Global Unrest

Hillsong Church is a hotbed for heresy–a celebrity-minded prosperity gospel Sunday morning entertainment venue where you can go to have your week’s fill of self-adulation with — by any discernible standard — no Biblical teaching or exhortation. Hillsong Church has millions of followers who have made their Laodicean church corporation…

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Hillsong Church Affirms Full Pro-LGBTQ Position As They Hold Their One World Religion Alpha Conference Featuring A Roman Catholic Mass

Jared Kushner Will Present His Mysterious Middle East Peace Plan For Israel And Palestine During Passover After Israel’s April Elections

Explosive New Book ‘In The Closet Of The Vatican’ Reveals That 80% Of Catholic Priests Are Homosexuals And Many Use Male Prostitutes

As Both The Senate And Robert Mueller ‘Russian Collusion’ Probes Come Up Empty, Can We Start The Crooked Hillary Investigation Now?

Amazon Prime Documentary ‘Bible Conspiracies’ Claims Pagan Philosopher Apollonius Of Tyana The Real Son Of God Not Jesus Christ

As We Predicted, Newly-Elected Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Begins Attacking Both The Jews And The State Of Israel In Fiery Twitter Attack

Russia to disconnect from worldwide internet

Vatican Officially Releases Chrislam Logo For Pope Francis Upcoming ‘Servant Of Hope’ Tour To The Muslim Nation OF Morocco

6-Time Super Bowl Winner Tom Brady Attributes His Incredible Success to Witchcraft, Pagan Altars and ‘Protection Stones’ From His Witch Wife

Soccer Star David Beckham Appears In Eyeshadow On Magazine Cover As Fashion Industry Bets They Can Make Men Wear Women’s Makeup

GREEN NEW DEAL: Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says That Fixing Global Warming Requires ‘Massive Government Intervention’

Liberals Are Absolutely Stunned as President Trump’s SOTU Speech Gets 76% Approval Rating as He Vows America Will Never Be a Socialist Nation

Are we on the point of a new nuclear arms race?

Is the US Meddling in Venezuela? Max Blumenthal Asks US Congress Members.

Pope Francis Makes Historic Visit To Arabian Peninsula And Signs End Times Pact With Radical Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb Who Calls for Killing Converts To Christianity

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Signs Bill S1569 Forcing NJ Middle And High Schools To Begin Teaching LGBTQ History By 2020 School Year

Nancy Pelosi’s Favorite ‘Bible Verse’ That She Constantly Quotes Is Not Found Anywhere In The Actual Bible


George Soros the Satanic Enemy of Mankind

Return to the Cold War of the 1950’s, a journey through time

POCAHONTAS 2.0: Elizabeth Warren Apologises To Cherokee Nation For Mocking Their Culture By Trying To Prove A Connection Through DNA Test Ahead Of 2020 Run

THE NEW BLACKLIST: Phony Fact Checking Group NewsGuard Tells Advertisers To Start Pulling Business From All Pro-Trump And Conservative News Websites

Here Are 4 Easy And Awesome Ways That You Can Help Now The End Begins As We Close Out The First Month Of 2019

Born Alive Abortions: Days After Gov. Cuomo Signs Extreme Baby Killing Bill, Democrats in Virginia and Rhode Island Want to Enact Similar Laws

Pelosi And The Democrats Set To Remove ‘So Help You God’ From Witness Oath Taken In Front Of Key House Committee

Preparing for 2020: Microsoft Partners With Liberal Disinformation Company NewsGuard to Blacklist Stories That Support a Conservation Viewpoint

ANIMALS OVER BABIES: NARAL-Endorsed Pro-Abortion Florida Democratic Congressman Ted Deutch Wants To Pass Bill Making Cruelty To Animals A Federal Crime With 7 Years In Prison

The ‘New’ Ultra-Liberal Democratic Party Has A Nasty Anti-Semitism Problem And It Is Rapidly Getting Worse

Genocide on the White Race

Pope Francis Tells 600,000 Catholics In Panama City That Mary Was The ‘Biggest Influencer’ In World History