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Defining 'The Jewish Problem' and Some Goy Problems to Boot!

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Defining ‘The Jewish Problem’ and Some Goy Problems to Boot!

[Editor's Note: This article is a tremendous exposition, filled with profound insight, understanding and cogent analysis. The author is a thinker. He's a Georgia man who uses the pen name of 'Blind Light.' I came across his website about a week ago while perusing Gab's home page for comments about Patrick Little's US Senate California Primary election (on June 5). I initially noticed that Blind Light did a very thorough job of re-posting Patrick Little's interviews and debates with really interesting commentary and observations of his own. I didn't realize that he had penned his own articles until I took a look at the Wayback Machine to get an idea of just how long he's been online. While the domain started in December 2001, it was more of a chat blog at that stage and stopped posting material in 2003. In 2014, however, posting activity picked up once again and that's where I discovered this gem captured on an August 27, 2014 Wayback crawl, along with many other thought-provoking articles that simply blew me away. I later noticed that the same article was still posted online and had been updated a couple of times in 2015, so that is the version that you will read below. I took the liberty to add bold, italics, and embed a few of my own links in addition to those that BL included with his story. I also made a few, very slight edits to improve flow and comprehension, but nothing that BL would object to, I think. Of course, the Chosen, Unaware and Brainwashed will dismiss him out of hand as a "bigot," Nazi, etc.

However, he is no such thing. More than anything, he's an observer and he observes very well. While his commentary is often edgy, he doesn't strike me as being unfair in his judgment. You will notice from his analysis below, that he divides Jews into three tiers of awareness of what's going on in America (and the world) and does not blend ordinary Jews with the evil intent of Talmudic Jews. We also have to remember that there are ordinary Jews, like the great Henry Makow or Brother Nathanael Kapner, for example, who have done yeoman's work to stand in defense of the traditions of Western Christian civilization and have criticized the evils of Jewish supremacism and Judaic subversion from Day One.

I think you will appreciate my enthusiasm in these introductory remarks when you read the article yourself. I expect Blind Light's popularity to inevitably grow - when you can set this level of observation and analysis to paper....Ken Adachi]

By Blind Light
Email: [email protected]

May 2014

Defining ‘The Jewish Problem’ and Some Goy Problems to Boot! (May 2014)

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Defining “The jewish Problem” and some goy problems to boot!


My most popular article ever. I am touching it up (since it was written about fifteen months ago) visually as well as proof reading and editing where I deem necessary, to get ready for the rapture that Renee Moses is promising to occur in 40 days. This is for all those left behind! Enjoy

Update, rougly 1/1/15


Blind Light  here. I have been writing regularly for about a year now. Recently,  I have been re-editing my earlier articles, along with sprinkling any new insights that occur to me in the dialogue because I have found, over the last year, that my depth of perception changes  quickly, though day to day. This is not noticed so much, but looking at something you wrote four months earlier, can seem dated, inadequate and falls short of what you now are privy to.  

[ca, August 2014]
{Editor’s note-Due to the subject matter which is timeless  and continues unabated (the Jewish problem), an issue I tackle at the heart,  it’s not surprising that an article of mine that lay dormant for the first 4 months after publication should catch on. The Jews are still causing the same problems they were four months ago, and  the tribalist focus of the non-Jews that are Jew-wise, where only their own specific tribe’s  (such as European) concerns seem to be worthy of notice, alas, continues as well. This is something foreseen by the Jew  as a “divide and conquer” device to encourage us to do as   “pretend goy”. This, therefore, makes almost all my topics  as relevant today as they were on initial publication. It was still with great surprise that I discovered the, ‘all of a sudden,’ popularity of this effort. It is disappointing to write something one considers vital for consideration and have it bypassed for more typical postings that often skirt essential matters, but I have come to assume that it will,  more than likely, be the case.  Hopefully, this a sign that either I am being taken more seriously as a writer or that you, the reader, are concluding these matters deserve serious contemplation-thanks!}

I recognize that  much surrounding us is covert manipulation in that what most think of as “real” resistance, often prescribed through supposedly “authentic” or “trusted” sources, is, in reality, misdirection, where the subversion act acknowledges, as truth, some criminal, secret behavior of the  rulers to hook people (who are earnestly trying to resist into their sphere of influence) so they can maneuver them towards directions bearing fruit for the JWO (Jew World Order).. This often boils down to targeting weak pre-occupations of the targets that are harmless in nature to the elites, but are highly valued by that audience (such as Black on White crime, which is an obsession with many Jew-aware whites).  An example of this would be the winning of an audience to their message through holocaust revisionism advocacy or Hitler truth and, once the target is hooked, feed them Islam or black hate topics in great abundance.

