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HOW TO PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER : Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany and the US

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How to Put The Pieces Together


by Georgi Stankov, February 5, 2015

Yesterday, after I wrote my three articles on the current political and military situation in Europe and the world over (read here, here and here), I became highly clair-cognizant all of a sudden and grasped with an incredible clarity what is actually happening on this planet shortly before it ceases to exist. All of a sudden all scattered elements and events fit into the bigger picture in a most beautiful and coherent manner.

First I understood why the USA and Saudi Arabia crashed the oil price to destroy Russia as Obama has admitted this week to CNN (I will only give links to the most relevant information in this article and expect that you follow the news and are well informed about what I report here). This decision seemed to me and most experts to be rather schizophrenic as it has already crashed the shale fracking industry of the USA , which was an economic kamikaze on the part of Obama. But the truth is sometimes so obvious that one does not see it at first glance.

The shale fracking industry received more than 2 trillion investments in the last several years based on fraudulent information concerning the amount of shale oil reserves. Then in May 2014 US Energy Information Administration (EIA) downgraded the Monterey shale formation in California by 96% and these deposits comprised more than 80% of the established shale oil reserves in the USA. This was the mortal blow to the US shale boom myth.

Since then this industry is exploiting the rest 4-5% and the reserves were already depleted by the end of 2014. The shale oil fracking in the USA was dead when Kerry signed an agreement with the Saudis in October 2014 to crash the oil price and hit Russia. The reason was that Russia stopped the USA from bombing Syria in the summer of 2013 by solving the chemical weapon problem in a peaceful manner with the help of Assad. At that time the PAT did a huge light work to mitigate this crisis in a very successful way as extensively reported on this website.

By the end of 2013, it was clear to the dark western cabal that they cannot unleash a new devastating war in the Middle East and topple down Assad from power. The reason for this was that the Saudis and the Golf states wanted to build a pipeline through Syria and Turkey to supply Europe with gas and oil directly and eliminate Russia as the main oil and gas supplier of the old Continent. It has always been only about energy supplies and money on this rotten planet of scarcity.

And here we come to the basic conclusions that will help you understand this weird End Time reality – all considerations of the dark cabal revolt around the fact who controls the energy supplies after the D-Day. They count 100% on the fact that the Doomsday will come and then they will have to live on a devastated planet and those countries that control the energy supplies will be the victorious ones. This is their logic that will bring about their demise on this uppermost mother planet and this is what has already happened numerous times on other lower timelines in the current End Time.

Hence I am only following the logic of the dark ruling cabal to explain to you the current complex political and military situation worldwide. It is useless to mention that the oil producing Arab countries are puppets of the USA and do whatever the CIA and the deep American government tell them to do as they cannot survive a single day without the American military umbrella.

After the US cabal lost the battle for Syria in 2013, they immediately started the Maidan coup d’etat in Kiev in February 2014 in order to oust the democratically elected President Janukovich from power as Obama clearly admitted in his recent CNN interview. Then they started a deadly proxy war with the help of their Nazi thugs against the Russian population in Eastern Ukraine. This was a clear war of aggression, even genocide on the Russian people, who had elected with  90% Janukovich and rejected vehemently the criminal Nazi putsch junta of the West. This genocide on the Russian people by Kiev Nazi troops is happening only 250 km away from Moscow.

How could anyone seriously believe that Russia would accept this crime and would not defend its compatriots? At the same time the NATO decided to increase the encirclement of Russia with further 30 000 troops on their borders. And so on and so on. This was done in revenge for their failed attempt to invade Syria and the Zionists play a key role in this policy of aggression against Russia.

The more important part of the story is however the following one, which I grasped only yesterday to the full extent. It did not make any sense to me for a long time. We observe currently a hysteric reaction on the part of the EU to the alleged aggression of Russia in Ukraine without presenting any proofs whatsoever, while one million Ukrainian men have already fled to the enemy Russia in recent days to avoid mobilisation. Has anybody ever heard such a conundrum in the history of mankind – the people of an invaded country run to their enemy as not to be enrolled in their national army to fight against this same invader. We live in a crazy world and that is why it must come to an end as soon as possible.

While Poroshenko, the Ukrainian president, lies to everybody that 9000 regular Russian troops and tanks are fighting against his troops, his commander-in-chief says in a press conference this week that there is no Russian army in Ukraine, a fact which even the sparrows from the roofs now sing, just as there is not a single picture of a Russian solider or tank invading Ukraine that has been published so far by the western MSM as a proof to their allegations. And the West has founded their sanctions against Russia entirely on such fraudulent allegations. Not to speak of all the false flag attacks by the rogue Kiev junta killing thousands of people to put the blame on Russia and the Novorussian patriots.

Crazy world, indeed. And it gets even crazier in these days. Only today Kerry is in Kiev to meet with Poroshenko whose days as President are numbered and reiterates the fairy tale of Russian aggression in Ukraine again, while the US ambassador to NATO states at the same time in a press conference that there are no regular Russian troops on Ukrainian soil. What then?

The US is now hectically preparing the Americans to send lethal weapons to Kiev to fight the Russian invaders according to their fraudulent narrative, while Germany and France oppose vehemently the transfer of any weapons from the West to Kiev as they are beginning to realize that they have lost the war against Russia and have to arrange with Putin one way or another.

