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Bank Accounts To Be Seized September, 2015? From Erasmus Of America - Feb. 13, 2015 - 5:16 Pm

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      Today I received a confidential phone call on behalf of a source not wanting to go public. A prime source of his reported that for September, 2015, there is an apparent plan to seize the money out of larger bank accounts in America and transfer this money to Wash., D.C. I do not laugh at such a statement as I know personally the source who supplied the one calling me with this information. 

     Also, I am reminded that when President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared his “Banker’s Holiday” in America, my mother told me what happened to her then. She had been a child actress and accumulated a respectable sum of money. She had $300,000 in a New York City bank during the Depression which started in 1928 and suddenly President Roosevelt in 1933 closed the banks down for a few days of a declared “banking holiday.” When the banks reopened, she found $5,000 was all that remained in her bank account and $295,000 had suddenly disappeared. The $5,000 was the amount required I understand for the federally insured amount of her bank account at that time. 

     I studied economics with six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe including a German economist endorsed by Albert Einstein when alive. No banks in America were prosecuted for stealing of the money of the American people deposited with them. The reason why no prosecution was that the banks did not steal the missing money which disappeared from bank accounts all over America. Rather Wash., D.C. stole the money and the trusting American people never caught on to what had just happened to them as they could not believe that Wash., D.C. would ever steal their main money in life from them. The main money was turned over to international central bankers such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.

    These same central bankers had Sir Winston Churchill as their guest and showed him the stock market crash of “Black Tuesday” 1929 as it happened to show him what they could do to Britain if he ever got in their way. They had engineered the American stock crash by banking tricks the public does not understand in economics. Then they withdrew enough money from circulation to put America into a mass Depression of the “thirties” and got American national assets even as cheap as maybe 15 cents on the dollar of value as a huge amount of American national wealth was transferred to them at that time. They made the stock market the “scapegoat” for the American Depression as it was the main competitor to the central bankers how the American economy was financed. Better to get interest off of the money of the nation through bank created debt than let the people get profit off of stocks and get encouraged to finance American industry that way in competition to the big central Wall Street banks with big commercial bank loans, etc. So the stock market was given a straight jacket called the “SEC” so it could never again threaten the banking interests by generating too much prosperity in America by stocks financing building prosperity in America rather than banks financing building debt in America. The main reason for the SEC is to keep serious stock selling so tied down with regulations that the really dynamic stocks that would fast finance the economic growth of America can never make it to be sold as stock in America. This eliminates the main stock market as a serious competitor to central banking for financing the main growth of the American economy. The central bankers are full of economic tricks that the naive American public do not understand at all. They keep national and world control through keeping you ignorant of how national and international economics really works!

     Even the central bankers know that they have loaded the world economy with so much debt and insufficient money with value to keep the global economy alive and healthy is why they will allow the “RV” of foreign currencies to go through shortly. The alternative is world economic collapse and potential end of the human race on earth then.  No profit in central banking if no one left alive on earth! But using Obama as their front in apparently September, they plan to clean out the main profits realized by people who understood how to set themselves up to profit from such an RV once it occurred. I was told today that September, 2015 is their tentative date to pull a banker holiday on the American people using tax angles, engineered national crisis, etc. so the suckered people let themselves be conned out of their heavy money they have in any bank account in America. Being too naive and trusting of Obama and Congress, they won’t stop Obama in Wash., D.C. from wiping them out of their wealth they created for themselves by using the RV situation correctly to open the financial doors of America  to give themselves a secure financial future in America after that. The central bankers make themselves even trillionaires by keeping you economically (financially) sick meaning poor. Like doctors who are dishonest, they make their heavy money by keeping you sick, not making you well in health (financially in this case in life!). 

     And the FATCA “law” pushed hard by Obama is to force you to keep your money in banks in America so they can seize all of your heavy money when the fake crisis, etc. is pulled by Obama in apparently September, 2015. It does not matter to corrupt Washington politicians (crooks in politics) that FATCA is the old Nazi policy given a new name which forbid Germans to bank outside of Nazi Germany before World War II. The Nuremberg War Trials starting in 1945 under push of President Harry Truman labelled this type policy of any government on earth to be “Crimes Against Humanity” and an automatic hanging offense under international genocide law and Hermann Goering was to be hung for this but committed suicide first! So when are they (UN) going to hang Obama and I.R.S. officials for pushing FATCA when it is already mass getting Americans blocked from being able to deposit their money abroad? Our own Proxmire Act which is the American statute version of the Genocide Treaty that President Ronald Reagan signed gives authority to Congress, federal agencies, grand juries, etc. to criminally charge Obama and co-associates to FATCA with “crimes against humanity” under Nuremberg War Trial definition and all convicted are supposed to be hung under international law or else sent to prison for life under American law called the “Proxmire Act!” I happen to know the law as it applies to national and world economics!

