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What Is Going on with Wikileaks? Assange MIA, MacFadyen Dead and the CIA Honeypot Trying to Tank the Clinton Campaign? What Gives?

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by Scott Creighton

I’ve been asked on several occasions about what I think is going on with Wikileaks and all these document dumps they are releasing trying to derail the Hillary train, at least in terms of appearances, when in fact we all know that Wikileaks is a CIA honeypot designed to:

  1. aid various regime change propaganda as needed by influencing the more left-wing of the alternative media outlets
  2. serve as a black hole for real leaks from real whistle-blowers when they make the mistake of trusting Wikileaks and sending something to them

Wikileaks was established in 2006 at a time when real whistle-blowers like William Binney, Russ Tice, Mark Klein (Room 641A ) and a few others were starting to make things really difficult for our glorious leaders who had a totally different world in mind for us to live in. You may also recall in 2004 the story of Abu Ghraib broke complete with leaked photos depicting horrific torture being conducted by our troops who were running the detention center.

So in 2006 something needed to be done in order to keep real whistle-blowers from getting their stories on the front pages of every news paper and website in the country and thus, Wikileaks was born. The idea of a honeypot was hatched.

They got Julian Assange to act as it’s front-man. A sleazy character, who, like most other assets they procure for such operations, had a long history of criminal behavior and a strange history of being forgiven for it.

In 1987, part of the folklore of Julian Assange has him hacking the Pentagon at the tender age of 16. Four years later in 1991, he was caught hacking an Australian multinational telecom company and arrested. He was charge with 31 major hacking crimes and later, in 1996, he pled guilty to 25 of those. 25 felony charges. He was released for “good behavior”

What was that “good behavior” you ask?

That’s right. He got his mind right and helped the system bust other criminals.

It should also be noted that when Wikileaks first started up, they openly admitted they were run by a bunch of Chinese dissident “hackers”. These are the same types of “hacktivists” who work for groups like USAID and the Soros’ Open Society Foundation who work to promote regime change in various countries on behalf of the CIA and the masters of the universe. Julian Assange describes his ideology as being in support of market libertarianism. Yeah, free market neoliberalism.

I am certainly not the only one out here who sees Wikileaks and Assange for what they really are.

A “disinformation campaign against legitimate dissent” and “working for the enemy”. A pretty straight forward assessment of Wikileaks and Assange from a real whistle-blower website.

When they first came online, Wikileaks made a name for themselves with the “Collateral Murder” video which was designed to give them all sorts of whistle-blower street-cred but the video itself was carefully chosen in that it could easily be chalked up to the “fog of war” since two of the party members did have AKs on them and the film crews’ tripod did look like some sort of weapon from a distance. The van that was shot up was harder to justify but it was still an active combat area with troops on the ground a couple blocks away and thus they could end up saying they were taking precautions to make sure those troops weren’t ambushed.

I wrote about all of this years ago.

I also kept up with the Julian Assange controlled opposition psyop as it developed over the years:

As if we needed any more proof of what Wikileaks really is, read this from WIRED back in May of 2011;

The CIA honeypot would make leakers sign a contract with them expressly forbidding them from leaking their stuff after they hand it over to Wikileaks under penalty of being ruined financially for the rest of their lives. That way they could ensure once they had control of the information given to them in good faith by a whistle-blower, they could bury it forever if they chose to do so, without fear that the whistle-blower would get impatient waiting for the release and give it to someone else.

That’s not the work of a whistle-blower site. That’s the signature of a honeypot. No… question… about… it.

Started in Dec. of 2006, Wikileaks was being promoted in the MSM very early on. In fact, it was promoted as a whistle-blower site by the mainstream press even before it leaked a single document.

From the start and even before the start, the Mockingbirds at TIME and the Washington Post were telling us about Wikileaks and more importantly, telling us what to think about them … and what NOT to think about them. Specifically the Mockingbirds were telling us it was a “conspiracy theory” to think Wikileaks was a CIA honeypot. Kind of an odd position for an establishment rag to take regarding a website that was supposed to help bring down the establishment don’t you think?

