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Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK and Israel As Being the Actual 9/11 Terrorist

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9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against

US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators


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The Millennium Report

July 3, 2014

9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators

Russian 9/11 Data Dump Reveals State Actors

by Michael Thomas

State of the Nation

“9/11 was an Anglo-American black operation executed in collusion with Israeli Secret Services and Saudi Arabian financiers.” — 9/11 Investigator

Undoubtedly the 9/11 attacks on New York City and Washington DC are the most misrepresented by officialdom in US history.

Whereas the assassination of John F. Kennedy is now understood to have been a classic CIA Execution Plan, it does not come close to 9/11 in terms of the number and magnitude of outright falsehoods, misleading statements, fake science and fraudulent facts submitted by officials and agents of the US Government.  The ‘official’ 9/11 Commission Report stands as the most fabricated document ever produced by US tax dollars.  Not only did the investigation avoid every serious inquiry about how two steel frame building came down after being dustified in NYC, it also subverted every initiative to ferret out the truth.

That’s all about to change in 2014.

It appears that Russia has been conducting systematic data dumps on 9/11, the release of which represents more factual information on the attacks than any US Government source.  In the wake of the Anglo-American coup d’état conducted by the CIA and MI6 in Kiev, it appears that Russia has no more patience for Western interference.  Especially when nations are destabilized on Russia’s borders do the stakes in this highly consequential geopolitical chess match go up.

Since Vladimir Putin has no intention of starting World War 3, he can only respond to US-EU meddling by using asymmetric warfare on the internet.  Were the American people to understand that the US Federal Government perpetrated the 9/11 destruction, everything would change in a heartbeat.  Because the Obama Administration has shown no sign of aborting its planned takeover of the Ukraine, Russia is left with very few, but still quite potent options.

The following excerpt recently appeared on an alternative news website — Veterans Today — under the subtitle “Too Classified to Publish”.  Essentially this unprecedented release of ultra-secret and highly classified information illustrates Putin’s new tack toward Western intractability.  Simply put, Russia will no longer stand by idly while the Anglo-American Juggernaut projects it power wherever it so chooses.

Too Classified to Publish

According to a retired FXX agent specializing in Israeli counter intel: The type of nuclear devices used on 911 were a modified version of the W-54 nuclear artillery shells that were covertly provided to the Israelis between 1988 and 1998 from US surplus stockpiles illegally exported during the Bush/Clinton era.

Chemical analysis done by DOE Sandi was able to identify the chemical/radiation footprint or fingerprint of the warheads based on samples taken after 911 of the fallout at ground zero. (Editor’s note: Nuclear weapon use at ground zero is confirmed from multiple sources)

All plutonium based warheads have a chemical fingerprint that can identify the type of design and where the PU was made and how old it is. This was the 911 blackmail on Bush 1 and 2, the illegal transfer of surplus US nuclear weapons to the Israelis and why the continued cover up, along with the stolen gold and stock fraud that was going on Wall Street etc. According to file ENW57.pdf on page 66. (Editor’s note: Document received and confirmed)

Only a 2 kiloton device was needed to drop the buildings. A 2 kiloton device will produce a fireball of apx 150 to 200 feet in diameter at over 4000 degrees Centigrade. Just large enough to melt the I beams of the central core of the building and drop them in place. The light flash would last less than 1 second and primarily be in the UV light range. Overpressure would only be at 60PSI max and directed upwards with the blast. See underground effect.

Fallout would be minimal and located to within ground zero range only. Radiation would drop to acceptable levels within 72 hrs. after the blast. Most fall out was trapped in the cement dust thus causing all of the recent cancer deaths that we are now seeing in NYC amongst first responders. (Editor’s note: Consistent with site data)

High FluxIsotope Reactor Core – Cross Section

Melted steel and iron oxide or “nano thermite” is a byproduct of the very high gamma ray / Neutron flux induced into the central steel core. The radiation dissolves the steel into iron oxide consuming the carbon and silicone in the steel.

This explains the missing steel columns and the very important clue of the “vaporized’ 20 ton antenna tower atop the south tower. The upward blast of radiation literally vaporized it. Video evidence proves this to be true. (Editor’s note: Tower issue a vital one.)

The total XXOO data file from DOE Sandia on the 911 event is well over 72 MB. P.S. Snowden didn’t have a Q clearance so he missed this one. Carnaberry had a pretty good stash of documents on the subject. (All under the transit stuff.) The entire nuclear nonproliferation story of stolen nuclear material coming from Russia was an Israeli cover story to hide the original source of weapons material coming from the US stock piles. (Editor’s note: Fully confirmed)

Illegal distribution of US nuclear material to foreign allies was not limited to Israel. Virtually all NATO allies were in on this scam too. Dick Cheney was the bad guy on this one. Bush2/Cheney traded nuclear pits to foreign country as IOU’s in order to get what they wanted. Tom Countryman a well-known Israeli operative is curiously now in charge of N.N.P. at the State Department under Obama.(?) He was put there by Ram Emanuel.

Early Israeli core model – Vannunu photo

It appears that the weapon of choice for the Israelis were the W-54 and follow on series of nuclear pits taken from the Amarillo TX storage dump. This was what Carnaberry was working on for Bush senior in Houston.

