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CERN Agenda Exposed, Large Hadron Collider Back Story Finally Revealed

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TMR Editor’s Note:
CERN’s Large Hadron Collider has been the object of much research and investigation by scientists and attorneys the world over.  There is a consensus among many investigators that this so-called nuclear particle physics experiment parked on the Swiss-French border is inherently unsafe, and even downright dangerous.

The CCRG wrote and posted many of the ground-breaking articles on this dubious enterprise at the beinning of this decade.  They pointed out in their original article that CERN was directly responsible for creating the World Wide Web and the subsequent Internet.  The reader will soon understand why.  A few of CCRG posts are listed below.

Are CERN scientists at the Large Hadron Collider really looking for the God Particle?

Shiva Nataraja’s Dance Of Destruction At CERN’s Large Hadron Collider

How CERN’s Own Documents Contradict Its Safety Assurances

However, the Anonymous Patriots group has taken this research project to a whole new level.  They have recently produced three excellent essays on this weighty subject matter which TMR has just posted.  The following essay is the BIG one.

The Millennium Report
May 11, 2016

*   *   *   

CERN: Biggest Science Scam in History

Ultimate False Flag of All Time

By Anonymous Patriots

    “No one knows what the thing does – no one does. Firing particles at each other at the speed of light can’t end well. We (physicists) have no idea what we’re doing.”
— Dr. Amit Goswami, Quantum Physicist

Once you begin to understand how false flags are perpetuated on citizens of the world, whether they are local incidents like San Bernardino and Sandy Hook alleged shootings, or false flags of global implications like 9-11, you can uncover any false flag, no matter how small or big.

In our recent article False Flags and Legal Propaganda by the Department of Defense, we showed you how the United States government made it legal to commit propaganda on its citizenry through the expanded powers of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.  It is no longer treasonous to lie and trick Americans into believing anything that the shadow government wants in order to carry out its ultimate plan of world domination under one government and religion. Whether the agendas are gun control, war, or banking bail-outs, false flags use legal methods of deception used to persuade the sleeping masses that these agendas are necessary for their protection and National Security.   

The next false flag that we want to point out to our fellow patriots is the international false flag called CERN. Once the curtain is lifted on this illusion, your fears that the world will implode into the abyss will be allayed; the main work being at CERN is related to the World Wide Web and has little to do with their stated mission.By seeing the full scope of the project, you can also start demanding more transparency for a so-called science operation that is sucking trillions of dollars and euros from citizens around the world.

As usual, our articles are not for fly-by readers. We try to be as thorough as possible so that you are fully armed with truth. The Third World War is an INFOWAR and in order to win, patriots must be armed with the truth.  

Peeling Back the Veils of the CERN Illusion

Just as the first atom smashers were used to create bombs, everything done at CERN is for military purposes.  As is usually the case, any technology that can be weaponized for the globalist’s take-over of the world, whether it is social media, big agriculture, energy production, or the internet, will be used for the purpose of enslaving humanity. Make no mistake: CERN is a super hub for the global military industrial complex. (To read more about the military industrial complex, see our links at the end of this article.)  

Of course, we are not told this. A general internet search describes CERN as a very important scientific project that is in search of creation’s smallest particle—the God particle. But we also see strange religious messages mixed throughout our search such as the statue of Shiva outside of the CERN headquarters or bizarre videos of workers dancing the Hindu Shiva Dance of Destruction.

CERN workers perform Dance of Destruction

Untold billions (perhaps trillions) have been poured into the biggest system of machines (so we are told) ever made, relying on a “science” of theoretical physics that claims it can use human machines to “create” as God did during the first moments of creation. But you will be hard pressed to find any useful discoveries at CERN, even after decades of research and experimentation and boatloads of international funding.

Indeed, CERN has been in operation since 1954 and has yet to create anything useful or get a single step closer to its mission of proving the big bang theory. Of the many “supposed” projects and experiments underway right now, not one of them will lead to anything but theories that attempt to place scientist on the same level of God, or perhaps higher.

CERN is the Biggest Science Fraud in History

No one has been able to stop or thoroughly examine CERN experiments as it is sanctioned by a mysterious assembly of international associations where the ultimate authority of the project has been so hidden through Jesuit-like compartmentalization that you cannot find any one leader, CEO, or entity in charge. In fact, many scientists who are employed by CERN probably don’t know that it is a scam. They are just conducting their limited scope of work, which could be legitimate, given to them by a supervisor that is also working within constraints and boundaries. Everything is on a need-to-know basis.  

In a process known as diffusion of responsibility, no one is ultimately responsible. In CERN’s case this means that science can do whatever it wants–whether it is creating light-speed atomic collisions, capturing mysterious “particles” that can create supernovas or black holes, genetic modification of plants, animals and humans, or just the standard militaristic warlord banker’s favorite — building new bombs for both sides of the conflict.  CERN gives scientists permission to have free reign to rip apart or explode anything they want just because they are trying to find the God particle.

The CERN scientific community makes the braggadocios statement that “Science can do what God does, or better!”  With its community of 25,000 international scientists, scattered throughout the world, who are not responsible to any particular national law or regulation, diffusion of responsibility gives this group exclusionary power and immunity to decide which experiments are worthy of its endeavors, while protecting its scientists from any personal or group consequences.

It also hides the real purpose of CERN: It is the NWO super hub of the military industrial complex for the World Wide Web.

Why is CERN located in Switzerland?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you want to build something secret and keep it secret, you might consider Switzerland where you can hide money, politics,and in this case, the very machine itself.  Do we really believe that the Swiss, known only for manufacturing Swiss watches and knives, built the most complicated machine in the world?  

If what you want is concealment to launder and hide boatloads of money, Geneva, home of internationalism and globalism (IMF, BIS, League of Nations, World Council of Churches, Swiss banks, etc.) is a perfect place to hide the scientific-financial-military hoax of all times.  