Is this the long awaited breach of the EU with their American masters? And why were the Europeans so docile and subservient poodles of the dark Washington cabal for so long time? Here is where I made my major breakthrough in understanding the global political situation in a much more coherent matter, although all the elements were known to me. And this is what I have to share with you now.

Based on these considerations yesterday evening and this morning,  I was not at all surprised to read today that Merkel and Hollande have inadvertently decided to fly to Moscow tomorrow in a panic reaction to the news from the front and meet with Putin on their way to Poroshenko. Obviously they now want to save the deadly situation, when the Novorussian insurgents have fully encircled 7000 to 10 000 Kiev troops (some experts estimate that this is the only functioning army Kiev has at this  moment) in the cauldron of Debalchevo and will destroy them in the coming days unless they surrender. Just now RT has reported that there is an agreement for a truce between the insurgents and Kiev for the civilian population to leave the war zone. Which means that the Kiev troops will surrender soon thereafter.

Europe has finally got it, namely that they have lost their most important, final war with Russia and that there is no way for them to push this World power into Siberia and Asia and thus away from Europe, as the naive American poodles in Brussels, Berlin and London believed. Not only because the USA is f*cking them (Nuland) but because they f*cked themselves in the first place. But why and how? This I will explain later on.

Now observe the panic, which is now taking hold on the Western EU cabal, their deeply ingrained angst against the Russian bear, which appears to be much stronger that they wanted to believe in their wishful blindness. Both Merkel and Hollande have obviously not informed their master Obama and Washington about their panic flight to Moscow to meet Putin, as AP reports today, whom they demonized only a couple of days ago to their gusto. They must be afraid that they may not get the permission of their dark Washington masters to meet with Putin at this crucial moment.

What they will discuss with Putin remains to be seen, but I can assure you that the Russians have no interest in any negotiations with the West anymore as they mistrust them and have only contempt for these notorious liars and criminals who bear the full responsibility for the death of more than 6000 civilians of Russian origin in Eastern Ukraine, only to blame the Russians for this crime. Could humanity fall deeper than that?

The Russians pledged for negotiations for many years and were each time duped by the West. Now they have reversed the roles. They are winning the war in Ukraine and they are also winning the oil war as I shall show below. The Pr0-Western Nazi Kiev regime is about to collapse any moment and the West has stopped giving it any money as it is a black hole and there is no hope for the Kiev Nazis to survive anymore. The Russians have all the trumps in their hands and they can play them out all at once at the very end.

And now comes the plan that the Russians may attack both Norway and Saudi Arabia in March as to gain full control over the energy supplies the world over. It is not said that they will do this. It is enough to know that they may do it and can do it and that the West knows this and cannot do anything to avoid this mortal blow.

The world is now in new world war, but it is led at this moment as psychological warfare in the first place through the MSM that only lie in the West and are thus losing the informational war with RT and the alternative media such as this website that tell the truth and explain the facts. Second it is a war through economic sanctions and wild speculations as the crashing of the oil price by the USA and the Saudis last year. This is state terrorism par excellence.

Russia is the world largest oil and gas supplier and will stay so for many years to come, if everything remains the same, which, as we all know, will not happen. Gasprom has just announced that they will remain the main supplier for Europe for many years to come notwithstanding the Ukrainian crisis. Given the fact that the US shale fracking industry has ceased to exist, the Europeans know all too well that they have no choice but to rely on Russia if they do not want to live in the dark and freeze during the winter.

It is all about oil and energy resources. And currently Russia has the most of it. Including the Arctic region. And this explains their planned attack on Norway, which is meddling in Russian activities in the Arctic region.

Now look at the map and see how far away the Caspian sea is from Saudi Arabia – only several hundred kilometers. The Russians do not need expensive aircraft carriers and bases in the Middle East as the USA to control this region. Together with Iran they have the full superiority over it now. And they supply Assad with their most advanced missiles to shoot down US planes the moment they start to bomb Assad and his troops.

And then comes the  South Stream project, which the EU and the USA blocked in order to harm Russia. I remember all too well, when this criminal McCain came to Sofia last year and blackmailed the Bulgarian government to stop the construction of South Stream, how he stood with his fists in the pocket as a true Mafioso with a pistol in his hands during the official press conference when the Bulgarian PM announced this bad news to my countrymen.

And what happened next?  Putin made a big surprising deal with Erdogan and Turkey is now building the South Stream on their territory. Gone the wet dream of the Arab countries and the USA  to build their own pipeline through Syria to Europe and thus eliminate their major competitor Russia. From this point of view even the current war of the USA and NATO against ISIS makes no sense anymore.

This is the kind of economic warfare we now observe before the real nuclear war can start – in case it will start, which we shall prevent on this ascending uppermost mother planet with our light powers as Logos Gods. But this is another story.

When Putin struck his deal with Erdogan to built South Stream through his country and cancelled the old project through Bulgaria, the EU was in shock. Bulgaria was in shock. The whole West was in shock and did not even report on this deal. Only some of the alternative media recognized the strategic importance of this clever move of Putin. But none of them put this surprise deal in connection with the failed plan of the USA and the Arab states to take over the Russian oil business in Europe.