A total of over 350 pits were transferred to the Israelis over a 10 to 20 year period of time. The W-54 type of pit design were the most desirable due to the 2 point implosion pit design. This is the easiest to re manufacture and modify as compared to other circular pit designs.

The pill shaped design of the W-54 type weapon contains over 1.5 times more plutonium than a standard pit. This would allow enough Plutonium to be recovered that was still of weapons grade use even after 32 plus years of age. Americium build up in the pit over time eventually makes the Pit unusable as a weapon so they have a limited shelf life based on how fast or slow the Plutonium was produce in the reactor at Stanford.

Usually it was about 150 days max. Irradiation time in the reactor during production determines the shelf life of the pit as weapons grade material. All of the micro nukes used by the Israelis are re-manufactured W-54 type series devices.


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Khazelov confirmed this a micro nuke bombing

These devices were used in the Bali bombing and the London bombing and in Japan on their reactors. (Editor’s note: Nuclear weapon use in Bali confirmed) Also used in Damascus, Iraq and Afghanistan by the US. (Editor’s note: Multiple confirmation including site samples.)

These are stored in most Israelite embassies for ease of deployment. The one’s used on 911 were kept at the Israeli consulate in NYC until put in place. After 911 the FBI now checks all diplomatic pouches with a Geiger counter before entering or leaving the US. The South African weapons were also surplus W-54 artillery shells acquired from Israeli and final assembly and testing was done in South Africa with Israel assistance. (Editor’s note: This explains Pelendaba production issues.)

This was done because the Israelis needed a testing ground in order to make sure that there rebuilt weapons would work as designed. (Editor’s note: Testing on Sept. 22, 1979 multiple confirmations.) The North Korean weapons are also of the 155 mm artillery design as provided by Israel.

The true North Korean nuclear weapons program is based on nuclear artillery use and not missiles. The plan is to use a massive artillery barge on South Korea if war breaks out this include the use of small nuclear artillery shells to counter US tanks rockets and artillery.

The Saudi’s also have a stash of W-54′s acquired from the US under Bush2. (Editor’s note: Confirmed) The Israelis have also provided them to India, Brazil, China, Taiwan, Japan, North and South Korea etc. (Editor’s note: All but South Korea confirmed. Canada had been believed to be the source of Brazilian nuclear weapons.) Dimona is a standard 75 megawatt thermal open top reactor as used in France for their plutonium weapons production program, their version of Stanford (Editor’s note:  Probably “Hanford”).

Dimona – Israel

Due to over use as a fast breeder reactor by the Israelis, Dimona suffered a “steam explosion” IE a flash over indecent due to neutron criticality back in the late 1980′s under Bush 1. This shut down its operation for many years until repairs could be made.

It know only operates at very low power levels due to neutron absorption damage to the containment vessel. Now mainly use for isotope production. This forced the Israelis to turn to stolen nuclear stock piles from the US for the continuation of their nuclear program.

The Israelis knowing that the nuclear material that they had acquire only had a limited shelf life left before it was no longer usable as weapons grade then tried to dump it on the surplus market as fast as possible before it was of no use to them. So they dumped it on unsuspecting nations who would only sit on it and not be able to test it. These were the fissile tests in North Korea. (Editor’s note: Confirmed, multiple sources)

When everybody caught on to the scam such as Japan and Korea. (IE the Korean sub sinkings etc) they were angry because they paid big bucks for junk. This started a mini cold war with Israel and her old clients. However with micro nukes even as the plutonium ages it will still fissile producing a smaller size detonation well under 2 kiloton in size.

So they can still be used as small dirty bombs or as very small tactical nukes such as the nuclear artillery strikes on Damascus with rocket assisted W-54′s. (Editor’s note: Confirmed strike, May 4, 2013) On the W-54 pit design it is pill shaped and it is only about 4 inches in diameter and weighs about 24 pounds.

Most of the fuel is consumed in the plasma fire ball when detonated so there is very little plutonium fallout left to escape. If it is salted with other materials the fallout can be even reduced to lower levels such as in an enhanced radiation device or the so called neutron bomb. This is what was used on 911.

Falling man – 911

The primary purpose of the nuclear weapon used on 911 was to produce a massive Gamma ray / neutron flux that would vaporize about 150 to 300 feet of 6 inch thick steal I-beams that constituted the central core of the WTC buildings. This created a free fall event as seen on TV that day. (Editor’s note: Critical information here.)

The flash would be hidden from sight due to the underground detonation. Most of the light was in the non-visible light spectrum any way. Over pressure would be reduced to 6 psi due to the blast traveling up the central core and neutron radiation vaporizing the TV antenna at the top of the building as see on TV.

The fallout would be mainly vaporized concrete cement and iron oxide. This is why after 911 they told everyone on TV that the beta radiation burns that people were getting were due to the caustic cement dust and not due to the radiation effects from the radioactive cement fallout. (Editor’s note: Fully confirmed)

The iron oxide found all over the place was what was left of the steel I beams. This was the so called Nano Thermite that was found everywhere. Fallout was limited to a 1 mile area around down town NYC. See charts. (Editor’s note: Received)

Radiation decay was reduced to safe low levels after 72 hrs., (Editor’s note: Fully confirmed) outside of ground zero its self. This is why the area was blocked off from the public for 3 days after the event, in order to let the radiation drop to safe levels.[1]

If you read this excerpt closely,  you can clearly see that Russia means business.  It is what they did not say — directly — that makes this data-dump so poignant … and dangerous to the Anglo-American power structure.

