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Impending Financial Collapse - The Grand Finale: Here Is What Is About To Happen To You...An Economic Love Story, or Fifty Shades of Green?

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Here Is What Is About To Happen To You…

Okay, I’m going to save time for those of you who piss and moan about “Wall of Text” OP’s. I’m going to give a synopsis right up front for all of you Fluoridated, ADHD medicated, passer-by trolls that just come to financial posts on GLP to say, “You Can’t Eat Silver!”

The Synopsis of this thread is: You’re f…..!

There, now you can go on and go view the latest post on Jay-Z, or Dennis Rodman, or the Nobody, or what-the-f…-ever…Goodbye and God-Speed.

For the rest of you that want to know what’s about to happen to your finances, hell to life as you know it, follow me down the rabbit hole for a moment. I will assure you that the time you take reading this post will be time well spent.

First, let me remind you, I don’t post timing predictions willy-nilly on financial matters. I have a Youtube channel and a Blog that some people actually come to for legitimate advice, so I try to stay away from the “timing game” regarding financial matters as much as I can, because it can always change through unforeseen circumstances and financial moves by the Central Banks. They keep their plans fluid people, and they have all the time in the world. That being said, the reason I feel fairly confident in posting this rough sketch timing of the next big financial event is because it is already in motion…

Second, let’s go over the evidence we have already collected of this well planned financial crisis that is coming at us like a freight train in a tunnel.

The Evidence

I could go all the way back to the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 and bring you forward to the point we are at now, but you already know about this stuff, and if you have any questions regarding long past financial events that relate to our current situation, then I will try as best I can to address those questions on this thread. For purposes of brevity, I’m going to stick to recent financial news and how it relates to the coming financial reset, but please understand, all of those past moves that I’m not discussing here from 1913 to present are still part of this equation, a big part. So keep them in mind as you read on.

2010 to the Present, Capital Controls: In 2010 The United States began printing a new series of $100 bills (for information on that series just Google: The New $100 Bill, and you will get all the info you need), but they don’t begin circulating the new $100 bill, they just printed them by the pallet load and put them in storage. Meanwhile, they enact Capital Controls in 2011 through a hefty sur-tax on money leaving the country and going to places like Belize, and other favorite spots for Ex-Patriots, those capital controls went into effect at the beginning of 2012. Also during this time they are pulling worn and torn $100 bills out of the system at record rates, pulling down the amount of actual U.S. currency on the world market, all while flooding that same world market with electronically generated computer dollars. The bottom line to all of these moves is; DURING THE LAST THREE YEARS CAPITAL CONTROLS HAVE BEEN STEALTHFULLY PUT INTO PLACE AND MADE FULLY FUNCTIONAL IN THE USA!

Also, an interesting side note on the Capital Controls issue, they have decided to release into circulation the new $100 bill beginning in October of 2013, keep this date in mind as you read on.

2010 to the Present, Financial Regulations: In 2010 the United States passed the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act, and similar regulations were passed by England, the European Union, and most other developed countries. Despite all of the “Consumer Protection” hoopla surrounding these financial reforms, they were decidedly not consumer friendly. In point of fact, they were quite the opposite. Essentially what these regulations have done is totally changed the nature of the banking relationship. You are no longer a “depositor” at your financial institution; you are now an “unsecured creditor” of your bank. This doesn’t seem like much of a change until you also put together the way they have changed the method by which they reorganize a “systemically important” bank or financial company when it defaults. In the past, with regards to FDIC insured deposits at banks, if you had more money on deposit than was covered by the FDIC insurance, you might not get all of your money over $250,000 back, but you were first in line to get your money back from the liquidation of the other assets of the bank. Now, you are moved to the very back of the line, and any money over $250,000 dollars will most likely be replaced with stock certificates in a worthless shell company organized by the FDIC to hold all of the banks “bad assets” after post default reorganization. We all saw test runs of this with MF Global, and in Cyprus, and the tests went pretty much according to plan except, with regards to Cyprus, that much of the Russian Mafia money was allowed to flee the country through branches in other countries. These problems were promptly fixed by quiet new banking regulations involving out of country branches of a bank organized in another country.

Also, with regards to financial regulation, the Bank of International Settlements, the shadowy Central Bank of Central Banks, in Basel, Switzerland has passed a new set of Basel Banking Regulations that they began working on in 2010, called Basel III. Now you can read up about Basel III if you like, but in a nutshell what it does is put severe leverage restrictions and increased capital requirements on banks within the BIS structure (which is virtually all of the developed world). Now the European Union and the USA have been tinkering with the wording of these regulations since the last half of 2012, basically not changing them in any real fashion, but more looking for the right time to implement them. It now appears that that timing will be at the end of Q2 or the beginning of Q3, 2013. This will mean that during Q3 or Q4 of 2013, expect to see a massive credit freeze happen. Now, do you remember the date of circulation for the new $100 bill?

