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Tony Nixon vs. Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan & Chief Constable Dave Jones

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YOU CAN’T COME IN HERE! YOU’LL EXPOSE US! North Yorkshire Police refuses to let retired lawyer and paedophile cover-up-chaser, Tony Nixon, into Stokesley cop shop to file a criminal complaint against N Yorks Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan!

Dave Jones & Julia Mulligan

I, Anthony Frederick Nixon (of Middlesbrough) make this complaint against Sergeant Hall of North Yorkshire Police Authority (NYPA) and against another officer (name unknown) or other officers (names unknown) employed by NYPA. The details of my complaint are outlined below.

I had decided to make the very serious criminal complaint against Julia Mulligan (the Police and Crime Commissioner of NYPA) of misconduct in public office following her refusal to take proper action against Dave Jones, the current Chief Constable of NYPA. Four months previously I had supplied Julia Mulligan with damning evidence against Jones, which was that the latter was an enabler of Muslim rape, paedophile and trafficking gangs during his period in high office (Head of CID and later Assistant Chief Constable at Greater Manchester Police Authority) from 2004 to 2007. However, as my complaint concerned Jones, I believed it prudent to file the complaint to a different police authority, namely Cleveland PA, whose western boundary is quite near to where I live.
Thus, on the morning of February 16th 2015, I rang Cleveland Police headquarters in Middlesbrough and gave a brief description of my complaint against Mulligan. At 1-46pm that afternoon, PC Spitty from CPA rang me and we proceeded to discuss the subject matter of my complaint. Despite me stressing to him the anticipated problems with NYPA, he insisted that the procedure he must adopt (I live in the NYPA area) was to refer the matter to NYPA. He nevertheless gave me the case number Y026439.
A few minutes later a Pam McDonald 4091 phoned me from NYPA headquarters in York, politely listening to me before telling me that she would refer the matter to a sergeant at either Northallerton or Stokesley.
A little later, I received the first of two phone calls I had that afternoon from Sgt. Hall of Stokesley police station. I told him that I wanted to go down to his station to file a complaint against Mulligan (remisconduct in public office) and offered to email him a copy of the CPS guidelines; which I had studied closely. He politely declined my offer; so I proceeded to explain the matter at hand. However, as soon as the name Jones was mentioned, his ears pricked up and he remarked: “This means that the CPS will learn about the Chief Constable.” I replied that whatever the case may be, all I wanted to do was to see him (or another officer), be interviewed, hand over a statement which I had very carefully drafted (together with a copy of all emails passing between Mulligan and myself) and then make the written complaint. He could study all of these documents and then send them to the CPS. Hill then told me that as he is only a sergeant and that because my complaint was a serious one, that he must “consult someone higher-up”. I stress that throughout this call Hill was very calm and polite as he listened attentively to what I told him. However, his manner and attitude changed completely when we had the second phone conversation a little while later that afternoon. Hill had been “got at” during the interim.
At 5-20pm, having received his orders (from the heavens above), he rang me and instantly said that he was rejecting my complaint after he had given it careful consideration. (This was despite not knowing the facts of the complaint!) I replied by pointing out that obviously he had been got at by Jones and his ilk and given his orders. Hill denied this. (Please remember that Hill had already admitted that he knew none of the facts of my allegation against Mulligan.) After I proceeded to ask him for the reasons for his decision, he became confused and, as confused people frequently do, he proceeded to bluster and talk illogically.
For a while Hill maintained that the reason for his decision was that (I paraphrase) “Mrs Mulligan has not yet reached her decision”. He then kept repeating over and over such a line that it appeared that I was listening to a demented parrot! I pointed out to Hill that Mulligan had received the evidence (by email on October 15, 2014) that Jones was an enabler of Muslim rape, paedophile and trafficking gangs during his tenure at Greater Manchester Police Authority (GMPA).
Halfway through our conversation, Hill changed his reason for justifying his unjust decision, saying and repeating (in the manner he had previously done) that (to paraphrase) “the matter has been fully investigated and it has been decided [by Mulligan] that no action be taken be taken against the Chief Constable”.
You couldn’t make this up! Here is a sergeant giving a reason for his decision, changing his mind and then giving a second reason which was diametrically opposite to his first reason! Oh dear! – the hapless Hill had fluffed his lines!