All of this should make it perfectly clear to anyone not named Glenn Greenwald that Wikileaks is, was and always shall be a CIA honeypot designed to sucker in unwise whistle-blowers and vacuum up their potentially damaging leaks before they can be shown the light of day. They also serve the purpose of an irregular warfare operation in support of military campaigns across the world via various degrees of “hearts and minds” operations attempting to build popular support for those military objectives.

That said…

What’s going on with these leaks that look to undermine Hillary Clinton’s chances at winning the White House, Julian Assange’s disappearing act and the death of Gavin MacFadyen?

Let’s take these one at a time.

First of all, Wikileaks is saying Equador is behind the silencing of Julian Assange. The MSM is applauding them for doing it. The foreign minister of the country says they did so in order to keep from being perceived as trying to influence the electoral process of another country. But Assange is not Wikileaks and these Podesta email leaks have continued without a hitch ever since even though Assange himself has been “missing in action” for a while now leaving many to speculate about his welfare. He is no longer conducting his doorway press conferences anymore and hasn’t been Tweeting since his internet access was supposedly shut down.

But he has recently made contact with someone.

Yesterday Gavin MacFadyen died of unknown causes. MacFadyen was reportedly a director at Wikileaks and a long time documentary maker and publisher of his own internet transparancy organization the Centre for Investigative Journalism.

Wikileaks issued a statement as did Julian Assange (though Wikileaks):

We are told “JA” stands for Julian Assange.

So apparently Assange can still communicate with Wikileaks. And apparently Assange says MacFadyen was a “director” of Wikileaks. Got that? Good.

Now here’s a little info on MacFadyen’s CIJ which is housed at the University of London (home of neoliberalism birthplace, the London School of Economics):

So MacFadyen’s little project teaching “journalism” to young impressionable minds is housed in the same institution as the London School of Economics and backed by the Ford Foundation and Soros’ Open Society Institute? And they get support from New York Times and 60 Minutes?

Makes you kind of wonder if he simply ran a Mockingbird training program over in London.

The death of MacFadyen is interesting though. The timing is impossible to ignore.

Look, as you can see, I know what Wikileaks is, I know what Assange is. And I know what Macfadyen was. That’s not the question.

The question is… what is going on here?

This might be the most fascinating spy story to ever take shape in the history of our country and it looks like no one, I mean NO ONE, is seeing it for what it is.

There is obviously a conflict in the Obama White House regarding our involvement in Syria. There are tons of former advisors who are practically begging for bombing campaigns and the head of the Pentagon apparently deliberately undermined a cease-fire agreement with Syria and Russia so that tensions would be stoked in that country.

We also know Hillary Clinton had to pressure Obama to allow her to destroy Libya on behalf of British and French national interests. That is a fact. Everyone knows she is a warmonger and thus, that is why she is supported by all the neocons from the former administration who brought us the fiasco of the Iraq War in 2003.

None of that is a controversial statement on my part. The conflict between the factions in the White House is well documented.

So what are we seeing with all of these Wikileaks email dumps?

William Binney recently said that the intelligence industry knows exactly where those leaks came from. All of them. He said it was an inside job coming either from the NSA or some other alphabet agency or perhaps even from a whistle-blower (with regard to the DNC leaks)

And that makes perfect sense.

I know that we sometimes get caught up in the trap of looking at the masters of the universe and all their minions as a monolithic entity all moving toward the same goal in the same direction but my guess is, that simply isn’t the case.

It could be that there is a fascinating war going on inside the military intelligence complex between factions that hold very different opinions about how this country needs to advance their shared neoliberal globalist agenda.

Look at what Sec. of Defense Ash Carter just did to the State Department’s cease-fire agreement in Syria. Is it really so hard to imagine a similar mutiny is resulting in intelligence assets being used to influence our elections here in the states like they try to do all over the world?

So of course the story about “Russian hacking” would emerge very, very quickly from anonymous intelligence sources. The last thing either side would want to do is expose the battle raging between factions inside our own military intelligence apparatus. That would be disastrous. The roll back against the intelligence agencies for interfering with our own elections would be tremendous and neither camp wants to see that because both sides fully expect to use these agencies and these powers to the fullest in the future.

Of course, this is all speculation but it is informed speculation. Were our intelligence assets really dedicated to silencing Wikileaks all these years, Assange would have long since been ‘retired’ along with his entire staff and the website itself shuttered. The proof of Wikileaks’ real purpose has been with us for years. We understand that.