This intend led to the war against ISIS as the Saudis defined it for the USA, namely the ultimate goal is not to defeat ISIS, which are a convenient bogeyman for the West to use it for all terrorist purposes, but to topple down Assad and take over Syria. But as long as Russia stands behind Assad they have no chance.

Obviously in the last months of 2014 there have been some very intensive negotiations between the Saudis and Russia to resolve the oil crisis if the Russians stop supporting Assad. Putin has declined this offer as he would be mad to do this, even though the truly mad Western secret services claim now “he is suffering from Asperger’s syndrome”. The only thing these dark cabal are suffering from is total mental collapse (brain malacia) under the relentless energies coming from the Source.

And now comes the last piece in the political puzzle we observe today. Why are the Europeans so frantic and fearful, almost hysterical against the Russians, although they should know it better and why do they follow so subservient their dark American masters in condemning Russia and punishing it with all kinds of sanctions by inventing all kinds of  ridiculous stupid lies which only harm Europe? Now listen carefully.

The EU is now more vulnerable military (and economically) that it was during the Cold War. The Russians have massively modernized their weapons and are now the leading army in the world with one million soldiers. The EU have practically dissolved their armies and the Americans have retrieved from the old Continent. The USA has also no functional army to lead any conventional war as nobody wants to enter the army anymore, knowing how badly the US veterans are treated by their government and how many of them have died or being crippled for ever in the many aggression wars of this Empire of Evil. And it has lost every war it has instigated in the last 70 years. It can’t get any worse

During the Cold war the USA  had more than 300 000 troops alone in small West Germany. Only in the small university town of Heidelberg where I studied, there were 25 000 US soldiers in Henry Patrick village, where their US headquarters were stationed. Now they have only a few thousand soldiers in united Germany and all former baracks and bases such as in the centre of Munich no longer exist and have been turned into German administration buildings or condominiums. And according to official sources, almost all US nuclear weapons have been removed from Germany and Europe, which is of course not true.

Given the current desolate military situation in Europe, Russia no longer needs to occupy Eastern Europe to fully control Western Europe militarily. Its new middle and long range missiles such as Iskander (from Alexander the Great)  display such a high velocity and precision that they can reach any place in the EU as easily as once when the Soviets first deployed their SS-20 middle range nuclear missiles in Eastern Germany and caused the biggest political crisis during the Cold war.

This is an important historical background to know as to understand what is happening now and I am afraid only a few of you know about it, even the Germans as people have a very short memory nowadays. I am talking about the so called “Doppeltbeschluss” (double-tract decision) in 1979 by the German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. This historical episode  highlights the current military issue of Europe that is the best kept secret in the West.

In the late 70s and early 80s the Soviets stationed their SS-20 middle range missiles in the Warsaw pact countries and in particular in Eastern Germany. With these weapons they offset immediately the preemptive first nuclear strike strategy of the NATO and showed how vulnerable Germany and Western Europe were.

I was at that time in Germany and remember the hysteria, even panic of the German political elite very well. Especially as the German population was at that time very much pacifistic, contrary to today, and opted for sincere and open negotiations with the Soviets. They rejected the deployment of the US  Pershing and other cruise missiles on German territory that guaranteed the new US military doctrine of “mutual assured destruction” – of the enemy and the European population, not the American at that time. You have no idea how paranoic life was in Germany during the Cold war.

Then Chancellor Helmut Schmidt came up with the idea of a double strategy of deploying the US Pershing missiles and at the same time start negotiations with the Russians to remove all middle range missiles from Europe. The negotiations lasted for many years, until Gorbachov came in power and agreed on a new treaty. This treaty however no longer exists after the US began building their own strategic defence system in Eastern Europe in the early 2000 and the Russians had to respond to this threat by deploying Iskander missiles along the NATO border.

In the early 80s  the German government under Schmidt decided to allow the deployment of Pershing missles against the will and the vote of the German citizens which caused huge social unrest. Since then German politicians do not trust their own people and prefer to hide the truth from them. This explains the current irrational policy of Merkel, who is also a petty Orion clone.

If the Germans would be fully informed how precarious their situation currently is and how vulnerable they are to a military strike on the part of Russia, they would oppose vehemently the current anti-Russian policy of Merkel and the EU and would pledge for real and sincere negotiations with Putin to stop the war in Ukraine. This idea was only supported by past German chancellors such as Schmidt and Schroeder, who know the real situation. Instead everybody who supported this view was condemned as Putin supporter and “understander” (Putins Versteher) and banned from the discussion. I would have never expected this to happen in Germany given their past history.

Unfortunately, we have now to do with veritable Zombies in all Western countries and Germany makes no exception. They have no idea how dangerous and explosive the current situation is in military terms, as it is verboten to discuss this issue. In addition the Western populations feel secure after the collapse of the Soviet empire and its retreat from Europe.

NATO began to expand unabated to the East and the Europeans consider it normal that Russia will succumb to this aggressive policy and will continue retreating to Asia until it disappears from the old continent. It can’t get naiver than that. And all this happened under the banner of exporting democracy to the underdeveloped “Untermenschen” of  Eastern Europe. That is why now millions demonstrated for the Charlie victims that were a joke, while nobody even takes notice of the 6000 victims in Eastern Ukraine, the two million refugees and the total destruction of Eastern Ukraine by a Nazi regime which the EU elite support with all means and money from the tax payers.