If you have any questions about the power of these Basel Banking Regulations you can also see the effects that Basel II and 2.5, mark to market accounting, had on the Housing Markets in the United States of America in 2008. There were many causes for that housing bubble, then housing crisis, but Basel II and 2.5 was most assuredly the pin that popped the housing bubble that led to the financial crisis of 2008-09.

2010 to Present, Financial Events: There have been many financial events that have caused economists and traders to false start, then false start again on predictions of doom, but all of these events have seemingly been blown away by the massive Bull Market in the United States and China. Traders and Economists have complained ad-nauseum that these markets simply don’t seem to have any relationship anymore to the actual economic environment, and they are right. These markets are wholly bought out with massive printing of electronic fiat dollars by monolithic financial institutions associated with the Federal Reserve and fully controlled by high frequency computer trading algorithms. The equity markets, and other fractional reserve markets such as precious metals, bear no relationship to the economy anymore. And despite the Quantitative Easing cheerleaders on the TV and in the financial forums, that is simply a fact.

There are many events in the financial markets that have transpired over the last two years that were signals of impending crisis, in fact so many that I simply don’t have the time, nor do you, to go over all of them. So I will choose three recent events that have been very large signals to me of what is to come for the world economy.

First, Cyprus: As I stated before, Cyprus was a test run of the new financial regulations of the European Union in much the same way that MF Global was in the United States, but it was also a signal to those in the know, that you had better get your money out of the banks! I won’t go over it again, but rest assuredly; this was a major recent signal.

Second, The Orchestrated Take-Down of Precious Metals: This was a move that may have well backfired on the Financial Cartel, in a sense. In seeking to take down the level of Precious Metal to allow for more inflation of these same metals later on (when it is needed to expand a currency that they decide to back with PM’s), they sought to also transfer the remaining private ownership of these metals from what we in the financial world call, “Weak Hands to Strong Arms”. It started with financial talking heads on TV trashing Gold and Silver as an investment for almost two months, and it then culminated with Black Friday in the commodity pits. What they never expected was that stackers would actually try to take that opportunity to load up on metals. They never expected the Physical Market to stabilize, and then push the paper market higher. They never expected the immediate disconnect of spot price in relation to physical price that happened and is still happening almost a month later. However, the move still serves a purpose for the Financial Cartel, it put all of the markets, including the bond markets and derivative markets, on tenuous footing, and it allowed for Banks to load up on physical metals at a cheap price for compliance with Basel III Capital Requirements. Unfortunately for the Cartel boys though, they may well have sacrificed the COMEX, their controlled price discovery system, in this transaction. But I doubt it matters much in the long run to them, as the COMEX was already dead the moment this plan was put into place. This move in PM’s was another huge signal of what’s to come, and if you will bear with me, I will tie it all together as we move through my scenario.

Third, The Ongoing Bond Implosion in Japan: Now this is a financial story that is still developing, but it is progressing at a rapid rate. Japan is the most leveraged country in the world, and their economy has been constantly controlled by the Financial Cartel, and virtually stagnate for almost twenty years now. Japan has been ripe to fall off of the tree for a long time, so it only makes sense that any bond and/or derivative market collapse would begin here. Japan is leading in the race to the bottom of currency degradation in the world currency wars, and they are the trigger that will cause the debt markets in Europe to implode, and then shortly thereafter, the debt markets in the USA. I’ve been saying for a couple of years now, and I still say, if you want to know the timing of all of this, watch Japan.

So, while there were obviously many more financial events that have transpired over the last three years that are slowly leading us to this cliff of financial oblivion that we now stand at the precipice of, these three alone are enough to help us with our conclusion.

Problem, Reaction, Solution; a Hegelian Love Story: So you say, fine, you’ve shown us a bunch of individual and apparently unrelated pieces of evidence of economic disaster, but yet we are still here. We are still standing despite it all.

Here’s where we tie it all together. You see the economic world moves in cycles, just like everything else in the Universe, and when we were using a more modified Austrian model of economics our economies moved in a 20-30 year cycle, but after WWII that all changed, because when the Austrian cycle came rolling around again for the World Reserve Currency in the 1970’s the financial cartel did something that would forever alter the path of human development, they pulled the worlds reserve currency, the U.S. Dollar, off of the gold standard, replaced it with the petro-dollar, and moved all world currencies to a totally fiat Keynesian economic system. This allowed for exponential expansion of currency and capital that was previously only dreamed of in Austrian circles, but it also allowed for the expansion of debt to never before imagined levels. And this is where we are today.