Michael Thomas

May 29, 2014

MAJOR UPDATE — September 23, 2014

Russian Intelligence Continues 9/11 Data Dump, Key Perpetrators Named:

US Intelligence Also Disseminates Critical 9/11 Info, ISIS Unveiled


[1] Too Classified to Publish: Bush Nuclear Piracy Exposed | Veterans Today

      by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


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    • Anonymous

      Pretty much sums it up. Great article.

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      and that’s what really happened, folks.

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      Umm, 2014 is in the *past* now.

      • Knarlydawg

        So does that mean the truth doesn’t matter now ? Does that mean we all just turn away and refuse to hold these people accountable for the atrocities they’ve committed ? These same people are driving us into a nuclear war. These same people are plotting the destruction of our country and way of life. While there is a lot of our ways that need to change I’m not willing to stand by and let these A holes continue to rape and pillage this planet without a fight.

        • HTLIII

          Communist China and North korea are not competition to the Rothschild bank system.. Japan is, having sold nuclear fuel to Iran.

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      Israel ripped off Japan and South Korea by giving them bunk weapons grade, but Israel gave the real ones to Communist China and North Korean fat kid, man thats messed up. :mad:
      I thought Israel were good guys? Its more clearer now they really would do something like attacking america which more evidence is pointing out they did 911 on us. :shock:

      Not cool.

      Im a little bit frustrated at the moment to say my trademark “Eat More GMO :mad: ” …..MooCow needs to graze and calm down at the moment.

    • NWO for Dummies.

      There’s only one problem with this story. It appeared in Veterans Today – therefore it leaves out the 10% of truth that would make it effective.

      What is that 10%? Not sure, but it is all related to the occult mind manipulation of the nation and the world.
      Never fear, Babylons days are numbered.

      • sitrep

        Right, it is best just to go back to The Social media Site, and press some like buttons, and get over it.
        Because now they have initiated new plans.

    • Vein Arde

      Is this quote, “That’s all about to change in 2014.”, a misprint? Because nothing was changed in 2014 about 9/11.

      • Knarlydawg

        The original authors of this material were obviously hoping that the 100th monkey point would be reached in 2014 but that hasn’t happened yet here in the US…..still too much fluoride consumption I guess.

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        Yes, after seing a similar comment on The Social media Site, lots just pressed the like buttons, and felt a lot better.
        Hey, they have new plans now days anyway, right. Going on right now, no one sees it, so when it is explained in a year or so, people can say Oh this happened a year ago, lets go press some like button, Right :idea:

    • Anonymous

      Marvin P. Bush, presidents younger brother was a principle in a company called Securacom that provided security for the Worlds Trade Center, United Airlines and Dulles International Airport.

      The company had an on going contract to handle security at the World Trade Center up to the day the buildings fell down.

      • Knarlydawg

        Yes that is some data included in another piece that I found from back in 2012. I just popped it up a little while ago……”The Unspeakable Truth of 9/11″ Thanks.

    • Pink Slime

      Only someone with a degree in physics could understand and confirm this. Otherwise it’s just another theory. Another twist on an old story.

      • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

        Mainstream Media and Establishment will still ignore you even if you are a credited physicist.

        Eat More GMO :mad:

    • TruthSeeker

      where is the link to the show?


      Knarlydog, great information you have provided here, if true…

      we must remember that the land of Israel and its people are not responsible – the ‘synagogue of Satan’ is…that would be the elite luciferian (satanic freemasonry) of Israel and their cohorts in other countries – eg. u.s., u.k., Saudi ARabia, etc.

      If anyone truly believes that 19 hijackers with boxcutters were responsible for all the devastation in new york, pentagon and flight 93 – then, you are truly beyond help…

      All Govts. not under the control of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Yeshua) put out ‘propaganda and lies’ to cover their misdeeds.

      I believe the above story, with some misgivings, becuz, Islam and the Roman Catholic Church with its jesuit army, are in cahoots to put all blame for all things on Israel…

      Be careful of this…the holocaust started over ‘rumour mills’ and ‘deceptions’ of Satanic ORigin…and many innocent Jews died becuz of it…let’s not go there again…thankyou.

      Never brandish the sword, without proof, and always temper judgment with mercy.

      :idea: L.

      • Knarlydawg

        You are correct. Most of us who have been on this truth journey for a while now have already hit the Luciferian, Masonic, Jesuit, Islamic Masons, Muslim Brotherhood, Illuminati Satanist bunch pretty heavily. Now it’s time to put some light on the Christian/Judaic Zionist Masonic Serpent Seed crowd. Synagogue of Satan is one of the best descriptors of this bunch (the whole Luciferic Kingdom Builders). It’s time for Christians to wake up and stop blindly supporting “Synagogue of Satan” Zionist that are doing everything in their power to bring about Satan’s Government and rule. These people are going to be the same ones that will put the very Christians who support them into prison and execute them for violating their Talmudic Noahide laws prohibiting idolatry which they claim every believer in JESUS is guilty of. Christians just don’t seem to understand that they are helping fund and support the very system that is going to behead them… dumb sheep to the slaughter.