This is the disgrace of Europe now and in particular of Germany that should know it better and that is why they have no right to exist in this form anymore. And I assure you they will cease to exist very soon when the MPR will come after we have ascended. But, as I said, this is another story.

In the meantime the Russians have tacitly modernized their middle and long range missiles and they are now able to destroy the whole Western Europe within 15 minutes from their enclave Kaliningrad, former German Prussia (look at the map).

This explains the desire of the EU and the USA to push the Russians further away from Europe into Siberia by starting a devastating war in Ukraine against the Russian population there by supporting the Nazi rogue regime in Kiev. None of these truths are told to the Germans and the European people and what is worst, the masses do not even ask as long as they can live their Zombie life undisturbed. That is why they do not deserve any better and will go under.

This also explains why Merkel was so exasperated with Putin at the G20 summit in Australia and later on when he said “Njet” to her policy against Russia and made her aware how precarious the position of Germany and the EU really is.

Please understand it – it is not about the war in Ukraine – the current war is just a precursor to a much bigger nuclear war that is waged since the Cold war and Russia is now winning this war before it started.

That is why the frantic flight of Merkel and Hollande to Moscow tomorrow and that is why they have decided no longer to ask their American masters for permission. It is about their naked survival. Germany has ho longer any nuclear protection by the USA as all weapons have been allegedly removed. During the Cold war Germany was one huge stockpile of nuclear weapons of mass destruction – there were more nuclear weapons both in East and West Germany than anywhere else in the world. The only other two nuclear powers in Europe, France and GB are paper tigers with about 300 nuclear war heads, while the Russians have more than 9000. This is the bottom line.

The new Iskander rockets and other secret weapons of the Russians must be so effective that when they were first employed to destroy the Georgian aggressor army in 2008, the West was shocked and invented the myth the Russians had invaded Georgia, although all TV stations at that time first showed how the Georgians were shelling Ossetia and Nagorny Karabach killing many civilians with the explicit approval of the West. The Russians used then for the first time Iskander rockets very successful and destroyed the Georgian army and occupied Georgia within 48 hours. They stopped in the outskirts of Tbilisi and then returned on their free will as they did not intend to occupy this rotten and corrupt country, but only to give the criminal Shakashvilli a lesson.

The latter is now under international arrest warrant by the current Georgian government for his many crimes and he is hiding in the USA under the protection of the other criminal McCain. The same destiny is awaiting very soon all Kiev Nazi thugs, unless they do not kill each other in a senseless orgy of blood revenge after they are defeated in the East by the Novorussian patriots and have lost this part of Ukraine for ever.

The EU is in total panic since the Georgian fiasco as they realized that they cannot oppose the new military power of the Russians and they decided to push this country further to the East by instigating colour revolutions, actually coup d’etat, under the banner of democracy, while all these putschs were financed by the CIA and other western secret services as the Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung in the case of Klichko, the current mayor of Kiev.

Their plans are now in shambles as Putin has opposed this warfare of the West successfully, has solidified the ranks of the Russian society behind his patriotic policy and is now about to achieve his greatest political success – the toppling down of the rogue Nazi Kiev junta and a resounding victory of the Novorussian patriots who are about to destroy the demoralized Kiev troops and establish a new independent country called “Novorussia” on the historical territory of old Russ. From there present-day Russia began its existence when Bulgarian scholars (Bulgaria was the first Slavonic Christian country in the world due to its neighborhood to Byzantine) brought Christianity to this country in the 9th and 10th century. The new Novorussia will include Crimea and Odessa and thus the whole Black Sea coast. The Ukraine torso will not be able to exist on its own and will begin to decay.

When this happens the West willy fully realize their utter defeat and then there are two venues open to them. Europe must distance itself from the USA and begin for the first time to have their own independent foreign policy towards Russia. However I think that they do not have the time to do this.

The most likely outcome is therefore a full disintegration of the EU and chaos, which will facilitate the goal of the Kremlin to establish a new Prorussian country in Eastern Ukraine and thus eliminate this superficial entity. The chaos in Western Ukraine will quickly spread into Eestern and Western Europe and will demoralize all Europeans who are already suffering under the austerity policy of the One Bank of the Orion Empire.

And what about Norway? This country is the secret citadel and refuge of the dark European cabal after the D-Day. They have the most complex and widely developed underground system for the ruling cabal to survive the nuclear Armageddon as this has been exposed by some Norwegian politicians recently. And it is not a coincidence that Rothschilds, Bill Gates and Orion Co have invested so much money in building a huge seed bank in Norway in Spitzbergen for the hard times after the nuclear apocalypse when life on the lower 4D and 3D earths will be a nightmare.

Now all these scenarios have already manifested on many parallel timelines and some of them will also manifest on this uppermost mother planet. That is why I want you to know about this scenario in its deep complexity and to invoke the seven sacred flame to prevent this dreadful outcome. You can only prevent something you know about, otherwise your creation is a blind creation and will not have the power to manifest. Hence any true creation is preceded by enlightenment and education.

I will continue reporting on this scenario in the coming days when the victory of the Novorussian insurgents will become an undeniable fact and the West will have to put up with it. Then anything may happen when the pathopsychology of the ruling cabal is beginning to run amok.