Let’s review key points:

The Money – no one knows who all gives to CERN or how much money has been spent to date. Think auditing the Fed is difficult to achieve, try auditing this international world wide web of lies! We know that the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, and other warlord bankers privately donate huge sums that do not appear on CERN published budgets. There are confusing stories, multiple budgets, hidden assets and donations that are shared between seven different cities in France and Switzerland. There are multiple supporting corporations and associations around CERN. One public budget alone shows over a billion a year is spent and nothing is produced except claims and simulations. The total amount donated to CERN have estimates that begin at 11 billion and range to 3 trillion.

You see why CERN is located in the secretive Swiss banking community? Can you imagine what it would take to get a full accounting of anything from CERN—whether financial or operational?  Can you see how this provides the ultimate cloak of secrecy to the world’s biggest false flag?

One thing is for sure. Even though America donates the largest amount of yearly funding, all member countries share data that ensures the international war machine has plenty of weaponized technology for all sides. In this way, perpetual war, spearheaded by the banking warlords, is guaranteed and they all continue to make money on war—no matter which side is fighting.   

Countries involved in CERN research include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Romania, Serbia, Pakistan, Turkey, India, Japan, Russian Federation, United States of America, and the European Union. Although the U.S. funds more money at CERN than any other country, any top-secret weapon research and development is not U.S. proprietary. It is shared with U.S. enemies around the world and U.S. taxpayers are paying to support the international military-industrial war business.

The Politics – The Lombard bankers who financed the crusades, the East India Company, the Dutch East India Company, the British East Indian Company, and the central banks of Italy, Germany, Holland and England, are centered in Geneva. Members of these old banking families have led CERN since its inception. Even though 95% of the supposed CERN tunnels are in France, Geneva is in full control of CERN finances. A complete audit of CERN is not possible because of secretive Swiss banking laws and regulations.
Continue reading HERE.

The Machine – All other atom smashers in the world are either above ground or have continuous ground level access points around the circle or tunnels. CERN is conveniently “hidden” 575 feet underground in tunnels that did not upset the landscape while being built or in operation. Where were the environmentalists and concerned citizens while CERN built this underground behemoth? Where are the pictures of the vast amounts of dirt that had to be excavated? Frankly, when we lived in Boston during the “big dig” it was impossible not to see traffic congestion, cost overruns, corruption, and lots of trucks, construction workers, and dirt. We simply can’t find anything on the internet regarding the construction of tunnels at CERN which is by far a bigger project than anything of its kind—ever.

There do seem to be periodic access points at seven locations for the CERN machine. Each location has an elevator that goes down to the underground facilities where large machines connect to the supposed 17 mile long rings on three different levels. But where are theconstruction pictures showing the tunnel excavation machines? It would be impossible to dig the tunnels without large construction equipment being seen in the access areas.  

This is a picture of a “normal” accelerator. It is above ground and has continuous
access points. There is no reason to place an atom smasher underground and
many reasons not to do so.

What we are shown on the Internet and on CERN’s website are pictures of the so-called underground chambers where different large machines have been built. But since we can’t find any evidence that anything was actually built underground, we have to question the huge and costly experiments taking place at CERN, which, as you will read later, have few tangible results. And really, folks, we all know how easy it is today to photoshop anything—including glossy pictures of the octopus looking CERN and its underground tunnels.   

And now we learn that CERN wishes to enlarge its facility by creating an atom smasher ten times bigger than the current ones. Switzerland will be the exclusive recipient of the funds that will be ten times greater than the already existing CERN costs, which is the most expensive scientific research in history. American taxpayers: Can you spell S-U-C-K-E-R-S?   

The new, ten-times-bigger ring will be tunneled under Lake Geneva and the surrounding area, one of the most expensive and exclusive areas in Europe, and yet no one has objected to living on top of the most radical and dangerous science experiments in history, not to mention the environmental issues in excavating the beautiful Swiss countryside. Perhaps the locals know that CERN is a hoax, that they are not in danger, and (sorry to be so cynical) they are being compensated for their silent participation. Sort of like the paid crisis actors that we find in other false flags events.

What kind of environmental damage will happen when the enlarged tunnels are excavated under lakes, towns, and beautiful countryside?

CERN Data is Flawed According to the NSA

CERN claims to have found the Higgs Boson particle called the God Particle. This data is now questionable and seems to be propaganda based upon an inadequate theory. This coincides with the charges made by the National Security Agency and researchers at other accelerators that CERN data does not fit in with the standard models. It appears that CERN data is simply computer simulations of fake experiments that do not match the data from other legitimate accelerators around the world.  

In an article entitled: NSA Concerned: CERN’s Data the Only Ones They Cannot Make Sense Of, from February 4, 2014, we read that:

NSA officials are increasingly concerned about the fact that they cannot understand the data produced by the Large Hadron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN.

“We can’t see any of those W-bosons, Higgs-bosons, or top quarks these folks claim to have detected. Instead all this appears to be an unintelligible mess that shows up when one crashes highly energetic particles at random.”  

According to rumors, NSA director Keith B. Alexander is very upset about “particle geeks with a damn high income” that are “unable to explain the meaning of their business to anybody else.”  

CERN management stated that “The entire physics community trusts the results because an unprecedented number of experts believe them. We are astonished that NSA is so distrustful.”  

Via unofficial channels, CERN assured that none of the particle physics experiments have developed anything useful, let alone anything harmful, in the past few decades.

Do You Sense a False Flag Here?

In our article entitled False Flags are Legal Propaganda Produced by the Department of Defense, we described the twelve indicators of a false flag.  The list is easy to use and we suggested that patriots become acquainted with this list (provided by Wikipedia) so that suspicious events and activities could be checked against the indicators.

We have applied the indicators specifically to CERN at the link below:

Is CERN a False Flag Operation?

What is so astonishing is that CERN tells you on its own website what you need to look for in order to discern an internet hoax. (Since CERN is the creator of the internet—which you will read on down the article—guess they needed to alert you when you might be caught up in an Internet fraud.)

CERN indicates three things that will tip you off to an internet fraud or hoax:

  • Technical sounding language.
  • Credibility by association.
  • Life or death questions concerning a human. 