These topics I call GOYBISCUITS. Never forget, our goybiscuits, that we serve here, are laced with “awareness granules” and it’s what gives you all that energy and that yum, yum feeling – not like theirs with Jew, stupid sugar in the ingredients!

Diversion accomplished, this often brings about the desired enraged reaction in harmless directions (for the Jews) and much of the rest of the day can be spent on the most horrible encounters with these Jewish pawn, scapegoats.  They are Jewish sacrifices  for the cause of Judaism and is the Jewish modus operandi. Distract, divide and conquer, annoy and ridicule: the Jews are trained from Day One to assault  the enemy host.

This secret infiltration and outing of semi-secret maneuverings isn’t such a big deal when you consider  many of these groups of folks are denigrated, publicly, for their beliefs by the elite’s first tier op network of MSM myth spinners. It’s called ruling through covert control of the opposition and we are under their thumb now.Trusted elite folks like Deanna Spingola and Mark Glenn, American Free Press are all third tier ops and sneak in Jew strengthening dis-info upon command. Why they do it varies. What  is important, for Jews to accomplish, is to advocate behavior that undermines the aims of real opposition while pretending to help it.

Jewish deviousness knows no boundaries
A standard technique, for instance,  is to flood a topic with conflicting data to where the targets are more confused after they get involved than before – and  get discouraged. But there are many varieties. The Protocols of Zion, the dated manuscript from 115 years ago, mentions many of these techniques that have become part of the reality of the way they rule over us. One example being to introduce distractions such as circuses, sporting events, advertising; all mindless pursuits fostering obsessions with things, superficial in nature for the goy so they will not aim their minds on deeper ponderings of circumstance which would be disadvantageous for the Jews to deal with.


First, though, I want to tackle the various Jew groups that I have determined make up the Jewish problem and this isn’t so much dealing with the political aspect as much as the intrinsic aspects that make up the mindset of  Jews at various stages in their roles within this group, notorious for the unwillingness to fully become part of the cultures they move into, keeping all  natives at arms length while viewing them as exploitable and prime targets for the undermining that plays into what Jew-awares have come to know as  the international Jewish conspiracy to enslave all non-Jews and  keep them as close to ignorant of the real truth as possible. The Rose Colored Glasses come in handy, here which they hand over through selling their media info as “reality” to the host.

How do the Jewish elders sell their program to ordinary Jews and attain  a loyalty no other group on earth can claim? They have to sell the persecution myth. They have to sell that for one good reason. Jews being persecuted just for being Jews and indeed forced to being separated from the rest because they are Jews attains them “victimhood” status and  binds Jews together, some in ignorance, some with full knowledge.

The ignorant Jews are a necessary buffer for the diabolical elites just as low level, ignorant masons are buffers for the masonic goys. When justifiable attacks are made against the enemies of man-kind, these lower level dupes are there to express outrage and annoyance at the claimer keeping a breathing space between the public and the perpetrators with their authenic, but misled rage being the elite’s weapon.

One illusion perpetuated is that Jews were forced into ghettoes by the gentile hosts. While this may have occurred,  it is much more the case that Jews  preferred to settle exclusively amongst their own, led by the elders who  want nothing to undermine their indoctrination programs. Also, Jews do not recognize any laws made by outsiders as being valid so this separation allowed them to implement a  “Joos Justice System” within their confines. So, here is where the pogroms, the holocaust and the expulsions come in , to reinforce the Jewish message that Jews have been persecuted since the beginning of written history and the holocaust being the coup d’état for the persecution myth which has clearly mind controlled the great majority of goyim or “gentile cattle” as well.

Now, there is lots of data to show that much Jewish suffering can be traced to Jewish false flagging of events to get their Jewish subjects to behave or do certain things (such as leave Europe, etc, for Israel – WWII was, in reality a false flag event. People knew not what they were serving or who – they were really fighting for in that war).