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    • No time

      This is the best story I have read on BIN, in the last four years. I believe this is a very good description of what is really happening. I pray that the Satanist Jews are stopped before they cause even more damage.

      • truthlovingsoul

        georgi stankov is an incredible mind and soul, to be sure! :)

      • The Seer

        Soon as you said Satanist Jews then I realised your a nut job

        • truthlovingsoul

          as soon as you implied there were no such thing as what we call zionists, i knew you were one as well. lots of people who turned out to be correct have been villianized all through history. we have only really ever heard what the rulers of this world what us to hear and want us to know. this is why they spend a lot of money hiring people to spread disinformation and hide the truth from we the peons who only are trying to LEARN. tptb are actually deliberately trying to keep us in nescience. not ignorance, but nescience, meaning of course to keep someone in ignorance, knowingly.
          funny how nescience is not a word they impress on us to know, learn and obey.
          who knows what to call the psychos running things, but it doesn’t matter what they’re called, they are called corruption and that is enough. they are everywhere and run all organizations.
          they are real and if that makes me a nutjob or my neighbor a nutjob, then that’s your right. to have and voice that opinion. so thanks for the point of view.

      • diaz

        Wars and rumors of wars.

    • Engineer

      By far, this is one of the most accurate and detailed descriptions of what is currently happening right now as we speak. I urged everyone to read this article and recommend it to everyone because it is one of the most truthful articles I have read to date on this site. God Bless.

      • truthlovingsoul

        i will post more of mr. stankov’s writings. thanks. :)

      • HereAmI

        I always thought Lyn Leahz wrote the most hard-hitting, shocking, and jaw-dropping articles on BIN, but I now reluctantly concede that this man has edged slightly ahead of her.
        I think this is because he invokes real entities such as “the seven secret flame”, the 4D and 3D earths, and the “MPR coming after we have ascended” paradigms.
        Thank goodness he became highly clair-cognizant and filled with an incredible clarity, shortly before this planet ceases to exist.
        Our time spent at BIN has not, ultimately, been in vain.

        • Lord Humungus


          What is this 3D, 4D, “seven sacred flame” STUFF that we find casually mentioned near the end of page 3 of this article?

          Invoke what? Can you elaborate on this STUFF ?

        • Omega Files

          ”This is the kind of economic warfare we now observe before the real nuclear war can start – in case it will start, which we shall prevent on this ascending uppermost mother planet with our light powers as Logos Gods.”

          Wait. What?!?!

        • truthlovingsoul

          chopper and omegafiles,
          it’s probably faster and easier for us all for you guys to click the link above and type those in the search there, but essentially, and i am not doing it justice, but to my ears it means there are energies constantly flooding the earth and solar system etc. these energies each have a certain frequency and a certain “color”. this is a way of describing with words something very esoteric and hippy dippy, so to speak. something hard for me to describe. we can apparently invoke, think about, these energies if we choose to do so. they help heal and restore all. so the website explains how to go about noticing and identifying these energies, what they do, how they may feel, etc. click the link, i am not an expert by any means. i have been reading the stankovpress for many months, though he has been reporting accurate and current news and information for decades.
          anyone who thinks the world is both physical and “magical” or unexplained at the same time should visit his site. i find him to be credible and fascinating, not saying i know for sure anything anymore, though i still know we are all under attack, so to speak, and need to take action to correct the evil and injustice on the planet. it is everywhere. as are we.
          :) sorry if i didn’t explain well enough. thanks for the comment.

    • Gazinbali

      Latest news.. Russia announces it will attack Norway and Saudi Arabia in March

      • Gazinbali

        Latest news.. Russia announces it will attack Norway and Saudi Arabia in March

      • VirusGuard

        I don’t think so mate but i do hope that Russia hits Israel/USA before being force to remove US military bases in Europe using nukes.

        Most people in Europe are freinds with Russia and the USA does not like that does it now

        • CatHunter

          As a natural born US Citizen, I can tell you this is not America: it’s the ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government). Many realize this, but not enough. I don’t know if we can stop it, but those of us awake have been trying to stop it for years.

          God Bless Russia.

        • truthlovingsoul


          yes, you are right. there are many other “groups” and i think the zionists are only one faction. their real name is communism. the commies really Have taken over. so, we can’t allow that type of behaviour to rule over us. it is not kosher. they are everywhere, in every group, all over the world.
          people need to research who made up the ranks of the communists. see for yourselves if you don’t already know the driving forces behind jewish bolshevism. why weren’t we taught this…… how about all the christian and muslim holocausts? we should NOT EVER FORGET. and yet, somehow, so many people have forgotten, because we were made to forget. we are made to remember and we are made to forget.


          i hope there will be no new war. i hope it all stops. i hope people stop dying right this minute because it is not the rich people who are kicking it it is we, the people who die in war. and we do it by consent. it is crazy. aaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh :)

    • Mark

      Fantastic matter, you got the key points. Congratulations, it’s a shame that ordinary people are not seeing the facts as they are in the raw reality. Putin and his team demonstam a high degree of strategy at the moment, and hopefully we can finally together, win this elite cabal and start a new phase of this planet.

