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The truth about the Federal Reserve a " joint stock trust"

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“This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on earth.  When the President [Wilson} signs this bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized….the worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill.”
Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr.

“The Federal Reserve banks are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen.  There is not a man within the sound of my voice who does not know that this nation is run by the International bankers.”
Congressman Louis T. McFadden

Jonathan May is a British citizen, who through close sources in the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, became quite knowledgeable as to what the “globalists” intended to do with the private banking system worldwide.  He became so angry, he rounded up a group of people to try and counteract their ‘game-plan’.  He referred to the “globalists” as a “group of power-elite individuals” and claimed there was probably no more than 12-15 people, who pulled the strings of every nation in the world through their finances.


He decided to counter-act them by establishing an honest, world-wide banking system.

“First of all, there are thirteen families that effectively control the central banks of the hard currency countries.  The hard currency countries are the countries whose currencies are caused not to fluctuate as much as the other countries’ currencies fluctuate.  Those thirteen families have the control of the policy making and the decision making of the central banks of those countries.”
Jonathan May
Lindsey Williams Telephone Interview
Federal Prison, 
Terre Haute, Indiana

“In the Big Lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily.  Thus, the bigger the lie, the more it will be believed.”  Dr. Joseph Goebbels – concerning what he, Himmler, and Hitler called the  “Big Lie” – Eastern European Khazars claiming to be “God’s Chosen People” – the descendants of Jacob who is Israel.

Is it possible to exert such a powerful external DELUSION on a person, and thus make them internalize and BELIEVE A LIE?   Is it possible to manipulate GUILT and FEAR emotions in the human psyche to the point that a person not only believes a massive lie, but sinks in self-despair and actually confesses to a murder that they didn’t commit?

Oh yes, it is absolutely possible.   Watch this incredible British experiment and judge for yourself.   As you watch it unfold, remember that the mass media has the absolute power to also make people BELIEVE A BIG LIE – the Bigger the Lie, the easier it is.  This is done by visual and emotional STIMULATION – and a very real form of mass hypnosis.



Isn’t that just amazing??

Now consider the following facts.   At the conclusion of WWII, the Central Intelligence Agency became involved in a secret program called MK Ultra – a detailed study of the human brain and specifically, HOW it could be emotionally traumatized and tortured in guilt and fear in order to create a person with controllable “alters” – or multiple personalities.   This is the ultimate form of mind control – but the hypnotic manipulation and control of the subconscious mind of the  masses was also detailed and techniques perfected in the experimentation of the Tavistock group in England, and the Stanford Research Institute in America.

In short – the Synagogue of Satan that controls the nations media discovered that telling a BIG LIE often enough, will cause a STRONG DELUSION to occur – and people will thus believe the lie.   This will happen only if people do not sincerely love the truth.

Ask 100 good American people to relate the facts concerning the destruction of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, and I would wager 99 of them would recite the official media story that Timothy McVeigh and his accomplice Terry Nichols was totally responsible for the 1995 blast that killed 168 innocent people, including children.   Here is the “official” politically correct verdict on Nichols and McVeigh according to

“On the morning of April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh drove a rental truck to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and parked it outside. The vehicle contained a 4,000-pound bomb made of fertilizer and diesel and racing fuel. It went off shortly after 9 a.m., a time when most people who have already arrived for work. The results of the blast were catastrophic – 168 people died, including 19 children who attended school at a daycare center in the building, and hundreds of others were injured. The building was completely destroyed.”

“Nichols surrendered to police in Herington, Kansas, two days later. He was interviewed for nine and a half hours and later charged as co-conspirator to the bombing. The authorities found several incriminating items during a search of his Kansas home, including a receipt for 2,000 pounds of ammonium-nitrate fertilizer, blasting caps, and plastic barrels similar to those used in the bombing. Another piece of evidence linked him to a 1994 robbery of a gun dealer, which involved the theft of cash, gold, and silver. Some have theorized that the proceeds from that crime may have funded the bombing.”

In 1997, Nichols went on trial in Denver, Colorado, for federal charges related to his role in the attack. (McVeigh was tried first and sentence to death. He was executed in 2001.) He was convicted of conspiracy and eight counts of involuntary manslaughter and received a life sentence without the possibility of parole, according to a report. His brother James told reporters after the sentencing that Nichols was “upset because he’s innocent. He’s been convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.”

Nichols met McVeigh at Fort Benning, Georgia – which just happens to be the epicenter headquarters of the U.S. Army’s Psychological Operations (AKA Psy-Ops.)  There is no doubt that McVeigh and Nichols exploded a van full of fertilizer and diesel fuel in front of the Murrah building that morning.   There is no doubt that it created quite a bang.   What is strange is that at their trials, exculpatory evidence was not allowed to be presented.   What was that evidence?  Specifically the TRUTH that there were “sophisticated” bombs INSIDE the Murrah Building.  THREE SOPHISTICATED BOMBS as a matter of fact.   Two bombs failed to detonate, or the death and carnage would have been greatly intensified.

Here are the first breaking stories from local TV at Oklahoma City – before the official EDOMITE KHAZAR SPIN MASTERS hushed it all up and introduced the FALL GUYS – the PATSIES named Nichols and McVeigh!!!