As you can see, CERN meets this criteria exactly. What project is more technical than CERN? It continuously creates new theoretical particles that no one, even the NSA, can “find.”

CERN is the largest scientific collaboration in the world. Therefore, its credibility by association is unparalleled with 25,000 top scientists working for it. That many scientists can’t be wrong, says the new alternative method of scientist research—scientific consensus.

What could be more life-threatening than opening black holes that could swallow the earth or finding anti-matter that destroys the entire Earth in the process?  

Therefore, CERN, by its own definition of a hoax is a hoax of mega proportion.And it meets all the criteria for twelve basic strategies of perception management.

We would be dancing, too, if we could make this much money with scientific smoke and mirrors.

The True Mission of CERN – Better Bombs

For the first time in history mad scientists have built a machine/weapon that, they claim, is capable of destroying the planet. Hadron colliders, which are actually real mechanical devices, evolved during the cold war to create small nuclear explosions which could be used by the military as a sample of future nuclear bombs. After the cold war ended, Russia and America put an end to the astronomical costs of those machine-weapons, but Europe, with the new ‘marketing’ of ‘peaceful use’ took the industry of accelerators a step further. The result, they claim, is a 7 teravolt, superconductive, superfluid ‘quark cannon’ which purports to mass together the densest, most attractive substance of the universe, quarks, to explore the formation of quark-gluon liquids. These liquids are the explosives responsible for cosmic annihilations, such as novas, super-novas and perhaps the hypothetical big bang of the universe. Because the Swiss device is supposed to be so large it has the name LARGE Hadron Collider (LHC).

Even though we have not found sufficient evidence that these experiments are actually possible or that CERN is actually doing them, we are concerned about the cavalier acceptance that a body of international physicists could be permitted to conduct such dangerous experiments with dire consequences for humanity, without approval by the United States Congress and other individual nation states (not the collective UN body, but individual, sovereign nation states) and that the world’s citizenry isn’t made more aware of what is actually going on.  It seems that there is a scheme to make the LHC a machine that is “too big to fail,” defended by technocrats, nuclear industries, physicists and the corporate press, with the same zeal they defended nuclear weapons during the cold war and big banks in current times. 

CERN claims that the LHC has enough potency to create strangelets, a strange liquid explosive that is responsible for the ice-9 reaction that converts stars into super-novas with a device called Castor, a strangelet detector which was built to study them. The ‘Castor Team’ affirms the LHC will ‘likely’ create stable strangelets. CERN will shoot bullets at the speed of light at lead pellets in this superconductive, superfluid cannon. According to the most advanced theoretical research on the subject, they can create strangelets that would sink the earth into a rock of a few kilometers of diameter.  Once upon a time, this strange liquid might have been called snake oil.

If all of this were to be believed, CERN would be developing the most powerful weapon ever known to man and many lesser, but dangerous, weapons could arise from these experiments. Thank goodness we now know these scientists as modern-day snake oil hustlers.

Refuting the Big Bang Theory

Everything done at CERN hangs on a “belief” in the big bang theory of creation. The big bang, much like the Santa Claus hypothesis, no longer makes testable predictions wherein proponents agree that a failure would falsify the hypothesis. Instead, the theory is continually amended to account for all new, unexpected discoveries. Indeed, many young scientists now think of this as a normal process in science, just as consensus has replaced the scientific method!

In the time of Galileo and Isaac Newton, anyone who tried to say the earth was not flat or that the sun did not rotate around the earth was not only called a “conspiracy theorist,” but was jailed and even executed. It’s hardly much different now. Today, the Big Bang is pushed so vehemently, especially among higher education, that anyone who questions its validity, even in light of the countless flaws of the big bang theory, can be subject to intense criticism, professionally and socially ostracized and rejected, given failing grades, and expelled from universities.The questioning scientist can have his/her professional licenses revoked, professional associations withheld, job terminated, and reputation ruined. All because the inquiring scientist went against the prevailing notions.

It’s no different from the times when people went against the idea the earth was round. It’s not about what is true. It’s about what the educational and governing authorities say they want you to believe and say is true. As a result, almost all professors and scientists are too afraid of being ostracized from their communities and face losing their jobs to speak out against the preposterous “science”.

If you want to believe in the big bang theory, you must believe it one of three ways: by faith, by ignorance, or by indoctrination.

By faith, because you can’t believe something which does not have adequate scientific evidence except as a philosophical viewpoint.

By ignorance because the only way to be certain in your mind that the big bang theory could work is because you don’t have all the facts.

Or if you have been so far indoctrinated you haven’t made a logical conclusion with your own rational mind, you may have never even tried to question what you have been told.

However you must decide for yourself what you will believe. If you decide to believe in the big bang theory, just realize that since it is not supported by science; you have to believe it as a philosophical viewpoint, not as a scientific fact.

Yet the foundational science of CERN, and all of the trillions that will be going into supporting this dark behemoth for decades to come, is based upon the questionable theory of the big bang.

Ten Basic Reasons the Big Bang Theory is Impossible

Granted, we are not trained physicists or highly-paid university researchers. We are regular citizens, with average intelligences, using basic high school science principals to understand what CERN claims to do. And if we see this many holes in their highfalutin science, then why aren’t they seeing it? Or better yet, we challenge any scientist to refute these points with readers of this website.

Here are the questions we would like some of these 25,000 highly educated scientists to clear up for us before we send you another billion dollars:

  1. If the big bang theory were true, a magnetic monopole should be one of the most prevalent (common) particles in the universe. However, instead it is the complete opposite – a magnetic monopole has never been observed. 


  1. The curvature of matter and energy in regards to density remains very small so the probability that a big bang could have occurred to create the current universe is so astronomically slim that it is entirely improbable.


  1. If the big bang occurred 13.7 billion years ago, then the deeper we peer into the universe, the closer to the Big bang that we should see. However, no matter how deep we peer into space, still we see no evidence of a big bang. 
  2. For a big bang to have occurred, galaxies would be perfectly evenly spread out. Thus, the lack of universal galactic uniformity contradicts the fundamental aspects of the big bang theory.


