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Step Into The Friendly Spaceship Beam Or Die!! Pole Shift / Planetary Evacuation Update You Don't Want To Miss!!

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Pole Shift / Planetary Evacuation Update You Don’t Want To Miss!! Step Into The Beam Or Die!!

 IITM:  Here is a series of messages channeled from Anne Bellringer from Creator God Aton, Hatonn, Sananda, and her late husband Patrick Bellringer, concerning the issue of pole shift and planetary evacuation update.  To give you a briefing… planet earth has been prevented from going through a pole shift via ET technology, with the goal to have more humans spiritually evolve to the point they could ‘graduate’ into the 5D energies. 

Mother earth had previously chosen a date to do her pole shift, which would follow by a planetary evacuation, since no one would survive the event. She has ‘chickened out’… a few times from flipping, and now it’s crunch time… if she chooses to delay… she runs the risk of being a hell planet beyond her imagination… she has chosen to not delay. 

What humans don’t realize is that if they don’t get beamed up to the spaceships…. they WILL NOT survive the massive earth changes to come.  Pole shifts are a very natural part of a planet’s evolution… especially when a planet is as toxic as planet earth.  

So are these messages truth? Is God ‘full of it’? Are they telling truth, or playing a trick on humanity?  All the signs are here for a pole shift… and have been here for years… this IS science… but still, the humans slumber… 

Here are the messages: 




Greetings to all souls Planet Earth Shan:

This is Creator God Aton of Light speaking to you today.  I have come by request of the Lightworkers to give you a message of Hope, Peace and Joy.

Many of you are weary and tired of the struggle to bring Light to the Darkness that has prevailed upon Planet Earth. You have felt that all the work you have done has been in vain, as you see the evil still in power around you and in the horrible happenings upon your orb.  Although the Satanian Empire has been uncreated, his minions still carry on his work.  That is coming to an END!

I am here to tell you that all you have done for this planet and her people has not been in vain.  All your prayers and saying the great Petitions I have given to placed on this site have been recorded in the great Akashic Records and have been answered.  Because of your prayers and concerns to Creator, we have millions of Starships around your planet. You can see us by our brilliant flashing lights in the night sky and by our “cloud ships” by day. We have communed have asked. We are here to help.

We of the Hosts of Heaven are in charge, dear Lightworkers, and we have not left you.  Many on Earth and on the Astral Plane  have risen in frequencies along with your planet, and you have left the minions of the Dark Brotherhood stumbling in their low evil frequencies. Their fear mongering cannot damage you, if you but know that you are totally protected by the Light.

I am the Creator of this Nebadon Universe of which Earth Shan is a part. At this very moment she is deciding what path she shall take.  She has delayed turning over which lowers her frequencies because this, and is drifting downward more in the “rabbit hole” so to speak.  Sananda gave her two visions of what she would look like if she continued on the path of delay and the other vision if she chose the path of Light. I  believe that she has made the right choice and wants to shine like a sun with no evil.

What is there to fear? We are helping to get all of you to awaken to the LIGHT, as well of helping Mother Earth take the right path even in these last few hours before this civilization ends. Just know, either way, the Light has won. You need no Earthly monetary wealth nor materialistic gain, but the wealth of Truth and Light within your Great God Spirit within.  That is the great wealth you hold within you! 

I would never leave you alone to suffer and perish in the great cataclysm coming when Earth graduates, but offer safety for all of you, if you choose to step into the beam of Light to be lifted off to safety.  That is your choice.

Be joyful! Be in peace! God’s Plan is coming to fruition! Know it!







Today’s message is about the turning of Mother Earth. She has been holding off time after time. The Lightworkers are wondering why she hasn’t turned over, as she promised to do so several times.  Allays, she was adamant about turning on her axis but reneged at the last minute.

I have talked to the moon several times.  Finally, I decided to give her a vision of what she would look like when she graduated to 5th dimension,  She was amazed, as her future showed a growling earth like a sun.  She saw gorgeous trees. mountains and all kinds of flowers, trees and shrubs.  The mountains were tremendously tall and a  sight to see.  Those that peopled her were taking great care of all animals and everything created.  There was no evil war of killing but everyone lived in Love and Harmony.

After that vision, at the requests of my Lightworkers, I gave her a vision of her future if she did not turn on her axis.  A horrible smell like a sewer wafted through the polluted atmosphere that almost took her breath away.  In addition, that Mother Earth saw the degradation and utmost evil she never imagined.  Earth looked bedraggled, worn out and utterly at death’s door.

I said “Is this what you want to be in the near future?  Is this your demanding goal?”