        • HereAmI

          Perhaps their lack of understanding reveals them to be individuals not in possession of God’s Holy Spirit.

      • HereAmI

        Surely even the most benighted amongst us have learned by now that the concentration camp people, and yes, there were jews amongst them, starved to death, and succumbed to the typhus attendant upon that condition, because of the homicidal and relentless US and British aerial attacks on German transport infrastructure.
        Remember that “Your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” stated “None of those men that were invited shall taste of my supper”.
        I take this to mean that all jews after the flesh are included in the legendary Synagogue of Satan to which you refer.

        • Anonymous

          From from forced relocation into ghettos, to forced labor in the camps, they were on their way to freedom, just like the sign said. :roll:

        • Pink Slime

          Your mind is about to get reprogrammed by God. Very scary!

      • Norry

        Lalaland , Stop with your BS Pal ! Do some reading you lazy liar.
        No Jewish People were systematically gassed by anyone during WW2. Anything else is a LIE.
        Beginning to think you are Jewish but not one of the good ones.
        No one could be as ignorant as you with your perpetual BS on the “holohoax”.

    • FC

      a 2014 article …… warning!
      No verification ….. this same article posted on dozens of platforms when you try a search on headline phrases.

      • Knarlydawg

        This was not meant to be an end of the journey, final summation of everything knowable about these events. It’s purpose is to expose some information that most people refuse to accept because they don’t understand the true nature of the ones involved and also to give people a place to start their own investigation into these scenarios. This info needs to be constantly brought forward until we hit the 100th monkey point and a mass awareness begins to manifest. (I did notice that some of the links had been scrubbed but putting link titles or subject matter into a deep web search engine like I was able to find sites on that subject matter.)

    • Everette

      I read a totally different story . First let’s start with the American bank account of the pentagon being robbed of 1.2 trillion dollars . After they reported this a hush was quickly engaged . And to solve the problem a diversion was created and records destroyed . Contractors were hired to remodel certain parts of the trade towers . According to the reading they installed charges in strategic places as a contractor would do if he were taking down or dropping a building . The day the towers were hit the fire from the planes went upward . And the heat was not enough to melt the steel holding up the building . So it’s possible a small nuke was in place . But reports from people near heard many explosions going off in succession . Then like a contractor dropping a building it fell straight down . Both buildings ! But the problem comes in not much talk is done about the 3 record building that also fell that day . This covered up the 1.2 trillion dollar loss . Now with help and blame on how thy thought did it we went to war . But the $1,200,000,000,000 dollars was still missing . The pentagon now had its hands full dealing with Iraq and Ben Ladin . They forgot about the money . And after the war they found no weapons of mass destruction . So why did we go to war again ? So another diversion was made Afganistan . And then Libya . Before I forget it the owner of the towers was reported to have bought insurance on the building for more than its worth just a couple months before it fell . So he came out smelling like a rose . Who tipped him off and allow the contractors to plant the bombs ? Looking at that evidence we need to still ask we’re did the money go ? Then again trillions were stolen from 401k , stocks and bonds and accounts . Banks almost fell . But the government printed more money and got them going again . Trillions of dollars going where and to whom ? Then we begin hearing of cities ( Denver airport ) being built underground . And tunnels leading thousands of miles underground going from city to city . Then trucks full of food , ammo , and other supplies being taking it underground . Some drivers using video to tape there journey from outside to way underground got put on the Internet . Trillions of our money spent on what , holes in the ground about a mile deep ? What are they expecting ? The comet predicted sept 23-28 ? Nibiru predicted December -March ? War with Russia ? China ? Iran ? North Korea ? Aliens ? I checked out the machine used to bore these holes . Cutters in the front with heating walls on the side to melt the dirt to harden the wall of the tunnels . The machine it’s self must be in the billions . But now propaganda to blame Israel for doing all this is hog wash . This is to help push the deal with Iran and hopes that the people will agree to separate from Israel and allow the Muslims ( Ishmael Abrahams other son by Haggar the Egyptain ) to destroy them . Funny thing our chief is also Muslim . And the pope helping to push this agenda is descendant from Esau , Jacobs brother . But if this deal goes through Iran will have 100s of billions of dollars to build or acquire the nuke . They will also fund terrorist to attack America who is the real Israel ( Ephraim , Jacob gave him and Manasseh his name Israel ) . The blessings of Genesis 48-49 tell what will befall them in the last days . Ephraims number is 13 . Check out the American flag 13 stripes and our seal several 13s . The rebel flag also had 13 stars but only 11 colonies . The X stood for Israel’s Messiah and the stars was the tribes within the Messiah . Judea in the south was carring it . Ephraim ( Israel ) in the north did not want to be reminded of the union GOD told him and Judea to have with each other . But Israel fought with Judea his uncle . Until 2700 years ago GOD removed Ephraim ( king of northern kingdom of 10 tribes ) and the other tribes with him for fighting Judea . Our civil war happened because of the same problems . Judea in the south ( bible belt ) and Ephraim in the north . Judea has many that has gone back to Israel to make the nation of Israel . What is now taking place is Esau , vatican , NWO , UN and Ishmael , Muslims have joined hands to destroy Judea in Israel and Israel in America , Europe and Australia . The whites are Israel ( Ephraim , Manasseh and the other brother tribes of Joseph , Ephraim and Manasseh dad ) Joseph and Judea are brothers . So this is a family fued ? So when Americans are against Judea that thy call Israel which is not Israel because Jacob gave that name to Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Manasseh , they are fighting again with family . This is exacually what The Vatican and the Muslims want . Why because God chose the sons of Jacob to be His example to the rest of the world and not them . And yes they have been poor examples . But today they are lining up their weapons to take down the tribes of Israel ( Jacobs name given to him by God ) , in America , Europe , Australia and any where the white type A blood type people dwell . They know who Israel is . But Israel does not know who they are . The Vatican has with held history from the sons of Jacob . Locked up in their basements is many records of GODs chosen people . Soon these sons of darkness will war against the sons of light to destroy them . Why because thy know in their hearts that they can not be king of the earth as long as those chosen by GOD live and hold the title . This is why the vatican paid to kill millions of Jews or Judea the line of Israel’s kingship . Friday October 13 the dreaded day is really a day the Vatican chose to march in troops and destroy a town in France to kill everyone trying to destroy the kingship lines . All this agenda is to turn you against Israel which is really America (Ephraim ) and Great Britain ( Manasseh ) but making you think Judea is Israel . GOD said until we unite the sons of darkness will beat both of us . Only in the end will Judea not vex Ephraim and Ephraim not envy Judea . When we join together we will become an unstoppable force . So we have put aside our differences . Or We are asking for our own destruction .We have to unite to win this one !