(I lived in Tennessee for 8 years and a phrase commonly used by Tennesseans is: “He is not the sharpest tool in the tool hut.” Unsurprisingly, such phrase flashed through my head at this juncture.)
Hill then argued that it was only “your opinion” that Mulligan has committed the offence of misconduct in public office. (An offence with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.)
The reality is that I’m quite capable of considering any topic objectively and in a detailed manner. Though now retired, my name remains on the Law Society’s Solicitors Roll and, as such, I’m still an Officer of the Court. I also come from a legal family. That is, since my late father qualified as a solicitor with 1st Class Honours (at the age of 21 in 1922-3), there has been a continuous line of lawyers in my family ever since. That remains the case today.
Furthermore, before deciding to file my complaint against Mulligan, I consulted a semi-retired barrister friend whom I have known for over 40 years. As one of the very top barristers in the North East (for all of that time), he shares my opinion that there is a very solid, actionable case against Julia Mulligan.
I respectfully suggest that we should leave it all in the hands of the Crown Prosecution Service to decide on Milligan’s fate. It can decide who is right with Hill on the one side, myself and a top barrister on the other side.
Towards the end of the conversation, Hill reverted into his parrot-like mode spouting (I paraphrase): “I advise you that if you are not happy with my decision you should complain about Mrs Mulligan to the Police and Crime Panel at County Hall.” I replied to the effect that such panel was a quango which possessed no powers of prosecution. I also added that what I wanted to file is a justified, very serious criminal complaint against Mulligan.
Penultimately, I drew his attention to the Pakistani (Muslim) paedophile problem in Skipton. I pointed out that I had received excellent information (from a very reliable source) that a Pakistani Muslim, rape, paedophile and trafficking gang is currently operating in Skipton. Presumably Jones and his deputies will be riding off from York to Skipton – a bit like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday; though armed with ASBOs, not guns – to hand to a request to the local imam that the latter hand these out to the male members of his flock on the next brainwashing day (which is, presumably, the following Friday).
Looking at the criminal records, I note that the sole conviction (apart from a Pakistani lady who went to the USA) re paedophiles in Skipton is the jailing of four Pakistani members of a Muslim rape, paedophile and trafficking gang following convictions in 2009 at the Crown Court in Bradford. I also pointed out to Hill that about 6 months ago Julian Smith MP (for the same constituency in which Mulligan lives) stated (on Radio York) that in 2011 the police at Skipton deliberately lied to him when he was investigating whether or not there was a Pakistani paedophile problem in this small town. I wonder if any action was ever taken against those dishonest policemen?
The answer is obvious to me for NYPA is frequently referred to (especially on social media) as NYPPF: North Yorkshire Paedophile Protectors Force. It has a sad record of sweeping any problems associated with paedophiles under the carpet.
Without dwelling on the details, I point to two examples:
[a] The Savile/Jaconelli scandal – Hope, the rape counselling service in Scarborough, has had 180 victims on its books – yet no convictions and no police were brought to book.
[b] NYPPF was one of only three police authorities in the UK to totally ignore information supplied by the Canadian authorities re paedophiles living within its area. (What on earth can one possibly expect in view of the fact that it is led by a man who is almost certainly guilty of being an enabler of Muslim rape, paedophile and trafficking gangs when working for GMPA?)
