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Explosive Skorzeny Photo Reveals George Bush Sr. Born in Germany and Had Close Family Ties to Top Third Reich Nazis

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The Revelations of Otto Skorzeny, Part 2

The Family That Preys Together…Stays Together


Translated by native speakers:  

From Ken Adachi, Editor

August 24, 2007 , Updated April 20, 2018

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Study these two photos very closely. Take your time and look at them carefully. The photo on the left is a cropped  and enlarged section of a probable Christmastime photo taken around 1929 in a private home in Germany owned by the mother of George Scherff Sr. The boy seen in the sailor suit is around 11 years old. The photo on the right was taken on March 7, 1949 in Midland, Texas showing the family of Prescott Bush standing in front of a prop driven passenger airplane. George Herbert Walker Bush is about 30 or 31 years old in this photo. Now, ask yourself : are the same people posing in both photographs?




If your answer is “yes”, then the photo on the left is the most incriminating and explosive photograph to have surfaced in the history of the United States, for reasons that will soon become apparent (I used PhotoShop to erase or ‘white out’ the faces of three other people in the cropped photo on the left so you could concentrate on the three individuals of interest). The full sized photo from which I made this cropped section is seen further below.

I first saw this photo in early May of 2007. Someone had sent me a link to an eye-opening article written by Don Nicoloff and printed in the April edition of The Idaho Observer. Don reviewed the amazing story of Eric Bermen and how he came to possess a shoebox full of photos given to him by Otto Skorzeny: Hitler’s bodyguard, super commando, intelligence agent, assassin, and co-organizer – with Allen Dulles, George HW Bush, Bill Donovan, and Reinhard Gehlen – of the Central Intelligence Agency.

I first alluded to the Otto Skorzeny photographs in a photo essay that I posted on May 20, 2007 called “Mystery ‘Person’ from a September 1, 1944 Wartime Photograph (May 20, 2007) .” Since posting that article, I’ve had a chance to talk with Don Nicoloff on 4 or 5 occasions, and Mama Mia, can that guy dig up information! I’ve never met a person who has such an uncanny ability to ferret out widely divergent, yet incriminating and corroborative truckloads of evidence to buttress his contentions. You’d think he had access to the data banks of the NSA, CIA, and ONI combined! Don tells me that he’s led by “intuitive hunches”. If that’s the case, then Don Nicoloff ‘s intuition is running on high octane-and in a Ferrari (Don Nicoloff is also now hosting his own internet radio show )

I overviewed the Eric Bermen/Otto Skorzeny story in greater detail in an article I titled, The Revelations of Otto Skorzeny, Part 1: Martin Bormann, Reichsleiter in Exile & American Retiree (July 6, 2007) posted last month. I included 24 cropped ‘head shots’ of  Martin Borman, some of them taken from official Nazi era photos, but the majority taken from Skorzeny’s photos.

The original circa 1929 “Christmastime group photo” (seen immediately below) made available by Skorzeny is somewhat washed out in color and contrast, so I enhanced (and slightly enlarged) the image in PhotoShop for greater clarity and contrast in the second copy. I then used arrows in the third copy to point out the individuals identified by Bermen.




Otto Skorzeny told Eric Bermen that George Scherff Jr, identified in the above photo, and George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st President of the United States, are one and the same person. After reading Don Nicoloff’s article, I was initailly under the impression that George Scherff Sr. and Prescott Bush were two different men, but as I look at these photos, it seems to me that Prescott Sheldon Bush and George Scherff Sr. may be the same person. And I think it’s beyond conincidence that the woman sitting in front of George Scherff Sr. in the above photo, looks astonishingly similar to Dorothy Wear Walker Bush (about 37 years old in this photo) , who eleven years later, is photographed standing in front of an airplane with her husband Prescott S. Bush, and her son, George H.W. Bush (or is it George H. Scherff Jr.?).

George Herbert Walker Bush’s official biography says he was born on June 12, 1924 in Milton, Massachusetts. But if this photo proves that he was wearing a German academy Navy uniform, sitting in the same room with Martin Bormann, Otto Skorsezy, Reinhard Gehlen, and Joseph Mengele at Christmastime in 1929, then there’s no reason to doubt that both his birth date and his birth country records had been forged.

What do you think?