      • Knarlydawg

        Why don’t you put this info together in an article and slap it up there for others to digest ? It’s an impressive comment.

      • endthefed

        “But if this deal goes through Iran will have 100s of billions of dollars to build or acquire the nuke . They will also fund terrorist to attack America who is the real Israel (Ephraim, Jacob gave him and Manasseh his name Israel).”
        Yes, the MIC wants perpetual war. Who says Iran needs to do those things. The MIC can just as easily do them & blame Iran. BHO, will have already have, conveniently, left office by that time. We’ve been inundated for years about EMT attacks and a dirty bomb attack. Predictive programming! Place your bets, which will be the next false flag?

      • Knarlydawg

        Anonymous….check out what I found while checking out what you wrote here. “Nuclear Demolition Devices Were Built Into Twin Towers During Construction”….I just posted this piece. See if the data correlates with what you know.

    • dabu

      I really hate BS! Your source is VT. How about pravda, or national inquirer! Actually why don’t you just quote directly from the onion! If you and I stood in the same room … !!!

      What you aholes don’t get is you flood us with noise! It will be too noisy when the truth really does comes out! The truth will get lost in all the nonsense! So, no, it’s not funny!

      • Knarlydawg

        Submit a rebuttal if everything is so worthless. If you have the “real” facts share them. It’s real easy to spew out a few lines of criticism but where’s “your” facts ? Everette up there kind of blows you right out of solar system dabu.

        • dabu

          A rebuttal to a lie! Are you really so vapid! How about you! How about you vet your story! Provide some proof!

          I’ll tell you what. I’ll provide a story. A story about knarlydawg.

          From sources so high up that it would be catastrophic to reveal who they are, we learn that knarlydawg is actually a russian spy bent on fooling the American people into believing that frosty the snowman is actually a trojan horse sent from siberia to fool Americans into watching the frosty the snowman movie, which is actually loaded with subliminals to get them to jump up and down and scratch their rears at the same time. Studies show it is a devious plan that has overcome 90% of VT readers!

          There you have it, not a single reliable source, but I guarantee it’s true!

    • Danishsaxonblood

      This is more he say she say.
      No evidence here. :!:

    • AusKiwi

      I find it funny that the caption below one of the photos says “Khazelov confirmed this a micro nuke bombing” Firstly, they can’t even spell his name right (possibly trying to defeat those who don’t know about Dimitri KHALEZOV from finding him in search engines) Secondly, I have read Dimitri’s book, and he is clear in that book, that the WTC nuclear demolition was NOT a 2 kiloton micro nuke suitcase bomb brought in by terrorists, it was a 150 kiloton device installed 77m below the ground, and was designed to be there as part of the orignal demolition scheme, since the time of the building’s construction. He says that the micro nuke story is “2nd truth” intended for those he calls “patricians” ie government employees or politicians who are not supposed to know that the 9/11 plot was planned for years and was planned from the top down by the “powers that be”, not by low level plotters running around with suitcase bombs. Furthermore, he says that it has to be 150 kilotons to produce the earthquake like shudder that was felt by those at ground level just before each of the towers fell.

      So unless Khalezov has changed his story, somebody is playing games here…

      • Knarlydawg

        You are absolutely correct with your info. In the time since this article was posted, I have read much of the data you are bringing forth. We all “see through a glass darkly” until new evidence emerges. While there may be things in this article that prove out over time to not be the actual fact, it suffices to motivate others to dig in and find out for themselves what the truth is. I started out on this truth mining journey by attempting to debunk things that I thought were BS. My present perspective is vastly different from what it was when I started.

        Thanks for your contribution.

    • HereAmI

      Fascinating that nuclear devices in the basements could produce the onset of collapse high up inside the structures of the Towers. And that nuclear devices produce no noise to speak of, or the blast waves that we are familiar with from the movies made of these types of explosions; but just gently rolling clouds of dust.
      In other words, this article is classic disinformation.

