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Irrefutable Proof that Bill Hicks was Resurrected by the CIA as Alex Jones

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This article will provide irrefutable and immutable proof that Bill Hicks was recruited by the CIA to become the controlled opposition of the MSM.  Bill Hicks assumed the identity of Alex Jones as he was continuously fed approved intelligence by his CIA handlers, in order to create a truth movement of false hope.  The information that Agent Hicks was given, was for the sole purpose of directing and leading an awakening public to only the partial truths of what the One World Government is really up to.




IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Alex Jones IS Bill Hicks from CastleJenniferBassett on Vimeo.




After spending a few days on this investigation, we found it best to begin by explaining why we began this investigation in the first place.  On September 5, 2014, we watched a YouTube video that was created by Infowars, titled, ‘Joan Rivers Death: Inside Scoop.’ 


Joan Rivers Death: Inside Scoop


Alex Jones has already spent a lot of time, attempting to recant his earlier statement, after he presented a Special Report, on the true gender of Michelle Obama. 


Is Michelle Obama A Man?


Anybody who watched Jones’ initial statements, about Michelle Obama being a man, could clearly see that he was not ‘joking’ about his conclusions.


Mainstream Media Reports Claim Michelle Obama Is A Tranny


But what was more disturbing was the fact that he refused to call it what it was.  Rather, he created a ‘Red Herring’ for his conclusion, stating that Michelle Obama must have some kind of genetic disorder.  Ultimately, shortly thereafter, he came out and said it was all a joke.


Start the attached video at the 1:20 mark.  Alex Jones is in the middle of one of his trademark rants.  At the 1:28 timestamp he makes the following statement.  “I shouldn’t even quasi-joke around about Michelle being a tranny.  That was wrong.”


Alex Jones Recants


In this video about Joan Rivers’ death, he compares his own statements to hers, claiming that they were both ‘joking’.  Anybody who watched Rivers and Jones make these statements would know that neither of them were actually joking.  They were both quite serious.


Joan Rivers’ Statement:


So why would Alex Jones recant the truth?  When have we ever seen Alex Jones do such a strange 180 on any topic? 


Later on that evening, we came across another article, referencing Joan Rivers’ death, and how it correlated with her previous statement; “You know that Michelle is a tranny.  A transgender.  We all know it.”  However, this article also made mention of Alex Jones, and his supposed, ‘true identity’, Bill Hicks.  We had heard this before, and had made no thought of it, but this time, we decided to give it a go and investigate this theory. 


In the past, we most certainly agreed that Jones does indeed look a lot like Bill Hicks… almost as though they could be brothers.  But the same person?  That thought was just a little too strange to entertain. But considering that we know beyond any reasonable doubt that our First Lady is actually the First Drag Queen, we decided to investigate the Bill Hicks / Alex Jones theory, based on the fact that we live in a world of lies, deception, and magician style trickery. 


We found ourselves baffled when we came across several websites that were not only making these claims, but backing them with hard evidence.  One such website is linked here:


We also found several videos covering forensic evidence that, when combined with the information on other web sites, began to create a solid case that Bill Hicks and Alex Jones are in fact the same person. 


Alex Jones is Bill Hicks 100% Proof


One thing that is important to understand is that, certain body traits, identifiers (moles, birthmarks, scars, etc.) and such are unique to each individual person.  But one of the most unique things used to identify an individual are teeth.  Being a retired law enforcement officer, and my wife having taken forensics classes (with a BA in Criminal Justice); we both know that teeth are just about as unique as DNA itself!  When a body cannot be identified by any other means, i.e. if it is burned up or only bones remain, then dental records are used to verify the identity of the individual.  This is well known within the law enforcement and forensics communities, and so when we came across images comparing the teeth, we were floored!


 Alex Jones left; Bill Hicks right



In the above image, you can clearly see both sets of teeth.  The most notable similarities of the teeth are the two front teeth on top with their trademark gap, as well as the distinct angles of crookedness with the bottom four front teeth.


So what happens when these specific teeth are taken from Alex Jones and overlayed onto Bill Hicks teeth?  See for yourself.


Alex Jones left; Bill Hicks right



When the teeth are overlayed, the similarities are uncanny!


Images courtesy of this YouTube video:


Here is a nice educational link for those of you who are unfamiliar with dental forensics:


In the above article, in the fourth paragraph, it states:


‘Dental records have been used for over 200 years in this country for the identification of deceased. The teeth are uniquely qualified for identification in many ways, but especially since they are virtually impossible to destroy. They survive fire, decomposition and submersion in water or earth for many years. This survivability and the fact that most persons have dental records is the key to the success of dental records for the identification of deceased. Even now, with many persons having no dental restorations, the teeth and their surrounding structures provide a myriad of distinctive characteristics useful in identification.’