 In the late 1800s , it is said that  some of the Russian pogroms were somehow attributable to the desire of the leadership to push Jews to go to America to further undermine that republic with extreme Jewish liberalism.

Why is this?

Jews are an international order, they want influence everywhere.The Russian Jews formulated the theory of communism and were highly activist oriented. Communism needed a liberal injection  into the political system to implement a more roundabout expansion plan in America due to the psychological make-up of Americans. As an aside, don’t for one second think that what the Jews pinned on Germany, can’t similarly be done to any host country they are now on good terms with.

World War I and the Russian Revolution
World War I initially saw Jews, through publications and communities, back Germany till the Balfour Declaration [1917] was agreed upon ( a statement of English solidarity with Jewish wishes for a homeland in Palestine) . It is also interesting to note that Germany made a generous peace offer right before this, and the Jews countered with the offer to influence through press domination, American willingness to fight for England. Jewry, through press dominance and subversive techniques, would orchestrate an American entry into the war, thus allowing England, which was actually losing at the time, to  reconsider any receptiveness for immediate peace.

 European wars had no precedence for American involvement and it was American entry that made it more than a European war. This declaration occurred after Russia had become significantly weakened by WWI fighting against Germany.  The [1917] Russian revolution had been on the agenda and the Jews were waiting for a moment to strike. Once America entered the war, Jewish subversives, financed by Jewish banking elites, world wide, took out the czar and started a chain of events that will someday be celebrated as a wonderful Jewish holiday ( a Jewish holiday pre-requisite is humongus numbers of senseless goyim deaths).

Also, in a war with no obvious need to participate, people were jailed for dissent in America. Ask yourselves: why international Jewry would discourage England from making peace with Germany? Free speech does not exist when confronting, bluntly, the forces that rule you. I bet they invented that slogan that encourages mindless, unthinking approval –  “Support the Troops” about then.

You think this war was for the people or the elites? Take a wild guess.

We are slaves! Some of this can be explained in that Russia was allied with England. The Jews had already shown an intent to take Russia over and thus the early need to support Germany. Once Russia was appropriately weakened, then the elites could openly declare the switching of sides for the noble cause of a Jewish safe haven for Jewish criminals (oops, I mean homeland for the good Jewish people and all the loyal Jews followed in support).

This begins to illustrate that the end game is world domination for Jews, therefore, any alliance is temporary and one of simple convenience.To clarify further: what each country has with its Jews is a batch of people who are very capable of throwing their country of residence overboard – if it’s aims collide with Jewish aims. Then add into the mix that many of these folks are influencing policy and we end up with what we have now and what we had then to a lesser degree:

- Countries making decisions that are good for Jews and bad for the other 99%.

- Countries with years of good Jewish relations can be sacrificed for Jewish objectives and WWI Germany was sacrificed in just such a way.

America’s blood and treasure, was sacrificed as well. America had no business getting involved in that war, but it was illegal to protest. Have I ever said that Jews don’t believe in free speech when they have the power? I’m saying it now!

Heck, why stop there, both WWI and WWII  were both huge goyim sacrifices for Jewish objectives! This is also where it helps to define the people you sacrifice as animals because then there are no pangs of guilt. Thank you,Talmud, for that!  

What is clear is WWI could have ended in a tie with all nation’s integrity uncompromised and that Jews were the primary agents to subvert this. The take away here – and this can be applied to all spheres of Jewish behavior – Jewish friendship does not exist if it collides with Jewish internationalist goals.

Nationalism for a Jew is a cover to hide the real him, just like his goyim name change is a cover. It’s not about persecution, it’s about non-Jew subversion.

Ordinary Jews
From my observation, there is a large number of Jews that are totally ignorant of the Big Plan and do not take the Talmud seriously, but are totally sold on the idea of Jewish persecution. These Jews provide a great defense to aware-goyim truth telling because they immediately assume those doing so are anti-semites, but why?

Because they are oblivious to the facts and believe in the holocaust among many other Jewish lies and to not believe. We all have been taught by Jewish reality media, with the encouraged wearing of the Jew Rose Colored Glasses,  must make you a racist, anti-semite, hill-billy, dumbass!