Ken Adachi


The Revelations of Otto Skorzeny, Part 1: Martin Bormann, Reichsleiter in Exile & American Retiree (July 6, 2007)

Mystery ‘Person’ from a September 1, 1944 Wartime Photograph (May 20, 2007)


—– Original Message —–
From: Leslie < <[email protected]>>
To: Ken Adachi
Cc: Jeff Rense
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2008
Subject: Bush family photos

Mr. Ken Adachi:

The aspect ratio of the original photo is not accurate… it has been  stretched slightly horizontally. (I am a video editor so I am  EXTREMELY sensitive to aspect ratio deviations from the norm, which  are daily occurrences in today’s TV world switching from a 4×3 to  16×9 hi def ratio.)

Once you stretch the image vertically just a bit, YOU COME UP WITH A  DEAD ON MATCH.

Your cropped photo, stretched vertically to match the Bush family photo:





Often older cameras exhibited lens distortion of this type, plus the  height the camera is held and the angle comes into play.

If you put each face opposite each other in photoshop, the match is  ABSOLUTE.

Here’s my comp, and I’m no expert:

Pay particular attention to position and sizes and distance between  noses, mouths, hair. The woman is wearing glasses in the German shot  which makes her eyes appear bigger.

You’ve got dead on matches there, allowing for age.



—– Original Message —–
From: G.J. Gianninoto
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008
Subject: ARE GHWB and GSSr Clones? Etc.

Ken Adachi,


I have been studying your GHWB/GSJR photos, and I am familiar with Nancy Leider’s very convincing evidence that GWB is/are cloned triplicates/triplets. [ZETATALK.COM] This did not occur to me originally, but I thought that you would be interested in my latest conclusion.

Although I am primarily interested in Extraterrestrial Contact With Planet Earth*, this has me fascinated. Perhaps you will be as well.

Is it possible that Prescott Bush and George Scherff were cloned brothers, married to cloned sisters, so that their children would be interchangeable? Or did the original Bush son die to be replaced by his cloned look-a-like [cousin?] . You would not think that is possible as Prescott like to hang out with NY gangsters, Jimmy Walker, in particular, and, supposedly, met and fell in love with Jimmy’s sister and married her. Hence the Walker name in the Bush family is the gangster name. Anyway, is that possible that Dorothy was a cloned sister of Mrs George Scherff?

Some of this would require setting up a plan before the year 1900. While cloning and such seems so unlikely from even before WWII, it seems out of the realm of possibility that that would have, been possible 50 years before that. Unless of course, there was advanced technology provided from
another planet or civilization. And if so, how long have ‘they’ been here?

I have read some reports that the Germans channeled in Bavaria in the 1920′s the technology to build saucers. Not that they were given the technology for intergalactic travel, but certainly the entire solar system was attainable at that level.

Robert Shapiro [Light Technology Publishing] speaks of a particularly negative group of renegade ETs who came to Earth before 1900 and sought out the most selfish powerful people on Earth and provided them with technology and took them to the moon and mars. He also mentioned that around 1990 the, as he calls it, the Sinister Secret Government, SSG, was given a time travel machine that could only be powered by love, placing the SSG in the untenable position of having to find pilots who could generate love even if they were pawns of the service to self group. Nevertheless, he claims, in his channeled information, that the president after JFK brought world peace but the SSG took him far away and thus all of our history, including today, is occurring on an altered timeline. Did you ever feel that this was not the future we lived, feel a loss of something that could not be put into words? He also said that they went back and took Hitler forward into our time where they hoped he could intervene in Serbia-Bosnia-Croatian events during the Clinton administration.

For example, if tomorrow I time traveled back to kill your wife as a child, she would not now exist, you would be married to someone else. So the day after tomorrow, you would have the new wife, but would your soul know and yearn for the life you lived up to today, without being able to express what is missing? How often does that happen with our leaders and wars? I tell you I feel very strongly that we are living in some probable future, some altered timeline. This feels so weird, the stuff that goes on here on Earth, it doesn’t seem ‘natural’. Can we get back to the past we should have had? As an eternal soul playing different roles in different lifetimes does it matter? I feel it does, but like the tv show, ‘Sliders’ can we ever get back to the timeline we left?

Could someone go back for example, and take Hitler forward in time before he died, and if the time traveling Hitler didn’t work out, kill him. But then if they got another idea, go back to a time before they took him the first time, and take him a second time for a new project?