So Here’s The Problem: Debt; more debt has been created under this ever inflating system of Keynesian Economics and it’s fractional reserve banking than can ever be paid off. More debt exists on this planet than money exists to pay it off. So how do we cure something that can no longer be cured through economic expansion? Because you see, economic expansion, inflation, is the only way things are cured in a Keynesian System. So this leaves one to ask, how does the Financial Cartel take down a monolithic skyscraper of debt that they’ve built all they way up to the heavens, but has become structurally unsound at its foundation without taking themselves out in the process?

Controlled demolition, that’s how.

Of course what I’m talking about there is the real problem, not the problem you will hear about in the news.

Hyperinflation is not ordinary expansive inflation like we are used to in a Keynesian system. It’s not even runaway growth. Hyperinflation is the loss of confidence in a currency. In this case, following an implosion in world bond markets, and a subsequent deflation of the world derivative markets, the world will lose faith in all fiat currencies. Hyperinflation will ensue around the world. Economic premises that we are familiar with, that we are used too, financial relationships, like those of inflation to growth in equity markets, will become useless, and will in fact work in an entirely opposite manner of the way they worked before a loss of confidence. Imagine Market deflation while the value of the currency is dropping like a stone. Market deflation while prices for basic commodities and finished products are going through the roof. While interest is being jacked up on a daily basis to try and stave off the ravaging beast of inflation. If you don’t think this is possible, simply look to the fall of the USSR and Argentina for modern examples of this economic time bomb at work. Hyperinflation will be the one and only thing on the mind of every person of the world, and they will be beating that dead horse back to death nightly on every TV screen around the world.

So how does hyperinflation happen? Many people thought printing money would cause hyperinflation, and if that money had actually been let loose in the street economy, it would have. But that money was tightly controlled by a select few and disseminated into the system through financial instruments rather than loans to business. But now the tipping point has been reached, we cannot grow our way out of this mess with stocks and derivatives, and yet we cannot put that money into the hands of small business, they would only ravage big business and steal their market share. The system is full, the over-arching cycles of energy and food production are all moving into decline, and that will in turn move populations into decline. There are simply no “Consumers” left to exploit, the edges of our economic habitat have been found and fully explored. There is simply no where left to grow.

So without growth in the Keynesian system comes deflation, but they’ve stalled that deflation with artificial money printing that has propped up markets that long ago should have collapsed under the weight of their own hubris. So it, the deflation, transfers itself to the only place it can, the credit markets, sovereign debt, bonds! And so the loss of confidence begins in the bond markets, with the losses piling over into the titanic fantasy world of the derivative markets.

Derivative Markets, the only place on Earth where you could find someone to buy an option on Unicorn futures.

The Reaction of the Sheeples: It begins in the Japanese bond and derivative markets, and after that it cascades across the continent back to Europe, and anywhere else that debt exceeds an ever shrinking manageability level. Once Europe is fully enveloped in this credit crisis, expect America to follow suit soon thereafter, probably within six weeks. Interest rates on Bonds will skyrocket, leading to increases in interest rates for Residential and Commercial Property Mortgages. Soon interest will have to increase on all loans, including inter-bank lending. Once Basel III is thrown into the mix, there will be credit freezes due to decreased leverage and increased capital requirement for banks. Banks are no longer allowed to expand their way out of trouble, that’s too dangerous now, too many rogue elements out there for that.

Physical commodities begin to bring an ever widening premium over the paper markets. Electronic cash is still abundant, but actual paper currency becomes harder and harder to come by in this shadow world of capital controls. Central Banks end printing and begin to pull back on the reins, trying to tighten their money supplies. Prices at the gas station and at the grocery store explode, corporate profits implode and the equity markets tank. People’s savings and investments, their ever precious Pensions, 401k’s, and IRA’s begin to evaporate into the cyclone of a deflating debt bubble. People are losing their entire life savings and their house, the main source of their net worth, is now becoming worthless as well because no one can get a loan to buy a house, and even if they could, they couldn’t afford the ever increasing interest, you see because banks are now refusing to fix rates for more than three months because of the spiraling inflation.

Civil unrest follows as people lose their entire life’s work in a matter of weeks. People are demanding a solution to this economic disaster; they are demanding that the same system that put them into this mess be saved so that they can save something, anything, after the fall. Unemployment skyrockets as companies lose market share and credit markets dry up. It’s murder and mayhem, cities are burning, some are even claiming it’s Armageddon.