Let’s see, clearly THREE BOMBS INSIDE the building (not one red-neck bomb parked in a rental truck outside.) ” Sophisticated bombs” simply does not include the very CRUDE ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel combo supplied by the patsy McVeigh and the gullible Nichols.    Get the picture?

Of course, the controlled mass media targeted the “domestic terrorist” militia groups mustering such force during the Clinton years.   As a result, the duped and deluded masses accepted the Big Lie – militia members = crazed nutjobs – despite the provisions and guarantees of the 2nd Amendment to maintain such citizen militias.

What other BIG LIE has been manipulated in much the same manner?  Why September 11 of course.   FACT:  A large moving van, similar in size to McVeigh’s OK City van -  adorned with a full color mural of the twin towers being hit by a jet (how megalomaniac was that?)  -  was in fact stopped by police and found to be loaded with literally tons of high explosives (thermite) and “sophisticated” detonating devices.   The van was driven by two Israeli nationals, who were detained only briefly, and 24 hours later – despite a no-fly order imposed across the country, the key suspect MOSSAD agents were flown to safety in Tel Aviv.   Nothing more EVER reported on mainstream media!!!!

Folks, welcome to the Nightmare I simply call The Strong Delusion!  WHO is responsible for this mind manipulation?  According to the Holy Bible (2 Thessalonians) it is simply the Anti-Christ disciples who “do the works of Satan with all Power, and Signs, and LYING WONDERS”.   Also known as the “Synagogue of Satan” – the “Jews who say they are Jews, but are Not.”



What is the MOTIVE for such Big Lies?   The oldest motive of all – GREED, LUST FOR UNBRIDLED POWER, AND MONEY!!!

Why destroy the Murrah building?  Answer:  The original source documents concerning Mr. Jonathan May’s so-called “Sodalitas Trust” assets to incredible land properties in Texas and Louisiana – (which directly threatened the monopoly of the PRIVATE Federal Reserve) – were being stored there preparatory to a very protracted legal examination that very likely could have exposed the “Fed” as the ponzi scheme it truly is.

This article below is the sworn affidavit and incredible, shocking testimony of British citizen Jonathan May.  Read it and WEEP, good Americans, and learn the unvarnished TRUTH – the ultimate “Story Behind the Story”.

While a long read, it is nonetheless an essential skeleton key to unlocking the machinations of the shadow government and its mass media mind control manipulations.  Keep in mind that hundreds of people have died because of this incredible testimony!   (My comments are added in bold Italics.)

Testimony Date: July 27, 1990


I was born into a privileged life-style in North Devon, England, the third and last child and only son of a wealthy, land-owning family. I was privately educated and left school early, determined to join my father’s business and not be encumbered with the authoritarian atmosphere of school. I did so by getting myself expelled. I was, I believe, nearly sixteen. At once I began to work as a livestock broker as my father and his family did and still does. I also farmed. I then branched into other goods, buying for customers using my contacts to supply items at a lower cost and better quality items at the same cost than normal retail suppliers. I was very successful. My business continued to expand. Management was highly vertically structured, and diversification was as lateral as I could possibly make it. It continued to thrive. I developed a sophisticated tax-shelter system which was lawfully capable of removing taxation liability from the majority of my own and my colleagues’ incomes.

At age 20, in my twenty-first year, numerous old documents – family heirlooms from my mother’s side of the family – were given to me as its last remaining male heir. Among these old documents was an Indenture issued to an ancestor of mine, settling upon him “and his heir and assigns in perpetuity for the duration of the term hereof” the responsibility and authority of Trustee for certain property, goods, chattels, etc. As far as I can recall, the document was dated “In this Year of Our Lord One Thousand, Six Hundred and Forty Seven”. The document - a parchment with the Royal Seal of England still attached – constituted a Trust indenturing my ancestor, et. al. for a 999-year term as trustee for the property named. The parchment was signed by “Charles Stuart Rex Of England, France, and Ireland King” – Charles I.   [What this clearly did is throw a very dark cloud on the rights of the French Government to even sell "Louisiana" to the U.S. in 1803.  Consider that this document was likely the reason why the French sold it so cheaply - $15,000,000 or roughly 4 cents an acre.   Too good to be true?  It likely was! --- Ott]

Knowing nothing of such matters, I consulted lawyers. They determined the document was genuine, that a trust had been established by the British King Charles I and that its original trustee had been my ancestor, and that – as a matter of law – it could not be broken, the British monarch then – and still – being the Supreme Head of the Judiciary in the United Kingdom. Also as a matter of law, the trust was an operative entity, under the provisions of which I, as the remaining male heir, was the responsible trustee. However, it had clearly been inoperative for as long as anyone could remember. Shares certified from “The Dheli & Punjab Railway” and other such antiquated relics – seemingly unredeemed still – were with the trust charter. Successive charters endorsed by successive British monarchs were with the original one as well.

It was determined that sub-trusts – subsidiaries – should be formed at once, under the grandfathering precepts of the original 17th century charter. Out of the air, I decided that 4,000 such subsidiaries would be formed as non-domiciled entities, governed under the plural and simultaneous governments of all the nations of the world which were non-Communist.