      • truthlovingsoul

        yes, mr. stankov is a breath of fresh air. all i know for certain, is that whatever the bought media says is a lie. look to the opposite direction of whatever the us or israel says, for example.

    • Kent

      Big Russia, Small Russia, and White Russia will be together soon.
      It’s all been decided already.
      USA and Israel will attack Iran.
      Russia will attack Georgia and Turkey.
      China will attack Russia.
      Antichrist will be crowned in the Third Temple.
      He will take off his gloves to sign himself with the sign of the cross.
      People will see his big nails and so will the Patriarch who will be crowning him.
      This Patriarch will say that this is the antichrist.
      Antichrist will kill him.
      Jews will take note of the fact that this guy has big nails.
      Some of them will reject him based on this fact.
      God punishes when 3 things are legalized
      that is
      1)murder (death penalty, abortion, euthanasia, etc.)
      Actually, your own government sacrificed people to Satan on 911.
      Next sacrifice: Statue of Liberty and some “old” Bridge.
      Poor New Yorkers.
      Explosion in the sea will flood New York.
      Later Los Angeles will be flooded.
      America will be flooded up to Alaska probably.
      Alaska will be Russian.
      So, say bye-bye to New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, etc.
      According to Russian Orthodoxy, John (who wrote the Revelation) will also be alongside Enoch and Elijah to preach against the antichrist.
      John will teach Christians.
      Elijah will teach Jews.
      Enoch will teach the rest.
      Antichrist will kill Enoch and Elijah. This will be televised.
      I am not sure about John’s sharing or not sharing the fate of Enoch and Elijah.
      Antichrist will rule over the whole world except Orthodox Russia.
      There will be a Tsar in Russia to not allow this antichrist to rule in Russia.
      Now, if I added something that is not actually believed, forgive me.

      • truthlovingsoul

        thanks for the comment. time will tell. i prefer to envision what i WANT to have happen and what I WANT the world to look like, and then work to achieve that idea/ideal. but to each his own.
        our thoughts have power, be careful what you focus on.

      • HereAmI

        “Wake up darling! Your head has fallen into your soup, and you’re upsetting the children making all those strange grunting noises!”

    • Ideas Time

      No wonder the CMSM hates the internet so much. The lies they tell are so pathetic and nonsensical that I can not stand listening for more than a few minutes. Great article. Thanks.

      • truthlovingsoul

        i hear ya. i used to be hooked on cnn! HA! thanks for reading and the comment. :)

      • VirusGuard

        Google is backing Mrs Clinton which puts paid to Google keeping out of politics and they hide on page ten of the search results anything they don’t want you to read or put badly thought out articles closer to the front page so long as no one can leave comments on the article.

        Make no mistake that Google is much, much worse than CNN/BBC when it comes to manipulating the news and you should try to avoid using any of the mega big US names like Facebook/Microsoft/Twitter/Youtube

        ATS is also based in the USA and tweek the T&C to paint a bias view of anything that goes against the US foriegn policy

        • Patriot Pulpit

          Use or They don’t record your IP address and they will search Google for you and all other search engines anonymously and you get all the results. Then you can use a proxy to see the results. REMEMBER, GOOGLE keeps a record of everything you have EVER looked for.

        • Anonymous

          Yahoo news is highly biased as well.

        • truthlovingsoul

          you tube is one of the best place to learn, imo. we see, read or hear something and then we pursue it further. to see and hear a voice is relevant because we can detect a liar much more easily when we hear their voice. most people can hear a liar. they have a way, most of them. it’s distasteful. i might not always agree with everything in the things i post, but the things i write, even the ones that suck, are truthfully how i feel. sometimes i change my views on what to NAME the enemy of humanity but the facts always remain the same. we should never fear to look up information we are curious about learning. who are we hurting? is it illegal to talk and argue and express differing opinions while remaining non-violent? i might call someone an idiot now and then, and get it also, and that’s fine with me. in my heart, all i ever try to do is spread the information i am learning that i feel is relevant and imperative for people to know. for the good of all GOOD people. ALL LIARS NEED TO BE EXPOSED.

    • DeAcero

      Can’t believe it:

      TWO articles that i would’ve signed up to BIN for on the SAME day!
      (Just turns out i signed in for the other one!)

      This is EXCELLENT analysis.

      The typical ‘Steve Quayle’-ish side of the story was starting to feel anemic to me… glad to have this to balance it out.

      I can’t freaking believe I’m typing this… but maybe you guys are getting to me :lol: :
      - Yes, PRAY to focus your energy and strength so that we travel through the best possible timeline…
      - But remember – by harnessing the power of the higher dimensions, we can make their glory material on THIS dimension, and win the fight that our three-dimensional souls are grappling with.

      Prayer without action is mostly comfort.

      It’s time for prayer AND action!

      • truthlovingsoul

        YES!!! well said! action and prayer together is THE KEY. they always leave out the action part….:)

      • Anonymous

        Just because you pray for something to happen doesn’t neccessarily mean its going to happen, and taking action to effect an outcome that one desires in a prayer is not a good thing neccessarily either. When one prays to satisfy the desires of the flesh this is not a good thing.

