Top Stories News Published on Oct 18, 2018 Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. The ‘Caravan’ is now estimated to be over 4,000 and growing…and news reports say that Mexico (under threat of sanctions) is expected to stop the transition

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Arrest 6 on suspicion of hanging narco messages in Durango

Drug Ring Busted in So Cal Using Aztec Replicas for Smuggling

Gro: 200 Women Assassinated; 160 in Acapulco Alone

Caleta Acapulco: Tourists Hang Out with Dead Bodies

Playa Difuntito, BCS: 289 Kilos of Pot, Crystal and Coke

Veracruz: Clandestine Grave May Contain 500 Bodies

Yuriria Gto: Son of Deputy Attorney General Assassinated

President Trump Goes Scorched Earth Over Migrant Caravan, Says He’ll Close Border +Videos

Juarez: 4 state and municipal police suffer reprisal attacks in 48 hrs after torture video is published

Arrest "El Panilo" CDG Reynosa Leader in Matamoros Tamaulipas, priority for Texas and Tamps

CJNG Guanajuato leader, "El Señor de la Silla", has reportedly died in León

Torture Video: and fall out from Juarez Police torture of La Linea member prisoner

Mexican Riot Cops Deployed For Caravan Showdown After Trump Snaps Fingers

Badiraguato Sinaloa: Fighting of "Chapitos" against Chapo's brother has caused hundreds of families to flee

Illegal Caravans Encouraged By Honduras and Soros

Juarez: Tortured while in police custody, identified as La Linea hitman

Plans to Send Military to Border, Caravan of 4,000 Plus Could Split-up to Hit 14 Port-of-Entry Points +Video

Chihuahua Municipalities Mark Increase in Homicides

Chihuahuan Gov Corral Brags about Security Advances in Wake of Zaragoza Confrontations and Beheadings

Indications that groups allied with Damaso Lopez are now with Mencho in Durango "CDNG"

Complete list of CDG’s comandantes Metros, Escorpiones and Ciclones

Puertecitos BC: Arms, Equipment and 700 Kilos of Drugs Seized

74.9% of Mexicans perceive insecurity

They discover huachicol in a hearse

Heads Up! Another Migrant Caravan Headed Towards US Border! Intent to Influence Election? (Video) Tucker Carlson Heated Debate

Justice, Treasury, and State Departments Coordinate efforts against CJNG

DEA Offers 10M for El Mencho publishes new photos

22 corpses exhumed in Tonalá Jalisco

Federal Police are ambushed for the second time in one week, in Tala Jalisco; 6 injured

Turning America into Everybody Else’s Country: Cultural Suicide +Videos