The Economic powers of the world schedule a meeting to solve this economic debt crisis and bring the hyperinflating major currencies of the world under control.

The Solution, Brought To You By Your Good Friends At The World Financial Cartel: The problem is now clear, forget the debt, forget the credit freeze, forget all the stuff that brought us here, it’s now obviously a currency crisis we face. But it just so happens, they have a solution ready to roll out. Of course they will have to jawbone it for a while to make it look good for the masses, but here’s what they’re going to do, just as soon as you’re hurting bad enough to accept it of course.

So the following is their solution to the problem they created, or something very equivalent.

First: They will create a world body, or use one of their world bodies they’ve already created, to manage world currencies and the amount of those currencies in circulation.

Second: any country that agrees to enter into, and abide by, an agreement to allow this “world body” to control the amount of that country’s, or Union’s, currency in circulation according to rules prescribed in the agreement will receive a huge discount in the amount of their sovereign debt owed. Probably something in the order of an instant haircut to bond holders of 50%, or in some instances, even more. This is probably also the point where governments begin to nationalize retirement accounts. For the people’s safety of course.

Third: all participating currencies of each country will from that point on be backed by a basket of commodities specific to that country or union. For instance, Great Britain and China, who lack many natural resources, will probably back their currency primarily with gold and silver, while other countries that are richer in natural resources, like the United States, will probably back their currency with a basket of commodities such as energy reserves, real estate, mineral reserves, and possibly some percentage of gold and silver. These currencies would all be pegged together with this circulation agreement and the amount of currency in circulation would only fluctuate according to the value of the commodities pledged by the country as determined by the open markets.

Fourth: all excess liquidity over and above the prescribed circulation limits in the agreement will be removed from the system. So they will have to have the people using these “New” backed currencies around the world turn in their old currency, at (for example sake only) say $200 old, for $100 new (now again think of why they are waiting until October to release the new $100 bill which they have been printing for three years now), of course this will be easy with your bank account and investment accounts, they will simply slash the amount of money in your account by the prescribed percentage with the keystroke of a computer (and in case you’ve been wondering why all of the bank systems have had so much trouble lately, it’s because the software capability to do this was being installed and the accounts that need to be flagged and watched have already been identified).

Fifth: all of the resources and commodities used to back the currency of the country will be placed under the defacto control of the Central Bank that issues the currency, and thereby the BIS (Bank of International Settlements), so that countries themselves cannot cheat this agreement by pledging or selling off their resources by any manner other than that prescribed by the agreement.

A Hegelian Love Story: So that’s that, and in the end they will control all of the resources of the world because that’s what they always wanted from the beginning anyway. And the people of the world, well most of them will get down on their knee’s to thank them for saving a system that left them almost broke and penniless after a lifetime of work; all because at least some small pittance of their Pension or their 401k was saved and left in their possession. After all, the problem was worldwide, so obviously we needed some vestige of World Government to solve this, right?!?!?

Nathaniel Rothschild said, “Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws.”

Now they will say, “Give me control over a nations resources, and we will destroy that antiquated notion of national sovereignty.”

So when this is all said and done they will not only have control of the currencies of the world, (essentially meaning a one world currency, with familiar national denominations so as not to alarm the Conspiracy Theorists) they will also have control of the resources of the entire world to mete out as they see fit.

If that doesn’t chill you to the bone, then you my friend have not been paying very close attention to the world outside of your office or home recently. Because they will also use this chaotic opportunity to roll out the worst parts of their tyrannical scientific machine of control, all in the public good of course. Only to protect you – and them – from any reprisals from the fringe elements of society that demand things like “Freedom” and “Self-Determination”. Outlaw concepts of a bygone era. And the complaint media will parrot this line, and the people, sad though it may be, when presented with their futures going up in the fires of national currencies, will go along as well. Because the failure of this system would leave them penniless and without means; freedom be damned after all, I might lose my spot at the country club!

For those of you who think this could never happen, you need only research in depth what they’ve done as far as Financial Reform and Regulation since 2010. Of course the media isn’t telling you what’s going on, so you have to look these things up, but when you look at the evidence, the laws and regulations they’ve passed since 2010, the financial moves they’ve made, objectively; well I challenge you to find any other reasonable conclusion. In writing this I have also relied on other things as well though, such as information from personal friends still in the mix in banking circles. Not surprisingly though with much of this information in hand, even these people, some very high up people, in banking circles, don’t have a full understanding of what’s coming down the pipe. It’s called compartmentalization, and game theory. It’s knowing what you can do to provoke a certain response in your opponent or even someone working for you; they’ve been doing it for ages.

