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About me Hi – my name is Anna Coulling and I am a full time currency, commodities and equities trader. I have been involved in both trading and investing for over fifteen years and have traded many different financial instruments, from options and futures to stocks and commodities. I write and publish articles ( mostly for free ) for UK and international publications on a wide variety of financial issues, and in particular I enjoy helping others learn how to invest and trade. Since starting my first web site several years ago, which provides an introduction to trading and investing, I have developed many other sites which cover a wide variety of markets. Some are simply informational sites, and others like this are primarily designed to provide insights into the current market activity which I hope will help you make better trading decisions. All my sites have one thing in common – the information is provided free of charge. If you would like to follow my trading more closely or simply ask me a question on trading, then I have several ways you can do this if it is of interest. I am always delighted to hear from traders around the world and will always do my best to help if I possibly can! I Twitter on a daily basis about trades, trading opportunities, trading news, and when post and sites have been updated with a new post. If you are new to Twitter, it is a ” micro blogging” network which only allows 140 characters per post, so it is very easy and quick to keep up with friends, news etc. If you would like to follow me, simply click on my Twitter widget in the right hand sidebar. I have three Facebook pages for each of the markets that I trade and I would be delighted to hear from you there, and of course if you do read my posts regularly I would be most grateful if you could hit the ‘like’ button, but only if you like the post!! Good luck with all your trading and investing and I am always looking at new technology to help new traders and investors so please do check back to all the sites regularly which are now all being upgraded to include video – yes sorry, you will be hearing my dulcet tones on the internet very regularly!! – regards Anna
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