They know of no coordinated effort to corrupt the world in order to bring it down and enable a Jewish takeover. This is the bottom defense rung of the Judaic secret society construct: Totally ignorant, but convinced to be totally loyal. Mild dissent is tolerated as long as the lynchpin lies are left alone and since these lies prop up Jew psychology about themselves, few Jews are motivated to challenge them. They are the outwardly “good works” front to cloud the true purpose of the organization which is the destruction of all goyim states into one Judaic ruled whole.

More Knowledgeable Jews
Now the next main group in the hierarchy of this Jewish problem study is a more knowledgeable Jew who recognizes much of what the ultimate aim is perpetrated by their leaders, but they still buy into the Jewish persecution myth. They use it as a justifier as to why the goy have to be subverted. Having all the rationalizations they need to condone this behavior advocated to them by the higher up Jews and Rabiis, they will unconditionally support any Jewish op and be willing Sayanem in the countries they live in while “de-friending” folks that express contrary views to their propaganda interpreted as indisputable facts.

They basically provide whatever assistance they can to Jewish operatives in their areas.They are the hasbarat, they are in the JIDF [Jewish Internet Defense Force] and help to make sure the goyim don’t know what’s going down. Remember that “defriending” thing I mentioned? All Jews that are part of the secret society of Judaism will do that for to be in it requires blind loyalty to the elders.

When Jews look like they oppose each other, usually, the goyim can’t really see the end goal of the Jews in question and are duped into thinking they are on different sides. Learning Jewish psychology is absolutely essential to combating the Jew. I suppose they think that the only way they can end Jewish persecution is through power. They may or may not be aware of the end goal, JWO  design, this second tier. This encases a  large faction of Jews but probably not as large as the previously mentioned faction. It is these that are also willing agents of pushing communist agenda protest groups such as Femen (Jewish funded) and the like.

This was a girl named Alea who wrote this note to the left and it’s pure Jewish upbringing, cultural Marxist mentality. I have watched her for a year and I believe she accepts the persecutions myths,  but is fully aware of what Jews are trying to do as in this quote I took from her comments after a night of drinking would indicate: 

Oy! That’s my boy Shlomo! Adhering to proper Jewish customs like one of God’s truly chosen people! Be careful when harpooning a shiksa though! Especially if they are of Western European descent (especially promiscuous and dirty)

Yehudit Rosenshekelsteinberg

about an hour ago

” Listen up all you GOYIM. Keep parroting the opinionated left/right wing drivel being funneled into your brains via MSM and public education. Keep thinking that it is through your own volition that you hold these opinions as truths. Oy vey, it is with such ease and impunity that I bend your actions to my will. I am the dictator, the taskmaster, the puppeteer and the conductor. I am the wily, undetectable parasite.

And you are my eternal slave, my everlasting minion, my succulent and delectable host. I feast upon your lifeblood, yet you praise me. I sabotage your every dream, goal, and objective, while you consciously expend resources for my benefit. I bring forth the hordes and armies of the world to march against you, and you apologize to me for the misgivings of men whose bodies amount to nothing more than piles of bones and dust.

Despite the myriad of conditions you suffer through which would almost surely result in feelings of indignation, your actions suggest complete obliviousness and acceptance of inferiority. Members of your race appear to be on the cognitive scale of a typical cattle, ox, or other bovinus organism. Thus, I have no other term for which to describe you as, other than “Goy”. If by some chance, you happen to rise above the majority of your peers, I will endow you with the slightly more prestigious title of “Good Goy”.

Yehudit Rosenshekelsteinberg


“Silence goy! I’ve heard enough of your cries for sympathy, your claims of oppression, of victimhood, of forced marginalization. Too many times throughout history have you spit on us, kicked us to the ground, beaten us, murdered us, and committed genocide against us. Seventy years ago, six million of my people were put to the sword under the orders of your “Fuhrer”.

The tide has turned against you. We have the upper hand. Slowly, you watch as your society crumbles under the crushing weight of your own degeneracy. Despondently and desperately, your gaze shifts to the political opposition as your source of blame. But being the unaware goyim that you are, you make no note of the beast destroying you from within, eating away at your core, catalyzing the plague that is so openly and stridently devouring  you. It is I, the one you had forgotten about the most. The dark, transparent force of vengeance. There is nothing you can do to stem your fate. Enjoy the twilight years of your great civilization while you still can, for it is in its death throes.