  1. The curvature of matter and energy in regards to density remains very small so the probability that a big bang could have occurred to create the current universe is so astronomically slim that it is entirely improbable.


  1. Dark Matter and Dark Energy have never been proven, or observed in any way whatsoever, yet the big bang theory depends on the existence of such potentially mythological substances. In order for the big bang theory to even be valid, dark matter and dark energy would have to be the most abundant things in the universe. 
  2. Big bang theorists have tried to use a magical effect called “inflation” to solve several of the obvious problems, including the Horizon Problem and the Flatness Problem. Inflation states that after the big bang, all the particles in the universe traveled faster than the speed of light. But Einstein’s General Law of Relativity proves that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. 
  3. For the big bang to have happened and created the whole universe as we know it, the opposite thing would have happened: all matter would have moved toward order. This is impossible. 
  4. Newton’s First Law of Thermodynamics states generally that matter cannot be created nor destroyed. This is a fundamental law of science which says that matter can only be converted into other matter.  Proponents of the big bang theory try to say that the universe was created out of nothing. Obviously this is scientifically impossible.


  1. The big bang theory opposes Occam’s Razor because it can only exist with innumerable adjustable parameters. 
  2. The universe is too big to have formed in only 10-20 billion years as the big bang theory suggests, since the big bang is theorized to have happened only about 13.7 billion years ago. This is because the speed of matter is limited by the speed of light. The problem here is that if the big bang had occurred, firstly the universe is too large to have only happened 13.7 billion years ago, and secondly there is temperature uniformity which requires matter to have moved beyond the speed of light to become universally uniform. This of course, is impossible according to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, because nothing can move faster than the speed of light.

Perhaps never in the history of science has so much quality evidence accumulated against a model so widely accepted within a field.  If our limited high school science background can question this, why aren’t more university professors calling out the HOAX OF ALL TIME.

Even the most basic elements of the theory, the expansion of the universe and the fireball remnant radiation, remain interpretations with credible alternative explanations, onemust wonder why, in this circumstance, that four good alternative models are not even being comparatively discussed by most astronomers.  These four alternatives are:

(1) The Steady-State model of the universe suggests the universe always had and will always have the same density. The theory reconciles the apparent evidence that the universe is expanding by suggesting that the universe generates matter at a rate proportionate to the universe’s rate of expansion.

(2) The Ekpyrotic model suggests our universe is the result of a collision of two three-dimensional worlds on a hidden fourth dimension. It doesn’t conflict with the big bang theory completely, as after a certain amount of time it aligns with the events described in the big bang theory.

(3) The big bounce theory suggests our universe is one of a series of universes that first expand, then contract again. The cycle repeats after several billion years.

(4) Plasma cosmology attempts to describe the universe in terms of the electrodynamic properties of the universe. Plasma is an ionized gas, which means it’s a gas with free roaming electrons that can conduct electricity.

NEWS FLASH: CERN Did Not Discover the Higgs Boson Particle

A simulation of the Higgs-Boson particle. Nice picture, but where is the REAL picture?

In an article by Jim Algar of Tech Times we read that:

The elusive Higgs boson, the so-called “God particle,” may not have been discovered despite claims of it being detected, some scientists are saying. Particle physicists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) announced two years ago they had discovered the Higgs particle, considered the foundation particle in the Standard Model of Particle physics, and a Nobel Prize was awarded to Peter Higgs and Francois Englert for their work on the theory of the Higgs boson.

Now, though, researchers at the University of Southern Denmark’s Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics Phenomenology suggest that while the CERN scientists did discover a unique new particle, there’s no conclusive evidence of it being the Higgs boson.

The Higgs could explain data obtained by CERN scientists using the Large Hadron Collider, but other particles could have created the data, suggesting there might be alternate explanations for it, they say in a paper published in the journal Physical Review:

“The current data is not precise enough to determine exactly what the particle is,” saysuniversity researcher Mads Toudal Frandsen. “It could be a number of other known particles.”

So what is CERN Really Doing?

CERN is the Home of the World Wide Web – Europe’s PRISM

In 1989, under the guidance of Tim Berners-Lee, CERN began the World Wide Web project, which led to the first webpage in history. On April 30, 1993, CERN announced that the World Wide Web would be free to anyone. Essentially, CERN wrote the base code for individuals to access the internet.

The first packet-switched computer network was the ARPANET. It used a backbone of routers called Interface Message Processors. Other packet-switched computer networks began to proliferate in the 1970s, eventually adopting TCP/IP protocols or being replaced by newer networks. The National Science Foundation created NSFNET in 1986 by funding six networking sites using links and peering to the ARPANET. In 1987, this new network was upgraded with links to thirteen sites.

These sites included regional networks that in turn connected over 170 other networks. IBMMCI and Merit upgraded the backbone bandwidth (T3) in 1991. The combination of the ARPANET and NSFNET became known as the Internet.Within a few years, the dominance of the NSFNet backbone led to the decommissioning of the redundant ARPANET infrastructure in 1990.

In the early days of the internet, backbone providers exchanged their traffic at government-sponsored Network Access Points (NAPs)until the government privatized the internet, and transferred the NAPs to commercial providers.

A Network Access Point (NAP) is a public network exchange facility where internet service providers (ISPs) connected with one another in peering arrangements. The NAPs were a key component in the transition from the 1990s NSFNET era (when many networks were government sponsored and commercial traffic was prohibited) to the commercial Internet providers of today.

The four Network Access Points (NAPs) were defined under the U.S. National Information Infrastructure (NII) document as transitional data communications facilities at which Network Service Providers (NSPs) would exchange traffic, in replacement of the publicly-financed NSFNET Internet backbone. The original four NAPs are inWashington, D.C., New York, Chicago, and California.  As a transitional strategy, NAPs were effective, giving commercial network operators a bridge from the internet’s beginnings as a government-funded academic experiment, to the modern internet of many private-sector competitors collaborating to form a network-of-networks, anchored around Internet Exchange Points.