Now we see real damage being done to Hillary’s campaign as well as to the DNC itself and we have to ask ourselves why it is being allowed to continue.

We also see someone clearly affiliated with Wikileaks and our intelligence agencies end up dead under mysterious circumstances. Funny isn’t it? After all these years serving as director of Wikileaks, this man ends up dying right now as they are apparently doing some real damage to one of our presidential nominees.

Is this a war between competing factions in the intelligence industry? Is it all for show, just the precursor to the last act of the Wikileaks psyop looking to provide the final pretext for shuttering the internet and making dissent a criminal act?

I don’t know. But it is damn fascinating isn’t it? This is probably the most interesting spy story I’ve ever seen and unfortunately we probably wont know anything about it for at least ten years or so. It certainly puts that bullshit phony Snowden psyop to shame, now doesn’t it?


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    • StarsInDust

      Wikileaks CIA Honeypot? Come on now, you wrote a whole lot of words about a whole lot of “useless information” (ok, I’m being nice saying “useless information”). This is pure desperation to discredit Wikileaks. I’m not buying it.

    • Black Humor

      Hillary/DNC shills in action trying to divert attention from their corruption. The closer election gets the more desperate these people get and the more stupid and transparent their attempts to fools become. ”American Everyman”… Give me a break, can you actually think of more blatant attempt of trying to connect traditional DNC bollocks with wikileaks revelations alienated left that will cause a lot of problems if ”Wicked witch of the West” succeeds on stealing the election? Not to mention all those deplorables whom just dont understand how righteously the commie bastards in command enjoy their position and how it really is ”her turn” now. Yeah, sure. American Everyman is our champion, the defender of your right to flip burgers after succesfully getting a university degree… :lol:

    • holycow

      Damn interesting hypothesis. If nobody can be trusted anymore and everyone is lying his ass off, civilisation is in a state of advanced enthropy.

    • Warped

      How do we know Assange’s last appearance wasn’t staged / choreographed by the CIA? I’m just suppose to believe that the embassy was stormed And when they got to his door they just turned away and said “okay, you win”. That’s not how they operate, especially with so much at stake. I guess we’ll see in the coming days. If Wikileaks releases more bombshells we will know. And if they don’t, we will know.

      • VirusGuard

        You know because he gave a speech when he said he heard police/pigs running up the stairs to arrest him afterwards unless that was done using video tools too which is something that not so hard to do these days.

        We know that an inocent man is being kept it a virtual jail on trumped up rape changes that are so serious that Swedon will not ever release a charge sheet or just give a public guarantee not to deport him off to the united states.

        Shame on us for not breaking him out of jail, stuff in our food is turning us into cowards and puffs and we just bbbbbbbbbbbbhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr like sheep

    • deano

      Nice try , Maryland Trans-man…….so both Assange & Snowden are PSY-OP agents?

      Possibly Snowden, his assylum in Russia , placed to accesss Russian secrets …a Double Agent……who knows with your “secret service” , oaths & ‘gag orders’, and ‘in the interests of National Security’ what is real or true anymore.
      Works both ways “Fool”.
      DONT BELIEVE ANY OF THIS ROT, (Dont pay attention to Wiki’s “Leaks”, he is an “agent”) coming from a CIA agent.

      Colateral Damage was a small “Boo Boo” , an innocent mistake in the “Fog of War” ?………Try the real attitude of USA soldiers fighting in the middle-east…….KILL ARABS…..children are potential terrorists too…

      The “innocent mistake” is , the same intelligence gathering “mistake” that was IRAQ 2…the mythical WMDs……
      Why the CIA was not disbanded for starting a multi-national conflict…..on WRONG intelligence…is beyond belief

      He is Aussie. When asked about Wikileaks, our back-room placed 1st female PM-Julia Gillard said no, the Aus govt is not going to help Assange…..We Dont believe in “DATA DUMPS” of secret govt papers/reports(2012)

      ## Julia, the puppet, was replaced within a year by the man she took the job from Kevin Rudd, and Julia then went to the USA, to become highly involved in the “BROOKINGS INSTITUTE” (Uni/govt Think-Tank)
      ** Now we are being subjected to all these new female voices of compassion against female circumcision,Islamic, Domestic Violence men~ Angelina Jolie(Lords), Wonder Woman(Linda Carter at UN), Hillary, Merkel, Theresa May…..++++