The above has “The protocols is real” written all over it and is brilliantly worded whether these are her words or borrowed, not sure.This is a guess, mind you:

- A Jewess who knows the truth about the holocaust will pretend it happened when talking to the “cattle-goy”.

- A Jew who knows the truth about  many pogroms being events to manipulate Jews by their superiors will pretend  it was goy persecution.

This 2nd group is very much a part of the serious Jewish hierarchy trying to undermine us, but I believe there are many Jews who truly believe the persecution myths and until they reach the 3rd stage where they know of the evilness of this Jewish effort, they are potentially co-optable. I believe it is intrinsic in human nature to gravitate towards human fellowship with indoctrination the means to undermine this by defining the  human enemy  not as  human, but as an object with the term sheep, or cattle (or Nazi for a German, or Gook for a Jap). Always done to get the subjects  to be willing to drop their natural bent for humane behavior for a more cut-throat venue in the service of the elites.This is a common war technique, to dehumanize the enemy.The Protocols boldly claims they are at war with all gentiles. So, guys, calling us cattle, is nothing personal, it’s to motivate the soldiers – evil.

The Third Tier
 The third group goes over the border into pure Jewish evil awareness. He has heard the whole story, possibly believes that the Jews are Chosen, thereby enabling his willingness to continue participating  in the agenda. I do believe the idea of “Choseness” is more a “bone” for not-fully-aware Jews. This is the jist, guys: Judaism is a secret society and at the top levels they are told to ignore everything they were previously told to believe — so evil

This third tier Jew has also gone too far to turn back. He knows too much and will surely be run out  of town or killed if  he backs away from this knowledge with a change of heart. Secret Societies – Jews being the folks that invented them – are ruthless in attaining their goals.They will kill their own to do it whether it’s a false flag event or an execution of a traitor.

Loyalty is what makes the Jew World Order tick. Loyalty and amazing ability to lie, con, deceive and black mail to keep people quiet and behave (stuff still gets out and they leave hints – evil). This third tier is entrusted with more and more of the knowledge to what Judaism is all about and they have made their choice. And if we beat these bastards, they will all be hung.

After this comes the elite, corporation owners, top bankers, Rabiis. It’s a group effort. Rothschilds and the like would be nothing without the support they get from the whole tribe and the mason traitors while there are elders, I believe, higher up, totally in the shade.

I don’t subscribe to the ‘Jews are demon seeds’ or the ‘Jews are smarter than us‘ theory, but their success as a Talmudic group that selfishly cares only about their own and have perpetually labeled us as ‘cattle’ so as not to worry themselves with guilt for exploitative type of behavior, is  a fact and demonically impressive.

Much of their success can be attributable to a strong purpose within their group; a purpose that few gentile-founded societies have (of which the Jew naturally exploits).

It does not occur to a gentile to invent an event that maligns a whole group of innocents for an indefinite period (the holocaust) and gentiles assume everyone is that way. The Jew, knowing this, got control of the media to ensure his crap never went  too far from the tree it originated from. Thereby he only needs to worry about chance observers whose stories, they assure, never get out, by killing the chance observer if need be.

(The “checkered floor” (earings) meets “skull and bones” (tatoo)- all perfect for you to be sure and see in this picture) 

Now, to finish, let me mention the negative influence of tribalism, a once necessary adoption for an age where mass communication was non existent and rival interactions often could find no common purpose to be mutually beneficial. Those that focus on tribalism, above all other factors, are potential threats to peace and order and are liable to acts of persecuting others just as the successful Jew has been up till now. It seems that Tribalists easily fall into the all-too-human-trap of thinking that their interests are the only interests that matter and they justify this by pointing to similar poor behavior in other tribalist groups.

Though we, whites, accepted the slavery offering the Jews handed to us, we didn’t originate it; thus, making the Jew more guilty. Any whites oblivious and unconcerned with the exploitation or enslavement of less advanced cultures or who participates in its occurrence, is a potential threat to mankind as a whole if they attain power. I, personally, would have more respect for a white victim-hood rant, if there was ever an acknowledgement made of injustices inflicted with, at least, the aide of white cultures.