Finally, I twice asked Hill to write to me (either by letter or email) in order to give the exact reasons as to why he was stopping me from filing a perfectly legitimate and serious complaint against Julia Mulligan. Twice he refused to do so – dear me! The call then ended and Hill left for his break when, presumably, he drank a mug of Yorkshire Tea, ate some more bird seed and read about the great joys of multiculturalism and the morality of political correctness in the latest Common Purpose circular.
I’ve never met Hill and make no judgement on his character; despite the fact that he not only lied to me but also acted illegally by attempting to deny me justice. He may very well have panicked; resulting in him making his irrational decisions whilst under pressure. Therefore, before answering this complaint, I respectfully suggest (for his own good) that he looks into his bathroom mirror and ask himself the following questions:
[1] I joined the police force because I was a believer in both justice and equality under English Law. Why am I now covering up for David Jones (an enabler of Muslim rape, paedophile and trafficking gangs); and for Julia Mulligan (who has now become an enabler of an enabler)?
[2] Shall I continue to deny the obvious in that I’ve been ordered to do everything I can to stop Tony Nixon filing his justifiable complaint?
[3] What will happen if I’m found to have lied to Tony Nixon when I told him it was solely my decision? Do I then use the Nuremberg 45 Defence?That is: “I was only following orders.”
[4] Shall I be truthful and disclose the name(s) of the officer(s) I spoke to between the two telephone calls to Tony Nixon?
[5] Is my prime duty owed to the good citizens of North Yorkshire; or is it to David Jones and his cronies?
[6] As an enabler of Muslim rape, paedophile and trafficking gangs in Greater Manchester, I wonder how many lives of young, non-Muslim girls, their parents, siblings, other relatives and their close friends, Jones has helped wreck?
[7] Tony Nixon has told me about Skipton and know that it’s very near to Bradford and other West Yorkshire towns (such as Keighley, Doncaster and Dewsbury) where these Muslim gangs operate without hindrance. Besides Skipton, the only other place in North Yorkshire which has a Pakistani Muslim community is York. I wonder what’s going on there?
[8] Why have they stopped me from allowing Tony Nixon to make a complaint. Logic tells me that Dave Jones is desperate to avoid the CPS seeing Tony Nixon’s evidence.
[9] I wonder if I have committed the criminal offence Tony Nixon talks about: i.e., misconduct in public office by illegally denying him one of his basic legal rights?
[10] How would I feel if my young daughter was in the clutches of one of these gangs, being raped, threatened and subject to violent acts with maybe over one hundred different Muslim men being involved? What would be my reaction be to police sweeping the whole matter under the carpet?
[10] Shall I take the coward’s way out by continuing to lie and to cover up for others? Or shall I do my sworn duty and act in an honourable and decent manner, before it’s too late for me?
Hill appears to have landed himself between a rock and a hard place and therefore, I respectfully suggest (for his own good), he contacts the police union which opposed the appointment by Mulligan of Jones to his position of CC. Such union wanted the then temporary CC to be given the job and were rather annoyed when its views were totally ignored by Mulligan.
Below I include the following:
[a] a copy of the statement I made for my complaint
[b] an excerpt from my email to Mulligan of 18/9/14
[c] a copy of my email to Mulligan of 15/10/14
[a] a copy of the statement I made for my complaint
I, Anthony Frederick Nixon, retired solicitor, born in Guisborough on 10/4/194, state as follows:

I make this complaint of misconduct in public office against Julia Mulligan who is the Police and Crime Commissioner for the North Yorkshire Police Authority Area. I live within the NYPA area.


Between September 18, 2014 and February 4, 2015, email correspondence has taken place between myself and Mulligan and her office, which is in Harrogate.

The email correspondence consists of the following:
18/9/14 – myself to PCC
22/9/14 – myself to PCC
24/9/14 – PCC to myself
24/9/14 – myself to PCC
25/9/14 – PCC to myself
29/9/14 – myself to PCC
15/10/14 – myself to PCC
16/10/14 – myself to PCC
22/10/14 – myself to PCC
24/10/14 – PCC to myself
31/10/14 – myself to PCC
8/1/15 – PCC to myself
18/1/15 – myself to PCC
2/4/15 – PCC to myself
4/2/15 – myself to PCC
In order to easily understand my complaint it is necessary for people to first read my initial email of 18/9/14 and then my email of 15/10/14. The former contains the details of the career of Dave Jones at Greater Manchester Police Authority; where, in January 2004, he became Head of CID and later (in 2006) became Assistant Chief Constable. Jones is presently Chief Constable of North Yorkshire PA. The latter email contains the stunning ITV News video (see the video and article here ) of a news item aired on 14/10/14 which contains the interview with D/C Margaret Oliver, who handed her report to her bosses - her chief boss being at the time Jones!
On viewing this ITV News item, any PCC with even an ounce of common sense would have immediately suspended Jones and made sure that a detailed criminal enquiry into his criminal inaction be immediately launched. One can rest assured that there is no way that ITV’s lawyers would have permitted such a report to be aired. That’s because what D/C Oliver says is clearly prima facie defamatory as she is, in actual fact, accusing her bosses (one of whom is patently Jones) of wilful misconduct in public office (a crime for which the maximum sentence is life imprisonment). Had not such lawyers both have been convinced that Oliver was telling the truth and that corroborative documentation had been seen by the lawyers. The same would apply to the second member of the CID who filed the 2010 report.
I am certain that a criminal investigation into Dave Jones (beginning with inquiries of those responsible for the ITV News report) will prove that at that time Jones was an enabler of Muslim rape, paedophile and trafficking gangs in the Greater Manchester police area. Jones has abused his position of being in a position of very high authority by sweeping these most serious crimes under the carpet. This is the man Julia Mulligan is protecting despite knowing that Jones is almost certainly a guilty man.
Greater Manchester is a well-known hotspot for these Muslim paedophile gangs and isn’t it quite extraordinary that a third report (completed in 2012) has not yet seen the light of day? Apparently, this latest report has been amended and rewritten nine times. Why? Because senior officers have been scrambling to distance themselves from the evils which they have committed! In all honesty, Rotherham has nothing on Greater Manchester.
The immediate concern to any North Yorkshire resident possessing at least an ounce of decency is that its police force is run by an enabler of Muslim rape, paedophile and trafficking gangs and, worse still, he and his force is being supervised by a politician who herself is an enabler of an enabler of Muslim rape, paedophile and trafficking gangs. Obviously there are serious problems with paedophiles in both York and Skipton: the only two places within North Yorkshire which have mosques and Pakistani communities. The problems are mentioned in a bland report recently issued by Mulligan; which, I believe, fails to mention that these people in York and Skipton are Muslim paedophiles.
Of particular concern is that there is at least one Pakistani trafficking gang currently operating in Skipton which is the same town referred to by Julian Smith (the MP for Skipton and Ripon) who alleges that three years ago he was lied to by Skipton police when Smith was told by them that there was no Pakistani paedophile problem in the town.
I have studied the law relating to the common law criminal offence of Misconduct in Public Office and, in particular, I draw your intention to the very well-written CPS guidelines contained in the document titled ‘Misconduct in Public Office’.
Whilst neither wishing to repeat the guidelines (nor to discuss the contents thereof in detail), I think it helpful to draw your attention to matters contained therein which emphasise my opinion to be correct: i.e., that Julia Mulligan has committed the offence of misconduct in public office. Therefore I make the following observations:
[1] The definition of the offence contains four elements:
  • [a] a public officer acting as such
  • [b] wilfully neglects to perform his/her duty and/or wilfully misconducts himself/herself.
  • [c] to such a degree as to amount to an abuse of the public’s trust in the office holder
  • [d] without reasonable excuse or justification
[2] With regard to [a] above. It is without question that Julia Mulligan is a public officer for she is head of a quango: namely the PCC.
[3] With regard to [b] above. It is obvious that, as Mulligan has refused to take any action at all against Dave Jones (despite being aware for months that the latter) who was almost certainly was an enabler of Muslim rape, paedophile and trafficking gangs during his tenure in office at Greater Manchester Police Authority. Mulligan has manifestly and wilfully failed in her duties for she should have immediately suspended Jones and referred him for a detailed criminal investigation re this most serious matter. Please remember that only she has the power to hire, fire or suspend the Chief Constable of NYPA.
[4] With regard to [c] above. It goes without saying that no member of the North Yorkshire public, of which I am one, can possibly have any trust in a public office holder who is permitting an enabler of Muslim rape, paedophile and trafficking gangs to be in charge of the police force she is elected to supervise, especially as she is well aware that there are Muslim (Pakistani Muslim mainly) paedophile problems in both York and Skipton.
[5] With regard to [d] above. Does anyone think it to be a good idea to have a fox (i.e., Jones) guarding the hen-house?
[6] Other points re the CPS guidelines:
[a] There must also be an element of knowledge – or at least recklessness – about the way in which the duty is carried out or neglected. The test is a subjective one and the public officer must be aware that his/her behaviour is capable of being misconduct.


Mulligan is well aware that it is misconduct in her failure to act. Her utter recklessness is displayed throughout the email correspondence between me and her office.
A.F. Nixon

*) See also ‘Greater Manchester Police Inaction on Muslim Grooming Gangs’ and ‘The Illegal Misuse of Public Funds by PCC Julia Mulligan’.


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