     Folks, I know probably all the power tricks of the evil cabal (central bankers and evil allies who hate you the American people and America as a nation) and the one smart move you have to gain the upper hand over your enemies who proudly boast they are the secret government and they run America, not you, as they laugh how easy you are to be tricked by them so they run Wash., D.C. and not you! One of the Rothschilds once met with me, invited me to join the Secret Government of America run by him and allies who apparently are mainly central bankers themselves, and told me that the American people are too stupid, too irresponsible, and too morally unfit to run America, so they secretly do through Wash., D.C. as their front. This Rothschild thought I was very smart is why he wanted me on their side. I did not join them, so had so many federal murder attempts on my life as indicated that God must be on my side, not theirs, as I am still alive and very healthy. They did not shut me up and I know how they operate to keep all Americans in potential poverty and in potential danger all their lives as ways to control the American people through Wash., D.C. which is their government, not yours, according to the claims of this Rothschild when I met him close to Wash., D.C. in Camp Springs, Maryland. A retired Colonel from the U.S. Air Force and living close to Andrews Air Force Base knew me and was asked by this Rothschild to meet with me. This Rothschild heard that I was after the Andrews Process listed in Naval Intelligence records and it turned coal powder and water into a cheap substitute gasoline apparently 103.5 octane rating according to Naval tests with it. The U.S. Justice Dept. told this Rothschild that I was a super star in military intelligence, so this Rothschild wanted me to get the John Andrews Process for him which would have made him the most powerful leader in the world economy with that. If I knew the total answer to the process, I never let him know. However, I had military intelligence personnel who were buddies of mine to help me track this down. What we found out remains secret to this day! I had a Canadian who had served with British Intelligence, a former operative of U.S. Naval Intelligence, a research chemist who knew what we needed to find for the John Andrews Process, etc. This report is now being apparently attacked by Obama boys federal hacking operatives, so will have to make the remainder of this report short!They don’t want you the American people to know how Wash., D.C. really operatives today as a highly criminalized government. There are some who try to be honest in Congress, etc., but many do not and the news media backs the dishonest, not the honest in government!

       My proposed Omni Law shown on my website once passed into law gives the American people the legal right to vote in national referendums on national issues where they want to create a national policy or law or else cancel a national policy or law binding on Wash., D.C. once the people vote by national referendum their legal decision over this issue. This gives the American people control over the federal government as their servant instead of their intended master which most leaders in Congress, etc. apparently want. You have mainly misrepresentatives in Congress who do not want to seriously represent you but instead for various forms of bribes that you will never see nor know about  serve the “Secret Government” of America instead of you the American people! Years ago in a secret meeting, Senator Eugene McCarthy told a friend of mine who told me how most members of Congress both parties do not want to seriously represent the will of the American people, so use cons to trick the American people so they do not realize that the main government of America normally is not interested in representing nor carrying out the will of the American people on important issues. Wash., D.C. is run by con, not honest government! How I step on toes in Wash., D.C. with the truth and facts that they do not want you to ever hear!

     Various sources have reported over time that cars driven in America made in 2005 and after have a secret federal control in them so they can kill Americans when they want to by forcing the car to have accidents, etc. when none should have occurred.
And they can shut the car down while you are driving, etc.! The “they” referred to means the feds from Wash., D.C. or at least the corrupt and treasonable ones in Wash., D.C. not loyal to you or America as a nation!