Between the months of September 19, 1969 and February 15, 1970, these 4,000 charters were printed and recorded in a register. These were numbered, prefixed by “No. SSR/647/”. The first was chosen to be the common trustee entity for the remaining 3,999.  None could be recorded in any one country. Doing so would have given the country of registration some prior-claim taxation ability. For this reason, the Register of the 4,000 entities was kept in the constant custody of myself as the recorded sole-signator of record of the original trust which we named “The International Equity Trust”. We decided to call the group of sub-trusts “The Sovereign Charter Trust Group”. This main group was then subdivided into the Sodalitas Trust Group – comprised of the administrative, in-house members whose activities were to be coordinated by and through a board of directors known as The Trustee’s Directorate Body. The remaining trusts were to have been sold/leased as tax-shelters to sundry third parties for the fee of 20% of the total tax liability saved by the client using the trust for this purpose, ie. without one of our trusts – a tax liability of $100,000, but with one of our trusts – at a cost to the client of $20,000 – a nil tax liability.

In 1969, lawyers advised us that the only problem we faced was the taxation authorities’ propensity to arbitrarily state that our trusts were a non-entity but that they would be protected from taxation anywhere worldwide by legislation once proof positive was available that they had been alive as artificial persons for twelve years. My local home-town lawyer had counter-endorsed the Register under every page, and the 4,000 trusts were “born”, ie. chartered between September 19, 1969 and February 15, 1970. Accordingly, I determined that I should continue my business enterprises for another twelve years and then simply sell or lease out the 3,999 trusts at either a flat fee or by the 20%-of-taxes-saved formula – and use the proceeds, in part, to re-determine the what, where, why, and when concerning the assets of the original trust.

During the years that followed, I became more and more diversified and made sound commercial contacts all over the globe. Increasingly, my fees and commissions were being paid to me in differing currencies. This brought my attention to their differing interest rates and who, in fact, it is who determines which currencies are loaned at which rates. I discovered that a minute cartel controlled all banking policies worldwide, and that the provision or non-provision of “money” was all-controlling.

As my reputation as a finder of the unusual at a fair price grew, I, with my colleagues, began to realize that there was considerable resistance throughout the conventional financial markets to “entrepreneurs”. Highly determined but very independently-minded individuals were not at all welcome in “normal” banking circles. There was a very real need in the independent business communities throughout the world for alternative credit facilities to properly and fairly provide for entrepreneurial needs – a window in the market for them between new venture capital and died-in-the-wool conventional business capital.

We decided that, in a wholly novel and independent manner, our loosely connected but highly respected circle of “middle-men” would become providers of capital for our established clients all over the world. Independent credit/capital sources in the Middle East and elsewhere, and several substantial private placement arrangements were made, first between ourselves and our investors and subsequently between ourselves and the users of those investments. We chose to take a minimal intermediary fee but retain a non-working but joint-venture/profit-sharing interest in many of the enterprises capitalized by our investors. We did find that there were never enough investors to be found. Otherwise, everyone seemed content.  [Everyone but the Khazar-Jew Rothschild Banking cartel - for this was the single biggest threat to their money-monopoly. ---- Ott]

Like many arrogant and foolish young men before me, I tended to advertise my financial success. I grew headstrong. The local small-town police force began to watch me and became a significant nuisance, stopping me for tires, speeding, etc. etc. I started a butcher business and again made a significant success of it, also in my hometown area. My success meant the loss of trade by my competition. My premises were burgled successively, and soon insurers would not insure me. I provided my own deterrent. I rigged a “loaded shotgun” sign outside of my premises and inside the coldstore placed a very lifelike loaded shotgun and trip alarm for anyone thinking of again stealing my property, as uninsured thousands had already been stolen. The local police arrested me for setting a man-trap with intent to endanger life. My intent, quite obviously, was to protect my property, so I was very properly acquitted of this foolish charge against me.

Having been advised not to rig up any such device again, I purchased a young mountain lion as a “guard dog” to continue to dissuade any would-be thieves. With 20-20 hindsight I realize that was not an appropriate thing to do. I began to be a minor celebrity in my little country town, and the local police were thoroughly incensed that the charges against me had been dropped.  I had become something of a target. My “high profile” was not working for me. By this time, because of my motoring offenses and the publicity resulting from the trial and the mountain lion, my family all but disowned me. I made it my business to establish exactly who it was in the local police force who was instigating my problems. It was no lesser man than Inspector Goldsworthy. I hired people to watch his activities and it came out that he was involved with drug importing.

The information supplied to me was that Goldsworthy had an aged mother in Plymouth, England, whom he used as an excuse to make frequent trips there from North Devon, but in fact he was met there by individuals who were delivering illegal drugs to him. There was no way of establishing for certain if such was the case. The people I had been paying were not professionals. I felt it was time to hand the matter over into professional hands though, and I did so. Almost at once this particular Inspector left the North Devon area.

Word came back to me from different sources, probably the result of one of the two people I had employed to follow Goldsworthy talking carelessly, that Goldsworthy’s subordinates on the local police force were going to get even. The harassment grew to overwhelming proportions. For example, a hunting trip with authorized shotguns locked in my car under a blanket in the back seat became “having a loaded shotgun in a public place”. Was one of my guns left loaded? It would have been a first and only time.  Can the inside of my locked car be a “public place”? But my car was in a public car park, so the court upheld the conviction.

The next two experiences originated with a “friend” who subsequently admitted to me that he had agreed to doing two things in return for not being prosecuted by the same local police force.  He sold me a dinghy and gave me a pair of boots. Both were stolen property and I was convicted of stealing and receiving them respectively. Fines were imposed. I realized finally that I had no prospect of leading a civilized life in my birthplace, so I left the U.K. and came to the U.S. to try to establish a new, unsullied life.

