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DHS Admits: We Stage Domestic Terrorism (VIDEOS)

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Maryland Mall Shooting


By: “Barry Soetoro, Esq” 

Great news:  I’m not crazy. 

DHS just admitted it:  They stage FAKE SHOOTINGS inside US shopping malls. 

Read that again – let it sink in. 

Jeh Johnson (DHS Secretary) just announced that FBI is staging FAKE Domestic Terrorism. 

Inside your shopping malls. For at least 2 years.  Got that?

The US Government is taking your money, and using it to terrorize your children. And Jeh Johnson (DHS Secretary) admitted it on 2/23/2015.

I explored fake mall shootings a couple weeks before that – and got slammed.  But two weeks later, here we are.  Conspiracy theories just became reality.

FBI claims it “Began staging the [FAKE SHOOTING] ‘drills’ after the 2013 attack on Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya.”  So that shooting in Kenya somehow authorized FBI to terrorize Americans? That logic is twisted enough – but get this:

That Kenya mall “shooting” appears fake too.  Oddly, Kenya’s Westgate Shopping Mall is owned by Westfield Group, which allegedly has connections to the World Trade Center.  Bizarrely, Westfield Group malls/hotels keep getting “bombed” and shot up. 

Is FBI using this fake Kenya “mall shooting” as an excuse to wage domestic terrorism against US Citizens? Are we to believe FBI stages domestic terrorism in shopping malls (as Jeh Johnson announced), yet balks at using abandoned schools? 

Two years of “shopping mall shootings” were “REAL” until this week – when Jeh Johnson was forced to admit they were “FAKE.” Other shootings/bombings will be “REAL” until the government is forced to admit they’re “FAKE” too.  Let’s review some of those: 

WTC Attacks 

Tania Head was considered a “real” survivor of the WTC attacks, until she was exposed as a fraud in the NETFLIX documentary, ”The Woman Who Wasn’t There.”

Turns out, Tania’s real name is Alicia Esteve – and she was home in Barcelona, Spain, as the WTC collapsed. Tania wasn’t “thrown to safety under a parked car by a nameless Fireman as the WTC collapsed.” Nor did her “husband die in the North tower” – because she never had a husband. She made up the whole story. 

Here is Tania Head, escorted around lower Manhattan by Giuliani, Pataki, and the irrepressible Michael Bloomberg (who recently announced that blacks shouldn’t own guns).

If Tania Head can fool THREE security teams of the most powerful politicians in New York – with a fake name and a wink – is it any wonder fake shooting victims fool us? 

Boston Hoaxathon 

The Boston Marathon “bombing” was a Martial Law dry-run disguised as an FBI sting operation.

That’s why you noticed so many Arabs carrying backpacks. They were lured to the Marathon thinking they carried real bombs.

Meanwhile, the Regime’s larger goal in this Capstone Event was (i) Terrorizing the American public, (ii) Locking down Boston for 3 days, and (iii) Conditioning Americans to accept door-to-door home searches by soldiers in military vehicles.

The military on neighborhood streets – pulling Americans from their homes?  That’s not supposed to happen. But it did, because the Regime manufactured a Crisis – then didn’t let it go to waste.

See the female with yellow balloons? She’s arriving with a cluster of bright balloons at 2:37PM – the very end of the Marathon day, when the event is all but over.  Conveniently, she keeps a couple yards ahead of the Tsarnaev brothers.  Her bright balloons mark the position of the Tsarnaev brothers (FBI crisis actors) for spotters – as the brothers proceed along their planned route toward the Marathon. 

In the footage released by FBI to “ask the public’s help in identifying these two suspects in baseball caps,” you’ll notice FBI blurred out their own FBI agent. He’s lurking in the doorway, for no apparent reason. Watch as the FBI agent reports the Tsarnaev brothers’ position into his earphone.  FBI knows exactly who the Tsarnaev brothers are – because the Tsarnaev brothers are FBI’s star actors in this Capstone Event drill. 

