By Jim Kouri / Conservative Base Jim Kouri is a former law enforcement officer who now sits on the board of advisers for the Chiefs of Police Assn. and is editor of Conservative Base. Lyle Rapacki, PhD, is CEO of Sentinel Intelligence Service LLC and a political analyst. Politicians on

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Itzapalapa CDMX - 5 men, 1 woman killed in shooting attack

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Veracruz: Federal Police Sub-Inspector kidnapped on video

Sonora: Journalist killed another injured in Hermosillo -3rd in Mexico in 2019

Cuernavaca: Car Thief Dismembered

GTO: Violent Weekend In Guanajuato, 11 killed

BLO: "El JJ" sentenced to 20 years in prison for organized crime

Avocado Businessman killed in hospital


Cancún: Bar attack leaves 5 dead and at least 5 wounded

Trump Is Using Obama’s National Emergency on Mexican Cartels to Build Border Wall – Media Blackout

DHS: Border Security Bill Will Not Provide ‘Amnesty’ to Illegals

El Chapo’s final chapter

Bugg's Book Coming Soon!!!!

Veracruz - A photographer kidnapped in Mexico, part two

Playa del Carmen Bar Video released where 7 were killed

Veracruz: Kidnapped woman decapitated and left with message

CDN records interrogation of members of the Gulf Cartel before decapitating them

Call to Duty for Americans to Secure the Border, Democrats Just Tied Trump's Hands: Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Videos


Mexico says they and U.S.have been investigating the kidnapping and torture of U.S. photographer

The "Border Wars" Plot to Destabilize & Transform America

San Diego: Suspect in nightclub shooting has ties to Arellano Felix operators

Priest denounces disappearance of two indigenous activists

A photographer kidnapped and Tortured in Mexico, part one

Trump To Use Executive Order To Allocate More Funds To Wall, Avoiding Shutdown

"The Chapo Act" if passed would use Chapo's money to pay for "The Wall"

New released video of Chapo extradition reveals he was emotional