTLES’ FEET

      NO apostle of Christ was there, NONE! These were: Genesis 49:1, 49:27 … IN THE LAST DAYS [as of Christ's coming to earth the first time that is the commencement of the last days] … Benjamin is as a wolf who devours his prey by day and divides the spoils at night. Philippians 3:5 I [PAUL] AM A PHARISEE FROM THE TRIBE OF BENJAMIN By day the prey is devoured – the gospel of Paul seems good to the Gentile prey, but the true purpose is hidden the night is when the spoils are divided. Even to this day, the average church pew sitter has no idea what that money he/she puts in a church collection plate goes to. It goes to make people rich that run the dioceses and the people that are in the business world that make money, including manufacturers of church furnishings, including those so-called holy altars, and those who supply the churches with wafers and so forth, but that the crumbs for those businesses, the big money made is the financial advisors, those who run the money mutual funds that church dioceses invest in – the financial world they are the ones that turn the money into the most money the financial world can do for the dioceses. It is all a scam but wow those Gentile Christians will be offended offended so offended when the Temple exists and the Jews of the Lord tell them no church altar is of God, that is the mass of pew sitters will be whipped up by those who profit from the pew sitters to fight against any Jew who dares say that no church altar is of God. That time is coming, and will be when the Jerusalem Temple exists again and the Jewish worshipers will be believing on Christ because Christ says it is when the Jewish people in sufficient number say blessed is the man that comes in the name of the Lord is when they get their Temple restored to them, the coming Jerusalem Temple. So while the Temple will be the Lord’s Temple, the robbers of God’s people think the Temple to come will accomplish an evil plan they have the NWO Vatican/D.C./London the world at church altars, as pope Bergoglio says, it’s all in news media, been doing this since Ratzinger and before, YO CHINA LET ME IN, I WANT TO BE A POPE FOR THE CHINESE and take their money. The pope Bergoglio says I welcome any contact from the Chinese. That is the robbers of God’s people, they got the Jerusalem Temple disguised as an Egyptian pyramid on the back of the USD, but it is occult beyond Paul’s gospel. The Roman Catholic Synod Pharisees know their gospel of Paul is a lie, but see they believe God has given them total control over Gentiles via church altars and they want their seat of Moses again (Jerusalem Temple) and they want China to open its doors to the Gentiles there becoming as those in Europe & America & UK, kneelers of a significant portion before church altars. There is real evil power in church altars, they bring evil spirits in society. Some reading make think this is far out, but not really is it? Daniel speaks of understanding dark sentences, something the king of fierce countenance will understand (Daniel 8:23 the dark sentences in anti-Christ Paul’s gospel), and Christ said he commends his Jewish people who did not bother to learn what are the depths of Satan as some people taught (dark sentences) (Rev. 2:24). The dark sentences already exist, the king of fierce countenance reads them and understands them, but of course he is not the only one who knows of the dark sentences and understands them and those who wrote the dark sentences are among those others ones who know. Practiced by world rulers, however many of them I do not know. They understand dark sentences. The world rulers of Christendom understand the dark sentences in anti-Christ Paul’s gospel.


        Matthew 23:38-39 Behold your house [the Temple] is left desolate unto you. For I say to you, you shall not see me hence forth until you say, Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord

        The Temple is the sign for the Jews that God is with them. It is in the context of speaking of the Temple, the House of Prayer, as the Lord Christ called it (Matthew 21:13), that Christ says you see me no more now, the house is left desolate. But you will see me again when you say, blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord – and the seeing is again: Matthew 24:15, Daniel 11:31, Rev. 11:1-2 Measure the Temple and them that worship therein, but do not measure without for it is left to the Gentiles who shall trample the Holy City under foot for forty two months. The Lord says it is not for anger of the Lord against the Jews that the coming Temple is polluted, but to allow Gentiles their final transgression in order to make an end of sins and bring in everlasting righteousness. Between the final transgression and the making of an end of sin is God’s revenge on the world and the coming two Jewish prophets, then the 42 month reign of the Beast on earth, then the coming of Christ with his angels, the making of an end of sin when the angels take off the earth all the evil people.

    • King Of Jambalamba

      no one will come and save you,thats just a fairy tale!

    • CosmicKiwiPerth

      A very compelling article indeed. And what is said will come to pass. Only way it will work is if there is freedom for all. No us (the people) versus the rulers kind of carry on. Plus the Middle Eastern nations need to change their madness but probably will never do as their religion is Government & vice versa. Man needs a new saviour who learns to commune with the Almighty, dispenses miracles & teaches countless others that deep within their own mind via deep prayer & meditation lies a power that can be tapped into, which over time will make of you everything you ever deamed or imagined you could become.

    • Clarifyor

      At Syrin…

      I agree, the Imf is not the agency to ask for ar that will give help to the common people. Stay away from loans.

    • Clarifyor

      At Pharisees dot Org…

      At Pharisees dot Org…
      Wow, what a mess you’re in. You throw out most of the New Testament, the Pauline epistles and 1 & 2 Peter and most of the book of Acts, and then you claim to understand the bible: and attempt to proffer your interpretation to us but your position is untenable. According to Rev 22:19 KJV, “and if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophesy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life…” And please don’t tell me that this verse only applies to the book of Revelation: it applies to the whole bible.
      Your first error is to think that God is going to revenge the world because it killed his people. Wrong! Ps 116:14, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints”. God is going to revenge the world because it didn’t believe on and in Him, the God-Man, Jesus.
      The whole thrust of the Pauline epistles is that God changed His dealings with mankind. And please don’t give me that “God is the same yesterday, today and forever” stuff; because he changed from animal sacrifices to the fully sufficient sacrifice of His Son, Jesus as payment for sins. Also there were certain creatures you were not to eat as stated in the Old Testament, but God changed that in telling Peter that “What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common” Acts 10:15 KJV.
      It used to be that the only way a gentile could be saved is for that gentile to either become a Jew or go through a Jew. The gentile could not go directly to God for his salvation: but now he can. This is the dispensation of grace for the gentile. The gentile now has “…access by faith into this grace wherein we stand…” Rom 5:2 KJV.
      I suppose before we go any further, perhaps you should know what you must do to be saved. The salvation message is found in 1 Cor 15:1-4,
      “Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; by which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how the Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; and the he was buried, and the he rose again the third day according to the scriptures.”
      Perhaps if you believed in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, you would have a more clear understanding of the bible.
      You make a big to-do about Paul and Peter making money off the believers. Paul was a tent maker by trade: he worked for his money. That issue you mentioned about “…Peter casually seeing a man die for the sake of supposedly lying about how much money he got from selling his property.” is off base also. You read this part of Acts but apparently you stop reading before the important part comes up. The whole issue was not the money but that Anani’as and his wife lied to the Holy Spirit. You don’t mess with the Holy Spirit. God the father and God the Son will forgive you, but be really careful about how you deal with the Holy Spirit.
      You also make a big taboo out of Paul being a Pharisee and then you identify yourself as “Pharisees (dot) org”. Isn’t this a little hypocritical?
      Your whole take on the bible is a work in progress that needs more “Study to show thyself approved unto God…” II Tim 2:15 KJV, before you proffer your interpretation to others…

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