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An Overview of Telecomm's 5G Nightmare Network

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An Overview of Telecomm’s 5G Nightmare Network

By Victor Ter

April 2, 2018 (Forward from Jim Vella)

An Overview of Telecomm’s 5G Nightmare Network (April 2, 2018)

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[Editor's Note: Nothing reveals the utter rot and corruption of the US congress and the corporate psychopaths of the Telecommunication industry who own them, than the FORCED imposition of the deadly 5G electronic network that will soon make life nearly unbearable in every corner of America. This untested, no-trial, un-certified, un-scrutinized, un-examined high frequency microwave radiation nightmare will exert more physical, neurological, DNA-damaging, fetus-damaging, and stress-producing damage on the American population than any other technology the public has ever been (so recklessly) exposed to. The unconcerned, uncaring, stupefied, sold-out political whores who allowed this monstrosity to sail through committee approval without as much as a hiccup of protest deserve to be boiled in oil (in advance of the eternal roasting they will receive in Hell for their betrayal). The ONLY possibility to stop this monstrosity is for ordinary citizens of very town, city, county, and state in America to ORGANIZE and take action in the form of political pressure and lawsuits to STOP the telecomms, and the politicians from just RUNNING over the American People's RIGHT to live SAFELY in their own homes and neighborhoods. The American public CANNOT simply ALLOW the installation of this 5G network to continue unopposed. If we do, then YOU, YOUR family, YOUR children, and YOUR grandchildren will pay the price for our foolish passivity. Think about it. And get busy.....Ken Adachi]


Fifty, sixty years ago, television was the threat. It would, we feared, rot our children’s minds, and our minds diminishing our attenbon span, addicting and brainwashing millions to mindless drivel.

There are those who say, “And they were right!”

So, what’s different about today and the internet?

“I think every technology that changes the way people Iive inspires exaggerated hopes and fears,” said technology critic Nicholas Carr, who has spent most of the past decade worrying, and warning, about the dangers of social media and the internet today posing the famous question, “Is Google making us stupid?”

“We’ve never had a technology like a smartphone, where it’s with us all the time,” Carr said. “So, I think this is something new in human history. And I think we’re starting to see the science – behavioral science, sociological science that is pointing to how deeply this technology is affecting our health because we’re using it so intensely.”

Today’s mobile Smartphones are so dangerous for our health, they should be banned. Seriously! Tomorrow’s mobile phones operating on 5G will be weapons used against us. Below is a little understanding behind the 5G network system and the new frequencies waves it emits called millimetre waves.

The new 5G Network is broadcasting on MW frequencies (millimetre waves), which use higher frequencies than the radio waves that have long been used for mobile phones today. There is one major drawback to millimeter waves though, they can’t easily travel through buildings or obstacles and they can be absorbed by foliage and rain. So what did the wireless engineers come up with to solve this issue? They augment traditional cellular towers with another new technology, called Small Cells.

Small Cells
Small cells are portable miniature base 5G stations that require minimal power to operate and can be placed every 250 meters or so throughout cities and neighbourhoods. To prevent signals from being dropped, mobile phone carriers will install thousands of these 5G stations in cities and neighbourhoods to form a dense network web that acts like a relay team, receiving high MW frequencies from other base stations and sending data to users at any location. So cities and neighbourhoods will be incased in a web of high RF and MW frequencies.

In addibon to broadcasting over millimeter waves, 5G base stations will also have many more antennas than the base stations of today’s cellular networks. So to combat this problem, the mobile wireless engineers will take advantage of another technology called Massive MIMO.

Massive MIMO
Today’s 4G base stabons have a dozen ports for antennas that handle all cellular traffic: eight for transmitters and four for recervers. But 5G base stariona can support about a hundred ports, which means many more antennas can fit on a single array. That capability means a base station could send and recerve signals from many more users at once, increasing the capacity of mobile networks by a factor of 22 or greater.

This technology is called Massive MIMO. It all starts with MIMO, which stands for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output. MIMO describes wireless systems that use two or more transmitters and recervers to send and recerve more data at once. Massrve MIMO takes this concept to a new level by featuring dozens of antennas on a single array.

MIMO is already found on some 4G base stations. But so far, massrve MIMO has only been tested in labs and a few field trials. In earty tests, it has set new records for spectrum efficiency, which is a measure of how many bits of data can be transmitted to a certain number of users per second.