Here is another educational link for those of you interested in dental forensics:


While the appearance of teeth can be altered through braces, shaving them down, etc., in Bill Hicks case, there was little to no work done to alter his teeth.


There are many other identifiers, such as moles, that have been revealed by many people.  In the website provided below, you will find many other identifiers listed, proving even further, that the Alex Jones that we know today is, in fact, Bill Hicks who was resurrected as the person of Alex Jones.


We then realized just how important this truly was.  So many people trust Alex Jones, to provide them with accurate information about what is going on in our country!  And so, we did some further investigation. 


Bill Hicks was not just a ‘great’ comedian (depending on who you are), he was well-informed about what was going on in our society.  But, instead of revealing the truth to people, he made ‘jokes’ about it.  His comedy included the government poisoning our children, abortion, the ignorance of society,  people believing that everything is okay (what we now know as ‘sheeple’), that there is a power elite of 12 people who own and run everything, and so on. 


One of his last standup performances was about the atrocities that occurred at Waco.  If you can stomach the vile language, what Bill Hicks says mirrors one of Alex Jones’ first appearances in the public eye, when he confronted an ex-FBI agent that was being interviewed.  Toward the end of Bill Hicks career, he had a strong passion for what had occurred at Waco.


Bill Hicks – You’re Free; to do what we Tell You (Waco Massacre)


Alex Jones Confronts FBI Agent


Bill Hicks passion was so strong for a reason, and it wasn’t for what he saw on television.  Bill Hicks was there, at the Branch Davidian Compound, in Waco Texas.  He decided to do his own, journalistic approach, to what was occurring at Waco.  Stepping aside from comedy for a bit, Bill Hicks became a journalist.


Bill Hicks at the Branch Davidian Compound


Shortly thereafter, Bill Hicks suddenly fell ill, with pancreatic cancer, or so the story goes.  Supposedly, nobody knew of his illness, as he kept it to himself, for a long time.  Those in the know about Hicks’ illness state that he was undergoing Chemotherapy.  However in his final stand up routines, he appeared to be in very good health!  Bill Hicks does not look like he has ever undergone Chemotherapy, nor is there any footage or photographs available that show a ‘sick’ Bill Hicks.  Bill Hicks allegedly passed away on February 26, 1994.


In 1997, we find our first videos of Alex Jones.  Before this, we were unable to find any proof of his existence, other than school photos which looked nothing like the Alex Jones we know today.  This was shocking because of what we had discovered next.


Alex Jones is NOT Alex Jones!



Both of these images come from videos created by ‘Alex Jones’ in 1997!  In the first image on the left, taken from a video done on April 24th, 1997, we see a man who appears to be in his mid 20’s, whereas in the image on the right, we see a man who appears much older, a completely different nose, different colored hair, and not nearly as lean and physically fit as the first image on the left.  His neck is much thicker (as in chubbier), and overall skull structure appears very different.



Again, we have a much younger, leaner, individual on the left, and an older, thicker, individual on the right.  Looking at their necks, we see the individual on the left has well-defined neck muscles and a well-defined jaw line.  The individual on the right does NOT have well-defined neck muscles OR jaw line.  Also, we have a much clearer image of the hairline, and the individual on the left, actually appears to have a much higher hairline, as well as having a different outline, than the one on the right.  The eyebrows and hair are much different in color, thickness, and location. 



Again, we have two, notably different individuals.  The body builds are completely different, as well as completely different facial structure, and the individual on the right has a much darker hair color, especially considering that the image was taken outside.  The individual on the left is very lean and muscular, and the one on the right, while he may have some muscle build, he is far from lean.  It is important to note that at this time in 1997, Jones would have only been 23 years old!


While these two people may very well be the same person…



This person is definitely NEITHER ONE of the above!  Keep in mind that the above, right image and the image below are BOTH allegedly taken in 1997!



While Bill Hicks spent a lot of time practicing and imitating the person of Alex Jones, certain genetic features were missed during plastic surgery.



Here is one of the very few videos still in existance of the REAL Alex Jones.  It is important to note that this video is on Alex Jones’ YouTube channel.  It certainly creates the foundation for a magician style switch-a-roo, as it leads his fans and viewers to think,  ‘Yeah.  That ‘could’ be him.’