I feel that Earth is a place where all the unresolved problems and issues from other galaxies and planets, and perhaps timelines, are being resolved. It is like representatives of every crystallized inflexible idea out there are born on Earth to deal with one another, and out of that, will be a harvest, or a graduation, of those who ‘get it’ to a higher frequency or dimension, whereas those who do not ‘get it’ and do not graduate, are destined to do it all over again until another ‘graduation’ is scheduled. Some say the Zetas are us from a future where they ruined their planet[s] and decided sex and emotions were bad and so cloned space traveling bodies with great mental and no emotional nature. But now they have come back [in time?] to create hybrids with emotional natures. I feel that sex and emotions are not bad, but to be mastered like anything else, could be used for good
or not, so I believe that is possible that they are seeking out the most emotionally sensitive people for breeding. I feel my own psychic experiences, would not have been possible without the heart centered emotion to power the materialization of my thoughts.

Based upon what we know of science today, ‘officially’ none of that seems possible. But I have seen up to 3 dozen saucers/ships/spheres/hats, needles, and I know for a fact that technology we have never considered is not only there in space but here on Earth.

So, do you think that there were clones before GWB? It is pretty clear that although Prescott was a German sympathizer, he did grow up in the US and go to Yale and join with Brown, Thatcher, and Harriman to finance Hitler and arm him. His wife was the sister of a NY mobster. One thing they all have in common is their strong service-to-self orientation. Other than that, how could GHWB and George Scherff Sr. be identical? Prescott was
identical to GSSr. How could he bop over to Germany, be GSSr, and bop back to the US to be Prescott?

Give this some thought and let me know what you think. I think you are onto something, but take your conclusions to the next step: who planned all of this, and when? Clearly advanced science is involved. Did Nazi scientists from the present travel back far enough to arrange Dorothy too? Or was this a selfish repti-lizard plan from 1000 years ago?

Perhaps I am not asking the right questions or I misunderstand something, but it is clear that what we think is history is a story intentionally concocted to deceive, and for whose benefit? Nancy Lieder mentions the Rothschilds, our puppetmasters, but Robert Shapiro mentions very selfish competing groups of ETs with their own agendas, Orions, Renegades, etc., some of whom have been here on Earth for millennia. David Icke focuses on selfish reptilians who may have a huge base deep underground below London. The way I see it, those in power on the fear spectrum, who we may think hold it all, must be in fear of their superiors, who are in fear of their superiors, etc., and at some point this must lead, the trail must lead, off the Earth. Obviously in the battle between good and evil, evil seeks control and empire. Good seeks freedom and flexibility. Good can be spontaneous. Evil needs to plan, perhaps for millennia.

Incidently, my partner’s now deceased brother was a licensed ship captain and was hired by David Rockefellar to be his captain. In other words, David never knew when he would need to go on a ship, and he would not set foot on any unless Larry was there, and Larry was allowed to be in charge as long as David was on board. Consequently Janet’s brother Larry went everywhere David Rockefellar went. Late at night on long 747 flights, David would go to bed and Larry would be left sitting up having martinis with Caspar Weinberger, etc. He said he saw evil he never knew existed, and it shook him to his core. He later just decided to die, and died about a year later [in the 1990s]. But, and you will be interested in this, Larry was on a flight from Maine to South America [and back] where they picked up Dr. Mengele who spent 3 weeks with David in the US as his guest, including side trips to Canada, Toronto, I think, [in the mid to late 70's to the early 80's].

So what do you think?

Gordon J. Gianninoto
Attorney at Law [Connecticut]
ET contactee
Tile and Stone contractor [Maine]

*Title of lectures I give in various public forums


Hello Gordon,

Wow, a fascinating letter.Glad you took the time to write. .

You put a lot on the plate, so let’s take it one item at a time.

First, let me say that everything I mention here is merely speculation on my part and nothing more than educated guesswork. No one is whispering in my ear and I don’t have any ET buddies filling me in about anything. So I make no claims of definitive information. It’s only my opinion.

Cloning technology came from aliens . The inner government has been working in league with negative aliens since Eisenhower signed the Greada Treaty in 1954. Al Bielek mentions that the Navy has been up to its ears in secret technology since the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943.

While doubles were used for heads of state before and during World War II, cloned individuals have been used since the early 1950′s and forward–in my opinion. I understand that aliens can grow a full size human clone in those tall, see-through fluid-enclosed cylinders (aboard their mother ships) in about 6 months. Linda Howe mentioned in her books on alien abduction that contactees have witnessed “souls” being transferred into the body of a clone. I don’t believe that all clones require a soul to exist, but they can apparently move (certain) souls around into a body of choice.