Cisco Systems – Child of DARPA

Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in San Jose, California, that designs, manufactures and sells networking equipment. It is considered to be the largest networking company in the world.  Cisco was one of the first to sell commercially successful routers supporting multiple network protocols, routers that quickly became vital to Internet service providers and by 1998 gave Cisco de facto monopoly in this critical segment.  Essentially, every internet message originally went through a Cisco router.  

In 2000, Cisco became the most valuable company in the world, with a market capitalization of more than US $500 billion.

Cisco’s Linksys E2700, E3500, E4500 devices have been reported to be remotely updated to a firmware version that forces users to register for a cloud service, allowing Cisco to monitor their network use, and ultimately shut down the cloud service account and thus render the affected router unusable. Cisco has been found to have built in a backdoor to all of their routers that connect them to the NSA’s PRISM program of surveillance.

According to the German magazine Der Spiegel the NSA has developed JETPLOW for gaining access to ASA Cisco series 5505, 5510, 5520, 5540 and 5550 and 500-series PIX Firewalls. The National Security Agency’s Tailored Access Operations (TAO) unit and other NSA employees intercept servers, routers and other network gear being shipped to organizations targeted for surveillance and install covert firmware onto them before they’re delivered. These Trojan horse systems were described by an NSA manager as being “some of the most productive operations in TAO.

Initially the Network Access Points were controlled and operated by Cisco Systems in conjunction with DARPA and the National Security Agency. CERN is Europe’s oldest and largest Network Access Points used by the rogue faction of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency for surveillance of foreign countries and their citizens.  

CERN also coordinates the work of Onyx, the Swiss intelligence gathering system maintained by the Federal Intelligence Service of Switzerland.  The mission of Onyx is to monitor both civil and military communications via telephone, fax, internet traffic and satellite communications. Onyx uses lists of keywords to filter the intercepted content for information of interest.  Onyx coordinates the work of other collection centers like ZimmerwaldHeimenschwand and Leuk.

CERN is a Network Access Point for surveillance for the ECHELON spy system.  

ECHELON is a surveillance program (signals intelligence / SIGINT collection and analysis network) operated on behalf of the five signatory nations to the UKUSA Security AgreementAustraliaCanadaNew Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. The program was created in the late 1960s to monitor the military and diplomatic communications of the Soviet Union and its Eastern Bloc allies during the Cold War, and was formally established in 1971. By the end of the 20th century, the system referred to as “ECHELON” had allegedly evolved beyond its military and diplomatic origins, to also become “…a global system for the interception of private and commercial communications.”

Britain’s The Guardian newspaper summarized the capabilities of the ECHELON system as follows: “A global network of electronic spy stations that can eavesdrop on telephones, faxes and computers. It can even track bank accounts. This information is stored in ECHELON computers, which can keep millions of records on individuals. Officially, however, Echelon doesn’t exist.”

In 2000, James Woolsey, the former Director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, confirmed that U.S. intelligence uses interception systems and keyword searches to monitor European businesses. Some of the systems used to accomplish these tasks at CERN include:

ADVISE: (Analysis, Dissemination, Visualization, Insight, and Semantic Enhancement) is a research and development program within the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Threat and Vulnerability Testing and Assessment (TVTA) portfolio. It is developing a massive data mining system which collects and analyzes data on everyone in the United States and performs a “threat analysis” of them. The data can be everything from financial records, phone records, emails, blog entries, website searches, and any other electronic information that can be put into a computer system.

Boundless Informant: NSA system to analyze global electronic information.

BULLRUN: NSA program to preserve its ability to eavesdrop on encrypted communications.

Carnivore: FBI system to monitor email and electronic communications.

DCSNet: FBI surveillance system that can perform instant wiretaps on any telecommunications device.

Fairview: A mass surveillance program directed at foreign mobile phone users.

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network: A bureau of the Department of the Treasury that collects and analyzes financial transactions in order to combat financial crimes.

ICREACH: Surveillance that is shared with 23 government agencies, including the CIADEA, and FBI, to search illegally collected personal records.

Magic Lantern: A keystroke logging software deployed by the FBI in the form of an e-mail attachment. When activated, it acts as a trojan horse and allows the FBI to decrypt user communications.

Main Core: A personal and financial database storing information of millions of U.S. citizens believed to be threats to national security.

MAINWAY: NSA database containing metadata for hundreds of billions of telephone calls made through the four largest telephone carriers in the United States.

MUSCULAR: Overseas wiretapping of Google‘s and Yahoo‘s unencrypted internal networks by the NSA.

MYSTIC: NSA voice interception program.

PRISM: NSA electronic surveillance program which can target customers of participating corporations outside or inside the United States.

Sentry Eagle: Program to monitor and attack an adversary’s cyberspace.

Special Collection Service (SCS): It employs covert listening device technologies to bug foreign embassies, communications centers, computer facilities, fiber-optic networks, and government installations.

Stellar Wind: The name for four surveillance programs in one.

Tailored Access Operations: Intelligence-gathering unit of the NSA.

Turbulance: NSA information-technology project. It includes offensive cyberwarfare capabilities, like injecting malware into remote computers.

US Intelligence Community (IC): A cooperative federation of 16 government agencies working together, but also separately, to gather intelligence and conduct espionage.

Utah Data Center: The Intelligence Community’s US$1.5 billion data storage center that is designed to store extremely large amounts of data.  CERN is the European Data Center.

X-Keyscore: NSA system for searching and analyzing internet data about foreign nationals.

Information Awareness Office: An office established to bring together several DARPA projects focused on applying surveillance and information technology to track and monitor terrorists and other threats to U.S. national security.

ThinThread: NSA program involving wiretapping and sophisticated analysis of the resulting data.

Trailblazer Project: NSA program intended to develop a capability to analyze data carried on communications networks including cell phone networks and the Internet.