        • truthlovingsoul


          yes, taking action is bad for the bad guys, so that’s ok. nobody is talking about picketing the local fruit stand or refusing to wear pants or something crazy. people are taking action in appropriate areas. we are reasonable peopl, most of us, and have really tolerated a long history of enslavement…, white, asian, women, all religions did it. we were ALL slaves, and continue to be so because we are forced into using and valuing money and the rulewrs set the price for everything, so, WE LOSE. EVERY TIME. they make it so that the average good person is broke all the time, so we keep working like busy little bees and we are tired at the end of the day and just want to eat and sleep. this way we don’t have time, desire or energy. and they keep us in fear, or try to, of arrest and fines and kidnapping and false imprisonment and solitary and much more. we are slaves, brothers and sisters, and money is why. they have us talking about celebs and scandals and sports and sex and they encourage us to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes and take meds and buy stuff. and don’t start thinking ffs or things might have to change. an idea whose time has come is what we are experiencing. we are the witnesses. all good. :)

    • sim1776

      Interesting perspective but I feel the analysis is somewhat flawed. A few key factors in this arena are being ignored.

      The regular Ukrainian Army is what is surrounded. The real hardcore Nazi units like Azov Battalion are not and continue their racist war crimes. Poroshenko will be tossed aside IMO when the “Anti-Terrorist Operation” becomes a spectacular failure. The real Nazis are already forming a unit in Kiev. Looks like the CIA has their next puppets to step into the power vacuum and escalate things with the new toys Washington sends them after some coincidental shipping arrivals. I believe Hollande and Merkel are a distraction. Perhaps a Chamberlain moment where history does not repeat but echoes. Give the Nazis a breather to get things into place. Western mercenaries are already on the ground and no doubt providing training. Fanatics make good shock troops…

      Greece is a major wild card in all of this and the author ignores it’s potential role in the Russian/Turkish pipeline. Consider the scenario that Greece repudiates the debt, drops the Euro, and restores the Drachma. With the pipeline running through Greece, the GDP gets a nice bump and combined with Greece’s presence in shipping, Russia could have a formidable ally. The effects on the EU would be devastating. The bankers like war when their charade is about to be exposed. Greece, under Syriza, has already shown displeasure with the EU posture regarding Russia.

      The mass distractions are being set in place for WW3 perhaps. Russia is being provoked on many fronts and it’s only a matter of time before they lash out in reaction to an outright attack.

      • Anonymous

        This article is an interesting perspective, as you say, and yours is also. The complexities of the situation explained by both the article and your comment, however, do not take into account the growing global electronic economic beast that has risen which will soon require “all” to have an electronic “mark” put on their righthand or forehead. It is written, that all who will not comply are to be killed by those who do comply. That point in time is very near as war is being fought using High Tech Assymetric weapons to influence, manipulate, and outright control the minds of the masses, to “cause” them to worship and serve this beast.

        • truthlovingsoul

          we will deal with all that when the time comes, imo, and until that time maybe we should all be doing something. anything. saying no to criminals is a good start. it doesn’t matter about what weapons people have. we will overcome anything. anything. the soul we have inside us gives us strength and wisdom more than we know. we are awesome. it’s not US , we, who should be afraid! people are going to do the right things at the right times.

      • truthlovingsoul

        you make good points. i feel like the tides are turning, or like a large ship like the titanic is starting to turn. wishful thinking, maybe it’s not a bad idea to use the power of our thoughts to envision what we want for a change, instead of thinking about dross. our thoughts do affect our reality. statistically speaking, all these guys are on the same team at the top, so it’s a probably somewhat of a show for the people to keep us from what is coming. people are fed up. they are drawing lines in the sand. i am so proud of everyone who tries to stop social evil, in any way. we are not p*ssies! it is in our nature to be brave and courageous and strong. we are here because our ancestors were strong. we are our own worst enemy with stinking thinking, so to speak. we have low self-esteem and that needs to change! peace.

    • VirusGuard

      Very well said indeed, he’s on the ball

      I have been telling people that Europe has an american occupation force all over it and they have hundreds of military bases down dark roads that no one ever speak about and key to peace in Europe is to getting these bases removed.

      The USA wants to fight a war on out turf and if they win then oil/gas will come from the USA on ships or there puppets in OPEC and it will cost upwards of $200 p/p but they are not going to win because Russia will go nuclear over this isue if needs be and this might also include China who can see the wrtting on the walls.

      Any Nukes Europe has that we still own need to be pointed towards the USA and then we need to tell them to get out of Europe and to leave us alone to decide what is in our own best interests.

      • HereAmI

        Far simpler and less messy to simply remove the jews from their stranglehold over the world.
        Once that is done, life will revert to how it was in saner times.

        • truthlovingsoul

          the ones to be arrested are the criminals who lie and cheat and harm us all, every day all day and they go by many names and wear many hats. just sayin. if we try to name them, we won’t get them all. imo, we need to look at behaviour of eveyrbody. who seeks to harm us? many are alleging to be jews. also many allege to be christian and muslim etc……… start with the ones who are doing the most damage , makes sense to me.
          everyone in any position of power should submit to hearings so they can explain their crimes and we can speak. we have zero say on policy. we have socialized healthcare, we are run by church/state/corporations (all the same people) not democratic. communist.
          compare agenda 21 guidelines to the communist manifesto, for example. or look around. there are only 2 classes, a tiny, rich minority and us. we are increasingly poor. we are all being scammed, big time. money is why. jmo

    • Ideas Time

      A little follow up point. The American Corporation selected by the elite that masquerade as our government have almost no support among the American people. What at about 9% for Congress.

