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God's Trump Card Is Not Going Away!! Donald Trump Will Rule The World Not As Dictator But With A Divinely Led Earth Council, Which Connects To Solar Hierarchy And Beyond!!

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God’s Trump Card Is Not Going Away!! Donald Trump Will Rule The World Not As Dictator But With A Divinely Led Earth Council, Which Connects To Solar Hierarchy And Beyond!!

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(For those who think Trump is ‘going away’.)

Let’s go through this:

1. There IS a spiritual hierarchy that earth is aligning with now that we are welcomed into the Galactic Federation of Light. 

2. Trumps one of several incarnations of St. Germain.

3. St. Germain is one of 3 Lords of the Earth Spiritual Hierarchy:

4. Trump or any other St. Germain incarnation may be the maha cohen… so Trump ruling the world, won’t be like a dictator, but rather like a member in a global council, which connects to the spiritual hierarchy of the solar system, galaxy,  and universe.

5. This is NOT anything that someone can stop… nay nay nay… this is God’s Will… God has chosen ones for leadership, and God has plans for earth… it’s time to resonate with them, the new divine world government, and our Creator.

6. Trump already has kingly energy (gold), and so this info. is NOT far fetched… it’s inevitable.

7.  Earth is transitioning into Divine World Government… so don’t be surprised when the current political scene dissolves, and a new improved leadership scene emerges. 

8.  A key to moving forward is to remove corporate American government, and replace it with Republic… we are right before this step right now early 2021. 

9. In this new earth council… as you can see… it connects to all people… depending on one’s level of spiritual advancement.

10. This is not a story I whipped up… rather this is something I’m intuiting after years of research and review, backed up by numerous websites, numerous channelings, and even Prime Creator says so!  

11.  Trump may be incumbant president… but things will shortly change when a new election process will be held for the Republic of America, not the corporate governance.  Trump may not be president for the new Republic, but will certainly have his important role to play.

Some background info:

1. There are 3 Great Lords in Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy of 7th Initiation Status (7th Degree Initiates). Each of Them focalizes and works with the energies of one of the 3 Major Aspects of this solar system after those 3 Rays have been transmuted through The Consciousness of Sanat Kumara. The Manu is on the 1st Ray; The Bodhisattva is on the 2nd Ray; and The Mahachohan is on the 3rd Ray which incorporates Rays 4 through 7. In other words, The Mahachohan’s Department in The Hierarchy contains and is responsible for Departments 4, 5, 6, and 7, which may also be called the Ashrams of the respective Ray Chohans (see “The Ashram of The King“).

As above, so below. Just as Aspects 4 through 7 were born from The 3rd Major Aspect of The Divine Trinity, so were the minor Rays of 4 through 7 born from the Major 3rd Ray in this solar system, and so were Ashrams 4 through 7 born from The Mahachohan’s 3rd Ray Ashram. The Mahachohan is called The Lord of Civilization for Earth, and it is His Ashram or Department which manages the energies of Rays 3 through 7.

Well, coming back to Master Rakoczi, 80 years ago He was called The Mahachohan a number of times by Master Djwhal Khul, so it may be that not only is He The Lord of the 7th Ray for this planet, but He may have taken the 7th Initiation and assumed responsibilities of the Great 3rd Department of The Hierarchy from the former Mahachohan. I’ve not gotten confirmation of this advancement, but if He is not currently The Mahachohan for Planet Earth, He is next in line for The Exalted Position. He is also The Regent for Europe, America, and Australia, guiding their destinies and inspiring their statesmen and rulers through mental impression.

Some of His more notable lives may be found by going to “Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?“. His Aetheric Level Retreat is in the Carpathian Mountains of Hungary (Ancestral Home of Count Rakoczi) from which He took His Ascension (5th Initiation) at the end of his lifetime as Sir Francis Bacon. The Wonderman of Europe, Le Comte de Saint Germain, was and is only an aspect of The Greater Consciousness of this 7th Ray Chohan, but those who are aware of The Masters still insist, perhaps unknowingly, on calling Him Saint Germain. To minimize confusion, I have frequently used the name of Saint Germain also. Whatever name is used, whether Chohan or Mahachohan, this is The One responsible for bringing in the new civilization of Mankind, sometimes called the New Heaven and New Earth, and a new order of human relations throughout Humanity by means of the energies of the incoming 7th Ray.