Sandy Hoax 

Jeh Johnson calls his (newly announced) Domestic Terrorism, “drills.”  Let’s apply that term to the Sandy Hook (Newtown CT) shooting, and see what we find.

Do drills involve fake parents lobbying Congress on behalf of their nonexistent “dead kids?” 

Do drills involve CT cramming thru bizarre “public record lockdown” laws at 2AM – to conceal all Death Certificates and Homicides across CT?


Do drills involve Air Force One flying fake “parents whose kids died” around the Gun Grab circuit – peddling bogus sob stories?

Do drills involve coaching children to go on TV tricking Americans?
Do drills involve funerals for kids of foreign diplomats where Anderson Cooper’s nose vanishes on green screen?

Watch as TVNews interviews Sandy Hook “student” Alexis Wasik, the day of the Newtown “shooting.”  Do her interviews look like a “drill,” or do they look coerced?

Do drills involve planting evidence to frame people? Look what Police “found” inside Nancy Lanza’s home after “Adam” killed her and 26 others:

Yes, that’s a gun range target stamped “FBI USE,” behind Adam Lanza’s basement sofa.  And what else did police find at Nancy Lanza’s house?

That’s right, folks. Police conveniently found the NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting, along with an “NRA Certificate” for Nancy Lanza. But as NRA promptly announced, “There is no record of a member relationship between Newtown killer Adam Lanza, nor between Nancy Lanza, A. Lanza or N. Lanza with the National Rifle Association.”

Little did NRA know, there’s also no record of anybody getting murdered in Newtown CT during 2012 – according to the FBI Crime Report.  There’s also no record of the Sandy Hoax vicSIMS ever being born – according to the Social Security Index. There’s also no Death Certificates for Sandy Hoax victims – or for ANYONE dying in CT – since Gov Malloy permanently locked down public records to conceal the scheme. 

Someone created that “Nancy Lanza” NRA certificate. Someone planted it, along with the NRA book, inside a house on Yogananda Street in Newtown CT – then claimed the home belonged to “the shooter’s mother.” Thus, it seems the government is planting fake evidence to frame NRA along with “Republican gun-nut Prepper” parents.  All this, while DHS Crisis Actors demonize Home Schooling and demand “mental evaluations” of your kids – to diagnose/medicate them EARLY. That way, your child can never become a gun owner.

The official Sandy Hook report claims Adam Lanza “shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary with his Bushmaster AR15 rifle.” Look at the school foyer window, which Adam Lanza “blew out” to gain access:

Evidence photos show damage NOT consistent with an AR15 rifle.  Rather, we see SHOTGUN damage – consistent with 12-gauge Police “breaching” ammunition. Police/FBI use this special ammunition to destroy door locks – without killing people beyond the door. See the telltale metal powder on the school foyer’s magazine rack?
Surely, NRA doesn’t believe this shotgun breaching damage was caused by Adam Lanza’s Bushmaster AR15:

 But to explain this damage, a shotgun “magically appeared” in Adam’s Lanza’s car trunk – 9 hours later – AFTER DARK. 

NOTE: NRA has 5 million Members. Some of you are reading this. Can you please show these clips/photos to Wayne LaPierre and NRA Leaders?  I don’t understand how I can gather this evidence, while NRA seems unable to. Perhaps NRA is afraid of questioning the official Sandy Hoax narrative – and getting demonized. In that case, maybe NRA can ask FBI to explain why FBI reports “zero” murders for Newtown CT in 2012. Or, raise this issue at the annual NRA Meeting. Other interested parties might include Bushmaster – apparently getting “sued” – along with various gun manufacturers demonized over Sandy Hoax. 

But we were talking about “drills.” 

Do drills involve creating fake “parking lot evacuations” in PhotoShop that are easily disproved by 3 Police dashcam videos?

Do drills involve silencing local Police who drove all over town, unable to find Sandy Hook Elementary until hoax participants gave the cops directions?

Do drills involve fake boogeymen – to terrorize American parents that “their kid will die next?” Adam Lanza’s two school ID cards were manufactured from the exact same “face image.”  Watch how they overlay perfectly:

But wait, that’s impossible – because Adam’s ID photos were supposedly taken 4 years apart:  First when Adam was 16, then again when Adam was 20.  