      • LifeIs

        They were underground and the explosions were both felt and measured by seismographs, prior to the collapses.

        They left cavities below basement level.

        There was so much residual heat, red glowing steel was being pulled out of the rubble months later.

        The COLLAPSES were brought about by the central cores falling into the cavities. That’s what pulled each tower in on itself.

        There was noise. There were fireballs that rose up from below ground level as reported by many witnesses, and the radiant heat from them burned many people.

        The fallout -note the barium and strontium in the dust as reported by the USGS- has caused tens of thousands of cancer cases.

        Your problem, HereAmI, is that you believed you were looking at real video of what happened. Even though airplanes can’t do what you saw. And the first witnesses said “small plane” and “sounded like a turboprop” and such. And folks like the Naudets looking straight up would have had video of a streak, not a distinct airplane, at 30 frames per second. What you have seen is just like what you see in the movies, CGI cartoons.

      • LifeIs

        Here you go:

        WTC7 Eyewitness – “Saw A Big Flash Then The Building Came Down” WPIX 5:55pm

    • Anonymous

      I was working with maintenance on building next to the fire station at the time, checked myself building with gamma radiation meter unofficially late at night, but nothing found by me so I assumed must have been microwave radiation as stated. The fire brigade put personal radiation badges all around the evacuated area and collected next day but I do not know result. I could not detect alpha or beta radiation with equipment I had which was similar to that carried at the time by fire brigade on their tenders. This post puts a whole new light on the matter…

    • Ed Butt

      And now Russia has troops and warplanes in action in Syria.Oh stink, I booked a holiday in Majorca for October, better see how I go about getting the money back so I can stock up with dried foods, tinned meat and powdered milk.

    • Anonymous

      It is lame and generally accessory to the fraud of the 9-11-2001 murders and destruction of the World trade Center. It is PATHETICALLY LAME to only accept “reputable” military and corporate shill owned and controlled websites as truth tellers when THEY are already guilty of being accessories before and after the fact in the destruction of the WTCs. My father and several of his friends built these things at the WTC, and they were EXTREMELY angry when in 1968 to 1969, they were faced with the demand that the nuke powered demolition systems which had been designed and adjusted as the development and construction of the WTC twin tower prototypes were erected in the Idaho desert at the queen of England’s ARCO Nuclear Testing Reservation from the early to mid 1960s until the second of the two tower prototypes was dropped with the system as well perfected as it was NOT. I am proud of the work my father did on this project, and proud that he dropped out just after I documented the nukes back in 1969 to 1970. I have grown up around very talented people who engaged in start up projects like Microsoft, the Guns and Roses band, Starbucks, Bruce Lee, Ollie Mitchell and other good law abiding people, These website prima donnas who want to lead some sort of parade at the expense of truth get me afraid for the U.S. in that their efforts are supported by those benefitting from the scam. The USSR and USA cooperated in the installation and development of the demolition system. the nuke configuration is best described by Dmitri Khalezov and Rebekah Roth. In a recent interview, Jim Fetzer is very intimidating to Major General (ret.) Bert Stubblebine and then takes great liberties with the truth concerning many aspects of the recorded events in NYC concerning the WTC attacks. James Corbett, Don Fox, Jeff Prager, Dr. Ed Ward, MD, Dmitri Khalezov, Rebekah Roth, Barbara Honegger, and several video documentary producers do an outstanding job of presenting accurate and extremely well done exposures of this grandest of criminal acts. I am too stressed to do much more than testify in a court not dominated by the English Rothschild zionists who conducted the construction and destruction of the WTCs. Ted Gunderson, recent District Director of the FBI for first Memphis Tennessee, then Los Angeles, said this attack began many years ago in England. I agree 100%.

      • Knarlydawg

        I fully agree with you about the possibility that many alternative media sources may well be dis-info outlets and being used to inject misleading info. That being said it is still useful to put these articles forward simply because it helps to break through some peoples cognitive dissonance as well as stimulate further investigation by people who would perhaps not be so inclined to do so. Further, how the buildings were criminally destroyed is less important at the moment than getting people to accept the fact that a horrific conspiratorial crime by our own people was committed and not by the accused parties. It has managed to bring your story forward. Your info is very interesting, is there a way that I can read more about your info ?

      • Knarlydawg

        By the way, I popped up two pieces just prior to coming to this article to check the comments. They are by Corbett and Roth. “Where did the Money Go ?” & “Is this a Smoking Gun ?”

    • Ted

      Super Heavy if True! Almost time though for the next False Flag…

    • DRJerkins

      Is this an article from/for the Onion?
      It reads like one, with poor spelling and word usage, regular use of flawed or even imaginary “science”, and the presentation of numerous ridiculous events as “verified” (as if saying that it has been verified makes it so). There is no evidence of an editorial process before publication to weed out the constant errors or smooth the text for ease of reading.
      A bit above the usual Onion article level, but not quite up to the standards of a “Bat Boy Sighted” or “Elvis Lives” supermarket tabloid piece.
      I rate it a 6.5 overall.

    • DRJerkins

      Wow, after reading through the comments, I must say that the scariest thing about this laughable article is the number of people who seem to believe it.

      On the bright side, maybe I can find some healing crystals that have been blessed by the alien hybrid children of ascended masters; those should sell well to this crowd.

