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Dr. X Exposes "The Program" America's Deep State Answer to East Germany's Stasi Terror Network

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Dr. X Exposes “The Program”
America’s Deep State Answer to East Germany’s Stasi Terror Network

By Dr. X

February 2, 2019

Dr. X Exposes “The Program,” America’s Deep State Answer to East Germany’s Stasi Terror Network (Feb. 2, 2019)

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Editor’s Note: I stumbled upon Dr. X’s Youtube channel around the third week of January 2019, just as he was beginning to upload these videos to his channel. His latest video clip was posted on Feb. 1, 2019. He seems very knowledgable. It sounds like he has a background in intelligence work himself and somehow got targeted by vindictive fed agents. To make it more convenient to listen and download the reocrding, I combined the audio from each of Dr X’s Youtube Videos numbered 1-12 into a single 2 hour recording linked below. I will include the Youtube link for each video at the top of the English transcript seen below, so you can look at the video clip when he’s showing you how he’s being surveilled and harassed in this highly coordinated harassment protocol. The use of US military personnel for domestic harassment and surveillance operations of this sort against US citizens inside the United States is a violation of the Posse Commitatus Act and the US Constitution. These activities are illegal. The source for his Youtube videos is here:

He also has a Twitter account:

including this Tweet sent to the POTUS and Mike Flynn:  “A parasitic Surveillance Technocracy has evolved, which cannabalizes the lives and assets of innocent citizens,in order to sustain the feckless minions and retired federal trash which comprises the National Security Racketerring Network”.

and Patreon:

Dr X’s Youtube Videos 1-12 (posted in Jan. 2019) combined into 2 hour audio recording as mp3
( )
Description: Dr X presents an in-depth review of “The Program,” America’s Deep State answer to East Germany’s Stasi police terror network using police, fire, EMT etc. to surveil, stalk, monitor, harass, intimidate, irritate, & terrorize innocent citizens.

English Transcript (…a work in progress)

Video 1

Hey guys. Good evening. Dr. X, XKeyscore1 here. I’d like to say hello to you all and thanks for stopping by. This is my first video. I’m not into videos. I’m not into doing audios or podcasts. I’m really not here by choice. I’m here because I was chosen by rogue federal agents to become a target which in turn profits their friends that own the private intelligence agencies. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

I’m here to talk about what’s referred to in the intelligence community as “The Program.” On the street level, there is a term meant to discredit individuals. It’s referred to as “gang stalking” meaning or implying that the acts could be random. While indeed, they’re very, very well organized; very highly coordinated. So what is the program and who’s involved? Alright, you ready for the list guys? Here we go:

So up at the top, you have DoD [Department of Defense]. You have Cyber Command. You have NSA [National Security Agency]. You have Army Psychological Operations [APO] and several Air Force branches that the general public is not aware of. You have the Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA], the Geospatial Intelligence Agency [GSIA], the National Reconnaissance Office [NRO], the Drug Enforcement Administration [DEA], the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI], Homeland Security [Department of Homeland Security or DHS], Joint Terrorist Task Force [JTTF], which is comprised of (1) FBI, (2) other agencies, and then (3) state and local [law enforcement]- who actually carry two sets of ID or two sets of paperwork. Two badges because they are deputized and are law enforcement officer on a county or state level and they’re also employed by the federal government.

In addition to that, you have Citizens Corps members, FEMA [Federal Emergency Management AGency], FBI InfraGard, and something that Homeland Security refers to as Surveillance Role Players [SRP], or Live-action Role Players [LARP], which in turn might be coordinated or usually are coordinated by private intelligence agencies; frequently owned by retired military personnel or federal personnel from any of the fore mentioned agencies I just referenced.

So what is The Program?

Basically it’s an extrajudicial political targeting protocol that went ballistic with the Patriot Act under Bush/Cheney. Now the Clintons did indeed help develop this program in the mid-90s when they brought over – from what I understand – Marcus Wolf – who was in charge of the Stasi [in the former East Germany]. So a lot of the foundation for the Department of Homeland Security is constructed from the remnants of the now, non-existent Stasi, by the actual individual that ran that heinous, heinous, and evil organization.

Well after 9/11, all of a sudden, if you went and protested Shamu the Killer
Whale in 1992 or tied yourself around a tree in 2000 or went to a Black Lives Matter protest in 2005, protested abortion in 2010, or expressed overt dislike for Obama on social networking during his reign in office, then guess
what? You’ve now been labeled a “potential domestic threat.” And it gets even more interesting. If you travel, these agencies will tell foreign governments that you are a “terrorist.”

You’re not even given a heads-up. You can be in Timbuktu minding your own business and all of a sudden find yourself under intense local law enforcement attention because the FBI, Homeland Security, JTTF or private contractors rolled in, coerced the already corrupt locals, probably gave them a little bit of money on the side, and that’s all it takes. But in any case:

What is The Program? What is it? What does it comprised of?

All of the tenets, the most successful tenets and tactics of other intelligence agencies and operations.