Try this experiment:  Compare photos of yourself (or your child) at age 16, and age 20. Can the photos be overlaid perfectly with every facial feature precisely matching, at the same angle? No, they cannot. Real photos don’t precisely match other photos. Manufactured photos do. 

This is sick stuff, folks. Only a National Socialist Regime would plant fake evidence at an abandoned school, set-dress a fictional shooter’s “house,” and pay actors to tour the USA pretending to be parents of dead children from a “historic school shooting.”

All that, while strong-arming little girls to repeat canned lines on TV – claiming they were caught in the dramatic fake massacre:

Can your kids tell which terror attacks are “real” and which are fake?  Can YOU discern which terrorism is “real” and which is fake? The US government is betting you can’t. And for a long time, they were right. For example, Americans don’t know the Ferguson riots were planned 2 years in advance in conjunction with the Port Authority, and allegedly funded by George Soros. 

But how frequent are fake shootings? So frequent that I managed to predict the Cassidy Stay shooting (Houston, TX) 2 weeks before it happened:

Clues suggest that other fake shootings (aka “drills;” aka US Government Terrorism) may include the Aurora “Batman” shooting, the Santa Barbara (Elliot Rodger) rampage, and the historic Columbine school shooting. 

But here’s the bad news. Since FBI admits staging fake shootings inside the USA, it logically follows that the suspects, arrests, search warrants, trials, and “evidence” of those shootings are also fake. Not to mention the fake News reports. 


Why is the government using money they took from you, to terrorize you?  Is that a legal, or moral, role of government? To terrorize, panic, and wage Psychological Warfare against its own citizens? 

Are these staged shootings part of UN Agenda 21 gun confiscation?

Is this simple Treason – trying to terrify Americans into surrendering their guns? Is this a last-ditch attempt to grab your guns before America discovers we’re ruled by a cabal of perverts and crooks? 

Because the crooks in “your government” know their game is over. They know folks are waking up – and smelling the Treason. 

And now, the Regime will do what they always do: Attempt to lie their way out of it, while distracting Americans with the next “domestic terror bombing” or “school shooting.”  From crisis to bigger crisis. 

In the wake of each crisis, tighter restrictions shackle your freedoms.  The US Government stokes your anxiety – then feeds on it.

Coming Soon to a shopping mall near you:  The famous “ISIS terror attack.” MSM is frantically laying the groundwork for that “subject change.” 

And where does this end?  Only when (i) Traitor “politicians” finally disarm the American people, or (ii) Citizens expose and stop the Gun Grab Roadshow.

Those are the only outcomes possible: The Gun Grab Roadshow either stops. Or it succeeds in finally disarming the American people. 

As Joseph Goebbels said, “Keep telling the Big Lie. And eventually, they will believe it.” 

Thus far, folks are buying it.  

They can’t imagine politicians telling a lie this sick. 


Eric Holder announces, “We need to BRAINWASH people” into rejecting guns: 

Kitty Werthmann survived the Nazi occupation of Austria. Kitty says: “Keep your guns – and buy more guns.” 

Trauma Town USA  explores odd shootings/stabbings in Monroeville PA. It sounded “tinfoil hat” until Jeh Johnson (DHS Secretary) admitted the US Government has been staging fake Shopping Mall shootings for 2 years. 

Shocking Facts – Sandy Hook COVERUP  explores the (3) bizarre “public-record lock-down” bills crammed into law after Sandy Hook. We discuss who likely staged Sandy Hook, and WHY they took such a huge risk.   

Sandy Hook Death Records and Obama’s SSN  explores connections between Newtown CT and Obama’s SSN. Was Obama’s SSN stolen from a man who died 1 mile from Sandy Hook Elementary? 

Police Couldn’t Find Shotgun For 9 Hours  explains how a shotgun magically “popped up” 9 hours after the Sandy Hook shooting.