Between 1980-4, I simply made contacts and conducted no business beyond consultancy. I generated little money for myself.  I lived for the most part on the money I’d made in Europe during the ’70′s.

I was in the process of suing my local bank manager and Mssrs. Barclays’ Bank for multiple contraventions of The Banking Act when I left England. One of the “enemies” I’d made in England was a solicitor who had given me very bad advice and then had the effrontery to charge me for it. He was a close friend of my local bank manager. During my absence from England he sent me a bill for about $2000 – a final demand – and then obtained a judgment order and a personal bankruptcy order – all without my knowledge until I returned some five months later. I am certain it was done to thwart my lawsuit against Mssrs. Barclays’ bank. In England, once adjudged bankrupt, one may not sustain any lawsuits at all. I immediately left England again and rearranged all my assets so that I was not in violation of the U.K. bankruptcy laws. I also obtained a U.S. Visa for Business Purposes.

In 1983 or 1984, the trustee of The Sovereign Charter Trust Group was recorded as a client of the Oklahoma Trust Company, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Rand Everest – C.E.O. It had become necessary to become more visible within the U.S. Little if any business was done with Oklahoma, save using it as a depository for some of the Sodalitas Trust Group’s Private Placement Commercial Paper.    [The Documents were eventually placed as evidence in the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City - and were completely destroyed in the bombing. ------- Ott]

Outside of the jurisdiction of The Securities Exchange Commission, exclusively upon a private placement basis, The International Equity Trust began at this time to place its paper in commercial situations worldwide.

Professional third-party geologists determined by core-testing that the actual assayed content of nine sections of gold/silver-containing properties “conveyed, bartered, and assigned unseverably” to The Sovereign Charter Trust Group in 1980-1981 consistently down to the assayed depth of 160 feet – was a minimum of one half ounce of gold per tonne (cubic yard) and up to 10 ounces of silver per tonne over the entire nine square miles and beyond. Geological surveys confirmed that these properties and the acreage adjoining had once been a significantly large lake fed by numerous streams from the Rocky Mountains. Over the millennia, considerable quantities of gold and silver had been washed down to the lake bed.

Under the Equal Rights Doctrine – the very cornerstone of the national heritage of the United States of America – with these nine square miles’ worth of gold and silver deposits, The Sovereign Charter Trust Group was endowed with a very considerable portfolio of assets. The determination was made that the physical worth of those assets, congruent to and parallel to comparable entities in the public sector, would be used via the production of commercial private placement paper to generate liquidity of a sufficiency to establish the wholly independent credit facility needed throughout the secondary financial market to fill the “middlemen’s window” in that market. Between 1982-1983 and 1985-1986 a considerable amount of face-value long-term maturity paper – private placement “Prime Capital Notes” was issued by The International Equity Trust for and on behalf of the seven trusts which owned the aforesaid gold and silver deposits.

An ultra-conservative system of checks and balances was instituted by the Directorate Members of The International Equity Trust under the chairmanship and C.E.O. authority of the undersigned. Further applying the Equal Rights Doctrine of the United States to our private placement policy, I and my colleagues determined that in order to properly reflect the value of the gold and silver we had acquired, it was necessary to establish a minimum possible value and use it as our represented maximum benchmark.  This way, there could never be any question of misrepresentation instituted against us. In order to further insulate ourselves from any such charge, we determined that our “paper” was to present itself only upon a private placement basis throughout its “life” in the secondary markets. Both safety features were built into our private placement issue of paper as irrevocable and unconditional prerequisites of its issue.

The International Equity Trust, in its capacity as plenipotentiarial fiduciary trustee for the Sodalitas Trust Group (the administrative in-house members of The Sovereign Charter Trust Group) was and is the only authorized issuer of the group’s Private Placement Prime Capital Notes. Such issue may not occur in any circumstance, save and except that the seven asset-owning trusts into whose custodial possession the group assets are placed all independently agree, each through their sole guardian/signator(s), that such Issuance is appropriate and acceptable. Such independently-arrived-at and mandatorily unanimous agreement to so issue must be confirmed in writing by each of the seven trust’s sole guardian/signator(s) of record and issued to The International Equity Trust in Official Memorandum format before such private placement paper may be issued. The circumstance of issuance was so made properly accountable.

The face value of the paper was likewise properly and strictly controlled. The Sovereign Charter Trust Group’s asset base – initially the aforesaid gold and silver deposits and subsequently also real property comprising over 517,000 acres (surface and minerals) would and shall never, under the terms of the unseverable policy of The Sovereign Charter Trust Group’s senior administrative decision-making body The Governing Chapter, be encumbered by debt beyond a one quarter volume. That means that for each certified $100 of the asset base no more than $25 of face-value private placement paper may be in existence. The reasoning behind this very conservative policy was and is that the ultimate credit facility which was being prepared for in the early ’80′s with this issuance of paper and the accumulation of assets, was never to find itself over-extended. An unquestioned and unquestionable safety feature ever present within each facet of the new facility was that thus none of its component parts would ever be in a position of insolvency.