Let me try and break this down. And by the way guys, folks, gals, and anyone else according to how you describe yourself, I’m doing this from the top of my head. I don’t have anything written down at all so this is coming straight from my mind the, to the video. So you’re getting the pure, uncut stuff; no pre-preparation.

Alright. So what are the components of the program?

Start with the FBI COINTELPRO run against Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, a whole host of other people in the 60s and 70s. And it was revealed by the [Frank] Church Committee I believe in the early 1970s. So there are some aspects of COINTELPRO built into this program. The FBI also uses something called Managed Aggression which is overt stalking tactics if you’re a pedestrian; or battle swarming with vehicles if you’re mobile in your own vehicle. That’s mentioned in FBI documents as well. FBI also utilizes, like Homeland Security does, what I refer to as the “Five Ds” created or put together by the UK’s Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group [JTRIG].

The “Five Ds” are: Denied, Deceive, Disrupt, Degrade, and Destroy.

They want to dehumanize you; de-personalize you or de-person you. They want to destroy your social connections; your financial connections. Theu visit asymmetric warfare, full-spectrum warfare, with a heavy, heavy dose of psychological operations, combined with the protocol. But we’re not done yet.

The CIA ran a very, very successful program or operation in Vietnam referred to as Operation Phoenix. And what they did was – would not necessarily use force – but attack the support structure of anyone they deemed to be a threat to the military activities going on in the region at the time. One of the things that I like to point out is, in a hostile area, hostile terrain in wartime, I think in certain cases that it’s appropriate to use this stuff. However, for these intelligence agencies to be deploying the tactics of Operation Phoenix here in the United States against Americans?

Counter Intelligence is utilizing intelligence to combat the enemy’s intelligence harvesting efforts. Counter-terrorism is utilizing terrorist tactics against whoever you perceive to be the enemy. So by default, via Department of Defense definition, the FBI, Homeland Security, and all of these federal agencies via this nasty political targeting protocol [The Program], are indeed engaged in domestic terrorism ~ no argument…no room for discussion; This costitutes domestic terrorism.

But wait. I’m not finished. The de-personizing, or the de-personing of an individual also occurred under the Stasi and it was referred to as

Zersetrum. which means social decomposition.

They’re goint to terrify your mom. They’re going to alienate your father from you. They’re going to have your siblings convinced you’re ‘mentally ill,’ you’re a ‘sexual deviant,’ you’re a ‘thief,’ you’re a ‘danger to society.’ And oh my God – “..we always knew this, but you know, we held back from telling you until the last moment because you know, we respect your family and everything.”


That’s part of the tactic; just like in Operation Phoenix in North Vietnam. What they’re doing here is going after the individual’s support system. And by the way people, they change the narrative to [fit] the information recipient.

If you live next door to a Dream person [Obama's "Dreamers" - illegal aliens given temporary non deportation examptions], you’re a friggin “racist” who “hates” Dream people. If you’re next-door neighbor has a little girl, guess what the focus of your “sexual deviancy” will be, when relayed to him, by the FBI, Homeland Security, or the local police who are walking around with what was referred to as “compramas” – which is a Russian word for the “disinformation package.”

So the local police are actually giving fake dossiers from these agencies – in part created at Threat Fusion Centers – for disbursement among the target’s neighbors, co-workers, people he goes to the gym with or wherever he goes to worship. Wherever the individual goes, the FBI, JTTF, Homeland Security, InfraGard, will follow him or her around and destroy their reputation. And for the first year or two, you might not even know what’s going on.

You’ve got people [friends] ghosting you; they’re dropping out of the picture. You’ve known them for two decades and all of a sudden, they’re gone. Well, that’s part of the reason why. They’ve been warned to stay away from you because you are a “potential domestic threat” and a “terrorist” as described within the Patriot Act. And by the way, all of this is decided in a kangaroo court. We never have our day in court. This equates – legally speaking – to cruel and unusual punishment, human trafficking, terrorism, governmental abuse, and possible sedition and treason, if one would examine the long-term goals of the individuals who are responsible for the creation and operation of this protocol, [End of Video 1]

Video 2

Good Day people. This is Dr. X, XKeyscore1 here, hopefully bringing you some more valuable information regarding The Program. This is my second video. I’m not used to doing video or audio productions. It’s really not my thing. I’m doing this out of necessity. I think we need some people standing up and speaking out about the grave atrocities that are going on these days at the hands of Homeland Security, the FBI and the rest of the Deep State Establishment. Once again, I go off the cuff, nothing’s written down; all off the top of my head, I’ve a pretty decent memory, commit most everything to it, regarding this illegal protocol. Yesterday, I discussed the architecture, the framework, for this operation on a federal level. But what I’d like to do today – trying to keep this first video for today – if I can get number two out later and try and keep it under 10 minutes. And I’m going to talk a little bit faster, and just hit you guys with the facts. So it might take watching more than once to get it all in.