By this time, Earth was crying and said.  ”Oh, no!  Am I at that doorway?”  I replied, “I am sorry to tell you that you are at the very edge of that vision.  You are to make a choice of which vision you want.  Every time you make a date to turn over and renege at doing what you promised, = you have been going toward that scenario.

I do think my analogy got through to Mother Earth. She saw with certainty that if she did not turn to shine like a sun, her future would be most evil and run by Satan’s minions.

Mother Earth cried out in agony and said, “I have set a date and by the will of God Aton, who created me, I shall go forth  and shine like a sun”.

I replied. “All upon your surface now are taken care of by the Lighted Realms. Not even a blade of grass has been left behind.  You have your freewill to choose either way.  Remember every time you have not done what you promised, y ou slide further “down the rabbit hole.  I am delighted that you are turning to the Light.  Bless you Dear Mother Earth!”other Earth’s agony and fear  immediately dissipated.

May all of you, who read this message, please say a prayer for Mother Earth, that she make the right choice of graduating to a higher dimension and will not be afraid of doing so,

My blessings to all!







I have called Anne to pen a message to all Lightworkers at this time.  I am not excluding any souled one still in slumber, for I have a message for you, as well.

I hear the pleas and cries of my Lightworkers wanting to come home.  I hear each one of you, as I. also. long to have you home with the Lighted Realms.  Why the delay, I hear?  I will give you an answer even though you may not agree, but it is the Truth.

My first message is to all souled ones still slumbering.  l love all of you with a great love!

Creation has given all souled beings a freewill.  He put a spark of Light and a spark of dark in each human.  Why? It is because each souled human being has to make a choice of his freewill to follow either one. 

By “slumber” I mean many souled ones have been attached by the Dark Brotherhood to have things, riches, money, and have been taught by your “Cristian Church” that you can be raptured to a pink cloud somewhere.  You are taught that “Jesus” saves you no matter what you do. You believe the lies taught to you as Truth, and that someone else (Jesus) pays your way to heaven leaving you totally irresponsible for your own actions.  When the real Truth has been revealed to you, you call it heresy and lies.  Many times it is when one passes on he/she realizes in agony that they threw the Truth away, much like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

You ARE responsible for what you do.  You are responsible and judge yourself, not me, how well you have kept the Laws of God and Creation.  No one can do it for you.  In a sense, many ones have taken `the easy path without any rocks or boulders in the way, but it leads down the mountain, not up.

I shine my Light upon all of you and hope and pray that when the beam of Light comes for you step in the beam of light to safety from the cataclysms coming when Mother Earth graduates. By doing so great soul growth can be achieved. There is NO CHANCE you can survive when Earth turns over.   All volcanoes erupt, and all the oceans dump their water over the land. 

Step into the beam!

Now to my Lightworkers. I love all of you with a great love. I thank those Lightworkers who have helped clean up Mother Earth prior to her graduation.  They have answered the great petition they made. 

One of the great things they did with the Lighted Realms help, mainly Sananda, was to help souls who have lived in a trap and have never come to the Light.  Many of these did not know they had died.  Believe it or not there were billions of souls from all 20,000 civilizations that were taken to the Light and could then move on with their lifestreams or graduate.

Everything on Earth has a soul, even a blade of grass or flower.  Of course, man had been given reason and was put in charge of caring for these souls. He failed in much of his responsibility, and many souled ones do not realize everything Creation made on Earth has a soul.

The Lightworkers, with Sananda’s help, took care of the souls that had passed of everything, meaning all plant life, animal life, sea life, insect life and the other tribes of Earth i.e. Sasquatch, Elves, Fairies and Gnomes.  Included are the evil technologies that have been rendered useless or uncreated.  The oceans have been taken care of, and the great evil, the radiation that is in everything there is on Earth.

Yes, Man has taken the killer of nuclear from the soil.  It is a God-given element to break down the rocks to make soil.  Man took it out of the ground and made bombs and war, and nuclear waste has been so abundant that all is affected.  Creation dealt with that by the petition of the Lightworkers to clean up radiation that in is everything there is on Earth, but not the natural element that makes soil for food.

When Mother Earth graduates and this killer radiation was not dealt with, where would that radiation go? YES, it would go in the entire Cosmos and it would take a billion years to clean up the mess.  That is how great Earth can affect the ENTIRE Cosmos.

Mother Earth is in charge of when she graduates.  We of the Lighted Realms know that it is soon, We do not know the exact minute or date.  We are all stationed ready to beam you all up, if you choose to step into the waiting beam of Light.  We know that the time is very, very short, but you are to keep on with your lessons until the very end.