For administrative purposes, three differently captioned documentary instruments were used. Each was a Private Placement Promissory Note. Each constituted a Zero Coupon instrument, ie. a promise to pay a final due-date figure in the future comprised of both the principal sum and the interest thereon accrued. All three instruments were referred to as “Prime Capital Notes” but one was also called “Bill of Exchange”, one a “Notice of Acceptance”, and one, as far as I can remember, an “Indenture”. “Bills of Exchange” were used when the recipient’s business need was both to increase their asset base now in exchange for equity in such business in perpetuity. “Notices of Acceptance” were used in situations where the recipient’s business need was both to increase their asset base and to become affiliated with or a member within The Sovereign Charter Trust Group by placing such business and/or its owners within the framework of one of the group’s trusts. “Indentures” were used exclusively on an in-house basis among the various members, associates, and affiliates of the Sodalitas Trust Group.

The formula determined upon by the Directorate Body of Trustees was as follows:

Asset Base 100 – Paper Liability Maximum Aggregate @25 = AAA

Asset Base 100 – Paper Liability Maximum Aggregate @33 = AA

Asset Base 100 – Paper Liability Maximum Aggregate @50 = A

Asset Base 100 – Paper Liability Maximum Aggregate @66 = D

The private rating of our associate and affiliate business entities began at the beginning of 1986. Our own group’s paper was mandated by Group Policy as determined by the Governing Chapter never to exceed an exposure factor of 25% of the group’s in-house assets, ie. the assets owned by the Sodalitas Trust Group’s seven Primary Members, and was accordingly qualified by our International Finance Counsel Ltd. as a Private Placement AAA rated Promissory Note.

In 1984, one portion of our gold reserves was exchanged in an Asset Barter-Exchange Agreement with the sole surviving owner of over 517,000 acres of real property (surface and mineral). The Group’s acquisition of such property was made unseverable under the provisions of Article I – Section 10, Clause i of the U.S. Constitution. After such acquisition, the net worth of the Sodalitas Trust Group by and through said seven Primary Grade I Member trusts was estimated as follows:

(Note: Some further eleven sections of the same gold-bearing property was being disputed at the time and therefore not counted, although a defendable title thereto was and is held.)

1. Nine (9) Sections (square miles) x 640 acres x 4840 square yards per acre x 53 yards (the 160-foot depth) = 1,477,555,200 cubic yards.

2. 1,477,555,200 cubic yards x « ounce = 738,777,600 ounces of gold in the 9 square miles.

3. 738,777,600 ounces – 6,000,000 assigned in exchange for the 517,000 acres = 732,777,600 ounces of gold.

4. 732,777,600 @ – say – $250 per ounce….. $183,194,400,000

517,000 acres @ – say – $500 per acre…. $ 258,500,000

1,100,000 High Grade low sulphur coal @ – say – $10 per……………… $ 11,000,000,000

(Oil, gas, and timber reserves not (reckoned) $194,452,900,000

By June 18, 1986, liabilities outstanding, inclusive of Notes c/s at $12-$13 Billion, was approximately $14,375,000,000-


On this basis I made representations to parties before June 18, 1986 that The International Equity Trust controlled assets “in excess of $152 Billion”. It did, and it still does.

This report concerns those assets’ ability to properly reinstate the power and authority of Congress to govern without deference to those to whom it presently owes the National Debt and its life.

On June 18, 1986, at the invitation of Attorney Ms. Wendy Alison Nora (an ex-Recorder who had been forced to resign from her position in the State of Wisconsin according to her subsequent disclosure to me) for and on behalf of “not less than 40″ of The Sovereign Charter Trust Group’s trusts – including the seven who own the nine square miles of gold and silver reserves and the 517,000 acres – The International Equity Trust purchased The Lac Qui Parle Bancorporation, Inc. Said entity was and is authorized under Section 225.4 et. seq. of 12 CFR to “act as a bank – buy and sell securities – underwrite insurance – municipal bonds and commercial paper,” etc. This Holding Company owned and owns a financial entity named The State Bank of Boyd. Technically, The State Bank of Boyd (Minnesota) was declared closed as a bank by The Federal Reserve System in 1984. On March 31, 1986, The Minnesota State Supreme Court ruled that The State Bank of Boyd was not in liquidation nor in bankruptcy, but rather that its assets and liabilities only had been sold to the Bank of Madison – which later changed it’s name to The Lac Qui Parle Bank. (Note: NOT to be confused with The Lac Qui Parle Bancorporation, Inc.)

Highly unconventionally but not unlawfully, as soon as we purchased The Lac Qui Parle Bancorporation, Inc. (ours), it was the recipient of a Sodalitas Trust Group’s Promissory Note, due and payable (from memory) on August 1, 1999, in a figure of $2,000,000,000 with a minimum yield factor included therein (a Zero Coupon Note) which provided a then current value of approximately $1,672,000. A part of the acquisition contract whereby The International Equity Trust purchased the Holding Company and its wholly-owned subsidiary The State Bank of Boyd was that, under the aforesaid provisions of 12 CFR Section 225.4 et. seq., the Holding Company at once and thereby extended a $1,200,000,000 line of credit to the subsidiary under the strict understanding that said subsidiary was under the direct supervision of its parent entity The Lac Qui Parle Bancorporation, Inc. by and through its owners’ Trustee, The International Equity Trust. The first and foremost directive was that The State Bank of Boyd enjoyed a strictly limited authorization, ONLY AS THE SERVICE AGENT OF ITS PARENT, to extend credit ONLY UP TO AN AGGREGATE FIGURE OF 87«% (7/8ths) of the credit extended to it by its parent, ie. $1,050,000,000 of the $1,200,000,000.