If slavery is alluded to, you can rest assured these victim-hood proselytizers refer to the popular white indentured slave issues from the beginning of the New Jewish-Imposed Dark Ages (1650 onward), but  never to an acceptance of their, all too obvious, indifference to black enslavement, a fact – in their eyes – being a non issue. To the contrary, they rant non stop about black on white crime as if there was not some karma occuring after three hundred years of mistreatment often inflicted by whites, perpetrated onto blacks.

It’s not that they have no points, but the implication is that it’s the race that’s the cause, not the conditions and squalor lived in, nor the counter-productive legislation to correct, led by the Jew, exacerbating the situation. It’s as if they have a pre-conceived comfort with segregation so that they look for signs to reinforce the ideology-religion and, of course, find them. Where there is a will there is a way, right? I’d venture to say that black suffering and many other non-white sufferings have been way worse, as a whole, than anything that whites have suffered (but, no, I don’t want to argue it).

Yes, they will rant on forever about black on white crime; could care less about black on black crime; and not give a hoot about real exploration into why these events are occurring unless it strengthens their race-separation case. The important thing is: their racial need to separate must be reinforced. Reinforced with their areas of focus and prejudice, and everything to the contrary, ignored.

Immigration and Multi-culturalism
Well, I have said this before: tackling the multi-cultural question simply can’t be done accurately because there are no programs to allude to where multi-culturalism was enacted in a way to improve the life of  the dominant folks in the region as well as the immigrant newcomer.

Since the New Jewish Dark Ages began in 1650, we have been subjected to exploitive, multi-culturalism and because of Jew dominance,  a multi-culturalism to lessen the quality of life of the target host intentionally implemented.

Simply compare multi-cultural enactment to creation of the Federal Reserve. Is there one of you here that can make a decent case that putting our money supply into the hands of Jewish international elites would have any positive results on the populations who were on the receiving end?

Of course not.

This act was passed by co-opted goy masons in service to Jewry. Hitler came along, then, and proved that  a country could take the money bull by the horns and bypass the Jew. Like-wise, can you not, my brothers, see immigration legislation along the same lines. It’s not money that was bad, but who was delivering it and how they were operating the system that was the problem. It’s not immigration that was bad, but how they went about doing it. You folks that say a positive multi-cultural experience can’t happen are missing this important point, maybe intentionally, because you have been hoodwinked that different races, together and all assimilated within one country, can’t be one volk. It’s become a religion with you all believing it like Holocaustianity has become a religion for Jews. I believe it can be one volk if done right and it’s not that we haven’t allowed a multi-racial society to happen, now is it? We have to take responsibility about what we allowed and accept that good folks of all races have a stake in the outcome. I can tell a European White  from a American White of European descent, a few generations removed. Why? Because, they became Americans and ceased being Europeans though their ancestors were from there!

I believe that in a healthy society, appropriate numbers of immigrants will fully assimilate to the host within a few generations and this goes for all races and no German family, for example, is going to be American simply by moving here. Two generations and you can tell by how the kids behave. The key is having intelligent implementers who care for the people, the number one priority, then, balance and fairness. When we are not so busy race hating other groups, surely all of us realize there are many of our own background we don’t like. Take off the White race blinders folks!

In the Jewish Dark Ages, nothing is done for the benefit of the masses, even when a careless eye might think it looks so.(We have a multi-cultural problem and race variation need have no effect on whether one is able to assimilate regardless whether you prescribe to some sort of race superiority of one over another/ Good and bad behavior which is the source of our troubles has nothing to do with superiority-difference issues.)

Un-assimilated Jews have been running our immigration program for their benefit not for ours and we all know a primary MO of Jewish subversion is race discord! You’re really going to use intentionally bad immigration policies to make a judgement about race and immigration?

Excuse me but “Lol!” 

Tell me, how do you get an accurate full picture of immigration possibilities with this as a background? You can’t and if you say otherwise you are simply reaching for a predetermined outcome to fit your predetermined opinion! If Hitler didn’t tie money to labor and make it work and all we knew was Jew goo, the same case could be made about the evil, automatically, of using money! Don’t you see! Any experiment within a system’s outcome is limited by the worthiness of the system it is in! The system has been of Jew nature for a couple hundred years. All our realities are Jew realities imprinted through Jew indoctrination.