So yesterday, I discussed the federal and military, paramilitary intelligence architecture Fusion Center level and above. What I’d like to do right now, really quickly, is go into the community aspects of your stalking and your street theater. So one of the biggest groups that’s evolved over the past 10 years, I believe, the Terrorism Liaison Officer [TLO] programs geared up 2000… between 2005 and 2008. And it was the brainchild of some fine fellow out there in the Midwest. He might have been a fireman or an LEO [Law Enforcement Officer] at one point in time. I’m not sure. However, these days law enforcement, Law Enforcement Officers, especially firemen, EMS [Emergency Medical Service], and County and City utility workers, are now trained by Homeland Security to be Terrorism Liaison Officers. The acronym for that is “TLO.”

And what are Terrorism Liaison Officers? They are supposedly “information gathering personnel,” but really what their true job is to engage in overt stalking in the community, along with the Surveillance Role Players [SRP]. You guys can Google that. That’s what the Department of Justice refers to them as. Ssurveillance Role Players are civilians, regular obnoxious individuals, who have been trained to overtly stalk you through commercial locations. They’re also referred to as Live-action Role Players.

Now, in your neighborhood, you’ll have a Neighborhood Watch system and there’s something called Citizens Corps. Now, Neighborhood Watch and Citizens Corps basically are tesked with, you know, keeping eyes on potential threats in the neighborhood and passing that on to local law enforcement; who would then, in turn, enter it into the system. Then it would get fed to the Threat Fusion Centers.

Well, these people are tasked, your neighbors, Citizen Watch, Citizens Corps members, Neighborhood Watch members, Ssurveillance Role Players. Live-action Role Players, and the Terrorism Liaison Officers, are all engaged in your active stalking on a daily basis. And incidentally, they’re funded by the federal government for these acts which do indeed constitute domestic terrorism.

Now also on the street level, you’re going to have the Law Enforcement intelligence units, with your local and state police, interfacing with gang members, criminals, and once again, your neighborhood. And anyone who works at a commercial location that you frequent; whether it’s a store, a gym, the liquor store. They’re gonna roll in with the fake dossier, tell them that you’re, you know, “mutilating starfish out of a sexual desire every other full moon” or just something totally off-the-wall and disgusting, in order to turn the individual against you. This is an old Stasi trick. Why go out and recruit
people that don’t know you – to approach you?

What they’re gonna do is. They’re gonna come after your inner circle first. And they’re gonna compensate them, coerce them, or threaten them. They have a few different tactics for approaching an individual who they want to get to engage in this protocol against you. So not only do they do a psychological profile of the targetdozens of times over – to see his evolution, psychological evolution, or variances underneath the protocol. Bbut they also psychologically profile the individuals that they’re going to approach and who are going to be involved in overtly stalking you.

Now let me see, where can I go from here? Ah, payment methods: gift cards, healthcare, immigration assistance.

When I lived in Miami a few years back, they brought in two individuals from a Latin American country, when the sponsor could barely afford a $600 a month apartment. The deal for him was: “you help us overtly stalk Dr. X, and we’ll bring in your sister and her boyfriend” who are both like 19 and 20 years old. You can sometimes get a Visa for one family member from these countries, but for a family member who has no means of supporting herself at 19 years of age, there’s no way that you’re gonna bring your 20 year old boyfriend here as well. So what they do is, is they’ll offer a lot of these recently-arrived immigrants, immigration assistance if they engage in overt stalking.

And they might say: “Hey, you know, we realize that your mom is down there in Honduras, you know. And she’s had her visa hung up for a year and a half. I’ll tell you what. What we’re gonna do is: we’re gonna have your mom here in the US within the next month or two, if you agree to help us. And by the way, when your mom gets here, we’ll have a job here for her as well.”

And then they’re gonna give these people $15, $20, or $25 dollars an hour. They’re gonna help them purchase a vehicle or lease a vehicle. They will help them rent an apartment in your neighborhood. You can be an upright, law abiding citizen and they will utilize the scum of the earth in an attempt to take you down. This is Standard Operating Procedure for them. The other thing is, is that these gift cards that they dole out are utilized to buy clothing that matches certain color patterns as part of Homeland Security’s Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP] protocol, which is – how would you say it – heavily intertwined with The Program.

It’s one big aspect of the program and that would be contained under – how would you say it? The subsection of this, if it were written out, of the psyops. So the NLP is actually an aspect of the psyops.

So there’s one other thing that I wanted to mention to you guys? I spoke with somebody about it on Twitter. Oh okay!

The individual who suggested to me that solely the FBI was responsible for his stalking. This was conveyed to me in a message, a direct message, on YouTube. My response to him was: it is easy to be fooled into thinking is any one group because they use the same tactics. And that is part of their game. Plausible Denyability through multiple actors. That is one of their keys to getting away with this illegal operation, which constitutes domestic terrorism.

I think in the next video…. let’s see, how many of these I can get out today? I really have to balance my priorities here. What we can do is discuss some ways to effectively combat your targeting.

Listen guys, I hope this has been helpful to you. Please, please do not let these demonic forces really get the best of you. You’ve been targeted because you’re Special People; you have integrity. You were not chosen by random. In a way, it’s a really sad thing, but in a way, it’s a compliment to your character as well. Remember: God’s Warriors do walk this earth. They’re fighting for you. Keep the faith.


Video 3

To be continued

© Copyright 2019  All Rights Reserved.





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