The REAL Alex Jones in 1997


One other notable, and seemingly, unnoticed evidence is Alex Jones’ ever-changing hair color.  We know that Bill Hicks has dark brown hair.  In the below images of Hicks / Jones, we see that Jones’ hair dye job is growing out. 



Because of this problem, we have seen Jones with many different colors of hair.  When compared to the REAL Alex Jones, often, his hair color, such as the images taken from 1997, do not match.



Bill Hicks is, in fact, a CIA Agent.  Bill Hicks was selected to replace Alex Jones because of his ability to impersonate certain voices and characteristics quite accurately and convincingly.  Even to this day we often see these ‘impersonations’ come out of the person who we know as ‘Alex Jones’.  Apparently the comedian in him cannot be fully contained. 


While it is unclear as to how or why he became a CIA agent, what is clear is that the ‘Alex Jones’ that we know today, is not the same Alex Jones that we first knew in 1997.  There are a few photos of a young Alex Jones that do, in-fact, appear to be the real Alex Jones. 


It is important to note, that it is impossible for someone like Bill Hicks to fake their death, WITHOUT Government involvement.  This would be necessary in order to falsify death records.  This fact was the clue that lead us to realize that there is a direct CIA involvement, as they MUST know that Hicks assumed Jones’ identity, otherwise, they wouldn’t be very ‘intelligent’ now would they?


Agent Bill Hicks became Alex Jones in order to provide a ‘false hope’ to the American people.  He has not been shut down because he is propped up by the CIA.  His famous family members in the Military, FBI, or CIA, are nothing more than the family of CIA Agents who give him information to share.  Infowars is nothing more than a controlled and paid ‘government opposition’ created by the CIA and Agent Bill Hicks.  His famous uncle in the CIA is none other than the same uncle that most Americans claim, and his name is Uncle Sam.


(This link will help the reader to dive a little deeper into the Infowars deception.)


The CIA knew full well that people were beginning to ‘wake up,’ and so they created a ‘voice’ for them to turn to after they realized that they were being fed lies and propaganda.  Alex Jones was being provided a sufficient amount of information to ‘entertain’ the awakening masses, and have them believe that Jones had all of the answers.  This is why he persistently interrupts and talks over callers and other guests; in order to give the ‘false impression’ that he knows all and he is a reliable source of information. 


The real reason as to why Alex Jones, or shall we say, Bill Hicks, retracted his comments about Michelle Obama, was because, while his job is to create a government opposition, there are only certain ‘truths’ that they will permit him to share.  What the CIA allows him to share is only enough to uphold the controlled and paid ‘government opposition’.


See here, the video, ‘Irrefutable Proof that Michelle Obama is a Man’, the video that brought to light, one of the many deceptions surrounding the Obama Administration.  It is the video that woke up, and tripped up, Agent Bill Hicks. 


Irrefutable Proof that Michelle Obama is a Man

IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Michelle Obama IS A MAN 24/7 from CastleJenniferBassett on Vimeo.


Most people in the ‘Media’, are NOT who they claim to be.  The One World Government deception is in full swing, and most people who ‘oppose’ the government are unaware that they are being sucked into a CIA operation that was set into motion in or around 1996. 


So what happened to the FIRST Alex Jones?  Was he ‘taken out’ by the CIA and replaced by Agent Bill Hicks?  Was he paid off to ‘disappear’ and then replaced by Agent Bill Hicks?  Was he also a CIA agent, and for whatever reason, was unable to fulfill his current assignment, so he needed to be ‘replaced’?  While it is unclear who the first Alex Jones really was or what happened to him, what is clear is that there was a replacement.  A ‘replacement’ who had begun his career as Comedian, and is now an Actor in a ‘Reality Show’, of false hope.  He is a quite convincing Actor, whose true identity is, Agent Bill Hicks.


Even to this day, ‘Alex Jones’, aka, Bill Hicks identifies himself as a comedian.  But we suppose that what Agent Hicks doesn’t realize is, it seems that acting was truly his strength!  Perhaps he should be nominated for an Oscar. 


Alex Jones – “I can admire someone who is a better ‘comic’ then I am.” 


Remember Agent Hicks, “Be careful what YOU say, or you will give YOURSELF away.”  It is what YOU said, by recanting the TRUTH about Michelle Obama that had us take a closer look at you.  YOU blew YOUR cover!  Oops! 



Welcome to the One World Government’s stage of trickery and deception.  To learn more about this generation of deception, visit the following links:


The One World Government:


Anti-Pope Francis:

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