Ashtar’s message aligns with what is being said in this post.


Did Trump Concede? Top Extraterrestrial Commander Ashtar Comments And Says It Is A Galactic And Exopolitical Issue Now, And To Expect Change!! Quantum Financial System Update!! Will JFK Jr. Emerge To Be First President Of The Restored Republic? 

UPDATED WITH CRITIAL INFO.! Don’t miss… it’s a coup attempt, as they call for removal of Trump… they did it: Did Chuck Schumer ‘Kill’ Trump Supporter, Caught On Video?!! We Are Over The Target Now And Need Your Help To Free America!! This Composite Image Will Change America Forever Guaranteed!! Youtube Took 23 Second Video Down In Less Than 12 Hours… Click And See Why!!

Ashtar Sheran via Sharon Stewart

Okay, I asked him.

I am Ashtar Sheran, here to help calm the frazzled nerves of the Light community across planet earth.

Yesterday’s events were not the events that many of you expected. To hear today what appears to be a message of concession from Donald Trump is also another shock. So many of you expected that he would lead your world into a new era of freedom for humanity.

But as Sharon has pointed out on so many occasions, what do you define as freedom? Is freedom still going to work? Is freedom having to earn a pay check to feed yourself? Or is there a broader definition still?

Sharon has also asked if Trump is to free the world, then why are lightworkers here? Why are they to gain access to unlimited funds in order to create communities for the more enlightened of you?

Mr. Trump’s task is only to expose the deep state. And he has done that. He will, again, take the helm in a new administration, in some form, perhaps not as president. He may, in fact, decide to step away from the lead position and appoint a new candidate in his stead. This is as yet undecided. Your next administration may look very different from that which you have become accustomed to now, simply because of the fact that so many of Mr. Trump’s current associates are criminals, to be taken away and locked up.

Trials will begin. The QFS funding will be released to more candidates who qualify for these humanitarian funds. Extraterrestrial visitations will become more frequent, as Sharon noted, our ships are hovering just above your planet under the cloud deck now. We are so close and it is because you have called us here.

Expect surprises within the next two weeks. But understand that new people will be taking responsibility upon your planet and the personal responsibility of each person will grow, considerably. It is time you all take part in your future.

The governments will still exist, however, they will be cleaned out of criminals and dark beings. You can have my assurance on that. Their existence on planet earth is as much a galactic issue as it is an exopolitical issue for earth.

Change is the new buzzword for earth. The Alliance will step forward and yet more of these kind souls will become known to you.

Breathe deeply and be comforted. All is not lost. All is in flux.



Channeled by Sharon Stewart

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Okay… I like surprises and I love Ashtar’s messages via Sharon and have found them to have great helpful rapport. Some MAJOR thoughts to consider:

1.  Humanity has been given major hints that Divine World Government is set to kick off on earth in 2021, this will be with the assistance of the galactics.  They have hinted over the years that eventually there would be a time where earth would have to be governed by galactics, because we lack the knowledge and love, to heal this planet… if we our planet continues in the fashion by which we behave… it’s a path to extinction.

2. Because our selfish behaviour as a species didn’t change that much, or even care that much about the planet… it ensures that the galactics do step in as mentors.

3.  Our galactic family will help humanity train ourselves to become responsible stewarts of this planet. 

4.  Humanity has just been given an upgrade to Star Nation status, which puts right in with our galactic governments!

Humanity Let’s Celebrate As Planet Earth Uplifted To Category Of Star Nation… Social Conditions Advancing!!

5.  Humanity is relearning what freedom actually is… it really has little do with one vote in a fake election… it has little to do with wearing masks in fake virus events… it has little to do with criminal leadership.

6. Many channeled messages spoke of a time where dark energies and people NOT ascending in THIS lifetime, are being removed from THIS planet.  They spoke of a hologram reality they would be moved to…. where they can continue to play their dark games upon each other. 

7. The QFS is Quantum Financial System is a new financial system based on unhackable technology… the St. Germain funds, which is related to NESARA, but not exactly the same thing, however, the SGFs may kick off the new system, which I hear it’s slowly rolling out now. The St. Germain funds will go to select people who are trained and pre-qualified, as candidates that can spend that money for the most benefit for humanity… perhaps driving forth a new era in technological advancements.