Turning back to Tribalism, we are all naturally somewhat tribalistic, whether that is defined as family, race, country or business relations, we all exhibit that sort of loyalty. When this goes unchecked, as Jewish power is unchecked, this is when tribalism, unchecked by the humanity gene, I referred to within all of us, leads to disaster. Let us propose to incorporate our natural tribalist  tendencies to include all the Jew designated enemy tribes and make as one, for remember the Jew phrase, When two Russians fight, the winner is a Jew.Change that to when two gentiles fight and accept the Jewish definition that a non-Jew is an enemy of the Jew and discipline yourselves to finding a time and place to air negative concerns on other races. It does not take a brain surgeon to realize that public gentile race dissing is a big win for the Jew.

That, alone, should stop the biggest Jew-aware, gentile race haters from their public tirades. This is why, I have to worry about those that encourage or condone the behavior, if they aren’t either being led by or are covert agents enacting a psyop on the goyim for the Jew.

Unless we unite and shuck off the Jew programming, our cause is, basically, hopeless. Silence, here, is consent and there is a habit of silence in the white separatist need to get it’s daily fix of victim-hood race dissing.

I know people are staying silent so as to keep more adament friendships in harmony and to avoid being ostracized from a community they  are mostly comfortable with. Basically that’s what happened to me when I spoke up. Friends of mine were put on notice that they would be kicked out of  the club if they didn’t “defriend” me. I sympathize with the plight, but not enough to agree or condone it. I compare this to the society attitudes in regards to smokers. Once upon a time, a smoker smoked wherever and whenever he wanted and didn’t feel the need in public to assure that those around him weren’t offended or nauseated by the smoke. Over a 20 year period this has changed to where the smoker, when he is in a public place  just knows to go outside to a quiet spot where smokers only hang and get his fix. Let us make public race dissing the same kind of deal. Subverting our chances for growth accomplished by an obstinate, separatist element has to be tackled head on, a clear message sent.

Now, in the end you Jewaware ops need to decide if childish daily ranting about  niggers and spics is worth the pay-off for being shunned and discounted by all potential areas of co-option, not only by  niggers and spics but those who hold sympathy for them when they hear the race dissers rant and there are many Jew unaware whites who fit into this mold! In the end, there is no hope with just a modest percentage of conservative, racist, Jew-aware whites for even if I sympathized with generic race dissing, if my fight against the Jew was the priority, I would have to stand against it. In the end, I see race dissing to be a multi-generationally passed-on mantra and I assume, most who feel the need, have heard it all their life. Negative multi-generational habits need to be confronted and we all can think of some of these unpleasant manifestations.

The Jew is counting on us  to continue to just complain while ignorantly participating in psyops he is covertly promoting. Give it some thought. A slap of truth is much more valuable than a lie kiss

Blind Light

Protocols of Zion

9. In the front rankwill stand organs of an official character.
They will always stand guard over our interests,
and therefore
their influence will be comparatively insignificant.

10. In the second rank will be the semi-official organs,
whose part it will be to attack the tepid and indifferent.

11. In the third rank
we shall set up our own,
to all appearance, off position,
in at least one of its organs,
will present what looks like the very antipodes to us.
Our real opponents at heart
will accept this simulated opposition as their own
and will show us their cards.

5. If already now
we have contrived to possess ourselves
of the minds of the goy communities
to such an extent
the they all come near looking upon the events of the world
through the colored glasses
of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses;

if already now
there is not a single State
where there exist for us any barriers
to admittance into what goy stupidity calls State secrets:
what will our positions be then,
when we shall be acknowledged supreme lords
of the world
in the person of our king of all the world ….

The Jewish Catechism

Buy up, steal and destroy any literature which reveals our tactics and strategy and which represent the Jews in a bad light. Do not permit such works to be re-published. The goy nations must not remember or know the actual reasons for Jewish pogroms and persecutions. They must only know our interpretation of such questions.

Pay particular attention to unbending, obstinate people, who do not want to bow to our superiority, do not wish to work for us and are opposed to our practices and our policies.

When two russians fight one another, a Jew is the winner. Set the Russians against one another, provoke in them envy towards one another. Always do this imperceptibly and subtly, operating under a cover of benevolence. Let them fight among themselves. You will always be the arbitrator.

Russians do not know how to live, or how to set goals. We create the ephemeral tasks for them, and they try to carry out those tasks.

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