An Eerie Visit To Sandy Hook  explores (citizen journalist) Barry’s trip to the spooky Newtown Mental Hospital, where Harrison Bounel died.  We show you Barry’s stunning photos, and discuss what really happened at the historic “Sandy Hook Massacre.” 


I long for the days when our biggest problem was Al Capone smuggling alcohol. At least Capone wasn’t staging fake shootings to trick Americans out of their rights, while sending actors to sob during congressional testimony that their fictional children got “shot to death” by a Pixar reject. 

Adam Lanza was the world’s most polite Homicidal Maniac:

Don’t forget to give money to your favorite Sandy Hook “charity.” Who cares if they’re criminals defrauding the public? They worked hard – building donation websites BEFORE the shooting. 

Boston Marathon vicSIMS are rolling in cash.
Off the air so soon, Jon Stewart? Snark can’t justify Treason by the US Government. 

I recommend foster care for Noah Pozner. He can’t keep dying like this. Stop dying, Noah!

There they are – the Pozners.  Lenny, Noah, and Veronique. Little Noah dies like clockwork – every 2 years.

Noah, I said Stop Dying! Don’t make me come to Pakistan. 

Did “Ryan Lanza” land a reality show? Where’d he go?

No False Flag attack is complete without the government hiring “people who knew” the patsy. Even Adam Lanza’s (fake) barber famously told CNN he wished he had “slipped and stabbed Adam by accident.” 

Economist Paul Krugman touts the Obama Jobs Program:

Anyone seen gun-grabber Piers Morgan?

I was skeptical, until Robbie Parker laughed about his dead daughter, Emilie:

Robbie Parker, where are you now?

David and Francine Wheeler (parents of “Ben Wheeler”) are semi-professional ACTORS on the Gun Grab Roadshow. They even replaced Obama for the White House weekly address:

In the 2001 movie FAITHFUL, David Wheeler shoots himself in the head:
Sandy Hook Elementary – parking lot was staged. All cars point the same way.

William Podgorski (former DHS; CT State Police). “Dropped dead” halfway thru his Sandy Hoax “investigation.” We see you, Podgorski. You’re out there somewhere.

 How did 16 State Troopers crawl thru Sandy Hook Elementary’s broken window without knocking out more glass?

Find the (2) Sandy Hook school evacuation photos on your own. Then ZOOM IN, to see they were created in PhotoShop. The shoulder of Bright Blue Girl is a perfect, razor-sharp T-square. And her right hand is shaped like a LEFT HAND.

CT Governor Malloy has some explaining to do. What did Malloy know, and when did he know it? Who told Malloy to lock down Public Records across the State of CT – based on a Gun Grab hoax?

Gabby Giffords got “shot thru the head, point-blank, with a 9mm pistol,” yet made a full recovery to join the Gun Grab Roadshow:

Hello, NRA? There’s NO EVIDENCE anyone named “Adam Lanza” came within 10,000 miles of Newtown CT.  There’s NO EVIDENCE anyone got shot at the (mothballed) Sandy Hook Elementary. There’s NO EVIDENCE the school was operational after 2008.   FBI claims ZERO MURDERS in Newtown CT (2012).

Where is NRA. Where is Wayne LaPierre. Where are gun makers. Where are sportsmen and hunters on this Sandy Hoax scam?

We always give Lieutenant Vance (CT State Police, or DHS?) the last word:




The article DHS Admits: We Stage Domestic Terrorism (VIDEOS) published by TheSleuthJournal – Real News Without Synthetics


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    • CrowPie

      First. My father used to hold me that way. I was a shy and nervous child. He knew that. I clung to him in strange situations or when meeting new people. He was taller than me…..I was short. That’s Just were his hand met me. My Neck.

      Second. When I used my skills on a couple of the military instillations in my area, I was surprised when I was pulled on a slow night for ‘war games.’ ????

      What? Yes….war games. This was in 2005. Just a group of individuals were picked to pretend to ‘attack the fence’…..I was an attacker. This was meant to test the abilities of the defending officers.

      This is nothing new. This is merely standard training and common behavior.

      The dishonesty of one woman does not constitute a large scale conspiracy.