Regardless of the nay-sayer’s that will undoubtedly make their way to this thread may say, I stand firmly by the conclusions I have reached. So much so, that I am betting my livelihood and life savings on it. This scenario is going to happen, I’ve never been more convinced of anything in my life, but when will it happen?

Conclusions and Solutions, Falling Out Of Love: My best guess as far as timing regarding the scenario I have placed before you is that by the end of Q3 2013 we will be in it like a fully involved fire. By Q4 2013 Chaos in the financial markets and on the street will be the order of the day. Tyranny will reign in the name of protection and security. How fast certain elements of this go, I cannot say, there are simply too many variables at play to make a definitive prediction. Just say this, by the end of 2013, you will know the direction this is headed with absolute clarity, and because you took the time to read this, you will know that I was right, and you will at least know what you should have done, or perhaps you will even have done it.

Stop looking for fast money in this market, yes there will still be a few opportunities for a fast buck available, but don’t tie up and waste your resources with that anymore. Buy and hold is the order of the day now. If you have available funds here is what I would do, you can take it as a recommendation if you like, but I have to say, I’m not a licensed investment adviser, so I don’t offer it as recommendation, merely as an example of my financial strategy for the next two to five years.

With any “available” funds, I would first pay off any debt I had. Interest rates will likely be going up in the very near future, and if you were waiting for a signal of that to pay off some cheap interest debt you have, then consider the recent bond movements in U.S. Treasuries and Japanese Bonds as your signal. Interest will be going up in short order, but I also wouldn’t keep a lot of money in the bank. Trying to capture money through interest on savings is liable to become a dangerous game in the scenario I’ve laid out, as there will very likely be many bank closures forthcoming, and credit disruptions in the banking industry.

Second, I would buy non-perishable food. I don’t think you will have to have years and years’ worth in stock according to this scenario, but six months certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Third, I would keep enough paper currency for one or two month’s expenses, the rest I would put into commodities that you can hold physically. For most, that is gold or silver, but if you have land that you can grow crops or livestock on that might also mean extra fuel, feed, seed, or animals for consumption.

Fourth, if I had more saved than would pay for three years expenses, I would take that excess and buy agricultural land. NOT SECOND/RENTAL HOUSES OR COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE. If the agricultural land you choose has a house, so much the better, but don’t buy it just because of a house, or buy anything in the way of land with the idea of re-selling it in the next five to ten years, buy it with the idea of living on it for the next five to ten years, then re-assess your position in relation to the economy.

Well that’s it, I’m sorry it was so long, but it’s a big subject. I hope it will help you and perhaps generate some critical thinking out there. More than anything I just hope it helps. If one person gets a head’s up from me, then I consider my mission accomplished.

Nothing about this is going to be easy, time tables will change as circumstances arise, chaos will be the order of the day. Wars may even start over this. So I hope you will all stay safe, brave new world or no, because remember, in the end; The New World Order will be run by the same people that brought you The Old World Order…

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    • wizard

      God like productions is crap.

      • stompk

        The source of the problem is the commonwealth (London Crown/Interbanking System)
        Every offshore banking country is controlled by the commonwealth, including Cypress.

        All money and property is being funneled to the Isle of Mann, in a giant computer called the
        CUBE (Think Saturn (Satan)), and the Queen of England is called the Lord Of Man for a reason.

        She is the head freemason, or ‘the see’ which is what the Eye represents. England has been meddling with America’s finances since the revolution since they couldn’t beat us with weapons.

        The Crown (the Queen now, but soon to be Prince William) is the top of the pyramid, and the Queen heads the committee of 300, who controls the CFR, who impliments the Basel system.

        Let’s not forget we have fought two wars with England. Not the people of England, but against the Crown. With the aid of the banks who operated under maritime law, which the Queen controls, have sucked up deed, resources, and financial control the the manipulated LIBOR (London Interbank System), which controls the $800 trillion derivatives market.

        It’s in essence, a corporate takeover, to bring the US into the commonwealth, and shred the constitution. The commonwealth already has 1/3 of earth population under, and is the new british empire (NWO). Masons all pledge allegiance to the Crown, which is why George Washington was considered the worst military commander in history, because he secretly worked for the Crown through the House of Burgesses.

        • Anonymous

          Nailed it. Great insight. There you have it boys and girls. Welcome to NWO come October.

        • Edderd

          See the history and evolution of the Fabian society as well.
          I for one and many Americans, will defend the US Constitution.

