Enchanted LifePath
Hello I Am The Owner Of Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative News & Media. I began hosting my YouTube channel in April 2015 after watching my peers work so hard over the years to bring me and the masses truth on a daily basis. I stood up to a challenge from Dahboo7 to viewers to step up and help out. I felt I was bold and charismatic enough to front a channel and technical enough to build a website around it. I originally created Enchanted LifePath as a way for me to also find like minded people to engage with. It has now sent me on a journey I never could of imagined, gaining friends throughout the world, growing in confidence on my YouTube channel whilst teaching myself new tricks along the way which have helped me to keep improving. I have registered Liverpool, UK\'s, first ever Alternative News & Media company with Enchanted LifePath and have also gained journalism qualifications via the NTCJ level 3 journalism diploma here in Liverpool, England. I am also a registered member of the National Union of Journalist NUJ Special thanks to EnterThe5t4rz for suggesting me to the Before It\'s News admins, please visit EnterThe5t4rz on #BIN. #BeEnchanted, bookmark & share my profile. #WeAreTheNews Liverpool, UK PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO
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