I have little doubt there we have all seen clones of Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr and junior as well. There’s an even chance that we are currently witnessing a clone of Henry Paulson masquerading as the original US Treasury Secretary If we can believe Christopher Story’s adamant assertion that the original Paulson was shot and later died in a hospital in late December of 2007-and I’m inclined to believe it.

Concerning Prescott Bush and George Scherff: Eric Bermen says that Skorzeny told him that George HW Bush was born George Scherff Jr in Germany and that the George Scherff Sr. to whom he refers was the long time assistant to Nikola Tesla. Skorzeny also told Berman that GHW Bush posed as the son of Tesla assistant George Scherff during the 1930s and was snooping into Tesla’s invention and paperwork. Tesla reportedly referred to GHWB as “curious George” and that nickname played a role in the later creation of the children’s book series called Curious George. Don Nicoloff also believes that Prescott Bush, and the assistant to Nikola Tesla, George Scherff, were the same person, but I don’t agree with that conclusion.

Prescott Bush’s official birth date was 1895 and I found clear proof that George Scherff, the assistant to Nikola Tesla, began working for Tesla in 1895. He might have been 23 or 24 years old at the time.

So I don’t believe for a second that the man we called Prescott Bush also posed as Tesla’s lab assistant, George Scherff. Beyond the obvious age difference, from all accounts, George Scherff -Tesla’s assistant- appears to have been a scrupulously HONEST man while Prescott Bush was a conniving CRIMINAL all of his life.

However, I DO believe that the man sitting next to that 14 or 15 year old who’s wearing the German Navy seaman’s uniform in that 1938 lodge photo IS Prescott Bush. But that’ s MY opinion based on the photo. Nobody told me that. Skorzeny told Eric Bermen that the young boy sitting in the middle of the 1938 lodge photo is George HW Bush (who was born in Germany with the name of George H. Scherff Jr–according to Skorzeny) and that the woman sitting on the piano bench is “Mother Scherff”. We are led to CONCLUDE that the woman is the grandmother of the young sailor boy sitting in the middle of the photo and that his father is sitting next to him. It’s entirely possible that Prescott USED the name of George Scherff Sr while in Germany. It’s also possible that Prescott Bush was born with the name of George Scherff in Germany and his US birth records were faked. That’s MORE than possible, however, I cannot accept the idea that Prescott Bush and Tesla’s assistant whose name is George Scherff are one and the same person–despite what Bermen/Skorzeny say.

Now, are there clones involved here? I don’t know, but I strongly doubt it. I believe that the same 37 year old woman posing with glasses in the Scherff lodge photo is the same lady standing in front of the airplane with Prescott and George Bush in 1949. The same Dorothy Walker Bush who was completely fluent in German.

Going back and forth from Germany to the US is a non issue. Dorothy was wealthy and now Prescott was making more money than ever with Harriman Bros, Union Bank, and he was pals with Fritz Thyssen, the German banker who funded the Nazi war effort. They could have flown to Germany as frequently as desired or they might even have been ferried in German saucers which were operative as early as 1934

Dorothy Wear Walker Bush is not the sister of Jimmy Walker. Dorothy’s father was a wealthy banker and businessman by the name of George Herbert Walker, who elevated Prescott from a mere automobile tire salesman to an investment banker after he had married Dorothy.

Jimmy Walker’s father was an Irish immigrant by the name of William H. Walker, an alderman from Greenwich Village, NY. .

I don’t know what to say about altered time lines. Who knows? Whether we are in an altered reality or not, it doesn’t really matter, since we’re IN this one and this is the one we have to deal with.

ZetaTalk is a CIA/NASA disinformation outlet. While the majority of the info they present may be more true than not true, YOU CANNOT TRUST THEM and therefore you should NOT depend on anything they have to say about anything. I cut all ties and trust in Zeta Talk in 2003, the same year that they had STAUNCHLY PROMISED the entire internet world that the 12th Planet would return and would cause massive earth changes that summer. It never happened. I am flabbergasted to see that they are running the SAME hoax about the supposed return of the 12th Planet, but have now merely moved the date up to 2012. They are an Illuminati/military-controlled Doom & Gloom operation. Trust their words at your own peril.

I’d love to hear more about Larry and his adventures with David & company and your abductee experiences. Perhaps we can talk at greater length.

My voice mail is 949-544-1375

My Best Regards, Ken Adachi

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