Miami and its CERN-like Network Access Point

Miami’s Network Access Point, located in central Miami, is called “The Cube”.  It is the Network Access Point (NAP) of the Americas, one of the world’s largest data centers, which redirects most of the digital information that comes from Latin America. About 90% of data traffic from Central and South America passes through the south Florida facility before continuing to its final destination.

The NAP is, in short, one of the internet’s brains – facilitating people’s online activity. There are 18 data centers around the world which play an important role in global digital communications. Security measures are especially strict at the NAP, and it is rare to be granted access.  

The Cube, unlike other data centers, rents its equipment and space to private and public customers, so that they can share information between them. To prevent any service interruptions, the walls have seven inch thick, steel-reinforced concrete exterior panels in a hidden-from-sight building that does not have windows.

Does the secretive description of the Cube NAP sound familiar? It sounds like what CERN brags about and says it is a leader in – data mining, surveillance, and housing the largest set of Cisco routers in Europe.

CERN is clearly a collection and operation center for ECHELON and the rogue CIA that supports the transnationalists agenda.  

CERN is nothing more than a hub for the World Wide Web PRISM data mining.

This is the true agenda of CERN – the “discovery” and “creation” of the World Wide Web.  CERN is hidden from sight and as secure as possible in a country that is notorious for keeping secrets. CERN has discovered nothing and is only good for collecting data and analyzing it.   Such far-fetched discoveries as CERN’s recent analysis that “classical music exists in the fifth dimension and humans cannot go there” is just one of the ridiculous “discoveries” that the CERN super computers have been working on. This is, of course, complete hog-wash; any spiritual researcher could have concluded as much in far less time and money.

Let’s Review the False Flag of All Time

CERN is the justification for the continued “mad science” that is conducted by theorists who have wasted trillions on big bang nonsense and particle physics that only leads to nuclear weapons.

CERN is run by Warlord Bankers from Geneva which is the home of the New World Order through the United Nations and the IMF, BIS, WCC, etc.

CERN discoveries are fake and not supported by other colliders, NASA, NSA, and many other scientists worldwide.

CERN does not have 17 miles of tunnels because there is no evidence they were ever built and the photographs of CERN machines show that they are not connected to the accelerator.  The machines are not in sterile environments and use the laboratory space for large gatherings, dancing, photo-ops, and education.  

CERN’s data could easily be produced by computer simulations and it is not repeatable at other facilities.

CERN is a hoax, using its own definition of an internet hoax through claiming authority via association, large numbers of scientists supposedly involved, and a critical life and death issue at the heart of the hoax.

CERN has collected trillions of currency units from multiple countries and yet only appears to have spent billions or even millions. The budgets are shared out between five French cities, two Swiss cities, CERN itself, and many subsidiary organizations.  This certainly begs the question: Where is all the money going?  

CERN is one of the original Network Access Points because it set up the source code for establishing the World Wide Web and it is the largest NAP in Europe for surveillance and data collection for the Swiss and French governments, and ECHELON.

There are many systems of surveillance coordinated through CERN including Onyx, ECHELON, PRISM and other similar DARPA and In-Q-Tel programs.

CERN is economically supported to find discoveries that can be weaponized – atomic bombs, nuclear energy, etc.

CERN claims to be the most dangerous machine scientists have ever built. There are no good reasons to continue splitting atoms with a quark cannon.

CERN is based upon the efficacy of the big bang theory which is completely incorrect. Thus, CERN’s research is a fraud. CERN cannot prove anything because its basic assumptions are false and inconclusive, based on consensus rather than authentic, reproducible scientific research.

CERN fraudulently “discovered” the Higgs-Boson particle. Many non-CERN scientists say that CERN has discovered nothing and that all particle physics descriptions of atoms are completely theoretical and that other theories seem more viable and provable.  There are four other accepted theories that supplant the big bang theory. Thus, other theories make CERN and all atom smashers obsolete and a dinosaur of science. Essentially, a complete waste of time, money and energy, much like the ghost cities built in China—just a way to hide or launder money or infuse the dwindling base of the global financial Ponzi scheme with much-needed cash.

CERN plans to build another atom smasher ten times bigger than the current one that is already the largest in the world. This time, it will be built completely in Switzerland so the warlord bankers can capitalize on an even bigger money laundering or Ponzi scheme.

The blue circle is the supposed site of CERN today. The dotted grey circle
represents where the new, ten times larger accelerator would be built.

Immediate Solutions

The United States needs to immediately stop funding any project, directly or indirectly, that supports the CERN SCIENCE SCAM.


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    • Syco

      You need rehab, CERN has no agenda other than to study to make up of matter and discover new subatomic particles.

      • PaulTarsuss

        a ‘SYCO’ calling for another’s rehab. That’s rich.

        This despite the fact that CERN has spent THOUSANDS of MILLIONS of dollars supposedly to find particles they can do nothing with other than to make war or further exploit their fellow men….

        All this while millions of their fellow men, women, and children starve in the streets.

        PHANT called, it want’s it’s SYCO back.

        • Anonymous

          PHANT called, it want’s it’s SYCO back.

          heh.. echo that.

        • Syco

          Small minded religious zelots with no concept of scientific advancement, ohh we must cling to our superstitions and myths to make ourselves feel better instead of learning and understanding the workings of the minutia of the universe around us. Only a fools fool would have fear of knowledge.

          • Christian T

            Let’s just get your educational level out in the open, shall we, Syco? Small-minded requires a hyphen, zealot has an ‘a’ in it and the word you are struggling for is ‘minutiae’. You are the fool’s fool – which incidentally does need the apostrophe.

            • Syco

              Says the sad person clinging to 2000 year old superstition. Grammar nazi does not prove your point in any sense.

          • Iggy A

            And here witness the smug hatefulness of the shallow enders… who swallow anything wholesale if you just attach the tag-word “Science” to it…

            “Cling to your superstitions” — Like believing really smart men using the symbolic language of Math can tell me with much accuracy what happened —- 6 billion years ago?