The State Bank of Boyd WAS closed down as a bank. It was not a non-viable corporate entity. It was not “defunct”. It did not have a banking charter despite the fact that Attorney Nora confirmed to The Minnesota State Commissioner of Commerce that she took the legal position that “it was in our legal possession constructively as a matter of law”. I took the position that, since the purpose of The Sovereign Charter Trust Group’s acquisition of The Lac Qui Parle Bancorporation was primarily to outwit and outmaneuver the private owners of the Federal Reserve System and to provide an alternative credit system for the peoples and governments of the world – OUTSIDE of their manipulative controlled climate, we would NOT presume to overtly contravene the Minnesota State Banking authorities but rather, use the State Bank of Boyd in its ONLY corporate status as the SERVICE AGENT for the Lac Qui Parle Bancorporation, Inc., which was itself authorized by legislation to “Act as a Bank”.The alternative credit facility which was presented to the Directorate Body of The International Equity Trust by our “think- tank” was, in my estimThe alternative credit facility which was presented to the Directorate Body of The International Equity Trust by our “think- tank” was, in my estimation, nothing short of brilliant. After some deliberation, we decided to refer to our new, copyrighted system as “The Reconomy System”. [I concur - it WAS indeed a brilliant plan - and was completely legal - as opposed to the "money trust" of the international banksters. ---- Ott]
The Reconomy System is comprised of a series of individual self-help, socio-economic programs. As far as my memory serves me, a total of 170 different programs were developed. The Reconomy Program restricts itself to two separate functions. One is the provision of interest-exempt credit facilities for private business users. The other is the provision of limited non-repayable grant facilities for what we chose to regard as “Critical Need” areas of society, ie. the homeless, drug and alcohol abuse victims, low-income students, and schools and universities which receive no federal funds. These were and are national programs.
During the late summer of 1985, The International Equity Trust was approached by a few of the debtor nations. They were complaining bitterly that the owners of the banks, particularly in the U.S., to which their countries were indebted through the International Monetary Fund, were calling for revisions and amendments to those nations’ constitutions, the better to accommodate the corporate associates of those bank-owners in those corporations’ designs to establish operations within the nations concerned.
For those of you who are not aware, it is generally agreed within informed circles that the Presidency of James Earl Carter was orchestrated and primarily paid for in campaign funds by various “inner circle” members of the Trilateral Commission. After the effective power and authority of the Federal Reserve System was shifted from a Washington D.C. Board of Directors to the so-called “independent” shareholders of the twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks – the voting shareholders of which in controlling proportion are all “coincidentally” members of the Trilateral Commission – Jimmy Carter endorsed Paul Volker’s “Fractional Reserve Lending” policy. It alone became the root cause of the inflation-recession and asset/gross sales-collateral cycles which – if you examine the statistics – are orchestrated in four yearly trends. Fractional reserve lending, an exclusive ability of only Federal Reserve member institutions, is wholly and solely responsible for the fact that the nation’s money supply in circulation is in fact comprised of over 97% credit for which nowhere on earth has there ever existed the printed currency equivalent.
It was fractional reserve lending which was swiftly instituted immediately before high-ranking U.S. government officials persuaded the Nigerian Prime Minister to increase the price of Nigerian Crude Oil which he did, immediately prior to losing his life in a coup which was orchestrated by U.S. covert paramilitary personnel trained in Belize (then British Honduras). The price of all oil world-wide is based on the price of Nigerian Crude Oil. The Nigerian Prime Minister’s life lasted “coincidentally” until the U.S. officials had flown on to Kuwait and persuaded its oil producers to sell their oil at the inflated price of $30 per barrel.
Why were these astute U.S. emissaries prepared to purchase the Arabs’ oil at this hugely inflated price? The answer is both awesome and terrifying. U.S. government officials were prepared and authorized to agree to purchase the oil from the Persian Gulf states and the United Arab Emirates upon two seemingly innocuous conditions. The first condition was that O.P.E.C. – which was to have so much anti-Arab propaganda spewed up against it later – was to become a reality and insist that all oil sales worldwide were in the future to be dollar-denominated. The second and more sinister condition foisted upon the unsuspecting Arabs was that the U.S. oil companies purchasing the crude would not remit the sales proceeds back to the Middle East. Rather, the Arabs were invited as a prerequisite of sale at the inflated price to purchase long-term, 20 and 30-year Certificates of Deposit locked into their depositor banks.
(Note: Readers are strongly invited to investigate, as did investigators within our Group, the “coincidental” relationships between the owner-controllers of the purchasing oil companies and the owner-controllers of the banks from which the Arabs “chose” to purchase their 20 and 30-year C.D.’s)
In simplest terms, what IS this “fractional reserve lending”? As evidenced by the fact that the money in circulation cannot be matched with currency in existence save in a negative ratio of about 66.6 to 1, it is fraud. Can YOU lend anyone $1 if 66.6› of it has never been coined? The answer is “yes” if you are a member of the Federal Reserve System and not a humble licensee.
In order to evaluate the extent of the fraud of fractional reserve lending as a matter of law, it is time to examine the corruption practiced against “We the People” of the U.S. as a result of its operation. Let us take a look at a tiny example of the O.P.E.C./U.S. Prime Bank scenario:
