Russet Street Reno
My name is Sara. I am a home owner/renovator in SE Wisconsin trying to cram all kinds of projects into my busy life while holding down a day job and entertaining two cats and a new husband! I like slightly inappropriate humor, wine, and stalking house blogs. I love starting new DIY projects and sometimes hate finishing them. This blog is all about the projects we tackle, the projects that fizzle, and the funny things that happen to us along the way.
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An Inexpensive Upgrade 135
DIY on Monday Mar 04 2019 13:29
KonMari-ing our closets 18
DIY on Tuesday Jan 22 2019 15:11
Our big summer project - three months later 29
DIY on Thursday Nov 08 2018 10:29
Landscaping update 14
DIY on Wednesday Jul 18 2018 15:08
Changes downstairs 19
DIY on Monday May 21 2018 18:49
Glass shower, you are high maintenance 33
DIY on Wednesday Apr 11 2018 08:49
Bathroom reno with only paint and accessories 56
DIY on Thursday Feb 08 2018 13:28
A belated Christmas post 13
DIY on Monday Jan 15 2018 16:28
Our dining room 25
DIY on Thursday Nov 30 2017 19:48
Our living room - as done as it gets 23
DIY on Monday Oct 09 2017 14:27