Massrve MIMO looks very promising for the future of 5G. However, installing so many more antennas to handle cellular tramc also causes more interference if those signals cross. So what did the mobile sireless engineers come up with? The use of another technology called Beamforming.

Beamforming is a traffic-signaling system for cellular base stations that identifies the most elTicient data-delrvery route to a particular user, and it reduces interference for nearby users in the process. Depending on the situation and the technology, there are several ways for 5G networ(s to implement it.

Beamforming can help massrve MIMO arrays make more efficient use of the spectrum around them. The primary challenge for Massive MIMO is to reduce interference while transmitting more informabon from many more antennas at once. At Massrve MIMO base stabons, signal-processing algorithms plot the best transmission route through the air to each user. Then they can send individual data packets in many different directions, bouncing them off buildings and other objects in a precisely coordinated pattern. By choreographing the packets’ movements and arrrval time, beamforming allows many users and antennas on a massrve MIMO array to exchange much more informabon at once.

For millimeter waves, beamforming is primarily used to address a different set of problems: cellular signals are easily blocked by objects and tend to weaken over long distances. In this case, beamforming can help by focusing a signal in a concentrated beam that points only in the direction of a user, rather than broadcasting in many directions at once. This approach can strengthen the signal’s chances of arriving intact and reduce interference for everyone else.

Besides boosting data rates by broadcasbng over millimeter waves and beefing up spectrum efficiency with Massive MIMO, wireless engineers are also trying to achieve the high throughput and low latency required for 5G through a technology called Full Duplex, which modifies the way antennas deliver and receive data.

Full Duplex
Today’s base stabons and cellphones rely on transcervers that must take turns if transmitting and receMng infonnation over the same frequency, or operate on different frequencies if a user wishes to transmit and recerve information at the same time.

With 5G, a transcerver will be able to transmit and receive data at the same time, on the same frequency. This technology is known as Full Duplex, and it could double the capacity of ‘!¥ireless nelwDr(s at their most fundamental physical layer: Picture two people talking at the same time but still able to understand one another-which means their conversation could take half as long and their next discussion could start sooner.

Some militaries already use full duplex technology that relies on bulky equipment. To achieve full duplex in personal devices, researchers must design a circuit that can route incoming and outgoing signals so they don’t collide while an antenna is transmitting and receiving data at the same time. This is especially hard because of the tendency of radio waves to travel both forward and backward on the same frequency — a principle known as reciprocity. But recently, experts have assembled silicon transistors that act like high-speed switches to halt the backward roll of these waves, enabling them to transmit and recerve signals on the same frequency at once.

One drawback to Full Duplex is that it also creates more signal interference, through a pesky echo. When a transmitter emits a signal, that signal is much closer to the device’s antenna and therefore more powerful than any signal it receives. Expecting an antenna to both speak and listen at the same time is possible only with special echo-canceling technology.

With these and other 5G technologies, engineers hope to build the wireless network that future Smartphone users, VR gamers, and autonomous cars will rely on every day. Already, researchers and companies have set high expectations for 5G by promising ultralow latency and record-breaking data speeds for consumers. if they can solve the remaining challenges, and figure out how to make all these systems work together, ultrafast 5G service could reach consumers in the next five years.

For those that are in the know, know this is not good news. People today are being largely affected already by today’s 4G network.

5G is not the way to go.

You can see all the additional technology involved just so 5G will work “efficiently.” Every city and neighbourhood will have 5G station antennas located everywhere.


Wi-Fi Health Advocates Fight FCC Approval of 5G
Jul. 8, 2016
By Jack O’Dwyer

Wi-Fi Health Advocates led by Parents for Safe Technology are mobilizing opposition throughout the U.S. to “5G” (fifth generation) wireless technology being proposed by the Federal Communications

FCC chair Tom Wheeler has made 5G a “national priority and is pushing for adoption of it July 14. Opponents say he is doing this with no time allotted for public discussion.

They note that for most of his career he was a venture capitalist and lobbyist for the cable and wireless industries. He is in the Hall of Fames of both the cable and wireless industries. Wheeler has headed the FCC since 2013.

Parents for Safe Technology is leading the drive to get health advocates to call their U.S. senators and representatives and ask them to meet with reps of Parents for Safe Technology, Americans for Safe Technology and We Are the Evidence.


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