An oil company issues a check for $1Million to an Arab seller’s stateside agent. The figures are crossed out of the oil company’s account at, say, Chase Manhattan and inserted into a 30-year Certificate of Deposit in the Arab’s name on the computer. The Arab has been paid. Who then owns Standard Oil? Who then owns Chase Manhattan?
What happens next? The crude is refined. The costs and profits are passed on to the U.S. public. “That dirty Arab Cartel” is blamed. But at $2 per gallon it is the oil company’s account which receives the revenue.
Meanwhile, what is happening to that Arab’s account? It shows $1Million. In fact, the bank in our example, Chase Manhattan, has deposited that $1Million – a piece of paper with $1Million written on it – to the Federal Reserve Clearing System which “pursuant to Fractional Reserve Lending Policy” authorizes Chase Manhattan to loan at “x60″ SIXTY MILLION to Mexico, Brazil, the U.S. Congress – whomever it pleases – promulgating the overwhelming falsehood that there is too much currency in the market and not enough borrowers.
Concurrently, the U.S. Congress purportedly owes approximately $65Million per week for the next 2000 years providing that as of now not one further dime is ever spent and there is a 2000-year moratorium on all interest charges to Congress. Its second is the United Arab Emirates being paid about 7% per $1Million in oil revenue.
And those trusted pillars of society The Federal Reserve Members – for every $1Million recorded due in about 25 years to the Arab – has the burden of paying that Arab about $70,000 per year and is only making from the White House a STAGGERING $6Million per year and REQUIRING at the same time $60Million per year as repayment because of Trilateral originated policy issued by Congress.
We owe this all to the kind fiscal servants of America and her People. In 1912 $400,000,000 was owed to Congress and today $6,500,000,000,000 is owed by Congress!
A radical I am not. A one-time farmer and now-forever-branded-criminal – permanently humbled in awe of the extent of the above-evidenced megalomania, I am.
I terminated my business in England in about 1978. Soon afterwards, I was terminated from being an individual with whom anyone could conduct business in England, as a result of the warped and crippled mind of a banker and his stooge. I was invited to America by American strangers from Texas. They have their own horror stories to tell. They never will. Their lives are at stake. Suffice it to say that they, Mr. John Connelly (since bankrupted), Governor Clemence (now about to be ousted by the same force), the Shah of Iran (whose illness became authentic only after arriving in protective custody at a U.S. Air Force base), a German banker (also assassinated by persons trained in British Honduras) and an Austrian industrialist (now pronounced insane) – were all involved in the silver fiasco. Why? To properly authenticate Texan and U.S. currency – backed with 371¬ grains of silver per ounce as the unrepealed Money-of-Account laws decree. I learned these true horror stories after I had rejoiced in my now-proven-to-have-been-asinine belief in the U.S. Constitution.
On June 18, 1986, in my recorded capacity as sole Signator of Record for The International Equity Trust in its lawful capacity as sole Trustee of Record for the 3,999 other trusts – grandfathered under and as sub-trusts of an authentic trust established when only the law of force-of-arms existed on the North American continent, trusts which wholly supersede taxation ANYWHERE, I signed an agreement constituting “Obligations of Contract”. I knew they could not be impaired.
Article I, Section 10, Clause i of YOUR Constitution decrees it. The International Equity Trust so purchased that Bank Holding Company “authorized to extend credit nationally and internationally” NOT for itself but for 40 trusts – none of the other 39 of which had any idea that the others were likewise buying – thereby defeating The Federal Reserve’s controlling policy to obtain its permission to so purchase. One of those 40 trusts was The Sovereign Trust of North America. As a matter of public record recorded under the provisions of Article IV, Section 1 which mandates such fact to be given full faith and credit, the beneficiaries of The Sovereign Trust of North America include the U.S. Congress, each State of the Union’s governments, and the Body Politic – “We the People of the United States”. Other trusts’ beneficiaries are other non-communist governments.
(Note: Please examine Public Records numbered 2401094 and 2406334 in Ramset County, Minnesota – about 300 pages. IF you are told that no such record exists, please contact the undersigned who will inform you where preserved, certified copies thereof are located.)
A Declaratory Statement, dated between June 18, 1986 and July 3, 1986 was sent to Mr. Paul Volker, then Chairman of The Board of Directors of The Federal Reserve System. In it, issued and signed by me in my capacity aforesaid, I disclosed to him that our group had allocated a quantum of $500,000,000 per U.S. State for the implementation of our United States Reconomy System – not as a competitor per se but rather as a sophisticated alternative credit source whose purpose was entirely limited to its prospective outlets. The phone number of Attorney Nora was enclosed with a clear and unequivocal request to contact us in the event that our Program was in any way in contravention of the Constitution and laws made on pursuance thereto in that it relied for its authenticity upon the same laws which permitted The Federal Reserve to enforce its policies – because our Holding Company was in part owned by the U.S. This constituted it as an independent Agent of the United States under Title 18 USC, Section 6. We unconditionally covenanted to Congress an equity participation of a minimum of $750,000,000 per month, to each State an anticipated $40,000,000, a certain $35,000,000 per month, and to the Body Politic “We the People” upon a state by state basis about $150,000,000 per month. The balance of the income generated monthly save 5% operating expenses and a 10% fee belonged in perpetuity to the investors, whose assets backed our facility in a minimum ratio in our favor of “x3″ in assets and “x8/7ths” in terms of our 12 CFR, Section 225.4-authorized U.S. Bank Holding Company’s service agents’ maximum possible liabilities.