            They’ve proven all it, right? Because it’s “Science” and science never oversteps itself. It’s based on facts…. even though every 50 to 100 years much of what was considered “proven” is erased by the latest fad-ishitic hot “scientific” idea.

            — Oh, it is so much easier to disbelieve a God we can’t see —- but also believe the Quantum Mechanics guys when they tell us —- everything we’ve experienced since birth is —- an illusion….


            Science is run by mankind. — It is subject to the same weaknesses of everything we do…

            But people like you have been brainwashed to believe — Science is the Ultimate Truth because it is based on Logic…

            ….when Logic is only as strong as its weakest premises…

            Math and Logic are not “Truth”.

            One day a hundred years from now or so —- when some watershed thinker gets science to admit there is no such thing a “Time” — not as a 4th dimension — and accepts that Perspective might be Relative but does not dictate Reality —- much of 20th Century Science will have to be redone…

            If a tree falls in the wood, does it make a sound…?

            Thanks to the Tyranny of Perspective propelled by Einstein, “smart” people today are supposed to say “No.”

            It’s willful ignorance elevating mankind to the position of demi-god.

            A tree falling will make the same exact disturbance in its local environment — whether someone it there to witness it or not…

            The foundations of what you call Truth are not what you believe.

            You don’t have to be religious to see it.

            Google on Plasma Theory, the Electric Universe, Cymatics, and such….. or look at what we’ve learned about the individual “simple” cell as applied to Darwin…

          • jonesy

            …Well syco, Y’ duuno shet, about anything beyond the length of your cock…and that’s probably ridiculously over-estimated. You know, there truly is no existence beyond this earthly hell hole….in your future….Just kick back and don’t worry, about ANYTHING. Pick your poison and have some on hand…..You’ll want a double dose.

      • Iggy A

        That’s rather naive and you don’t have to be a Conspiracy Theorist to think so…

        There is no way this much money, time, and energy for so long would be spent “just to see what we can see”…

        • LifeIs

          CERN is just a particle accelerator. And the reason for building it is to enrich contractors and provide job security for certain people.

          This is what the US military is for. And it’s why we don’t win wars.

          CERN is run by people who believe in the “Big Bang,” and Einstein’s theories of relativity, and in quantum physics, and in 3-dimensional space with time as a dimension, and in gravity.

          It is run by people who are dumber than a sack of hammers, in other words.

          • Iggy A

            ” it is to enrich contractors and provide job security for certain people.”

            I can agree that is likely in play.

            I’ve also been harping on the idea that — one day — much of Science in the 20th Century will be redone, because some will re-discover that — Perspective does not dictate Reality — and — Time has no existential existence…

            But — there is likely more going on than this…

            I haven’t read a great amount of texts in Hinduism. I only dabbled in them along with Buddhism and Taoism and Islam a couple of decades ago…

            ….but… if even with that – when I’ve read as a notice stuff about Quantum Physics and Cosmology —- it was easy to hear the Hinduism bells ringing…

            Which is why I wasn’t surprised when I read about the statue of a Hindu goddess outside Cerns HQ…

            And recently, I choose the topic of the Occult to read on – because I haven’t before – and I’m catching a lot of Hinduistic talk again and again with New Age-ism.


            I stumbled across this book and just started reading it.

            I’d really love to have an inventory list of the books in the personal libraries of some of the big names in theoretical physics from 1900 to now…

            I don’t see how anyone who reads around in Hinduism and related religions and theoretical physics could not recognize some parallels…

      • Overmind

        No such thing as sub-particles m8.
        There is only one basic particle in this universe and it’s opposite; all the rest are made of them 2 overlapped in various configurations.

    • Anonymous

      CERN is the “bottomless pit”

    • Syrin

      Anyone know how to stop all these intrusive pop ups? I use chrome and it’s configured to block pop ups already

      • saucepan

        @Syrin: Use AdBlock, it’s free.

    • my2pesos

      Google CERN ~ Logger ‘on’ CE ~ Go Ogle ‘CE’ RN ~ GEO Role ‘n’ CE
      Internet’s ~ Inner Test ~ Intern ET’s ~ RE’s Intent ~ IT ‘n’ RE: Nest

    • the awaking

      Cern is the mainframe for the matrix we all live in

    • Syco

      Yes fear and hate a statue for being art! Never mind some liberal nut bag with a jar of piss with the cross in it. Shiva ohh goodness, of the thousands if not millions of “gods” in all the history and cultures or the world we have to be afraid of all of them but “ours” because we are the only ones that are right! LOL Zealots are funny!

      • Iggy A

        Do you know anything about Shiva? Hinduism?

        I don’t claim much knowledge on it, but even the amount of reading I did on it long ago — got bells ringing when I read around in Quantum Mechanics…

        And since above you already lambasted the author for being a small minded bigoted religious person…. it says a good bit about you for now acting as if Hinduism isn’t the same…

        You are a shallow-ender… Can’t even get your hair wet that way…

        • Syco

          more than I care to explain, polytheism is as far as I can concerned the only religious dogma that makes any kind of sense. But at the end of the day all religion is BS.

    • Iggy A

      Has there every been a non-False Flag event to these people…?

    • salman

      CERN has no agenda …. they have to discover new atomic

    • EOD\'s

      Cern is the Demonic key to letting the Sons of Satan but in to this world, already in operation….

      As the world collapses financial while preparing for WW3 and Armaggedon

    • Overmind

      I’m a scientist. I can confirm that many of the so-called ‘findings’ are just a scam.
      Now, as a non-scientist, you can still use logic. Do you really believe that the nucleus is held together by super-glue ‘particles’ or that relativity has any universal relevance ?
      Physics are way more simple than the propaganda tells you and can actually explain anything from basic particles to the so-named universal unifying theory that all ‘search’ but can actually be formulated and completely explained in just a few pages.

      • The Clucker

        “Physics are way more simple than the propaganda tells you and can actually explain anything from basic particles to the so-named universal unifying theory that all ‘search’ but can actually be formulated and completely explained in just a few pages.”

        That sounds interesting. Do you have any links you could share? Thanks.