      Conspiracy Theory?….people CONSPIRING in an evil plot?….Just what is a Bilderberg Meeting?….Elite leaders conspiring in a ‘secret’ (no media) boardroom, protected by secret agents and national security & international security agents……
      Assange is the reporter that has details & data of the meetings, so they have LOCKED him in the room so he cant get out….by international security(UN Laws after 9/11) ….the potential threat of CYBER SECURITY (leaks) :mad:

    • Debbie

      If Hillary is installed as POTUS it signals the end of America…she has already said she “dreams of a borderless” America…which is to say she dreams of ending our Nation’s sovereignty and thereby destroying our rights under the constitution…it’s a short trip from there to gun confiscation, genocide of the Christian population and flooding in of the third world dregs and muslims who are to be the replacement population….there are no winners in this picture but the communist globalists who insist that the wealth and real estate belonging to Americans must be confiscated and redistributed…..hopeless poverty for all but the ruling elite is what communism looks like…………you can read how they intend to do this on the UN website under Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, which is already at work in California and other places…
      It is highly likely that “good” factions of the CIA, FBI,NSA and military realize that this is also the end of the line for most of them…a one world government run out the UN………America over with…the end….it will be a North American Union at best…those who worked with the elite will likely be disposed of as well…..
      I think Wikileaks is legitimate and Assange is brave and true….Macfadyen was in his 70s…it’s possible he as not murdered…his murder will not stop Wikileaks…

    • Occams_Razor_Trader

      Could the CIA- be purposely using WikiLeaks to control this election in spite of the Powers That Be 9in the Dem party)? Feeding us information to derail HRC- as the CIA has a more useful covert purpose than an all out WW3 with Russia. Maybe it’s in the CIA’s best interest to avoid an overt war and continue to usurp sovereign countries with their covet tactics, which could continue without President Trump’s knowledge. Hillary has to on the other hand reward the military industrial complex and the bankers that finance them with large scale war if she becomes Dictator in Chief.

    • michael the archangel

      Hillary cannot do a single thing without her “Masters” approval. Could be a little boy. Could be a guy in drag. Boards of Directors on ALL Major Corporations would be my guess. But the poo poo is about to hit the fan if they don’t throw someone to the angry mobs. No doubt their thought is, that it is better to “sacrifice” ONE crook for the better of the Rest of the crooks. To appease the god of chaos/pandamonium. Remember Nixon in 1972? You don’t believe he was a Dictator giving orders to everyone else do you? In his farewell speech he implored: I am NOT a crook! Because in his own eyes he is NOT. Everyone else involved was guilty. Why pick on Dick? Because the god’s have spoken. Someone needs to be thrown into the Volcano in order for it (chaos)to subside.

    • Enjoykin4

      BREAKING NEWS 24.October 2016

      Syrian Army Continues Offensive in Eastern Aleppo After Humanitarian Pause Ends
      Syrian Army forces resumed their offensive against terrorist groups in strategic positions in Eastern Aleppo, Sunday, hours after a three-day-long ceasefire came to an end. [VIDEO]

      Terrorists Killed, Captured in Iraqi Security Forces Operation South of Kirkuk
      TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraqi security forces captured and killed a number of terrorists during clashes with an ISIL sleeper cell in the city.

      Iraq’s Joint Militarily Forces Tighten Noose on Terrorists near Town of Shoura, South of Mosul
      Iraqi army and popular forces surrounded the ISIL-held town of Shoura, some 30km South of Mosul and pounded the terrorists with artillery and rocket fire.

      Iraqi Popular Forces Continue Offensive against ISIL South of Mosul
      TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraqi popular forces continued their Mosul operation by focusing their attacks on the town of al-Taiba, South of the province.

      Yemen: Saudi Warplanes Renew Airstrikes on Civilian Neighborhoods in Sanaa
      TEHRAN (FNA)- Smoke billowed from several civilian neighborhoods in the North of the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Sunday, after the first Saudi airstrikes following the expiration of a 72-hour-long ceasefire. [VIDEO]

      Iraq: 10-Year-Old Girl Saved from ISIL Terrorists Who Murdered Her Dad
      TEHRAN (FNA)- Salvation finally arrived for ten-year-old Aysha when the Iraqi troops liberated the village of Kafer, 30km from the Northern Iraqi city of Mosul that was under the control of barbaric ISIL terrorists since 2014.