      • awakenow

        There is extensive proof information on the other video mentioned.
        Sandy Hood was a False Flag exercise sham. The proof of this is undeniable by any critical thinking people.

      • chris532008

        they are conducting an ethnic cleansing war on caucasians look to their tv programming hardly and hour passes that miscegenation is lauded as the way to go they also want to diminish the negro on the face of the earth

    • MrAnthony

      Of course DHS stages drills. They would be remiss if they didn’t hold well-publicized disaster drills. They are routinely covered by the mainstream press too (so much for “Before It’s News” which should be called “After The Fact” if this story is any indication).

      As for Kenya, there are plenty of videos, both public and private, that show it was a real attack on real people. Only a nutcase would deny that attack. Plus, Kenya has a history of auch attacks.

      Usual hodgepodge of conspiracy theories, but the real threat ia the ATF bullet ban attempt and the use of executive actions. Not some nutcase theories.

      • awakenow

        Says the NSA troll / Mole

    • Anonymous

      DHS Admits: We Stage Domestic Terrorism (VIDEOS)
      DHS just admitted it: They stage FAKE SHOOTINGS inside US shopping malls.

      Jeh Johnson (DHS Secretary) just announced that FBI is staging FAKE Domestic Terrorism.
      Inside your shopping malls. For at least 2 years. Got that?
      Nowhere, however, will you find Jeh Johnson ON THE RECORD announcing that “FBI IS STAGING FAKE DOMESTIC TERRORISM.”
      Nowhere will you find anywhere that “DHS admits”, whoever DHS is, admitting anything in the nature of a statement “We stage domestic terrorism.”

      “DHS” did not admit anything, did not admit anything such thing, and neither did DHS secretary Jeh Johnson announce or admit ON THE RECORD any such thing.

      Therefore the title of this story by “Barry Soetoro” is false and misleading.

      I do not know why “Barry Soetoro” wanted to prepare and post such an otherwise good article, yet do it with a misleading title and opening lines that do not, upon closer investigation, prove to be true and factual. Perhaps when one realizes that Jeh Johnson and “DHS” did not admit or make any statements as this article alleges one will automatically discount as untrue and not verifiable all of the other damning information in the article. I would not do that because I have been studying the overwhelming mass of information and data for a long time regarding these false staged events, but many people will.

      Frank Lowy is a co-founder of Westfield Group, owner of the Kenya Mall as well as over 100 shopping malls in the USA as well as other countries. There have been “bomb scares” and other suspicious events at over 7 of these Westfield Group properties. Frank Lowy purchased the World Trade Center building leases with Lawrence Silverstein two months before 9-11-01 event happened. Lowy and Silverstein got $5.4 billion dollars between themselves for 9-11 event.

      I am very happy Before Its News has the article posted even though the author of the article, “BarrySoetoro”. is an unknown unidentified entity.
      This article does contain a good summary of Sandy Hook hoax and a fairly good record of Boston Bombing drill. (I wonder why the video showing someone on a loudspeaker by the library at the starting line of the Boston Marathon announcing “This is a drill. This is a drill.” ) For those reasons alone, the article is worthy of posting.

    • Techy

      While all previous Presidents of the USA have lied and cheated anyone or country they could, by far Obama has been the worst of them all and added treason just to be sure he’s top dog. He should be impeached and given ISIS head chopper for treatment. The wrongs he has committed are not only to the USA but also to the World and mankind in general. We seen JFK assassinated for trying to clean up some of the dirt in the USA but by far Obama was far more deserving of assassination then anyone else in this World.

    • Kent

      Chabad Lubavitch and Freemasons = Illuminati.
      Next targets of Illuminati are the Statue of Liberty and an “old” bridge.
      Iran will be blamed for it.
      Twin Towers were brought down (“pulled”) by bombs.
      No planes were actually used (hologram).
      According to Vyacheslav Krasheninnikov,
      the Statue of Liberty will shake, take one step forward, and then collapse.
      Explosion in the sea will flood New York; later Los Angeles.
      Forgive me.

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