          This is like political correctness in the US House of Representatives.
          As Blatant lies and cover-up’s by the puppet administration go on unchecked
          Because of fear that exposing the problems will bring allegations of discrimination
          IT JUST CAN NOT GO ON Indefinitely
          Sooner or later truth will out all the fraudulent manipulation.
          When the going gets tough the tough get going.
          We are doing everything we can to maintain the quality of life we have here in our western society as long as we can. Once it’s gone, well sink or swim time.
          You control freak socialist and Muslims, “Ain’t seen nothing yet” !!!
          As Hitler and Nikita Kruschev stated.

          “You can not take over the USA. There are just too many small arms.”

        • Van

          This all a grand scheme brought to you by the shape-shifting NAZI lizard people from Youranus. Facebook is actually an alien brainwave transmitter that will bring impending financial doom by Jun 2013 thanks to FEMA and Martial law next month being planned by the IMF and the Federal Reserve headed by a secret Monsanto Army formerly known as Blackwater. I learned all this from a secret “insider” of the DHS who is an “insider” for Wall Street who is a friend of a person who uses remote viewing, who says they will shut down all internet connections next month and send you to FEMA camps on the moon with alien structures that are impending collapse and the SHTF! You need to prep now!

          There…I think I covered every stupid article in the last four years on this site using only one paragraph. This whole “impending doom right around the corner” thing is getting old, quick. Put up or shut up!

      • Anonymous

        If and when the day comes that your 401K or bank account is stolen in the name of saving the economy, then why pay back any debt to the same interconnected banking-corporations-wall street entity that stole from you?

        If they steal from you, then you steal back. Stop making loan or mortgage payments, because you would only be continuing to pay back principal and interest on debt to the same consolidated interconnected institutions that stole your 401K, IRA, or savings account. It’s plain and simple. I always hear about going on a tax strike, but that cannot be done since taxes are already taken out of your paycheck to begin with. Go on a debt strike. Because your gov’t is already owned by the same entity that depends on your debt to survive.

        All of these financial institutions are consolidated or interconnected in some way at Wall Street. So if financial institution XYZ steals 100% of your 401K, then I would stop making mortgage payments to bank ZYX. If everyone does this all at once, then your home couldn’t be repossessed because there wouldn’t be enough manpower in the country to do that.


        Yep, Tavistock crap.


        Fiat currencies always fail, about 50 years their lifespan. USD became fiat during Nixon administration when no longer exchangeable for gold.

        John Rolls, Barracuda and others have been calling for imminent collapse but so far the imminent event hasn’t happened :lol:

        There are factors keeping the collapse from occurring “imminently” and however, unforeseen, unplanned events could take the money monopolists by surprise too.

    • Louis

      Good effort. Talmudists seek to own the entire world. They have to because it’s all they’ve got. They’re not going to heaven. The world is their heaven. How pathetic.

    • FinalCountdown

      GLP is the worst site you can visit, you get banned for nothing, spyware aplenty, run by a bunch of faggots who are actually paid for the psyop they are doing there, tavistock GLP Jason<–search that

      • Anonymous

        sounds a lot like this site really…

    • WhyHurtPeople

      I was a very successful investment banker and this piece is very well thought out. The author notes it is impossible to time the coming event, mainly because of Bernanke and the Fed. As long as people still have confidence in the dollar they will continue to ripoff the world by creating more fiat us currency. In the end, monopoly money will have the same value as the us dollar does. As soon as it stops you will see the US Bond Market completely collapse. I would add a little more emphasis on civil unrest, rioting and perhaps civil war as well, to his equation. All in all, it is a sound piece of information. Well done! It’s nice to see someone else has and uses their brain!!!

      • Mr A Hole - PHD, BSE, HN51, ADHD hons. DVT HIV

        I thoroughly concur.

    • Armed Resistance

      I am impressed with the thought process and evidence backing this story. I happen to completely agree with the assessment and have been preparing for the coming challenges. I think the Patriotic Armed Resistance will be severly underestimated, and the completion of their goal will be derailed. As it was with the founding of this country, Divine Providence will play a major role in the battle between good and evil. Faith, Morality and liberty are all on the uptrend thanks to the NWO power play and Hitler Obama.

      Reality says the Sheeple and Zombies will be toast. The rest of us are ready to give our lives for liberty.

      • Anonymous

        I’m a Sheezom, half sheeple and half zombie. I guess my chances aren’t too good.

        • FastCar

          very valuable comment – thanks for wasting my time

    • Blogalotme

      Right on target, excellent report and hope you can keep s posted with more in the near future.