      Garbage Dump-Time
      Time to clean Mosul from terrorists. [CARTOON]
      Life Returns to Normal in Syria’s Qudsiyeh after Liberation from Militants

      Life Returns to Normal in Syria’s Qudsiyeh after Liberation from Militants
      Life has returned to normal in the Syrian town of Qudsiyeh in Western Damascus, with shops opening up and as maintenance operations in the streets gets underway, a week after evacuation of militants.

      Aleppo and Mosul: For UN They Are Completely Different Events
      Two multinational military campaigns are under way to liberate Aleppo in Syria and Mosul in Iraq from all declinations of demented Salafi-jihadis, whatever their terminology.

      Jeish Al-Fatah Prevents Evacuation of Injured from Aleppo
      The Jeish al-Fatah coalition of terrorist groups blocked UN-affiliated rescue teams’ entry into the Eastern districts of Aleppo city to evacuate over 200 wounded people to medical centers outside the war zone.

      Syrian Army Troops Beat ISIL Back from More Lands in Eastern Homs
      Syrian army soldiers repelled ISIL’s Attack on government positions in Eastern Homs and drove the terrorists out of their positions in an energy-rich region in a pursuing counter-attack.

      Battle for Mosul on Sunday: 53 Villages Liberated near Mosul
      TEHRAN (FNA)- Military campaign by the Iraqi army, popular forces, as well as Kurdish Peshmerga forces to liberate the city of Mosul from ISIL terrorists in Iraq continued on Sunday, resulting in more advances by pro-government forces, with the military … more

      Syrian Soldiers Engage in Fierce Clashes with Fatah Al-Sham in Dara’a
      Syrian military forces started fierce battle with Fatah al-Sham Front (the newly-formed al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as the al-Nusra Front) across the various districts of the Southern city of Dara’a on Sunda … more

      Report: 53 Villages Liberated Near Mosul by Iraqi Forces in 6 Days
      Iraq’s joint military forces have seized back over 50 villages since the beginning of Mosul military operation six days ago, media reports said.

      Senior MP: Syrian Army Preparing to Crush Terrorists in Idlib
      A senior Syrian lawmaker said his country’s army is ready to crack down on the terrorist groups in Idlib in the Northwest as well as the ISIL militants fleeing from Iraq’s Mosul to Syria’s East.

      Syrian Military Forces Capture Another Key Military Base in Aleppo’s Outskirts
      Syrian Army troops and popular forces continued to drive Jeish al-Fatah terrorists out of more positions in a strategic region South of Aleppo city, inflicting major casualties on the militants, battlefield sources said minutes ago.

      Syria: More Terrorists Killed in Clashes with Army in Quneitra
      Syrian Army soldiers and popular forces fended off an assault by Fatah al-Sham Front (formerly known as al-Nusra Front) near the village of al-Hadhar in Quneitra, claiming the lives of at least 15 militants.

      Syrian Army, Popular Forces Launch Fresh Attacks on Terrorist Centers in Aleppo
      Syrian government forces struck Jeish al-Fatah’s defense lines in the Southern and Southwestern districts of Aleppo city, capturing a number of building blocks, media source said Sunday.

    • VirusGuard

      “when in fact we all know that Wikileaks is a CIA honeypot designed to”

      No we don’t, we don’t at all and you don’t speak for me.

      Who cares where the information came from we need to deal with the laws she has broken and not concentrate on the whistle blower

      She’s only got to run for office because she was sleeping with an ex president and as good as she might had been in bed with bill it does not make her fit for office not that we are watching anything more than a fixed punch and jud show.

      She works for the bankers, Trump too and every aspect of government including the CIA so using Wikileaks like you say would be like kicking yourself in the head, not to be advised

    • yes2truth

      Assange was or always has been controlled opposition (a shill) and he has served his purposes OR he is the real deal and he’s now either dead or imprisoned.

    • WhiteDawn

      Recommend contributor pressed…. :wink:


      Good job!

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