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By Richard Peterson Kuthumi (Indian in the machine)
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Why Is "Indian in the machine" now, "Richard Peterson Kuthumi"?

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Why Is “Indian in the machine” now, “Richard Peterson Kuthumi”?

Guys!  I just want to be completely clear here, with my new name, “Richard Peterson Kuthumi”.

      1.  First of all, I like my given name, “Dieter Braun Jr.”.  I do not dislike it, and I will still respond to it.  The thing is… that’s a name from the 3D version of me. I am no longer my 3D version of self.  So why keep on using a name that doesn’t reflect the ‘new me”?  How can I be my 5D version of self, if I keep using old energy?  In fact, I’ve always had an inner chuckle, that Dieter means ‘deity” in German, and Braun means “brown”… as in “Brown God”.
      2. I began to use “Diego Brawn” sometimes for similar reasons… to help break free of old energy.
      3. Now… “Richard Peterson Kuthumi” represents my 4D transitioning self… transitioning to 5D and beyond.
      4. Where did “Richard Peterson Kuthumi” come from?  It’s simple but utterly fascinating.
      5. “Richard Peterson” is a character from Sipapu Odyssey, which is basically, “me”…. remember that Phoenix Journal #1 is truth written in fantasy format.
      6. Peterson actually is code… P has “D” and “I” and the rest “-eter(son)” added to “D” and “I” in P = Dieter.  So Peterson is code for Dieterson.  I am Dieter Jr. Code crackers will get this.
      7. Richard Peterson is one of the first humans to meet our space brothers for modern day First Contact proceedings.
      8. Kuthumi is my higher self.
      9. Now… to complicate but complete matters, I have several souls in this body… most people have one soul in one body.  I have several souls in one body, with Kuthumi being the main soul.
      10. Kuthumi is one of the world teachers along with Sananda.  This is why I have created the site World Teacher & Friends. I figured, hey if I’m not Kuthumi, at least I’m helping to get the Office of the World Teacher’s presence going on the planet.

    11. There are other Kuthumi’s on the planet, and we all work together on a shared mission with shared goals.  I think I know who a few of them are, but it’s all unfolding.

  1. 12. Kuthumi is a soul expression of a Prime Creator from another universe.

13.  As you can see… I have confirmed much of this with Prime Creator of THIS universe.  You might not believe it, but then again, you probably didn’t ask Prime Creator if any of this is true, either LOL!

14.  So when you have opportunities to support the mission, you are not supporting some random guy with delusions of grandeur.  You are supporting the Planetary Hierarchy… you are supporting one of Sananda’s Eagles.  You are actually supporting your own spiritual awakening.

15.  Now which brings us to this moment… you may not know it because you may not see it… but here is a huge storm about to hit you…. you may see it as negative for pointing it out, because it may bring you discomfort.  I don’t see it that way.  I see my mission as a huge positive, and if you were about to be hit by a large wave of energy that would sweep you away, and I jarred you into action, this would actually be a heroic act, that would ultimately help you to save yourself… a positive event. Remember,  I am NOT saving anyone, I’m simply helping people to save themselves.  I can’t force the light into people and nor do I wish to do that. I have already helped to stop this planet from being blown up, now we are concerned with casualties, survivors, victory of the light and creating the golden age on earth, next level missions and so on.

16.  Please, don’t see me as better than anyone, no need to worship me haha (not that any of you do Haha)… but please see me as worthy of your friendship, brotherhood/sisterhood and your support, for I have surely earned it.  Great things happen from my hands and heart.  I DO already help heal people. I pass on the teachings from the Higher Realms for over. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, even as parts of me were in deep slumber.

17.  My life is my mission.  I am Richard Peterson Kuthumi… who came from another universe, and from dimensions beyond your comprehension, all with the goal to do my best with my limited time here with you.  I had to drop down to point zero like all the other teachers in your midst, because we had to experience what you are going through right now, that’s why the teachers often have the most difficult lives, not because we are dense and poor learners… oh contraire!  Creator didn’t choose us to lead the way, because we are poor students and teachers, nor because we want to use our position to glorify ourselves at the expense of others.

18. I may be extremely different from you, but I know we can relate to each other from the heart, and with love, wisdom and power… with the struggles of our earthly lives but also with the victory of the light within.

19.  Are you ready for the Sipapu Odyssey main event??  I am!

20.  I’d love to be part of a team that makes Sipapu Odyssey into a motion picture.  Who knows… maybe I’ll play ‘myself’ LOL?!!!   Blessings, Richard Peterson Kuthumi (Indian in the machine)   Mission support system,

Indian in the machine / World Teacher & Friends / The Yellow Ray Indian in the machine YouTube   SIPAPU ODYSSEY

Phoenix Jouranl 1
Download - 6 MB
View PDF File - 6.8 MB
  By Dorushka Maerd
  114 pages (67)
“This journal which comes in ‘fantasy’ format is, in fact, TRUTH in every measure…” “It was decided that we would first bring forth an ‘acceptable’ story line that would bear a particular message to the ones awaiting instructions and the knowledge that the time of final instructions and ‘countdown’ is at hand…” -Hatonn This journal is about the adventures of three people and their encounters with Native Americans of the Sipapu and their Space Brothers. It describes their amazing experiences after showing up at the Nevada nuclear bomb test site for a protest. You will also find revelations large and small. from the ancient past and the future. A fantastic, fun “fantasy “.
The Sipapu is the opening (gateway) through the Kiva to the “nether” lands of the ancient Anasazi Indians and their descendants in the south-west. This sensitive love-story of the “end-times” brings together a re-turning tribe of the Ancients from the past, a Pleiadian Space expedition from the “future”, and some “awakening volunteers” from Earth’s pre-sent. The plot climaxes with a “Gathering” at which many “Masters” from the higher realms speak about the Prophecies and Revelations in these end-times. This manuscript was written in early 1987 This was THE first work by “dharma”, thought to be a Fantasy but now appreciated as the beginning of an en-Light-ening Reality Journey. With help from Little Crow of the Lakota, Dharma’s public mission of translation for Higher Teachers begins here. Sipapu Odyssey was at one time in the early stage of being made into a motion picture utilizing the Pleiadian advanced technology of Futuronics.

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