Med beds perhaps, just one advancement?

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The Final Phase Is Here!! NESARA, Republic, Quantum Financial System Update Via Prime Creator!!

“We are also expecting that the Alliance is going to announce The New Republic called Nesara and a new financial system will be ready to launch, which we call Quantum Financial System and the currency is going to be backed up by gold. You have heard about all of this for a long time now in many different sources. Now, it’s time to carry out all of these tasks and proceed to The Final Phase of our Project Planet Earth called Ascension.”

8.  There are delays… (from above link)

“Yes, I would like for humanity to be prosperous, and money is going to come from different sources. We are just waiting when the wealth is going to be redistributed by the Alliance on planet Earth. They are the ones, who keep postponing the delivery of wealth to the people. We gave the green light a long time ago to give the prosperity away and to stop the suffering of humankind, but the Alliance always gives excuses, on why the wealth is not given to the people.”

9.  More insights from Prime Creator from above link:

“The Galactics, Me, Prime Creator are diligently doing our part and we are expecting the same in return. My requests are never questioned by my crew, The Galactic Federation of Light or by the Councils. Everyone is doing their part, because all of them know how important it is to bring this planet and humanity to Ascension of 5D, so they can finally become Galactic Humans and leave behind this 3D duality, where nobody has any rights, they are constantly being forced to follow rules and they are always being controlled or told what to do and how to live their lives.

Please, look right now at humans who are walking around with masks. They can’t even breathe through these masks, but this is the order, you must wear the mask, because it’s supposed to keep you safe from the virus. I am sorry to break the news to you, but this mask will not save you from any virus, it’s the opposite, it’s going to create more issues for you in the near future, especially with your lungs.

I have been around for a very long time, I have experienced and seen so many different events around so many places in the Universe. I created many different Planets, Galaxies and Universes, so I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, that we are doing our absolute best to make sure that Ascension is going to happen. Sometimes, you may have doubts about our existence, because you are not seeing us in a physical form. If you connect to your soul or your heart, you are going to be able to see us and sense us, as we are all connected spiritual beings.

This 3D life here, it’s meaningless compared to who you really are, you are multi-dimensional beings with a lot of power, and you don’t even remember, because they erased from your memory, your DNA was also alternated many times. Your bodies became weak, they age and deteriorate since the day you are born that is not a natural process. You were created as an immortal being who can live for millions of years and not just 60, 70 or maybe 80 years, and leave the physical body behind. Then you are forced to be reincarnated again, come back to life with no memories or recollection of the past life and continue again this Matrix with all of its miseries, obstacles, hardships and diseases, this cycle never ends.

Long time ago, civilizations like Lemuria, Atlantis and a few other ones became very high dimensional societies and then they self-destructed because they let their ego take over them. We don’t want this to happen on Earth, because the Dark Ones have been controlling this planet for a long time. They are constantly manipulating everything here: weather, food, you name it, medicine and etc. The medicine here is more like poison, it doesn’t cure, it may be heals one part of your body and then it creates new problems in other parts of the body.

The Darkness has been controlling planet Gaia for a very long time and the Negative Ones have been breaking all of the rules of the Universe and getting away with it, because we set up ourselves the rules that don’t work anymore, and we are in the process of creating new rules that are going to make things easier for the next civilization to ascend. They won’t need to go through the same hardships, experiences and obstacles like on Earth.

We are not allowed to do certain things here, like to extract anyone from this world and take them back to their home or interfere in this 3D reality. Unfortunately, these rules worked in the favor of the Dark Forces and not for the humanity, so we are in the process of changing them. We are even replacing the Councilors, who have been in favor of these old rules. The new Councilor who has been selected as The Grand Councilor is Queen An-Ra, and she is in the process of changing these outdated rules because we have billions of planets in galaxies and in universes, it will take some time to implement them and they are going to be enforced. Right now, the rules are not helping the human civilization at all, they just keep extending the suffering on Earth.

We are starting The Final Phase of Ascension, and we have some big things coming up that we need to take care of. We never disclose any dates or sensitive information as the Negative Forces would use it for their advantage. I am just reminding the Ground Crew here: Alliance, light warriors, and light workers, please, help us to bring this Earth to Ascension.