    • anonymous

      @Armed Resistance Face the facts, Devine Providence shines on a holy people not on what we have today, or it really does anyway, it uses whatever forces good or evil to completely destroy the unholy communion. A holy people would have been able to have seen it coming long ago, would have had the will to stop it long ago, and we would not be at this point right now. My advice? get ready, spiritual criminality is far too entrenched in the people for the nation to escape complete destruction by whatever forces God chooses to employ. The destruction everyone claims is coming IS Providence. Typical Christian belief is some sort of escape clause, that can be true in individual personal lives, but this isn’t personal. It’s just not the same.

    • Anonymous

      Ok, I’m so sick and tired of always seeing the phrase…”pay off all of your debt” in every economic collapse article I see. The fire department in your hometown can only handle a few fires at a time, but if your whole city was burning down the fire dept. could not do anything. It’s the same with economic collapse. DON’T PAY OFF ANY OF YOUR DEBT. If the dollar becomes worthless, then what do you owe?!?!? First of all, there would be way too much default on property and whatever else that normally would have been repossessed, and the banks of which would shut down would not care for you to pay anything off because the agreement was for you to pay back XXXX amount of DOLLARS…..but DOLLARS are worth ZERO at that point.

      DO NOT pay off your mortgage. DO NOT pay off your car. DO NOT pay off anything in the name of economic collapse because there would be nothing to pay back anything with and nobody is going to come and repossess anything you have because there would be way too many fires to put out.

      • Whiskey Zero

        Agree completely…no need to pay off debt. Let them run everything into the ground and renegotiate later if needed. Get gold and silver on their dime and settle fiat debt for pennies on the dollar, just like the big corporations. Only a fool pays face value.

    • justiceday

      All I know is I’m staying away from the US military!
      These guys are no hero’s!

      • Edderd

        As with everything else, there are good and bad in every org.
        I am betting on the 75% of US military that support Ron Paul in the last primary
        As a vote for support of the US constitution that they swore to uphold.
        It is the current administration / NWO progressive socialist that abandon US troops at Benghazi etc. Loyal Americans know this and we are just biding our time.

        You control freak socialist and Muslims, “Ain’t seen nothing yet” !!!
        As Hitler and Nikita Kruschev stated.

        “You can not take over the USA. There are just too many small arms.”

    • hungry4food

      Because the majority of all Durable Goods and parts that go to developed nations assemblies are produced in ASIA this new economic policy being promoted by China will have the Hyper Inflation this story is outlining ,

      • Bill Downey,

        china imports equals 3.2% of GDP in usa

    • YellowRoseTx51

      I am sick to death of the bull shisters. The Money system is controlled by Elizabeth. Always has been, it is their creation. She is allowed to fix markets, inside trading, all of this is a part of her designated powers and the fact that this is erased and removed from the public now is what is causing the confusion. Money is a part of the Slave system they created. Rothschild created the bills of exchange, Elizabeth “Selene” 1 – created the Money, Banking, Commerce and Corporations for the lesser nobility – so that they could get their ‘fee due’ from the slave population. This is who owns every single ‘alphabet’ named corporate governing body. They own ICAP, LIBOR, and all the rest – FBI is a partial interest corporation, the US corp does not own the majority of.

      Money is a pyramid scheme. This is why the company store system they created is collapsing. In order to continue they must ‘increase’ their sized, continuously eating up every resource, land, people around them. Once they hit the ridiculous amounts of their created ‘numbers’ game, “42 Trillion”, they hit a wall. There is no more new growth, they ate the planet. So now their only alternative is to take what is clearly not theirs, or risk forfeiture from lack of ‘increase’. Commerce law demands they must show a “profit”. This is why they rig their markets..which they OWN=NWO.

      So they have paraded these endlessly ill trained “analysts” and “economic advisers” and “money market” professionals, who don’t even know that a bill of exchange is their light bill, and cant state the origin of Commerce, Money & Banking, etc…and they are giving bullsh*t about statistics, gold, money, markets, and it is just that, B.S. Designed to make them chase their own tail, endlessly… having to eat their tail, to provide what appears to be ‘forward’ movement and ‘growth’, but is actually just a endless motion of going around in never ending circles. They are so blindly focused on eating their own tail, the completely miss that at some point those teeth will reach their own position and eat them too.