      • Judge Roy Bean

        The scariest thing to me is there are people like you who seem to buy into the mainstream thought process without any challenge to what might be untrue.
        It is very easy to blame Ben Laden and some Arab Muslims without digging any deeper to know who was behind them.
        Guess having a DR in front of your name gives you superior abilities to analyze and subscribe your pharmaceutical sorceresses in the battle of maintenance rather than healing.

      • The Seer

        only person with common sense around here

    • Alan8

      The evidence shows the three WTC towers were brought down by nano-thermite charges:

      Science-fiction “theories” of what happened (e.g. energy beams or nuclear bombs) are disinformation to throw people off the trail.

      • OzzieEd

        Nano-thermite vapourised all that material did it? Haha, now there’s a science fiction story. And I suppose you think model airplane glue blew a hole in the ground in China a couple of hundred yards from where it was stored?

        Don’t worry, the aliens feel genuinely sorry for you. An open mind allows you to look at things you might otherwise not. None of us can prove any of this is right or wrong but it seems to gel with the general theme of what has been occuring to those who have been studying all the nuances of history and who has been behind all the false flags perpetrated so far. I suppose you think there is no life anywhere except this tiny planet? Good luck with that opinion.

      • LifeIs

        No, Alan8. The “nanothermite” turns out to be not thermite, but iron. In tiny particles because it was vaporized.

        It would take too much time, and material, to conventionally demolish those buildings. There would be wiring and tons of demolition charges, all over the place, for a year in advance.

        Yes, the energy beam story is disinformation and ridiculous.

        The nuclear bombs left cavities below basement level. They made flashes (mostly gamma ray from the D-T fusion) and they shook the ground–as felt by witnesses and measured by seismographs. They left dust full of uranium fission byproducts–the USGS measured the barium and strontium. Fireballs rose from below ground level, as reported by witnesses.

        No, there were not “ice age caves” found under the central cores of those buildings. The builders would have noticed that.

        And again, the video –all of it– is CGI and not real. Evidenced by planes doing impossible things and the lack of fireballs from below ground.

        The 80,000 cancer victims are real, and they prove the bomb story.

    • VirusGuard

      I don’t think that Russia is telling us something we didn’t already know and if Mr Putin had something to say on the subject then he would just come out and says it, he speaks his mind, does not have to ask bankers before he says anything.

      Not sure about mini nukes or not but something pulled them buildings down and made $2.4tr vanish off the face of the earth, thats for sure.

      it’s all right knowing but the USA is full of cowards who dare not hold the government to account, it’s a country of slaves and the black ones who won’t work for nothing are now being killed by cops.

    • Publeus

      — For goodness sake, show some sense. Claiming ‘Confirmed by multiple sources’ without presenting the source material is tabloid nonsense. Claiming ‘Nukes used…’ when the videos clearly show chemical reactions is a stupid lie. See MOAB bunker buster ( Daisy Cutter ). Claiming ‘ The radiation dissipates in 72 hours ‘ is absurd. This article seems designed to rally support for a preemptive nuclear strike. It’s not just blatantly false; it’s a weaponized bit of propaganda. You can’t hide a nuke detonation, especially in a city. to suggest that the nuke explosion would only channel up and out the top of the building, thus vaporizing the steal antenna (not ! ) is silly. Not even the desert test could do that. The so called ‘ vaporized steel tower in the desert ‘ bit is a myth, as evidenced by all of the MELTED globs of steel. You would have to sustain nuke temps for quite some time to produce gaseous steel in any measurable quantity.
      — YES, there are many real mysteries regarding the building collapses. Let’s not get crazy about it. Micro nukes is a claim presented without any evidence at all. It ignores a fundamental requirement for cascade fission (critical mass) and may in fact be possible, but no one has produced any legitimate documentation or physical evident to back up the claim. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Present the evidence. Hearsay is not evidence, as anyone can say anything.
      — I know that some will scream FED TROLL, but sometimes the voice of reason is exactly that. The Feds hate me far more than you do. This is a time of outrages, but let’s not be outrageous. You may not defeat your opponent by adopting the tactics of your opponent. Truth matters. Playing pretend won’t get the work done. Battlefield nukes are real, but the rest is a story.

    • Anonymous

      If you were being double-crossed by the Bushes and Clontons et al, you may laugh at the scenario when they pulled this stunt on their own sheeple in the trade towers, too, mightn’t you have? If your profession was to put you in the knowledge of how badly your country was being used and abused by us, then you may have had the same reaction as those supposed Israelis… not saying it is right, but, (not even knowing this is true or made up that someone saw them dancing and laughing when it happened, it is hearsay and they do not characterise all Israelis)

      more wise ones would be sober, knowing this evil could be fathomed and was pulled off by the leaders .. of this country
      and the world leaders in general, in collusion this was Luciferian, not just one country involved, but all levels of Luciferian regime. Not just us, not just Britain, not just one government. Different people in many different places of power.

      You are pretty narrowminded. I wish Putin would just come out and say it all.

    • FC

      State of the Nation says they are quoting Pravda –
      But there’s no story about it on Pravda.

      State of the Nation –

      Plus this has been reposted all over the net without sources so please add some. Is it a hoax article or has it good sources?

