INFORMED DISSENTDuring the Years of the Declared Pandemic, On the Way to World War Three: 2019 – 2023 ‘pandemic’ started in early 2020 but things were already in motion in 2019, with at least one ‘think tank’ running a simulation scenario in October involving a new pandemic disease that would…

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Debt Limit Default Big Lie

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Comatose People to be Declared Dead for Use as Organ Donors..What could possibly go wrong?

AdventHealth (formerlyShawnee Mission) E. R. is a trip to Hell and a vicious Racket

Senior Embalmer's Shocking Discovery: 'Dirty Blood' and Parasitic Fibre Masses in Covid 'Vaccinated' Patients (Video)

Globalism Unleashed: Vaccine-derived poliovirus outbreak in Burundi and Congo linked to Bill Gates vaccines

HOSPITAL HOMICIDE: Newborn baby DIES from “huge blood clots” following pre-surgery transfusion of covid vaccine-tainted blood

Fact: Midazolam Matt Hancock turned care homes into concentration camps where the elderly & vulnerable were given lethal injections to create the illusion of a COVID pandemic

Death toll linked to contaminated eye drops (Burning Ague) rising as more report vision loss

How to Detox From Heavy Metals Naturally

The Financial Impact Of Implementing A Bio-Medical Waste Management Program On A Hospital's Budget

CDC, FDA Info Shows They Lie; Dr Joseph Ladapo Told the Truth--Two Graphics Prove the Shot Kills

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Defeating the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ Before It Destroys Us

The Seven Principles of Humane Health Care

Fires and Accountability - How a Lack of Maintenance and Inspection Can Cause Fires

The Scream Heard Around The World: "They Murdered My Father, They Injected Him With Poison” (Video)

Confidential Pfizer Memo About Project Veritas Gets Leaked . . . To Project Veritas !!

The National Debt Limit: Raising it Compounds the Fraud

Reason behind ridiculous egg prices ... and chicken culls.

Report 54: Murder Infants and Children Under 12 Given the Pfizer mRNA COVID “Vaccine” Seven Months BEFORE Pediatric Approval. 71% Suffered Serious Adverse Events.

Lies! Lies! Lies! The Truth About Mammograms! Must See & Share Video

Freshwave and Midland Metropolitan University Hospital teaming up to build world class mobile network

The Documentary That Connects All the Dots! Autism, Auto-Immune Diseases, Alzheimers, SIDS & More! Everything You Need to Know About the Effects of Vaccines! Must See Video

Huge Evidence of Pharma’s Use of Snake Venom; Biblical Precedence with Devil in Details

Libertarians and Nationalists: A New Generation Arises

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