      Clearly they do not have to consent of the people.

      For them to find support additional support here and around the world based on a string of false flags who know are all caused by these very same people and banksters will be difficult.

      False flags do how ever work as we see the masses still believe what they are told by the CMSM.

      I guess time will tell if enough people wake up in time and maybe we will all get lucky and the banksters will simply run out of money and fold. We don’t need them and a constitutional gov could quickly bring money into circulation.

      • truthlovingsoul

        ideas time,
        i’d say they do these things because they DO have the consent of the people. anyone of us who still partakes in the system, which are most people, we are guilty of consent.
        you hit the nail on the head i think when you say by consent. that is the key. we can withdraw our consent at any time. has some good ideas for anyone who is interested.
        i feel there are good forces at play right now behind the scenes, but we all also have to draw a line in the sand with our supposed democratic leaders who are trying to kill, control, imprison and shut us all up. how did we let this happen? let’s all stop this complying with tyranny bullsh*t. even small ways are very useful to spreading awareness of how we are being totally screwed. it’s our job.
        we need to focus on right now and where we live. never mind what justin beiber is doing or who won the game or whatever. there has been a war on humanity for a long time that we should fix right away. we will have to do it ourselves. :)

    • AntiZionist

      I pinch myself lately (5-10 years ) wondering how much more proof people need to question the status quo….

      May the force of God be with you, wherever whoever God is to you.

      • truthlovingsoul


        i know the feeling. i am comforted at how many people i am seeing who are speaking the unpopular truth. it’s not just the odd guy here and there anymore. we are growing fast. dangerous time for us. i feel everything is going to be ok in the end. there are far more good people than these sick filth think there are. more people who will stand up.
        may the force of god be with you too.

    • joanofark

      The US military wants to go to war! They are modern day trash nazi’s who kill and rape and no one is stopping them!

      • truthlovingsoul

        you are trying to get people to focus on one group at a time. let’s fix those who run those people. doesn’t that make more sense? why go after the ants, one by one………. not sensible. yes, they rape, but so do politicians and judges and lawyers and ceos and priests and all manner of high falootin scumbags……..let’s go after rapists in power, first, because that is where the rape culture stems from. you always post this one link, maybe mix it up a bit. i know changing your handle every so often is the only way you can keep spamming people’s pages, but give us something else sometimes. i feel military rape is there, for sure, and should and will be dealt with, for the record. i am the victim of something similar, i get it.

    • Anonymous

      very good article
      hopefully these war crimminals will finally be brought to justice

    • Leo

      This is a very good article but I only agree with half of its contents . You are right regarding the knowledge that certain EU nations are realizing now that they have lost to the Russian Federation on a lot of Fronts, not just in Kiev . The west, the United States is now getting a dose of reality realizing the U.S. as well has been defeated in the Ukraine in a lot of areas, that is one of the reasons why the U.S. government and the Obama regime are strongly considering sending HARDWARE Lethal aid, to the Ukraine . Everyone in the loop is well aware that the U.S. has had foot soldiers in the Ukraine as well . America, not as strong and capable as she once was . :cool:

      • NWO for Dummies.

        ….. yes but a wounded beast is also very dangerous. The ruling elite in the USA do not care if America is attacked and they have their bunkers in place all over the world and this makes them even more dangerous not only to the world but particularly to America.

        You have to remember they are not patriots and have no allegiance to the country they control ie USA They are in fact the enemy and can be expected to do what any enemy does, which is to destroy you. They plan on doing it too with a hot war soon and have been doing it with a silent war since 911 with planning as early as 1991.

        • truthlovingsoul


          well said. and you also said something else. they are not patriots. all through history the side that was outnumbered and the side who was ill-equipped, have won battles. it’s what in the heart that wins wars. people are inherently good, imo, and they will fight for their loved ones and for their land and belongings. the mortgage crisis was a test to see how many people would leave. many fought those illegal evictions and won! they still live in their houses. we are governed by our consent. it does feel like a wounded beast. dangerous right now. but so are we.

    • Aetius

      Great write up. I also spent time in the US military during and after the cold war and still reside in Western Europe. I do disagree with a couple of things though.

      1. I do not see Russia launching Nukes on Western Europe. The fall out alone would wipe out a large portion of Western Russia (where most of the population is) as well.

      2. I can foresee a time when Europe kicks Washington to the curb as an ineffective master and start making their own policies. I can see Germany and France leading the way on that one. I do not think Russia would or could take control of W-Europe policies unless they resorted to a massive war which would be detrimental to Russia as well as the World.

      One thing is for sure, things are getting more and more out of hand, and the ending does not look pretty at all for ANY Nation.

      • VirusGuard

        The propaganda is so good In Europe that few people know about or even question the USA occupation force over here that has 200 plus military bases all over the place.

        Tell me how many military bases does EU members have on American soil because the last time I counted it was zero.

        Go home yanks and leave Europe alone to make its own friends as it see fit.

    • Vicki

      Honestly, Putin a lot of good character. Most everyday American conservatives love him!

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