     The other side is on high acceleration to try and knock out the American people once and for all! When I build my proposed Camelot Project which will be the greatest research and development center I would think in world history, all nations will look to the technology that we pioneer and develop. And  you order from us or financially support our Omni Law Loan Program, you will be on a list to be eligible to live in or else close to our
Camelot which may mean survival and a good life for your family if dangerous to live elsewhere. Also, we will use a trick of construction of Walt Disney to build this Camelot fast within months like Walt Disney would use if alive today! Also, by that time I may well order over 100,000 tree seeds I advertise as “Tree of Life” seeds on my website. The seeds are apparently the highest nutritional seeds in the world and loaded with natural nutrients that we all need for good health and long life on earth! Traitors in C.I.A. or elsewhere in Wash., D.C. try to engineer a sudden famine in America, it would be smart to have a small stockpile of these “Tree Of Life” seeds on hand. The trees grow very fast and by the second year you have got a great food tree off of these seeds. They finally grow up to maybe around 18 feet tall but grow like lightning in comparison to other seeds. They can grow in tough conditions like drought that ordinary plants cannot survive in. With our orders sent out of these seeds, we tell how to grow them in warm climates which they are used to or even in cold climates (tell the trick how to do this in one of our reports which comes with the tree seeds you order from us.) If famine hits America and likely by federal engineering if it happens, these trees with their super seeds and super leaves may well keep your family alive when there is no grocery food to buy in your area. In ancient times, they thought that the leaves from these trees could protect you from catching 300 diseases other people were reported got in their time and location. People in foreign lands raising these trees reported that when they ate the seeds from these trees, other people got malaria in their area and they were not infected by mosquitoes biting them. Can’t list here the large list of claimed health benefits that people reported by eating the seeds or eating the leaves or using them as health tea to drink. Also, these seeds when ground up were used to clean very dirty water, make it clean, transparent to see through,and they reported now safe to drink. When a famine occurs, this might be a lifesaver when water is scarce or non-existent that you dare drink in your area otherwise!
      Also, for reasons that I will not state here, it might not be possible to get these “Tree Of Life” seeds later on if “they” try to crash our economy in September or whatever. Only “Tree Of Life” seeds available and raised in America might be the only version of these tree seeds that people can then get. We committed to the policy that we would get the very best version of these “Tree Of Life” seeds available anywhere in the world which are not GMO, chemically sprayed, etc. Go here now to order these seeds so you can plant some for the Spring.  You’ll find them towards the top of the page.  Sale of these “Tree Of Life” seeds off of our website helps to finance our Omni Law drive to pass the Omni Law and it needs to be passed this year of 2015! Once the Omni Law is passed, then the ten legal trustees created under the Omni Law can arrest and put on trial any federal sources trying to steal your money from your bank accounts as Congress is worthless and too spineless to protect your money in bank accounts at that time! They are too often bought off or else too cowardly to stand up correctly for the best interests of the American people. Once the Omni Law is passed, any conspiracies of high treason in Wash., D.C. will quickly stop and go quiet as these ten legal trustees under the Omni Law will possess all power to prosecute the daylights out of traitors in Wash., D.C. if these legal trustees find traitors in Wash., D.C. Of course the guilty would go to trial with legal evidence and witnesses and not on whim on non-provable grounds of criminal activity, etc. As Senator Eugene McCarthy said years ago intelligence reports on me evaluated that I would be the toughest leader in America if I headed the national government. He told this to Dale Draper, a retired Pentagon official, who repeated to me what Senator Eugene McCarthy had said. He sort of surprised me by that comment, but others think anyone in Wash., D.C. or elsewhere would be dumb to pick a serious fight with me as something about me makes them think I am a new Gen. Patton in personality and tough as nails. 
     My website is Our Omni Law is shown on that website and full name is The Omnibus Civil Rights Act For America. Any member of Congress who does not want Congress or the government to seriously represent the will of the American people in government laws and policies is a con artist and should be yanked from office once possible! Our email is  Our seed offers are listed in the section marked Products and go down the list for what you want. Also, our Omni Law Loan Program is listed there to back us and then be eligible for giant business offers from Camelot once built maybe not offered to other Americans nor people abroad. We reward patriots for backing America when it needed backing, not those who do not like America nor wish to support it correctly when the national danger is so great.  Our mailing address for orders or financial backing sent in by mail instead of through the website is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for. We had a hacking attack last week from obvious Obama boys federal hackers. It didn’t stop us from sending out orders for everyone, but as a surprise for them, we think we know how to investigate them later on and when they face grand juries indicting them for high treason, etc., life will no longer be funny to them! It is not smart to prove that you are a criminal working within the federal government. We locate you, as they said in Stalag 17 with Hogan’s Heroes German Sergeant Schultz, Schultz would comment when trouble was about to blow up that “Heads Will Roll!” 

     Pass this report around and back us. The bad boys in Wash., D.C. apparently want to clean out your bank accounts in America around September, 2015 it has been reported to me from more than one source. If we pass the Omni Law first, they won’t dare try this. Once facing me and those with me, their faces will turn white as sheets and never again will anyone in the government ever engage in high treason conspiracies against the American people ever again! When you want your legal rights respected in Wash., D.C., pass the Omni Law and by mass support in 2015. This would be by passing this report all over America, your finances helping to speed up our national campaign, and contacting elected officials and asking them to answer you whether they support the Omni Law to be passed or not. Once the Omni Law is passed, those in Wash., D.C. will know that the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights are once more the national law of America and woe unto those who think that they can trash the legal rights of the American people after that!

      Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for that American patriot the other side does not like because you can’t scare him nor stop him from ultimately winning in America! And they know this already as their tactics based upon fear already admit!)

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      My daddy was James Bond. I’m little Jimmy Bond. I like my milkshake shaken and not stirred. I smoke those candy cigarettes, remember them?

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      Your Omni Law – where everybody votes on everything – would be the death of our Constitutional Republic, and the establishment of a democracy, aka mob rule. I suggest you take one of the on-line Constitution classes from Hillsdale College:

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      On one hand I wonder if your crystal ball is really just glass.
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