      At one point we had a war, we lost. Earth Fell. Now the end of the cycle is here, and by law, it has to alter to move forward and the hammer is going to drop on these people who think that the most value in Life is a ‘rock’ of gold, or a ‘paper’ money. The value in LIFE is the living things around you. There is no amount of money that can replace a life, not yours and although they are stupid – not their lives either. And for those who can not free their minds, and let go of the “Elephant Rope”, these people are ‘El-ites’ which translates to “Followers of El”. This means that SET keeps them. They will be placed in this same slave system, and this misery they planned for us, with all the bombs, land poison, deliberate extinction of species (If you haven’t read what Illinois just did to the resistant to Monsanto roundup bees, you’re missing it) This will be what they end up with. All the Misery they earned. The rest of us, move forward and return to a free society of Man. No more covens, religions created by SET. No more money systems, or the interference in our homes and children lives. Stick it out. Stand up to these people and say No. Soon…they wont be a threat.

    • Anonymous

      When this financial collapse happens the great wars will begin. Ethnic cleansing and Nationalism will be the future.

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      December 21, 2012


    • liberal army veteran

      What I can’t believe is how stupid some of the people here are. Do you morons realize that almost every story here is fake? To those of you tin foil hat wearing idiots who think we are headed for civil war and that Obama has or is going to impose martial law, please do not breed. From the looks of it many of you here are the product of generations of inbreeding . It’s okay not to like a president but my god, the crap that some of you say here is so far fetched that its disturbing.

      • Anonymous

        Sir, you nailed it. I would buy you a beer if I knew where you were. Lol, the last time I brought up tin foil hats here, I got a nasty e-mail from one of the moderators here, though. Which surprised me, because I used tin foil in place of “retard”, “moron”, or “douche”. Now they just call me “schill”.

      • FastCar

        Stick your head back in the sand my boy and don’t disgrace veterans by associating us with the word liberal.

    • MarkusAllen

      This is all lies and propaganda, folks.

      I’m tired of it.

      In fact I created an all good-news newspaper here:

      Check it out!

    • mhmd

      ((( O people Say No God But Allah, Achieve Eternal Salvation )))

      ” Laa illaha illa lah .” (There is none worthy of worship except Allah.)

      ( I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger )

      ( Introduction to Islam )

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely excellent article !!!

    • wangxi250

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    • Fake-it

      Best article EVER to appear on this site.
      Congratulations to the original author!
      Essentially he proved beyond any doubt that the initial system (Old World Order) WAS/IS A FRAUD… the final outcome was known 100 years ago.

    • WatchingWatchers

      Don’t forget the corruption of geitner and the world bank… Thats a big one that is about to blow.

    • Ladyjo

      Great Waves of Change are coming to the world. Are you prepared to navigate a radically changing world. Get prepared and get your protection. greatwavesofchange dot org, free book

    • Michael Carrigan

      Dear Lord,

      Help those who rule this world. Cast out their spirits of lying, theft, defrading, covetousness, murder, and profanity in the name of Jesus. Let them submit voluntarily to you Lord instead of being forcibly made to go on their knees when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. As you know, we are to pray for those in authority that we will have peaceful lives. Surely the antichrist shall devour those in power even as they are duped into giving the reigns of power to him.

      Do whatever is takes to bring them to you. If having so much in this world is the curse that keeps them from coming to you, then I hereby break this curse in the name of Jesus. Out of love for them, I command the release all of their wordly wealth to the world. Make them paupers Lord, out of love, so that they may see you. You know how hard it was for the rich young ruler to voluntarily give up his wealth. So not so Lord, make the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and all who mistakenly believe they control the money supply lose all that they have and in doing so bless them as a necessary but insufficient condition for their salvation. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you for blessing them so much in this way.

      Make them see that all debts MUST be released every 7 years pursuant to Deuteronomy 15. Nehemiah had the usurers of his day forgive the debts and carry out the true law. Jesus encouraged principal reduction loan modifications in Luke 16. So help the rulers of this world come to their senses even as Nebuchadnezzar who stopped eating grass like the cow of the field. Help them to say we are men now and we will love our neighbors as ourselves. We will no longer be duped by satan. For as Isaiah said, all covenants with death and hell are broken. He is no longer welcome at our dinner table. God forbid. How shall we that are dead to sin live any longer therein?

      So break this satanic curse of riches and usury from the rulers of this world Lord. Let them be as Zaccheus and give half their wealth to the poor and to repay 4 times the amount stolen from everyone else. Thank you Lord Jesus for loving them in this matter. For as we know, the wealth of the sinner is laid up for those who show mercy on the poor.

    • Anonymous

      Electronic “money” will soon be the only way one will be able to “buy or sell”. Physical currency is gradually being taken out of circulation. Bitcoin is attracting “major investors” in the Electronic Mark-et-place. OpenCoin is another electronic “money” alternative that is being backed by “major investors” like Google Ventures. It is thought that this type of monetary system will allow no “government oversight”. What a load of bullsnot!

    • wangxi250

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