      • Knarlydawg

        No hoax. Very real. See these articles: “The 5th gen. Uranium Hydride Bomb” & “Nuclear Demolition Devices Were Built Into Twin Towers During Construction” here on BIN. More nuke data that I dug up.

    • Alan8

      Analysis of the three WTC buildings’ debris by physicists indicates the buildings were demolished by military-grade nano-thermite charges:

      An explosion at a single point wouldn’t have caused the pattern seen in controlled demolition: Near-free-fall acceleration, collapsing straight down, against the path of greatest resistance, neatly into their own footprints.

      • Knarlydawg

        From my research thus far, I tend to believe the evidence shows that many means were used…not just a single method. There may be even more methods involved than present evidence supports. The most important thing for all of us to get from this info is that the official narrative is total bs and the real perpetrators need to be apprehended and brought to justice ASAP.

    • billpilot

      Is it too late to save the republic?
      Have international crime syndicates such as the “Bush Family Crime Syndicate” infiltrated our bureaucracy too deeply to be expunged? Must we have to hope for a benevolent coup and dictatorship to purge our government? Are we doomed to a succession of “Barry Soetoros” in the offal office?
      I’d like to believe that there is still something worthwhile – worth saving – in “Western Civilization.” As I listen to the magnificent music of G. F. Handel, I realize what wonders are possible from the minds of good-intentioned humans. We, who seem to know better, and have our hearts in the right place, must concentrate our thoughts and actions in a positive direction, so as to facilitate the rebirth necessary to correct the dangerous list to starboard/port (doesn’t matter which) of the world’s “ship-of-state.” Pray to whatever deity you believe will help. And do what you can to educate those caught up in the mesmerized state put forth by these miscreants in control. It seems that every level of influence within our culture has been compromised. Mass hypnosis? It almost seems so, doesn’t it – what with all the “circuses” provided to distract the unwary, and all the subliminal influence from every presentation from advertising, TV drama, network news, Hollywood, everywhere – all sending subliminal messages to the unguarded.
      We really need the “white rider.” Pray for the miracle. :!:
      [BTW, don't fall for the claptrap about Putin being a monster. He sees what some of us do, and it is that the US is the real terrorist nation, and with the Zionist influence from Israel, we've mucked up the world. Putin just may be that "white rider." (IMO)]

    • The Zodiac Report, Nancy R Owens

      My name is Nancy Ruth Owens and I forged Obama’s birth certificates for the Medellin Cartel, financed by our tax dollars via George and Jeb Bush, in 1985.

      Too classified? Or, too corrupt?

      Take a close look at Jeb Bush. He’s been so coddled that he hasn’t even lost his baby fat, folks.

      • The Zodiac Report, Nancy R Owens

        Google [[Nancy+Ruth+Owens+Obama+Birth+Certificate+Forgery]]

        It’s all connected.

    • The Seer

      what really happened was the US got caught with their pants down just like pearl harbour
      they know terrorists was going to attack but because American’s are so arrogant they thought no one would attack them well they did get attacked in 1942 and on 9/11 to hide their shame nut jobs say it’s a conspiracy and blame others for their arrogance
      guess what they said ISIS would never attack the US because all the small dicks with guns would kill them well more news ISIS did attack and where was the dickless American’s with guns yep hiding under the sofa with mummy

    • yes2truth

      This article is total disso crap – 100%. Probably straight out of the disso Fetzer’s camp.

      • Knarlydawg

        Sorry “yes2truth”, but the evidence continues to mount daily. Your comments might carry some weight of credibility if you could take some of the data presented and disprove the data with countering evidence that could be used to support your claims. Your opinion, while respected as your perspective, has little value when put up against the mountains of evidence that continues grow and shows otherwise. You may have a difficult time accepting the facts as they come forth because you’ve not allowed our Heavenly Father to show you that it still fits His Word just fine. I visited your site and see where you’re coming from. I’m real sorry if you can’t yet comprehend that there is a false Israel operating within the midst of the Jewish people that has usurped the nation of Israel, (as well as America and many other nations), as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, to use God’s chosen people to do the greatest amount of damage to mankind through. Not all Jews are a part of this Luciferian master plan, in fact most are not consciously part of it just as most Americans are not consciously a part of the wickedness that our supposed leaders participate in. That being said, the innocent of conscious involvement will still suffer the consequences of the wickedness perpetrated by their leaders. If we fail to expose the evil that we become aware of, then we become complicit in, and then guilty of (through tacit consent) , any wickedness that our leaders continue to foist upon mankind.

        Our Heavenly Father is no respecter of persons (any special group of people), as in exempting them from reaping what they sow . For you and other Christians to turn a blind eye to bold, in your face wickedness just because you think these people hold some special status with our Creator projects the message that God is a respecter of persons and as such He would be a double standard Creator…….which He is not. That double standard god is the false, usurping god Lucifer which is the very one worshiped by all of the elite illuminated Talmudic Jews, Masons, Jesuits, and all other secret society serpent seed followers. They are the “Synagogue of Satan” Kabbalist Zionists that Jesus often called out. Rev. 2:9 & 3:9

        You can continue to be complicit with their crimes if you wish………I choose not to consent to their wickedness any longer now that I have awareness of their criminal behavior.

    • Anonymous

      see the Corbett Report – Dancing Israelis and the israelis essentially say they were told about it to happen beforehand

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