      • Alan

        Logic is made of the known, i.e science, which is relative to the observation and dialectic of things.

        It {logic} is calculated thus its known to calculate.

        And all is relevant because its relative to existence.

        Scientist ye states. :roll:

        • Iggy A

          I wouldn’t agree that Logic is made of the known. I’d agree it is relative to Observation/Perspective. Logic is not Truth — it is a formulation based on what sounds best.

          Logic is Semantics.

          It relies on Symbols used within a Language based on Perception.

          No matter how you look at it – a Logical Argument is only as strong as its weakest premises.

          The actions of the Universe couldn’t give a rat’s bottom whether or not our Math, Logic, or Perspectives are faulty…

          Science forgot that somewhere along the way…

      • Iggy A

        Why has modern science elevated the Observer to such a powerful position?

        If every sentient being in the universe dropped dead tomorrow, the universe would not vanish, but I don’t know how many of the theoretical science guys believe that…

        Have you read any about Hinduism? I did some years ago, and when I read around as a novice in theoretical physics — it keeps sounding like an echo of it…

        I thought that before I’d ever heard of Cern or the statue in front of it. I didn’t hear about them until recently, and it wasn’t a surprise…

        And I started reading around in New Ageism and also the history of the Occult — and the same bells ring…

        You run across the word — Consciousness a lot. Which seems just a variation of the Relativity meme. Which basically elevates the power of Perspective to that of dictator of Reality…

        Eventually, it seems pretty far down the Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist road…

        • jonesy

          …Iggy…’…elevates …perspective…to ‘creator’(?)..
          … that works, for people. Bruce jenner saw things like a woman…now he are one.
          …all joking aside…that’s pretty deep thinking, iggy. I see the same process, everywhere.
          …I’m amazed by the arrogance.

    • Overmind

      …and yes…that higgs thing is an absurdity and a scam.

    • Болеслава

      Matches the entrance to the bottomless pit which is opened in the end times in Revelations.

    • 2QIK4U


    • Daniel Jackson

      The use of CERN on the internet is to primarily get website clicks and traffic.

    • Danika

      Why cannot the LHC be a benevolent device? Just because it is unknown to most doesn’t make it malevolent. It has a purpose. You just are unaware of it at this time. Patience, grasshoppers…

      • Iggy A

        It’s not the unknown part that raises eyebrows…

        ….It’s the echoes of Hinduism and the Occult and New Ageism and Alchemy that rings bells —- and finding a statute of Shiva before the front door is not surprises but does cause concern…

      • Anonymous

        “Why cannot the LHC be a benevolent device?”

        Perhaps it is. But what does anyone Really know of the intent? I’ll treat that as unknown.
        The unknown isn’t to be feared, but “respected”. An acknowledgement of the existence of the unknown.
        When you don’t know what it actually is you’re dealing with, you must be vigilant, precautious.

        What of unintended consequence?

        The one thing I don’t ever want to hear from the scientists triggering CERN is.. “oops”.

        ..and if bad intent was always the impetus behind it all?

        AW, CRAP…

    • Alan

      Bin-seeing things


      But seriously~ NSA’s supposedly spying {PROGRAMS ABOVE} ‘with’ CERN {PROGRAMS ABOVE}, and DOESN’T corroborate HADRON data when all is in same TEAM…
      {i.e supposed spying ‘fearcon. program which includes many enemies}, but using different machines and having different readings… HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH :lol: so confused, uis.

    • Jango

      Very well written article. Whether CERN is mainly involved as an internet hub or not is questionable. However, it is a scam money pit which has discovered nothing as you noted. Just using logic, common sense, simple math, and simple physics, as well as experimentation and observation, one can easily see that the Big Bang is impossible. So is the heliocentric solar system model impossible. It’s all a hoax and the unthinking are brainwashed since childhood to believe it. This has now become the norm and anyone who questions it is ostracized. But for those who can still think and reason and don’t depend on “experts” to do their thinking for them here is something to think about.

    • kyrie Exposing the lie of Islam pdf Exposing the Torah pdf Exposing Judaism pdf The 16 crucified saviors pdf The deep Web The Dark Web

    • R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed.

      This article is apparently written by a NON-scientist who specializes in “doubt and belief”, instead of the scientific method that should be used to verify accuracy of thought.
      Yes, CERN is a globalist Black Ops, but it really is a particle accelerator. They do exist. Oak Ridge, TN, has a very busy one. The CERN scientists are not allowed to talk about what they do, and must sign legal paperwork that binds them to silence, if they want to work on the huge project. However, there are charts available for interested learners who wish to observe the daily results. I recommend to the laymen the website: …because CERN charts are explained every few days. It is a good learning tool for those who are not educated in the scientific jargon.
      This article might even be a clever DISINFORMATION effort by those who wish to conceal what CERN is doing, because the article offers strong opinion, but no real evidence. The science and evidence are out there for anyone who wants to understand CERN. Quantum Physics and Mechanical Physics have been designing this project for decades in the university laboratories. One can Google the videos by Dr. Brian Cox and let him explain CERN to you. Yes, CERN is really doing what it is really supposed to do. Ignorance just cannot understand it.

      R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./ sciences
      Freelance Investigative Science Reporter since 1996
      24 years – Virginia Licensed Science Teacher (biology, chemistry, physics)
      9.3 years-Nuclear lab and Nuclear Radiological Protection Inspector

    • The Clucker

      CERN is a false flag CIA 9/11 cover-up to further the peanut allergy psy-op. Nothing more to see here.

    • moochie2

      The Hadron Super Collider is just one of CERN’s projects. The Hadron Collider is not CERN.

    • TheTechReader

      Hello, author at TheTechReader here. I agree with everything you said. However, I was reading this and I noticed my own writing that I personally wrote. I double-checked, and yes you have used paragraphs of my own personal writing verbatim without quoting my article. Please add in the reference since you used such a large direct verbatim quote from my article.

      Thank you for quoting me and liking my writing, but in the future please quote your sources when using large pieces of verbatim plagiarism.

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