On June 19, 1986, having so purchased The Lac Qui Parle Bancorporation out of the future control of The Federal Reserve System, in order to shore up its status as an authorized U.S. Bank Holding Company, another banking entity owned by The International Equity Trust was assigned under The Lac Qui Parle Bancorporation, Inc.’s ownership.
A certain amount of “cash” had been set aside to cover the “float”. The assets had been duly assigned. The law was clear that we were authorized. Paul Volker had not come back to us within the ten days under the law of laches which I had invoked in my letter. Unconventional or not, we were in business.
Certain of our customers were approved for immediate credit lines. Certain of our operatives were appointed as Regional Directors over a five-state area, each endowed with the responsibility to open ten offices per State. Each was provided with an interest pre-paid credit line of $50,000,000. Acting Service Agent, first tier retailer for The Lac Qui Parle Bancorporation’s credit-extending enterprise, the subsidiary The State Bank of Boyd, in its on right, also enjoyed a new credit line of $1,200,000 but was obligated not to extend more than “x7/8″ ($1,050,000) to insulate itself from insolvency.
With the knowledge that checks are not “securities” as so decreed in the Securities and Exchange Act – an act made in pursuance to the Constitution and hence, under Article VI supreme in its force and effect – Attorney Nora ordered cashiers’ checks and personalized checks from the appropriate printers for The State Bank of Boyd. She and I both knew and re-confirmed at my trial that there exists no legislation which prohibits anyone or any corporation from issuing its own cashiers’ checks per se.
Unconventional without a doubt but unlawful – no. We both also knew that the only restriction in terms of The State Bank of Boyd’s activities as a non-bank was that it was physically without its Banking Charter but, as re-confirmed at trial, the only additional ability such a charter grants its corporate owner is the authority to take deposits. Neither The Reconomy System nor any of its 170 programs engages any of its variously tiered instrumentalities in any deposit-taking activity. Reconomy is an entirely restructured socio-economic equation.
On July 3, 1986, in the absence of jurisdiction, in the absence of a valid search warrant, in the absolute absence as a matter of law of any crime, I was arrested in Georgia for “Interstate Transportation of falsely made securities”. The “securities” in question, the ONLY securities made the subject-matter of the charges against me, were The State Bank of Boyd checks – each one of which was appropriately stamped on the reverse side to be privately cleared outside of the Federal Reserve System.
Contrary to Congressional legislation, I was given no extradition hearing but was held in Georgia for my removal to Minnesota for arraignment. My arraignment took place contrary to legislated time limit prescriptions. I was also denied counsel of my choice.
My “trial” did not take place within the statutory maximum 90 days of my continued incarceration from July 3, 1986. I was denied permission to have witnesses. My subpoena demands were ignored. Exculpating evidence was precluded. When I attempted to fire my mandatory Public Defender to better conduct the remainder of my trial myself, I was denied.
No one would have – no one could have lost when it was OUR assets at risk, backing OUR credit, being extended in direct accordance with Congressionally-instituted legislation and in compliance with 12 CFR, Section 225.4 et. seq. When I pointed this out in court and demanded that it be produced, the court refused.
It was clear I was to be jailed. My “crimes” were my foolishness in believing the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of my innocence and my right to equal commercial ability and protection – and, clearly, my arrogance in believing that such Constitutional provisions would provide sufficient protection against the now-obviously-corrupted instruments of The U.S. Judicial System.
I am a British citizen. I am not a juridical resident of D.C. under 26 USC Section 7701 (A)(39) or otherwise. The United Nations Convention implements Congressional GUARANTEE unto my government that I shall enjoy the full weight of the protection of the laws of the United States. Instead, well beyond the purview of any legislative authority, I was subjected in an Admiralty jurisdictionary Article I Tribunal called “United States District Court” – no Constitutionally proper district court of the United States – to a trial for an invented “crime” that is legislatively impossible to commit. Mr. Harbour, the U.S. Probation Service Congressional delegate, made a “mistake” with my sentencing guidelines which should have been worst-possible-case 14-18 months. He instead provided the court with a 52-64 month range. Given the judge’s appointment by Trilateral President Carter and relationship to the Federal Reserve Director, the court quite “appropriately” sentenced me to TEN YEARS in prison – not to protect the People but to protect The Federal Reserve’s fraud against the People!! I SO PUBLICLY ACCUSE!!
During the past four years of this sentence, evidence upon evidence of civil and criminal conspiracy has been presented to such lofty persons as Senator Joseph Biden, the Attorney General, the Inspector General, and more – to no avail, save continued and continuing abuse of process and overt falsehoods being made part of court records – proven to be false by conflicting U.S. government agency source records. Where – to whom – can one turn to regain – as a Human Right, a Civil Right, and both a Constitutional and N.A.T.O.-instituted Right – my freedom?
NEVER was there intent to defraud – ONLY, EVER to wrest from the chains of debt a suffocating government and her people.

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