Daily meditations are very important and essential in the Ascension Process. I am aware that every Ascended Master in every message has mentioned to you already about it. Please, do daily three to four times a day or even more your meditation. Any second you have free, instead of spending time on something that doesn’t have a deep meaning, please meditate. Your meditations will help everyone on Mother Terra Christa to bring the whole planet to the light, like how it’s supposed to be. 
We are expecting for a new financial system to be launched, redistribution of the wealth for humanity, announcement of Nesara Gesara Republic, massive arrests and removal of everyone who is not working for the good of humanity. I am very busy overlooking this process, I understand how important it is, so any chance I have, I share in a message with all of you and I am also here in person working with the group. I find the time to help anyone who asks for help because it’s very important for me and the rest of us to finish this 5D Process of Ascension.

We want to see everyone in 5D, please do your part. You all know and understand that your participation is very crucial in this process. I am happy that we are starting The Final Phase, and I am pleased to be here today to let you know, where we are right now. I am grateful for each of you, who are doing their best trying to help humanity to be in a higher dimension. I am sending all my love to all of you.

Thank you, I am Prime Creator.

Source (special thanks to HigherDensity Blog!)A MESSAGE FROM PRIME CREATOR – The Final Phase – Channeled by Erena Velasquez – via New Dimension 2012 – 10-1-20

10.  And what about Q… JFK Jr and the theory that Q is JFK Jr, and he may be the first president of the restored Republic… EVERYTHING YOU HAVE HEARD THUS FAR POSTED ABOVE, SUPPORTS THIS THEORY!! Yup… we at O.N.E. News seem to be always ahead of the game, and that’s because we LISTEN TO GALACTICS, ANGELS, PRIME CREATOR AND OTHERS. We were calling it as early as March of last year

Is This Q?? JFK Jr Photo With Grey Hair And Beard… I See Future President Of Republic Of America!!

Trump’s Podium No Longer Contains Presidential Seal… Restored Republic Update!!

Mystery Of Absent Presidential Seal Suggests Trump May Not Be President Or If He Still Is, Not For Much Longer… Here’s Why!

Q’s Flag, And Trump/Washington District Of Columbia (Separate City State) Flag Are Different!!

Major Spiritual Implications With NESARA/GESARA Representing A Changeover To A Christ World Economy!!

Woman Claims To Have Seen Official World Cryptocurrency Document! NESARA Has Merged Into GESARA And Divine Government Is At A Moment Of Breakthrough!!

NESARA Update Via Military Intel Contact!!

JFK Jr. Returns Confirmed!! His Plane Is Flying According To Flight Logs!!

Extraterrestrial Drops JFK Jr. Bombshell News That Will Change America As We Know It!!

JFK Jr Will Be First President Of The NESARA Compliant United States!! (And He’s Q!)

Is The Faceless Man… JFK Jr. Riding On A Military Airplane With Donald Trump? 

JFK Jr Is Alive And Sent His Friend An Email And Recent Picture!!

Trump/JFK Jr 2020?

Disappearance Of JFK Jr. “The Big Story” Coming May 16th On Fox Nation, Fueling Rumours That He is Alive And Is Returning To Avenge His Father’s Death And To…

Did JFK Jr. Pose For Official Picture At US Army Central 1st Sustainment Command Center, To Let World Know He Is Alive?!!

Q (Who May Be JFK Jr.) Told Us Months Ago About Mysterious Border Activity… Listen Again!!

Is This Carolyn B Kennedy? Wife of Vincent Fusca aka JFK jr? Exact Facial Similarities!!

JFK Jr Overdrive!! More Startling Coincidences Becoming Mathematically Impossible

JFK Jr Lives… Q Connections To JFK… Compelling Evidence!!

“He [JFK, Jr.] Is Alive, And He Calls Himself Q.” Says Zorra (Inner Earth)

Q’s Flag, And Trump/Washington District Of Columbia (Separate City State) Flag Are Different!!

Final thoughts: 

Yes it’s gonna be a bit rocky however all will eventually settle into a new era of peace and prosperity, for everyone, not just a few greedy ones, who conspire against the rest of us and this planet. EXPECT MAJOR CHANGES FOR THE BETTER… EVENTUALLY, AFTER Y’ALL SETTLE MORE INTO THE GALACTIC SCENE! LOL 

Love, Indian

More NESARA updates at O.N.E. News and World Teacher And Friends

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