FIREBALL PUBLISHING creates beautifully unique Children’s Custom Coloring Books centering on Automotive and Sealife. Titles include PORSCHE, MUSTANGS, VETTES, SURF WOODIES, VINTAGE TRAILERS, MALIBU, SURFER GIRLS, UNDERSEA, MERMAIDS & MARITIME. The books are unmatched, conceptually unique and available worldwide. All books available on Amazon. ireball Tim is a true legend in the Car Design world, having designed vehicles for over 400 of Hollywood’s biggest films including BATMAN, KNIGHT RIDER, JURASSIC PARK & MONSTER GARAGE. He is a Car Designer, Award Winning Filmmaker, Host for Speed Channel, TLC, Discovery, Velocity and many others. See all of Fireball’s HOLLYWOOD CAR DESIGNS here! He’s literally reached over a billion viewers. Fireball currently writes for THE MALIBU TIMES MAGAZINE, HIDDEN HILLS, LA PARENT, PALISADES MAGAZINE, GARAGESTYLE, DRIVE ONLINE, DRIVENWORLD and many others. He also hosts his monthly WHEELS AND WAVES Car Show in Malibu every 3rd Sunday of the month and MUSCLES AND MOJO at The Murphy Auto Museum on the 1st Sunday, showcasing some of the best cars in the world. At the Murphy Auto Museum, Fireball’s Art Gallery (THE FIREBALL GALLERY) features some of the World’s Best Automotive Street Art.
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