Patrick Bellringer



PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Greetings to all!  I have requested Anne to re-post this article today, September 24,2022. to emphasize the fact that we of the Lighted Realms are reality and you upon Earth at this time are experiencing lessons to learn, not unlike a holodeck portrayed in the Star Trek series.  Lesson time is almost finished and you shall know how much you have learned or if you accomplished the mission you set for selves.  All of you souled ones upon Earth are greatly loved and cared for, but it is YOU, who would have to awaken to the Truth, in spite of the dark minions now left of the Satanian and Niburian Empires that wish otherwise.


Today’s message from me is on the above subject written in the title of this article entitled ” WE ARE ALL ONE!”

By that statement do I mean only the human ones?  No, Creation created all by thought.  He created everything you see on your planet by thought.  This includes all animals, plants, bird and sea life.  It, also, includes every tree, blade of grass and every flower that blooms!  The humans created are of a higher level of development and it is their duty to care for all of the creation with love.  Each of you souled ones must know that the animal life, also has a group spirit.

A dog may die and reincarnate again as another dog, or a cat, etc.  Our children have known that one of their former pet, who has died, has been reincarnated in their present pet, as they recognize the temperament and actions of the present pet that is just like their former pet.  This is the absolute truth.

Now, I want to give you some information about your pet.   If you have a dog, for instance, you realize that as you speak to your pet he or she knows and understands every word you say.  They cannot talk back in human language in your 3D world, but they hear and know what you speak to them.  Your pet dog becomes absolutely devoted to you, especially when treated with love and care.

It is no different with a cat except that they are very independent and your home becomes THEIR home.  They understand every word you speak to them, and will give you their devotion when you treat them with love and care.

Anne and I had a wonderful pet cat for several years.  His name was Blackberry.  He would come and sit on the overstuffed chair and watch TV with us.  He was most independent and knew every word spoken.  When Anne would walk the fields in the morning Blackberry would want to follow.  Anne would have to turn and speak to Blackberry to go home quickly, as there were fox roaming the fields that just loved to eat cats.  He obeyed immediately.

Take.. for instance a flowering plant you have in your home or garden.  They, too, have a spirit, and respond to your love and care, for each leaf and flower and will bloom excessively, as they respond to your love.

Is it any different with the bird life?  When Anne and I lived in Rapid City, SD for years, I built a large bird feeder, a squirrel house, and had three other bird feeders.   We had hundreds of birds in our back yard. 

I remember the Rock Doves, especially.  There would be many birds perched on the electric lines in front of our house.  There was one bird we called the sentinel that perched near the bird feeder on the electric lines.  I would fill the large feeder with whole and cracked corn.  The very minute I was done and started to walk back to the house the sentinel gave the word and the birds flew down to the feeder in about 5 seconds.

The squirrels were no different.  I could walk out to their feeder and they would be perched six inches from my hand waiting for the feeder to be filled.  They loved the squirrel house a made for the in the old Maple Tree, and would come down the tree and gaze in the kitchen window or perch on the lattice by the back door.

One time, as I sat on the bench outside the back door, a Chick-a-Dee flew down and perched on my hand.  I gave it my love and he looked at me for a while, and then flew off.

All of you are to take care of the life around you, and you must realize you are only a few chromosomes more than they, are a higher development and you are their caretaker.  You are to give LOVE and care to all of the fantastic creation around you, even across the entire world.

Now I approach something that may sound absolutely unbelievable to you.

When any loved one passes over, including your pets, you can talk to them just as we of the Lighted Realms talk to Anne and my children.  

My daughter lost her pet dog.  She was told by us that he was aboard our ship, The Star of Bethlehem.   In the middle of the night she heard him whining.  We talked to her and told her that her pet dog was having a little difficulty adjusting. “Do you want to talk to him?”  She said yes, and had a conversation with him.  After that he settled down.

Yes, this is possible!  We are all one!

When I did that first walk among the flowers and trees, as I boarded The Phoenix Command Ship, I heard them talking to me and I talked back, just as I am having a conversation with Anne at this time telling her what I would like to say.

As Creation, Creator Source and Creator God Aton and you all have a soul, you can talk to anyone of the Lighted Realms.  This, also, includes Creator God Hatonn, Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Gabriel, Violinio Germain and all the great Cohans, to whom you can speak.  You will hear through your own God Spirit within through your own God Spirit.   

I will speak of two of my daughters, who work in conjunction with each other.  One hears the message for both and the other is the mouth to speak to others about the Lighted Realms. The one, who that speaks to others, we arrange the meeting of the two.  It is then up to that one to, whom she speaks, to take the information and learn.

You are probably thinking I am lying; however, i have told the TRUTH.  We of the Lighted Realms do not lie.

Blessings to all, who know in their heart, what I have said is so.  It is not long before you are, also, able to walk among the gorgeous environment on he Phoenix.

To further prove my point, here is a video of trees moving to a different location!   I checked this out.  Some are fake but others are absolutely true.




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